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The Best Batteries for Solar Lights for 2023

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

There are many solar batteries on the market meant for the solar-powered lighting solutions. However, not all of them are like the best batteries for solar lights that have the functions and features that you can rely on for long-term use.

For this reason, you should weigh your options on these batteries for solar-powered lights. To do it, you should know what to look for when considering the product to choose. In addition, you must have an idea on the top picks on the market.


If you’re ready, let us get started in the following and later decide on the batteries for solar lights that work for your needs.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview Tenergy 90301

EBL Rechargeable Batteries


No. of Batteries 24 20 8
Cycle Life 500 500 1500
Working Temp -4 to 140°F -4 to 140°F -4 to 122°F
Voltage 1.2 V 1.2 V 1.2 V
Capacity Rating 1000 mAh 1100 mAh 600 mAh
Details Details Details


List of Top-Rated Battery for Solar Light Reviews

1. Tenergy AA Rechargeable NiCD Battery

  • Eco-friendly
  • Multi-functional
  • Long-lasting 1,000mAh capacity
  • Durable and functional
  • Top choice
  • Requires longer period for charging

Do you usually use alkaline batteries to power-up your remotes or gadgets? It is a good choice then because alkaline batteries last longer than ordinary batteries. However, these kinds of batteries are expensive and it will still require you to buy for its replacement once its supply is drained.

Good thing there is Tenergy AA Rechargeable battery for now. You should buy this type of product especially if you have many devices powered by ordinary lithium batteries or even by alkaline batteries. This brand is a must buy product because it helps in greening the earth by reducing wastes like toxic chemicals from ordinary batteries that are used only once.

Aside from your usual gadgets and remotes, Tenergy’s Nickel Cadmium batteries are most trusted for outdoor solar lights. You can save while providing power supplies to your landscaping and garden lights because of the multiple use feature of this product.

These 1.2V NiCd batteries can be charged hundreds of times using its standard charging units. What I like most about this product is its high milliampere hour rate. This 1,000mAh rechargeable batteries last longer than most of other AA rechargeable batteries that only have 600 or 800 mAh capacity. Having higher mAh means better performance and greater ability in providing power supply.

For faster charging, direct exposure to sunlight is advised. Yes, heat from the sun can also charge this product aside from its universal charging unit. With this feature, you will realize that it is a very budget-friendly product. No need to buy disposable batteries and you can recharge without additional cost in your electric bill.

The batteries are pre-charged upon your purchase. It can be charged while providing power to your solar lights. You can also utilize these rechargeable AA batteries to indoor devices such as microphones and cameras, as well as smoke detectors.

This is perfectly designed to provide power supply to Intermatic and Malibu garden lights. Nevertheless, it can still deliver quality performance to other solar lights that requires usage of 1.5 or 1.2 volt batteries.

In a situation where there is not enough source of sunlight or if the item is used indoor, it is more practical to recharge using its standard charger. With its high mAh capacity rate, it will require longer charging hours than the usual.

The usual disadvantage of having higher mAh is the longer period for you to wait until it can be fully charged. Even so, I will still recommend this product because you can use this battery for as much as double the capability of other batteries with lower mAh.

2. EBL AA Rechargeable Batteries

  • High Capacity
  • Excellent discharge rate
  • Can be used for other devices
  • Good performance in low and high temperatures
  • CE and ROHS certified
  • Weather may affect battery efficiency

The EBL AA solar battery is can be the ideal replacement batteries for your solar lights. These batteries are very efficient and can be used for many other devices.

One thing that I like about the EBL AA rechargeable batteries is its high 1100 mAh capacity. These batteries are suitable replacements for 600 mAh, 800 mAh, etc. NiCd AA battery.

Its 1100 mAh capacity gives you long-lasting lights at night. I prefer the EBL AA rechargeable batteries because of its good charging time; they charge quickly and have a long working time. They can also be charged even during gloomy or snowy weather though not as effectively as during a sunny day.

I like how you can charge the batteries using either solar energy or a battery charger. EBL AA rechargeable batteries can be left in lights under sunlight to charge it or you can also use a battery charger especially when sunlight is scarce as on a rainy day.

Another thing that I like about the EBL AA rechargeable batteries is that they work well in low and high temperatures – from -20⁰ to 60 ⁰C. These batteries have good performance compared to other types of batteries.

The EBL AA rechargeable batteries also have a low self-discharge which holds 75% power even after 3 years. They last longer than your general rechargeable batteries that can lose all power if not used for a long time. These batteries can also be recharged for up to 1200 times, providing you with longer-lasting batteries and lights.

I also recommend the EBL AA rechargeable batteries because they can be used for a wide range of devices. A package comes with 20 pieces of AA rechargeable batteries. Not only can they be used for your solar lights but you can also use them for your remote control, flashlight, wireless microphone, alarm clock, gaming controllers and others.

The EBL AA rechargeable batteries are also safe. These batteries have a sturdy and durable structure. Its stainless steel surface effectively prevents the battery from leakage and short circuit. Also included in the package are storage cases where every four batteries are pack to protect them from crash or puncture. These batteries are also certified by CE and ROHS.

However, the drawback of the EBL AA rechargeable batteries is that the weather and location may affect its charging efficiency, which can result in dimmer lights.

But overall, I like the EBL AA rechargeable batteries and recommend that you try them. They are sturdy and durable, excellent discharge performance and can be used for many other devices.

3. GEILIENERGY AA NiCd Rechargeable Batteries

  • Eco-friendly
  • Can be used for other devices
  • Long-life
  • Safe and reliable
  • Affordable
  • Weather affects charging efficiency of the batteries

The GEILIENERGY AA NiCd Rechargeable Batteries are safe and reliable batteries to replace the used up batteries of your solar outdoor lights. These rechargeable batteries are suitable to replace 600 mAh, 800 mAh, etc. NiCd AA cells. These are ideal for Intermatic and Malibu Solar Garden Light.

I prefer the top-tier solar rechargeable batteries because they are generally safer, good for health and eco-friendly. They are reusable and can give you longer lasting lights. You can always recharge them with direct sunlight.

These rechargeable batteries are also easy to use and install. Just put them in the light and keep the solar light on during the daytime to charge the batteries. The GEILIENERGY AA NiCd rechargeable batteries efficiently charge under sunlight. It just takes 5 to 6 hours of exposure to sunlight for the batteries to be fully charged.

I also like the GEILIENERGY AA NiCd rechargeable batteries because they have a high capacity, long life cycle and low self-discharge. These batteries are reliable to give your lights more hours of run time at night as compared to other types of batteries.

The GEILIENERGY AA NiCd rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 1000 times for a longer life cycle. You can use these rechargeable batteries for a long time.

Another thing that I like about the GEILIENERGY AA NiCd rechargeable batteries is you can use them for many other devices. Its usage is not entirely limited to solar outdoor lights but you can also use these batteries for your remote control, game controller, mouse, and keyboard. It’s always better to buy products that have many uses.

The GEILIENERGY AA NiCd rechargeable batteries are also very affordable. They come in a set of 8 pieces that you can use for any other devices. They are guaranteed to satisfy your needs at a low cost.

However, the drawback of the GEILIENERGY AA NiCd rechargeable batteries is that it is charged using sunlight. The weather may also affect its charging efficiency. When sunlight is scarce, it will be difficult for the battery to reach a full charge. This will ultimately result in less run time of the lights at night.

It is then important to place the lights in an area with direct sunlight to charge the batteries. It is also important to use up all the power of the battery each time before recharging it because this may affect the capacity and lifetime of the batteries.

But overall, I recommend that you try out the GEILIENERGY AA NiCd rechargeable batteries for your lights and devices. They are eco-friendly, safe and reliable at a low cost.

4. HENREEPOW NiMH AA Rechargeable Batteries

  • Delivers 1.3 amps of power for different applications
  • Solar-rechargeable battery design
  • Can last up to 1,200 discharge and recharge cycles
  • Broad temperature working range (-4 to 122℉)
  • No lead, cadmium, and other harmful chemicals
  • Good value for money
  • Only 30% pre-charged

People who find Energizer rechargeable batteries expensive should consider the HENREEPOW NiMH AA Rechargeable battery. It might not be a very popular brand, but these power cells deliver a punch and versatility worth slotting into almost any modern device.

Each power cell delivers 1.2 volts and 1.3 amps of clean energy, sufficient to power solar lighting fixtures, calculators, remote controllers, wireless mice, pocket torches, and other gadgets that require AA-sized batteries.

Its 1300mAh capacity does not seem impressive, especially compared to the POWEROWL’s 2800mAh rating. However, this battery lasts up to 1,200 times, equivalent to at least 25 months.

I also like its solar-rechargeable design. Unlike other batteries that require removal from the device to recharge in a separate receptacle, leaving these power cells in solar lights for five to six hours of sun exposure is enough to restore them.

I am also glad these NiMH batteries do not contain mercury, lead, cadmium, and other chemicals in their power cells. The operating temperature range is also noteworthy, allowing me to use these batteries in minus-4-degree winter weather and up to 122-degree scorching summers. I can illuminate my solar lights all year round.

I could not fault these AA batteries, except for their 30% pre-charged status. Some people might forget to charge these power cells before initial use, prompting them to think this option’s runtime is shorter than published. Still, it is better than a fully drained battery out of the box.

It is easy to understand why many people love this rechargeable battery. Despite its lack of brand popularity, this product delivers sufficient power to compatible solar lighting fixtures and other gadgets across varying environmental temperatures without hurting a family’s budget.

5. POWEROWL Solar Rechargeable AA Batteries

  • 8-amp high-capacity rechargeable battery, more than many alkaline batteries
  • Heat dissipation and short-circuit prevention
  • 70% power retention beyond three years
  • Broad working temperature range (up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Dual recharging options
  • 20% pre-charged

The POWEROWL Solar Rechargeable Batteries are dependable power cells that can operate many devices compatible with the AA battery size. These batteries have some of the most ingenious designs, improving their overall safety without undermining performance.

With almost three amps of power (2800mAh) per power cell, I could run my solar landscape lighting longer. Families will never fret about remote controllers, flashlights, PDAs, and other devices losing power because these batteries’ capacity is more substantial than conventional alkaline power cells.

I am astonished to learn the company put great thought into designing this option. It might look like an ordinary alkaline model from afar, but a closer examination of its positive terminal reveals three ingenious features.

First, a temperature control valve enables these AA rechargeable batteries to withstand up to 18 degrees higher temperatures than the HENREEPOW’s 122-degree-Fahrenheit limit. People might live in the desert, and they will never worry about their gadgets not operating because of an overheating AA battery.

Second, an integrated vent hole contributes to more efficient heat dissipation while safeguarding against excess temperatures and catastrophic explosions.

Third, these rechargeable batteries feature a short circuit-proof design, improving overall safety. I do not recall seeing these technological features in the HENREEPOW, making these power cells more appealing to safety-conscious folks.

I also love these batteries’ extended lifetime, retaining 70% of their charge efficiency after three years. Like the HENREEPOW, these power cells can also recharge with a solar charger or a more traditional wall outlet-type device.

I thought these 1.2V AA rechargeable batteries for solar lights have a higher pre-charged status than the HENREEPOW’s 30%. I was wrong. These items are only 20% full out of the box, making it necessary to power them before initial use.

These batteries might cost a bit more than the HENREEPOW, but their higher capacity and safer power cell design make them worth it.

6. Tenergy Solla Solar Battery

  • High-capacity
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Pre-charged
  • Toxic-free
  • Quality control issues

Using Solar Pro Technology, the best batteries for solar lights were engineered and crafted to perfection. Unlike other solar rechargeable batteries, Tenergy’s Solla solar batteries are protected from leaks due to over-charging and dead batteries due to over-discharging.

With a combination of high-quality battery materials and a secret special formula, the Tenergy Solla solar batteries are built to last. Tenergy has been in the game for over 15 years, so they know that solar batteries are mainly used for solar lighting applications situated outdoors. Hence, they provided and created a set of batteries that can withstand such conditions.

With this, you can use the Solla solar batteries all year-round. You would not have to worry about the weather condition, making them perfect for outdoor use.

What I like about the Tenergy Solla solar batteries are their lifespan. Unlike your regular NiMH solar batteries, the Tenergy solar batteries have a charging and battery life of 2,000 cycles. This means that compared to your standard batteries, Tenergy’s Solla solar batteries can last for about 4 to 5 years. Thus, you would not have to constantly replace and buy a new set or pack every 1 to 2 years.

The Tenergy Solla solar batteries also have high capacities. Each battery has 1,000 mAH that is enough to store a decent amount of solar power and power your solar light for a decent time.

Aside from this, the Tenergy Solla solar batteries come in packs of 12 or 24 pieces. By buying them bulk, you get to save a little bit on your expenses. Couple with your solar light, then your electricity bill is thanking you.

The Tenergy Solla solar batteries are also eco-friendly. Unlike NiCD batteries, the Tenergy Solla solar batteries are made without using cadmium or mercury. This makes them recyclable and safe. They offer a clean source of energy that not only benefits you but also the environment.

Another thing I like about the Tenergy Solla solar batteries is that they are already pre-charged. With this, once you receive the package, you can already use the batteries since the manufacturer has already charged them for you. This makes it super convenient since you can just directly use instead of waiting for them to charge in your home.

What I don’t like about these batteries is that some users complained about quality control issues. Some of them commented that the batteries have stopped working after days/ weeks of use. Nonetheless, many users were satisfied with their purchase. They liked its durability and the power it gives. They also liked its quality.

If you are looking for a clean, reliable and durable replacement for your NiCD and NiMH batteries, then you should try out the Tenergy Solla solar batteries.

7. AmazonBasics NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

  • Self-discharge technology
  • Durable
  • 1,900 to 2,000 mAH
  • Pre-charged with solar power
  • 1,000 charge cycles
  • Unreliable at times

The AmazonBasics NiMH rechargeable solar batteries are one of AmazonBasic’s many variations of rechargeable batteries. In this version, these batteries come in black wrapping with green tops.

This version also offers a multitude of options. You can get either AA or AAA rechargeable batteries. They can come in packs of 4 to 8 pieces. There is also an option wherein it combines both AA and AAA batteries, giving you a total of 12 pieces. There is also one that comes with the battery charger.

To start, the AmazonBasics are made out of high-quality materials, assuring you that your batteries are going to last a long time.

The AmazonBasics NiMH rechargeable batteries have a power of 1.2 volts and have a capacity that ranges from 1,900 mAH to 2,000 mAH. I really like it since it means it has a decent storage size as well as a decent charging and using time.

With this power, the AmazonBasics NiMH rechargeable batteries are perfect for low-powered devices such as your flashlights, mouse, keyboards, remotes, and other electronic devices. Having a 1,900 to 2,000 mAH, they can also be used in high-powered devices such as your game consoles, and the like. Although, they may drain quickly compared to other batteries with higher capacities.

Another thing I like about these batteries is that they are made with a low self-discharge technology. This means that even in disuse, these batteries still retain their high quality and will still work. In fact, they retain an 80% capacity rate.

Moreover, constant usage does not affect these batteries either. According to the manufacturer, he AmazonBasics NiMH rechargeable batteries can still is charged to its full and permanent capacity. In fact, these rechargeable batteries have 1,000 recharge/discharge cycles.

The AmazonBasics NiMH rechargeable batteries are compatible with many devices. Aside from those enumerated above, they can also be used in electric toothbrushes, cameras, recorders, clocks and the like.

Aside from that, the AmazonBasics NiMH rechargeable batteries are also pre-charged with solar power. This means that you can immediately use them after receipt of the package that is very convenient, especially for busy people.

However, what I don’t like about these batteries is that they are not really reliable. According to some users, the batteries they purchased stopped working and/or cannot be charged after a few days or weeks.

Nonetheless, many users were still satisfied with their purchase. For some, they described these batteries as an alternative to Eneloops because of its fast charge and long use. Some also liked its high quality and the options it offers.

The AmazonBasics NiMH rechargeable batteries are perfect for those looking for effective, durable and high-quality rechargeable batteries.

8. RELIGHTABLE AA NiCd 600 mAh Rechargeable Batteries

  • Expected lifetime of 1000 charge and discharge cycles
  • 20 pieces rechargeable batteries
  • Affordable
  • 600 mAh capacity
  • Works great
  • Weather affects charging efficiency

Outdoor solar lights are a very useful and efficient source of illumination at night. They are eco-friendly as they light up with just the energy from the sun. They do this by charging the batteries of the light with solar energy during the daytime. If you are looking for replacements for the rechargeable batteries of your outdoor solar lights then try out the RELIGHTABLE AA NiCd 600 mAh Rechargeable Batteries.

The RELIGHTABLE AA NiCd 600 mAh rechargeable batteries for solar garden lights are perfect and ideal for Intermatic and Malibu Solar Garden lights and can replace any 600 mAh or 800 mAh NiCd AA cells of your outdoor solar lights. These rechargeable batteries can make your outdoor solar lights up and work again saving you the cost of buying a new batch of solar lights.

These batteries work great. I prefer the RELIGHTABLE AA NiCd 600 mAh rechargeable batteries because they are efficient in charging and generally last longer for the night. A full day of exposure to direct sunlight will guarantee a bright working light for your outdoors throughout the night. These rechargeable batteries have good charging time and run time.

The RELIGHTABLE AA NiCd 600 mAh rechargeable batteries are also very easy to use and install. You just simply replace your old batteries with these, keep the solar light switch on, and leave the lights where it can receive direct sunlight to charge the batteries. And with that, you’ll have bright lights at night.

Another reason why I like and highly recommend the RELIGHTABLE AA NiCd 600 mAh rechargeable batteries because of its long expected lifetime. These rechargeable batteries have an expected lifetime of 1000 charge and discharge life cycles. These batteries are certain to last you for some time to provide you with reliable and long-lasting lights.

The RELIGHTABLE AA NiCd 600 mAh rechargeable batteries come in a set of 20 pieces. If you have quite a few outdoor solar lights that need battery replacements then it is smart for you to buy these sets of high-quality batteries.

I also recommend the RELIGTHABLE AA NiCd 600 mAh rechargeable batteries because they are of high quality at such a low cost. These rechargeable batteries are very reliable and work great but are very affordable to the buyer. These batteries are definitely worth the money you spend.

However, the downside of these batteries is that some batteries might not charge as efficiently on a gloomy or rainy weather, which ultimately affects light output.

But overall, these rechargeable batteries are efficient, eco-friendly and work great. It does the job at a low cost.

9. GEILIENERGY Solar Light rechargeable batteries

  • Eco-friendly
  • Can replace 600mAh and 800mAh batteries
  • Can be recharged up to 1,000 times
  • Longer charging hours

There are many rechargeable batteries nowadays that commit to save the mother Earth by eradicating toxic chemicals in our atmosphere. Among those innovations are the Geilienergy Solar Light Rechargeable batteries.

This Ni-Cd battery is ideal for solar lights and solar lamps. Though this rechargeable battery is most suitable for Intermatic and Malibu Garden lights, this is also capable of producing power supplies to other solar garden lights and other solar devices.

This easy to install solar light battery has a dimension of 50mm x 14mm and has a milliamp-hour capacity rate of 600. It is more convenient to buy this item because it can replace not only 600mAh batteries but as well as 800mAh.

Still, it is advisable to check the battery requirement of the device such as solar light before buying because AA batteries cannot replace AAA. It should be noted that AA batteries are longer than AAA.

Recharging these AA solar rechargable batteries before they are drained has a great effect to its performance. This effect is for lifetime, thus, it is recommended to empty fully charged Ni-Cd batteries. You may use charged batteries to other devices that requires lower power supply to function until these batteries will be fully discharged.

However, I can give a tip on how to discharge these batteries quickly. Turn on your solar light before sunrise and its batteries will drain approximately by dawn. You can then recharge these items without compromising its quality.

After charging, you may use these solar-powered batteries to your indoor devices such as remote control, clocks, keyboard, mouse, weighing scales and electronic gadgets.

You will be amazed that you can recharge this 1.2V battery for as many as 1,000 times. So if you are looking for best alternative to your disposable batteries, it is really one of the top-tier options. You can buy these very affordable eco-friendly items in pack of 20.

I do not want to give any idea that may hinder you to buy this wonderful product. However, you should know that it has an issue in recharging. It will require five to six hours of charging provided that it is a sunny day. Otherwise, it will require you longer charging hours.

Even though this product cannot be charged quickly, it has a high satisfaction rating from consumers. The reason why I still recommend buying this brand of battery is its longer life cycle as well as its ability to replace 600mAh and 800mAh batteries.

10. Mr. Batt NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

  • Eco-friendly
  • Low self-discharge
  • High-quality
  • Pre-charged
  • Reliable performance
  • Mid-range power

The Mr. Batt NiMH solar light rechargable batteries are made out of high-quality materials. Knowing that these batteries are going to be used in a variety of devices, the manufacturers made sure these batteries are protected from leaks and over drainage. They are also protected from weather conditions. With this, rest assured, these lights can last a long time.

What I like about the Mr. Batt NiMH rechargeable batteries is its high capacity and power. Compared to other products, it has a capacity of 1600 mAH and a voltage of 1.2 volts, giving you a decent storage and decent charging and using time.

With this power, the Mr. Batt NiMH rechargeable batteries are great to use in various household products such flashlights, keyboards, mouse, gaming devices and the like.

However, the thing I like about it most is also the factor that may be considered as a disadvantage to the product. Because of its charge, the Mr. Batt NiMH rechargeable batteries are only mid-range in terms of power.

This means that while it may work for low-power devices, it won’t be the same when you use them in devices that drain batteries quickly. They only work for a short period of time, and thus, require constant recharging which may be as a hassle to some, as stated by some consumers.

Aside from that, the Mr. Batt NiMH rechargeable batteries also offer a high performance since they have a low self-discharge. Even after 3 years of non-use, the Mr. Batt NiMH rechargeable batteries will still retain a 75% capacity rate. Also, these NiMH rechargeable batteries also feature a high performance, having a lifecycle of 1200 cycles.

Because of this, the batteries will still retain its high quality and reliable performance after 3-5 times charge and discharge. Hence, you can surely save up, as you don’t need to constantly change and replace these batteries.

Moreover, the Mr. Batt NiMH rechargeable batteries are also eco-friendly and safe to use. They do not contain mercury, cadmium or lead; thus, you won’t be polluting the environment.

The Mr. Batt NiMH rechargeable batteries come in packs of 4, 8 and 12 pieces. They are also pre-charged up to 60% of its total capacity. With this, you can immediately use them after you receive your package.

Despite the mid-range power as stated earlier, many users were still satisfied with their purchase. They liked its quality and indeed, found them to work even after 3-5 charges. They also liked its performance, with some even thinking of purchasing another set soon.

If you are looking for a safer, cleaner and stronger alternative to your standard alkaline batteries, then you might want to give Mr. Batt NiMH rechargeable batteries a shot.

11. Moonrays 47740SP Rechargeable NiCd AA Batteries

  • Rechargeable up to 1,000 times
  • More rugged than other rechargeable batteries
  • Charging time of 1.5 hours
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for solar-powered lights
  • 600 mAh, no higher mAh available

Moonrays has been in lighting industry since 1986 and renowned to be a leader in electrical supplies providing wide variety of lights, electrical products and accessories. It produces low voltage solutions as well as solar powered products that can be used indoor and outdoor.

Coleman Cable, Inc., a leading company in the industry of electrical and electronic manufacturing and innovations, manufactured Moonrays. The great thing about patronizing its products is its advocacy in recycling used products.

In fact, it is part of a non-profit organization that endeavors recycling of batteries that are already used. This public service organization is the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC).

Among its products is the Moonrays 47740SP Rechargeable NiCd AA Batteries. The top-tier rechargeable AA batteries for solar lights 5.6oz batteries are solar-powered that is why it is more economical than regular AA batteries.

I can strongly recommend this item because it only needs approximately 90 minutes to be fully charged. I can say that it is budget-friendly because it can be recharged for as many as 1,000 cycles.

It is also dynamic to obtain this brand of battery because it can be used to any unit that requires AA batteries. It is also important to note that most of rechargeable batteries are bigger than the standard AA batteries.

This product can be top-rated used for your outdoor lighting fixtures like in your patio, pathways and in the garden because NiCd or Nickel Cadmium batteries can operate even in high range of temperature. As this 600mAh battery is more rugged compared to other batteries, it lasts longer and performs more efficient.

With these items, you could enhance your lightning at night be it for aesthetic purposes or just to brighten up dark spots for your safety and of your loved ones. Aside from lighting fixtures in your pathway and in your garden, you can also use these batteries in your perfectly formed landscapes.

Even if these batteries can be recharged for a thousand times, I will still recommend you to replace these items once a year.

The batteries will still work but if you like your solar lights to meet its optimum capacity in providing light, you will need to replace its batteries. You may reuse the old batteries to your other devices or you may contact Coleman Cable to guide you on how to help in recycling rechargeable batteries.

Although there are rechargeable batteries produced with a milliampere hour higher than 600 nowadays, I will still recommend this Moonrays product because it can be fully charged in just one and a half hours.

12. BONAI AA Rechargeable Batteries

  • Safe and Recyclable
  • Used for other devices
  • Can be recharged up to 1200 times
  • Affordable
  • 30 days money back with one year limited warranty
  • May not efficiently charge with some chargers

If you are looking for replacement batteries for solar lights for your solar lights or other devices, the BONAI AA Rechargeable Batteries may just be the perfect product for you. They are safe, reliable and definitely, worth the money you paid with its great service.

I like the BONAI AA rechargeable batteries because they are safe and recyclable. They are your perfect alternative for the one-time use, disposable batteries you have. The BONAI AA rechargeable batteries also do not contain Mercury, Cadmium and Lead so they are safe for and will not pollute the environment.

Aside from it being environment-friendly, it is also budget-friendly. They can be recharged up to 1200 times so you can use them for a long time that can help you save money from frequently buying new replacement batteries.

Another thing that I like about the BONAI AA rechargeable batteries is that they can be extensively used for other devices as well other than solar lights. You can use these batteries for your microphones, remote controls, game controller, mouse, keyboard etc.

The BONAI AA rechargeable batteries are also perfect and suitable for high-performance devices or those that use a lot of power such as children’s toys, MP3 players and digital cameras to maximize your usage.

I also prefer the BONAI AA rechargeable batteries because of their high performance and longer life. These batteries also do well after long periods of non-use. They maintain 80% of its original charge even after 3 years of non-use. They also charge fast with long run time. These batteries also work well and to be used in cold and hot temperatures.

The BONAI AA rechargeable batteries come in a pack of 16 pieces double-A batteries that gives you many reserve batteries. These batteries are affordable and guaranteed to satisfy your diverse needs. The BONAI AA rechargeable batteries are also UL certified so you can be assured that these are safe and high-quality products.

To add confidence to your purchase, the BONAI AA rechargeable batteries are covered by 30 days money back with a one-year limited warranty. If you have issues with your batteries, their warranty has got you covered so you can get the value of what you paid for.

The downside, however, is that these batteries may not charge efficiently with some chargers which affect its performance. But overall, I recommend that you try the BONAI AA rechargeable batteries because they are safe, reliable and efficient. You can use them for other devices. They give you great batteries at the right price.

Why You Should Trust Us

If you’re looking for 1.2 volt rechargeable batteries for solar lights, you should trust Clean Energy Summit to help you find the right batteries for these lighting solutions. Our team is passionate about sharing our knowledge to the world and helping you search for solar powered rechargeable batteries.

With us, you can be certain that you’ll be able to compare your options well and later pick what is right for your needs and preferences. It is because our team has made a thorough research on the top picks among solar rechargeable batteries like AA solar batteries. We do hope you can find the right one after reading our reviews and buying guide.

What Is A Battery For Solar Lights And Who This Is For


One of the key parts of a solar light is solar landscape lighting batteries. Thanks to the advanced technology that invented the first premium battery in early 1800. Meanwhile, the first rechargeable battery was introduced by Gaston Plante in 1859.

Batteries come in different shapes, sizes and storage capacity. People use them on various devices and machines such on watch, cameras, cellphones and cars. Likewise, there are cells that are most suit for solar lights.

Solar lights batteries commonly come in a petite size but carries electrochemical cells that ignites chemical reactions.

Batteries are being use widely for installation of solar lights outdoors. While solar lights independently harvest power from the sunlight, the cells are responsible in keeping the said earned power. Afterwards, it facilitates the electricity transmission inside the device.

Mainly, its special purpose is to preserve electrical energy through a chemical energy and produce electricity for the solar lights as the need arises.

Therefore, the lifespan of solar lights highly depends on the solar panel that generates energy from the sun and on its battery that store the energy.

Clearly, a battery can make or break solar lights. It gets its life from the stored electricity especially when the darkness starts. Cells supply the solar lights with rich amount of solar power as long as it is fully charge.

However, batteries are also commonly perceived to be the cause when the devices fail to function. Isn’t it when the solar lights started to malfunction, the very first thing to check is the condition of its batteries. They need either more charging or replacement.

Batteries are patronized by those people who uses small devices such as when installing outdoor solar lights. Cells are also suitable for daily use to those who wants to maintain stunning solar lights in a very cost-efficient and Eco-friendly way.

How Does It Work

Solar batteries are essential parts of solar lights. Its main role is to convert and store the solar energy into electrical current.

A cell is the center power unit of a battery. It is compose of two electrodes and an electrolyte. Negatively charged electrons (anode) as well as the positively charged spaces (cathode) is being formed through the help of a crystalline silicone and chemicals.

Once the solar panel absorb sunlight and store it to a cell, the negatively charged electrons started to move until they reach the positively charged spaces. These chemical reactions allow formation of electrons along the negatively charged electrons.

Then the electricity produced is stored in a battery after positively charged spaces transmit electron by the wires. As the darkness arrives, the battery provides electricity to the solar lights to make them perform well.

Likewise, once the battery is connected to solar lights chemical reactions occur. As a result, all electrons and ions start to flow smoothly. Usually, electrons travel faster towards the positive electrode by the outer circuit.

The charging and storing process of a battery repeats as a daily cycle as long as the solar panel is exposed into abundant sunlight. The charging capacity of a cell may also be influenced by the location where it is placed.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Light Batteries


There are different types of batteries that work best for solar lights. It is important to determine what kind of cell is being used in solar lights to determine which one is more compatible and let your solar lights produce maximum performance. Batteries vary from the chemical compositions that they are made of. Below is some of the cells ideal as a perfect match to a solar light.

  1. Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) Battery – This is a type of rechargeable cell that is often used for small and portable devices such as of computers, toys, cameras and solar lights. It stores energy through the help of electrodes. Said electrodes are made-up of metallic cadmium, an alkaline electrolyte of potassium hydroxide and nickel oxide hydroxide.

What unique about NiCad batteries is that it remains at a voltage of 1.2v until it run out of power. Hence, it is more effective to supply full power. A NiCad battery can work for up to 1,000 cycles before it totally dies.

  1. Nickel-Metal (NiMH) Hydrate Battery – Solar lights and other cordless device usually use NiMH batteries. It is believed to be safer to use than the NiCd batteries because the latter can be hazardous to environment without proper disposal. A NiMH cell can charge for up to 500 to 1000 times or equivalent to 2 or 3 years if used in proper way. The trick is it works longer when frequently use.
  2. Lithium ion (Li-ion) Batteries – Another type of rechargeable battery is the Li-ion. It started to flourish in early 1990s. Compare to Nickel Cadmium, it has a double energy density. It can also be noticed that Li-ion batteries weigh light and looks thin.

The advantages of Li-ion among the other batteries are that it has higher energy density, long lasting to use, and low self-discharge and low maintenance. Expect these cells to be more expensive too.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Light Batteries

The solar light batteries have rewards and perils. Enlisted below are its advantages and disadvantages that you need to know.


  1. Cost-saving – Solar light batteries helps to preserve the harvested sunlight by the solar panel. Hence, no electricity supply is needed to make the solar lights perform. It saves the user from additional cost for electric bill.
  2. Dependable Performance – Batteries are very reliable in times of lighting emergency such as when brownout. They can also work no matter what is the weather condition. You just grasp one or a pair of cell, connect it to the device and let the battery supply enough power for the gadget.
  3. Accessible – Solar light batteries vary and are available in many stores. As they have proven their benefits in times of power shortage and other emergencies, batteries are a strong market and are able to maintain the presence these products in most of the stores.
  4. Portable Source of Energy – Solar batteries obviously don’t require wiring or cord. They can be kept in bags or pockets and be transported anywhere as ready source of power.
  5. Eco-friendly – Usually, the batteries gets renewable energy from the sun so. Therefore, they promote cleaner air as they don’t release harmful chemicals to the environment as long as they are properly disposed. Using batteries are very convenient and safe to human and earth.


The following downsides do not apply to all batteries, but they are the general take on these batteries. Keep reading for better information about them.

  1. Expensive– The solar energy stored in batteries are free except when long darkness or cloudy days come. During the times when sunlight is poor, users are buying ready to use power cell from nearby stores to light up their solar lights or other gadgets. And some batteries cost very expensive depend on the size and frequency.
  2. Replacement – While batteries are rechargeable for the longest time, it is also a well-known fact that cells are replaceable for at least every year. Aside from it adds to cost or budget of users, it is also hassle to do the battery replacement on a regular basis.
  3. Improper Disposal Cause Treat to Earth – It’s a well-known fact that batteries are made of chemicals such as lead, lithium, cadmium and mercury. These elements can cause pollution to the soil and water if batteries are not recycled or disposed properly.
  4. Safety issues – Batteries may explode when not properly used. Cells hate being overheat or overcharged as they have the tendency to malfunction and burst impact.

How We Picked And Tested


Every couple of months, we clean up our homes to get everything ready for the upcoming season. We also check on our lights to make sure that everything is working.

If your solar lights do not work the same way as it used to, or if it stopped working entirely, then it is time to get a new rechargeable battery.

Before you open your solar lights to clean it up, you need to check all of the solar light’s components.

The panel on each solar light needs to be cleaned because dirt can accumulate, and it can stop solar energy from getting through; thus, your lights may not charge properly.

After thoroughly cleaning your solar lights, make sure that it is faced directly towards the sun, or it should be placed in an open area where it can get direct sunlight.

Another component of your solar lights that you need to check is the battery. You can open the battery compartment and look for water damage, broken wires, or if there is rust that is building up.

Make sure that the batteries of your solar lights are connected firmly, and there should be no corrosion.

Solar lights have charge controllers or circuit boards that are responsible for the automatic on and off feature.

Once sunlight touches the solar panel, the board automatically sends the charge to the battery.

When nighttime comes, the sensor or circuit board knows that there is no solar energy anymore, and it stops charging the light’s battery. It then sends power from the light’s battery to the LED light.

If your solar lights do not work as well as it used to, sometimes all you need to do is to clean everything properly, and it will start working again.

If it still does not work, you need to check on the LED light. Try taking the battery off and put it back on again. You can also place the light in a dark room and see if it will light up.

If it still doesn’t work, then you need to get a new light and replace the battery.

Worn out batteries is one of the reasons why solar lights will suddenly stop working.

You need to replace the batteries so that the solar panel can continue to use solar power to charge your light batteries.

Not everyone is aware that you can replace the rechargeable batteries in your solar lights.

To make sure that your solar lights will not fail when you need them the most is to replace the rechargeable batteries regularly.

Do not wait for it to be completely worn out before getting a new one. It is advised to replace your batteries at least every two years.

Almost all kinds of solar lights use the same low capacity batteries. You can talk to an expert regarding the different capabilities and sizes of rechargeable batteries, and what brand of solar lights are compatible with them.

The most common battery is AA, but some lights require AAA. Depending on the brand of solar lights that you have, there are those that need rechargeable batteries that are difficult to find, like 2/3AA or 2/3AAA.

If you are going to replace the rechargeable batteries of your solar lights, remember to use the same capacity and the same voltage for it to work properly.

You can check the mAh rating of the rechargeable battery that you have so you will know the type of battery with which you need to replace it.

Using batteries that do not have the same voltage and capacity as what is recommended may result in a fried circuit board, and it can break your solar lights.

If you can’t find a rechargeable battery with the same voltage and capacity as the original, you may use a battery with mAh capacity that is a bit different than the original. Just make sure that it has the same voltage.

Choose a battery that has the nearest mAh rating as the original battery. You can check on the solar light’s manual or online for a guide on rechargeable battery capacity and rating.

Once you’ve bought a new rechargeable battery for your solar lights, you can install them right away, but it can take a couple of days before your lights will work again.

If they still won’t work after a couple of days and after checking the components, then it is time to replace your lights.

We are told to believe that the higher the capacity of the battery, the better it is for the lights, but that is not always the case.

Rechargeable batteries that have high capacities need higher current to get them to charge properly. Solar energy produces low current, so it is best to use batteries that have low capacity.

Also, do not use a non-rechargeable battery in solar lights that are rechargeable, because it will not work, and it may damage the circuit board.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are all batteries compatible with solar lights?

No, not all power cells are compatible with solar lights. Homeowners must check their solar-powered lighting fixtures to determine battery compatibility.

For example, a 18650 battery for solar lights only works with fixtures that accommodate a lithium-ion battery with 18 mm by 65 mm dimensions. On the other hand, a typical AA power unit only measures 13.5 to 14.5 mm long in diameter and 49.2 mm to 50.5 mm vertically.

Moreover, some manufacturers require a specialized rechargeable battery for solar lights due to unique lighting fixture design and power requirements.

How long does it take to charge batteries for solar lights?

How long it takes to charge batteries for solar yard lights depends on several factors, including the battery’s electrical attributes (i.e., milliamp hours) and the charger.

For example, a 1300mAh NiMH AA battery requires 3.9 hours to recharge with a 400 mA charger.

On the other hand, a similar NiMH power cell with 2400mAh will only reach full charge status after 7.2 hours on the same charging device. Replacing the charger with a 500 mA unit will reduce the charging time to 5.8 hours (or 3.1 hours for the 1300mAh battery).

You could use this handy online tool to determine the charging time of solar light batteries.

Some manufacturers also offer a fast charger. For example, Energizer offers several fast-charging options for its batteries, with the Energizer Recharge 1-Hour Charger delivering the quickest charge at 50 to 60 minutes.

Powering solar light batteries with solar chargers might take one to two days, depending on the power cell’s capacity and the solar system’s power generation capabilities. Some brands integrate fast-charging capabilities into their solar batteries, reducing charging time to only five to six hours of direct sunlight exposure.

What are the most trusted solar light battery brands?

There are many brands of solar battery brands, but not all of them are reliable. That is why we have made a research and reviewed the top-tier brands of solar batteries. A few of the most trusted include GEILIENERGY, BONAI, RELIGHTABLE, EBL, Moonrays and Tenergy. For the rest, refer to our reviews earlier.

Solar rechargeable batteries vs. rechargeable batteries: what’s the difference? 

Not much difference can be told except that solar rechargeable ones can be charged through solar energy, but the ordinary ones cannot. That is why if you want a more versatile battery for your solar lights, you should select the solar rechargeable variants.

Can you use regular rechargeable batteries in solar lights?

Yes, you can use regular rechargeable batteries in solar lights, but they have to be compatible with the type the solar light is designed and made for.

How do they last?

There is no definite time as to how long they can last. It depends on the durability and quality of the materials of which the battery is made. Check and compare your options well.

What is the warranty?

The warranty is not the same for all brands and manufacturers. You should check on it when buying your solar rechargeable batteries for added peace of mind. It just makes sure you can ask help when something goes wrong with your solar batteries.

What are the most trusted places to buy?

The most trusted places to buy include hardware stores and home improvement stores. Today, you can also buy at Amazon for the best deals and manufacturers. In this marketplace, you can ensure that you’re also buying from more brands than on Amazon.

How to install and use?

You do it in the same manner you do with your ordinary rechargeable battery, but you also have to check on the specifications by the manufacturer. Follow what’s on the user manual also on the solar lights on how to install the replacement battery, for instance.

How to care & maintain?

It is in the same manner that you care and maintain your ordinary rechargeable batteries. You can read it in the user manual of the product you bought so that you can do it correctly, too.


The best batteries for solar lights are economical, practical and cost-effective. They can make up for an effective solar light system that gets its energy from the sun and offer your indoor or outdoor space with a dependable lighting solution.

If you want to start finding the right solar rechargeable battery, you might want to check out the reviews and buying guide we have prepared earlier.

They are from top brands and with valuable features and functions. These rechargeable batteries are easy to install, use and maintain. Get started comparing your options with the top picks that we’ve highlighted today!

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