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The Best Off Grid Inverters for Stable Power Supply

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

Chances are you’re looking for the best off grid inverter, so you’ve bumped into this buying guide, featuring the top picks along with the things to consider when picking an off grid solar inverter.

With the right inverter in the solar energy system, it can manage the correct flow and control the two kinds of power, AC and DC.

best off grid inverter

But as there are many of them on the market, you can make a choice by knowing what makes each product better than another along with the pros and cons that you can expect.

If you’re ready, let us begin and find your off-grid solar inverter in the following.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview Renogy Off-Grid Solar Inverter

AIMS POWER Power Inverter

WZRELB Off Grid Inverter

Weight 6 lbs 21 lbs 13 lbs
Voltage 12VDC/ 120VAC 10-16VDC/ 120VAC 12VDC/ 120VAC
Continuous Power 1,000W 10,000W 2,500W
Peak Power 2,000W 20,000W 5,000W
Power Outlet 2 4 2
Frequency 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz
Details Details Details


Top 7 Off Grid Inverter Reviews

1. Renogy 1000W Off-Grid Solar Inverter

  • Clean pure sine wave off grid inverter
  • Minimal harmonic distortion
  • Overload protection
  • Reliable power for tools
  • High-speed ventilation fans
  • Might not be the most durable around

Renogy is another trusted brand for solar inverters that many homeowners and recreational vehicle owners trust when shopping for an off-grid inverter.

The Renogy 1000W Off-Grid Solar Inverter is another top choice among those looking for reliable and cleaner power for their tools and electronics.

It can offer an efficient power, which is especially made for the 12-volt direct current system. But more than that, this unit can offer you with a top quality waveform but without much harmonic distortion.

In addition, this inverter is made with an overload protection feature that works for both AC and DC input. It functions effectively in terms of preventing any damage to the unit and all things that make it.

More so, I would like to note that it has special LED indicators, working for both overvoltage and under-voltage protection. It also has indicators for short circuit, overload protection and over temperature protection.

I would like to recommend the Renogy 1000W Off-Grid Solar Inverter not only for its protection and safety features but also for its additional features like high-speed ventilation fans.

With these additions, you can make sure that you can keep running the inverter at a low temperature.

I would also like to note that this model is very efficient that it has the ability of producing smoother and cleaner power for lights, fans and other tools without any worries about interference or damage to your electronics.

In addition, the unit is with a ground-fault circuit interrupter protection, making it a better choice over others in the same category is.

More so, this model is ETL listed, ensuring its quality and safety for consistent use. I would like to note that the Renogy also comes with an AC hardwire port and a USB port. In addition, it has 19ft wired remote and 4AWG cables included.

On the cons, the 12V Pure Sine Wave inverter might not be the most durable around. But overall, it can be if you would be able to care for and maintain it properly.

2. AIMS Power 10000W Continuous Power Inverter

  • High power capacity of 10000 watts
  • Portable and compact
  • Lightweight
  • With LED indicator
  • Volt and amp meter
  • 20000 watt surge capabilities
  • Lower power output

In the industry of inverters, a 10000-watt inverter usually require 40 lbs. weight and bigger size than the usual which will also require bigger space in your area to install this device.

But not this new technology that has a dimension of 21.4”x7.9”x6” and weighs only 21 pounds; nearly half the old models require for such capacity.

Aside from the usual seven kinds of protection system of other inverters which are high-voltage input cut-off protection, low-voltage alarm protection, surge power protection, over-current protection, overload protection, reverse-connection protection and short-circuit protection by fuse, the AIMS Power 10000W Continuous Power Inverter has a cooling fan and isolated ground neutral.

With its high capacity, it can handle almost all applications. It has 20000-watt surge capabilities and can transfer for as fast as 40 m secs.

It can also provide power to any device at home as well as well pumps, farms, ranches and small commercial buildings. Aside from home, it is also ideal for off grid power system in boats and vehicle outfitters using 12-volt batteries.

This modified sine inverter has an LED indicator so you can monitor its DC/AC output. It also has a volt and amp meter on front panel to monitor the performance of the inverter that has an output frequency of 60Hz.

This works not only with small appliances at home like lamps and cameras but also with other tools, compressors and pumps as it has a high capacity. With its size compressed with 10000w capacity, you call also bring this inverter anywhere to supply for cabin applications and other purposes.

However, this product may produce lower output quality than other inverters because it is a modified sine wave inverter. With its quality, you must monitor closely your devices because it might cause some damages and total breakdown.

But this device has more features for your protection. It has an aluminum case to control for optimal cooling and a pre-slotted mounting plate.

Its remote is pre-wired and it has a pulse-width modulation technology that regulates its voltage signal and controls the fan speed.

With its capacity in a small size and lightweight, buying this type of an inverter will never go wrong. I will definitely recommend this product with the maximum protection it offers and its space-saving and lightweight features while providing a maximum 10000 continuous power to your appliance as well as pumps and compressors.

3. WZRELB Converter Off Grid Inverter

  • Designed with seven kinds of protection systems
  • Multi-Device powering
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has digital LED display
  • Has temperature control cooling fan
  • Low peak power of 5000W

Yueqing Reliable Electric Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of 300w to 8000w pure sine wave inverters. Being in this industry for a decade, it has exported different types of inverters across the world.

Its trademark is the WZRELB DC to AC Converter, which has a thickness of only 2.00 millimeter and a weight of 16.4lbs. Very portable and lightweight that you could easily bring anywhere.

For its high reliability and reasonable price, this brand of pure sine inverter is well known in China the United States.

This device allows stronger flow of current in the circuit and increases the load capacity. It has high frequency transformer to ensure stable and full Alternate Current output and converts 12v direct current to 120VAC at 60Hz frequency.

With its multi-protect technology, I can assure you that buying this item is a great decision.

Its all-sided protection technology has seven systems that are ideal for your protection, to wit: high voltage input cut protection, reverse connection protection, surge power protection, overload protection, over current production, low voltage alarm protection and circuit protection by fuse.

An inverter for solar power are sensitive to extreme heat but you do not need to worry about this brand because it has an intelligent cooling fan which controls temperature while providing power to multiple devices.

It has also an LED digital display that shows direct and alternate currents (DC and DC). This digital display let you determine the condition of your inverter.

The peak power of this product is only 5000W. Although it is not very high, it can still provide power to usual cabin and small efficient homes. It could not sustain a residential house with well pums and small commercial buildings.

Nevertheless, with its portability, lightweight and All-Sided Protection technology, I still recommend this technology. After all, it could still provide comfort to you and your loved ones by supplying power to your basic electronics at home like lamps, fans, small gadgets and other basic appliances.

4. PowMr 5600W 48V Off Grid Solar Inverter Charger

  • 5600W AC output and 6000W maximum PV array power
  • Designed with MPPT technology for near-perfect efficiency
  • Compatible with both solar and main power grids
  • Protect against over & under-voltage, reverse polarity, short circuits & overload
  • LCD screens and LED indicators for easy system management
  • Wireless transmitter sold separately

There is no denying the PowMr Off-grid Solar Inverter Charger is one of the top-tier investments families living off the grid can ever make. The thoughtfully engineered inverter can churn out 5,600W of AC power and can also accommodate DC electricity from a 6000W off-grid solar system, traditional utility lines, or portable generators.

I like this off-grid solar inverter pure sine wave technology’s integrated systems. For instance, thanks to the MPPT solar controller, the device boasts an efficiency of up to an astonishing 99.9%, no matter the condition. That said, I never have to worry about overcharging, as this unit has a built-in intuitive battery management system.

What’s more, operating this off-grid inverter will not cause sleepless nights and profuse sweating. It has a variable-speed cooling fan to help dissipate heat, ensuring maximum operating efficiency. Homeowners will not worry about under-voltage, over-voltage, short circuits, overload, and reverse polarity, either.

The charging modes are also noteworthy – it can be programmed to prioritize either solar or electric power. Users can also set the inverter charger to run on only one power source or to alternate between the main power grid and solar power. The LCD screen, coupled with the 3 LED indicators, will make keeping track of operating status a breeze.

I also appreciate the app that goes with this solar inverter, ensuring hassle-free control. I only wish the company included the wireless transmitter with the package instead of selling it separately. Surprisingly, the Sigineer Power offgrid solar inverter already has the WiFi adapter with the purchase.

This power inverter might not have a perfect score, but its performance and power-converting capabilities are enough to make it one of the top-rated off-grid families to buy.

5. WZRELB Reliable Off Grid Power Inverter

  • Thick PCB for stronger current on the circuit
  • Clear digital LED display
  • Power backup
  • Full AC output
  • Replacement battery cable and spare fuse
  • Can be a bit tricky to operate for first timers

If you’re shopping around for an off-grid power inverter, you can check out the WZRELB Reliable Off Grid Power Inverter.

It is efficient yet easy to set up and operate. When shopping around for this kind of product, you should not miss but see what the WZRELB inverter can offer.

The 2000W pure sine wave inverter is a reliable choice for an off-grid DC to AC converter that thousands of users trust. In addition, the 24V pure sine wave inverter is with spare fuse and standard battery cables included, making replacements easier and faster.

The WZRELB is with a 2.0 mm PCB thickness. With it, you can expect for a stronger current that’s floating on the circuit. It also has a high-frequency transformer that can convert DC to AC for a more stable and a total AC output.

I would like to take note that the model is with 4K watts of peak true pure sine wave inverter as well as 2000W continuous power.

Both these features make the solar power inverter more efficient. This model can offer you with an efficient home power backup.

I would also like to note that this unit has a temperature control-cooling fan and dual US outlets. It is also with an earth connection that works for both PCB output and board.

Also, the unit is with top quality and true copper inductance that can help in ensuring of true sine wave AC output.

With it, you can have peace of mind that your tools and equipment are protected from damage. This model also comes with a strong driving capacity for its large and imported MOSFETS.

On the downside, it can be a bit difficult to operate for first time solar power inverter users. But then, it will be easy after for its cool interface and simple design.

6. Sigineer Power Off-Grid Solar Inverter Charger

  • 6000-watt power rating
  • Compatible with many battery types
  • Pure sine wave technology for interference-free electronics operation
  • With a remote controller and user-friendly app
  • Multiple electrical protections: short-circuit, over-temperature, over-voltage, etc
  • Quite hefty build

Families living off the grid with many power-hungry appliances may not feel content with PowMr’s 5600W offering. With an extra 400 watts, Sigineer Power impresses even small businesses with integrated solar systems. This inverter with battery charger is a worthy investment for clean energy-minded folks.

I am astonished by this solar inverter’s 6000W capacity. Households running on solar power will never have issues operating larger electric appliances, such as ovens, air conditions, or washing machines. Its pure sine wave technology guarantees more efficient electrical operation without producing distracting noise and vibrations.

Like the PowMr, this off-grid inverter allows users to prioritize the charging source, be it solar panels or power grids. If necessary, it’s possible to program the unit to draw power from both solar and electric power. The inverter’s integrated MPPT solar charge controller’s 99.5% efficiency is also note-worthy.

Unlike some off grid power inverters, this product can accommodate many battery types, including sealed lead-acid, lithium, AGM, gel, and flooded lead-acid. I also commend the unit’s reliable protections against short-circuit, over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, and overload protections.

I love this off-grid inverter’s downloadable app, making managing inverts and solar systems from afar possible. Unlike the product from PowMr, the package already includes a wireless transmitter adaptor. As such, there is no need to make a separate purchase, allowing users to operate the systems right out of the box.

Weighing in at a surprising 97 pounds, this inverter with solar charger is a heavyweight. It is four times heavier than the PowMr, which only tips the scale at 24.2 pounds, making installation quite taxing on the hands and arms.

I do not mind handling this heavyweight if it means more power to use in my off-grid home.

7. Xantrex Technology 49PWR-CL

  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Available remote switch
  • Dual GFCI receptacles
  • Integrated digital display
  • Simple design
  • Some longevity issues

Xantrex is a staple brand in the business for its commitment to offering top quality products. Consumers rate it high for its quality inverter products like the 49PWR-CL.

The PROWATT SW 1000 is another inverter to take a look at for its solid features and functions like its integrated digital display, offering you with better ease and convenience of use.

I would also like to note that the display has made viewing the output power and DC volts easier and faster. It is one of the things to check when buying this kind of product.

More so, I would like to note that this item is with an integrated USB port, which adds to its cool features that you should not miss when shopping around for a power inverter.

In addition, the manufacturer has ensured that this product can offer you with a safe operation because it is designed and built with dual GFCI receptacles.

It is one of the things to check when comparing your options for added safety in using this kind of product.

Also, I would like to note that the unit is with durable terminals that can offer you with a worry-free battery connection. That is not all though because the power inverter has an available remote switch built with an ignition lockout.

On the cons, there were some longevity issues, though. But overall, it is a top pick for its solid features, including its heavy-duty components and simple design.

AMPINVT Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter (Outdated)

  • Ideal for different battery types
  • Peak 9000 watts
  • Durable and quality construction
  • Reliable battery AC charger
  • Adjustable charge current
  • Can be a bit tricky to use for first timers

If you’re looking for a pure sine wave power inverter, you should check this one out from this trusted brand. It is one of the top-tier choices for those looking for reliable and efficient inverter systems.

One of the things I liked about the solar inverter system is that it is ideal for different types of batteries that include flooded, gel, AGM, sealed and lithium. With it, you don’t have to worry about buying system types per battery.

The model is also one of the top choices for those looking for high peak watts. This unit is with peak 9000 watts for a solar inverter that you can rely on.

It also offers an adjustable charge current off, 0% and 100%, making it more efficient than others in the same category are.

I would also like to mention that it features a working mode, which is optional in the system.

You can also choose from a wide range of operation modes in the system, including an ECO mode, battery priority, AC input priority and unattended mode.

With these features, you will have more control over how you intend to use the inverter.

This inverter also offers a remote panel available, which can make its operation more convenient and easier.

In addition to these things, the inverter is also useful for recreational vehicle and mobile home owners that also rely on solar power as one of the energy sources in their vehicles.

I would also like to note that the AMPINVT Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is with a high definition LCD display that makes it easier to use and control.

What is better is that the display is bright and clear even with bright sunlight. So if you’re looking for this feature as one of the qualities of your inverter charger, you might want to check out the AMPINVT Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter.

In addition, I would like to mention that this model could offer us with real time monitoring that you might not be able to find in other systems on the market. It also features a typical transfer time between 5 and 10 seconds.

More so, this model highlights an adjustable charging voltage and charging current. It can also offer a modifiable voltage, offering added peace of mind when it comes to low voltage recovery and protection.

On the cons, it can be a bit tricky to use for first time users, though. But overall, once you got used to how it works, you will be able to take advantage of its solid features and functions. It also offers an adjustable charge current and can work as an efficient charger.

Magnum Energy MS-PAE Series Pure Sine Inverter (Outdated)

  • Cost-effective
  • Multiple ports and versatile mounting
  • Comes with a switch
  • Inverter efficiency at 94%
  • Very accessible
  • Not functional beyond 70 and below -40 degree Celsius

This Pure Sine Inverter of Sensata Technologies is lightweight at 60 pounds. It is powerful with 94% inverter capacity and maximum operating altitude of 4,570 meters.

Also, its base and cover are aluminum enabling it to reduce noise and to be resistant to corrosion. The features of this device make it different from other inverters.

The Magnum Energy MS-PAE Series Pure Sine Inverter has an input battery voltage ranging from 36 to 64V Direct Current (VDC) and an output voltage of 120 Alternative Current (VAC) at an output frequency of 60Hz.

With a dimension of 13.75”x12.65”x8.0”, it can reach up to 144ADC continuous input current. ADC charger is in-charge in utilizing clean DC to flow with AC. Really, a powerful device.

This product works perfectly to devices at home like plasma screens, radios and other sensitive electronics. Aside from its multiple ports and remote port, it has an RS485 communication port for network expansion.

This commonly used communication port is widely used interface and is known to be most versatile communication standard as defined by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Among the other features of this product is its durability and user-friendly characteristic. It can be mounted in a shelf, wall or magnum or mini-magnum panels (MP/MMP) and comes with an inverted mounted switch. Also, this easy-to-use inverter has a LED indicator.

This inverter is very accessible because its extra AC has an extra-large access cover and the 360-degree connection terminals of its DC have covers too. The AC access cover has terminal screw block to prevent unwanted elements to penetrate to the device for your protection.

As this pure sine inverter was engineered to address the increasing demand for renewable energy applications, it will help you save in the end. This can provide power to appliances at home without worrying with its 4400W capacity.

What is somewhat disadvantageous in buying this product is its inability to work at a temperature higher than 70⁰C and below -40- degree Celsius.

So see to it to mount this device within its operating temperature range. Room temperature usually is 23⁰C, who has a house with such extreme temperatures, anyway.

Most of the consumers who have tried this inverter say it is cost-effective. With its very low harmonic distortion of less than 5%, its pure sine wave provides clean and reliable power. That is why I recommend this item aside from its other features and ability to transfer power within 16 milliseconds only.

Solinba 4KW Off-Grid Power Inverter (Outdated)

  • With 3 times surge power
  • Easy charging through a 5V/2A USB Connector
  • Includes an LCD screen display for tracking of performance
  • 3-Step Smart Battery
  • Highly protected from malfunction like overheating, overloading and short circuit
  • More expensive than the others are

If you find it necessary to add the top-quality off grid power inverter to any of your electrical machines or solar systems, take a look at the 4KW Off-Grid Power Inverter made by Solinba. It promises the clients dependable power inverter and accurate performance.

Solinba is taking its pride to its newest 4KW Off-Grid Power Inverter. They boast that it rise among other brands as it comes in reasonable price with high quality standard.

I think this power inverter can handle appliances and gadgets efficiently. As prescribed by the product specs, it is ideal for various machines such as on computers, air compressors, lawn mowers, scanners, televisions and many more.

Any of the above-mentioned electronic machines can easily be charged up through the Solinba Off-Grid Power Inverter. I liked that it has USB charging port for convenient plug in of assorted devices as well as its UPS function.

Its UPS converter has a maximum transfer time of 7 to 13 minutes from the battery to AC.

I guess its 5V/2A USB Connector will be very useful to users as it is also ideal in charging mobile phones, IPAD, tablets and other personal gadgets.

The Solinba Power Inverter can’t be underestimated with its powerful 4KW charging capacity and 12KW peak surge power. It can keep that power momentum for 15 to 20 seconds.

Another feature that Solinba is bragging about the power inverter is its 3-step battery that may be set into charge, float and constant charge mode. Aside from that, it is also compatible to various battery types.

Among the eight types of batteries that it is most matched are the Gel U.S.A, AGM1, AGM2, Gel Euro, Open Lead Acid, Calcium, Sealed Lead Acid and De-Sulphatlo.

This product also claims that it has special protective features against overheating, short circuit and overloading.

I’m impressed that Solinba provides an LCD screen to track its performance. Some information display is the inverter’s input voltage, amps and frequency level.

As it is a type of pure sine wave power inverter, hence it is safe to apply in a wider variety of devices.

However, pure sine wave power type of inverter usually costs more expensive than the other types of inverter like the modified one. To top it all, most of the mentioned features of the Solinba 4KW Off-Grid Power Inverter show its efficiency for which makes it worth it to spend.

HQST Solar Off-Grid Power Inverter (Outdated)

  • Cooling fans
  • LED indicator lights
  • Sleek and compact
  • High quality and durable
  • 110 AC to 125 AC
  • Modified sine wave
  • 90% efficiency rating

The HQST solar off-grid power inverter is perfect for electronic devices and appliances that have a power draw, ranging from 500 watts to 1,000 watts.

In fact, it converts an output voltage of 110 AC to 125 AC. With this, you can definitely power up your basic home devices and entertainment gadgets using this grid inverter.

What I like about the HQST solar off-grid power inverter is that it has a low self-consumption or current draw. This means that it does not consume that much power even on standby. This item has a no load current draw of 0.6 ADC.

The HQST solar off-grid power inverter also features a built-in USB port for you to charge your mobile phones, speakers, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices.

In terms of function, the HQST solar off-grid power inverter also has high-speed cooling fans. With this, you would not have to worry about the device overheating and such. When the load increases, the fans also speed up to keep up with it. The fans also turn off when the inverter itself is turned off.

This device can also automatically detect low battery or low voltage with its built-in detector. With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about completely emptying your batteries.

Another thing I like about the HQST solar off-grid power inverter is that it comes with LED indicator lights that indicate the status of the inverter. When the device is running low or there is a power fault, the RED light turns on with a matching alarm.

For its power output, this off-grid power inverter is only a fraction of the weight and size of your typical wave inverters. The product only weighs 1.5 pounds.

What I do not like about the HQST solar off-grid power inverter is that it produces a lower quality of AC output power since it is a modified sine wave. While it may charge simple and basic home appliances, it might have some problems powering sensitive or more powerful devices such as your TVs, computers, radios and the like.

Another thing I don’t like is that it has low efficiency rating. A good inverter typically gives 94% to 96%; however, this only has a maximum efficiency rating of 90%.

Nonetheless, many users were satisfied with this product. When they bought this product, they made sure that their appliances worked on a modified sine wave inverter. Others liked the quality and performance.

If you are looking for a power inverter to charge simple and basic devices, then the HQST off-grid power inverter is worth a shot.

WindyNation VertaMax Off-grid Power Inverter (Outdated)

  • Pure sine wave
  • Have different types and wattages
  • 115 AC output power
  • Practical design
  • Has a lot of features
  • 85% to 90% efficiency rating
  • Short lifespan

The WindyNation VertaMax off-grid power inverter can reliably and absolutely power up devices having a maximum power draw ranging from 500 watts to 1,000 watts.

Moreover, it has an output voltage of 115 AC. With this, you can definitely power up basic electronic devices in your home.

What I like about WindyNation’s VertaMax is that it supplies a pure AC sine wave, giving a higher quality and cleaner energy compared to modified sine wave inverters. Pure sine wave is better for your devices and can even extend the lifespan of your gadgets. In some cases, they are even better than power grids.

The WindyNation VertaMax off-grid power inverter comes in four different types and watts: 500 watts, 1000 watts, 1500 watts and 3000 watts. With this, you have the option of choosing a unit that can most suit your needs.

Despite their differences, all of them boast the same high quality and reliable performance. All of them come with a 1-year warranty. In case of defective or damaged units, you can easily contact their customer service and they will be happy to assist you.

WindyNation’s VertaMax also boasts a functional dependable design. It has cooling fans that prevents overheating. In case the fans cannot keep up, the device will also automatically shut down.

Moreover, the VertaMax is also protected from short circuits and over-voltage. This can be detected via the LED indicator lights that tell the status of your inverter. When there are faults, the RED light will turn on along with an alarm.

The external fuses in the device can also be easily replaced in case of damage or defect. You don’t need to open up the inverter to do so.

WindyNation’s VertaMax also features a USB port with a 5VDC output. This is perfect for charging your phones, speakers, tablets and other similar devices.

Aside from that, the VertaMax also come with inverter cables that have alligator clips. The product is also fairly lightweight, having an average weight of 1.8 pounds to 2.9 pounds.

What I don’t like about the WindyNation’s VertaMax is that it has low efficiency rating of 85% to 90%. Considering that it’s a pure sine wave inverter, this rating is a bit disappointing.

Another thing I don’t like is that it has a short lifespan, according to some users. Some users reported that their VertaMax power inverter worked flawlessly but after a few months, it completely broke down.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a reliable, high-quality pure sine wave power inverter, then WindyNation’s VertaMax off-grid power inverter is the one for you.

Schneider Conext XW+ 6848 NA Charger/Inverter (Outdated)

  • Hybrid charger/inverter
  • Pure sine wave
  • Continuous power supply
  • High efficiency rate
  • Durable
  • Limited back-up power

The Schneider Conext XW6848 NA is a high-quality hybrid inverter or charger, having a capability of giving up to 6,800 watts of AC output power.

Being a hybrid inverter, this unit can handle inputs from both a battery bank and solar panel. It has two AC power inputs, allowing you to use it as both an off-grid and grid-interactive backup in your home.

Moreover, the Schneider Conext is so powerful that it can charge 48-volt batteries, ranging up to 140 amps and it can also charge lithium ion batteries. Charging is done via solar panels or a split phase. You also have the option of using the MPPT charge controller.

What I like about the Schneider Conext is that it’s adaptable as it can support both DC and AC solutions. The unit is also scalable up to 36 kW that you can integrate with various Schneider units. With this, you can create your own solar grid system.

Another thing I like about the Schneider Conext is that it boasts a high efficiency rating of 92.5% to 95.7%. With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about your charging your devices.

The Schneider Conext supplies pure AC sine wave that provides a high quality and clean output for your powerful and sensitive electronic devices. Unlike modified sine wave inverters, this is better for your electronic devices overall and can even increase their lifespans.

This power charger/ inverter are also durable and sturdy as it underwent extensive quality testing. It is also very easy to monitor, upgrade, and troubleshoot via the Conext Combox. It also comes with an integrated battery temperature sensor to protect your batteries.

The Schneider Conext is also easy to install since it can be mounted to walls and other flat surfaces. As such, this unit is typically installed indoors. This way, the device is better protected from adverse elements outside.

However, what I don’t like about the Schneider Conext is that, like all hybrid inverters, it has limited back-up power. While they do store energy in their batteries, this might not be enough during a blackout. Hence, because of the limited supply, you may have not enough power to use different electronic devices simultaneously.

Nonetheless, majority of users were in awe of the product. A lot liked its capabilities and features, especially its efficiency and effectiveness. Many also liked how easy it was to install and how durable the device is. Many also like its adaptability and scalability.

With all its specs and features, you really can’t go wrong with the Schneider Conext Inverter/Charger. If you want a durable, high-quality inverter that boasts a reliable performance, then the Schneider Conext is the perfect device for you.

Outback Power GS8048A-01 Radian Series Inverter/Charger (Outdated)

  • Hybrid inverter/charger
  • 7 operating modes
  • ABC charging profile
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Limited back-up power
  • Only available in select countries

The Outback Power Radian Series Inverter/Charger is a high-quality hybrid inverter/charger that is capable to continuously supply up to 8,000 kW of power. With this, you can definitely charge and power different electronic devices.

Moreover, this power inverter/charger has dual AC inputs for flexibility. With this, you can use it as both an off-grid and grid-interactive backup in your home. Also, with the different inputs integrated, you wouldn’t need to switch it externally.

What I like about the Outback Power Radian Series is that it features an intelligent and practical design. This model has the trademark operating modes that can definitely suit a number of needs. You can choose from mini grid, grid-tied, support, backup, ups, or generator.

The different operating modes are useful and protect the device from power surges, low voltages, load spikes, over-voltage and the like.

Not only that, the new GS8048A model has the new GridZero technology that provides the perfect equilibrium between stored energy and utility power. In this mode, grid independence is achievable as the unit only uses grid power when it exceeds the energy threshold. In effect, renewable energy is more frequently used.

With the GridZero technology, this makes the Outback Power Radian Series suitable for sunny and warm areas.

I also like how Outback Power Radian Series installed the Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) profile in this system.

The ABC supports different batteries such as lithium-ion batteries, aqueous ion batteries and flow chemistry batteries. It also offers voltage and time parameters, allowing you to edit according to the charging profile and power of the battery you are using.

The Outback Power Radian Series inverter/charger is also very durable. It is certified in both US and Canada and has the proper licenses. In fact, it is also certified as it meets the worldwide PV safety standards.

Aside from its features, the Outback Power Radian Series inverter/charger also has an efficiency rate of 92.5% and comes with the standard 5-year warranty.

However, what I don’t like about the Outback Power Radian Series is that, like all hybrid inverters, it has a limited backup supply. In cases of blackouts, you can only use a limited number of devices since it might not be enough.

Moreover, this model is only available to a few select markets in North, Central and Latin American countries.

Nonetheless, many users were impressed with this device. They liked its efficiency, adaptability, versatility and durability. They also liked its integrated intelligent systems such as the operating mode and the ABC profile.

If you are looking for a smart, reliable and durable hybrid inverter/charger, then the Outback Power GS8048A-01 Power Radian Series is the one for you.

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You can trust our off grid inverters reviews when shopping around for a power inverter if you want to find quality and durable units in the category.

Our team has made a deep research and thorough reviews on the things to look for when buying such products and the top picks in the category.

Using a system, we’re able to come up with realistic and insightful reviews of each featured product.

Before creating a review, we carefully consider the factors to check when buying this specific product so that you can later weigh your options among the top choices that we’ve featured in our reviews., nonetheless, strives hard to come up with insightful reviews of off grid solar inverters so that we can help you make a better decision later.

With us, you can also save effort and time because you don’t have to do the research yourself. You only have to compare and weigh your options based on the top inverters that we’ve featured earlier.

So if you want to buy the right solar inverter, you might want to keep reading and refer to our reviews to pick yours later.

What Is An Off Grid Inverter And Who This Is For


If you are thinking of installing solar power into your home, there are terms and ways with which you need to familiarize yourself, and one of the terms that you will often hear is a power inverter for solar.

There are many ways on how a solar panel convert’s solar energy into electricity, for machines and other equipment, direct current of DC is needed to replace the power stored in the battery.

But if you want to use solar energy at home to replace the traditional electricity coming from the grid, you need an AC or alternating current. The only way for you to be able to change direct current to an alternating current is by using an inverter.

There are different kinds of inverters, and even though they all convert DC to AC, and they produce the same outcome, they still work in different ways.

An off-grid inverter involves both battery storage and solar panel so that you can get electricity in your home from these two sources.

Typically, the off-grid inverter gets power from the solar panel to sustain your home electricity in the morning while it uses the battery at night.

Off-grid inverters control the energy flow, and it controls both powers, DC and AC, which is then used to replace the traditional electricity in your own home.

This type of inverter is perfect for those who want to use solar energy to power up their homes. We all have different kinds of appliances, such as TV, kitchen appliances, washing machines, and the lights that we use all around our house.

That alone takes a lot of energy to be able to light it up, especially if you want it on 24/7. This is why an off-grid inverter transforms and stores energy that you can use day and night, to make sure that you have all the appliances working without spiking up your electricity bill.

How Does It Work

Solar inverters can convert direct current or DC electricity into alternating current or AC, depending on what you need to use in order to light up your home or keep a machine working.

Inverters are components of solar electric systems because solar panels create DC electricity, and most appliances that are used in offices or homes run through AC voltage.

The solar energy is converted to electrical energy by using photovoltaic cells, and depending on its size, a photovoltaic system could have either a single or multiple inverter.

The energy is stored in the battery during the daytime, and they are used at night or on demand. This system is made to use solar energy for home and office by using an inverter.

An inverter, like an off grid pure sine wave inverter, converts direct current or DC output of a solar panel into alternating current or AC output, which is known as a utility frequency because it is the voltage that appliances use. It can be used in a commercial electrical grid or by an off-line electrical one.

There are two types of systems, a grid-tied, one connected to the grid, and an off-grid, one disconnected.

Even though the inverter function is the same, which is converting direct current into alternating current, off-grids and grid-ties use different kinds of inverters.

If you are planning to use solar energy for your home, you will need an off-grid converter as it produces the voltage that is needed to keep your equipment working and to light up your home, plus it can store energy in a battery, and it can also convert energy directly to replace the traditional electricity.

What Are The Different Types Of Off Grid Power Inverters


There are two types of off grid solar inverters: Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave that usually vary in three aspects, to wit: quality output power, compatibility and price.

Dealing with the quality of the power output by these off grid inverter, power quality coming from pure sine wave is cleaner.

As these two types are said to be the measurement of AC output power quality, it is said that the output power quality of pure sine wave is potentially better than or as good as that of power grid.

With this, it is presumed that pure sine wave offers higher quality output than the modified one.

It is said that the type of off grid inverter that has higher quality output is more recommendable even if it is relatively more expensive.

Aside from that rationale, almost all appliances will work with this type of inverter.

Another reason why the modified sine wave is cheaper than the other is that it causes certain damages and issues to certain appliances.

The pumps and motors in a refrigerator, for an instance, tend to burn out quicker and compressors run hotter causing damage to the appliance.

Aside from appliances, modified sine wave may also cause damage to sensitive electronic devices.

The usual result of this type of inverter to televisions are lines in the screen and buzzing sounds thereby resulting to reduced quality of video and audio. Some devices won’t work totally with this inverter.

However, you can still choose modified sine wave over pure sine wave because it is less expensive provided that you are sure that this will work with device or appliance.

Aside from these types of inverter, you can also install a pre-wired power center that includes an inverter, charger, remote control and circuit breakers together with Battery monitor and suppressors.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Off Grid Inverters

The basic advantage of an off grid inverter is the independence in energy. Other benefits from this technology is the stable power supply through power outrages as well as reduced electricity bills even in most remote areas while conserving the environment making it cleaner and greener.

At times of calamities, communities connected to main utility grid run out of power supply. This power shortage or outrage may cause damages in appliances.

It may also result to loss of income if your business primarily relies to use of electricity.

It is really an advantage to have an inverter as the direct current electricity stored from deep cycle batteries of a solar panel when converted to AC electricity can provide stable power supply to your home.

You will also experience financial freedom if you have an off grid inverter due to reduced monthly electric bill from companies of electrical grid which means you can save money in the long run.

Because grid corporations cannot provide electricity to some of rural areas, this device can be of help to families for them to have quality power supply like what individuals are enjoying in highly-urbanized places. This could be possible because the converted AC output is initially derived from sunlight.

It is also an advantage of this product that it provides renewable energy and helps in greening the earth. Solar energy is available anywhere and it follows that this device will work regardless of your location.

As we know that electric companies are causing air pollution and other environmental problems, patronizing this kind of technology will help save the earth.

There are also several disadvantages of using this technology. This unit is expensive, weather dependent and uses a lot of space.

You should consider your area before buying this type of device as it requires space. Another problem that may arise of installing this device is its dependability to sunlight. It cannot transfer power from DC to AC if your area has no direct contact with sunlight or in weather conditions that cause absence of sunlight.

Though it was mentioned that among the advantages of this product is its cost-efficiency, its price can also be its disadvantage. As solar energy storage is expensive, the price of an inverter is relatively high but it can be assured that you can save money higher in the end.

There you have some of the things to know in terms of the advantages and disadvantages of off grid solar power inverters.

Definitely, the pros outweigh any potential cons of these products. If you’re looking for a more efficient and cost-saving option to off grid inverters, you might want to consider a solar type.

How We Picked And Tested


Inverters have the same function; they convert direct current or DC electricity into alternating current or AC electricity.

That is where the similarities end between the different kinds of inverters. There are a lot of brands and options available to customers these days, and the choice depends on your needs.

You can go with small mobile power units to mid-sized stationary inverters to power your home, especially if you are located in an urban area.

You can also choose a magnum-sized inverter and groups of inverters that are connected together to power up small communities and large businesses.

If you are looking for an inverter that will suit your needs and your system, you need to check the market and test some of the off-grid inverters that they have.

You can check on the KW rating, the size of the inverter, the input voltage range, the capacity of the inverter, and the needed power output.

Choosing the right inverter for you is easy. To start, you need to estimate the power that you need. You can do a simple calculation to know which off-grid inverter is needed.

If you do not have a grid connection, and you rely on your own off-grid system, the pieces of equipment that are needed for it to run are two fans (around 80 watts each), two tube lights (60 watts each), one CFL (15 watts) and one television (120 watts).

You can calculate the power that you need through this formula [(2 X 60) + (2 X 80) + (1 X 120) + (1 X 15)] = 415 Watt. Then you will have an idea about the off-grid inverter that you need to test.

It is also important to know your off-grid inverter capacity. The total power that you need should be the capacity of the inverter. So, if you need 415 watts of power, then you need an off-grid inverter that can supply that.

Inverters come in VA power, so you also need to determine the VA power that you need by converting watts into VA.

You also need to check which inverter will fit your needs. There are two types of off-grid inverter, and they have modified sine waveform inverter and pure sine waveform inverter.

As tested by experts, it is best to use pure sine waveform inverter because it has many advantages.

Pure sine wave inverter can run all of the home appliances effectively and efficiently. They are also known to be durable, plus they can keep your appliances safe.

Also, as tested, off-grid inverters have great structure and can coordinate battery charging and maintenance, so it can backup power immediately when needed. Off-grid inverters were also discovered to be easy to maintain and simple to use.

To test and determine which off-grid system is most suitable for your home, you can calculate your usage patterns and your electrical loads.

By assessing your needs, you can pick the right system carefully and honestly, you can also choose the correct size, and it will function without failure.

The size of the inverter that you are going to get should be based on your overall requirements. You will need to use your load calculation because reducing it can result in savings.

Plus, you also need to know how long your generator needs to run to be able to power up your home.

Another factor that was tested to see which off-grid inverter is best is inverter efficiency.

Inverters are efficient when they are used at or near their peak output, and they are usually at nighttime when all the lights are on at home.

Even in the daytime, when it is not the peak of the inverter’s usage, an off-grid inverter should have high efficiency.

Other things that you need to consider is the system’s input voltage and an output voltage that matches the loads.

It is also important to note that many inverters come with monitoring systems. If your inverter detects any issue with the system, the installer will be notified about it, and you can call maintenance to have it checked.

As years pass by, the technology linked to inverters improves, so there are more and more features that are included.

Choosing an inverter for your home is easy, but it raises some questions, and there are things that you need to test to know which ones to get.

Aside from doing the calculations on your own, you can also do research and talk to an expert or a sales representative so you can have your questions about the system answered. They may also be able to add their insight and offer you a better brand than what you have in mind.

Not only will they be able to help you get the right inverter, but they may also be able to help you get the right panel that will match your inverter. After getting the right inverter, you can enjoy your solar energy powered home.

Frequently Asked Questions


What size inverter do I need for off-grid?

Experts say a 3000W solar inverter with battery units is sufficient for off-grid living. The device can run common household appliances, including a 1-horsepower air conditioner, TV, medium-sized refrigerator, LED lights, and oscillating fans.

You can also calculate the appropriate battery solar inverter size for your off-grid home. The process is as straightforward as adding the peak wattage of all electric appliances, gadgets, and devices in your cabin.

For example, suppose you have a 10W clock radio, a 1,500W dishwasher, a 1,000W coffee maker, two 75W electric fans, a 30W desktop computer, a 120W 32-inch TV, and a 700Wrefrigerator. In that case, your off-grid electrical requirement is 3,7700W, making a 4,000W inverter suitable.

How many batteries do I need for a 2,000-watt inverter?

A 2,000-watt off grid micro inverter requires two batteries to store power sufficient for a family living off the grid. However, this figure is only an estimate because batteries have varying capacities and voltage ratings. You must be ready to do the math to know how many batteries of a certain type are enough for a 2,000-watt inverter.

Determine how many watt-hours you will need per day by adding appliances’ wattage ratings and multiplying them by the hours they need to run each day. Let us say you have an average electric consumption of 1,500 watt-hours.

Then, think of how many days you need the battery to store solar energy (about two to five days).

Multiply the daily consumption (1,500 Wh) by two days to get 3,000 Wh. Ideally, the battery’s maximum capacity should be twice this much. Hence, we must multiply it by two to get 6,000Wh or 6kWh.

Proceed to divide the 6kWh by the battery voltage. Suppose you have 24 volts. In that case, 6000Wh ÷ 24 volts is 250 ampere-hours (Ah).

Divide 250Ah by the battery’s amperage rating to get the number of batteries needed for the 2,000-watt inverter system for home units. Let’s say your solar battery’s electrical current is 125Ah, then 250÷ 125A is two batteries.

Is a 48V inverter better than 12V?

A 48V off grid inverter is more efficient than a power converter with a lower voltage rating (i.e., 12 volts and 24 volts). It can run power-hungry appliances, gadgets, machines, and devices without fail.

Experts recommend 48V solar batteries and inverters for households and businesses with at least 3,000-watt power consumption. On the other hand, a 24-volt system is sufficient for those that require 1,000 to 5,000 watts, while a tiny home, camper van, or Class B RV can benefit from a 12-volt inverter.

What are the most trusted off grid inverter brands?

We have researched, listed and reviewed the best among them in the category. Some of them include WZRELB, Magnum Energy and AIMS Power. For the rest, check our reviews earlier.

What is the warranty?

There is no one answer to this question because manufacturers do not offer the same warranty. For example, some units are offered with a one-year and others are with a five-year warranty. Check on it when comparing your choices for an off grid inverter.

What are the most trusted places to buy?

There are many places where to buy an off grid solar inverter like in clean energy supplies stores and other electronics shops. But for affordable and genuine products, you might want to check out Amazon. It offers products direct from the manufacturers themselves, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your spending.

How to install and use?

It is not hard to install and use the best off grid inverter at all, but as there are specific brands and models, you should follow what is stated by the manufacturer on how to install the type of inverter you bought to ensure of correct setup, too.

How to care & maintain?

If you’re living off the grid and you want to take care of your top-rated inverter charger for off grid, you must know how to care and maintain for your system. The top-tier way to do it is to refer to the manual on the correct usage directions.

Also, you should keep the inverter dry and not exposed to wet conditions. But nevertheless, you must also refer to the specific manual to ensure of the correct instructions on how to maintain the unit.


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