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The Best Solar Atomic Watches for 2023

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

If you love the outdoors and things trendy and fashionable, you might be looking for the best solar atomic watch. It is eco-friendly, elegant, and innovative. This wristwatch, however, is available in different brands and models to pick from, so choosing can be a bit confusing.

best solar atomic watch

While many of these atomic watches are on the market, not all of them can match your needs and preferences. For help, we’re featuring the top products’ reviews and what makes them excellent. In this buying guide, we’re also outlining the things to look for when shopping around for high-performance and stylish atomic watches. Check them out.

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Preview Casio Men’s G-Shock

G-Shock GW-9400

Casio Men’s MTGM900DA-8CR

Weight 2.08 oz 10.4 oz 0.35 oz
Material Resin Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Band Width ‎26 mm 22 mm 16.6 mm
Case Thickness ‎43.2 mm ‎17 mm 5.7 mm
Water Resistant Depth 660 Ft 8660 Ft 660 Ft
Details Details Details


List of Top 12 Solar Atomic Watch Reviews

1. Casio Men’s G-Shock Quartz Watch GWM5610-1

  • Premium digital and analog-digital watch
  • Battery life reaching to 10 months on a full charge
  • Comes with five daily alarms and other features
  • Auto light function
  • Shock-resistant construction
  • Not durable band

One of the highest-rated among solar atomic watches is the GWM5610-1. There is no doubt why. The solar atomic analog watch combined with digital functionality is reliable. It is for long-term performance, so it is undoubtedly one of the most chosen around. The g shock solar watch is imported and made in the USA. Thus, it can sure give you the most value of your spending.

Also, I liked the different functions of this watch, making it a great choice among those that love traveling, the outdoors, and sports. It is also with helpful features, including multiple band atomic technology. Also, I liked that it has an EL backlight, which can offer an easy way of reading the display. More so, this item features world time along with 29 different time zones and 48 cities. Such are top technologies not to miss when shopping around for a beautiful atomic watch. All these are in the GWM5610-1.

Also, it has an odd and off automatic light that works straightforwardly. All that you need to do is to hold the light button-down. It is also with five different daily alarms as well as a battery indicator. This model also has a power-saving function that makes it more efficient and practical to choose. You can also see the face of the watch in any situation and no matter the lighting available for its EL backlight.

However, some users reported that it does not have a durable band. Overall, I liked that it is a premium analog and digital watch. It also has a battery that can last for up to 10 months but on a full charge. Nevertheless, the solar atomic watch is one of the best choices around for an atomic solar-powered watch.

2. G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400

  • Ideal for the sporty and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Comes with an analog display
  • Mineral crystal dial window
  • Improved impact resistance
  • Can work up to 660 feet
  • Quite faulty altimeter readings at times

The only downside that I can find with this watch is its quite faulty altimeter readings. It can happen from time to time, according to some users. However, these are isolated cases. Most feedbacks were also great. I also recommend it as one of the top choices because it is easy to use and requires less maintenance. I also commend the beautiful design and sporty look of this GSHOCK.

The Casio Men’s GW9400 is an excellent solar atomic digital watch is one of the best choices around in terms of quality and performance. One of the reasons to recommend it include its water resistance up to 660 feet, making it suitable even for recreational surface water sports.

The Rangeman G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch is a part of the Master of G series. It is known for being rugged and tough watches. They are engineered and constructed to withstand and deal with even extreme conditions. It is why this watch is chosen by people working in the military or law enforcement. It is also for those that love the outdoors and sports. The waterproof ability reaching up to 660 feet makes it suitable for recreational surface water sports.

Also, I liked that the watch comes with the shock-resistant triple sensor that makes it ideal in keeping direction, temperature, barometric pressure, and altitude readings always ready.

The GW9400 is also with cylindrical buttons, offering resistance against impact and enhancing its operation. The sensor button also has a metal cover that works well in protecting the watch against any lateral impact. This cover also ensures that foreign matters are out.

However, the altimeter can be faulty at times, though. But overall, I liked its overall engineering, design, and construction. You might want to check it out if you’re looking for an atomic watch that has impact resistance and can work up to 660 feet.

3. Casio Men’s G-Shock MTGM900DA-8CR

  • Premium stainless-steel material
  • Elegant sports watch
  • Shock resistant
  • Water-resistant up to 200 meters
  • Functionality like battery indicator
  • Recharging times differ according to the light source

The Solar Atomic watch for men is a multi-band watch that is chosen by people that love the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and hiking. It is an elegant and stylish watch that can keep up with the heavy demands of an adventure-loving person like you might be.

The timekeeping is accurate that it tells the exact time on the planet. It is what you need if you want to keep things on time but don’t want to adjust your watch often. The sturdy solar watch is not just stylish, but it is also robust. It is shock-resistant, so it can accommodate occasional bumps and drops, which can be familiar if you’re outdoors and hunting or fishing, among doing other pursuits in the wild.

Plus, this model is 200-meter water-resistant, so it can keep up with any harsh weather conditions that it might have to deal with when you’re traveling. Water-resistance is one of the things to look for when shopping around for a solar watch.

I also liked its functionalities. This Casio watch has a countdown timer, a fully automatic calendar, operation tone sound on/off, and hour formats in 12 and 24 hours. I also liked that it has a battery with a nine-month full charged operation. It does not need more sunlight exposure. It can also work up to 23 months without light exposure. You can recharge it with artificial light, too.

The G-SHOCK watch is also the most known in the business among analog and digital watches. They are used by law enforcement and military personnel, too. This watch connects to the radio transmitter located in China to update the date and time. It also adds 18 cities (world time mode) and a total of 48 cities.

However, its recharging times vary from the light source. But overall, this watch is our top pick for its multiple functions and durability. It is excellent for the outdoor-loving folks and others who want an innovative and stylish watch. Check it out for yourself.

4. G-Shock GW2310 Atomic Solar

  • 12/24-hour format
  • Hard resin case
  • EL backlight and afterglow
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Multiple functions with four alarms
  • A bit bulky

The atomic wristwatch solar is another top of the line consideration when looking for a sun-powered and stylish watch. It features different functionalities and options that make life easier. This model suits military men, tactical operators, rangers, hunters, and other individuals who want to stay prepared for anything. For one, it is a GSHOCK watch, which is one of the most trusted in the world.

One of the things I liked about this solar watch is that it has multiple functions. You can count on it for different activities. For example, it has a stopwatch and a countdown timer, which aids in some sporting activities.

I also liked its bright EL backlight, which is a standard among GSHOCK watches. It is bright enough, especially for people that have poor eyesight. You can read the display even if there is low ambient light.

The GW2310 Atomic Solar is with a solar battery system, allowing for continuous use. You also have the option of putting your watch on a power-saving state for 26 months when it is 100% charged.

Another unique thing about this watch is that it can transmit data from countries, such as Japan, the UK, the US, Germany, and Canada. The digital watch is also stylish that it is with a stainless-steel bezel and an LCD. Modes available include split time, elapsed time, 1st, and 2nd place times.

It also has a second stopwatch that adds to its functionality. The GW2310 also has 46.4 millimeters of resin case along with a mineral dial window. These features add to the functionality of the solar watch in addition to its Japanese quartz movement. It also has a digital display that makes it easier to use.

Also, this model has four daily alarms, which can keep you track of your schedule and activities. And if you’re someone who wants to monitor specific times in some countries, you might also want the atomic watch that includes 41 world time zones.

I also recommend this watch because it is with a durable lithium battery plus an indicator. You will also appreciate that it can offer up to 10 months of power even if you don’t expose it to light.

However, this model is a bit bulky, according to some users. Overall, I liked the innovative functions of this watch that can keep up with demands and use. While it may be bulky, it may not be an issue if you’re looking for a watch that can give you a stylish watch, and that offers innovation you can count on.

5. Casio G-Shock GWM500A-1

  • Shock resistance
  • Ideal for surfers, scuba divers, and tactical workers
  • Battery life can be up to 9 months on a full charge
  • Robust and water-resistant
  • Multi functionalities
  • Pricier than the competition

The Digital Wrist Watch is another top of the line option if you’re looking for a great watch that can offer you the performance that you’re looking for, especially if you love the outdoors. You can also check it out if you are working in the military or law enforcement. It is also for the people that want a solidly performing watch that can last through the years.

The watch is a robust solar watch, which can also offer shock resistance. You can count on it when it comes to durability because it can keep up with the occasional bumps when you’re in the outdoors or when hunting.

I liked that the solar atomic watch is also water-resistant. This feature makes it ideal for those who are always on-the-go and want a watch that can deal with any weather conditions.

This model also offers different functionalities, including an EL backlight and afterglow, an hourly time signal, and a snooze alarm. It also displays world time and can provide four daily alerts.

I also liked that the watch can be recharged with just about any light type, so it should be easy. But then, take note that the charging time may vary based on the light source. Nevertheless, nothing can beat the reliability of this watch. It is an industry leader and is trusted by many people around the world. Whether you’re in the military or civilian market, you can check out this solar atomic watch that can keep up with your needs.

The G-SHOCK, however, tends to be pricier than the competition. But if you would consider the features it could offer, you will be delighted buying it. The watch is one of the most durable around and is very stylish, too. You can count on it for its performance and has a battery that has a long lifespan.

6. Casio G-Rescue Solar Atomic Watch

  • Accurate and suitable for marine activities
  • Up to 660 feet of water resistance
  • Nice display and brightness
  • With 12- and 24-hour formats
  • Ideal for law enforcement and military
  • Delaminating case issues

The black Casio G-Rescue watch is another consideration. It suits different individuals, including those that love the outdoors and recreational sports. This watch can keep up with heavy demands, which is why even the law enforcement and military choose it.

One of its unique properties I liked is its atomic timekeeping that remains accurate. It also offers a world time, which is available in 48 cities. With this feature, you can ensure getting the correct time wherever you are.

I also liked that EL backlight of this device. It works even in a dark condition. In this case, you can see the display or the face of the watch, also if there is low lighting in the place where you are.

Besides, I liked that it comes with a 50mm resin case that has a mineral dial window. This feature makes the high-end atomic solar watch more durable than the other options are. Besides, this Casio features the Japanese quartz movement along with a clear and easy to read digital display. It also has a classic design with a buckle closure and a resin band. I also liked that it has 12- and 24-hour formats. Also, I liked that the watch is versatile that it works well for many sports and marine activities. However, it is not recommended for scuba diving.

However, the band is not so durable, though. There were reports of a delaminating case. But still, I would like to recommend the Casio if you’re shopping around for a great watch that suits your outdoor-loving personality. It is with the heavy-duty and robust features that you must be looking for when finding a similar product. Check it out for yourself now.

7. Seiko Men’s COUTURA

  • Easy to see black dials
  • Unbeatable accuracy and energy efficiency
  • 100m water resistance
  • No need to change the battery
  • Japanese-quartz Movement
  • Not looking as expected
  • People allergic to metal might have a skin irritation for wearing this long

I just thought this watch deserves to be part of this list. At first, I liked its overall appearance. This atomic watch can match any outfit, formal or casual. It is versatile that it can complete any ensemble. With this said, you don’t need to own at least two watches.

I also liked that this model is well-made that it offers not just a sleek design but also an accurate time. The radio-controlled watch for men is with world time and a chronograph measuring up to 60 minutes.

I would also like to commend that it can work up to 330 feet or 100 meters of water resistance. It is ideal for outdoor activities, such as snorkeling and swimming. However, do take note that it is not suitable for diving.

I am also impressed by its innovation. This model is with a result indicator and signal reception that adds to its functionalities. I also liked its cabochon crown, which adds to its elegant appeal. In terms of the dial, it is easy to see. They have Lumi Brite markers and hands. Additional features are the three sub-dials featuring blue highlights and a date calendar.

The Seiko watch also features a grey bezel that has a world time function along with 25 different time zones. So, if you’re in business and someone who often goes overseas, you will find this feature useful. Plus, the atomic watch is with an energy-efficient solar cell that has a 6-month reserve of power if it’s charged fully. The SSG009 also comes with a battery that doesn’t need a replacement.

However, some people reported that it didn’t look as expected. Also, some people allergic to metal might have an issue with the stainless-steel strap of this atomic watch. But if you would weigh the benefits that it can offer, including its sleek silver color, anticorrosion property, and so many more.

8. Casio Men’s WVA-M640D-1ACR

  • More affordable than the competition
  • Stainless-steel
  • Accuracy and performance
  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Daylight saving on/off
  • Lower water resistance 330 ft
  • Needs time calibration

This solar watch is another consideration that deserves your attention. When shopping around for a good watch of this kind, you must look for one that can display accurate time. This model receives calibration radio signals so that it can keep its accuracy.

One of the things I appreciate about this product is that it is made of rust-free stainless steel. It is durable for a long service life. You can count on its performance to last for years so that you can get more out of your spending.

This model also features multiple bands of atomic timekeeping. With it, you can ensure accurate time. I also appreciate its manual and automatic receive functions, which add to the value to get from this watch.

The luminous markers and hands also make it easier to read the time. Such is convenient, especially for people with poor eyesight. This model also comes with 29 time zones and world time. It is also an excellent function for those who travel frequently. You don’t have to set the time at all.

I also liked that its display is available in five different languages, so it is not a hassle to use even if English is not your language. Also, this model has added functionalities for activities and sports, such as a countdown timer and a 1/100 second stopwatch. It is also versatile to use for water activities, including snorkeling and swimming.

However, it is not suitable for diving because it has a lower water-resistance of 100 meters. It also needs calibration. You need to choose the home city first so that the time can function correctly. But if you are looking for a daily wear solar watch, you shouldn’t miss the Casio Men’s watch. It offers many functions and has many features that you can take advantage of if you love the outdoors.

9. Casio Men’s G-Shock AWGM100-1ACR

  • Bright backlight
  • Precise time and innovative features
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Durable build and premium-quality materials
  • Great for the outdoors and military people
  • Bulky

You don’t have to set the time again with this G-Shock watch that requires no signal calibration. It can offer the accuracy you need for the best solar atomic watch like it. The Tough Solar Atomic Sport Watch also has a battery life of about six months when it is on a full charge. You don’t have to expose it further to light.

Another thing to appreciate about the G-Shock AWGM100-1ACR is its shock resistance. You can count on it for durability even if it encounters occasional drops and bumps. Plus, you might also want to check it out for its water resistance up to 200 meters.

I also liked the bright face and display of the atomic watch. It is engineered and built with neo-bright luminous markers and hands. It is one of the crucial features to check when weighing your options.

This watch also features 48 cities + UTC and features world time in 31 time zones. Also, the atomic solar watch features a full-auto calendar and formats available in 12 and 24 hours. I also liked that it can offer five different alarms, which are very useful if you want to set the watch for alerts throughout the day. The watch also features an hourly time signal.

Also, the G-Shock AWGM100-1ACR has a sleek and night design that matches any outfit, formal or casual. I also noticed that the solar watch is with daylight saving on and off mode, which can extend its battery life.

The AWGM100-1ACR is one of the most durable around in the analog and digital watches category. It is perfect for surfers, law enforcement, outdoor-loving people, and athletes. You might want to check it out if you’re looking for innovative functions that can keep up with your active life.

However, it tends to be bulky, though. Still, the G-Shock AWGM100-1ACR is one of the best choices for a solar atomic watch. You should consider it when weighing your options for its sleek design and durable build.

10. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive AT9010-52E

  • Higher water resistance
  • Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal
  • Suitable for outdoor activities
  • Elegant and black tone dial
  • Great accuracy
  • Average luminous hands
  • Some items arrived with quality control issues

The atomic solar watch is another excellent choice if you’re looking for accurate time and top of the line features. One of those qualities I liked about it is its Japanese quartz movement along with an analog display.

Also, this solar watch is with a beautiful display that features cool markers and alternating numerals. You can also count on it for its luminous hands that make time readings easier, too.

In terms of durability, I couldn’t ask for more. I liked the quality 43mm stainless-steel case, which makes it an excellent choice for those who want to get more out of their spending. Also, this model is with an anti-reflective sapphire dial window that gives it that elegant appeal, too.

This model is also one of the best around when it comes to its stainless-steel link bracelet and a fold-over clasp. These things add to the excellent performance of the atomic watch. They also make it more durable for long service life.

This watch is also a part of Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Series. It features not only a contemporary yet classic design but also precision. It offers users a reliable atomic timekeeping technology that works as expected. The Perpetual Chrono A-T. Atomic synchronization offers optimal accuracy in five different time zones.

However, there were complaints about average luminous hands. Some items also arrived with quality control issues, according to some users. But these were isolated reports, which do not make for the most feedbacks. The AT9010-52E is still one of the top-rated available watches in the category of atomic watches. It is elegant and is made of sapphire crystal.

11. Coolfire Solar Atomic I Aviator

  • Quick and easy recharging
  • Auto time setting
  • Accurate time
  • Luminous hands
  • Nice design and appeal
  • Not durable strap

The 1067B Coolfire solar-powered watch is another to look at if you’re looking for an atomic watch that can deal with heavy abuse and use. For one, it is by a top brand, Coolfire. It is one of the emerging atomic watch brands in the industry. One of its best offerings is the 1067B, which features excellent performance and elegant design. Choosing it, you can be sure that you’re buying a satisfying atomic watch that delivers as expected.

One of its unique qualities is its automatic time adjustment. This Coolfire can offer a radio-controlled time just like the other atomic watches featured on this buying guide. This watch can provide an auto time setting for Germany, the USA, and the UK, to name some. Also, it is easy to use that it has three analog and digital reading selections, adding to ease of use.

Also, the USB solar watch is with a charging lamp, offering a quick and easy way of charging. With it, you can recharge your device anytime without any hassles. Also, I liked that the watch can offer users with years of battery life. In this case, you can look forward to the long-term use of the watch.

It does not need setting, too, because it is radio-controlled. You can also enjoy years of service because it doesn’t need battery replacement. This Aviator watch is also with three-hand day and luminous hands for easy time reading.

However, CoolFire tends to be on the heavy side. But overall, it is one of the high-end watches in the category that offers you with the functionalities that you need. It can also provide accurate time and has a long battery life.

12. Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual

  • Ultra-premium and durable titanium
  • Accurate atomic timekeeping
  • Scratch-resistant and with DURATECT coating
  • Water-resistant
  • Classic appeal
  • Cheap-feeling strap

Are solar powered watches excellent or bad? It depends on the kind of watch you’re buying. But if you would choose the Citizen watch, you can have a satisfying purchase because it is functional and feature-rich. This Titanium Watch for Men is one of my favorites in the category because it is not just practical but also stylish. It is attractive to look at no matter what your getup for the day is.

The Chrono Atomic watch is also made of titanium, which is one of the most durable materials around. Plus, this material is enhanced with DURATECT. It is the brand’s exclusive coating, which adds hardness to the surface. But even with this coating, the watch is unbelievably lightweight. It is also lighter by up to 40 percent compared to other solar atomic watches that tend to be on the heavy side.

Also, the AT4010-50E can keep its attractive appearance because it is scratch-free. It can keep a smooth surface that maintains the sleek appeal of the watch. Its material is also more scratch-resistant when compared to stainless steel.

These solar powered atomic watches by CITIZEN can also convert any light into energy, which is then stored in the rechargeable solar cells. They recharge automatically to run forever. They also do not require any battery changes needed.

Another thing to like about the Citizen watch is that it can offer accurate timekeeping. There is almost no error margin with this well-made watch. You can count on it because it can update the time and date without any effort on your part. After all, it works automatically.

You can also ensure its long-term performance because it is water-resistant. It is rated for submersion by up to 660 feet. You can wear it for professional and water activities, such as snorkeling. It is also appropriate for wearing in the shower. The Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual also has a classic look and works with the Japanese quartz movement along with an analog display.

On the cons, the strap feels cheap, according to some people, but it is not the opinion of everyone. Many liked the design and overall look of the watch. Also, it is durable and with premium quality. I also liked that it is made of titanium and has a classic appeal.

What Is An Atomic Solar Watch And Who This Is For


One of the most important treasure is time. Time is a man’s leverage to weigh in both success and failure. It is considered as the most limited and the most neglected resource. History began when ancient people predicted time by watching the position of the sun. They could forecast when would be the best season for planting, for fishing, for farming, etc. until great minds were born, and they created one thing that made the world as it is today – watches.

Watches are far known as an instrument for timekeeping. You can go anywhere and travel to many places and still aware of your urgent meeting on a particular day and time.

So, what is an atomic solar watch? From the word solar, its sources are both natural and human-made light. Mr. Sun emits radiation, which translates radio waves through a spectrum. Uncle Bulb is the top-rated example of a human-made light. These sources of energy are converted into electricity.

This electricity moves the atomic solar watch’s battery and makes it power on. Timekeeping looks excellent, especially when this solar-powered timepiece is durable and has a very lightweight.

This atomic solar wristwatch looks incredibly luxurious, especially that this is radio-controlled, and it helps the user to experience timeless accuracy. This is elegantly designed for men and women of all sorts and types. Because it is easy to use and to carry, it is most suited for lovers and single blessed people out there! So, what are you waiting for?

How Does It Work

In an atomic solar watch, date and time don’t need to be adjusted now and then. It receives radio wave signal frequency at dawn or in the morning. It uses the power of Mr. Sun and Uncle Bulb’s energy that is controlled by solar panels. The solar panel is displayed to natural and human-made light starring Mr. Sun and Uncle Bulb.

Moreover, this atomic solar wristwatch has a solar panel strong enough to keep up the said watch. These radio waves or radio signals have low-frequency, and reliable power is not necessary, so the battery cells do not have high voltage. It is very light and wearable.

In addition to this, you can brag this wristwatch to any of your friends because it is multi-functional and useful. Not to boast, this is made on high-quality equipment. One of its multifunctionality is that it’s not only pure solar, but it’s also battery powered, which is just one charge away. Cool, isn’t it?

To strengthen the statement above, this solar watch automatically changes its time and date accurately after receiving power from the solar panel. No need to adjust just like some other watches, the solar powered wristwatch will do it for you. Less hassle, right?

I know you are much more fascinated with what you have learned about an atomic solar watch. Well, from the quality of the product, there comes a great review! Some said it’s fantastic! Others said it’s just so elegant and it’s affordable. What a significant era for this perfect timepiece! Do you want to dive in and explore?

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Atomic Watches


You must have been updated about solar and atomic watches if you love technology. Atomic watches using the sun’s energy are powered by a solar panel. If you’re looking to buy an atomic watch, you don’t need to think much about the type of it because they work in the same manner.

An atomic solar watch uses a radio signal from the National Institute of Standards and Technology at Fort Collins, Colorado’s atomic clock. It delivers the most accurate world time. However, others are using a radio transmitter in China, such as the Casio MTGM900DA-8CR.

Affordable and luxury solar watches don’t need adjusting. They use a radio signal that automatically updates the time. They also don’t require a battery. Nevertheless, an atomic watch is a maintenance-free watch.

So, if you’re figuring out which atomic watch is for you, get started in the selection process with the reviews earlier. Indeed, you’ll find your perfect match. And again, atomic watches work in the same manner. They just vary on additional features, models, and brands, but then, working is similar.

You can also take a look at the review on top-tier solar radio. Don’t forget to read our review for the solar backpack.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Solar Powered Atomic Watch

This product is far more way better as what we expected it to be. It is, in fact, exceeded our expectation. If you love a product, there are also some things you dislike about it. As the saying goes, “You cannot please everyone.”

Aside from the fact that this is a solar atomic wristwatch, it is made of high-quality equipment. Stainless steel digital solar-powered watches and rechargeable batteries are the ultimate functions most people love. It is suitable for single blessed gents and ladies, parents, couples, athletes, and the like.

In addition to that, this does not limit you to one place. You can swim and dive because this is water-resistant. You can play around with your kids because it is lightweight and wearable. It is also a saver’s choice because it is affordable and elegant. You can use this without light contact for 5-23 months, depending on the manufacturer and model of the watch your bought. In short, it is entirely for all people from all walks of life.

However, some people could not read the LCDs on this solar wristwatch. The digital being small might be one of the reasons, especially on dim surroundings, and on the analog display’s number points are black on a dark background.

Regrettably, if your eyesight is not that clear, you may wish to see at some different choices. In connection to this, there is also one negative about LED light. It is no doubt, automatic, but it is not the best. It needs to have two or more durations.

For other disadvantages, some of them tend to be pricier than ordinary watches are. Others are also not durable. However, the brand and model of the watch you’re buying can make a big difference. It is why you need to invest some effort and time to find an atomic solar watch.

Despite atomic solar watch’s disadvantages, it has many more to offer. It is still exceptional for men and women. It is luxurious despite its reasonable price, and that makes it excellent! It’s durable enough for your life outdoor and precisely sufficient for normal and business activities.

It is indeed challenging to fathom flawless products, especially when people have different needs and usage.

Ultimately, these watches are suitable for men and women who live a fascinating active life. It is as tough as it can handle bumps, huge impacts, scrapes, and anything you can think of it. Plus, it has become a leader of modern atomic solar watches wiping the way of many eco-friendly accurate timepieces in the whole world.

Some have features such as three chronographs, power-reserve indicator, perpetual calendar, alarm, anti-reflective sapphire crystal for easier reading, and many more. Some of them don’t need a battery, so there’s no need for you to change it next year. In its stead, it is strengthened by light continuously. Because of this, it is undeniable to have the most suitable features, especially in solar watches made by quality materials.

How We Picked And Tested


Solar-powered watches are some of the latest innovations around for watches. They use PV solar cells to collect light energy, which it will then convert to power. They are powered, partially or entirely, by light. They are with a solar panel that absorbs the sun, which turns into electrical energy to work. The energy is then stored to the rechargeable battery, so these watches still work even when dark.

Plus, some of the high-end models of atomic watches can work for months without light exposure. These are with li-ion cells. Nevertheless, you must pick one that matches your needs to take advantage of this innovation. The following are some help to choose an atomic watch, like a Seiko solar atomic watch.

Easily rechargeable

The atomic watch must also easy to recharge. There is nothing more frustrating than using one that is difficult to recharge. For the most part, a good-quality one can be recharged in three minutes daily. Others do not need it for nine months. Also, these watches can be recharged using other sources of light, aside from sunlight.

Long-running time

The watch should also have a long lifespan. As you might know, it is not that cheap. So, you should get the most value out of your spending. Compare your options in the durability of the watch by reading user reviews as well as those earlier.


Much like other solar products with a battery component, you should check for the battery as one of the factors to consider. You should know how good it is and its lifespan. It is always better to find a watch equipped with a long-lasting battery, although it might come a little bit expensive.

Water resistance

Divers and other outdoor enthusiasts, among other on-the-go people, prefer a watch with water resistance up to a certain depth. There is no doubt that the unexpected weather can surface. There can also be instances when you must submerge the watch or get it wet. It will be better to look for an atomic solar watch for men that is rated with specific water resistance.


Some people don’t find an issue with a little heavy watch, but not for others who prefer the lighter counterpart. So, in terms of weight, it is much of choice. Nevertheless, many of these watches tend to be on the heavy side, so you should check the weight of the products you’re comparing to find your perfect match.


When looking for men’s solar atomic watches, you should find those that require no maintenance. A few of these need calibration or adjustments from time to time, but not for all.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are solar watches better than battery?

Yes, solar atomic time keeping watches are better than traditional battery-operated quartz timepieces and even clocks with mechanical/automatic movements.

Like quartz watches, solar clocks have lithium batteries but will not require frequent replacement because light (any light will do) keeps the power cell fully charged. After roughly a few hours of light, some solar clocks can run continuously for up to half a year without recharge.

On that note, solar wrist watches retain the quartz timepiece’s remarkable accuracy without requiring battery replacement for up to half a century, thus being more eco-friendly. And with

Solar watches are also more durable than other battery-powered wristwatch types. There is no need to wind a dial or to access the lithium power cell. These actions (or lack thereof) keep the wristwatch intact and improve its water resistance and longevity.

Efficiency is another attribute that solar watches have over other clock types. Mechanical wristwatches require users to wind the dial frequently for continuous usage. On the other hand, automatic timepieces require movement to ensure efficient timekeeping. Solar watches need neither action because they are fully independent.

How accurate is an atomic watch?

Atomic clock watches are the most precise timepieces in the world. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the latest-generation atomic clock (strontium atomic clock) has a yearly accuracy of one-15-billionth of a second.

Of course, not all atomic watches synchronize with strontium. Still, atomic clocks would be more accurate than mechanical, automatic, and quartz watches.

For example, standard quartz watches are accurate to 20 seconds per month, give or take. Meanwhile, certified mechanical timepieces are precise to within more or less 3 seconds per day. On the other hand, automatic clocks have a daily accuracy of +/-10 seconds.

For instance, you can compare the performance between a Citizen atomic solar watch, a Citizen Solar Tech 180, and a Seiko 43R5 Automatic. The atomic device will only deviate by 1.9 seconds over 9 days, while the Solar Tech will have a 19.5-second deviation. The Automatic, on the other hand, is expected to diverge for 1 minute 42 seconds over 13 days.

Does the atomic clock still broadcast?

Yes, the National Institute of Standards and Technology still broadcasts the WWVB code the organization first aired on July 5, 1963, to atomic watches everywhere. Although there have been increases in signal strength, the synchronization process remains the same.

A newly-introduced atomic radio controlled watch receives the coded signal, decodes and translates the message, and synchronizes the time automatically. With such technology, keeping atomic solar watches accurate has become easier than ever.

How long does it take to fully charge a solar watch?

The charging time of solar-powered radio-controlled watches depends on the brand, battery power level, and light source.

For example, Casio’s solar watches can reach a full charge after 18 hours of direct sunlight with a fully-drained or low-power battery. Exposing these timepieces to the sun’s rays through the window can prolong the charging time to 87 hours. On a cloudy day, leaving the clock by the window would require 176 hours to charge.

However, given that you only have about ten to eleven hours of sunlight during the day, 87 hours could translate to 8-9 days of continuous charging through the window.

Meanwhile, Citizen’s Eco-Drive solar watches only require 11 hours to recharge their solar batteries on a sunny day. The waiting time will stagger to 40 hours during cloudy days.

What are the most trusted solar atomic watch brands?

Casio and Seiko, among the rest, featured earlier, are the most trusted brands of solar atomic watches. They are quality-committed brands for an atomic solar-powered watch that can deliver top-performing, stylish, and innovative wristwatches.

How to charge a solar watch fast?

It is not as hard as some people think that is to charge a solar atomic watch. For the most part, you only need to position it in sunlight for three minutes to charge it fast. Plus, you only need to ensure that you’re exposing it to artificial light or sunlight once a day to keep the charging. But still, you should check the user manual that comes with the wristwatch you purchased to know the charging time advised.

How long do solar watches last?

There is no specific answer to this question. It all boils down to how you take care of your watch just as how you would with any watch. High-quality solar watches can last for many years, provided you don’t damage its mechanisms, at the very least.

How to use it?

You use it in the same manner as you would with any typical wristwatch. Many of them need calibration of things like a barometer, etc., from time to time. The others do not need any. Thus, you should read about its maintenance and proper use instructions as available in the user manual. 

How to care & clean?        

Many of these solar watches do not require any maintenance. As said, you use them in the same way as you would with an ordinary watch. But as others run by a rechargeable battery, you might have to replace it as needed.

Where to buy?

It is easy to find atomic watches. The primary source is the website of the manufacturer, such as Casio and Seiko. You can also buy atomic watches from sources, such as watch stores. For a broad selection, however, go to online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay.


Shopping around for the best solar atomic watch can be less stressful by knowing what features you want your wristwatch to possess. We’re hoping that this buying guide has shed light on how to choose the right atomic watch that matches your style, preferences, and needs.

Again, think about the battery’s lifespan and performance as well as the watch’s weight, water resistance, maintenance, and easy rechargeability. Finally, pick an atomic watch that can give you the most pleasant experience. Get started with the comparison using the reviews above to know the upsides and downsides of your potential choices. Buy the right solar atomic watch today!

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