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The Best Floating Pool Lights that Pool Party Must-Haves

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

best floating pool lights

Anyone who wants to be practical about beautifying the pool and making it safe for everyone’s night swimming activities should consider getting only the best floating pool lights. Not only are these products hassle-free to set up and use. They also have numerous other usages.

Choosing the right buoyant light to use in one’s pool boils down to understanding several factors. We examined at least three crucial parameters to help buyers pick the right floating light fixtures for their pools.

  • IP Rating: We are talking about devices that stay on the water, sometimes under it. That is why the product’s IP rating is an absolute must to ascertain its waterproofing or water resistance. While IPX7-rated lighting may seem a wise choice, a better option is to get an IP68 or IP69-rated floating pool light.
  • Type of Light: Halogen and LEDs are two popular options, each offering pros and cons, depending on one’s preferences and pool lighting needs. Most buyers tend to gravitate towards LED because of its best overall performance.
  • Power Requirements: Solar power is the way to go for families who want to go green and those who do not like to add to their electric bills. However, many products today also run on rechargeable batteries for easier maintenance.

As one can see in our product reviews and buying guide in the subsequent sections, a few other factors can impact one’s buying decision. One’s appreciation of these parameters can lead to the right floating pool light for the home.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview Blufree Pool Lights

LOGUIDE Pool Lights

HAPIKAY Pool Lights

No. of Light Sources 1 6 2
Light Modes RGB (7 colors) RGB (7 colors) RGB (7 colors)
Type of Lights LEDs LEDs LEDs
Waterproof IPX7 IP67 IP68
Rechargeable Yes No Yes
Details Details Details


Top-Rated Floating Pool Light Reviews

1. Blufree Floatable Bluetooth Speakers

  • IPX7-rated, waterproof device
  • Multifunction design for different applications
  • Bluetooth functionality for hands-free operation
  • Multiple color themes for pool lighting customization
  • Excellent battery life for extended use
  • Easily flips over in turbulent water

The Blufree Floatable Pool Light is not only a neat-looking buoyant lighting system for the swimming pool. It also serves as a wireless speaker to turn the pool into an instant party place for everyone to enjoy.

Many people consider this product an ultra floating led pool light because of its unique combination of lights and sounds in an IPX7-rated casing. One can submerge this device under three feet of water for half an hour, and it will keep functioning. The device is perfect for tub times bathing young kids.

Its 50-foot Bluetooth range allows people to control its seven color schemes without touching the device, turning the pool into a festive disco. I love its connectivity with different mobile devices. I can let my kids enjoy a swim at night in a well-lit pool while I stay comfy and dry on the deck.

I also like its rechargeable battery’s 8-hour runtime when some products only last six hours or less. I can play music wirelessly, extending the nighttime pool party time until the wee hours of the following morning. It is perfect for weekend parties and other social gatherings.

My only concern is that it tends to flip over when the kids get rowdy in the water. It acts like a ship getting tossed in stormy waters. Anchoring it in place should solve the problem.

Overall, I consider this floating LED pool light the top-rated for its versatility, waterproofing, and other cool features it has.

2. LOGUIDE Lotus Frog Light

  • Elegant design for a pond-like effect
  • IP67 rating for reliable protection against dust and water damage
  • Premium quality foam base for improved buoyancy
  • Multiple RGB colors with memory function for more spectacular lighting
  • Multipurpose design for versatility
  • Uses non-rechargeable batteries
  • No wireless controls

The LOGUIDE Lotus Frog Lights are floating pool lights worth everyone’s consideration, especially people who are already bored of the typical ball light designs. These decorative pool lights are some of the most beautiful I have seen, capable of transforming an ordinary pool into a Japanese garden pond.

The lotus leaves provide a cradle for the LED-lit frog in the middle. These floating flower lights have a spectacular light effect, forming shadows around the leaves’ edges. It looks more stunning when ripples begin forming on the water’s surface, evoking images of a tranquil pond.

I love its unique design because it extends its usefulness beyond the pool. One can place it in the garden to beautify the landscape. I can also think of using it in a nursery, relying on its soft light to create a soothing atmosphere for babies and young children.

While it only has an IP67 rating, the device’s foam base gives it dependable waterproofing. The LED lights illuminate in seven soft colors, never hurting the eyes nor attracting swarms of night bugs. A few flower lights can set a romantic ambiance when needed.

This battery powered product requires dry cell replacement after 70 to 100 hours of runtime. While I like its soft light, I wish the company provided wireless connectivity.

Nevertheless, I believe this pool light remains an excellent choice. Not only is it beautiful, transforming a dull-looking pool into a magical night time pond. One can rely on it for various applications.

3. HAPIKAY Solar Floating Pool Lights

  • IP68 rating for exceptional waterproofing
  • Inflatable design for improved convenience
  • Solar-powered for efficient operation
  • Multipurpose design for excellent versatility
  • Automatic color-changing mechanism
  • Requires at least six hours of continuous solar charging
  • Not puncture-proof

The HAPIKAY floating pool ball lights may look simple, but they are some of the most versatile lighting products one can get. These lights never sink to the bottom and will always turn any landscape into a beautiful place.

I love its inflatable design, like a beach ball. The LED lights are at the ball’s bottom, stabilizing it on the water.

Because of its large dimensions, children can play with these lights whenever they swim in the pool. Rolling them on the ground can also make for a fascinating nighttime activity. One can hang these balls on a trellis, tree branches, walls, and ceilings.

Its IP68 rating gives these light balls exceptional protection against particulate and moisture ingress better than IP67-rated products. I like its color-changing lights, giving the landscape a different hue every 25 seconds.

I also like its solar-powered design, freeing me from buying replacement batteries. However, I caution anyone who wishes to purchase this product because it requires at least six hours of direct sunlight to recharge. Those living in cloudy areas may not be able to optimize the product’s usefulness.

Moreover, inflatables are susceptible to punctures. I am glad the company included repair patch kits with the package.

These light balls may not look very elegant, but they can do an excellent job of illuminating the pool at night. They are also versatile, making for fascinating lighting fixtures in the garden, patio, living room, lawn, and other areas of the home.

4. Blufree Floating Pool Lights

  • IP68 rating for better waterproofing
  • Multiple LED colors for more dazzling pool lighting effects
  • Magnetic back for effortless mounting
  • Works with ordinary batteries
  • Multipurpose design for different uses
  • No wireless capability
  • Small size

This Blufree starfish-designed floatable pool light is an exceptional addition to any pool. It enhances the pool’s aesthetics, making nighttime swimming more enjoyable and safe for everyone.

Its IP68 rating is one thing I love about this product. It can stay submerged for extended periods better than IPX7-rated devices. I like its double-wall waterproofing, complete with a watertight silicone O-ring. Water will never get inside this product’s sensitive electronics.

I like its versatile design, especially the magnetic back. Pool owners like me can place these colorful lights on any metal structure, providing a fascinating lightscape to any room. It is perfect for tailgate parties where one can mount it on a vehicle’s metal plate.

Since it runs on three AAA batteries, one can bring this light in holiday travels and vacations, turning the hotel room into a more enticing place. People can also place it in hot tubs and other water filled containers since it is completely customizable.

This floating LED light illuminates in seven colors with a color-shifting gradient scheme at a flip of a switch.

While I appreciate its waterproofing, I find its size too small for my pool. One has to get at least five of these to illuminate a 15×30-foot pool. Its light controls also operate on a manual switch, not wireless.

Regardless, I still recommend these handy lights to anyone who wants a waterproof lighting fixture that works in different situations. It is a neat device to improve the aesthetics of any place.

5. Esuper Floating Ball Pool Light

  • IP68-rated device for improved waterproofing
  • Solar-powered device for better cost savings
  • Inflatable design made of premium-quality vinyl
  • Multiple automatic color-changing themes
  • Versatile design for different applications
  • Non-programmable lights
  • Risk of punctures

They are big, floatable, and colorful. I am referring to the simple yet elegant design of the Esuper Ball Pool Light. Not only are these floating orbs of light spectacular to have in the pool. They are also versatile to use in different applications.

I love its IP68 rating compared to an IPX7 device. One can submerge this product to depths of more than nine feet for 30 minutes without causing water-related damage. That is if one can sink this light ball.

These pool glow balls are inflatable, making them more buoyant than plastic-encased pool lights. The LED fixture is stable inside the vinyl ball, allowing kids to toss and throw it around the pool without damaging the mechanism. It does not roll because the LEDs weigh it down, keeping the light upright.

One can hang it on the porch and turn it into a garden light, perfect for weddings, beach parties, and other events. The LED lights also come pre-programmed to change into one of four colors every 15 seconds.

I like its solar-powered design, saving tens of dollars in my electric bill from constant battery recharging.

Unfortunately, these inflatable orbs do not have manual programming or wireless capability. Vinyl is also prone to punctures if one is not careful.

Nevertheless, I still consider these large floating pool lights impressive because of their exceptional buoyancy and waterproofing. They do not produce sound, but they can liven the pool area or any part of the house anytime.

6. Intex 28695E Floating LED Pool Light

  • IP68-rated fixture for improved waterproofing and dust-proofing
  • Recommended for underwater pool illumination
  • Two light modes with a five-color smooth-changing mechanism
  • Automatic solar charging and instant activation for convenience
  • Does not attract bugs
  • More expensive than other pool lights
  • Short runtime per full charge compared to other products

I consider the Intex 28695E Floating LED Pool Light the best solar floating pool light because of its unique underwater design and excellent waterproofing. It does not look spectacular, but it can make nighttime swimming safer.

What differentiates this product from others is its bottom-mounted LED lights, illuminating the swimming pool’s bottom surface instead of the water surface. Reflected light transforms the pool into a giant lighting system, making it safer to swim at night.

There is another advantage to this design. The submerged, IP68-rated lights do not attract bugs and other nighttime critters. Families will have more enjoyable night swims free of insects and other crawlies.

I like the product’s two light modes: static and dynamic. The dynamic mode illuminates the pool in five alternating colors and shuts itself off after five hours of continuous operation. The static function emits white light, illuminating the pool more efficiently for safer swims.

Like many solar-powered devices, this product relies on a sensor to automatically power on and off the lights relative to solar panel light exposure. At least, I do not need to worry about replacing batteries.

I like to point out that this device costs more than other brands with similar specifications. Its maximum runtime is also shorter than other solar-powered products I know.

Regardless, this product’s bright underwater illumination makes it an excellent choice for families who want a brighter pool at night.

7. Chakev Floating Pool Lights

  • IP67 rating for dust-proofing and waterproofing
  • Multiple colors, timers, and changing modes for versatility
  • Wireless control for more convenient operation
  • Multipurpose design for different uses
  • Good value for money
  • Shorter battery life and smaller size than other brands

I get the best value for my money in return for buying the Chakev glowing balls for pool. This product not only adds beauty to a swimming pool. It can also brighten up other living spaces, setting the mood for a pleasant evening.

I find its IP67 rating sufficient for swimming pool and bathtub use. One does not need to immerse it underwater, avoiding damage to its sensitive circuitry. It is also better than an IPX7 device because it guarantees protection against particulate ingress.

This product operates on radio frequency signals. Its beauty is in the device’s exceptional 164-foot range. I can be in the living room controlling the pool lights’ many functions, a feat no Bluetooth-enabled product can match.

I find its LED programming entertaining. I can adjust the light intensity across four levels and its runtime to three settings. It also has 16 colors in four lighting modes, allowing anyone to come up with creative ways to turn their swimming pools into a party place.

I admire its metal loop at the back, facilitating hassle-free hanging like a Christmas tree décor or mood lights for a romantic dinner.

Unfortunately, I find the product’s 24 to 30-hour battery runtime too short. I have seen products that last up to 100 hours. Each ball is also small, requiring all ten to illuminate my 10K gallon pool.

Nevertheless, it remains an amazing product to use anywhere, not just in swimming pools.

8. GAME Underwater Show Pool Light

  • Ideal for swimming pool underwater illumination
  • Multiple light show modes with halo light for dazzling light effects
  • Solar-powered device for energy efficiency
  • Manual and automatic functions for versatility
  • IP68 rating for excellent waterproofing
  • Not wireless
  • Not ideal for cloudy areas

If one wants a pool light that turns the swimming pool into a party-like waterscape, I recommend the GAME Underwater Show Pool Light. This floating solar pool light provides dazzling light effects that amplify the dancing ripples of the pool.

A few of these lights are all one needs to turn the swimming area into a party zone. This product has a halo light and seven light show modes, making it one of my favorite floating pool lights. I find its multi color options and energy saving design too good to resist.

Its IP68 rating gives me a feeling of security about its waterproofing. I also do not have to worry about replacing any battery because it draws its power from the sun. Too bad, if one lives where ten hours of sunshine is a rarity, this product might not work to its fullest.

Darkness automatically switches the light on. Although, I love the product’s additional manual switch, allowing me to turn the lights on or off at will. I only wish the company also integrated a wireless control mechanism in its design. It would make its operation more convenient.

Still, I recommend this floating night light to anyone, especially those who want to turn their backyards into a party place. One can think of a dozen ways these lights can brighten up rooms, living spaces, and landscapes. It is an energy-efficient lighting device that beautifies any pool.

9. Spin Master SwimWays Rainbow Pool Light

  • Excellent waterproofing for durability
  • Projects reef life forms in the pool
  • Multiple colors with three light modes
  • Requires ordinary batteries to operate
  • Versatile design for different applications
  • Batteries not included, thus incur extra costs

People who fancy swimming with tropical fishes at night may want to consider the SwimWays Rainbow Reef Aquarium Pool Light. It is not like a Nova floating pool light, but this device can give anyone a sense of swimming with sharks, gobies, clownfish, groupers, and other tropical life forms living in coral reefs.

This pool lighting fixture is the equivalent of a disco light that projects light images onto the dance floor. Instead, it transmits fish silhouettes throughout the swimming pool, giving owners the sense of swimming with aquatic reef creatures.

I like its light projection technology, changing the LED into different colors and lighting modes. The smooth-changing lighting function is like having party lights underwater. If one wants a brighter swimming pool, the static white light is always accessible.

Its waterproofing is also exceptional, although I cannot find any information about its IP rating. Based on real-world experiences, I can say it stands up to a watery environment. I also think it works well with other applications, turning children’s bedrooms into places of light-laced magic.

While I like this pool light’s battery-operated design, I wish it already comes with replaceable batteries. That is why I consider its price too steep for my budget, considering its only advantage is the fish image projection.

Nevertheless, children will love having this device in their swimming pool at night. Party people can also use it in the living room, lawn, or garden to set the mood for a fun-filled night.

10. Niser Swimming Pool Lights

  • IP67 rating for protection against water damage
  • Projects colorful light patterns around the pool
  • Color-changing programming for more dazzling effects
  • Versatile design for multiple uses
  • Inexpensive
  • Shorter battery life and dimmer lights than others

The Niser Pool Lights are excellent projection lights, not only perfect for swimming pools and kiddie bathtubs. These devices can also add life to a boring room, giving it a party-like vibe.

Its IP67 rating gives people the confidence they need about the product’s waterproofing and dust ingress protection. What I mostly love is the different light patterns coming out from the LEDs. It is a fabulous way to keep children interested while ensuring they have a wonderful time in the nighttime pool.

These floating LED lights for pools are versatile enough for indoor use. I can place it in the bedroom as an ambiance light or a Christmas tree backlighting for a more fantastic effect. It can be a stunning interior décor, drawing attention to one’s prized possessions in the home.

There are seven lighting modes to choose from, giving anyone the chance to create a festive atmosphere. It does not always have to be in the swimming pool because this device can work anywhere.

It is also more affordable than other products I have seen. One can buy several of these lights to create a fantastic landscape.

Unfortunately, the batteries only last about 30 to 40 hours. Moreover, I find its luminosity dimmer than other pool lights I know.

Still, these lights make an exceptional choice for budget-conscious folks. It beautifies swimming pools, bathtubs, aquariums, landscapes, and indoor living spaces. I recommend getting rechargeable batteries to make the device more efficient to operate.

11. Fazhongfa Swimming Pool Light

  • IP68 rating for waterproofing
  • High-quality polyethylene crystal material for durability
  • Multiple lighting modes for enhanced effects
  • Ideal for party-like lighting effects in pools
  • More affordable than other pool lights
  • Possible water ingress if not locked properly
  • No wireless controls

The Fazhongfa may have a Chinese-sounding name, but it is one of the most pleasant pool lights any family can have. Of course, it is not as sophisticated as Loftek floating pool lights. However, it does an excellent job of turning any area into a magical party place.

I admire this product’s light projection capabilities, emitting bright colors in fabulous patterns on various surfaces. If one uses it in the swimming pool, this device can transform the entire pool into a dazzling place where stars, fishes, and other objects seem to party all night.

This product features high-quality polyethylene, giving it a crystalline structure. Its multi-faceted design also aids in refracting light, giving it more stunning visual effects. Considering this product has seven lighting modes, I can think of hundreds of ways to use it, not only in creating a party atmosphere.

What surprised me is this product’s affordability. It does not run on solar power and is still cheaper than other products I know. Its IP68 rating is also comforting, knowing it is completely waterproof.

However, one must be careful when replacing the batteries because water can ingress if one fails to observe a watertight seal upon reassembly. I also miss the wireless controller of some products, which makes it convenient to manage the light effects.

Despite these concerns, I know this product is an excellent choice for families who want more affordable lighting for their swimming pool.

12. DeeprBlu Solar Pool Light

  • A bit expensive compared to other brands
  • No wireless controls

DeeprBlu is one of the most elegant solar floating pool lights I have ever seen. These buoyant solar lights come with a natural flame light color to give it a more natural look, resembling tea lights. Having these floating tea lights on the pool can produce a bedazzling sight.

I adore this product’s candlelight effects. It is so realistic that the device even mimics the natural flicker of candlelight.

The plastic bubble not only protects the fixture. It also reflects some of the light, making it look more stunning. That is why I consider this the best floating pool lights for wedding celebrations, anniversaries, inductions, galas, ceremonies, and other formal gatherings.

This product’s beauty does not end with its realistic candlelight effect. It also has one of the most energy-efficient solar-gathering mechanisms I know. Recharging its battery is a cinch, allowing people to illuminate their pools and surroundings for hours.

It also helps that there are several lighting modes users can operate, depending on their preferences.

I can forgive its slightly prohibitive price tag, given its efficiency and exceptional design. However, I wish the company had a remote control for its lighting functions to make it more convenient.

Nevertheless, I highly recommend this pool light to families who want an extraordinary pool light. It is like having real candles floating on the pool in thin, transparent bubbles. That is why I consider it the most trusted pool lights.

13. BeautifulLife Floating Pool Lights

  • IP68 rating for waterproofing
  • Emits multiple colors for lighting effects
  • Requires ordinary batteries to run
  • More affordable than other pool lights
  • Submersible design
  • Not as bright as other products
  • Small size

Buying floating pool lights does not have to be a costly venture. The BeautifulLife floating swimming pool light is perfect for budget-conscious homeowners who want to liven up their pool area and other parts of their homes.

These lights are not Geediar floating pool lights. However, they have an IP68 rating that is better than the IP67 or IPX7 of other products.

Because of its exceptional waterproofing, one can let these lights sink to the bottom of the pool to illuminate it through the surface. A few submersible lights are enough to turn the pool into a fascinating and safe swimming area for everyone.

I love the different colors each LED light emits, turning the pool into a watery disco floor, delighting everyone in the family. It is also more affordable than any other product I have seen. And while it runs on three AAA batteries, the lighting fixture is efficient enough to extend battery life.

My only real issue about this pool light is its mediocre luminosity. I have to put all ten lights in my pool to get the effect I need. I guess it has something to do with its small size.

Nevertheless, it remains an excellent choice for cash-strapped families. They can replace the batteries with rechargeable dry cells to make them more economical.

Its small size also makes it ideal for use in nurseries, playrooms, gardens, and aquariums as accent lights. Its versatility and affordability more than compensate for its dimmer-than-usual performance.

14. Coquimbo Solar Floating Pool Lights

  • Solar-powered LED lights for energy efficiency
  • Shatter-resistant transparent ABS plastic ball for durability and buoyancy
  • Versatile design for different decorative purposes
  • Rechargeable battery for optimal operation
  • Extended runtime for improved pool use
  • For water surface use only
  • No power status indicator

One of the most remarkable floating LED pool lights I have seen is the Coquimbo, running on clean solar power. It has a straightforward design that belies its remarkable illumination capabilities.

I love this pool light’s transparent casing, giving one an unrestricted view of its LED structure. The housing is shatter-resistant, capable of withstanding accidental drops if one decides to hang these balls on a wall or tree. Its ABS construction also makes it more buoyant than other devices I know.

I like its solar-powered rechargeable battery’s runtime of six to ten hours, extending pool party times into the wee hours of the morning. The rechargeable dry cell also makes it easy to use the pool light even if the sky is cloudy during the day.

I admire its versatility, turning from a pool light to party and mood lighting systems. It is small and lightweight enough to hang in the Christmas tree, the nursery walls, or behind the aquarium as an accent light.

I find it odd that this product does not have any markings or indicators for its power on/off switch. Additionally, while the company claims this pool light is waterproof, it recommends water surface application only. One should not immerse this in water to avoid damaging its electrical components.

Nevertheless, I think any family who wants a different pool light for their home should consider this product. It is energy efficient and looks lovely, too.

What Is A Floating Pool Light/ Who This Is For


Swimming pool floating lights are decorative lighting systems people use on their pools to make them more elegant during nighttime swimming. These items can also highlight a pool’s unique elements, such as elegant tiles and waterfalls.

These products are for anyone who has a pool and enjoys nighttime swimming. It is also suitable for homeowners who want to beautify their landscape at night.

How Does It Work

A floating pool light is like any other portable lighting device that requires a battery to work. Some products charge the battery using solar energy, while others need regular dry cell recharging. The housing features lightweight materials with excellent buoyancy.

What Are The Different Types Of Floating Pool Lights

Buoyant pool lights come in different types.

  • LED – These swimming pool lights are well-known for their energy efficiency, illumination longevity, variety, and safety. LED lights are also programmable, opening many possibilities to the imaginative pool owner.
  • Halogen – These lights are suitable for homeowners who want to make their swimming pools as bright as possible. They are less efficient than LEDs and can only come in basic colors.
  • Fiber Optic Lights – An outdated technology, fiber optic floating pool lights are not as bright and efficient as LEDs. They also tend to be hotter than other lighting options.
  • Solar – Buoyant pool lights that charge their batteries using sunlight are solar devices that typically feature LEDs. They are perfect for households living in sunny weather.
  • Inflatable – Made of PVC, these pool lights are inexpensive and easy to set up. They can run on solar power or rechargeable batteries, powering the LED lights.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Floating Pool Lights

The principal advantage of buoyant pool lights is instant beautification of the pool, especially at nighttime. While pools can feature underwater lighting fixtures, having lights on the water’s surface improves the landscape’s aesthetics.

It is also more economical than installing permanent underwater lighting fixtures. During the day, one can remove these devices to optimize pool use.

Having lights floating on the pool also improves night swimming safety. It also facilitates identifying pool defects or problems that are difficult to spot during the day.

One downside to buoyant pool lighting is the tendency of insects and other night bugs to swarm the light, ruining one’s night swim. If the device is not waterproof, you risk damaging it.

How We Picked And Tested


In our search for the top-tier floatable pool lights, we had to look for several key attributes. Here is how we picked and evaluated our choices.

  • IP Rating

Are floating pool lights waterproof? They should. While these products come with varying ingress protection ratings, we only included those with a rating of at least IPX7. The second number in the IP series denotes the device’s water protection level. The higher the number (example, 8 or 9), the more waterproof the lighting device is.

  • Type of Light

We only included pool lights with LEDs because they are more reliable, programmable, efficient, and brighter than other types of light. However, one can always choose halogen or fiber optic lights if one wants to be more unique.

  • Power Requirements

Our choices boiled down to two power source designs: battery-operated and solar-powered. One must realize that solar units still run on batteries because dry cells store solar energy-converted electricity. Some products require ordinary alkaline batteries while others run on rechargeable NiCd or NiMH dry cells.

  • Versatility

We deemed it necessary that a floating light for pool must also be versatile. The more functions it serves, the better is the product. For example, we included a pool light that also serves as a Bluetooth wireless speaker. Most of the products we reviewed can double as decorative or mood lights.

  • Ease of Operation

A pool lighting fixture must also be effortless to control. That is why we included products with remote control capabilities, either Bluetooth or RF technology. However, most products require the manipulation of physical switches and buttons.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you anchor a floating pool light?

You can tie a nylon string or any clear line to your floating pool light with a heavy object on the line’s other end.

How many floating lights should I put in my pool?

You can place a single floating light in a 15×30 foot pool. If you have a 20×40 foot pool, you can use two lights, three lights if you have a 20×42 foot pool.

How long should a pool light last?

How long a pool light lasts depends on the lighting fixture type.

  • Vintage swimming pools use an incandescent bulb (the R40) to illuminate the water. These light bulbs have an average operating lifespan of 1,000-5,000 hours.
  • Households with 1980’s-era swimming pools might have halogen lighting for inground pools. These fixtures have an average lifespan of 1,200 hours.
  • Most modern swimming pools feature LED lighting fixtures. These products could reach 80,000 hours, making them the most durable choice.

How do I change my pool light to LED?

Changing your old incandescent bulb or halogen pool light to LED makes perfect sense because LED technologies are more cost-effective and energy-efficient. You can also enjoy better savings if installing underwater solar pool lights.

Replacing your pool lights with LEDs is straightforward. Here’s how you do it:

  • Cut off all the power supply to the pool to prevent electrical hazards.
  • Identify the detachable casing that allows you to remove the lighting fixtures without emptying the pool.
  • Open the fixture housing to access the bulb by removing the detachable casing. Once exposed, you can unscrew the light bulb from its receptacle and replace it with a compatible LED bulb.

Alternatively, you can buy the brightest floating pool light units and toss them on the pool water’s surface. These products are effortless to use and come in various options. For example, color changing floating pool lights can give your backyard a festive or romantic atmosphere, depending on the event’s theme.

On the other hand, floating pool lights with remote offer optimum convenience. You can be lazing on your pool-side lounger as you adjust the illumination effects.

What wattage should a pool light be?

Before LED lights became the dominant illumination devices for swimming pools, regulatory agencies required pool owners to ensure adequate illumination of 0.5 to 1.0 watts per square foot of the swimming pool’s surface area.

The introduction of LEDs demanded a formula revision, accounting for the LED’s more energy-efficient design. Families and establishments with LED-illuminated swimming pools must use 8.0 lumens per square foot (100 lumens equal to 2 LED watts) of the pool’s surface area.

For example, an average 10×20-foot backyard swimming pool has a total surface area of 200 square feet. It translates to about 100 to 200 watts of incandescent lighting overall. On the other hand, LED bulbs must produce at least 1,600 lumens in total, or about 17 watts.

You can observe the same recommendation (i.e., 0.5 to 1.0 watts per square foot) when using solar glow balls for pool.

How much does it cost to install LED pool lights?

Installing LED pool lights can cost families $700-$900 for small lighting fixtures. On the other hand, full-sized, commercial-grade LED swimming pool lights might require a $1,000 to $1,500 budget for complete installation.

The overall installation cost includes the lighting fixture ($150 to $650), labor ($100 to $400), and transformer ($30 to $80). People can lower their expenditures by installing the lights as a DIY project. Existing electrical cables can also reduce the overall price.

Alternatively, you can buy floating rechargeable pool light units and spend only $15 to $90 for a pack.

Do floating pool lights attract bugs?

White light and UV light attract some bugs and insects. Your choice of pool light will determine whether you have bugs pestering your nighttime swim or not.


The best floating pool lights not only improve a spool’s aesthetics. They can also make it safer and more pleasant for everyone to swim at night. The top-tier buoyant lighting is waterproof and illuminates the pool vibrantly. It also runs on either solar power or batteries and is effortless to set up, operate, and maintain.

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