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The Best Solar Battery Maintainers for 2023

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

Choosing among the different types of battery tenders or maintainers on the market can be confusing. If you’re buying for the first time, you might find it challenging to figure out what you need. It is the same reason we’ve created this buying guide. In the following, you will be able to compare different battery maintainers. Later, you can figure out the best solar battery maintainer that suits your needs.

best solar battery maintainer

Also, in this buying guide, you can find a section on how to choose among these items based on some considerations. These factors or features will help you determine the right one that matches your situation and requirements. If you’re ready, let’s begin!

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Preview Sunway Solar Battery Maintainer

SUNER POWER Solar Battery Maintainer

POWOXI Solar Battery Maintainer

Dimensions 13.9 x 5 inches 17.32 x 13.54 inches 14 x 5 inches
Waterproof IP44 IP65 IP65
Voltage 12 V 12 V 12 V
Wattage 4 W 20 W 1.8W
Cord Length 8.2 ft 9.8 ft 8ft
Details Details Details


Top-Quality Solar Battery Maintainer Reviews

1. Sunway Solar Battery Maintainer

  • Energy-efficient solar panel
  • Durable construction
  • Prevents reverse charging
  • Easy to install and use solar panels maintainer
  • Good warranty
  • Not fully waterproof solar battery maintainer

The Sunway Solar unit is another excellent option for a solar battery maintainer. Sunway Solar is one of the leading brands trusted by many to deliver only top-quality product that is guaranteed to do its job.

I prefer the Sunway unit because of its crystalline solar panel. This panel is known for its high efficiency. With this kind of panel, your solar battery maintainer is guaranteed to charge and maintain your battery effectively to avoid damage and also to extend battery life for long-term use.

The quality and durability of the Sunway Solar unit is another plus. It is designed with a durable ABS plastic housing. Not only that but it also watt solar unit covered with tempered solar cells to protect your solar cells form snow, water and dust for optimal performance.

Another great and necessary feature that the Sunway Solar watt solar unit has is its built-in diode. This feature prevents reverse charging to protect your battery from being drained or discharging, especially at night or when the weather is dull and the sunlight is scarce.

I also like the easy installation process and operation of the Sunway watt solar battery maintainer. This maintainer can be installed on your dashboard or windshield or whichever has more sunlight. It even includes suction cups to make mounting easier.

For its operation, the watt solar package includes cigarette lighter adapter and alligator clamps that you can directly connect to the battery. The LED light of the it conveniently lights up to let you know if your equipment is working correctly.

What makes the Sunway Solar device even better is its good warranty and customer service. This product comes with a 12-month warranty for higher customer satisfaction. And their customer service is responsive which you can always trust to answer your concerns anytime.

However, for the battery charger downside, it is not completely waterproof, so you have to be cautious as submerging it in water would damage your product. Overall, the Sunway Solar unit is a right product with great features and works well at such an affordable price.

2. SUNER POWER Solar Battery Trickle Charger And Maintainer

  • Durable construction
  • High efficiency
  • Provides full protection
  • LED light indicator
  • Adjustable mount bracket
  • Not lightweight solar panel item

The SUNER POWER solar battery trickle charger and maintainer is designed for different battery types and is widely used for vehicles, gate openers, electrical fences and other equipment that uses a 12v battery. If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to charge and maintain your battery for long-term use, then I would highly recommend that you avail of this practical battery chargers maintainers. It is one of the top-tier products with solar panels that you might want to consider.

You can trust the quality of the SUNER POWER solar maintainer. The battery charger is made of a durable ABS frame and tempered solar glass. It is also IP65 waterproof designed to withstand precipitation outdoors, one of the things to check when buying products with a solar panel. If you want a reliable product that can last you a long time, then this solar panel unit is for you.

What makes the SUNER POWER solar maintainer more appealing than other models is its high efficiency. It generates 20% to 30% more power than the traditional controller. With its 3-stages charging, you can trust that your battery will be topped-up and maintained better. It can help extend battery life.

I also like how the solar power battery tender or maintainer provides full protection for the battery. The solar panel unit is designed to protect the battery from overcharging, over-voltage, short circuit, and discharge. With this controller, rest assured your battery is fully protected.

Another feature that I like about the SUNER POWER solar maintainer is its LED light indicator. I found this convenient to have because it helps to easily monitor the state of the solar panel equipment. It tells you if the battery is full if the solar output is normal if it is charging properly and also indicates errors and warnings.

I also find it convenient that the SUNER POWER solar maintainer has an adjustable mount bracket. This solar panel unit allows easy adjustment of the panel to any direction and angle for optimal sunlight exposure to generate more power.

To top it all up is the 12-month warranty for devices with solar panels and the reliable customer service that the SUNER POWER solar battery tender for RV offers for greater customer satisfaction.

However, as to the downside of the solar panel unit, it might be a little heavy. Overall I think this is a great product. It comes with amazing features and is guaranteed to maintain your batteries

However, as to the downside of the solar panel unit, it might be a little heavy. Overall I think this is a great product. It comes with amazing features and is guaranteed to maintain your batteries without having to spend too much.

3. POWOXI Solar Battery Maintainer

  • Efficient amorphous solar panel
  • Durable ABS plastic housing
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Built-in barrier diode
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Users ended up using the warranty

If you are having trouble choosing a good water resistant solar battery maintainer, then maybe you should consider selecting the POWOXI solar battery maintainer. POWOXI is one of the trusted brands by many to provide their customers with products that are well-made and works well to satisfy the customers’ needs.

One of the features that the POWOXI solar battery maintainer has that I like is its amorphous solar panel. This panel is known to be highly efficient. It can maintain and charge your batteries even when the weather is gloomy and overcast.

I also like the durable quality of the POWOXI amorphous solar maintainer for longer product life. You don’t have to worry about it being easily damaged because it is made of high-grade ABS plastic housing. Not only that, but the amorphous solar charger is also waterproof and weather-resistant for heavy-duty performance under any outside weather conditions. The water resistant maintainer is an excellent choice.

The POWOXI amorphous solar battery maintainer is also equipped with a built-in barrier diode, which is necessary for an excellent solar charge maintainer. It is to ensure that your battery will not discharge when the voltage is low, or there is no sunlight.

I also find the one-way connector of the POWOXI amorphous solar battery maintainer convenient. It is easy to connect and disconnect for smooth operation. You don’t need to be confused by complicated wiring. Just simply plug the amorphous solar unit in, and it will work.

Another essential factor that makes me more confident about choosing the POWOXI amorphous solar battery maintainer is its warranty. This product is CE/ROHS certified and comes with a 12-month warranty. Their responsive customer service is also a plus.

Whatever issues you have with your product, their customer service is ready to help.

However, for its downside, some customers did end up using the warranty of the solar battery maintainers product. Still, I would highly recommend this product for you to try. The solar battery maintainers are complete with the necessary features guaranteed for the maintenance of your battery. It is reliable, durable, and affordable. The solar battery maintainers are a unit that is worth your money’s value, as based on many solar battery maintainer reviews.

4. Schumacher Solar Battery Maintainer

  • Amorphous solar technology
  • Great quality and durable product
  • Wide applications
  • Reliable customer service
  • Water-resistant
  • Does not have an LED indicator light

If you want a reliable power anytime, anywhere, the Schumacher solar battery tender can provide you with just that. It is designed for trickle charging for the maintenance of your battery using only the energy from the sun. It is energy-efficient and environment-friendly at the same time.

One of the great features that make the Schumacher solar battery tender better than other brands is its amorphous solar technology. With this kind of panel, your maintainer converts sunlight to electrical energy more efficiently. It even works under overcast and dull weather conditions.

The quality and durability of the Schumacher solar battery tender is another aspect that I like about this product. You can trust the longevity of this product. It is made of high-grade materials with the best artistry employed. It is also water-resistant suitable for outdoor use.

The Schumacher item is easy to install and use, which I find convenient. This product is also easy to operate; you don’t need to have profound knowledge about wirings. It comes complete with cables and alligator clips, which you can connect to the battery. It also comes with the mounting hardware you need and a manual for your convenience.

I also like how you can use the Schumacher solar device for most 12v lead-acid batteries from different vehicles. You can use it on cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks or snowmobiles.

If you encounter any issues or problems with your product, you don’t have to worry because their reliable customer support is ready to accommodate your queries and concerns.

Still, I think that the Schumacher solar battery tender is a well-made product you can trust to deliver whenever you needed it. It is durable and easy to operate. It works well in maintaining your battery without denting your savings. Overall, it is a top choice, as you might have read from a solar battery tender review.

However, the downside of the Schumacher maintainer is that it does not have an LED indicator light to help monitor the state of your equipment if it is working or not.

5. SOLPERK Solar Battery Charger And Maintainer

  • Built-in blocking diode
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Performs under dull conditions
  • Warranty
  • Not fully waterproof

Another good option for a solar panel that I can suggest is the SOLPERK solar battery charger and maintainer. SOLPERK is in the market to provide users with high quality products at an affordable price. One of their fantastic product out today is this solar charge maintainer.

One of the features that make the SOLPERK solar battery charger and maintainer a great product is a thin film amorphous cells. I like it because it performs well and charges the battery even under dull outside weather conditions. It works with 12v batteries such as Gel, MF, EFB, Wet, and AGM batteries. It can be widely used for many smaller vehicles such as boats, motorcycles, tractors and RVs.

Another fantastic feature that the SOLPERK solar car battery maintainer has is a built-in blocking diode. This prevents your battery from reverse charging or discharging, especially at night when there is a lower voltage because of the absence of sunlight.

The quality of the SOLPERK solar car battery maintainer is also one that I trust. This equipment is designed with a durable ABS plastic case. It also sports a premium solar glass that protects solar cells from snow, water, or dust for higher efficiency. This unit can also help in extending battery life.

I also like how easily you can install a SOLPERK battery charger maintainer. It is lightweight, which I find convenient to carry around and put it where there is sunlight. It has a plug, and play design is easy to figure out without expert knowledge on battery chargers.

But of course, what makes a product even better is a good warranty for the battery chargers. The SOLPERK battery charger has a 12-month guarantee and coupled with lifetime technical support. You can be confident that you can get the best out of your money’s value.

However, the downside of this battery charger maintainer is that it is not fully waterproof, so you have to avoid immersing it in water. Overall, I would highly recommend this product to those who are looking for a budget-friendly option to charge and maintain their batteries. It is a well-made battery charger maintainer product complete with the necessary features of a solar car maintainer for the maintenance of your battery. You should consider it when finding battery chargers.

6. ALLPOWERS Solar Battery Maintainer

  • Highly-efficient solar panels
  • Durable construction
  • Weatherproof
  • Prevents reverse charging
  • Easy to install
  • Some users complain about the customer service

If you are out in the hunt for a reliable solar panel battery charger and maintainer that is guaranteed to perform well, I would suggest that you avail of the ALLPOWER solar device. This solar car battery charger equipment works to maintain your battery and extend its battery life. You might have bumped into this product while reading a battery tender solar charger review.

The ALLPOWERS battery charger maintainer has broad applications that I like. It can be used to charge and maintain 12v batteries found in cars, boats, RVs, or tractors.

A feature that I like about and is an edge for the ALLPOWERS solar battery maintainer is its industry-leading solar panel. With this panel, the ALLPOWERS battery charger maintainer delivers a more powerful and stable solar panel charging experience for its user. It also works efficiently even under gloomy weather.

You can never go wrong with the quality of that the ALLPOWERS solar battery maintainer has. Its durable construction is made of high-grade ABS plastic material. It is weatherproof, so you can be confident that it will not be easily damaged outdoors.

Another feature that I like about the ALLPOWERS solar maintainer is its built-in blocking diode. Not only does this solar charge maintainer with blocking diode protect your battery from overcharging, but it also prevents it from reverse charging so you can leave it plugged in day and night without having to worry about draining your battery.

The ALLPOWERS solar battery maintainer with blocking diode is also easy to install, which a non-expert like me find advantageous. The connections are easy to make. It even includes suction cups and clips to make mounting easier.

The warranty is another factor that makes the ALLPOWERS solar panel battery maintainer with blocking diode better. It offers an 18-month warranty to ensure that you get the top-rated service out for your product.

Despite that, I would still recommend the ALLPOWERS solar maintainer with a built-in blocking diode. It is durable and reliable. It is guaranteed to charge and maintain your batteries, all in an eco-friendly and affordable way.

However, for the downside of the ALLPOWERS solar maintainer with a blocking diode, some customers complain about their customer service.

7. TP-Solar Solar Battery Maintainer

  • Wide application
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Weatherproof and dustproof
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Not highly-efficient on dull weathers

The TP-solar water resistant solar battery maintainer is another excellent alternative for a reliable product guaranteed to do its job in the maintenance of your battery. TP-solar makes their product with the best artistry with the customer’s satisfaction as their top priority, so you will not regret if you avail of their solar charge maintainer.

I prefer the TP-solar charger and maintainer because you can use them for most battery types in various smaller vehicles. You can charge with TP-solar charge maintainer any 12v batteries, whether it be an RV, car, boat, cabin, or gate opener.

Its full application is advantageous. I also like the lightweight and portable design of the TP-solar solar battery maintainer. It is easy to carry and bring along to any outdoor trips you will have. It works with solar energy so you can use them whenever under direct sunlight. You never have to worry again about a dead battery whenever you go on camps or road trips.

I also like the quality of the TP-solar solar motorcycle battery tender. It is built with a durable tempered glass and aluminum frame to protect your cells for more efficient performance. With its durable construction, you never have to worry about having to buy new replacements because this product is intended for long-term use.

To add to its quality, it is also waterproof and dustproof to protect it from liquid and dust particles it may be exposed when used outdoors.

The TP-solar solar battery maintainer is also user-friendly. I like its easy installation process and its simple general operation. It comes with a cable, alligator clamps, and O-ring terminal for battery charging connection. It is simple and easy to figure out. A manual is also provided for your reference.

However, for its downside, because it is solar-powered, you can expect that charging will be tricky under dull weather conditions. Overall, the TP-solar solar battery maintainer is a product you can trust for the maintenance of your battery. It is eco-friendly, reliable, and affordable.

8. Renogy Solar Battery Maintainer

  • Easy to use
  • High-efficiency solar panel
  • Durable
  • Wide applications
  • Built-in safety protection
  • Suction cups don’t hold well

The Renogy solar charger maintainer is another high-quality product that I can confidently recommend if you are looking for a reliable and well-made solar charge maintainer that can do its job and last long. Renogy delivers only top-quality product to its customers, so you will not regret choosing their water resistant charge maintainer.

My favorite thing about the Renogy solar battery maintainer is its highly-efficient solar panel. It has a high conversion rate and is capable of charging under any daylight conditions. With this, you can be assured that your battery will be topped up for its maintenance and extended battery life.

I like how the Renogy solar car battery maintainer can be used for various vehicles such as boats, SUVs, RVs, or electric fences. To add, it is portable so you can bring it with you on the road or any outdoor trips you have. It is a good investment, the right product you can trust to perform whenever or wherever needed.

What makes the Renogy solar battery maintainer, especially for people like me without much knowledge about electronics, is how easy it is to operate and install. For easier installation, suction cups are even included in the package. Also, you can easily connect this with the cigarette lighter, alligator clips, ring terminal, or SAE connection. Everything is easy to figure out, and a manual is provided to guide you.

The Renogy solar battery maintainer is made only of the high-grade materials to ensure its durable construction. It is a product intended, and you can trust to last long.

Another great feature that the Renogy solar battery maintainer has is its built-in safety protection. The technology that this maintainer sport is meant to protect your battery from overcharging, discharging, and short circuits.

The downside of the Renogy solar battery maintainer; however, it is that the suction cups don’t hold well. But still, I like the Renogy solar battery maintainer. It works well, durable, and affordable. It is a good investment that you will not regret taking.

9. Battery Tender Solar Battery Maintainer

  • Prevents reverse charging
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Offers full protection for your battery
  • Durable
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Some users ended up using the warranty

If you are looking for the best solar battery maintainer that is reliable and cost-effective, I would highly recommend the Battery Tender solar maintainer. It is equipped with excellent and necessary features that are guaranteed to provide optimal performance for the maintenance of your battery.

The Battery Tender solar maintainer is a must-have product for when you go on outdoor trips without access to a power outlet. It has a portable and lightweight design making it easier to carry and transport for you to use whenever you need it. It is highly convenient because you only need sunlight for it to work.

I also like the Battery Tender solar maintainer because of its technology that prevents reverse charging. It has a built-in 3-step microcontroller for super-smart charging. Not only does it work to make sure that your battery will not overcharge, but also it prevents the voltage from overpowering and overcharging your battery.

You could never go wrong with the complete protection that the Battery Tender solar maintainer offers. It offers protection for your battery from short circuits, overcharging and discharging. It also has a built-in temperature compensation to ensure that your device will not be damaged.

If we talk about quality, the Battery Tender solar maintainer does not lag. I like how this equipment is waterproof and spark-proof. It is CE approved and made with strict safety standards. Rest assured, your product can last you for a long time.

I also like the easy installation process and simple operation of the Battery Tender solar device. The package includes cables, alligator clips, and the mounting hardware that you need. It does not require professional knowledge, perfect for non-experts.

For its downside, however, some users ended up using the warranty of the solar-powered battery tenders. Overall, I think the Battery Tender solar device is a great product worth your money’s value. It works well for the charging and maintenance of your battery at an affordable price.

10. ECO-WORTHY Solar Battery Maintainer

  • Wide applications
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Easy installation process and simple operation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable construction
  • Does not have a blocking diode to prevent reverse charging

Another good option for a solar device that I can confidently recommend is the ECO-WORTHY solar battery maintainer. With its excellent quality, it offers you a low-cost and eco-friendly way to maintain your battery.

I like how you can simply use the ECO-WORTHY solar maintainer for charging 12v batteries of different vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, automobiles, and more.

The ECO-WORTHY is portable, which I find highly convenient. It is easier to bring along and transport to use whenever the situation requires. You will never have to worry about a flat dead battery while you are outdoors, this equipment will have your back.

You can count on the quality of the ECO-WORTHY solar maintainer to last long. This product is made with longevity in mind. It is made with premium materials and exceptional artistry. It is also shockproof, rustproof, and dustproof, which I like.

Even making the ECO-WORTHY solar maintainer more appealing is its easy installation process. For those non-experts like me, this unit is easy to figure out. Included in the package are the cable and alligator clips to connect to your battery. You just have to plug it in, and it will automatically work if there is sunlight.

I also find the car battery tender useful that they included suction cups. You can easily mount your maintainer on your windshield or dashboard as you please using the suction cups.

With all those great features mentioned, your battery will certainly be maintained and with extended battery life. But what makes it even better is the fact that you did it through an environment-friendly and energy-efficient way.

Lastly, for your greater satisfaction, their reliable customer service is ready to deal with any problems and issues you have with your product.

Despite that, the ECO-WORTHY solar maintainer is still a good deal. It is eco-friendly, affordable, and is guaranteed to perform.

However, the downside of the ECO-WORTHY solar maintainer is that it does not have a blocking diode to prevent reverse charging.

What Is A Solar Battery Maintaine And Who Is This For


The name solar “battery maintainer” implies that this is a device that keeps or “maintains” the integrity of batteries. In more conventional ways, it is similar to the gadget that we use to keep our car battery in tip-top shape. It only differs in the source of power for the device. Whereas conventional tenders or maintainers require an electrical outlet to run, a solar battery maintainer uses the energy of the sun.

A 12 volt solar battery maintainer or tender ensures the optimal performance of your battery. It works like a charger with a few additional benefits. The device prevents the complete discharge of the cell, while also preventing overcharging. Once the battery has reached 100% charge, the device goes into a standby mode. The battery tender can also improve the quality of the charge.

This way, you can be sure that your battery will be able to run your electrical items when you need them to. Some people think that a battery maintainer is the same as a trickle charger. While both devices deliver an electrical charge to the battery, they do differ in the manner of charge delivery.

A trickle charger will deliver a small electrical charge regardless of the battery’s level of charge. On the other hand, a battery maintainer will only provide the electric current if the battery’s discharge level is below a predetermined level. It will keep the battery at its optimum charge levels.

Anyone can benefit from the use of a good quality solar battery maintainer. It is especially useful for people who rely on renewable energy sources to power up their appliances, vehicles, gadgets, and others. It is also ideal for people who store their batteries for long periods. The device will keep the battery fully charged until the owner decides to use it again.

How Does It Work

A solar battery maintainer works a lot like a charger. The Schumacher solar battery maintainer, for instance, collects solar energy and converts it into usable electricity or storage in the battery. While it is easy to think that a maintainer and a charger are the same, they are not. There are a few features in maintainers that you will never see in a conventional charger.

Chargers work by pumping electricity to a receiving unit. In this case, it is the battery that receives power. The ideal situation is for you to charge your receiving unit adhering to the recommended period of charging. If the manufacturer says that charging should take 8 hours to complete, then one has to observe this critical period.

If you go beyond the recommended charging time, it is possible to have an overcharging situation. Traditional chargers do not have a mechanism that will cut off the electricity to the battery once its full charge is already reached. It relies on the person to remove the charger from the outlet at a precise time.

Given that it is not easy to keep track of the charging time of batteries, there is always a chance of overcharging them. It can heat the chemical mixture in the cell. For example, a car battery will have distilled water and sulfuric acid. It can lead to the accumulation of flammable hydrogen. Overcharging can also reduce the overall performance of the battery.

Solar battery maintainers do more than bring electricity to batteries. They also make sure that the receiving unit will not overcharge. These devices keep track of the receiving unit’s charging status. If they sense that the battery is already 100% charged, the maintainer will stop delivering electricity to the unit. It prevents overcharging and the different safety issues that come with such an occurrence.

Batteries tend to lose their charge over time. You may have a 100% charged battery today, and only 90% charged tomorrow. A tender or maintainer can keep this power supply fully charged by directing electric currents to the battery. When you wake up in the morning, you can be sure that your battery will still be 100% charged.

Remember that the primary function of a solar trailer battery maintainer or tender is to keep batteries in tip-top shape. The system makes sure that the battery has the optimum charge. It is perfect for anyone who wants his batteries to hold an ideal charge every time.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Battery Maintainers


Solar battery maintainers are almost similar to water resistant trickle chargers. The only exception is that these devices shut off the flow of electric current to the receiving unit once the charge has reached a predetermined reference level. These technologies come in two types.

On/Off Switched Solar Battery Tender

As mentioned above, a water resistant battery maintainer is almost the same as a trickle charger. What differentiates it from a charger is that it comes with a transistor or a thyristor. It serves as the on and off switch for the system. Once the device senses that the battery is already fully charged, it turns the switch to the “off” position. It cuts the electric current going to the battery.

If the water resistant system senses that the charge level of the battery is at a second predetermined level, it turns the switch to the “on” position. It allows electric current to flow into the battery from the photovoltaic cells.

The water resistant battery tender uses a sense resistor to keep track of voltage fluctuations. It is also the component that switches the system on or off. It differentiates it from a trickle charger, whereby there is a continuous flow of electric current to the battery.

Three-Stage Solar Battery Maintainer

This type of solar battery tender is ideal for charging lead-acid batteries. The charging occurs in three stages. These are the bulk stage, the absorption stage, and the float stage.

The voltage of the battery increases at a very steady pace during the first stage. It recharges the unit to a predetermined level in a short period of time. Most batteries have this level at about 75 to 80 percent. When the battery charge level reaches 75 or 80 percent, the rate of flow of electrical current slows down. The process then enters the absorption stage. It continues to charge the battery until it reaches the maximum.

By the time the battery is fully charged, the float stage kicks in. A current sensor will monitor the battery’s charge level. If it maintains the 100% level, the sensor sends a signal to a control mechanism in the system.

It cuts off the electrical current going to the battery. Now and then, the sensor measures the voltage available in the system. If it is not in the maximum, it signals for the system to send pulses of electricity to the battery to keep it charged at its maximum capacity.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Solar Battery Tender

Solar battery tenders are ingenious technology. They can replace your ordinary chargers to power up your devices. Like all technologies, a battery maintainer does come with pros and cons. Learning what these advantages and disadvantages are can help you decide whether such a gadget is right for you or not.



The chargers we use for our devices utilize alternating current that gets distributed from an electric utility station. The power they produce relies on the use of fuel that can be harmful to the ecosystem. These electrical power plants are significant contributors to pollution in the world. Every time you plug your charger into an electrical outlet, you tend to increase the carbon footprint.

Solar battery tenders are not 100% eco-friendly. It is because their manufacture will still require the use of non-environmentally-friendly materials and processes. Nevertheless, these tenders make use of free energy coming from the sun. It is clean, too.

Use Anywhere

Traditional chargers require an electric outlet for you to use them. It will not be an issue if you are at home. However, their usefulness diminishes the moment you step outside the house. You will need to go to an establishment that offers free use of their AC electrical outlet. If you cannot find one, then you are left with a dead battery.

Solar battery maintainers keep your batteries fully charged, regardless of your location. As long as there is sufficient sunlight, you should be able to charge your devices. There are also more advanced gadgets that allow you to recharge in an overcast sky.

Protects Batteries

The principal function of this technology is to prevent overcharging the battery. It preserves the integrity of the power unit. Your device will also be more comfortable to handle.

Tenders also keep the battery at its optimum charge level. You get to keep your batteries running a lot longer. It can have economic implications, too. You get to optimize the performance of your battery. You will not have to buy another battery to replace the old one.


Requires Time to Charge

Despite the advances in solar power technologies, charging using solar energy takes a lot of time. If you are in a hurry, this system might not be the ideal solution for you. There are AC chargers that can get your device up and running in as short as 5 minutes. For a similar device getting recharged using solar energy, it may take a few hours to charge it to a usable level.

Requires Light

These gadgets rely on solar energy to provide power to your devices. Without this source of energy – the sun – it would be impossible to charge your electrical items. While there are now technologies that allow a gadget to harness light energy even at night, the amount of power produced will still be very minimal.


Solar battery tenders cost more than traditional chargers. The cost of these devices can also increase depending on the features that they have.

Solar battery maintainers are great to have because of the convenience and eco-friendliness that they provide. Unfortunately, many are expensive and will always take a longer time to charge your devices.

How We Picked And Tested


It is easy to get confused when choosing the right solar battery maintainer for your system. The market has thousands of them. Many of these products often have similarly-listed features. To make your task a lot easier, we took it upon ourselves to check, analyze, and test the top-tier solar battery tenders on the market today. Here are the factors that we considered in our shortlisting process.


Everything that runs on electricity should be safe to operate or run. Solar battery tenders are no exception. It is true that these technologies collect energy from the sun. However, they still convert this energy into a usable form of electricity. That is why electrical safety is a very important consideration in the process of choosing a solar battery maintainer.

Many of the devices we have tested come with smart charging features. These protect the system against overcharging, shorts, and other electrical faults. Some also have built-in sensors for compensating for temperature fluctuations. Other devices protect against reverse polarity.

Solar Technology Used

Solar panels come in either monocrystalline, thin-film, or polycrystalline forms. Monocrystalline solar panels are known for their high-efficiency ratings and exceptional performance. Thin-film types are lightweight, flexible, and portable. Unfortunately, the efficiency of such a variety of photovoltaic cell is the lowest among the three types.

Most of the devices we have tested feature the thin-film type. The good news is that most of them use amorphous solar panels. These may not be as efficient as monocrystalline products. However, they can work even in rainy or cloudy skies.


This consideration is related to device safety. It is a gadget that stays outdoors. It gets exposed to different elements, including heat, rain, snow, dust, and the like. That is why the ingress protection rating of the gadget is critical. The design of the device should protect its internal sensors and other components from environmental factors.

Most of the tenders we checked and tested are weatherproof. They can withstand rain showers and dust storms. However, some can only protect against dust ingress. We excluded these products in our final list.

Temperature Range

These gadgets depend on sunlight to power up electronic devices. They get exposed to the scorching sun throughout most of the day. As such, they should have a working temperature range that is wide enough to accommodate temperature fluctuations.

A wide temperature range also extends the usability of the device. For example, you can use it in the tropics or the arctic. It is a lot better than those solar charger battery products that have minimal working temperature ranges. They may only work in some areas of the globe.

Ease of Installation

Another consideration is the ease of installation of the device for solar charging. Most products already come with their corresponding mounting hardware. There are also those for a solar charging phone that utilize only suction cups to mount on car windshields and other similar surfaces. Some products use alligator clips for mounting purposes.

The ease of a product’s installation also reflects on its flexibility of the solar phone charger. If you can install it without difficulty, then it should also be easy to uninstall or remove it from its mounting. It gives you the chance to mount it in other places, extending the usability of the device.

Built-in Features

We also examined other product features and evaluated their impact on user experience for solar charging with our featured item. An easy-to-read display is a welcome feature. So it is user-friendly controls.

Quality assurance indicators are always a useful attribute of a high-quality product for a phone charger solar. Those that have CE certification and similar certifications always fare better than products that did not pass such quality assurance activities.

Other considerations include brand reputation and customer reviews. These made up the core of our evaluation parameters to bring you the finest solar charging maintainers in the market this 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to place the solar battery maintainer in direct sunlight?

Yes, you need to place a solar power battery maintainer in direct sunlight to maximize its power generation capabilities. Although you can place a solar panel battery maintainer under overcast or cloudy skies, the charging efficiency will be lower than under direct sunlight.

It does not matter if the battery maintainer is for car or for boat applications. As long as it draws power from the sun (hence, the name “solar”), it is vital to expose the 12V solar battery charger maintainer to direct UV light.

Can a solar battery maintainer overcharge?

Yes, a solar 12V battery maintainer can overcharge a solar battery if the latter’s capacity is smaller than the maintainer’s rating, depending on manufacturer specifications. For example, the Sunway 4-watt 12V solar auto battery maintainer & trickle charger can overcharge a solar battery with less than 20Ah capacity.

It is also worth noting that some solar battery maintainers come with overcharge protection. Although this feature is appealing, it underscores the risk of powering batteries incorrectly, even solar ones.

How long does a solar battery maintainer last?

A weatherproof solar battery charger and maintainer can last many years, depending on the quality of its principal components, such as its solar panels, power inverter, alligator clips, and electrical wires.

Solar panels can reach a quarter of a century and still keep functioning, albeit at a lower efficiency than a newly-bought unit. It is also possible to assume that recent photovoltaic cell manufacturing technologies can deliver solar panels for battery maintainers that last more than 30 years.

On the other hand, most solar system power inverters have a ten-year average lifespan. However, it is not uncommon to see some brands with 20-year longevity or longer.

Electrical wires can last five to seven decades, while alligator clips should last a few years at least.

Is it OK to leave a solar battery maintainer on all the time?

Yes, it is okay to leave an RV solar battery maintainer on all the time because its design is for such a purpose – deliver a constant charge to solar batteries over extended periods. It is worth noting that battery maintainers push small amounts of electricity to the power unit and keep it fully charged.

Some products have overcharge protection that automatically shuts off the device.

What are the most trusted solar battery maintainer brands?

You need to look into the brand when comparing your options for the maintainer to ensure that you’re dealing with a reliable manufacturer that values the satisfaction of their customers. A few of them include Battery Tender, ECO-WORTHY, Schumacher, and Sunway.

Will a solar battery maintainer charge a battery?

Yes, it can charge a battery and prevent its discharge, especially when you’re letting your RV sit for an extended period or months. It can also help in extending the life of your battery because it can keep the latter charged.

What is the warranty? 

Many offer a 12-month warranty, but others might be able to provide more. It is why you need to compare your options well and check on the warranty for added peace of mind when buying a specific product.

How to install and use?

You can refer to the user manual when installing and using a maintainer. Every manufacturer may have its instructions on these. Most maintainers by good manufacturers offer easy to install and maintenance-free products, however.

How to care & clean?

There is no special care and cleaning instructions for a solar battery maintainer. You just have to wipe its solar panel and the unit off with clean and dry cloth from time to time.

Where to buy? 

You can buy these products online and in RV supplies stores where to find items by different brands and of various models. Plus, you can check them out on where to find a wide range of these products to compare.


The best solar battery maintainer is one of the essentials to have if you have a recreational vehicle or automobile that you let sit for some time. It can help in preventing the discharge and, ultimately, the damage of your batteries. To get started with the selection process, you might want to refer to our reviews earlier for the top picks in the category. You can also take a look at the features to check when comparing the different brands available now. With a buying guide, you will be able to choose the right battery tender for your needs and situation. Buy one today!

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