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The Best Outdoor Solar Showers for 2023

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

Rinsing off before and after swimming is made more convenient if you have the best outdoor solar shower. This sun-powered shower is a valuable addition to any pool, yard, home or vacation home because it offers an on demand hot/cold water source.

Some of them have adjustable settings while others have safety cutoff when they reach a certain temperature.

best outdoor solar shower

More so, many of them can be mounted or be freestanding, giving you the option to set it up based on what’s comfortable for your situation. You can have it installed on a hard surface so that it stays in place and steady.

But if you want to choose a reliable outdoor shower, keep reading in the next sections. Today, we’re featuring the top picks from the most popular brands as well as factors to look into when shopping around for a good solar shower.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview Advanced Elements Shower

Giantex Solar Shower

VINGLI Solar Shower

Capacity 5 gallons 7.2ft / 9.3 gallons 7.2ft / 5.5 gallons
Max Temp 110 °F 140 °F 140 °F
Details Details Details


List of Top-Rated Outdoor Solar Shower Reviews

1. Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower

  • Affordable and high quality
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Large filling valve
  • Easy to refill
  • 4-ply construction
  • Not for those looking for a larger capacity

The solar shower by ADVANCED ELEMENTS is another item that I have bumped into while researching for the most popular brands and summer showers. It is a top of the line shower for outdoor installation that offers us with the performance that we need.

One of the things I liked about the solar power outdoor shower is its affordability. You can look forward to a good quality yet affordable item when you selected this outdoor summer shower.

I would like to note that the shower with an innovative solar technology is of a high capacity reaching up to five gallons. Choosing it, you don’t need to refill very often if you are not using it frequently.

In addition, it’s worth noting that it has a 4-ply construction, making it one of the most durable around. This item is also with an insulator panel and a reflector panel, adding to its convenience of use.

This model also has an easy to use showerhead along with a large filling valve, adding to its great features. When shopping around for an outdoor shower, these things are some of those to check to ensure of a good use of your solar-powered shower.

I’d recommend this outdoor shower to those also looking for straps for their washcloths. This product is designed with VELCRO straps, which enhance its ease of use. More so, the outdoor shower is lightweight, weighing only one pound and four ounces.

On the downside, this item is not for people looking for a larger capacity reservoir, though. However, those who are okay with it can still take a look at the item that has a heavy-duty four-ply construction. It is also easy to refill and is portable and lightweight.

2. Giantex 7.2Ft 9.3 Gallon Solar Heated Shower

  • Easy installation
  • Solar heated design
  • Easy to refill
  • Versatile and multiple applications like near lakes, pools, etc.
  • Large Water Capacity
  • Some reports of connections not to a standard hose

Are you researching for solar powered outdoor showers? Don’t think twice but take a look at the Giantex shower. It is a complete set with all the accessories and hardware for installation. If you are looking for a reliable outdoor shower that also offers ease of installation, you might really want to check this one out.

The shower has a large capacity, making it a good choice for those who want their shower to accommodate a larger amount of water.

The item that comes with a showerhead is a nice addition to any property that has a swimming pool. If you want to rinse off before/after taking a plunge, you might want to install this item.

I would like to mention that it is easy to install anywhere provided it is within the reach of a hose. You will like this feature if you want more versatility for your shower. It also has a reservoir that can hold a large water capacity at once. This item can hold up to 9.3 gallons of water.

In addition, this item has a freestanding design, making it mountable to any surface. There is also no doubt that you’d make a good choice for choosing this product b because it has a durable construction, including on its PVC and non-corrosive materials.

The Giantex outside shower also has a solar-heated design. It makes use of the sun’s energy to heat the water. Choosing it, you can have heated water that’s warmed by solar power.

I also liked to mention that this item has a good design that makes it a nice addition to your swimming pool or garden. This model is also easy to refill. You can just connect it to a hose, and then refill it with water.

Finally, I loved that it does not give us any headache because it is very easy to assemble. You don’t have to worry about buying additional hardware. However, you might want to connect it to a solid surface or cement for mounting so that it will be steadier.

On the downside, there were reports of its connections that are not to a standard hose, though. But still, you might want to take a look at it because it offers easy installation and has a solar heated design. It also has a large capacity and versatile for many applications.

3. VINGLI 7.2 Ft. 5.5 Gallon Solar Heated Shower

  • 5-gallon shower water capacity for a longer shower
  • Raises water temperature to 140℉
  • Equipped with hot/cold knob and foot faucet
  • Robust materials for a sturdy PVC construction
  • Comes with large showerhead for rain-like water flow
  • Might leak with improper installation

Looking for the best outdoor solar shower kits should not be challenging. The VINGLI 7.2-foot 5.5-gallon solar heated shower offers convenient installation and reliable water heating in an ultra-modern design.

Homeowners running out of practical outdoor solar shower ideas should consider this system because it is one of the easiest and fastest to set up. This outdoor solar shower is a two-unit 7.2-foot long cylinder that accommodates 5.5 gallons of water. The volume is sufficient to last several minutes, allowing users to enjoy a pleasant shower.

Installing this outdoor solar shower requires bolting the base to a sturdy platform and connecting the two cylindrical parts. Next, one can link a garden hose to the shower refilling port, fill the unit with water, wait several hours, and enjoy the most refreshing shower in the backyard.

Showering with this fixture is a joy because the system can heat the water to 140℉ in optimal conditions. The product’s robust PVC construction is perfect for trapping heat in the cylinder, raising the stored water’s temperature by several degrees with constant sun exposure.

My favorites about this outdoor solar shower are its shower fixtures. The showerhead is as large as an ordinary residential unit, delivering rain-like water flow. I also appreciate the foot faucet, making it easier to rinse the feet. There is also a water temperature control knob similar to the hot/cold lever in household water faucets.

Although this outdoor solar shower system has an impressive performance, I must caution users to observe the correct installation to avoid causing leaks. I recommend wrapping Teflon around the thread joints to ensure leak-free performance.

Overall, this standalone outdoor solar shower is perfect for homes with a backyard swimming pool or spa. It is convenient to operate and an undoubtedly cost-effective way to heat shower water.

4. BONFOX 2.6 Gallon Camping Shower

  • 6-gallon capacity for outdoor usage
  • A compact and portable solar-heated outdoor shower
  • Multi-purpose design: spray nozzle, foot pump, etc
  • Complete kit with foot pump
  • Recyclable material to reduce waste on the environment
  • Connecting the foot pump to a 1.4-meter hose to control the water pressure
  • Pump system’s learning curve

Among various outdoor solar showers with Chinese origins, I am happy to learn that BONFOX is an Australian brand. This 2.6-gallon portable outdoor solar shower delivers refreshing showers wherever adventurers go. It is compact, easy to use, and works like a charm.

Some people might think this bag’s 2.6-gallon capacity is insufficient. However, it is enough for most adventurers who only require a little freshening after trekking for several hours.

This solar outdoor camping shower bag looks like an ordinary tote bag. However, its multipurpose design makes it a must-have in many outdoor adventures. Campers can use the spray nozzle to wash dishes, bikes, shoes, etc. The foot pump delivers dependable pressure to blast dirt and debris from any surface.

Campers will never worry about stashing this item in their backpacks because it collapses and rolls into a handy carrying pouch. I am glad the company used polypropylene to make this outdoor product more flexible and suitable for recycling. I believe this would be great news for an environmental enthusiast.

Although this outdoor solar shower does not have the VINGLI showerhead’s conventional design, it still provides a pleasant shower. The foot pump is connected to a 1.4-meter hose, making it easier to control the water pressure regardless of how high I hang this gravity-fed shower bag.

I noticed a few comments about this outdoor solar shower’s pump system requiring a bit of getting used to if one wants to maximize the product’s merits. Some say this outdoor heated shower bag only “sprays” for less than five seconds before one must “pump” it again.

This outdoor solar shower’s portability makes it an exceptional buy for modern outdoor enthusiasts who cannot last a day without a warm, refreshing shower. At the very least, buyers will not have to be wary about questionable quality because it is an Aussie-made product.

5. FeChix Solar Shower Bag

  • Safe to human health and the environment
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Solar-powered
  • Large 5 gallons capacity
  • Multipurpose shower bag
  • Hose may easily come off causing leakage

The FeChix Solar Shower Bag is the perfect product for those who enjoy the outdoors. This wonderful and well-made 5 gallons shower bag will give you convenience and comfort even on the outdoors. It is easy to bring and reliable.

One of the things that I like about the FeChix solar shower bag is that it is eco-friendly and sustainable. This product is solar-powered. It heats the water fast to 113⁰ F in just 3 hours under direct sunlight. Aside from that, this camping shower bag is made of PVC non-toxic and eco-friendly material. This product is safe to the human health and the environment.

The FeChix solar shower bag is indeed designed for the user’s convenience. The shower bag is complete with a hose, a shower head and a water tap. You can hang the solar shower bag anywhere with its strong strap and easily switch it on to use. The product is very solid and durable.

I also like the FeChix solar shower bag because it can be used in so many ways. You can use it to shower, to wash your hands and your feet or to rinse the kids or your surfboard after enjoying the beach.

The shower bag also has a large capacity of 5 gallons or 20 liters. This bag can carry 5 gallons of water for you to enjoy shower anywhere. .

This product is perfect to bring to solve your showering problems during your outdoor camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing or hunting trips. The temperature gauge also helps you monitor the water temperature in the shower bag for safe use.

The FeChix solar shower bag is lightweight and foldable. You can easily carry the bag anywhere you go and use it anytime you want. Its front pocket can also hold other shower accessories you want to bring.

If you encounter any problems and issues with your FeChix solar shower bag, you don’t have to worry because their warranty has got you covered. You can easily contact their customer service for any questions and you can return the product for any reason after purchasing it.

However, the drawback of this FeChix solar shower bag is that the shower hose may easily come off which might cause for the water to leak.

But overall, I like the FeChix solar shower bag and I highly-recommend that you try it. It is necessary have product especially for those who loves outdoor activities. The product is well-made, works well, eco-friendly, convenient and definitely worth the money you spend.

6. Yescom Outdoor Solar Base Shower

  • Long at 7 feet
  • Can be mounted on a hard surface
  • Adjustable settings
  • Great for apartment, vacation home, pool, etc.
  • High temperature setting cut off
  • Very small water capacity

The Yescom outdoor shower with a length of seven feet is another item to check if you are finding a reliable poolside or spa shower. You can make sure that you will be able to rely on it for long-term use.

One of the things I liked about this outdoor shower is that it’s free to use forever. It does not require additional energy spending because it is powered by the sun. You can make use of sun-heated water all the time, making this item a cost-effective solution for those who want to rinse off before and after swimming.

If you have a small family, you might also want to take a look at this item that can hold up to 2.3 gallons of water. This item can heat up this amount of water quicker than those with a larger capacity can. So if its small size is not an issue, it can be the outdoor solar shower for you.

This item is also innovative because it can offer safety. It features a high temperature safety cut off, so it is safe to use especially by kids. It can cut off water more than 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

More so, this product boasts a handy setting that is able to regulate or control both the water pressure and temperature without any hassles. With it, you can rest assured that it can offer ease of use.

You can also have peace of mind that you don’t need a professional to assemble it for you because it is very easy to set up. This item can connect to a standard hose, so it doesn’t need any more plumbing.

But to keep it steady, you might want to mount it on a hard surface or cement. Installing it this way, you can be certain of a more convenient use. I’d like to recommend this item to those who want a versatile shower that can be used in a yard, home, vacation home or pool.

On the downside, this item has a smaller water capacity versus others in the same category has. Still, you might want to check it out if you want a topnotch outdoor shower that does not break easily and can offer adjustable settings.

7. GF Garden Sunny Style Premium Solar Shower

  • Portable shower
  • Mixed temperature
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Hose is easy to attach and detach
  • Water pressure can’t be adjusted

The GF Garden Sunny Style Portable Shower is portable and versatile solar shower equipment that is perfect for any adventures outdoor. From camping to hiking, from swimming to being on the road, the Sunny Style Solar Shower can help you stay fresh.

Getting both hot water and cold water is not a problem with Sunny Style as it has an innovative hot water and cold water mixer so it allows you to mix water in the heated base with water that is fresh and straight from the tap, giving many showers at temperatures that can be adjusted to your liking.

When Sunny Style shower is filled up with water, it can deliver about sixteen gallons of water that you can use to shower and rinse with a temperature of 30C with continuous use.

The Sunny Style Portable Shower has a hose that measures around 33 feet and a quick signature connector from GF Garden. You can attach and detach the hose from a water source in a simple, easy, and fast manner.

Taking a shower outdoors will no longer be an issue, even during a cold day. Because of Sunny Style’s hot and cold water mixer, you can take a shower at your preferred temperature.

Turn the dial to the left to release the hot water in the base, or you can integrate some of the fresh cold water from the tap and extend the amount of warm water that is available.

For you to be able to enjoy hot water throughout the day, it is best to allow some time to pass between usages because it will allow the sun to heat the new flow of water into the shower’s base.

The inlet pressure regulator has a safety valve, and the height of the shower is adjustable for your convenience. It can go from 4’6 inches to 6’9 inches.

The Sunny Style Solar Shower is a lightweight, so it is easy to carry around. It is also easy to set up; all you need to do is to plug in the hose of the shower and fill the base with tap water.

With 16 gallons of water, it takes about 2 hours under the heat of the sun to heat it all, and you can enjoy a warm bath. The warm water will last for 15 minutes or 7 to 8 minutes, depending on how much sun the solar shower absorbs.

The Sunny Style Solar Shower is perfect for quick showers and rinses after swimming, when you go camping and after hiking.

The solar outdoor shower has the same features as the indoor showers that you use at home. With its removable shower head and adjustable water temperature mixture, you will surely appreciate how easy to use and how low impact this shower is, and you do not need any electricity for it to work as it works on solar energy.

On the cons, the water pressure can’t be adjusted, as it only supports medium water flow. However, it can support sixteen gallons of water so you can take numerous showers, and you can rinse numerous times if needed.

8. Yescom Solar Heated Shower

  • Can heat water up to 130 degree Fahrenheit
  • Can store water for up to 6.6 gallons
  • Foldable Solar Heat Shower
  • With High Temperature Safety Cut-Off
  • Easy to set-up
  • Lower capacity to warm up water for up to 130 degree Fahrenheit only

Another wonderful type of modern shower is introduced by Yescom. This manufacturer is known for their out of the box pieces that suits residential and business establishments with pool. One of their work of art is their solar heated shower. Discover its strength and weaknesses below.

The top selling point of Yescom solar poolside shower among the line of solar shower is its flexibility. I am really amazed once I learned that it is foldable. That is unique because I seldom hear that feature from other brands.

It excites me that it is bendable because it only means that users can easily store it when not in use or one decided to transfer it to other place.

Just like the other solar heat shower, this Yescom item can also transform water into soothing warm water for up to 130 Degree Fahrenheit. It is a good thing that it has a high temperature safety cut-off so user can avoid painful burns.

Therefore, this shower device is perfect for those who yearn for the relaxing sensation of warm bathe. By the way, water temperature and pressures can be conveniently controlled through its handy setting.

You also don’t need to get tired on keeping this shower full because it can save water for up to 6.6 gallons.

What I love more about this product is that it is cost saving. It has an efficient solar panel that absorbs sunlight and generates it to useful solar energy. Hence, no need for messy wirings to connect to your electricity switch and no electricity bill hike as well.

Since it is a solar powered device, just appreciate how environment friendly it is. Choosing Yescom Solar Heated Shower is one way of enjoying shower while preserving the Mother Nature.

Another good feature of this shower is the ease in mounting it. Based on its specification, it is effortless to connect in a garden hose or source of water. Yescom also suggested that you installed it on cement or in any hard concrete for stability.

However, I just notice that it has a lower capacity to warm up water for up to 130 degree Fahrenheit only unlike the other heat shower that can reach for up to 140 degree Fahrenheit.

But in general, Yescom Solar Heated Shower is a good investment that can save you some cost for a long term. Some of its qualities are its foldable body, safety default for temperature, bigger capacity to hold water and convenient set-up.

9. Jaxpety Solar Heated Shower

  • It has the ability to warm-up cold water for up to 140 degree Fahrenheit
  • It can store at least 5.3 gallons of water
  • With dual-purpose head and foot shower
  • Beautiful and durable body framework
  • Cost-saving
  • No warranty mentioned in the product description

Most of us enjoy a quick shower either before or after we jump on to the pool. Hence, it is quite necessary to have a ready installed shower stand nearby the swimming pool or at the garden. If you are looking for one, just take a look of the Jaxpety outside solar shower.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Jaxpety Solar Heated Shower are compiled here. And based on the product description, one of the goodness of this shower device is that it comes in a complete set of an outdoor solar shower, a screw bag and an instruction manual.

Next reason why I think shoppers must grab a Jaxpety Solar Heated Shower is its ability to threat ice cold water to soothing lukewarm through the use of sunlight. Of all the showers in town, its edge comes in giving the users a rest from the electricity bills and installation fee.

Through the amazing solar energy, this device can warm up cold water for up to 140 degree Fahrenheit. Such water temperature is good like body massage as it hugs one’s body with rejuvenating sensation.

A Jaxpety Solar Heated Shower can hold and supply at least 5.3 gallons of water which provides option weather the users wish for a hot or cold shower.

On the physical outlook, said shower stand is called dual-purpose because you can see that it works with two heads from the top and bottom.

That is very convenient as it gives the users option if they want to soak in wet straight using the head sprinkle of water or just wash their hands and feet instantly through its lower faucet. There is no need to run inside the house and mess-up with your clean floor with wet. Just install it outdoors and you are ready to clean up.

Moreover, it displays a handsome posture with its sleek black finish. Enjoy complements from your guests once you have it beside your pool area due to its modern style.

But of course, we don’t jump on to shopping spree just because of looks. And I’m glad to share that Jaxpety Solar Heated Shower is constructed tough so it is ready and resilient to stay outside the house. Its entire frame is made of strong PVC and ABS white chrome. Such materials can stand weather pressures as well as rust.

However, I noticed that no warranty deal was mentioned on the product specification.

Overall, Jaxpety Solar Heated Shower is a splash of so many splendid features to patronize. As a review, its assets are being solar powered, cost-saving, dual-purpose, fashionable and resilience.

10. Blue Wave NU1625 Poolside Shower

  • Solar-powered
  • 7-ft tall and enlarged shower head
  • Easy to install
  • Stylish design
  • 1-year warranty
  • Shower fittings may cause slight leakage

After taking a swim in the pool, one would obviously want to take a shower to wash away pool chemicals. If you want a poolside shower, I suggest that you try out the Blue Wave NU1625 Poolside Shower. It works well and is very convenient for rinsing out your body of pool chemicals with warm water after enjoying yourself from a swim.

The Blue Wave NU1625 poolside shower has an internal reservoir tower that is nearly 7-feet tall. Its height is convenient for anyone to use, whether tall or short. What I like about this particular poolside shower is that it is solar-powered. It collects and harnesses the rays from the sun to warm the water in the reservoir.

I prefer the Blue Wave NU1625 poolside shower also because it is easy to install and use. For its installation, there are no special tools required. It can be done in a few simple steps. It is easy to assemble and you can certainly do the installation yourself without the need to hire a professional.

This poolside shower is also works well and is easy to use. The Blue Wave NU1625 poolside shower has a stainless steel handle where with just one turn, warm water flows out of the enlarged 6 inches shower head. This enlarged shower head is perfect to provide you with a larger shower area.

I also like that the product comes with an optional scalloped resin base which you can install to prevent the shower from tipping over. It easily mounts to most surfaces. It also includes port for the garden hose water supply. I also like the durability and compact design of the Blue Wave NU1625 poolside shower. The shower’s components are made of durable plastic which you can count on to last you for a long time.

Another thing that I like about the Blue Wave NU1625 Poolside Shower is its modern design. I like the black sleek design of the elongated shower reservoir. Installing this poolside shower not only gives you convenience, it is also one way of upgrading the style of your poolside with this shower’s stylish design.

To complete those amazing features of the Blue Wave NU1625 poolside shower, the product also has a 1-year limited warranty so you don’t have to hesitate in purchasing this well-made product.

However, the drawback of this Blue Wave NU1625 poolside shower is that the shower fittings may cause some slight leakage but it can be easily fixed and the product works well.

Overall, I recommend the Blue Wave NU1625 poolside shower because it is convenient, reliable and sustainable. It is a quality product at a reasonable price.

11. GAME NU1620 Hot and Cold Outdoor Solar Shower

  • Can hold up to 5.5 gallons of water
  • Large enough diameter
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quality and long-lasting components
  • Freestanding on mounts
  • Dripping issue

This Game outdoor solar shower is a top-rated product in the category. There is no doubt why. It is loaded with the features that make it the ideal shower. It has a high capacity for an outdoor shower, which can make you feel relaxed on a cold or a hot day.

GAME is a reliable brand chosen by many homeowners because of its solid commitment to the performance of its products. Through the years, it has been consistent in offering quality and durable showers.

This item is also easy to assemble. It does not need hard installation at all, so you don’t have to hire a professional to do it for you. The quality materials of this item make it an ideal choice, giving you peace of mind of long-term use. You can just connect it to a hose, and then use it as a freestanding unit. You can also mount it in many surfaces.

In addition to the high capacity of holding up to 5.5 gallons, it boasts hot and cold adjustments, staying on that correct outdoor temperature for your comfort.

As it is also a solar-powered device, you don’t need to worry about spending more on electrical power and your energy consumption. The solar-powered solar shower is also designed with your convenience in mind. With it, you can rinse off before and after swimming with sun-heated water.

This solar shower is also very efficient that it doesn’t need batteries, cords and any other accessories. I would also like to note that it offers us with durability and longevity for its good construction. It is made from superior materials, such as PVC piping and noncorrosive brass.

It also comes with a base that makes it easier and faster to install than other products in the same category are. I would like to note that it’s a good additional for your patio, backyard, lake house or lake dock.

On the downside, some users reported of dripping issues about the Great American Merchandise and Events outdoor shower with non-wood grain. But overall, this product is a decent choice for its ease of assembly and long-lasting components.

12. Festnight Wooden Outdoor Solar Shower 

  • Can turn ice-cold water for up to 140 degree Fahrenheit
  • Can warm-up bigger amount of water for up to 9.25 gallons
  • Stunning and resilient wooden frame with UV-resistant PVC
  • Contains handy faucet to adjust water temperature and pressure
  • Can save you up some cost for electricity
  • May generate less solar energy when the sun is out

Gone are the days when traditional outdoor showers are just pinned in one place, and just release same temperature of water from the source. We welcome now the new evolution of showers like the Festnight Wooden Outdoor Solar Shower. Learn its pros and cons below.

The first thing I notice about this shower is its wood-made body. I haven’t seen one before; hence, it’s quiet odd and interesting for me. Further perusal of the product description, I learned that it is not just an ordinary wood.

Festnight Outdoor Solar Shower is unique as it is made of faux wood with UV-resistant PVC. It is good that said wood material has protection against the UV rays because wood is usually known to get weaker when it is under too much exposure of the sun.

I thought also that its wooden frame makes this solar shower stand-out as it brings a vintage yet fashionable look for the entire piece.

Just imagine it on the corner of the swimming pool or outdoor landscape. For sure, friends and relatives of the homeowner will throw good praises about it.

I further appreciate that Festnight Outdoor Solar Shower provides option to the users whether he likes to shower using cold or lukewarm water. The water temperature and pressure can be easily adjusted through its handy faucet.

After a long day of work, user may enjoy a leisure time by getting a warm quick shower before taking few lapses in the swimming pool. Lukewarm water feels relaxing and therapeutic for the body. It can heat up water for up to 140 degree Fahrenheit.

Also, I’m impressed that it can store bigger amount of water for up to 9.25 gallons. This is an advantage since you don’t have to fill it up repeatedly.

What I like more about this shower item is it is solar-powered. Hence, no need for additional cost in your electricity bill. Aside from that, it is also Eco-Friendly as it uses renewable type of power.

However, one weakness of this product is that poor sunlight may affect its performance. During rainy or cloudy days, charging of this device may be slower.

Overall, Festnight Wooden Outdoor Solar Shower is an additional asset for any residential or commercial establishments with swimming pool and amenities. Among its remarkable features is its wooden body protected by Anti UV rays, bigger capacity to store water, handy faucet and cost-effectiveness.

What Is An Outdoor Solar Shower And Who This Is For


The outdoor solar shower is basically your typical bathroom shower, with the benefit of being solar. It basically uses the sun’s energy to heat the water for you to use for pleasure.

The solar heated outdoor shower has an insulated bag to hold and heat the water and it goes through the hose for you to use the water.

Under normal conditions, if outside temperature are above 50 degrees, the outdoor solar shower gives about a temperature of 113 degrees. This temperature is perfect for you to use for showering.

The outdoor solar shower is a wonderful addition for all homeowners out there, especially those who have a pool. With this, you have the pleasure of using hot water to wash yourself off before and after swimming in the pool.

The outdoor solar shower is also a portable device since it only has a few parts. It is only made out of PVC material and as stated earlier, a hose and an insulated bag. With this, you can move it and use it anywhere.

Hence, aside from indoor usage, the outdoor solar shower can also be used in camping or at the beach.

However, the outdoor solar shower is not really useful during winter months. In the early days of winter, it might still get a few rays of sunlight in order to heat up water. However, if the days get colder, it is best advised not to use it.

But basically, as long as there is direct solar power, the outdoor solar shower will heat up water for you to use.

How Does It Work

The outdoor solar shower basically has three parts: an insulated bag, a hose, and shower head.

An insulated bag is responsible for absorbing the sun’s energy and heating up the water. To get this effect, one needs to leave the bag under sunlight until the water is sufficiently heat up.

If only one side of the insulated bag is absorbent, then you need to ensure that that side is facing the sun’s direction. Also, make sure that the solar bag is not placed on the ground since the latter will also absorb the heat and thus, slow down the bag’s heating process.

Depending on the size of the bag, it can hold up to 2.5 gallons to 10 gallons of water. A bag that can hold 5 gallons is usually enough to suit your needs, either for indoor or outdoor needs.

Moreover, the bag can reach up to 113 degrees under normal conditions.

The insulated bag can be made out of various materials but the most common material used is PVC. This is because PVC is used since it can absorb heat swiftly, resulting into a faster heating time. PVC material is also very durable and thus, can last long.

The outdoor solar shower kit also has a hose that measures any 6 inches to 2 inches in length. This hose is typically made of rubber, so it’s very durable and flexible.

The shower head for this solar shower is often made of plastic and designed to look like a garden hose spray. Depending on the model you purchased, shower heads vary in its options and modes. There are shower heads that have an adjustable stream, or those that have an on/off valve.

Since it is solar, it is also dependent on the sun. Hence, the outdoor solar shower cannot be as effective during cloudy days or not really useful in winter months.

What Are The Different Types Of Outdoor Solar Showers


An outdoor solar shower works by using solar energy to heat up water for you to use for your pleasure.

It also does not have a lot of moving parts, so it is portable and useful everywhere. Thus, it can be used to indoor and outdoor activities.

There are basically three main types of outdoor solar showers.

The first type is the bag shower. Out of all the types, this has the simplest design. This type comes with an insulated water bag that is responsible for absorbing sunlight.

This water bag needs to be filled up with water at least 3 hours before you use the shower. When it is heated, you hang this overhead when you shower. The water inside the bag then flows through a tube.

People usually favor this type since it’s cheap and you can even make one yourself. However, it does take a bit of time in heating. Also, it might not work as well in colder climates since it’s very reliant on the sun.

The second type is the shower tent. This is basically like a small tent that has a shower installed inside. There are different sizes of the shower tents; however, on average, it measures 4 feet at the base and is 7 feet high.

Because of their design, they are usually used during camping and other outdoor activities.

An advantage given by the shower tent is privacy. Since it has a cloth, you’re not as exposed as compared to the first type. Also, the shower tent is also quite easy to install and uninstall.

However, its disadvantage is that it might be a bit heavy to carry around. Some people may also find it a hassle.

The third type is the propane burner camping shower. This type uses a bottled propane gas that heats the water for the shower. The size of the bottle varies, depending on the manufacturer, but a 16.4 ounces bottle is typically used.

To heat up the water, the propane burner is placed on top of tripod. It is then lit up to heat the water. When the water reaches a certain temperature, it then flows into the shower head or into a storage box.

When you are ready to shower, the water collected in the storage box is used.

The advantage of this shower is that they are quite versatile. In fact, it can be used in all climates. They are also fast in heating the water.

However, since they have more parts, it is quite a hassle to carry and lug around.

Furthermore, read our latest guide about the most trusted solar water heater. And learn more about choosing the top-rated solar pool heater here.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using An Outdoor Solar Shower

Knowing the pros and cons of a product is an essential task for buyer to know if it can appropriately satisfy and meet their needs. Aside from this, the buyer can decide if he/she really wants to purchase the product.

Like all products, an outdoor solar shower also has its own fair share of advantages and disadvantages.



All solar products are known for how friendly they are to the environment. For one, solar power is a clean and renewable energy source. Not only can you help save the Earth, you can also reduce your own carbon footprint.


Outdoor solar showers can also help in saving on electricity bills since it runs on solar energy. As stated earlier, solar energy is basically free and abundant. With this, you can lessen your usage on electricity.

Rinse off with ease

An outdoor solar shower also makes it easier to rinse off dirt or sand. This is especially perfect for those who live near beaches or those who have gardens.

With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about dirtying your rugs or floors as you can just rinse off outside.

Aside from your feet, you can also wash off different things like surfboards, coolers and the like.

Easy to install

Outdoor solar showers are also easy to install since it doesn’t have many components. Although there are other types, they generally easy to install.

Great for people with pools

The outdoor solar shower is especially perfect for people with pools. With this, you can wash up before jumping into the pool and rinse off the chlorine after a relaxing swim.

Also, you eliminate the risk of dripping on your floors and slipping.

Great for guests

Outdoor solar showers basically add another shower unit in your home. This can be quite useful if you have a big family or you have many guests over. With this, you wouldn’t have to wait in line just to shower.


Reliant on the sun

Since it’s solar-powered, it needs an ample amount of sunlight to work effectively. As such, its performance might be compromised when it doesn’t get enough charge.

With this, it might not be suitable for areas with colder climates.


The eternal dampness in outdoor solar showers can attract all sorts of bugs and other insects in this space. It is not only that, but it might also get messy especially if you have a lot of plants and trees in your yard.

With this, you might have to clean this area more often than not.

How We Picked And Tested


Solar outdoor showers work by absorbing solar energy and using it to heat up water. Since they are solar, they offer an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to electric showers.

Because of its practicality and portability, it has become quite popular among homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts. As such, there is a lot of types and designs available in the market. This makes the task of choosing one quite daunting and overwhelming.

Of course, the perfect solar outdoor shower depends on how well it can meet your needs. As such, you actually have the final say what the best one is. To help you out, here are a few key factors you need to remember when you’re market.

Tank Capacity

One thing to consider when choosing an outdoor solar shower with base or without a base is the tank’s capacity. This is because the tank’s capacity determines how much water you can hold and use.

A good rule of thumb is to buy a model that has a big tank since it can hold more water. With this, you can use more warm water to use for your shower. Also, a large tank can also make it easier for you since it can eliminate the constant need to refill the tank.

A tank with a large capacity is also useful for those who intend to use their shower quite often or for those who have quite a large family.

However, the downside of this is that a large tank will take more time to warm the water. Hence, if you live in an area with a cold climate, it might be a good idea to purchase a smaller capacity.


A thermometer is not really seen in most models. However, it is useful if you purchase a unit that comes with a thermometer.

A thermometer is quite handy as it can indicate how hot the water is inside your tank. With this, you will know the temperature of the water is before you use it. This way, you can avoid burning yourself and such.


Of course, we all want to purchase a product that can last long and is durable. With this, you need to ensure that the outdoor solar shower is made out of high-quality materials and parts.

Find one that is made of high-quality PVC material or one made of polyester.

Cheap and poorly-made showers will usually degrade faster and possibly break down within a few years or even a few months.


There are different types of outdoor solar showers that have different installation methods. Regardless of what type you purchase, make sure that it stable so that you won’t be interrupted when taking a shower.

Some showers have stands to stabilize while others can be hung.

Feet faucet

Feet faucets are basically also an added feature in an outdoor solar shower. Purchase a unit that has one especially when you have children or you have a job that gets your boots dirty. Also, this is basically your personal preference.

With this, you can wash off any dirt from your feet quickly. It’s very practical per se.

Cosmetic Design

While not really the most important factor, one should also really consider the aesthetic and cosmetic design of the product.

Make sure that you purchase a unit that fits well and complements the desired area of location. Of course, no one wants an item that looks out of place and looks poorly-made.

Replacement parts

You need to make sure your unit comes with replaceable parts. Thus, purchase outdoor solar showers that come with replaceable parts. That way, you can replace parts in case one of the parts break down easily and quickly.

Cheaper units do not really typically give out replacement parts.


Warranties are important since it attests to the product’s durability as well as the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

In general, look for a model that comes with a considerably long warranty. Ideally, find one that has at least a one-year warranty.

Aside from the warranty, it is also recommended to read the reviews of different products. With this, you have an idea of its performance.

If you have time to spare, you can also always go visit the store to see the item for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I add boiled water to a solar shower?

Yes, you can add boiled water to a solar shower through its refilling port.

These devices have an opening on top to pour cold water into the water compartment. You can use the same hole to pour boiled water into the solar shower.

Many campers and other outdoor enthusiasts utilize this technique when it takes longer to heat the shower water using the sun’s rays. They boil water in a camping coffee pot or mug and pour it into the barely-heated water in the solar shower bag.

This trick is especially advantageous during the winter or when camping in areas with low air temperatures, such as the mountains.

However, people must be cautious when adding boiled water to the solar shower to avoid scalding and other burn-related injuries. Alternatively, you can mix hot and cold water to reduce the temperatures to a more comfortable level before pouring it into the shower unit.

Do solar showers work in winter?

Yes, solar showers work in winter, although not as efficiently as heating the water in warmer weather. In other words, it might take longer than usual, and the temperature rise might be negligible.

Your first consideration is the ambient air temperature. Geographical regions have varying winter temperatures. For example, Alabama winters average 46.5℉, while Floridians enjoy balmier winter weather at 59.4℉.

The second factor is peak sun hours, which are naturally shorter than in the summer months. Hence, if you enjoy a five-hour average daily irradiance during summer, you can expect the peak sun hours in winter to be about 3-4 hours.

There is also the wind factor, with strong winds being able to cool down the solar unit.

Now, combine these three factors, and you can determine if your solar shower will work in the winter.

The ideal conditions would be a longer-than-usual solar irradiance, higher-than-normal winter air temperature, and zero wind. Otherwise, it would be difficult to heat the shower water to a comfortable temperature in the winter.

How much does it cost to install an outdoor solar shower?

An outdoor solar shower should be more affordable than a traditional electric- or gas-heated outdoor shower system. After all, you will rely on the sun’s energy to heat the shower water.

  • The average cost of a typical outdoor shower ranges from $100 to $2,000, depending on the shower type.
  • On the other hand, labor and installation could set you back by $500 to $8,000, contingent on the features you want in your outdoor shower. This is why I recommend getting easy-to-install solar showers – to cut down on the cost.
  • An outdoor solar shower will not cost you anything to heat the water. However, you can expect to spend about $8,000 to $10,000 for a 100-gallon solar water heating system if you decide to heat the water with solar thermal panels.
  • On the other hand, standalone units (i.e., VINGLI) and portable outdoor solar showers (i.e., BONFOX) will only cost you the product’s purchase price.

How long does an outdoor solar shower last?

An outdoor solar shower’s longevity depends on its capacity and flow rate. For example, a five-gallon outdoor solar shower might only last two to two-and-a-half minutes at a flow rate of 2.0 to 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM).

As outdoor showers usually have a lower flow rate compared to the usual 2.1 GPM of a residential system, you can expect the former to actually last a lot longer.

You could check your outdoor solar shower’s capacity and divide it by its water flow rate to determine how long a shower will last. For example, suppose you have a 20-gallon unit with a 1.5-GPM flow rate. In that case, you can expect to shower for at least 13 minutes.

What are the most trusted outdoor solar shower brands?

The most popular outdoor showers on the market include GAME, Giantex, Advanced Elements and Yescom. You might want to check on these brands and the others we’ve featured when finding a good solar shower.

Do outdoor solar showers come with a base?

We cannot speak for all, but good ones we found have a base that can add to convenience of installation and use. So if you’re looking for such feature, you might want to compare your options by reading the reviews earlier.

What is the warranty?

Products may come with different warranties that can vary from one manufacturer to another. Some may offer a year of warranty while others shorter or longer. For this reason, it will pay off if you would be able to compare the warranty of each product for added satisfaction and peace of mind.

How to install and use?

You don’t need to worry about outdoor solar pool shower installation. For the most part, you just have to connect it to a garden hose. But for better use, you might want to install it on a hard surface or cement to keep the hose steady.

How to care & maintain?

The solar outdoor shower does not require much maintenance. In fact, solar showers do not need it once installed. It is one of the reasons it’s chosen by property owners who want a heated outdoor shower but don’t want to spend on replacing heating components from time to time.


Now, you know how to choose the best outdoor solar shower that you can consider when studying your options and comparing your choices. In the process, you will be able to make an informed choice.

Selecting the item most appropriate for you need, you won’t have regrets in the end. And with a good outdoor shower, you’ll be able to reap its benefits including on-demand hot shower especially in the summer, free heated water for life, less maintenance shower and versatile applications.

To make an informed choice, get started by reading the above reviews and considering the things to look for that we’ve featured earlier. Buy an outdoor shower today!

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