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The Best Solar Backpacks for Every Camper, Hiker & More

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

Are you looking for the best solar backpack? If you love traveling, camping, and spending time outdoors, you might need it, especially for a functional bag that also works as a charger. With it, you can keep your mobile devices, such as a smartphone charged. It is essential, especially if you travel alone and want to stay in touch with everyone.

best solar backpack

However, you might have to spend so much effort and time in finding the right one without an idea on the right backpack with a charger for your needs. We’re here to help! In the following, we’re offering you our top suggestions for a solar bag that you can select from and later choose for yourself. Let’s start.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview ECEEN ECE-612

FESTI Solar Backpack

ECEEN Solar Backpack
Weight 1.83 pounds 2 pounds 1.19 pounds
USB Ports 1 2 1
Capacity 50L 13L 30L
Output 5V/1A 6.5V 5V/1A
Power 7W 7W
Details Details Details


Top-Rated Solar Backpack Reviews

1. ECEEN Solar Backpack

  • High-efficiency photovoltaic cells for improved energy transfer efficiency
  • Removable solar panel for greater backpack versatility
  • Can charge multiple devices
  • Lightweight, weatherproof, and durable backpack design
  • Various pockets and compartments for different items
  • Capacity is not large enough for several days’ worth of clothing

The ECEEN solar panel bag has all the makings of a good-quality bag for people who are always on the go. This solar panel bag comes with advanced technology that harnesses the energy of the sun more efficiently than other similar products.

What we love about the ECEEN are its high-efficiency photovoltaic cells. It has an energy transfer efficiency that can shame larger systems. This can translate to better solar energy gathering and its eventual conversion into usable DC power. The surface of the solar panels also comes with adequate protection against the elements, scratches, and bumps.

Because of the small size of the solar panels, it will never detract from both the aesthetics and functionality of the backpack. There are pockets galore for every item and gadget in your arsenal. The main compartment features enough padding to accommodate sensitive equipment. You can stow your tablet or laptop without risking its integrity. There are hidden, zippered pockets, too, for securing more valuable belongings.

The Eceen solar backpack comes with a ripstop fabric material. No brush or twig will ever be sharp enough to cut through the material. And when it comes to a downpour, the ECEEN backpack will protect the things you put inside. The stress points come with bartack reinforcements. Regardless of the kind of outdoor adventure you have in mind, the ECEEN will get you there.

The most useful part of it is that you can charge all of your modern devices wherever you are. You no longer have to fuss about the unavailability of an outlet for charging your gadgets. You’ve got one right on your back.

The only downside of the ECEEN is its capacity. It is, nevertheless, great for light traveling or a day-long trek on the trails. It is also a trustworthy carriage system for a daily commuter.

2. FESTI 13L Solar Hydration Backpack

  • 22% efficient monocrystalline solar panel
  • Four-hour solar charging with two USB ports
  • 13-liter capacity suitable for everyday use
  • Well-insulated two-liter water reservoir
  • With several pockets for managing different items
  • Design for comfort: dual-channel airflow, adjustable shoulder straps, etc
  • Slow to charge the devices

FESTI might look like an ordinary bag with solar panel, but its design is as thoughtful as a military-grade outfit. There are many things to love about this bag, and I will start with its photovoltaic cell technology.

Most solar bags feature polycrystalline solar panels to make them affordable without undermining solar efficiency. However, why should I be content with a 15% efficient PV panel when I could harness 22% of the sun’s energy and turn it into DC electricity? That is what this solar bag offers – a highly efficient monocrystalline solar panel.

Its high-efficiency PV cells translate to faster solar charging. While most solar bags need at least 6 hours under the sun to charge built-in batteries, this solar backpack only requires 4 hours of sunlight to fill its 10Ah power bank. That is enough to recharge two USB-ported mobile devices simultaneously, making this backpack a favorite of digital nomads.

Now, this solar backpack does not only provide power anywhere. It also keeps the body well-hydrated, thanks to its built-in two-liter water reservoir with an integrated drinking hose. The bladder has a protective layer to insulate the 13-liter main backpack compartment against accidental spills.

Such a capacity is sufficient for everyday items. A netbook, tablet, personal effects, and other stuff can fit right in. I like the dedicated electronic pocket to secure objects with sensitive parts.

Wearing this bag on the back is surprisingly comfortable. It has adequate back padding, a dual-channel airflow system, and fully adjustable shoulder straps. The lumbar and sternal straps are also noteworthy, perfect for effortless and safe de-loading.

Although I appreciate this solar system backpack, I wish its charging cables could deliver more power to mobile devices to speed up recharging.

3. ECEEN Solar Backpack

  • Large storage capacity
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Off-the-grid charger
  • Good warranty
  • Weather conditions and shady areas affect charging efficiency

The ECEEN solar backpack is another topnotch product that you can consider in your choice of backpack. It is one of the top-quality solar-powered backpacks on the market today. It is well-made with high-grade materials and top-tier artistry employed.

The best solar backpack comes with a charger that is compatible and will charge any devices you have. It is equipped with a highly efficient solar panel to charge your equipment effectively. This off-grid solution can keep your devices alive while on a trip.

I also like the ECEEN solar backpack because of its sizeable 30L storage capacity. This bag features various compartments and pockets to put and organize all your essential items.

The durability of the ECEEN solar backpack is another advantage. This backpack is made of durable nylon and polyester fabric. The zippers are heavy-duty metals. It is also water-resistant. This solar backpack is made ideal for long-term use and is reliable even for charging a power bank.

I also like how lightweight and comfortable to use the ECEEN solar backpack is. It weighs only 1.19 pounds and has breathable mesh shoulder straps to ease the stress from your shoulders, ideal for long trips and walks. After you used the backpack, you can just easily fold it and store it for the next trip.

The warranty of the ECEEN solar backpack is also a plus. I am more confident with the 30-day money-back guarantee, 1-year warranty, and lifetime customer service ECEEN offers. With this, you can be sure that you will get the top-rated product and service.

However, as to the downside of the ECEEN solar backpack, the solar panel will not work efficiently if not hit directly by sunlight. Shady areas may affect the charging efficiency of your solar backpack. Despite that, I would highly recommend you try out the ECEEN solar backpack. It is a backpack of excellent durability. It works well and is more economical than buying a separate power bank. You never have to worry about dead batteries on your next trips with this solar backpack.

4. Kingsons Beam Backpack

  • A very flexible solar panel that does not detract from the aesthetics of the bag
  • Energy transfer efficiency high enough for improved charging
  • Dual charging ports or simultaneous charging
  • Wide and comfortable shoulder straps
  • Elegant backpack design
  • Solar charging mechanism may not be as efficient as other bag

The Kingsons Beam Backpack is a good-looking bag that is perfect for jetsetters, corporate slaves, and weekend adventurers. It has enough space for two days’ worth of stuff and enough power to keep your gadgets running.

What we find admirable in the Beam is its use of a lightweight and ultra-flexible solar panel. These photovoltaic systems array rapid charger features solar panels that are so thin, they conform to the natural shape of the bag. There are no large panels that stick out from the surface of the backpack. What you get is a solar panel that looks like it is an integral component of the bag itself.

The Beam looks small. However, its main compartment can house a 15-inch laptop and a 10-inch tablet. There are small pockets that can accommodate a variety of gadgets and personal belongings. The zippered side pockets are also ideal for storing other essentials. A water bottle or a small folding umbrella will fit right in.

The shoulder straps come with innovative compression technology. It pulls the weight of the backpack and distributes it evenly across the shoulders. It gives the bag a much lighter weight than it is. You will never feel your shoulders and your back aching. And if they do, you can always rely on the grab handle of the Beam. The grab handle is large enough to slide right into the retractable handle of rolling luggage.

We did find one issue, and this is related to the Beam’s choice of solar panel technology. Its lower energy transfer efficiency can be a real downer. Nevertheless, the transfer efficiency of the Beam is still higher than other products we have seen and tested. Also, its thoughtful design makes this backpack a dependable companion for any activity you may have in mind.

Faraz Solar Backpack (Outdated)

  • Compact and comfortable
  • Can charge multiple devices at the same time
  • Durable material
  • Assorted compartments
  • Money-back guaranteed
  • Power bank not included

If you are looking for a solar backpack charger that is of good make and will definitely for your budget, the Faraz solar backpack is the perfect match for you.

I like the modern and stylish design of the Faraz solar backpack. Not only can you conveniently and safely charge your devices with this solar backpack, but you can also look fashionable with it. Its design makes it suitable for everyday use for formal or informal occasions.

The Faraz solar backpack also features an output of 6W. It is equipped with an excellent and efficient solar panel that harnesses energy from the sun effectively. You can also charge multiple devices at the same time.

The durability of the Faraz solar backpack is also guaranteed. This solar backpack is made of durable materials. It is also waterproof and tear-proof. This backpack is ultimately designed for long-lasting use.

I also like the various assorted compartments that the Faraz solar backpack has. It has many pockets that have a relatively big space for storage. You can put a lot of things and necessities in this backpack. It is tailored to the user’s convenience.

The Faraz solar backpack is also compact and comfortable, which I like. I like the padded and adjustable straps it has. You can adjust it to fit your back well and ease the pressure from your shoulders. This backpack is also lightweight, and with its padded back, you are guaranteed a more comfortable carrying experience.

Their money-back guarantee is another advantage. If you are unsatisfied with your product, you can contact customer service and ask for a refund.

As to its downside, however, is it does not include a power bank. Overall, I liked and would highly recommend the Faraz solar backpack to anyone looking for one with a functional charging capacity. This solar backpack is durable and looks good. It does what it is intended. This product is a wise purchase.

EnerPlex Solar Backpack (Outdated)

  • Durable construction
  • Assorted compartments for storage
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Affordable
  • Has a lower wattage compared to other brands

Another great alternative if you are on the hunt for a reliable solar backpack is the EnerPlex solar-powered backpack. EnerPlex is one of the reputable brands in the industry you can trust to deliver excellent backpacks for your satisfaction.

One of the reasons why I like the EnerPlex solar backpack is because of its assorted compartments. This solar backpack is tailored to provide you with enough space to put your things. It has padded laptop sleeves and pen and business card pockets. It is even expandable to give you an even bigger room for storage.

The solar panel in the EnerPlex solar backpack produces 3 watts under maximum sunlight exposure. This power can charge your device in under five hours.

You can also trust the durability of the EnerPlex solar backpack for a guaranteed long-lasting product. This solar backpack is made with premium materials. The solar panel is water-resistant. It can withstand impacts, drops, and minor punctures.

I also like how lightweight the EnerPlex solar backpack is. This backpack is made of solar-on-plastic technology. It barely adds weight to the bag, which makes it more comfortable to carry around.

The beautiful appearance of the EnerPlex solar backpack makes it even more appealing for me. The design of this backpack is simple yet elegant.

The price is another reasonable consideration in choosing a solar charger backpack. I mainly prefer the EnerPlex solar backpack because of its affordable price. The solar charger backpacks are of good quality, has all the necessary features, and is considerably inexpensive compared to other solar backpacks.

However, the downside of the EnerPlex solar backpack is that it has a lower wattage compared to the other brands. But despite that, I would still recommend the EnerPlex solar backpack do those who want a reliable solar charger backpack but is on a budget. This solar backpack is well-made, works well, durable, and beautifully designed. The service and performance of this product are definitely worth the money you spent on it.

XDDesign Solar Backpack (Outdated)

  • Anti-theft design
  • Supports USB and wireless charging
  • Durable
  • Assorted compartments
  • Lightweight
  • Weather affects charging efficiency

You don’t need to look further for that high-quality solar backpack you desire. The XDDesign solar backpack is the perfect product for you to satisfy your charging needs. XDDesign is committed to delivering reliable and affordable products to consumers. Among their great products in the market today is their solar laptop bags.

I like the XDDesign solar backpack because of its anti-theft design. This backpack has hidden zippers and a lockable main zipper. It does not have front access and is designed with hidden pockets. It is also cut-resistant to add more security. With this solar backpack, you can be more confident that your things are safe and secured inside your backpack.

Another great feature of the XDDesign solar backpack is that not only does it support USB charging but also wireless charging. With its efficient solar panel, you never have to worry about a dead battery. This backpack offers an off-the-grid solution to your charging needs. It will charge your device in under 5 hours on a sunny day.

The XDDesign solar backpack also has a relatively big room for storage. This solar backpack is designed with different compartments for you to fit your things and necessities. It also has an internal divider so you can organize your items quickly.

The quality of the XDDesign solar backpack is also guaranteed. This solar backpack is made of durable and lightweight materials. It is built to last and designed with your comfort in mind.

I also like the fact that the XDDesign solar backpack is made of recycled plastic soda bottles (rPET). Not only is it eco-friendly because it uses energy from the sun but also because it is made of recycled materials.

However, the downside of the XDDesign solar backpack is that since it is dependent on sunlight, weather conditions can affect charging efficiency. Still, I would highly recommend this solar backpack. It is energy-efficient and made of durable, recycled materials. It looks good, has ample storage space, and comfortable to wear. It provides a safe and convenient option to charge your devices on the go.

Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack Charger (Outdated)

  • Universally compatible with almost all USB devices
  • Style and durability is perfect for the outdoors
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Sun exposure requirement is 11.5 hours

It is the perfect backpack with a solar phone charger for the camper, traveler, photographer, or student who needs a USB battery pack to take care of charging smartphones, DSLR cameras, and other USB devices just like what you’d usually do at home. In fact, this is perfect for you.
Aside from the actual bag, there are three monocrystalline solar panels with a 3.5-watt output and a 19% effectiveness rating located in the outside side of the backpack, which will be the source of energy for your devices. The sun’s all-natural solar power strengthens it.

What’s downright impressive about this power pack is its 23,000mAh battery which is most capable of charging a smartphone over seven times and an iPad for more than four times. To get the battery bank 100% powered, you need a total of 11.5 hours of sun, which is a good compromise.

It is a highly recommended gear when enjoying the outdoors because the bag itself is comfortable without you needing to worry about the battery inside. It is padded, and a 15″ laptop won’t be cramped inside. There is plenty of storage space for adapters and cables, food, and drinks. The solar panels are waterproof and are UV resistant too.
Another reason why this is a good buy is it comes with a 2-year warranty. The expectation is the solar panels are built to last and designed to outlast the demands of everyday use, but just in case, there is always that 24 months of support from the manufacturer.

However, it needs sun exposure of 11.5 hours, though. It is an all-around backpack that will be a good investment for you. It will be a staple accessory for you once you own one. It is truly an excellent product that you need to have if you leave your home. Strapped at your back, the backpack with solar phone charger is not much hassle to have it with you since one of its primary purposes is to be a storage bag. It is lightweight, and the design is stylish.

HAWEEL Flexible Solar Panel Power Backpack (Outdated)

  • Budget-friendly and durable
  • Roomy and more than enough storage space with a stylish design
  • Solar energy efficiency conversion of 22%
  • Basic and plain design

Admittedly, it is not the most basic backpack with solar panels; the HAWEEL Flexible Solar Panel Power Backpack is available in black and blue colors. It is also a budget-friendly essential and a smart investment for anyone who wants to be able to charge their devices anytime, any day, and anywhere they might be.

This backpack utilizes a SunPower 7-watt solar module with a rating of 22% when it comes to efficiency conversion completed by a 6,000 mAh battery power. The solar cells are designed to withstand outdoor elements and the usual wear and tear by having an anti-scratch and hardened coating sewn into the equality high-quality PVC fabric to achieve that weather-resistant outdoor durability.
Rather compact but unquestionably powerful, this is highly recommended for those starting into the physical activities of trekking, biking, fishing, mountaineering, or biking. With its adjustable straps and breathable mesh, it is not much of an added weight nor discomfort during these strenuous activities.
Although, you don’t need to be involved in any physical activities for you to incorporate this backpack to your daily essentials. It is compatible with anyone who has an active lifestyle and who needs devices that are always charged and ready.
As mentioned, it is solidly compressed, but it doesn’t sacrifice the space for the essentials. The main pocket is large enough to carry a laptop, books, and camera, with side pockets for that additional storage.
If music is your constant companion outside, you can enjoy listening to music with your earphones. At the same time, you power up your smartphone thanks to its smart earphones and charging ports. You need not push back your listening to charge your phone.

However, the design needs improvement. This backpack with solar panel gets a thumbs up and 5 stars because it does its job of being a roomy and ideal backpack and, at the same time does its purpose of fully charging your devices. It is a bag that you can use for a long time because it is tear and weather-resistant. It is also dependable for its ability to charge your devices in no time.

Sunnybag ICONIC Solar Portable Backpack Charger (Outdated)

  • Strongest solar cells
  • Space efficient and organized
  • Solar efficiency conversion of 22.4%
  • Functional and weatherproof
  • Flexible, ample, and textured
  • A little bit pricey

The Sunnybag ICONIC solar backpack is currently being raved on as one with the most reliable solar cells in the market. This solar backpack is compatible with almost all devices – from iPhone to Android phones, tablets, smartwatches, power banks, and all other USB-connected gadgets.
Thanks to SunPower, it is pegged as the strongest and most efficient because its solar panels can convert the sun’s solar energy into electricity when exposed to direct sunlight producing an efficiency rating of over 22.4% and can store a total of 6 watts of power.

More or less, it can fully charge a smartphone battery in 2 to 3 hours of direct sunlight exposure. Your smartwatch would take about 1.5 hours, a small drone for nearly 6 hours, and a tablet for 8 hours, almost the same time you would when you are home. It is unquestionably safe to charge your gadgets straight from the solar panel, or you can store the solar energy in a power bank and use it when needed. Overall, it is power when you need it.

Aside from the power fused into the backpack, the ICONIC is functional and durable. It can be pegged for everyday use or individual days of strenuous activities outdoors. It is water-resistant, and it also comes with a rain cover. It is an independent bag perfect for independent people. Ideal for people on the go!

Another perfect way to describe it is it is a practical bag with more than enough storage. The Sunnybag ICONIC provides you with 20 liters of volume, 14 smart pockets, and two padded compartments to fit a laptop as big as 17”. The useful structure makes organizing your things fun and natural. You have everything you need in your back. Aside from it being weatherproof, it is also insulated and made of ultra-light materials.

But then, it is a bit pricey. Overall, the ICONIC is a waterproof solar backpack that is a must for you. You might want to check out this solar hiking backpack if these features sound right for you, especially it can charge your mobile phone well.

XTPower Hiking Solar Backpack (Outdated)

  • Large-capacity solar panels with a high energy transfer efficiency rating
  • Detachable power cells for improved versatility of the bag
  • Higher voltage output for more efficient charging
  • Weatherproof and reliable construction
  • Thick shoulder strap padding for extra comfort
  • Bag capacity may not be enough for certain people

The XTPower hiking solar backpack has some similarities to the ECEEN solar backpack. This bag also features the same energy-efficient photovoltaic cells and a backpack design that is great for everyday use.

One of the advantages of the XTPower over other solar backpacks is its larger-capacity USB output. This enables anyone to recharge his or her gadgets a lot faster than other solar chargers. XTPower designed the bag for optimum portability and power efficiency. You will never fret about losing charge for your devices ever again. Be it a small smartphone, a medium-sized tablet, or a large 17-inch laptop, and the XTPower has enough power to recharge modern gadgets.

We also love the construction of the backpack. It does not weigh you down. The straps are very comfortable on the shoulders. The adjustment straps make it super easy to find the perfect fit on your back. XTPower also included a grab handle, just in case you want to give your shoulders a much-needed break.

The fabric is similar to the backpacks of mountaineers. It is sturdy and will not easily get ripped apart. The real gem in the XTPower is its photovoltaic cells. You get more energy from the sun using the system than any other. The solar panel also comes with a scratch-resistant coating, enabling it to charge many devices.

Our primary concern with the XTPower is its capacity. It may not be enough to stash all of your mountaineering gear. It should work as a backup bag, nevertheless. There is enough space in the XTPower to house your 17-inch laptop, MP3 players, mirrorless camera, and other gadgets that can make for an exciting adventure.

The XTPower Hiking Solar Backpack is not only high for an adventure in the outdoors, but it can also be a dependable bag for everyday use. And if you happen to love traveling light, this backpack will handle all of your essentials.

Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack (Outdated)

  • Equipped with monocrystalline solar panels
  • Made of durable, UV and water-resistant material
  • Power bank included
  • Has a big room for storage
  • Comes with a good warranty
  • There are other cheaper options in the market for a solar backpack

For our travelers out there, the Voltaic Systems Backpack is the answer to your off-the-grid power needs. With this solar hydration backpack, you never have to worry about a dead phone or laptop.

I highly recommend that you try this backpack out mainly because of its high quality and impressive features. One of my favorite things about this backpack is that it includes a power bank. This 24,000 mAh battery pack stores a higher amount of solar energy compared to other brands. With this battery pack, you can charge your laptop or phone on the go.

I also like the build of the solar panels in this backpack. This solar backpack is equipped with industry-leading monocrystalline solar panels. It is known to harness energy from the sun more efficiently and thereby ensuring that your device will be fully charged.

The durability of the Voltaic systems array rapid solar backpack charger is also of a high standard. This backpack is made of UV-resistant fabric made from recycled PET or plastic bottles. It is also water-resistant. This backpack is ideal for outdoor trips and adventures. With its good build, it is sure to last for many trips. Also, you can use it to charge a power bank.

This solar backpack also offers an excellent 2-year warranty on the solar panel and one year on the battery pack. You can be confident that you will get value for your money with this product.

On the downside, however, there are still cheaper options for a solar backpack. But if your budget allows, the Voltaic Systems solar backpack is your best bet for a top-notch product.

Still, I would highly suggest that you avail of this solar backpack. It is of excellent build and works well. It comes with great features and charges your device more efficiently. Stay connected and updated even while you are out on an adventure. When shopping around for a solar hydration backpack, you might want to consider this item.

Energizer PowerKeep PRO Backpack (Outdated)

  • A large-capacity and powerful photovoltaic system for better solar energy generation
  • Comes with a large-capacity battery that is AC- and solar-rechargeable
  • Multiple pockets and a large main compartment for various storage options
  • Elegant design and sturdy construction
  • Three-way use with the addition of two grab handles
  • Has a very boxy appearance

The PowerKeep PRO is Energizer’s solar backpack that can double as a corporate executive’s briefcase. Like any backpack with a solar charger, the PowerKeep PRO backpack with solar charger features a large-capacity photovoltaic system. It generates enough power to recharge laptops, phones, cameras, media players, tablets, and many more. The photovoltaic panel is both flexible and rugged for maximum usability.

One thing we love about the PowerKeep PRO is how the solar panel ‘blends’ with the rest of the bag. People will never know that there are solar cells on the front panel of the bag. They will also never know that there is a large-capacity power bank hidden in the bag. It packs enough DC power to charge two devices at the same time.

While Energizer is well-known for its battery technology, the brand did not forget the bag’s functionality. The main compartment can safeguard a 17-inch laptop for productivity and gaming pleasure on the road. It is also spacious to accommodate a full set of clothes suitable for one or two days. There are also side pockets that can hold a bottle of beverage or water and other things that can make your travel a lot more pleasant.

Energizer did not also forget the aesthetics of the backpack. It is not an outdoorsy bag that you can take to the mountains. However, it feels right at home in commercial and academic environments. Executives will love the bag’s conservative looks, while youngsters will appreciate the PowerKeep PRO’s functionality.

One minor issue is that the PowerKeep PRO looks more like a laptop bag. It seems very “boxy.” Nevertheless, the PowerKeep PRO Solar Executive Backpack is still a beautiful bag to bring to the office, business meetings, and school. It can also serve as a trustworthy companion in your travels, keeping your gadgets charged and safeguarding your valuables.

What Is A Solar Backpack And Who Is This For


Camping and hiking are enjoying outdoor activities, especially in the summer. The joy of traveling and discovering new places is one of its many perks. Not to mention the breathtaking views you get to see, and the time you spend with the people you’re with each time.

However, before you go climb up that trail, you have to pack the essentials first. Here is the part solar power backpack that comes in handy. With it, you get a handy and convenient way to pack and carry your clothes, gear, food, water, and the like.

Aside from the necessities, many of us also tend to bring along our electronics, such as phones, tablets, music players, laptops, and the like. Nature is fun, but sometimes, we all need other means to destress and entertain ourselves.

These electronic devices, however, run on batteries. As such, it’s a problem when they run out, and you’re left with no power outlet to charge on each time.

For this reason, solar backpacks exist. These bags act as big high-capacity power banks that you can use. As such, you can literally charge your devices while on the go. Moreover, you can enjoy your electronic devices to your heart’s content, knowing that you have a nifty power bank.

Aside from that, these solar backpacks have features that will push all your worries out of your mind. As in their name, solar backpacks come with solar panels for your added convenience.

As such, not only can you charge your electronics on the go, but you can also use them for the whole duration of your trip. Once your backpack is out of charge, you can leave it and let it soak for a few hours under the sun to recharge.

The backpack is also safe for the environment. With this, you can utilize solar energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

How Does It Work

Solar backpacks are one of the indicators that modern technology can be used to create and promote green energy. With this, they provide a convenient way for campers and hikers to charge and use their electronic devices while on a trip.

Solar charging backpacks come with a monocrystalline solar panel, a battery, charge controllers, plugs, cords, and sometimes light bulbs. With this setup, they can provide about 120 watts per day, which is more than enough to charge your devices.

The solar panels are responsible for collecting solar energy using their built-in photovoltaic cells and a semiconductor. Once sunlight hits the panel, the semiconductor absorbs its power to create an electric current. Once the energy is collected, it is stored in a lithium-ion battery for later use.

One hour of sunlight is enough to charge your cellphone for about 1.5 hours. However, if you have a lot of devices, it’s most suitable to charge your solar backpack for about 10 hours. It provides approximately 55 hours of stored energy.

Due to the design, the solar backpack is comfortable to charge. The solar panels are located in the back of your bag, allowing you to charge it while walking. Not to mention, these solar panels are lightweight and waterproof. Usually, they can produce up to 4 watts of power, depending on the circumstances.

Aside from these, solar backpacks also have a variety of free plugs and wires, depending on the manufacturer. Some bags have cellphone adapters and USB plugs. These are quite convenient, especially when you have a lot of devices with you.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Backpacks


Initially intended for military and army use, solar backpacks have since become a fashionable must-have item for every camper and hiker. With these, solar backpacks not only provide storage space for your clothes and things, but they also offer a nifty charger and power bank for your electronic devices.

Due to their popularity, solar backpacks come in different styles, designs, features, and the like. That’s impressive, considering their originally intended use for the military and the army.

In terms of differences, solar backpacks differ in their features and styles. There are no strict differences like different types of bags, for example.

Usually, solar backpacks, such as the voltaic solar backpack, come in the standard design and construction of a solar panel, charge controller, cords, plugs, and batteries. With this setup, it can accommodate most electronic devices, ranging from cellphones, MP3 players, tablets, laptops, and the like.

Moreover, this setup can usually generally up to 120 watts per day on a 10-hour charge. If you charge them longer, it can generate up to 55 watts or more, depending on the manufacturer.

However, again, this design can change depending on the brand and manufacturer. For example, some solar backpacks come with light bulbs and LED indicator lights. It is very convenient, especially for hikers and campers, since they provide additional protection and contingency measures.

Other solar backpacks come in impressive designs. For example, some backpacks are anti-theft, which is quite useful in the mountains. With this, you protect your things and items from unwanted animals and thieves.

Some solar backpacks boast significant capacities, with some manufacturers even up to 42 liters. Some backpacks come with hydration packs that provide a convenient way to carry your water with you.

Solar backpacks with hydration packs are usually recommended for those who don’t need a lot of room for storage. With hydration packs, they are quite popular among hikers, especially those who tend to combine their hiking with high-intensity activities.

There are also solar backpacks that have detachable solar panels. While solar panels are usually lightweight, they can be a hassle when walking. With these types, you can detach them when you have a full charge.

If you plan on camping trips, then definitely check out the top-tier solar refrigerator. Also, take a look at the list of top-tier solar radios if you like

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Solar Backpack

Solar backpacks are quite convenient, especially for hikers and campers. With all its features, it certainly provides a lot of benefits as well as some downsides. This section will list all of these accordingly.



Solar backpacks are eco-friendly since they run on solar energy. With this, you can cut down on your carbon footprint and do your part in saving and taking care of the environment. This feature is one of those to take a look at if you’re reading a solar charger backpack review.


Camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, while fun, makes it difficult to charge and use your electronic devices to your heart’s content due to the inaccessibility of power outlets. Having a solar backpack can help solve that problem.

With their solar panels, batteries, chargers, and wires, the solar backpack can charge and accommodate all your electronic devices. With this, you can still communicate and maintain your social media while on a trip.

Moreover, these backpacks are lightweight and easy to carry. Compared to lugging a massive generator, solar backpacks are lighter and cheaper.

Electric Source

Solar backpacks provide an alternative electric source. Aside from outdoor activities, these backpacks are useful in out-of-the-grid locations and sometimes for humanitarian aid and relief. In these situations, people usually struggle due to a lack of electricity. However, with a solar backpack, people can still access and use power.

Moreover, they are easy to charge since they rely on an unlimited and constant energy source, the sun.


Solar backpacks are also quite durable. They are made out of rugged and heavy-duty materials and feature a design that can withstand most weather conditions.

Aside from that, the electronic components are also durable. The solar panels are lightweight and waterproof, protecting it from harsh weather. The cords and wires can also be stored inside the backpack when it rains and the like.


Limited Electric Capacity

Solar backpacks, while convenient, provide only a limited supply of energy. Most solar backpacks can only produce about 55 watts of power per day. Compared to a generator or a stable electric source, this charge is certainly not enough if you plan on sharing the backpack among several people.

Long Charging Hours

Like all solar-energy devices, solar backpacks take some time to charge. On a one-hour charge, the backpack will generate about 120 watts, which is enough to charge a cellphone for 1.5 hours.

However, if you bring along multiple devices, you’ll need more than 120 watts. To get the full charge of your solar backpack, you might need to charge it for 10 hours or more, depending on the weather condition. Perhaps, it is one of the weaknesses of a solar panel backpack that might turn you off from buying it.

How We Picked And Testedbest-solar-powered-backpack

Solar backpacks provide the most suitable of both worlds. They act as a regular backpack, offering you a space for your clothes and other essentials. At the same time, they also act as an electric source, allowing you to charge your devices while outdoors.

With this, they are quite popular among hiking and camping activities. Such a bag is also useful among those who live off-grid and during humanitarian relief operations.

Due to this popularity, solar backpacks come in different styles, designs, and features. It might make things difficult, especially for a beginner.

However, you don’t have to worry. Here are some tips and factors you can keep in mind while out shopping.

Weight, volume, durability

As in their name, backpacks are worn on your back. As such, you would want one that is a reasonable weight to carry. It is especially important if you plan to use the backpack for outdoor use.

Go for a lightweight solar backpack that you’ll feel comfortable walking/hiking with each time. If you can, avoid a bulky design as this can be distracting and add unnecessary weight on your back.

As for durability, choose a solar backpack that is made out of top-notch materials. Regardless of its application, choose one that can withstand harsh weather conditions. At the very least, it should be waterproof and dust- and shock-resistant.

Solar and battery power

Your solar backpack should be able to accommodate several devices- at least the number of tools and gadgets you are aiming to bring along with you on your trip.

If you want, choose one with a high-capacity solar panel that can charge and generate a decent amount of electricity in the shortest amount of time.

Lithium-ion batteries are also the preferred ones since they have proved to be quite durable and long-lasting.

Aside from that, you must also find a solar backpack that can store the remaining charge in the battery.

Charging Time

Related to the second requirement is the charging time required for your solar backpack. It’s essential to consider the charging time your bag needs.

Higher-capacity solar panels require more charging time and, thus, more patience. However, they tend to give the most significant and extended charge. On the other hand, lower-capacity panels are faster to charge, but they can also run out of power faster.

Pockets, sockets, wires, plugs

It’s essential to choose a solar backpack that provides several cables and plugs. This way, you can charge and accommodate your electronic devices with you.

It is also ideal to look for a backpack that comes with several pockets for your water and other items. Sockets are also useful since they can store your cell phones and devices while charging.


Before purchasing a solar backpack, it’s recommended that you set out a price range first. This way, you can effectively narrow down your list of options and make the process easier.

However, regardless of the price, it is essential to look for a backpack that can suit and meet all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who invented the solar backpack?

Salima Visram was the brains behind the solar backpack project “Soular.” Visram drew inspiration from rural Kenyan children who had to endure the flickering and noxious gas-emitting light of kerosene lamps to study at night.

What size solar bag do you need?

The average solar messenger bag has a 20 to 25-liter capacity, excluding pockets and other compartments. Wholesale solar backpack factories often design solar-powered bags in varying sizes to accommodate different needs.

For example, small solar bags have an interior capacity of eight to ten liters, making them suitable for casual hikers, cyclists, and athletes. On the other hand, long-distance hikers or trekkers need more space to stuff their gear. Hence, a 30- to 100-liter bag is ideal.

How long does a solar backpack last?

How long solar backpacks last depends on the quality of the materials, the bag’s construction, and the care afforded to the bag by the user.

Even a low-quality solar backpack can last a few years if you observe its weight limits and capacities. Exposing it frequently to the elements can shorten its lifespan because of increased wear. Meanwhile, a military solar backpack might last longer than average because the industry requires more robust materials.

As for solar panels, you can expect these to last at least two decades, but only if you are cautious enough.

For example, going into the woods with your bag on your back might expose the photovoltaic panels to branches or twigs and scratch the surface. You might fall into the river and damage the solar panel’s sensitive circuitry. It should not be an issue if the component is IP67-rated.

What are the most trusted solar backpack brands?         

When buying a sun-powered backpack with a charger, you should also look into the brand. Some of the most reliable ones include ECEEN, SUNNYBAG, Voltaic Systems, and Faraz, among the others, featured earlier. These brands are known in the space and can offer you with heavy-duty and durable performance.

How do you make a solar backpack?       

The solar-powered backpack is useful survival gear. It can help to power devices using clean and free solar energy. To make a backpack, you need PV cells that will collect the sunlight. You also need silicon semiconductors that work by converting the energy into electricity. Then, you also have to get lithium batteries to assemble the backpack. They are the ones that store the energy. Plus, you should have adapters and USB plugs so that you can charge and connect your mobile devices. You assemble all these things to create a solar panel bag that you can use in camping and traveling.

What is the warranty?  

No warranties are created equal. Some are longer; some are shorter. Thus, you should look into it when shopping around for your options so that you can ensure of added peace of mind in your purchase. Get started in the selection process using our featured reviews earlier.

How to install and use? 

There is no particular installation or use instruction at all. You wear this backpack in the same manner that you do with ordinary backpacks. It also keeps working in terms of charging, so it is beneficial when camping. With it, you can be sure that your phone or any other device will be charged while you’re traveling.

How to care & clean?

For specific care and cleaning instructions, you should check the user manual. Nevertheless, most of these bags require low maintenance and do not need special cleaning. Many of them are also waterproof. However, use it with care just as you would with other clean energy products.

Where to buy?  

Some many stores and shops offer solar bags with a charger. They are in demand because they are sustainable, money-saving, and clean energy sources. You can find them in solar energy supplies shops, where to buy other solar gear, as well as in RV supplies stores. Also, these items are on Amazon and other online marketplaces where to choose from a wide array of solar bags.


If you’re shopping around for the best solar backpack, you should take a look at those top picks featured earlier in this guide. These products are by reputable and quality-committed brands. They are also waterproof, cost-effective, reliable, and feature-rich. These items are also easy to charge and heavy-duty. The backpacks are also useful for travel, camping, and other outdoor activities. They’re also lightweight and portable, so they’re ideal for people who are always on the go. But then again, you should choose based on what you’re expecting from a solar bag for the most satisfying purchase. Buy a solar-powered charger and backpack today!

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