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The Best Outdoor Solar Lanterns to Stand Out Your Garden

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

best outdoor solar lanterns

Everyone loves spending quality time with the family in a cozy and serene ambiance. Whether weekend backyard camping or dinner under the trees, only the best outdoor solar lanterns can provide a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. If one chooses correctly, this lighting fixture can also make the garden a safer place for everyone.

Choosing a decorative landscape solar lighting fixture is worry-free if one knows what to look for. Many factors can impact one’s choice. However, we focused on the following three considerations for picking the correct outdoor solar lantern.

  • Overall Design: While a solar lantern’s appeal is subjective, one can always pick a product that complements landscape elements. Some products have a minimalist design, which is suitable for families who want a non-obtrusive decorative piece. Others may want a more intricate lantern with detailed lighting effects.
  • Solar Efficiency: The solar panels must be efficient in converting sunlight energy into battery power. Ideally, the photovoltaic cells should recharge a battery within six hours of continuous sun exposure. Together with solar efficiency is the battery’s capacity. One would want a dry cell that can power the solar light for at least eight hours.
  • Weatherproofing: Any outdoor device must have sufficient protection against the elements, especially dust, rain, and snow. Hence, an IP65-rated lighting fixture offers better weather resistance than a solar lantern with an IP44 rating.

As mentioned, these factors are not the only things that any prospective solar lantern buyer must consider. They should think about other parameters, such as those identified in our comprehensive product reviews and buying guide.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview MAGGIFT ‎Mag330

TomCare ‎SZ-19003

Home Zone ‎ELJ6792V

Quantity 2 2 2
Material Iron, Plastic Metal Stainless Steel
Brightness 6 lumens 25 lumens 10 lumens
Color Temp 3000K 3000K
Runtime 8 – 10 hours 10 hours 8 hours
Waterproof IP65 IP65
Details Details Details


Top 14 Outdoor Solar Lantern Reviews

1. MAGGIFT Mag330 Retro Hanging Solar Lantern

  • Elegant design for improved garden aesthetics
  • Multipurpose design for versatility
  • Efficient photovoltaic panel for faster charging
  • Manual power button for convenience
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery for extended use
  • 6 lumens may be insufficient for some people
  • No IP rating

The Mag330 is a lovely outdoor solar lantern that people can hang on tree branches, lamp posts, and other vertical structures. Its versatile design also makes it the ideal lighting fixture for illuminating the lawn, patio, and other landscape features.

I like its elegant design, which casts a dreamy light pattern on the ground. Having at least ten of these lanterns in the backyard is enough to turn one’s landscape into a magical place, allowing kids to have an excellent time before tucking into their beds. It also ensures a warm atmosphere for everyone.

People looking for large solar powered outdoor lanterns will adore this product. Its sizable dimensions allow for the integration of a large-surface photovoltaic cell panel on the lid. The solar panel is efficient; it only needs about six hours of continuous sunlight to charge the AAA NiMH rechargeable battery, enough to power the light for up to eight hours.

I also find its manual On/Off switch an excellent feature, allowing users to take full control of their solar lanterns. It is advantageous when replacing the battery or deep-charging the lantern for improved solar performance.

Sadly, I think its 6-lumen rating is not as bright as many people would like. I also dislike that there is no information about the product’s ingress protection rating.

Nevertheless, I still recommend this MAGGIFT solar powered lantern to anyone who needs a fast-charging and long-lasting illumination in their garden. It is versatile, efficient, and a cinch to set up in any setting.

2. TomCare SZ-19003 Umbrella LED Flame Lights

  • Rustic housing for a more timeless appeal
  • Realistic flickering flame design for a more attractive lighting effect
  • IP65-rated for better dust, snow, and moisture resistance
  • Higher conversion efficiency rating than other brands
  • Bright and warm lighting with 25 lumens for better illumination
  • A bit pricier than others

If one wants to illuminate the nighttime garden landscape all season, it would be most useful to consider waterproof outdoor solar hanging lanterns. One of the topo-tier weatherproof solar lights I know of is the TomCare SZ-19003.

With an IP65 rating, this product not only keeps out dust and other particles. It can also protect its sensitive electronics from water and snow ingress. This solar lantern is perfect for homes in cold and wet regions. Homeowners will never worry about the light dying out on them.

I adore its solar energy conversion rating. At 20%, this product is better than many domestic solar systems. It works well because one can feel confident about its light energy-gathering capabilities even on cloudy days or sunless winter days.

Not only is this solar lantern exceptional for its light-gathering performance. People will also love its rustic, vintage design. I love the chipped metal effects, giving the lantern the impression of age-old use.

I also admire its realistic flickering flame light with its warm and soft yellow glow. Its light intensity is also the highest in this list with 25 lumens. I can have a couple of these solar outdoor lanterns on my patio, garden, or tree, and I can have the whole neighborhood dying with envy.

Because of its fascinating features, I can understand its hefty price tag. After all, it is not often that one gets a garden lantern that illuminates the backyard, beautifies it, and saves the family money simultaneously.

3. Home Zone ELJ6792V Security Solar Wall Lantern

  • Elegant design for added aesthetics
  • Crystalline solar panels for efficiency
  • 3000K 10-lumen white light for better illumination
  • Stainless steel and glass construction for strength and durability
  • Good value for money
  • No manual power switch
  • Mediocre battery life

Modern outdoor solar lanterns do not have to be expensive and dim. The Home Zone ELJ6792V offers good value for its features, including a brighter-than-average LED bulb. Not only does it illuminate porches, patios, and other parts of the home, this solar lantern can also give any property a touch of elegance.

While I love intricate patterns, I prefer having a straightforward lighting fixture design, such as what this product provides. Illuminating a greater area is possible with its 10-lumen 3000K white light, unlike the measly 5 or 7-lumen of other brands. Its luminance should help improve home security and safety.

I like the use of crystalline solar panels instead of the thin-film photovoltaic cells found in some products. It makes the product efficient in turning light energy into usable battery power.

I also appreciate its glass and stainless steel construction. Some solar lanterns only look metal, but they feature cheap plastic for the housing and acrylic for the glass.

I have two concerns with this product. First, its battery runtime should last eight hours, but the runtime’s at most six hours in reality. Replacing the NiMH battery with a high-quality dry cell should solve the issue. Second, there is no power switch which would allow users to deep charge their solar lanterns.

Regardless, I still recommend this solar lantern to budget-conscious folks who want to brighten some areas of their home at night. It can improve a house’s aesthetics, too.

4. MAGGIFT Shepherd Hook Hanging Solar Light

  • Suitable for beautifying pathways and gardens
  • Durable and easy to install shepherd stake
  • IP44 rating for withstanding dust and moisture
  • Efficient solar energy generation for faster charging
  • Long battery runtime for extended use
  • Easy use with stakes and loops
  • Only 4 lumens
  • Lacking manual power switch

MAGGIFT is a brand well-known for its elegant solar lighting lanterns. For example, its Shepherd Hook Hanging Solar Light is one of the most attractive garden lighting fixtures one can have. It evokes memories of strolling in the park at night.

I love this product’s ability to improve a garden or pathway’s aesthetic qualities, transforming a drab landscape into a magical place. It is like the hanging lights in the streets of London or some other culturally rich city.

While this product only has an IP44 rating, I still prefer it to solar lanterns without any IP rating. At least, one can feel more confident about this lantern’s weather protection.

Its solar efficiency is also commendable, capable of charging its AA NiMH battery in six to eight hours. One can also get the device illuminating for up to ten hours, which is a couple of hours longer than other products.

Installing the shepherd stakes is a breeze because they have a pointed edge. One can soften the soil to make insertion more effortless. There is a built-in loop at the lantern’s top, allowing people to hang it on almost any vertical structure.

If one thinks this product can illuminate pathways, its 4-lumen bulb is not strong enough. I also wish there was a manual switch to control the device.

Still, I love this solar lantern because of its rustic yet elegant aesthetic qualities and solar lighting performance.

5. Esgarden Art Deco Solar Lantern

  • Unique bronze vase design with cloud pattern for better aesthetics
  • Large handle & no wiring for easy hanging
  • IPX4 rating for protection against moisture ingress
  • Energy-efficient design for better savings
  • Manual switch for deep-charging purposes
  • Not tested against dust
  • Not entirely metal

Families who want to add decorative lighting elements to their landscape can always buy the Esgarden Art Deco Solar Lantern. It is an attractive piece, especially when its cloud-pattern casing projects beautiful swirls on the lawn.

I like its vase or jar-like design, perfect for adding a different shape to the landscape. It is a different kind of aesthetics made more exciting by its bronze color. The handle is also large, making it easy to hang on a tree branch or any outdoor hook. It is the perfect solar light for decorating the garden. The lack of wiring makes setup even more convenient.

Unlike some decorative outdoor solar lanterns, this product comes with an IPX4 rating. It may not have a rating for dust ingression, but it still has enough protection against moisture ingress.

I love its integrated solar panel, powering the battery in six to eight hours. It is sufficient to light the LED for eight hours. If one needs deep charging, there is a switch one can slide to turn off the solar light bulb.

The savings families can get from lanterns like this are immense. They can use the savings for other worthwhile activities, including a much-needed holiday.

Some people may find the plastic body a downer, although it does have metal in its components. I still find this solar lantern exceptional for many families. It can add elegance to a dull landscape easily.

6. SHYMERY Flickering Flameless Candle Solar Lantern

  • Classic and vintage design, complete with flickering candlelight effect
  • Waterproof design for improved durability
  • Loop for hanging
  • Real glass enclosure for better light transmission
  • Manual switch for optimal device control
  • Efficient solar panels for faster charging
  • Expensive for its plastic body

The SHYMERY solar powered LED lantern is an elegant lighting fixture for outdoor and indoor use. It includes a synthetic candle with flickering light effects, giving a natural illumination to any garden, backyard, porch, or lawn.

While it does not have an IP rating, I noticed exceptional silicone sealing in the joints. I am confident no snow or rain will ever put out the fire in this lantern. One can place it on a countertop, dining table, or desk to give the living space a vintage vibe. The loop also stabilizes the lantern when hung on a tree branch or a lamp post.

I love the transparent glass, allowing the lantern to transmit its soft yellow glow throughout the garden. The lamp housing is reminiscent of the street lights of 18th-century Paris.

The polysilicon solar panels are efficient in converting light energy as soon as the sun rises. All one needs is enough sunlight for six hours, and the solar outdoor lighting already runs for eight hours. I also appreciate the inclusion of a power switch, perfect for deep-charging the lantern.

While I love the plastic & glass construction, I wish the company used real metal for the housing. The product’s plastic body begs me to question its price.

Despite this concern, this solar lantern remains a wonderful choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of 18th-century elegance to their garden. Its versatile design translates to applications other than beautifying one’s landscape.

7. EXCMARK Hollowed-Out Decorative Solar Light

  • Attractive floral patterns for improved landscape aesthetics
  • Multipurpose design for extended applications
  • Rustic design for timeless beauty
  • Extended battery life for improved use
  • Manual power switch for better control
  • Too light, thus prone to falling over
  • A bit dimmer than other solar lights

The EXCMARK is one of the most elegant solar garden lanterns anyone can buy. The intricate floral patterns give this lighting fixture a remarkable appeal, complementing the natural beauty of the garden.

Not only am I awestruck by the shadows and light patterns cast by this solar orb, I am also flabbergasted by its rustic appearance. The craftsmanship is superb, giving the impression that this light fixture came from a pirate’s hidden booty.

I also appreciate the inclusion of a manual power switch, making it effortless to make regular maintenance procedures and replace the battery. The feature also allows for better control of one’s lighting when there is no need for a solar lantern.

The battery packs 600mAh of power, enough to keep the lights running for up to eight hours. It has a charging time of six hours, although I am guessing its real-world performance is closer to eight hours.

While I love its vintage design, it is easy to knock over because this lantern only weighs 8.5 ounces. One can hang it on tree branches, and it can sway with the wind. Additionally, the design pattern does not allow enough light to shine through, making the solar lantern dimmer than other products I know.

Nevertheless, this solar lantern remains an excellent choice for any family who wants a rustic yet elegant appeal in their garden. It is also versatile enough as a desk lamp.

8. Go2Garden M376A Solar Lantern

  • Large-diameter solar orb with a vintage look & lovely shadows
  • IP44-rated lantern for improved protection against moisture and particles
  • Exceptional design for multiple applications
  • Fast-charging with deep-charging capabilities
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • The product may be too light for some people

The Go2Garden M376A is perfect for families who want large outdoor solar lanterns for their garden, patio, backyard, and pool deck. It is a dependable lantern with a powerful rechargeable battery and an efficient solar panel to breathe life into any landscape.

I appreciate the orb’s 7-inch diameter, allowing anyone to create more fascinating silhouettes over a larger surface area than 6-inch lanterns. The wavy patterns cast lovely light and shadow details on the ground, transforming the lawn into a beautiful mosaic.

I also love its IP44 rating, although I would have preferred an IP67. At least, no one will ever feel insecure about using this lantern outdoors during rainy days. The solar panel is also efficient in converting light energy, charging its 2-volt battery within seven to eight hours.

There is a sliding switch at the lantern’s bottom, giving anyone the chance to perform a 72-hour deep charge for the system. It is perfect for maintaining the solar light’s optimum operating efficiency, especially its battery charging capability.

I find this solar lantern too light, weighing only 11.4 ounces. A strong wind gust can tip this over from the table. The most suitable way to address this issue is by hanging these solar lanterns on windy days.

Regardless, I am confident many people will find this solar lantern exceptional. It is suitable for anyone who wants large solar lanterns with a vintage look that adds a unique charm to any garden and a versatile design for different uses.

9. GIGALUMI 6925 Solar Hanging Lantern

  • Efficient solar panel for reliable fast-charging
  • Versatile design for different applications
  • IP44-rated lantern for improved moisture and dust protection
  • All-metal construction for durability and strength
  • Great value for money
  • Not as bright as other lanterns

One of the most exciting solar patio lanterns I have seen is the GIGALUM 6925. It is a versatile landscape lighting fixture capable of transforming any garden or indoor living space into a mystical dreamland.

I cannot stop talking about this lantern’s versatility. One can hang it anywhere, even under canopies and beach umbrellas, because of its super-strong clip. It has a handle, allowing anyone to use it as a tabletop lantern or a carry light for camping trips. The bottom also has a port for securing the accompanying stake, turning this lantern into a lovely pathway light.

Its versatility is not this product’s only strength. One can also rely on its all-metal construction, ensuring durability. Some companies say their products are metal, only for users to discover they are plastic. At least, this lantern supports its claim.

I like its IP44 rating, which makes me feel confident about using it outdoors. Drizzle, dust, and snow will never impact the lantern’s sensitive electronics. I feel better knowing I can get the most out of its energy-efficient solar panels, which charge the NiMH battery within eight hours.

At first glance, this product may seem expensive. However, one gets eight lanterns for the price of two lanterns from some competing brands.

While this lantern is for decoration only, I still find its brightness dimmer than others. Still, I recommend this solar lantern to any family who wants exceptional value for every dollar they spend. It is a versatile lantern people will love.

10. SteadyDoggie JS0310 Classic Bronze Solar Lantern

  • Unique candle-in-a-housing design for a more elegant look
  • Glass and metal construction for durability
  • Clear glass for better light transmission
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Push-button power switch for improved control
  • Stable on desks and tabletops
  • Included battery is only 300mAh
  • A bit expensive

I love the SteadyDoggie JS0310 solar lantern. It has a vintage design that can give the garden a more rustic and natural look.

Unlike other solar lanterns, this product has a synthetic candle inside a retro housing. The light flickers with its warm glow, giving a sense of being in a tropical resort where the only nighttime light sources are kerosene lamps and candles.

I also admire its durable all-metal and glass construction, unlike the plastic design of other solar powered lanterns. The bronze work is exceptional, lending the product a more authentic feel. The clear glass ensures better light transmission, illuminating a wider area in the garden.

One can use it indoors or outdoors, thanks to the lantern’s large base and integrated handle for hanging. It will never tip over because it is heavy enough to secure itself in its place.

I like the addition of a push-button switch, perfect for deep-charging the device and improving its overall performance.

While I commend the company for including a 300mAh rechargeable battery with the lantern, I recommend replacing it with a 600mAh NiMH battery to get more of the fixture’s illumination capabilities. The real glass and metal used in this product also hike its price higher than competitors.

Nevertheless, with an efficient solar gathering and charging performance, I still recommend this to anyone. Not only can it transform the garden at night, it can also add timeless elegance to one’s living room, bedroom, and other indoor spaces.

11. Solpex Fairy String Solar Lights

  • Ingenious mason jar, string light design for eco-friendliness
  • Multiple 30-LED strips
  • Good-quality panels for solar efficiency
  • Multipurpose design for various applications
  • Waterproof enclosure for improved protection
  • Manual switch for better control
  • No flickering light effects

Many people love the Solpex Fairy String Solar Lights, making them some of the loveliest outdoor hanging solar lanterns one can buy. This item is a lantern that can transform any garden or living space into a dreamy landscape.

I love the use of mason jars for this product, giving it an eco-friendly footprint and excellent weatherproofing. I find it ingenious to recycle and repurpose these commonplace jars, breathing life back into them by filling them with 30-LED strips.

These mason jar lanterns come with a hook for attaching to wires across the lawn or backyard. My favorite is hanging them on my Christmas tree, giving it a different vibe. One can also set these lanterns on a table for a romantic dinner or as ambient lighting in children’s bedrooms.

The solar panels are efficient enough to charge the battery in six hours, providing a subtle 8-hour illumination for couples and others. The toggle switch underneath the lid is a welcome feature, allowing me to turn off the lights when I no longer need them.

As mentioned, I like mason jars because one can screw the lid securely over the container’s mouth. It protects the LED string from the elements, including dust, rain, and snow.

I only wish the company used LEDs with flickering light effects. It would make the solar lantern a more attractive outdoor lighting fixture.

Nonetheless, I believe this solar lantern is one of the top-tier anyone can buy. Its versatile design extends beyond the backyard.

12. Arzerlize Flickering Flame Solar Lantern

  • Minimalist vintage design for aesthetics
  • IP65 rating for enhanced dust and moisture protection
  • High-capacity rechargeable battery for extended use
  • Dual charging options – solar and USB
  • ABS plastic body

The issue with many outdoor solar lanterns for patio is that they only rely on sunlight to charge their batteries. The Arzerlize lantern does not limit one’s battery recharging options to the sun. It also allows people to plug this solar lantern into an AC electrical outlet.

I find this feature ingenious, allowing homeowners in cloudy and sunless areas to enjoy this solar lantern’s beautiful flickering effects. One can plug a USB cable into a port underneath the solar lantern and connect it to an electrical outlet.

This solar powered light has a large battery capacity of 1500mAh. Most solar lantern batteries I know have a 600mAh rating. The solar lantern’s panels are also efficient in gathering light energy and charging the battery. Nonetheless, I still laud the company for including a USB port.

Many solar lanterns I know have an IP44 rating; others do not have any. I am glad this product comes with an IP65 rating, giving owners confidence and a feeling of security, knowing this lighting fixture will never balk under the pressure of the elements.

I like the flickering light effects through the vintage brick-style housing. It has a minimalist design, perfect for hanging as string lights or a decorative piece on the table or cabinet top.

Too bad the solar lantern only features ABS plastic materials. The good news is its all weather plastic construction gives this solar LED light exceptional weatherproofing.

Still, this solar lantern is worth having in anyone’s home. Not only does it improve landscape aesthetics, its dual charging capability is worth it.

13. ROSHWEY DS-LW30 Solar Lantern

  • Elegant design with a soft glow for enhanced landscape aesthetics
  • Efficient solar panels for dependable battery charging
  • IP65 rating for better resistance against snow, rain, and dust
  • Combination of real glass, stainless steel
  • Versatile design for various applications
  • No USB charging port
  • Plastic is one of the materials

The ROSHWEY DS-LW30 is one of the top-rated hanging solar lanterns for garden use that anyone can buy. Not only is it attractive with its soft, yellow glow, but this solar lantern is also sturdy against the elements, ensuring families have a pleasant and lovely time in their gardens at night.

I love this solar lantern’s versatile design, allowing anyone to use it in many ways. Most people like hanging these light orbs in tree branches and lamp posts, while others prefer setting them down on pathways, stairs, and patio railings. Other people love carrying them around as traditional lanterns.

Solar panels charge the battery faster than most products on the market. Unfortunately, it does not have the USB charging option of other products. It would have been cool to have dual charging capabilities.

Regardless, its IP65 ingress protection rating is superb – way better than the IPX4 of other solar lanterns. One can place these light orbs outdoors throughout the winter or rainy season without worries.

I adore the glass enclosure, although one must be careful when handling it. The inclusion of ABS plastic is acceptable. At least, the solar lantern is not all plastic. There is stainless steel, too.

To say that I like this outdoor solar lantern is an understatement. I love it, and I am confident other people will, too. It is elegant, emits a soft glow, and is versatile for outdoor and indoor applications.

14. Pearlstar Edison Bulb Solar Lantern

  • Vintage look for a more eye-catching landscape element
  • 6-hour charging for 8 hours of operation
  • 10-lumen rating, good for security
  • IP44 rating for protection against dust and moisture ingress
  • Copper umbrella for additional protection
  • More expensive than other lights
  • Only for hanging

Families who want an authentic-looking 19th-century lantern adding a touch of lighting elegance to their garden should consider the Pearlstar Edison Bulb.

I love the attention to detail in this solar lantern. The light is similar to the bulb Thomas Alva Edison invented in 1879. However, the solar lantern’s tungsten-style bulb is reminiscent of the William D. Coolidge incandescent light bulb.

While the design is a classic 19th-century masterpiece, I love its 21st-century touch. The photovoltaic cells can juice up the lantern’s rechargeable battery within six hours, sufficient to run for eight hours. Its IP44 rating is also commendable, although I do not think it is the top-tier.

The copper shade serves as an umbrella for the solar lantern, protecting it from snow and rain. It also invokes memories of 20th-century street lighting fixtures, safeguarding the bulb against the elements.

I also appreciate the LED bulb’s 10-lumen rating, which is two times brighter than other solar lanterns. One can have two of these fixtures in the garden, and it will be enough to create a relaxing and serene atmosphere that very few solar powered garden lanterns can.

Unfortunately, one cannot set this solar lantern on the ground or any horizontal surface. Its design is only for hanging. It is also more expensive than other solar lanterns.

Despite these issues, I would never mind getting several of these solar lanterns. They can do more than improve my landscape’s aesthetics. These lighting fixtures can make the garden safer, too.

What Is An Outdoor Solar Lantern/ Who This Is For


Outside solar lanterns are lighting fixtures used primarily for decorative purposes as landscape elements. Lanterns differ from other lighting fixture types in that they have a translucent enclosure that houses and protects the bulb and other sensitive electrical components.

One can hang these solar lighting fixtures on any vertical structure for improved illumination of landscape features. The higher the lantern is, the greater the area it can illuminate. Solar lanterns can also shine a smaller section of the garden once placed on the ground or any low-lying object.

How Does It Work

Solar lanterns have four principal parts: solar panel, lighting fixture, enclosure, rechargeable batteries.

The integrated solar panel gathers light energy, converts the solar power to DC electricity, and stores the current in batteries. When the built in light sensor detects the absence of visible light, the solar panels stop working and automatically activates the light bulb or bulbs. The solar lights stay lit as long as there is power in the battery.

When there is light again, the solar panel kicks in to gather and store energy in the batteries while turning off the light.

Outdoor solar gardens are suitable for anyone who wants to add a more elegant look to their landscape at night. They are also cost-efficient, saving the household hundreds of dollars in landscape lighting-related electric bills annually.

What Are The Different Types Of Outdoor Solar Lanterns


One’s idea of the perfect solar lantern depends on one’s needs and preferences. People can choose from at least four types of outdoor solar powered lights.

Hanging Lanterns

Having the best outdoor solar lanterns hanging on tree branches, porches, patios, and lamp posts is always a good idea for illuminating any outdoor space. The higher placement of these solar garden lights allows warm illumination over a wider area of the backyard.

Tabletop Lanterns

A tabletop lantern is suitable for people who want LED lights on their outdoor dining table or accent pieces for highlighting unique landscape features. These lanterns are also ideal for indoor use, allowing people to set them on any flat and level surface.

String Light Lanterns

While these solar LED lanterns are similar to hanging lanterns, they differ in their arrangement in the backyard. String lights are several light fixtures arranged in a series, just like Christmas tree lights. When placed in a tree, the lanterns create a firefly effect.

Collapsible Lanterns

A collapsible lantern has a compressible housing component. One can expand the casing when using the solar light and collapse it for storage. This solar lantern type is not very common.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Outdoor Solar Lanterns

The principal advantage of the best solar lanterns is their ability to improve landscape aesthetics. Their ambient glow can make for a relaxing place, suitable for a romantic dinner, a peaceful camping trip, or a serene siesta.

A solar rechargeable LED lantern is also more cost-effective than relying on traditional electric lighting fixtures. One only needs enough sunlight to recharge the batteries, and the lantern can illuminate and beautify outdoor spaces without electricity costs.

If one picks a lantern with a bright light, one can also improve the home’s safety and security. Illuminating the backyard can deter other people from trespassing. The lighting can also make the garden safer for children to play in at night.

Unfortunately, the light intensity of solar powered decorative lanterns may be insufficient for some people. The majority of solar lanterns have a lux rating of less than 10. It is quite rare to get a solar lantern with 25 or 40 lumens. One must realize that solar lanterns are decorative.

How We Picked And Tested

Coming up with a comprehensive list of the most suitable solar lanterns for outdoor use is challenging. One has to consider various factors to arrive at a wise buying decision. We tested the products included and reviewed in this guide based on the following parameters.

Overall Design

It is worth remembering that solar lanterns are mainly decorative. We do not want a lighting fixture similar to the AGPTek solar lantern. While we do not question its functionality, its form may not be ideal for improving landscape aesthetics.

That is why we picked only lanterns with exceptional designs. We included those with intricate light patterns and minimalist silhouettes. We considered various landscaping styles and included lanterns that can complement these designs. Most have a vintage look for adding rustic elegance to any outdoor setting, while some have a more contemporary design.

Solar Efficiency

We always place solar lanterns outdoor to get as much sunlight as possible. Hence, it makes no sense to pick a product with a mediocre energy conversion rating. That is why we try to include some solar powered lamps with a conversion rating of at least 18 percent.

One can gauge a solar system’s efficiency by how fast it can charge a battery. Our cutoff for this purpose was eight hours of continuous direct sunlight. We did not include products that took longer to recharge.


Placing solar lantern lights outdoor exposes it to the elements. That is why we had to examine each product’s weatherproofing. Ideally, we included only those with an ingress protection rating of at least IP44.

In instances where there are no IP ratings, we evaluated the solar lantern’s overall design. Its casing must protect it against the elements, especially rain and snow.


We tried to include only solar lamps with robust materials. While we have plastic casings, we made sure the polymers are of the highest possible quality.

Glass is always an excellent choice, despite its tendency to break. Plastic looks cheap. That is why we had to be careful in including only lanterns with high-quality plastic materials.

Battery Runtime

Although battery runtime is a function of the solar system’s charging capability, we still deemed it essential to factor in this list. Ideally, one will want a battery that lasts the whole night or at least eight hours.

Other Features

One feature we found essential is the manual switch. It is perfect for people who want to turn off their decorative lights when they go to sleep. A separate switch is also ideal for deep charging the system.

Other noteworthy features we examined are variable light settings, dual charging options, and battery replacement ease.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are outdoor solar powered lanterns waterproof?

Not all solar lanterns are waterproof. One must look at the product’s ingress protection (IP) rating to determine its water resistance.

Always look at the second number of the two-digit IP rating. The higher the number, the more water-resistant the solar lantern.

For example, an IP67-rated lantern is more waterproof than an IP65 light. The IP rating’s first digit refers to the device’s dust protection.

Will outdoor solar lanterns work through snow and freezing temperatures?

Some outdoor solar lanterns work through snow and freezing temperatures. However, it would be most suitable to check the product’s IP rating. Any solar lighting fixture with a moisture ingress protection rating of at least 5 will operate in winter conditions.

How much do outdoor solar lanterns cost?

Outdoor solar garden lanterns typically range from $15 to $50, depending on the technical specifications and integrated features.

For example, IP69-rated waterproof outdoor solar lanterns might be more expensive than an IP44-rated unit with similar specifications. The brightest solar lantern with a 500-lumen output might have a higher price tag than a solar LED lantern outdoor unit with only a lumen rating of 50.

On the other hand, small solar lanterns should be more affordable than oversized garden solar lantern lights. Solar panel technology can also make a product more expensive or more affordable. In general, polycrystalline products are not as pricey as monocrystalline units.

How long do outdoor solar lanterns last?

All solar-powered lighting fixtures have four principal elements: the solar panel, battery, light bulb, and circuitry. These components have varying lifespans, suggesting that the longevity of a solar yard lantern depends on the operating durability of individual elements.

Most solar lanterns for outside applications feature monocrystalline solar panels because they are more efficient, even in cloudy weather. These photovoltaic cells are also more durable than polycrystalline versions, being able to last 25 to 40 years. In contrast, polycrystalline units can only stay operational for 20 to 35 years.

Outdoor solar candle lanterns also vary in battery type, with most brands opting for a nickel-metal-hydride unit because of its five-year lifespan. Some solar lanterns prefer lithium battery technology, despite lasting only two to three years.

Most solar lanterns have LED bulbs, with advanced units illuminating for 100,000 hours. The average LED can last 50,000 hours, roughly equivalent to 13-plus years of ten-hour nightly operation.

Can you replace outdoor solar lantern batteries?

Yes, you can replace the batteries of a solar rechargeable lantern, provided the solar light has replaceable batteries. This feature can also be handy for emergency situations, allowing you to remove the empty battery in favor of a fully charged one.

Are there alternative outdoor solar lanterns worth considering?

Leading e-commerce sites offer an extensive array of outdoor solar lanterns worth considering, depending on your preferences. For example, the Letmy Solar Camping Lantern is perfect if you are looking for all-weather outdoor lanterns solar units because it is crash-proof, heatproof, water-resistant, and shock-resistant.

If you think flickering solar lanterns are perfect for creating a more dreamy vibe outdoors, the TomCare Solar Lights Flickering Flame Solar Lantern is worth considering. You could also check popular outdoor solar lantern reviews to find alternative solar lanterns.

How many outdoor solar lanterns are needed to light an average size yard?

The number of outdoor solar lanterns required to light an average size yard depends on the product’s lumen rating. Ideally, a garden will need about 1 lumen for every square foot of space. Hence, if one has a 100-square-foot yard, a 100-lumen solar lantern should be sufficient.

Most solar lanterns are decorative, ranging in rating from 5 to 40 lumens. As such, one may need 20 5-lumen lanterns to breathe life into the garden at night.

If one needs an extremely bright backyard, one can choose a solar lantern with a higher rating of 40 lumens. In that case, having three of these lanterns will more than double the light output of ten 5-lumen LED bulbs.

How do you place outdoor solar lanterns around your backyard?

There are many ways people can place outdoor solar-powered lanterns around the backyard. One can hang them on tree branches, porch beams, lamp posts, and other vertical structures.

Some outdoor solar lanterns have a wide and stable bottom, allowing users to place them on the ground. These lanterns are perfect for decorating the lawn for an evening gathering. One can also leave solar lights along driveways, pathways, porches, stairways, and other landscape features.

Another way to place solar lanterns in the backyard is by crossing wires across the garden and hanging the lighting fixtures as string lights. One can use the hooks or clips built into the lantern’s top.

In general, solar lanterns are a great choice for decorating or illuminating the backyard, garden, lawn, and other outdoor spaces.


The best outdoor solar lanterns not only create a cozy ambiance in one’s garden or backyard. They can also make the outdoors safer for kids who want to extend their daytime play activities into the night. Solar lanterns are a cost-effective way to add a touch of elegance to the garden without worrying about costly electric bills.

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