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The Best Solar Birdbath Fountains for Outdoor Décor

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

A birdbath is a great garden accessory for the birds to cool off and drink water from. It has an artificial puddle that functions throughout the day. This maintenance can take a toll on your bills as the constant water flow can consume too much electricity if maintained throughout the day. The best solar birdbath fountain can ease your accounts and still be that attractive garden piece in your home.

best solar birdbath fountain

They are convenient to use, and they take advantage of the daily direct sunlight for energy. A lovely bit of water feature in your own space does not have to reach down your pockets. An elegant solar birdbath brings beauty and tranquility in your haven.

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Preview Solatec Solar Fountain

Mademax ‎AS10B

AISITIN Solar Fountain

Nozzle Heads 4 4 6
Dimensions 6.3 x 6.3 x 1.6 in 1.9 x 5.9 x 5.8 in 7.8 x 7.8 x 2 in
Weight 8.1 oz 8.1 oz 12 oz
Water Height 11.8 – 19.7″ 19.7 – 27.5″ 35.43″
Power 1.4W 1.4W 3.5W
Details Details Details


Top-Tier Solar Birdbath Fountain Reviews

1. Solatec Solar Fountain

  • It has a multitude of uses on different water features
  • The water pump is eco-friendly, and it doesn’t use a battery pack
  • It comes with four different sprayers
  • Lightweight water pump and is easy to set up
  • The panel uses high-standard polycrystalline silicon
  • Water pump motor can stop working with sunlight disruptions

If you plan on putting up a water attraction right in the comfort of your own home, this sleek and compact water pump is the right one for you. It can be a great addition to lawns, gardens, and balconies for any water feature you might want to add.

Eco-friendly devices are gaining popularity. They are famous for the right reasons. Solar power is an ingenious way of providing energy to everyday home gadgets that work tirelessly and continuously. Solatec specializes in high-standard water pumps that operate without electricity. This specific model also doesn’t use a battery pack to work on whatever water attraction you ought to have fully.

Enjoy more than a single water style with this pump. It comes with sprayers that are designed to entertain you in 4 different ways. Four nozzles are included in this kit that can be attached unswervingly to the pump. In this case, you don’t have to spend for another spray head nor another pump to enjoy another water style for your solar power birdbath fountain.

If you just got around to having a water fountain, a pond, or a birdbath at home, you can work it out efficiently with Solatec. It is easy to set up, and it will just float on water to function fully. This pump’s lightweight material makes it easy to put on bowls, basins, or fountain structures.

You can rest easy knowing that you know where you banked your money. This water pump uses polycrystalline silicon on its solar panels. This material is among the most reliable and efficient kinds. You will be getting sunlight maximally without too much hassle.

The setback of having solar-powered devices at home is that they can run slow with sunlight disruptions. This mechanism can cause the motor to stop working even in the daytime. Placing your panels at an optimal angle and location can solve this problem. Overall, this is one of the top-tier values for money fountain or birdbath pumps that you can purchase in the market.

2. Mademax Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

  • It can be used for birdbaths, fountains, ponds, and fish tanks
  • It includes four nozzles for different water patterns
  • The device has a water shortage protection mechanism
  • This water pump can be used in as early as 3 seconds
  • Easy to maintain and uninstall when not in use
  • The water pump floats on your water feature

A detail that can highlight your garden is a calm-looking water feature. This kind of decoration entails a water pump that can be an additional financial liability. But you can still pursue having a fountain or a birdbath with the Mademax water pump.

This reliable solar bird bath pump is suitable not only to refresh your birds but also for ponds, standing fountains, and other water features. The multipurpose function of these water pumps makes them a versatile device for your garden.

You don’t have to be bored with the single water style on typical bird baths or fountains. This unit includes four nozzles. The nozzles will keep you entertained as it showcases different water patterns that can soothe your mornings or afternoons.

Aside from the water style that this pump has to offer, the water height also matters. It can entertain guests and neighbors with a water height of up to 70 cm. That maximum height is achieved easily with maximal sunlight exposure.

The best thing that this unit can offer you is water shortage protection. Over 20 seconds, it tests water measurements to detect any shortage of supply. You don’t have to waste water with this inimitable and unparalleled feature.

Beginners and newbies in water features will enjoy using this water pump. In as early as 3 seconds, it automatically works wonders in your birdbaths, ponds, fish tanks, and fountains. Included in the kit is a manual on how to attach its parts and make sure that it fits easily upon assembly.

You should note that the device floats and may not keep still with water. Some people may find it a hostile and annoying feature. But this adds a mechanical beauty to whatever water feature you will add it to. Aside from that, the features are worth the price, and sometimes even more.

The full provisions that this water pump provides are unrivaled. Having this device makes it easy to install or uninstall a birdbath anytime in your home. Storage isn’t a problem as this compact device can be tucked in easily.

3. AISITIN 3.5W Solar Fountain Pump

  • The solar pump works continuously even with sunlight disruptions
  • It has a built-in battery that stores energy
  • It includes six different nozzles for an array of water styles
  • The pump can be used on ponds, water fountains, fish tanks, and birdbaths among others
  • Easy installation and low maintenance on usage
  • It lacks a switch for the battery to work

If you are searching for a solar water fountain that can outlive your expectations, check out the Aisitin Solar Fountain Pump. This unit is an excellent upgrade to pumps working on solar panels as it works continuously, even with minor sunlight interruptions.

The traditional solar pumps will stop working when the sun goes down. This state-of-the-art pump has a built-in battery. It automatically stores energy for future use.

Water fountains and birdbaths can be great decorative pieces. But their typical water style can bore your guests and neighbors. The good thing about this pump is that it includes six other nozzles that can control your water feature’s jet height and shape. Changing the nozzle isn’t a fuss, either. Having different water patterns is an excellent way of making your garden stand out in the neighborhood.

If you are not ready to commit to a water feature, this solar-powered water pump is an excellent option for you. It can work efficiently on ponds, birdbaths, fish tanks, or any water features that need continuous water circulation. That wide range of applications makes this unit an excellent investment for any water-pumping activity that you need.

Installation won’t take too much of your time, as this comes with a manual. As early as 3 seconds, it can also start working its wonders on whatever water feature you intend to use. Cleaning and maintenance won’t take an arm and leg for this water pump.

A switch for the battery connection would have been a great feature in this unit. You should note that after storing energy, it automatically uses the ones it has kept before. Automatic energy usage can also be an advantage if you want your water fountain to work continuously at night.

Aside from that, this compact device delivers quality features that are beyond its price. For me, this water pump can change the way birdbaths can operate at home or in public places. It eases financial work, and its solar features provide a fantastic way of having fewer contributions to environmental pollution.

4. VIVOHOME Polyresin Garden Bird Bath

  • Classic vintage design for a picturesque garden
  • Complete with the solar powered pump and the birdbath itself
  • Weather-resistant and durable polyresin material used
  • The sturdy base can be staked down to keep it still
  • Easy installation and assembly of the entire unit
  • The suction cups are at the bottom and don’t hold down the fountain

Beginners who would love to have an easy-to-maintain water feature at home can enjoy the Vivohome Polyresin Garden Bird Bath. This solar-powered easy bird fountain kit includes one garden birdbath and an energy-saving water pump. This kit will keep functioning for the entire day if the sun shines on its panel.

The vintage design of this birdbath will make your garden even more picturesque. It can easily attract your neighbors as the copper design ages into an old-age green color over time. It will also fascinate your guests or visitors to home parties.

Durability can sometimes fall short on fountain kits. But the polyresin material used in this birdbath is made to last you for years. It is weatherproof so it can withstand the summer heat and other weather changes throughout the year.

What makes this birdbath unique is how it is light to carry around. So, in circumstances when you want to move the location of the birdbath for optimum and direct sunlight exposure, you can do so without too much hassle. Spotting the picturesque spot in your garden is stress-free with the addition of this birdbath.

Other than that, the base is sturdy and well-made. It has stakes set, so it will not be easily moved even if it is lightweight. These will be fastened on the ground to keep the birdbath still.

Even if it is your first time having a birdbath at home, you can easily install this fountain kit. Assembly of the entire unit does not take too long. The kit also comes with the complete materials needed to set it up in as early as three minutes.

You must note that the suction cups don’t hold the fountain down. You might notice the pump floating on water. Yet, the overall performance of birdbaths with fountains is outstanding. The water patterns can also change, so they give you a different aesthetic in your garden. This great addition to your garden is worth investing in as this complete kit has simple yet elegant features.

5. Best Choice Products Pedestal Bird Bath

  • Rustic design with detailed patterns at the stand
  • It has a planter where you can place rocks, plants, and flowers
  • It is made of high-density yet lightweight polyresin
  • Its hollow center can be filled with gravel or sand
  • It has a solar-powered lamp that lights up during the night
  • The basin in this birdbath is a bit shallow

Saving energy may be one reason why homeowners don’t put up water features in their homes. The good thing about the solar-lighted pedestal birdbath is that it functions fully without adding a burden to your electrical bill.

If you love having a rustic piece of ornament in your garden, you will enjoy the details of this birdbath’s stand. It has a fleur-de-lis pattern, giving you an old finish but with other modern features.

Aside from giving your feathered friends a lovely drink, this birdbath also has a built-in planter. You can place rocks, flowers, and other home plants to keep your birdbath a fresh look. The drainage holes are built-in, so you won’t have to worry about draining water out manually.

Are you wondering if the durability of this birdbath can exceed your expectations? The polyresin used in constructing this birdbath is high-density. That makes it resistant to severe weather changes yet still lightweight to carry around your garden.

Mentioning that this model is lightweight might give you doubts about how it can withstand the wind. Yet there are ways that this stands still for your birds. It also has a hollow center filled with sand or gravel, whatever you prefer, to ensure that your birdbath stands tall throughout the day.

For added stability, this kit has ground stakes. These dependable stakes ensure that your birdbath won’t topple over when birds stay for a while.

Among the solar powered bird bath fountains, you will rarely come across one that lights up without consuming energy. The unique lamp feature of this unit makes it stand out among the rest. It is solar-powered, and it automatically turns on during the night.

Compared to other birdbaths, the bowl in this unit is a bit shallow. And on summer days, water can deplete quickly. Maintaining its water supply is easy, and cleaning this birdbath won’t challenge you. This addition will be a unique one; your neighbors and guests will curiously talk about it.

6. Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain

  • Glass laminates are high-standard and they don’t easily deform or bend
  • The panels can be installed in 2 ways
  • The solar pump is easy to hide in water features
  • It comes with six different spray heads for a variety of water styles
  • The rotor operates quietly on most water features
  • Overcasts can make the water pump stop working

You can get the most out of the sun’s light and heat with a solar panel made of high-standard glass laminates. Maximally use that kind of solar panel with Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain. Compared to its competitors in the market, its solar panel will not deform, burn, and break.

Panel installation is probably the most crucial part of getting the most suitable sunlight throughout the day. This unit gives you the freedom to install the panel where it can receive the most sunlight in your area. It has two installation methods that can cater to your needs. The solar panel can be screwed on the wall or manually staked on the ground.

If you are conscious that the water pump can be an eyesore, you don’t have to fret that much because this solar fountain for bird baths is easy to hide. It won’t steal the water show, and it won’t be a distraction for your feathered friends.

Having a single water style in fountains can be tedious. You will not quickly be bored with this water pump for your water fountain or birdbath as it comes with six spray heads. Replacing each water style is not a hassle as these nozzles can easily be switched up. Water heights can also change with each unique nozzle for your water feature.

Pair your quiet alone time with a soothing rush of water in the background. Water pump motors can easily distract this peace. This unit operates quietly and won’t affect the sound of the water in your fountains. The high-quality rotor is one of its strongest suits if you need a quiet and tranquil vibe.

Dark shadows that can give an overcast on the panel can cause the pump to stop working. This is typical for devices relying on solar energy. The leading solution would be to place the panel where it can get optimal sunlight tactically. With its price and endless usability, this water pump is a wise purchase you can bank on for current or future garden makeovers.

7. Lewisia Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

  • Solar-powered pumps save you money ultimately
  • The cable included is long enough about 10 feet
  • Four unique spray heads are included in the kit
  • Installation of your water features does not require tools or extraordinary skills
  • Removable parts of the water pump make it easy to clean
  • Regular cleaning is needed to prolong the pump’s life

Birdbaths are top-rated maintained with a quality water pump that can continuously work throughout the day. Solar-powered ones are fantastic to have because they can save you a lot of money in the long run. The Lewisia Solar Bird Bath can be that option.

One of the burdens of having a solar-powered birdbath is how it can acquire maximal power output. Placing the panels advantageously can only go so far if your cords cannot reach the ideal place for sunlight.

I like the Lewisia Solar Bird Bath because they don’t skimp on providing customers with their cables. They have provided one that allows me to place the panel away from the pump itself. It can extend up to 10 feet so you can set your solar panel optimally without compromising on your birdbath’s location.

Water styles can be enjoyed with a variety to keep you entertained. This kit comes with four unique spray heads. These spray heads give you the freedom to customize your water pattern depending on your garden’s mood or vibe.

Setting up a water feature can be a stressful thing to do. But that won’t be the case with the Lewisia Bird Bath. It does not require a unique tool nor professional skills to put together. Installation is entirely hassle-free.

Birdbaths or fountains can be hard to place around. But investing in a single water pump gives you the liberty to choose what water feature you can put it on. The Lewisia water pump is easy to move around.

The removable parts of the pump itself are easy to clean and are brilliantly low maintenance. Regular water cleaning is the key to keep this water pump last for years.

The frequency of cleaning might be viewed as a setback. But keeping debris away and maintaining the functionality of the pump is a practical way to keep your garden free from insects. It also ensures that the health of the birds on your birdbath isn’t affected. Cleanliness not only prolongs the life of your water pump but also adds hygienic quality to your area.

8. MUMTOP Outdoor Glass Birdbath

  • Unique feather design on high-quality glass
  • Solar-powered LED lights that automatically shine on when it gets dark
  • Foldable stand made of hard-wearing metal
  • Curvy feet on the base for a broader and a more secure birdbath
  • Easy to clean and use every day
  • The stand is relatively short compared to others

Beautifying your garden can be a stressful thing to do when you have no idea what ornament you want to feature in. The Mumtop Outdoor Glass Birdbath is an excellent choice for enhancing the look of your lawn or garden.

This solar-powered bird bath comes with a unique feather design that is marked on the glass. This seamlessly attracts birds to cool off on a warm day. The glass is made with a durable construction that will last you for a long time.

You won’t have to worry much about how to keep the glass secured. I understand that it could be a problem with harsh weather, but it is durably secured with suction cups. These cups are strategically placed on the sides of the stand to keep the glass in place.

Elegance is magnified with the LED lights of this birdbath. It automatically turns on when the daylight starts to fade. It is visually pleasing and creates a peaceful ambiance in your garden. These lights are solar powered to save you energy and are also waterproof.

Transferring this birdbath isn’t much of a problem. The stand is made of solid metal. It is also foldable, so whenever and wherever you want to transfer it, it won’t be a headache.

Storing and setting this birdbath is quick and easy with this foldable stand in a spiral manner. As it folds spirally, it won’t take too much space at home when you decide to keep it in for a while.

The curvy feet at the base add elegance to the overall look. It also gives the birdbath a more secure base as it widens out. The broader base compensates for the glass that broadly accepts birds for cooling or drinking.

If you compare this birdbath to other fountain kits, this one may not stand as tall as its competitors. This is made so to keep the glass from wobbling around, especially outdoors. For daily birdbath use, this unit is easy to clean and maintain. Daily usage isn’t that complicated, making it an excellent purchase for your garden or lawn.

9. SmartSolar 20633R01

  • Operates maximally where the sun hits it directly
  • It has a pump filter that works under low voltage
  • Easy to put together and maintain
  • Built with a high-standard material that resists harsh weather
  • Includes two fountain heads for a varied water style
  • The paint can peel off especially in rough weather conditions

Finding a relaxing spot in your own home won’t be that hard if you have a unique garden water feature that brings calmness and peace to the environment. The SmartSolar Bird Bath in olive green will make you feel undisturbed and unfazed in your garden or lawn.

This olive green smart solar bird bath operates directly under the sun. This will highlight your deck, balcony, garden, or your mini terrace where the sun will hit it the most. It saves you energy and money in the long run with its solar feature.

Pumping water through its solar-powered system won’t take a huge chunk of energy. It also has a pump filter that just operates at a low voltage.

What I like about this birdbath is how it is easy to put up and maintain. A few steps of draining, cleaning it over, rinsing the basin, and refilling it again and you’re done.

Withstanding harsh weather may be among the challenges that outdoor ornaments face. The good thing about this birdbath is that it is built with glass fiber-reinforced concrete. It is a long-lasting material that won’t easily break and won’t be easily moved by rain or winds.

Placing this home decoration won’t be a challenging task. The olive-green look makes it easy to blend among your plants. Your balcony or terrace would look great to have this solid birdbath right in any corner.

The fountain heads are also one of its exceptional features. The birdbath comes with two fountain heads. It has a bubbling water style or an umbrella spray that can be chosen according to your preference. The sound of the water falling through might differ, giving you a variety of white noise in your relaxing spot.

The features of this sophisticated birdbath are not without a setback. The paint at the bottom part may chip off especially when it is exposed to rough weather conditions. It may need to be wiped to maintain its finish. But the rustic look won’t harm your balcony or your garden. It gives off a peaceful vibe that keeps the birds cool all day.

10. Smart Solar 34222RM1

  • Easy to set up without wirings and connections
  • Low maintenance in keeping it fully functional
  • Elegant design with a stone finish
  • Durable construction to tolerate harsh environments
  • Unique and stylish 2-level water fountain
  • The plastic coating may chip off easily on the lower part

One thing that can dismay and discourage people from getting their water feature at home is the hassle of setting it up. These can take some of your time, especially with the wirings and connections needed to put it up. If you are interested in skipping that hassle, consider having a Smart Solar at home. It works well as a fountain and a birdbath to keep your feathered buddies hydrated all day long.

With sunlight every day, you can save so much and yet keep your lawn or your garden in elegance. This solar-powered fountain is to install and maintained at the same time. The comfort of setting it up is unmatched. The integrated pump, solar panel, and its battery system make it incredibly fast to set up.

Are you worried about maintaining this kind of water feature at home? Cleaning and keeping it free from debris aren’t tedious work if you have this birdbath. Simple water draining and refilling will keep it up for years.

The design of this birdbath will keep your afternoons calm and collected. The stone finish will remind you of the elegance only seen in movies. But this stylish and chic fountain makes it to your reality.

Are you bored of the regular solar bird baths and fountains sold commercially? This model has two levels of water passing through, adding more style and individuality than your standard home garden fountains. The soothing sound of the water will make you feel like you’re in another place than home.

You will be satisfied with how this fountain stands still through harsh environments. Glass fiber-reinforced concrete makes up this birdbath body. This construction keeps the birdbath sturdy and impervious to damage due to weather changes.

Do you want to have a peaceful me-time at home? This fountain operates for a full 6 hours to keep you calm, entertained, and soothed. The battery is charged 1-2 days entirely directly under the sun.

The plastic may peel easily on the lower part of the stand. But with great care and avoidance of extreme temperatures, this ornament can be an excellent investment for your garden.

Dinors Solar Fountain Water Pump (Outdated)

  • The unit can be used on birdbaths, ponds, fountains, and others
  • It uses an environmental-friendly and energy-efficient mechanism
  • It does not need a battery pack or an electrical outlet
  • It includes four sprayers for a variety of water pattern
  • The brushless motor extends its service life
  • Energy output is easily disturbed by sunlight changes

If you are unsure of what water feature to install in your garden, consider having a water pump instead. This versatile solar fountain water pump for birdbaths can also be set up on ponds, fish tanks, pools, and fountains.

Choosing the solar option is the top-tier alternative you can find that will save you effort and energy. Aside from that, this solar fountain is also environmentally friendly. So aside from keeping yourself from shelling out a lot of cash, you are again leaving less carbon footprint in the community.

Installing this water pump will not take too much of your time. It needs no electric outlet nor a battery pack to operate effectively on your chosen water feature.

Investing in a whole fountain or birdbath can be quite a risk. It can be hard to maintain, and if you might have a change of heart in the future, it can be hard to dispose of. Having a water pump is a practical way of beautifying your garden. It has a lot of purposes, and it is easy to keep at home. Water pumps work efficiently for ponds, birdbaths, fish tanks, and fountains, among others.

Attracting neighbors and guests with a water feature is easy. But having an alternative water style will be a feast in their eyes. Changing water styles can be quickly done as this kit includes four sprayers. You can enjoy the dancing water alone during your meditation time or with your friends during brunch parties and picnics.

What makes this pump an excellent investment is how it can last you a long time. The approximate service life of this water pump is about 10,000 hours. Aside from that, the brushless motor extends this service life at the expense of lower energy.

Since it is powered exclusively by the sun, the energy output can be quite sensitive. So, when some shade can block the operation of the pump, water flow can slow down. But that setback can quickly be relieved by placing it under the sun directly. The jam-packed features for its price make it a great purchase.

Ankway 2.5W Solar Fountain (Outdated)

  • It has a burnout feature that prevents the device from working on low water levels
  • The brushless motor makes the device work silently on water features
  • Five different water patterns can be made with the nozzles included
  • It has a built-in battery that works as an energy backup
  • You can let the water pump float or have it stuck on your bowl or basin
  • It can spurt out water at tall jet heights

The compact and well-engineered water pump from Ankway will convert you into someone who will invest wisely on solar-powered devices. This model has upgraded its solar panel from its predecessors. It took advantage of the polycrystalline PET lamination technique to make its solar panels perform more efficiently.

The burnout protection mechanism of the Ankway Solar Fountain is among its most robust features. This unique mechanism automatically turns off the motor of the pump on low water levels. Eventually, this will also protect the service life of the device.

A brushless motor is integrated into the system of the water pump. If you are wondering how this benefits you, it will reduce the noise so it can work quietly at home. You can have unfazed days of peace with a water noise on the background, without motor sounds.

Up to 5 different water patterns can feast your eyes. The five spray heads provide enjoyment for neighbors, guests, and even your alone time at home.

Every solar birdbath fountain review will tell you that pumps stop working when the sun hits low. This model will continue working despite those changes. The built-in battery makes it possible to run even with depleted sunlight. Night parties or low-light meditations are made even better with a water feature like a fountain, birdbath, or pond working boundlessly.

Because this water pump floats on your water feature, it is easy to set up and maintain. You can remove it frequently to ensure that there is no debris, and keep it clean while it stays afloat. But if you are uneasy about the floating water pump, a suction cup is part of the kit. It can still hold the pump throughout the day.

The water may spray relatively high, especially when the panel gets high amounts of direct sunlight. This can be a problem to some with narrow basins or bowls. Ensuring your fountain or your birdbath can take the water spurts can prevent water spillage. The performance of the water pump is superb for its price. That alone makes it an attractive investment that you can use on birdbaths, water fountains, ponds, etc.

What Is A Solar Birdbath Fountain And Who This Is For


A fountain is a great artistic touch to any garden. It is a simple but sure way to make it your outdoors’s centerpiece. Most fountains automatically double as a birdbath where your feathered friends can take solace and drink water. It is not just attractive to the human eye but also to birds who want a few minutes to rest.

The appeal that birdbath fountains provide requires 24 hours to operate. You need a lot of energy to enjoy it, which means massive electricity and maintenance bills. This is where fountains come into play.

This innovative fountain is solely driven by the sun. It operates just with the sun’s energy, which means that there is no electricity required and no electricity means there would be no wirings and batteries involved. Most importantly, no electricity means no additional electrical expenditures.

You might be thinking about the fountain’s operational time because the sun is not on duty 24/7. Ease your worries because there is a solar-powered garden fountain with battery backup. This variant of the solar fountain would mean that it comes with a battery pack where it can store the sun’s energy and let you use your fountain even if the sun is not on its brightest or strongest.

These birdbath fountains are for outdoor and garden enthusiasts who enjoy the serenity and beauty that this water art can bring. It is also for those practical and economic folks who don’t want to add to their electricity bills. All the energy you need to make your fountain work comes from the sun, and it’s always free and, most of the time, available for consumption.

How Does It Work

You will appreciate not just solar birdbath fountains’ beauty and practicality when you know and understand how it works. Solar fountains work without the need for electricity or batteries by converting direct sunlight into energy.

This becomes possible because these solar fountains are designed with solar panels responsible for the absorption of the sun’s energy. These solar panels help convert the power that is required so the fountain’s pump can work.

The solar panels integrated into these fountains are made with the same photovoltaic cells or PV cells that most residential and commercial panels are made of. PV cells are triggered into action by the sun’s energy. This ‘action’ is like an electrical charge converting heat into motion and, therefore, propelling the solar fountain’s pump into action.

For instance, in residential homes, solar energy is designed to gather in the house so it can supply constant power and heat even through the night. Solar fountains are most effective under full sunlight. Yes, those brands and models come with a back-battery pack but can only extend your usage for 4-5 hours and not the entire night.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Birdbath Fountains


Solar birdbath fountains are indeed the practical way to enjoy the perks of having a fountain without the electricity bills that usually go with it. It gives that classy and fun look to your garden without being overly exaggerated.

There are different birdbath fountains that you can choose from depending on your personal preference and what you want to achieve. Getting to know these different solar fountains is an excellent way to start when shopping so you can make sure that your choice will make you happy and perform to your liking. Here are the basic types of solar birdbath fountains:

  • Solar birdbath fountains: This is the standard and most basic type. These are designed to function only if the panels are under direct sunlight. They don’t have any battery packs. The solar panel of these fountains is connected to the fountain’s pump through a cord.

Unfortunately, this kind of fountain, will stop functioning if there is no sun but will automatically pick up the performance once the sun is back. This is the drawback of pure solar fountains because it is 100% dependent on the sun.

  • Solar birdbath fountains with battery pack: This is a more practical and smart choice when you want to enjoy solar fountains. As the name implies, a solar bird bath fountain with battery backup can still work without the sun because it has an alternative energy source to operate, and that’s through the battery pack.

When the sun is out, your fountain’s pump will still be powered by the sun’s energy, while at the same time, the battery pack is being recharged through solar energy. Once the sun is out, you can continue enjoying your fountain using your battery power. Note, though, that battery packs can only give you additional hours of operation.

  • Solar birdbath fountain with LED lights: This solar-powered fountain typically comes with a battery pack but with an addition of lights. The solar bird bath fountain with lights is visually appealing, especially during the night, because it is equipped with LED lights that will provide a beautiful and magical show.

For this variant, you must make sure that you have more than enough energy to support the lights because the lack of energy can impair the light’s show.

Knowing your options when shopping for your solar fountain can significantly influence your decision because you will see what you need and want.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Solar Fountain

Solar birdbath fountains would always be an excellent choice for outdoor décor. Aside from its attractive contribution to the overall appearance, there are also advantages causing shoppers to gear towards buying the solar kind and not your traditional fountain. These are just some of the returns of buying and using a solar birdbath fountain:

  • No electricity required – solar fountains cause you to save money because it doesn’t require any electricity to operate. This alone is a perk that a lot of homeowners would want to take advantage of. Just imagine being able to enjoy the beauty of a fountain without having to worry about the electricity bills that come with it.
  • Mobility – another good reason to get a solar fountain is you are not just limited to using it outside with the sun powering it up. You can use it inside your home as a humidifier. It doesn’t require any electrical outlet to connect it. You have the choice of how you want to use it.
  • Overall safe – since there is no electricity or wiring involved, it becomes a safe accessory for kids and friends, including the birds that may frequently visit. There are no wirings, so there wouldn’t be any tripping incidents. No electricity also means that there would be no threat to humans or birds being electrocuted. It is overall environment-friendly.
  • Varied options – there are so many styles and materials of solar fountains to choose from. The possibilities are almost endless because if you want more than one fountain, you can mix and match, and the result will always be beautiful. Solar fountains provide you with the freedom to incorporate your personality into your gardens.
  • Easy to use and minimal maintenance – these fountains are easy to maintain. Depending on your kind of purchase, you can take it apart and provide the necessary TLC and cleaning to ensure it is always at its optimum performance. There are also no special cleaning tools required.

Like any product, there are also drawbacks to using solar fountains. Quite the obvious, the sun plays a huge role in making it work, and unfortunately, you don’t have control over when the sun will rise and how strong it will be daily.

So, if you live in areas where the sun is not that generous, you might consider looking into other fountains and not the solar-powered ones because you won’t be able to maximize its full benefits.

How We Picked And Tested


Shopping for your best solar birdbath fountain can be an exciting experience, but like with every investment, you might find yourself at a loss when it is finally time to close the deal. All these solar bird bath bubblers are nice to look at, but there is more than meets the eye. You must consider some factors in solar fountain shopping, and here are a few things you need to think about when picking:

Style – yes, aesthetics plays a significant role in your decision. Most of the time, fountains become the centerpiece of your garden, so you must make sure that your fountain of choice fits right into your current set-up while at the same time reflecting a little bit of your personality.

Regardless of filling in a void in your garden or working on the garden to accentuate your fountain, you must decide on the many styles available for solar fountains. You have the option of going for the classic tiered, cascading, column, and contemporary. There are also modern and statuary styles that you can consider.

Material – you must aim for a fair and reliable material to ensure that your solar fountain is durable and can last you for a good number of years. It should withstand the natural elements since it is practically exposed to it most of the time.

Most solar fountains are either made of ceramic, terracotta, polystone, or fiberglass resin. Each of these materials has its pros and cons, but all are equally reliable and known for their longevity.

Easy to use ceramic solar fountains are 100% handcrafted and are made of the highest quality clay glazed and put into the fire to achieve a smooth surface. This type is easy to clean but needs the utmost care as it can easily break when dropped.

Terracotta meanwhile, is almost the same as ceramic solar birdbath fountains sans the smooth finish. It is a bit challenging to clean because of its pottery-like finish, which tends to be very porous. Polystone is made from resin with sand to be molded more easily into a reliable, durable, and extremely heavy fountain.

Watts – solar fountains are designed to only require low wattage from between 1 to 15 watts. It doesn’t require too much solar power, but those solar fountains that need higher watts tend to be more powerful and can operate longer. Before finally deciding on a solar fountain, assess how much sun you usually get on average.

Battery backup – it would be highly recommended to get the solar foundations with a battery pack because it extends your fountain use and allows you to enjoy it a little longer. Like everybody else, you would want a functioning fountain whenever you want to, and it would be pleasant not to be entirely dependent on the sun.

Accessories – this would be a little bonus if your future solar birdbath fountain comes with accessories like different nozzles for varying spray patterns and lights for a more magical experience.

Looking into the brand of solar fountains would also be a good idea because you can be sure of its quality. Aside from these factors, if you are still not confident in making your own decision, you can check the top brands’ reviews and go from there.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do birds like solar fountains?

Yes, a solar pond fountain is a magnet for birds, giving them an opportunity to drink, bathe, and “have fun.” A solar powered fountain pump can spray water several inches into the air, allowing the droplets to land on a mini pond and produce a splashing noise. Bubbles that form when droplets hit the bath surface can also attract birds.

Should water fountains run all the time?

Yes, it is advisable to run water fountains all the time. After all, their pump motors require the continuous operation to maintain efficiency. However, it is always an excellent idea to turn off the pump during periodic cleaning and when leaving the house for several days.

You might ask, “how about a solar pump for fountain water features?” Should a solar water fountain pump also run 24/7? The answer is as simple as “yes.”

If you are concerned about the absence of sunlight at night, even a mini solar fountain has batteries to store solar energy collected during the day. The small solar fountain uses this stored energy at night to run the pump.

How deep should a bird bath be for a solar fountain?

A smart solar bird bath fountain should be at least an inch deep but never deeper than two inches. This depth is just right for most birds, allowing them to see the bottom and dive into it while retaining “situational awareness” against predators.

We recommend a graded or sloped basin if you need a solar hummingbird bath fountain.

How long do solar fountains last?

Solar-powered water features, including a fixed or floating solar fountain, only last about four years with proper care. The longevity of the small solar bird bath fountain could be shorter if you are remiss in your maintenance duties.

A solar-powered pump for small bird bath units can last two to four years, while batteries might only have a 15- to 18-month lifespan.

What are the most trusted solar birdbath fountain brands?

The following are some of the most reliable brands to find on the market. Check them out for a quality and durable solar birdbath.

  • Best Choice Products
  • Mademax
  • Dinors
  • SmartSolar
  • Biling
  • Solatec
  • Lewisia
  • Ankway

How to use & install?

Installing a solar birdbath fountain is a simple process. Since it doesn’t need electricity, you don’t have to worry about the wiring and connections; what’s critical, though, in the installation, is the fountain’s location. You must make sure that the spot you would place it in would allow the solar fountain to receive as much sun as possible.

Most solar fountains already come in with the solar panel, the pump, fountain spray, and a spike so you can mount into your selected spot. The pump has a cable that will direct you to the actual solar panel. You won’t need any tools or accessories to install your solar fountain.

Make sure that the pump is fully submerged to your water container or pond as well. Upon installation, there’s not much you need to do. If the sun is out and the solar panel and the battery pack are absorbing the energy from the sun, then your fountain will work.

How to care & clean?

You are ensuring that your solar fountain is well-maintained impacts its performance and longevity. You must make sure that it is clean and free from white scale and algae using some simple water additives so build-up can be prevented.

Proper care should also be provided by regularly draining and cleaning your fountain. Most solar fountains are built and installed in parts so you can take it apart and clean each piece with a gentle cleaning agent, rinse, and dry it.

You also must make sure to include the pump during your cleaning process. When the temperature drops, make sure you store your fountain, including the panels and pump indoors. Should storage space be a challenge, you can cover it.

Look in your fountain closer, too, and not just from a distance so you can timely clean and remove any bird droppings, leaves, and debris to avoid and clogging problems.

Where to buy?

Solar birdbath fountains are increasingly becoming popular; that’s why purchasing them has become more comfortable too. You can conveniently find them in standard retail stores like Walmart and Home Depot and check the designs, built, and prices suitable for you and your needs.

If you have a specific brand in mind, you can check if there is a local outlet where you can pre-order from if they don’t currently have one in stock. Alternatively, you can also browse-shop and buy your solar fountain online via Amazon. Amazon carries a wide range of options, so you won’t feel restricted or limited to whatever is currently available. What’s more, your parcel will be conveniently delivered to you, saving you the time and effort of picking it up yourself.

Another avenue for you to buy compact-sized solar fountains would be those listed in the marketplace and community groups. These are pre-loved fountains, and if you get lucky, you might get a great product deal. Note, though, that since solar birdbath fountains are also considered as investments, you won’t receive any service support when you get it from these sources.


Birdbaths are an attractive way to make your garden look calm and tranquil. They run on water and keep your feathered buddies hydrated throughout the day. But over time, this kind of water feature can take a toll on your bills. The best solar birdbath fountain keeps the beauty of your garden or lawn without the high cost.

Elegance and sophistication can naturally brighten gardens and grounds through a touch of a compact-sized birdbath fountain. Each waterwork will bring life to your home, and its soothing sound will give you peace of mind. This birdbath fountain will make your garden more picturesque and more graceful over time.

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