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The Best Solar Attic Fans for 2023

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

What is the best solar attic fan? Finding the right one for your needs can be really time-consuming. When you search online, you will find more than a hundred of choices to pick from and compare.

For help, you might want to read a buying guide outlining the things to look for and features to check. Today, we’re also highlighting brands and their best offerings for solar ventilating fans. With information, you will be able to make an informed choice on the attic fan that works for your needs.

best solar attic fan

By finding the right ventilator fan, you will be able to get the full benefits, including energy savings and lower cooling costs. You can also rest assured that you can use it for a longer time. If you’re ready, let’s begin.

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Preview iLIVING Attic Fan

Amtrak Attic Fan


No. of Blades 7 5 5
Material Aluminum Alloy Steel Aluminum Alloy
Wattage 20 W 50 W 30 W
Air Flow Capacity 1750 CFM up to 3000 CFM
Coverage Area 2000 Sq Ft 2250 Sq Ft 2200 Sq Ft
Details Details Details


List of Top-Rated Solar Attic Fan Reviews

1. iLIVING Smart Exhaust Fan

  • Reliable and efficient operation
  • Nice and sleek design
  • Compact and solid construction
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Efficient solar panel
  • Expensive
  • Loud operation

When shopping around for an exhaust fan, you might want to check out the iLIVING solar roof fan. It is a highly rated product based on those solar powered attic ventilator reviews that you will find online.

There is no doubt that this product offers outstanding features, which make it a top-performing and reliable attic fan.

This model is one of the most reliable around because it has solid features and a compact size. It is easy to install and use, so it is a good choice among homeowners who do not have much experience in installing products like it.

The solar attic fan is also an ideal choice for its compact size, adding to its portability. You don’t have to worry about it looking bulky at all. I would also like to note that it is more reliable than other products especially if living in a cooler climate.

This model includes a smart thermostat control. Not all products in the same category include a thermostat control. You might want to check this one out if you want to buy an attic fan that has it.

Another thing that makes it unique is its brushless motor, making it more innovative and reliable. This type of motor is in the latest models of attic fans, and it is one of the things that you might want to look for when finding a roof ventilator.

I also liked that this item has a rating of IP68, which makes it an ideal choice in the category. It only means that this item is waterproof and heavy-duty. It can deal with rough weather conditions. With this feature, you can be worry-free that it’s reliable for outdoor changes.

There is also nothing quite like its sleek design. Its black color blends well with the design of your roof. Choosing it, you don’t need to repaint or redesign your roofing system because this one can blend well with it.

This product also comes with a 15-year warranty so that you can find more satisfaction in your purchase. With it, you can also get help when you need assistance like for a defective product received.

In addition, this model can cool up to 2000 square feet. You can also choose an AC non-stop day or night running a connection with an on or off switch, but it is sold separately.

On the cons, this attic fan may be too loud for some users. It is also more expensive than other choices on the market are. Still, it is your dependable choice if you are looking for many years of use.

2. Amtrak Solar Attic Fan

  • Powerful 40W motor
  • Affordable but quality components
  • RV, garage or home compatible
  • Quiet cooling and ventilation
  • Quite small
  • Wires might make others think of hard installation

The Amtrak Solar fan is another top pick around for its durability and performance. It offers many features and functions making for a quality and functional attic fan. You might want to check it out if you want an upgraded and operational fan for your space.

One of the things I liked about the solar fan is its powerful 40-Watt motor. While it is, it is not as noisy as other products in the same category are. If you’re reading a solar power attic fan review, you might have also bumped into a feedback saying that this fan is effective in ventilating their homes, RV or garage.

With the proper ventilation, they’re able to prevent moisture buildup that would otherwise lead to mold and mildew buildup.

Also, using a solar fan like this one, they have protected their family from allergies. There is no doubt that keeping proper humidity and temperature in a space can prevent the growth and development of these organisms.

I also liked that the fan itself has an efficient and large enough fan blade. This 14-inch fan also offers an easy-to-open louver. I would like to note that this product has integrated wires, so there is no hassle in its use.

In addition, I noted that this item has an extra wire and brackets included for easy installation in Gabel vent as well as in a greenhouse, recreational vehicle or garage, to name some.

You will also appreciate it has a thermal-protected fan motor along with high-quality fan blades. Both of these make the ventilation fan more efficient. This particular fan can work for up to 2,250 square feet.

If you would like to, you can also request for a free optional thermostat. It is quite a savings to appreciate. With this offer, you don’t need to buy it separately.

The made in the USA solar fan is also with a highly efficient solar panel that can run or power the low wattage, which is just enough to run the fan.

I would also like to mention that this item does not require holes in the roof. You don’t also have to get permits or an electrician. In addition, you don’t have to get any inspections.

In addition, I have read from the specifications of the maker that this solar panel can produce power for over 30 years.

You will also appreciate that it comes with four pieces of mounting brackets. For easy installation, it also includes instructions to follow as well as 25 feet of wire included, allowing for a quick connection.

On the downside, the fan is quite small. Its wires might also deter some people from buying it for thinking it is hard to install because they can find some wireless models. But overall, you might want to take a second look at the Amtrak Solar Powerful fan for its innovative features and solid performance.

3. ECO-WORTHY Attic Fan

  • Effective ventilator
  • Foldable solar panel
  • Money saving on electricity
  • Greenhouse, home, outdoor and RV
  • 25-year Warranty
  • Covers a smaller space than others can

Another decent choice in the category is the ECO-WORTHY Attic Fan. One of the things that make it a standout is its efficiency.

This item can work even on a low voltage. With minimum operating voltage of 4V, you will be able to get ventilation even on a cloudy day. It does not consume much power, so it is always ready to function even with a low-voltage supply.

In addition, the attic fan has the strength that you will like. For example, I would like to note that it could cover an area up to 1960 square feet. It can be for you if you have a medium-sized attic or garage. You can also use it in a recreational vehicle or mobile home.

More so, this item has a high-efficiency motor. It works well but without causing much noise the others in the same category do. This solar attic fan can protect against moisture that otherwise leads to mold and mildew growth.

It also has a high-quality construction that can deal with changing weather conditions. You can be certain of long-term use when you select this attic fan.

I would like to note that the 25W attic fan can cool your roof and can reduce your AC conditioning load. In the end, you will be able to cut your cooling cost with this item that can keep your attic ventilated. This fan is also easy to install, making it ready to use for any place like your RV, shed, home and outdoors.

In addition, this model is with an integrated cable that has a quick connector. You can also install it easily because of its quick-connect wires. This fan is quick to install any place in your attic and gable vent.

On the cons, this ECO-WORTHY attic fan is less powerful for covering a smaller space, though. But overall, it has performance features that you will appreciate. It can also last long of its premium quality materials.

4. Natural Light Solar Attic Fan

  • Made in the USA
  • Quality components
  • 25-year warranty
  • Energy saving and effective operation
  • Efficient for getting hot air and moisture out
  • Not for side wall mounting or flat roofs

Attics can get really hot in the summer. They are also prone to having high temperatures especially in hot places. For this reason, homeowners worry about high cooling costs, which comprise a huge percentage of energy spending for most households. That is why they’re on the lookout for solar powered attic fan with thermostats.

With or without a thermostat, these attic fans are valuable additions to any home or property. They can help in saving energy cost for every household. One of those now in demand in this category is the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan.

This attic fan, which is a 36W model, is big-time in benefits to offer. It is so easy to install on different types of roofs, including fiberglass, shingle or asphalt. In addition, it is good for attic ventilation, one of its huge benefits not to miss.

Natural Light is a rising solar attic fan brand that is tried and tested by builders. They are built with top quality and in the USA. As said, it has a 36W solar panel, which is just enough to power the attic fan. It has a strong DC motor that can work efficiently so that the fan can move the moisture and hot air out of your space daily during sunny hours.

I also noticed that its solar panel is adjustable up to 45 degrees or flat up, depending on what the situation needs.

This model can also move up to 1628 cubic feet per minute, provided of its exposure under the full sun. Also, I would like to recommend that you install one attic fan per 2625 square feet space.

If you’re living in a colder climate place, you might also want to buy the optional snap-on thermostat.

When it comes to added satisfaction in your purchase, this device also has a 25-year limited warranty for every purchase. Choosing an attic fan with a long warranty like this one is important for your peace of mind.

I would like to note that all the hardware needed is included in the kit. More so, I noticed that it offers an easy installation because there is no wiring needed for installation.

On the downside, this unit is not for a flat roof or sidewall mounting, though. But overall, you might want to check it out if it’s compatible with your roof type. Also, it has a solid and durable construction in addition to offering easy installation.

5. Remington Solar Attic Fan

  • Thermostat and humidistat pre-installed
  • Easy installation
  • Quiet brushless motor
  • Can cool up to 2500 square feet
  • Sleek and nice black color and design
  • Some installation issues
  • Expensive

The Remington Solar Attic Fan is another good pick if you’re looking for a solar attic fan that delivers. There is nothing quite like it when it comes to reliability. It is by Remington that is known for many years as one of the most trusted manufacturers of solar ventilation fans. I can agree because of the reviews regarding it that I have read. That is why I didn’t miss but include this product in our top picks.

The 30W attic fan is another eco-friendly appliance because it is solar-powered. You don’t have to think about spending more on electricity, as this item runs through the energy of the sun with is built-in solar panel.

I would like to recommend it not only for those environmentally conscious but also for those looking for a quality clean energy product.

Remington has been a solid name in solar products, and it didn’t fail my expectations once again for this item. It has a bonus and integrated Thermostat and Humidistat. With it, you don’t have to purchase them separately. That’s savings for us.

I also liked the black color of this exhaust fan because it blends well with just about any decoration or design. We don’t also need to repaint our roof to match both the attic fan and roof.

In addition, I noticed that this attic fan could operate with a brushless motor. It works quieter than other items in the same category could. More so, I can say that it’s indeed one of the top-rated solar attic fans because of such features in addition to its nice design.

More so, I would like to mention that it has innovative noise-dampening technology that makes it quieter than others in the same category are.

The fan with a 24V DC motor can also offer us a stylish design in addition to its top-quality solar panel. This item also comes with a risk-free guarantee. It is backed by a 30-day return policy.

On the downside, there were some reports on installation issues. However, these don’t comprise the majority of feedback. Overall, this Remington solar attic fan is a decent choice for having a tried and tested quality.

6. Natural Light Solar Attic Fan 24-watt

  • Can cover a space of up to 2100 square feet
  • 30% federal solar tax credit
  • 25-year warranty
  • Hardware for installation included
  • Durable and high quality aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Optional snap-on thermostat sold separately

This solar roof ventilator is another product to take a look at if you want a quality and high-performance fan for your attic, garage, recreational vehicle and cabin, to name some. It is by Natural Light, one of the most trusted brands in the scope, that you should not miss when comparing your options.

The fan with a 25-Year Warranty is a topnotch solution for homeowners who want to save on electricity while also keeping their attics ventilated. It can save them on cooling cost because their AC does not have to work as hard as before the installation of the ventilator fan.

As it is solar-powered, it is also environmentally friendly. It does not add pollution to the environment or consume traditional energy sources. This unit runs using clean energy from the sun, making it not just a cost-effective but environment-friendly solution. You will not have to worry about adding pollution to the environment.

There is also no wiring needed, unlike the others in the category, adding to the ease of installation. You will appreciate it if you have not much experience in installing appliances like it.

In addition, I would like to mention that this unit is made from premium quality aircraft-grade aluminum, which enhances its durability. More so, this product is backed by a 25-year warranty, one of the top-rated in the industry. With this feature, you can have peace of mind that you can get help when something goes wrong with your purchase.

On the cons, its snap-on thermostat is sold separately, though. But still, you should not miss this Natural Light attic fan if you’re looking for topnotch attic fan to last for years. It is also made by a tested and trusted brand in the scope, so you can rest assured it is quality.

7. ECO-WORTHY Solar Powered Attic Fan

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Clean energy, no emission
  • Integrated battery for all day and night use
  • Can help save on electricity cost
  • Safe and water-resistant
  • A bit noisy when running

ECO-WORTHY is a brand that you might have bumped into while reading a solar attic fans review. It is no doubt because it is reliable and committed to the performance of its ventilating fans. One of its best offerings on the market is the solar venting roof fan.

This solar roof fan is made from quality materials, making it more durable than other products in the same category are.

If you’re trying to save on cooling cost, you should take a look at this venting fan because it can draw the hot air and moisture out of the space. With this in mind, you can also have peace of mind that your attic will stay cool. When this happens, your AC does not have to strain in working to keep the proper temperature.

I would also like to mention that this attic fan could offer us a fully automatic operation. It is one of the features that add to the convenience of use of this product. By choosing it, you will not have to worry about switching it on and off manually.

In addition, we’re buying a ventilator fan because we want to prevent heat buildup in a place. It is one of the things that this item can give us. It can prevent the buildup of heat, which would otherwise also lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Using this ventilating fan, you can also be certain of keeping your family healthy. It is one of our concerns as parents with which this ventilator can help us.

On the downside, it can be a little noisy when running, according to some reports, but those were isolated cases. They do not comprise all reviews for this product. You might want to take look at it if you’re searching for a high-performing ventilating fan.

8. Amtrak 70-Watt Solar Attic Fan

  • One of the most powerful, 70-Watt
  • Prevents moisture buildup
  • Easy to install
  • 25-year warranty
  • No need for holes in the roof
  • Expensive

The Amtrak 70-Watt Solar Attic Fan is one of the most impressive attic fans that I have found while looking for products to review. It is built with high-quality materials and a durable motor. I loved this ventilator because the 70-Watt fan is a powerful fan that can cool a large space effectively. With this said, you could have it installed in a larger attic, garage or mobile home.

In addition, this item is by Amtrak Solar, a leading brand in the industry. It is known for manufacturing top-notch attic fans that have solid performance features that many homeowners from all over the world love.

One of the things I liked about the attic fan is that it can prevent moisture buildup. Having that in mind, you can rest assured that you can also avoid the growth and development of mold and mildew, which otherwise can lead to allergies and asthma for sensitive loved ones.

Also, using a ventilator fan is energy-saving because it can keep your AC from working too hard and consuming much power. Speaking of money saving, this item is also free to use forever because it is solar-powered.

This product is also easy to install. You don’t have to drill holes in the roof, too. In addition, it comes with brackets and additional wire for installation. It is also versatile for use in the garage, greenhouse, home, and RV, to name some.

On the negative, the Amtrak 70-Watt Solar Attic Fan is a bit expensive, though. It can be pricier than others in the category. But if you would consider its features, you will be able to see that it’s worth buying. Check it out for yourself.

9. Natural Light Solar Attic Fan 36-watt Bronze

  • Powder coat finish for added durability
  • Commercial quality construction
  • 25-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • May qualify you for a tax credit
  • Some people might find bronze off
  • Fan motor might not be the most durable around

Natural Light is a consistent brand for solar ventilating fans. Another offering from it is this 36-watt Bronze attic fan. This made in the USA ventilator can qualify you for a tax credit, which is another way of saving money.

One of the things I liked about the item is its large coverage area. It has a 1628 CFM that can cover up to 2625 square feet of space. By choosing it, you can be sure that your larger attic or garage can stay cool because this unit can effectively draw the hot air out. With that said, you will feel more comfortable working in your garage or attic, for instance.

In addition, this product is with a bronze powder coating finish, adding to the elegance and sleek appearance of this unit. More so, I am recommending it because of its commercial quality throughout, making it a top choice even for those who own an office.

They can save money on AC cost because their air conditioning does not have to work too hard, especially in the summer. This exhaust fan is effective in drawing the hot air out for better AC efficiency.

When shopping around for a good attic fan, you must check for the warranty included in the purchase. This Natural Light roof fan is included with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty of the solar panel, fan housing, and fan motor.

With it, you can be certain that help is available when something goes wrong with your purchase, like defective workmanship.

On the negative side, this product’s fan motor might not be that long-lasting. Some people might not also like the bronze color. But overall, you will find the product a great buy because of its durable materials and innovative features based on the majority of solar roof fan reviews.

10. Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic Ventilator

  • Strongly built with UV-stabilized ABS Plastic and other materials
  • With a longer, single aluminum blade fan for cooler air circulation
  • Hassle-free installation process
  • Stunning outer appearance that complements house designs and furniture
  • With an efficient 28 Watt solar panel
  • It can only be used on a shingle roof

Avoid a suffocating ambiance inside your residential or business area. Keep your ventilation simple and cool by installing Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic Ventilator. Know its strength and weakness below.

The Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic Ventilator boasts a built-in 28-watt solar panel. It is highly efficient in receiving sunlight and generating it into electricity. That means users need not to get expensive to experience long-term comfort at their homes.

Further, this item promotes proper ventilation at home, which is really beneficial for the human respiratory system as well as in maintaining a calm mindset. One Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic can cover as wide as 537 CFM.

If you look on the product specification, just notice that its single aluminum blade fan is intently made longer. This way, cooler air circulation can be extended up to your preferred room at home.

Another reason to love Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic is its low-key yet beautiful structure that blends with any house design. It is not just constructed with beauty but also with resilience.

It’s not surprising at all that this attic ventilator is strongly built. Broan-Nutone is known for its high reputed and tough items. This one is made of UV-stabilized ABS Plastic, stainless steel fasteners, galvanized steel bracket, and a tempered glass solar panel.

Aside from that, the aluminum screen of this item’s solar panel automatically drives away living things that may disturb its operation, such as insects, birds and bats.

I simply like that its solar panel is made in quality materials because it will be ready for any weather disturbance outdoors.

Expect further that this item is mute while working efficiently as it has a direct-current motor. Silent features of Attic Ventilator are necessary because we don’t want disturbing sounds at the top of our house, especially on bed times.

One more asset of this item is its easy installation process. All that has to be done is to set up this attic ventilator on a roof with compact and positive stops so it will be fastened to its place.

One disadvantage I see about Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic Ventilator is that the seller suggested that it could only be used on a shingle roof. But overall, I appreciate the most how modern yet modest the construction of Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic Ventilator, it can really serve as an asset to once home with all its amazing features.

11. GBGS Solar Attic Fan

  • With motor that works silently.
  • Smooth Air deflector for better air circulation
  • Adjustable solar panel
  • Guarantees 10 year warranty for its motor and another 20 years warranty for its solar panel
  • IP68 waterproof brushless motor
  • Limited installation area or type of roof

Does it feel like summer inside your house the whole year round and know it’s not just the climate to blame? Perhaps there is no proper ventilation on your attic so it triggers more heat. Here’s a thrifty solution by GBGS Solar Attic Fan.

The GBGS Solar Attic Fan is an excellent device that will blow away your sweat through its natural power. I said natural because it functions through clean and renewable solar energy.

Yes, you heard it right. The driving force of this attic fan is purely derived from the sunlight. Hence, you and your family can enjoy comfort without breaking your budget plan.

Aside from the fact that it doesn’t use electricity, you can also cut power consumption costs from other appliances like the air con or electric fan as GBGS Solar Attic Fan is installed in your home.

Thanks to its solar panel that is flexible so it can be adjusted in different possible positions so it can receive abundant sun rays and store energy. It can be moved horizontally at 90 degrees regulation or vertically in four angles from 0, 15, and 30 to 45 degrees.

I liked the most that this attic fan contains a smooth-air deflector that can be found on its fan’s shroud. As a result, it can be really an effective exhaust mechanism against heat. Further, said deflector promotes fresher and continuous air circulation.

While it works so well, the motor of GBGS Solar Attic Fan performs peacefully as it is designed with whisper quiet 24 volt motor. Therefore, you or your neighbors won’t hear noise, as they are asleep.

Moreover, based on the salient feature of this item is its durability. Its brushless motor is constructed as IP68 waterproof so rainfall doesn’t matter. Its entire body is also made of galvanized steel to ensure that it’s mighty and ready for climate pressures.

In case clients turned dissatisfied, the GBGS Solar Attic Fan has a specified 10 year warranty for its motor and another 20 years warranty for its solar panel. This only proves that GBGS values its business relationship among its avid clients.

However, you have to be conscious of where to install this item for the most suitable results. It is only suitable to set up on normal sloped, flat concrete and wood shake roofs. To top it all, the top-tier features of GBGS Solar Attic Fan come with its cost-saving power, flexible solar panel, smooth-air deflector, resilient structure and benevolent warranty package for customers.

12. Rand Solar Powered Attic Fan

  • Free solar energy
  • 435 CFM capacity
  • No wirings
  • Long life brushless motor
  • Can cool or ventilate 700 square feet
  • Less powerful than others in the same category
  • Not for larger spaces

Rand Solar is a tried and tested brand that has been around for many years. You can count on it in terms of the quality and performance of its products. This ventilator is a top rater in the category, and for reasons. Take a look at the most trusted solar roof ventilator if you’re looking to get a reliable attic fan that delivers.

The 8-Watt roof ventilator is the solar energy product that you’re looking for if you have a smaller space. It has worked perfectly from the beginning and for a long time because it is made from top-quality materials.

This item always runs on free solar power, so it is necessary for those who want to cool or ventilate a space but without adding to their monthly spending. This item has a reliable solar panel to keep the fan spinning.

I would love to have something like it in my home because I can cool the attic or space without spending on electricity. You can cut your cooling bill significantly by using this kind of product in your attic or roof.

For a very short time, this fan can also pay for itself, so there is nothing to lose. I would like to note that it’s good for the environment. It works effectively but without depending on fossil fuel to operate. It runs on free energy forever, so it does not add to the pollution of the environment.

If you have a larger space to cool or ventilate, you might have to install at least one attic fan. On the other hand, you might want to take a look at bigger models offered by the manufacturer. It has 30W or 40W fans.

In addition, I am recommending this product to those who have a smaller space because it can only ventilate up to 700 square feet for its 435 CFM capacity.

This unit is also self-contained. You just have to mount it to the roof, and it works automatically. It is a compact fan, even for a small space. It is also with a 20-year parts warranty.

On the cons, it is not for larger spaces and less powerful than others in the same category are. Overall, it is a decent choice for those who want an efficient and reliable attic fan. It can also offer an easy rooftop installation, too.

Why You Should Trust Us

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Our team aims to provide you with insightful reviews to help you pick the right fan based on the features that you’re looking for.

We make use of a systematic approach in creating these reviews. First, we considered the things to check and later picked highly rated attic fans to review.

In each review, we’ve highlighted each product’s special qualities along with its pros and cons.

So if you want to find a good solar-powered fan, you might want to choose We’re your one-stop source of insightful solar attic fan reviews to compare and pick the right solar attic fan today!

What Is A Solar Attic Fan And Who This Is For


Aside from reading a solar attic fan review comparison, you should know what the attic fan is and if it is for you. Learn more in the following.

A solar attic fan is a simple and efficient way of adding a ventilation system in your home. With this, you get to prevent moisture build-up and thus, protect and maintain your home. Also, the solar attic fan can help you save up on electrical bills.

In summer, temperatures can reach up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit or above. This warm air then permeates around your home, overworking your air conditioner. This results in higher electricity bills. The solar attic fan provides the solution.

The solar attic fan basically acts like an air exchanger. It’s equipped with fans that pull in warm air from your attics and exchange it with cooler air from the outside. Since air inside is now cooler, your AC doesn’t have to be running that much.

Moreover, solar attic fans run on solar energy. That is, the fans spin faster and become more effective as it is exposed to more sunlight.

Solar attic fans are also useful during winter, according to solar powered attic fan reviews. Houses during winter usually produce warm air. Thus, it creates moisture when it meets with the cold underside of the roof. Moisture build-ups can result in molds and other damage to your home.

With a solar attic fan, there is constant ventilation and air circulation. Cold air and warm air are exchanged regularly to prevent moist air from condensing on the roof’s surface. With this, you will have a drier roof.

There is a variety of solar attic fans available in the market. Most solar attic fans can be installed and mounted on roofs, gables, and curbs.

We also have a list of top-tier solar tubes for your reference. Furthermore, read our latest guide about the top-tier solar ultrasonic pest repeller if you need.

How Does It Work

Like all solar products, the solar attic fan runs on solar energy. Solar attic fans basically act as the gateway between cool air and warm air and, thus, help in regulating the temperature inside your home.

The solar attic fan runs on two essential components: the solar panel and its fan.

Solar panels are responsible for collecting solar energy. The size of the panel depends on the model one bought. The size and capacity of your home is also a factor to consider.

The fan inside the solar attic fan is in charge of the actual ventilation. The fan’s speed varies depending on the solar energy it gets.

The solar attic fan can be used in all climates, especially during the summer and winter months.

In summer, attics can usually reach up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter due to constant solar exposure. This heat then disperses around your home, resulting into an overworked air conditioner and higher electrical bills.

A solar attic works by exchanging the warm air inside with the cold air outside. Little by little, the living space can get cooler, resulting in reduced electricity consumption.

In winter times, there are tendencies for moisture to build-up as well when the warm air inside your home meets with the cold underside of the roof. Moisture breeds molds, which can damage your home.

The solar attic solves this problem by exchanging the warm air inside for the cold air inside. This way, you will have a drier roof and attic.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Attic Fans


Attic fans are a popular alternative to use instead of air conditioners. For one, they’re cheaper and they basically give the same effect as that of air conditioners.

There are three types of attic ventilation.

First are your non-mechanical attic fans. Also known as gable vents, they are mounted in the attic’s side walls. They are effective in cooling the attic. However, they have the tendency to cause heat spots when there’s no air.

Second, are the electrical attic fans. As the name implies, they run on electricity and thus are more powerful compared to solar and wind-powered attic fans are. The downside, however, is that they can consume a lot of electricity, which can put off some homeowners.

The third type is the whole house fan system. Here, the attic fans are placed around the home to ventilate it. Since there are many, these systems are typically noisy.

Fourth are the wind-powered attic fans. They help reduce electrical expenses; however, they are not really reliable and consistent.

Lastly are the solar attic fans. These fans run on solar energy, reducing your electrical consumption. When there’s not enough sunlight, these fans can work as a common ventilator.

There are three categories under solar attic fans. The difference lies in their method of installation; however, they all work on the same principle. The solar panel collects the solar energy and the solar energy will power the fans.

First, solar attic fans can be mounted on the roof. Being installed in this location prevents your attic from overheating. It pulls warm air out while supplying fresh, cool air into your vents. This not only cools your home but also protects your roof in the end.

As such, they are quite popular among home and building owners.

Next, solar fans can also be installed either in gables, the gable vents, or inside the attic. These types are usually meant to prevent moisture build-up.

As such, they are quite popular among cabin and RV owners. Some people also use these solar fans to provide ventilation in intake grills. Moreover, they are great to use during wintertime.

Some models come with a remote solar panel. With this, it’s easy to adjust your solar panel to achieve optimum sunlight.

Last is the curb-mounted type. These are attached to pre-built curbs and are usually used for commercial and proprietary purposes and functions. Curb-mounted types can vent up to 3,100 square feet.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Attic Fans

Knowing the pros and cons of a product is necessary for a buyer to know if it can appropriately satisfy and meet their needs. Also, it helps the buyer in deciding if he/she wants to purchase the product or not.

Like all products, a solar attic fan also has its own fair share of pros and cons.



Solar products are known for how friendly they are to the environment. Solar power is a clean and renewable energy source. With this, you can do your part in saving the Earth and also reduce your family’s carbon footprint.


A solar attic fan is designed to ventilate your home by exchanging warm air with cold air outside.

In summer, the solar attic fan is especially useful. With this, you can reduce and lessen your usage of the air conditioner since the fan brings in cold air from outside. In the winter, the solar attic fan prevents moisture build-up and molds in your roofs.

Protects your roofs

Fluctuating temperatures can cause costly damage to your roofs. Warm temperatures can contribute to mold and mildew growth while cold temperatures can cause ice dams to form in your roofs.

A solar fan can prevent such damage from happening since it can provide adequate ventilation.

Easy to install

A solar attic fan is also easy to install since there are no wires required. Moreover, it’s quick to install. Professionals only take about 30 minutes to install the solar attic fan. Of course, you can always install by yourself.


Most solar attic fans are quiet since they don’t have a lot of moving parts. With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about sudden noises and sounds.

Highly efficient during summer

If you live in tropical or warm climates, the solar attic fan is the one for you. The more sunlight it can absorb, the faster the fans can spin and the faster the cooling effect.


Reliant on the sun

Solar attic fans rely on sunlight. As such, its performance may be compromised when it doesn’t get enough charge. Moreover, it may not be suitable for areas with colder climates.


In terms of power, solar attic fan are not as powerful as motor-based or electric models. Thus, it might take a while to feel the cooling effect.

High initial cost

Like all solar products, solar attic fans usually have high upfront costs. This usually discourages homeowners from availing the product, not knowing that it can help them save in the end.

How We Picked And Tested


Solar attic fans are an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to using air conditioners. They basically exchange warm air inside for the cold air outside, thus, preventing any mold and mildew from damaging your roof. Since it is also solar-powered, it can also help reduce electrical expenses.

Due to the numerous advantages it gives, solar attic fans are quite popular among homeowners. This great demand has resulted into an abundant supply of types and styles in the market. This makes the task of purchasing one a bit overwhelming.

Of course, only you can say truly say what the best solar attic fan is. This all depends on how much it can meet and satisfy your needs. To help you out, here are a few key factors you need to remember when you’re in the market.

Adjustable solar panel

One of the most important parts of a solar attic fan is its solar panels since this is where the collection of solar energy happens.

A good rule of thumb is to buy a model that comes with an adjustable solar panel. With this, you can adjust it to an angle that can get the optimum amount. An adjustable solar panel is also recommended for roofs that are at an angle that don’t get a lot of sunlight.

Aside from that, also look for one that is made out of high-quality materials.


The other important component of the solar attic fan is its fan blade. More blades equal to a more efficient unit. With this, the solar attic fan can hasten its air exchange process.

Another thing is that more blades mean a quieter unit. With this, each blade will have to work less and thus, produce lesser noise. A fan with at least five blades can give these benefits.

It’s also best to find a fan made out of high-quality, non-corrosive aluminum.

Quiet motor

Aside from the blade, you should also check the solar attic fan’s motor to ensure a quiet performance. You can

How large the motor depends on the size of your attic. If you have a large attic, then you might need to purchase two of these to feel the effects.


Solar attic fans should be made of high-quality materials to ensure that it can last long. With this, you can have a product that is both dependable and reliable.

The attic fan should have a body made out of aircraft aluminum since this material is known to be durable and can bear impacts. Units made out of plastic break quickly and do not last long.

Moreover, the solar vent should be made have an aluminum power-coated flashing and should be protected by an animal screen. It’s better to use one that is made out of stainless steel.


Solar attic fans are only efficient up to a certain measurement. As such, you need first to take note of how big your attic is and find a solar attic fan that can comfortably cool it. The capacity of the solar attic fan is written by cubic feet or meters.


Solar attic fans can be mounted in many ways. In fact, it can be mounted either on roofs, curbs or gables. To find out which one to buy, it’s better to research first and know about these different types.


A solar attic fan with protective features can increase the lifespan of your product. As such, it is recommended you buy a model that has a cover. With this, you can prevent bacteria from going inside the unit as well as different bugs and animals.


Warranties are important since it attests to how durable the product is as well as the level of confidence the company has in their product.

In general, look for a model that comes with a long warranty. Ideally, it should be for about 3 to 5 years.

Aside from the warranty, it is also recommended to read into reviews of different products. With this, you can have a rough picture on the product’s performance.

If you have the time, you can also always go visit and store and see the item for yourself. A salesperson will be more than willing to help you and explain how the product works.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do solar attic fans save money or not?

Yes, an attic solar fan can save money, although not much. For instance, a pair of solar powered roof vents might save a 1000-square-foot space about 460 kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Multiplying this number with the US average residential electricity price of 14.26 cents per kWh will give us net savings worth $65.6 annually.

Although a Consumer Reports article focused only on the energy efficiency and cost-savings of whole-house fans, it is worth noting that solar roof vents have similar benefits.

These solar-powered fixtures are ideal for Florida and other states with hot summers. The solar-powered units will also be useful in the attic, where temperatures can overshoot 150℉.

These devices reduce attic temperatures and prevent heat transfer to the living spaces. They lower the need for air conditioning and other space-cooling technologies.

You might still use your air conditioner in a more energy-efficient setting, saving you money on your electric bills.

Can solar attic fans work on cloudy days?

Yes, solar attic ventilation fans work on cloudy days, as long as they have solar panels with high conversion efficiency, such as monocrystalline ones, and/or backup batteries.

As there will still be sunlight on overcast days, the panels should be able to convert energy; and the backup batteries will ensure the fans can work when there are several consecutive days with no sun.

Tips to size a solar attic fan

Sizing solar fans for roof systems can be confusing for some people. However, the following tips should help you determine the most appropriately-sized solar fans for attics in your home.

  • Start by determining your attic’s square footage by multiplying its length by width. For example, suppose your attic measures 25×50. In that case, its area is 1,250 square feet.
  • Multiply the attic area by 0.70 to know the minimum CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating an attic fan must have. Our example shows we need an oscillator with at least 875-CFM (1,250 sq. ft. × 0.70 = 875 CFM).
  • If your house has a steep roof, multiply the minimum CFM by 1.20. For dark-colored roofs, multiply by 1.15 to offset their ability to absorb heat.
  • If you are unsure about the calculation, you might want to try an online calculator too

How long does a solar-powered attic fan last?

Top-rated solar attic fans can last at least two decades, depending on their proper installation and strict observance of maintenance regimens.

However, solar attic fans are not single-component systems. Some elements can deteriorate or suffer wear and tear effects faster than others.

A typical solar attic fan has a solar panel, an upper and lower housing, a dielectric motor, a fan blade, and an exhaust mesh. Some might even have batteries, such as the product by ECO-WORTHY we recommended earlier.

The average lifespan of a solar panel is 25 years, while a dielectric motor can last at least 15 years. Meanwhile, it is typical for fan ball bearings to continue operating at optimum functionality for 50,000 hours.

Solar batteries have a variable operational lifespan, depending on the power cell type.

  • Proprietary power cells for solar attic fans can last 2 years
  • Lithium batteries can continue operating the device for 3 years.
  • Nickel metal-hydride power units have a 5-year limit on their energy storage abilities.
  • Nickel-cadmium units might last 2,000 to 2,500 cycles.

What are the most trusted solar attic fan brands?

There are many solar fans for the attic to choose from and by different brands. However, not all of them are reliable enough to deliver us the quality that we need.

For this reason, we have researched for the top brands, including Natural Light, ECO-WORTHY and Amtrak, and their products to review. They are some of the most reliable brands, along with the others we’ve featured earlier

What is cfm for a solar attic fan?

Experts recommend attic fans with two to three cubic feet per minute (CFM) for every square foot of living space. Although this “rule” is for attic fans in general, it can serve as a guide for solar roof vent fans.

Hence, if the room directly below a solar attic fan measures 200 square feet, the fan should have a 400 to 600 CFM rating (200 sq. ft. x 2 CFM = 400 CFM or 200 sq. ft. x 3 CFM = 600 CFM).

Consumer Reports describes a fan’s CFM rating as one of the appliance’s most significant attributes because it determines how much air the solar fan will move across the room. Note that high CFMs may come with high wattage, so pick a solar roof ventilation fan with a balance of both.

Does it give tax credit for solar directors?

Yes, a solar attic exhaust fan is eligible for a 30% tax credit until 2032, after which newer installations will only get a 26% and 22% tax credit beginning in 2033 and 2034 respectively.

How to know if your solar fan is working?

Even top-rated solar attic fans fail. Hence, knowing if a fan is working is a responsibility every homeowner must take. One of the easiest ways to determine if a product is functional is by checking the room temperature. You can conduct a little experiment.

First, check the room temperature underneath the solar attic fan. Next, turn on the device and let it run for at least an hour. Read the room temperature again and check if it is lower than the baseline. If the temperature is lower than the initial reading, your solar fan is working.

However, it is worth noting that solar attic fans can reduce the temperature by as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Hence, your model might not be working as efficiently as it should if it can only lower the heat by several degrees.

How many solar attic fans do I need?

Two solar attic fans are sufficient for most homes. However, the current recommendation is to use an attic fan that can move two to three cubic feet of air for every square foot of space. Hence, a single 500-CFM solar vent fan for shed units is enough for a 200 to 250-square-foot shed or room.

How much does a solar attic fan cost?

There is no one price for all solar attic fans. It depends on the brand, features and functions. It can also depend on the materials used in the manufacture. Nevertheless, attic fans are available in different prices, and some can be pretty expensive. You can compare according to your budget using our reviews earlier.

Do solar attic fans come with a cord/wire?

Yes, those that require wirings come with hardware for installation, including a cord/wire/cable. However, you might still want to check it out based on what you’re buying, as some of them involve no wiring in the installation.

How to install solar attic fan on metal roof?

We cannot speak for all the manufacturers because they can have specific instructions regarding installation on a metal roof. For the most part, you need screws to put the fan in place and holes on the roof where to drill those screws. Still, you should read and understand specific manual included for proper guidance.

What is the warranty?

The most trusted brands offer really long warranties, like 25 years for the motor, fan housing and other components. But then, it can also vary from one brand to another. It pays off to compare your choices and check out which offers a long warranty among them.

What are the most trusted places to buy?

You can buy these solar ventilating fans in clean energy supplies stores and appliance stores. But if you want to buy from the manufacturers themselves, you might want to buy on Amazon, where to find great deals and legitimate brands.

How to install and use?

Just as said, manufacturers have specific instructions to find in the user manual included in your purchase. You have to check it out, read and follow the directions on how to install it. Regarding usage, these fans work automatically once installed.

How to care & maintain?

You care for and maintain the attic fan in the same way you take care of a conventional ventilator fan. From time to time, you just need to wipe it off with a clean and dry cloth, especially the solar panel for optimal function.


Using the best solar attic fan, you can save on cooling costs because your AC does not have to strain to keep optimal temperature, especially in the summer. You can also rest assured that hot air will be drawn out of your home or garage.

With it, you can also prevent the growth of mold and mildew that might cause allergies and sickness to sensitive loved ones. Having this appliance, you can also keep your family healthy and comfortable, especially in the summer months. It is because the AC will run at optimal conditions, so it can keep your entire home cool.

In addition, the attic fan is powerful enough to cover a large space, depending on the model you end up buying. It is also made of quality and durable materials and has a sleek and nice design.

Nevertheless, you will get plenty of benefits for choosing the right ventilator fan, so you might want to spend effort and time in comparing among the top picks in the category. Buy a solar-powered attic fan today!

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