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The Best Solar Car Battery Chargers for 2023

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

best solar car battery charger

Never travel with your RV across the country without the best solar car battery charger. This must-have device can extend the life of your car battery. It is durable, compact, power, and best of all, energy-saving. It prevents your battery from draining, especially if it’s always connected. So, whether you’re going for a long ride or only camping over the weekend, you should get a solar car battery. But then, it might be hard to determine an excellent solar car battery charger for your needs without a clear idea of your needs. In the following, we’re highlighting the top recommendations on the market that you can pick from and use.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview ECO-WORTHY Solar Car Battery

Sunway Solar Car Battery

POWOXI Solar Car Battery

Dimensions 1.4 x 9.6 x 15.3 inches 13.9 x 5 x 0.5 inches 14 x 9 x 1.7 inches
Voltage 12V 12V 12V
Wattage 10W 4W 3.3W
Details Details Details


List of Top-Tier Solar Car Battery Charger Reviews

1. ECO-WORTHY 12 Volts 10 Watts Solar Battery Charger & Maintainer

  • Portable, com0pact and lightweight
  • Perfect for backup solar trickle charger for boats and RVs
  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting performance
  • Quality components and reputable brand
  • Ideal for many applications
  • Can be tricky to install for first-timers
  • Not for full charging the battery

ECO-WORTHY is one of the most trusted brands in the scene. They are up to offering only top-quality products to their customers worldwide. They do not fail to innovate and produce reliable products that people can use for a long time. This 12 volt solar battery charger kit is another suggestion that we must not miss when looking for a solar car charger.

The 10W Solar Panel battery trickle charger it is ideal for many applications that include boats, RVs, tractors, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. Your 12V batteries are sure to remain topped off with this charger for its efficiency and reliability.

If you’re preparing for survival or emergencies, you might also want to check out this portable solar charger. You can rely on it for backup power supply when needed. You can also use it for outdoor work, camping, training or travelling. Another good thing is that it doesn’t require maintenance at all. Once installed, you can forget about it.

I also liked that it comes with complete accessories, including four pieces of PVC suckers, a pair of battery clips, and a lighter adapter. The battery trickle charger also includes clips that will prevent a short circuit. Part of the safety features it comes with environmental protection. It does not just have energy-saving features but also an integrated blocking diode. It works to prevent any reverse charging danger. It will extend the life of the battery as well as its run time.

However, it can be tricky to use for first-timers. You must know that the cigar plug option only applies if it has a constant power supply when the car key is not in the ignition. So, if you start your car’s engine, you need to remove the solar panel from your battery. Remember, this model is also a battery maintainer. It will not fully charge the battery, but keep it from draining.

Nevertheless, the ECO-WORTHY Solar Car Battery Charger can keep your battery topped off and not flat. With that said, you can count on its long-term performance because it can prevent damage. And if you want a versatile battery trickle charger that works for 12V batteries of automobiles and boats, you should include this solar trickle charger on your list.

2. Sunway Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger & Maintainer

  • Ideal for many applications including boat and mobile homes
  • Easy to set up, operate and maintain
  • Affordable and heavy-duty components
  • Reverse charging protection
  • Can maintain topping off 12W batteries
  • Not the most powerful around
  • Extension cable for quick connect and disconnect sold separately.

Finding the right solar battery charger for boat or recreational vehicle can be tricky at first if you’re new to buying this kind of device. You might be into a sort of confusion. Worry not, as you can find reliable and easy to use ones that include the Sunway Solar charger and maintainer. One of the things I liked about the Sunway solar car charger is its versatility. It is practical for many applications, including snowmobile and Powersports. It is also for farm equipment, boat, marine, and truck trailer.

The 12V Solar Panel Power Kit is also one of the most affordable options around. Yet, it is an excellent buy. You don’t just benefit from its versatility but also for its long-term performance. You can depend on the Sunway solar car charger for the years to come without any hassles. The solar charger is for those that want to get more out of their spending for this kind of device. That is an excellent move because this investment must offer you value.

Do you want to top off your 12V solar charged batteries so that they do not drain? It is a trickle charger that can prevent the draining of your vehicle’s battery. It can keep the battery powered all the time. Also, I liked that it is durable and robust. This Sunway solar car charger is made with a PV glass. It is made more durable with an ABS plastic housing. These features make the solar battery charger longer-lasting. It also does promote lower maintenance.

Another great feature is that it’s easy and safe to use. It will not cause damage to or overcharge the battery. It will not cause damage to the battery with 20Ah or more capacity. In terms of installation, it is mountable to a dash or windshield. You can also plug it in a cigarette lighter.

Plus, this solar to battery charger model has reverse charging protection. It has an integrated diode that can prevent reverse charging.

On the downside, the Sunway solar car charger is not the most powerful around. Also, you need to buy the quick connect and disconnect the cable. Nevertheless, this charger is an eco-friendly way of charging your car battery. It is safe, easy to operate and maintain. Go ahead and check it out yourself.

3. POWOXI 3.3W-Solar-Battery-Trickle-Charger-Maintainer

  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Perfect for boats, campers and most vehicles
  • Blocking diode
  • Not the most powerful around

If you’re looking for a reliable trickle charger ad maintainer, you might want to check out this item from POWOXI. The solar AGM battery charger is portable and compact. You can take it anywhere, in camping or outdoor adventures. There is no hassle at all because it is lightweight, too. You don’t have to worry about it adding more weight to your vehicle.

The charging kit is also versatile for many applications. You can use it for automotive, car, boat, motorcycle, RV, marine, Powersports and trailer. It is also for snowmobiles and other vehicles using a 12V battery.

This item is one of the most chosen ones in the category, and there is no doubt because it is also waterproof. With it, you can be confident that this item will keep up with the changing weathers and outdoor conditions. The weatherproof ability of this car battery charger makes it more durable.

I also liked that this item has reverse discharge protection. It is designed with a barrier diode that can prevent a back-discharge from happening. That is also one of the reasons this item is perfect for the outdoors and indoors.

Also, I would recommend this item for its amorphous solar panel that promotes a more efficient charging. You can use it even on a cloudy condition and low lighting conditions.

This device can help in extending the life of marine or RV batteries. It is one of the most essential features of this charger. More so, I liked that it is with a heavy-duty plastic casing, extending its service life. You can also use it quickly. Simply install it on an instrument panel, a windshield or into a cigarette lighter.

Plus, it is easy to connect it with a battery by using an alligator clip. Finally, this item is also compatible with a suction tray.

However, it is not the most powerful around. But then, it is useful if your vehicle is used occasionally because it can keep the battery charged. Overall, this item deserves to be a part of your list. Check it out and see if the features of the solar panels to charge car battery are what you’re looking for in a solar car battery charger.

4. ECO-WORTHY 12 Volts 5 Watts Solar Trickle Charger

  • Suitable for all kinds of battery
  • Plug and Play connection
  • Integrated blocking diode
  • Easy installation
  • Zero maintenance
  • Wires are short
  • No overcharging protection

An all-around battery maintainer, you can use the Eco-worth 12 Volts solar trickle charger for several kinds of boars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, lawnmowers, scooters, and ATVs.

You will need this solar trickle charger because it is a fact that batteries get discharged naturally when not in use. Also, all kinds of vehicles consume a small portion of electricity out of the battery that is why in a week or two where there is zero to minimal use, the battery can become discharged. Lastly, for 12V batteries that are not correctly maintained at a 12.4V would eventually have issues with sulphation. This is the main reason why batteries fail. That’s why batteries finally go dead when you leave it idle for an extended period.

The Eco-Worth is a user-friendly plug-and-play charger. There is no need to identify which one is positive or negative. You can easily connect the cigarette lighter to the socket to charge it or maintain your car’s battery charged. You also have the option to connect it via alligator clip adapters. Still, the key here is to ensure that they are appropriately connected.

This 5W solar trickle charger also has an integrated blocking diode to prevent any reverse discharge. This is environmental protection will not only maintain your battery’s life but also extends it.

Perfect for emergencies and ideal for outdoor adventures like camping and travelling, you are guaranteed with battery power when you need it. The installation is easy and what’s best is it is completely maintenance-free too. The overall design is well thought of that’s why users of the Eco-Worthy are happy with their purchases.

Some suggestions to make this solar trickle charger better is to provide longer wires and an integrated protection against overcharge. As far as efficiency and performance are concerned, this product works, and it maintains your batteries to save you money.

5. ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Battery Charger Maintainer

  • Can charge and maintain different 12V batteries
  • Complete package
  • Easy to use and install
  • Designed with a blocking diode for reverse charging protection
  • Ideal for tractor, motorcycle, and automotive
  • Not completely waterproof

The solar power car charger is one of the best devices in this space because of its excellent features. For one, it is versatile that it can be used in batteries of boats, tractors, motorcycles, and other vehicles. The ALLPOWERS can give you more value for your money because it is useful for many applications. Also, it is ideal for keeping 12V batteries charged and maintained.

Plus, it is eco-friendly. The car battery charger uses the energy of the sun, so it doesn’t need electricity to charge your batteries. Using solar products like this device is one of the most helpful ways of conserving nature and lessening fossil fuel dependency of the world. This trickle charger and maintainer can help in creating five watts of energy.

This product is made of a monocrystalline silicon panel that is useful in all daylight conditions. It can keep charging your batteries even on a cloudy day. You can count on this performance for a long time because this item is also made of quality components.

The blocking diode can help prevent the damage to the battery. In this case, you don’t also have to replace it too soon. The ALLPOWERS Solar Car Battery Charger is also made of heavy-duty ABS plastic plus monocrystalline silicon solar cells. It also has a max load voltage of 18V. This model is also lightweight at 11.4 ounces. Also, it comes with an instruction manual that makes usage more comfortable.

However, this solar motorcycle battery charger is not fully waterproof. Thus, it will not be able to keep up with heavy rain. Overall, the ALLPOWERS trickle battery charger maintainer is one of the top-rated around for its reliability and efficiency. It is also durable for long-term use. You might want to check it out for yourself.

6. SUNER POWER 12V Solar Car Battery Charger & Maintainer

  • Can help you charge anywhere
  • Works both as a charger and maintainer
  • Can offer reverse charging protection
  • Ideal for boats, marine, trucks, Powersports and RVs
  • Durable solar glass and ABS frame
  • Not the most durable ABS frame, can be broken if mishandled

Do you want to keep your car battery topped off? Prevent it from being flat again. Use a solar battery maintainer and charger. For that, you might need the SUNER Power 12v solar car battery charger & maintainer. It works for trickle charging your battery so that it will remain functional and prevent damage. This device is perfect for many applications, including boats, Powersports, trailers, trucks, marine, RVs and snowmobiles. It is versatile that it can fuel your outdoor adventures, too.

The car battery charger can do all those things but without causing harm to nature. This solar charger and maintainer are eco-friendly. It does not consume additional power because it is independent. It does not also cause any air pollution because it does not emit anything to the air. If you want to conserve the environment, you can go ahead and check out the solar device.

You can also charge your battery anywhere with the amorphous solar cell of the panel. It works even on a cloudy day, so there is no hassle using it at all. The model can also work to produce electricity that will continue to trickle charge battery. Also, I liked that it can offer reverse charging protection. It will not overcharge or damage the battery. It also has an integrated blocking diode that can prevent the discharge of the battery.

In terms of the components, the battery trickle charger is made from a robust solar glass along with an ABS frame. This frame is built to last. However, you should not mishandle it so that it will not break. Nevertheless, the company has thought much about how they can make this frame long-lasting.

The portable solar car charger is perfect for those who don’t want much maintenance for their charger. It is not hard to install, too. Once done, you can forget about it. You don’t need to do any maintenance work. Only that, you can wipe clean the panel for its solar absorption efficiency.

However, the ABS frame can be broken if mishandled. You must keep it properly installed and handle it properly. But overall, the charger and maintainer work just right and is ideal for different applications that include marine, boats, Powersports, and trucks.

7. Schumacher SP-200 2.4W 12V Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer

  • Efficient charging and maintenance of car battery
  • Compact, ultra-modern, and sleek design
  • Works even in cloudy conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Not ideal on vehicles with power-hungry features
  • Not waterproof

Most car owners only need a system that allows them to maintain the charge of their car battery. This is where Schumacher SP-200 can be very useful. It comes with features that help maintain the optimum charge of 12V car battery systems, so you will not have to worry during your travels.

Like any other solar powered car battery charger, the SP-200 relies on sunlight to provide a trickle charge to your battery. The top-tier part of it is that Schumacher designed the SP-200 to work even on a cloudy day. There are solar battery chargers that tend to experience a substantial reduction in their solar gathering efficiency in cloudy weather. While the SP-200 also suffers from a decrease in its effectiveness, the level of reduction is lesser compared to other brands.

We love the compact design of the SP-200. It is smaller than your average baking sheet, yet can deliver enough power to your battery to keep it charged. The sleek design of the charger can also be a real space-saver. You can pop up the hood and place the charger on top of your engine while it charges your battery. The design of the SP-200 also makes it a useful device for both outdoor and indoor use.

One must understand that there is a difference between water-resistant and waterproof. The SP-200 is only water-resistant, capable of withstanding occasional splashes of water.

Unfortunately, if you find yourself driving through a severe thunderstorm, do not expect the SP-200 to be able to prevent the ingress of water or moisture. Also, the low power rating of the SP-200 is not ideal to use on vehicles with power-hungry electronic features. You will drain your car’s battery a lot faster with this solar battery charger connected to your system.

We consider these issues to be minor. What is essential is for the Schumacher SP-200 to deliver the right levels of charge to a car battery and keep it from discharging. This translates to a longer lifespan for your battery and can save you a few hundred dollars from the purchase of a new car battery. The SP-200 also has one of the friendliest price tags on the market, giving it great value for your money.

8. Deltran Battery Tender 12V 270mA 5W Solar Battery Charger

  • Provides safe and efficient charging of a car battery
  • Prevents reverse charging and other electrical safety issues
  • Slim, portable, lightweight, and compact design
  • Comes with a state-of-the-art temperature compensation sensor
  • Easy to install and use
  • Short cord
  • A bit pricier than others

The Deltran Battery Tender is a reliable solar power car battery charger that delivers optimum power to car batteries safely and efficiently. It has a contemporary design that should complement the aesthetics of modern cars. It is easy to use, too.

One of the most striking things about the Battery Tender is the squarish design of its solar panel. Most of the products on the market come in a classic rectangular design. The four corners of the panel already feature a hole for securing it with the accompanying mounting screws. We think adding suction cups would have made installation a lot easier.

You will love the charge controller of the Battery Tender. It features a 3-step microcontroller that allows the system to deliver the appropriate levels of charge to the car battery. The same microcontroller prevents damaging the battery by preventing the risk of overcharging. In addition to these protections, the Battery Tender also has reverse polarity protection. You will not have to worry about your battery losing its charge because the system has drawn it back in.

Another useful feature of the Battery Tender is its waterproof and spark-proof construction. It is the kind of device that you will feel confident using outdoors. There is also an appropriate CE certification to attest to the quality of the solar charger’s design and construction.

There is one thing we wish Deltran will improve on. We want to the Battery Tender came with a longer cord. The company offers a solution, however. You can purchase extension cords to connect to the device. Doing so will increase the price of the Battery Tender even more. This can make the Deltran product a more expensive option than other brands with almost the same specs and performance.

While it is true that the Deltran Battery Tender is more expensive than other solar automotive battery chargers, Deltran justifies it with high-performance features. It performs well in charging and maintaining batteries. The system also helps prolong the lifespan of any kind of battery. This makes the Battery Tender a good investment for those who want a system they can depend on for many years.

9. SOLPERK 12V Solar Panel Battery Charger and Maintainer

  • Equipped with thin amorphous solar cell films
  • Blue LED indicator
  • Rainproof and windproof
  • Integrated blocking diode
  • Easy to install and no maintenance required
  • More information on what’s going on with the light
  • Poor suction cup quality

Solperk is a well-established name when it comes to solar products. With 20 years of experience and development under its name, you’d find that getting a solar panel for your car from this company to be a wise choice. The Solperk battery charger and maintainer is perfect for a lot of purposes. It is well suited for any motorcycle, car, tractor, ship, RV, snowmobiles and trucks. It can charge and maintain all these batteries, especially during times when you don’t use it.

You’ll be impressed with how this battery charger is fitted out with thin amorphous solar cell films so it can work even without the full blast of the sun. It can generally work also if it is cloudy or rainy. What’s more, is the charger charges the battery with small currents only making it a bet0ter maintenance for automobiles.

What you would like with the Solperk along the other visual people is it has a blue LED indicator. When the solar panel is receiving enough sun, when the battery is not connected then the blue light will always be on. After a battery is connected, the blue light indicated would also light up when in normal operations. The only time that it won’t turn on is if there is a possible short circuit happening within the system and that the lines need to be checked. Also, the Solperk also has an integrated blocking diode that can help in the prevention of both reverse charging and battery reverse discharging.

With a built meant for durability and longevity, this panel is designed to be rainproof and windproof thanks to its ABS plastic shell. Bear in mind though that since this has built-in circuits, it should not be immersed in water. Easy to install even for newbies and inexperienced folks, its interface is a simple plug and play with no required maintenance.

Some minor drawbacks will just be better quality for the suction cups as it does not hold that well and it would be nice if the control or indicator box would be more informative. For its price, this item is a great purchase. It works as advertised and you can expect even more from it. It is a good buy.

10. MOOLSUN 12 Volt 12v Solar Battery Charger

  • Solar efficiency of 23.5%
  • Anti-reverse charging diode
  • PET laminated with PVC fabric
  • Waterproof and scratchproof
  • Integrated anti-discharge capabilities
  • No light or display indicators
  • Not 100% waterproof

Simple and safe to use, the Moolsun solar battery charger has a high-efficiency conversion rate of 23.5%. It has a built-in diode that is very beneficial when it comes to anti-reverse charging and in extending the rechargeable lifetime of your battery. Highly portable and easy to use, you will see yourself bringing this slim battery charger along with your anywhere. It is made of high-quality materials.

It is PET laminated coupled with PVC fabric making it very light and easy to take along. Aside from that, it allows you to maximize the use of free natural resources like the sun to power your batteries. Note though that the voltage would be variable because this will be entirely based on the exposure to the sun, time of the day, and the angle you set it to.

What sets this apart, and what makes users happy with this product is its waterproof advantage. It has a scratchproof surface and is also designed to have anti-discharge capabilities.

You have two ways to use this solar car battery charger. You can connect it via the regular alligator clips and power your battery, or you can directly transfer the power to your battery via the cigarette lighter adapter so you can move. Either way, you can maintain the acceptable voltage to ensure that you don’t waste your battery and let it just die a slow death to wherever you’ve left it.

A few things to be very keen on when it comes to disadvantages of the Moolsun 12V solar battery charger is yes. It can withstand water but not to the point that you will leave it in the rain for days. It should be able to bear all kinds of weather conditions. Still, you also must take the necessary actions not just to leave it exposed and vulnerable. Another thing to consider is there is no light indicator to show if it is working or not. You will come to rely on this solar battery charger, especially during emergencies where you find vehicle’s battery in need of extra power. It is working with satisfactory results and a proven smart investment.

11. TP-Solar 20W 12V Solar Trickle Charger

  • Very efficient solar panel performance
  • Prevents reverse charging and overcharging
  • Plug and play operation
  • Compact and portable
  • Durable and waterproof construction
  • Not as efficient in charging in a bad weather

People looking for a solar battery charger for cars should always have the TP-Solar Solar Trickle Charger in their shortlist. This device comes with a very compact design that is also easy to use. Best of all, there are no complicated setups to worry about because of TP-Solar’s plug-and-play design.

The main advantage of the TP-Solar over other brands is its use of monocrystalline photovoltaic cells. This technology ensures a more efficient collection of solar energy. The more solar energy collected, the more power that the system can generate and deliver to the batteries.

If you are worried about having your battery overcharged because of the solar power efficiency of the TP-Solar, don’t. The product has enough protections that will prevent the battery from getting charged more than necessary. There is reverse charge protection, too. This helps ensure that the power stored in the battery will not go back to the solar car battery charger.

We find the TP-Solar to be very easy and convenient to use. The company already included a heavy-duty DC plug connector in the package. There is a cigarette lighter plug. You will also find the O-ring terminals to be useful in certain situations. The junction box comes with an LED indicator that lights up when the system is charging the battery. Other systems do not provide you with the means to know if your battery is currently charging or not.

The TP-Solar is also waterproof. Other products are only water-resistant. It would be wise to know the difference. The TP-Solar can make a great device to keep the battery of almost any vehicle at its optimum charge.

One issue about the TP-Solar is its unreliable performance during cloudy weather. While this issue is not exclusive to the TP-Solar, we did notice the fluctuations in its performance to be more pronounced than those of other brands. There are instances when the battery does not get charged. Other systems will always deliver a charge to the car battery even when the weather is cloudy.

Regardless, the TP-Solar remains an exceptional device for charging and maintaining car batteries. It is weatherproof and can deliver an optimum charge to your battery, while keeping the battery’s integrity.

12. SUAOKI 12V Solar Car Battery Charger

  • Two ways of charging
  • Solar efficiency of 22.55
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Integrated heat dispelling properties
  • Cables are short
  • There is a need for a transformer or controller.

Today, it is always smart and practical to have a solar charger specific for your cars. This is especially true for your vehicles sitting idle for months due to seasonal use. With the Suaoki 12V solar car battery charger, you can always have fresh batteries as if it has not to be left waiting for you.

What makes this solar battery very reliable is it can fully charge your battery and consistently maintain it at a correct storage voltage. All these being done for free since its source of energy is the sunlight. Aside from not needing any expensive additional resources to work, this battery charger is also designed. Hence, it provides you with excellent service for years. It is ultra-light, and it is made of materials that are both water-resistant and heat resistant. With its quick heat dispelling properties, you are sure that this is a purchase that will be with you for years to come with quality output every time.

Based on reviews and users, this solar car battery works very well. It delivers a solar cell efficiency of 22.5% with an output voltage of 18v with 18 Watts of energy. What’s more, is it is extremely versatile offering you two ways of charging.

The first way is to simply plug the cigarette lighter plug into the socket and put the solar panel ensuring that you have it placed where it can receive as much sunlight as possible. Note that the cigarette lighter plug is already included in the package. The second way is by using the crocodile clips so you can directly connect it to the battery then you can just mount it on the windshield.

Using this car battery charger is very easy and not complicated at all. This is highly recommended for those with old cars who have encountered trouble with the battery due to infrequent use.

A small hiccup for this will be the length of the cables. It would be nice if it has extension cables that would reach the top of taller cars. Also, it would be top-tier if you use a controller or transformer with this so you can charge appropriately. Overall, this solar car battery charger works as promised, and its design is excellent. It is a good battery maintainer.

What Is A Solar Car Battery Charger And Who This Is For


The solar charger for car batteries is an innovative solar product. It is made of a solar panel glass and an ABS plastic material. It also has a monocrystalline silicon solar cell. This charger is compact and lightweight. It is designed, engineered and made to keep a car battery topped off. It works likes a solar charger and maintainer that prevents dead battery.

It also has safety and protection features to prevent reverse charging, for instance. The device is ideal for applications, such as snowmobiles, motorcycles, car, tractors, Powersports, and marine. It is for those that want to use a solar charger that can be used in charging the batteries of different vehicles.

Also, this device is for those that want to save money and energy cost. It depends on solar power; thus, it does not rely on electricity at all. In this case, you can benefit from the free energy coming from the sun. With it, you also do not spend more money because it does not add to energy cost.

Besides, the car charger is also for people that want to help conserve nature. It is for those that are looking for alternative energy products. With a sun-powered charger, you can give your share to the environment.

Moreover, a solar product like this device requires no maintenance. Once finished installation, it does not need any more maintenance. It is one of the obvious benefits of using this product. In addition, the solar car charger is durable. It is made of quality frame and solar panel glass. It is for those that want to get more out of their spending.

These are only some things to know about a solar car charger that you need to know. In this case, you will have a better idea of how it can offer you with benefits.

How Does It Work

The 0solar automotive battery charger works in the same way as an ordinary charger. It charges a car’s battery. It works by converting the light energy into a DC. This solar car charger works even if it is cloudy or if there is a low light condition. Most of these devices are being used for trickle charging.

They can top off a battery and prevent dead battery but without overcharging it. It feeds low current to the battery so that it remains in a charged state. On the other hand, some of them can recharge a car battery completely.

Usually, they are with a solar panel on their face. All you need to do is to place it in an area where it can receive sunlight. You can put it on the top of the dashboard or near the car’s window. On the other hand, you can also connect some of them to a battery, while the others are feeding power to the battery through the power socket or cigarette lighter.

These solar chargers are not expensive, while also being efficient in extending your car’s battery life. Also, they do not add to the cost because they are sun reliant. They are also reliable that they can keep your battery charged. Finally, they are eco-friendly to keep your battery charged.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar car Battery Chargers


These solar car battery chargers work in the same way. They can maintain the charged state of your battery and prevent dead battery, as you would read in a 12v solar car battery charger review. Regarding the types, it just differs from brand to brand and model to model. For example, some of them work as a trickle charger that keeps the battery-powered so that it is ready whenever you need it.

On the other hand, some models work as a battery charger and maintainer. As it implies, it works by maintaining and keeping your battery charged. It is useful for plenty of applications, including marine, RV and car. It is also for snowmobiles, Powersports, tractors, and farming equipment. Nevertheless, the types only vary from one brand to another. Still, in many cases, these chargers are available in a 12V kit.

If you would like to buy the right solar battery charger, you can get started in the comparison process using the top suggestions and reviews earlier. They can give you an idea of the unique qualities, pros, and cons of these chargers. Nonetheless, these products are by reputable brands. They are high in quality and can last through the years. They do not require maintenance, too.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Solar Car Battery Charger

Just as how you would read in a solar trickle charger review, these chargers offer plenty of advantages. One of the obvious reasons to buy and use a solar charger is its independence. It does not rely on electricity to work and charge your batteries. In this case, they are also portable that you can take them anywhere and use as a charger.

It is portable, compact, and lightweight, offering users the convenience of using it on the go. It is why many recreational vehicles have these solar battery chargers. They can keep up with mobile charging needs. They offer no-hassle, too. They are convenient to use that they’re always reliable. You can use it anywhere, including in the woods. It only requires the energy of the sun to work, and nothing more.

Also, the car battery charger doesn’t generate any waste, emissions, or any pollution. It is eco-friendly that it does not harm the environment. As it doesn’t also rely on electricity, you can also save on the energy cost.

The solar car charger also requires a one-time investment. You don’t need to replace any parts or buy any battery. It relies on the energy of the sun, but then, you must handle it carefully to avoid breaking its parts, including its frame. But nevertheless, high-quality ones have sturdy components to keep up with your mobile demands.


The solar car charger is reliant on the sun. They don’t work at night. Also, most of them are not for full charging your battery. They might not be able to offer as much power as a regular utility can. You must set realistic expectations, so it is wise to know that these solar chargers are not as powerful as the power a utility can offer. But then again, if your goal is to keep your battery maintained and charged, you might want to invest in this device.

Overall, you can benefit from the plenty of advantages of a solar car charger. But for the top-rated results, check out a reliable device that can offer you efficiency, reliability, performance, and durability.

How We Picked And Tested


To find the best solar car battery charger, you need to consider the factors that you should decide on when comparing different solar chargers. With a solid knowledge on the things to check, you’ll be able to pick the right one that can cater to your needs. In the following, let’s begin with the considerations for choosing a car battery charger.


There is nothing as frustrating as not getting what you need from a solar charger. That is why you need to check for a device’s efficiency rating when comparing your choices. For example, make sure that it can work even when not placed under direct sunlight to charge the battery. It must also work even on cloudy days and in places with a low lighting condition.


When choosing a solar car charger, you must also check the size and weight of the product that you’re buying. As you know it, the solar charger should be portable. It will allow you to bring the charger anywhere, especially in your outdoor adventures. With it, you can keep your car’s battery charged. Nevertheless, you must find a charger that can fit comfortably in your car.

A reverse charge blocking diodes

They will allow your charger to keep the energy it collected from the sunlight. They can prevent the power from leaking out when the charger is not in use. But then, this feature is available in many chargers on the market. In this case, you will not have a hard time in finding one that has it.

Power capacity

Many of these devices have a power that range at most 18V. The lower it is, the lower the power is. But then, even at a voltage of 18, it will not overcharge the battery. However, a higher voltage ensures that your battery will be charged faster. In all cases, you must find a solar battery charger that has overcharge protection to prevent the damage to your battery.

Cables and connectors

When shopping around for a charger, you might want to get one that comes with at least two connectors. They should give you different connection options that you need. It will also help if you selected one that has a long power cord for more options.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use a car solar battery charger with other batteries and devices?

Yes, you can use an auto solar battery charger with other batteries and devices, provided these items meet the charger’s technical specifications. For example, a 12V solar battery charger for lead-acid batteries might not work with a lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) unit because of different battery chemistry.

Moreover, the solar power battery charger for car must also deliver ten to thirty percent of the battery’s ampere-hours rating. For example, a 10- to 30-amp solar battery charger with overcharge protection is sufficient for a 100Ah battery.

It is also worth noting that most solar car chargers cannot revive dead batteries. These devices do not charge batteries as fast as conventional ones – the reason many vehicle owners call them solar powered trickle chargers.

Do solar battery chargers work better than normal chargers?

No, a solar power charger for car battery is not as powerful as traditional ones as they extend charging times. For example, a 20-amp conventional charger needs two to four hours to fill a car battery, while a four-amp vehicle solar battery charger needs 12 o 24 hours to charge the same unit.

Automotive solar battery chargers also deliver minimal current to car batteries, making them ineffective in reviving fully discharged power cells. These devices are more suitable as a car solar trickle charger, topping off and maintaining a battery’s charge.

The only advantage of solar powered car battery chargers over conventional ones is the electricity cost savings from not using the power grid. That aside, solar energy is also cleaner and friendlier to the environment.

How long does a solar car battery charger last?

Solar automotive battery chargers can last as long as their weakest component, and that would be anywhere between 15 and 30 years.

To gauge the expected lifespan of a vehicle solar battery charger, you’ll need to break down its components. Overall, the device includes:

  • A solar panel.
  • A solar charge controller.
  • A single-ended primary-inductor converter (SEPIC).
  • Other vital parts.

Solar panels have an average lifespan of 25 years, although it is possible to see the latest products have better longevity. It is also worth noting that solar panels continue collecting and converting energy beyond their lifespan, albeit at a reduced capacity.

Solar chargers with charge controller technologies might last fifteen years, regardless of their typing. The same applies to solar car chargers with regulator units. On the other hand, DC/DC converters (i.e., SEPIC technologies) can continue operating for up to three decades.

Is a 100-watt solar panel enough to charge a car battery?

Yes, a 100w solar panel is enough to charge a car battery. Most automotive batteries have a 40- to 65-Ah rating. We can calculate the panel’s amperage output by dividing 100 watts by 18 volts (the maximum output under optimal conditions) to get 5.5 amp-hours.

Suppose you have a 50Ah car battery with an 80% charge (40Ah). In that case, you will only need to top up ten amps and recharge the battery for about two hours (10Ah ÷ 5.5Ah = 1.81 hours).

What are the most trusted solar car battery charger brands?

Some of the most trusted brands for a solar car battery are Sunway, ECO-WORTHY, and SUNER POWER, among the rest featured in the reviews. They are reputable and concerned about the quality of their offers. You can check them out to compare your options thoroughly.

What is the top-tier 12V solar battery charger?

There are many sun-powered chargers. If you were asking about the qualities that make a great one, we could start with versatility. Such devices must be suitable for applications, including RVs, trucks, Powersports, and tractors, to name some. The solar battery chargers are also durable for long periods and made of heavy-duty components. Sun-powered chargers must also be easy to operate and requires no maintenance. Car chargers also need not be costly. There must be a balance between the price and the quality, nonetheless.

How do you use a solar car battery charger?

At the very least, the solar car chargers are with a solar panel. They are like other solar products on the market. You must position it on top of your dashboard, near the window, or in a position where it can absorb sunlight. Some models can also connect directly to the battery. Others feed the power to the battery using a power socket or a cigarette lighter.

Do solar panel trickle chargers work?

Yes, the car battery trickle charger will work. But then, make sure that you are using it for intended applications. Also, remember that these chargers are not available in different amperage ratings. In this case, one can only provide a small current amount to the battery.

How to care & clean?

There is not much to do once the installation process of the car battery trickle charger is complete. You don’t need to maintain these solar devices, one of their primary advantages. You can just plug-and-play many of these, too. There is no need to care or clean, but do not mishandle it because some are made of plastic.

Where to buy?

It is easy to find these devices in many places, including eBay, Amazon, and manufacturer websites. Walmart, Lowes, home depot and other locations also sell them. Before buying one, compare for the features that you want your car battery charger to have.


Hoping you’re able to pick the best solar car battery charger for your needs and requirements. Don’t just add anything to the cart without understanding what you’re buying. It is a great idea to start with the comparison process using the buying guide earlier. Check out the top suggestions on the market. The solar battery chargers are highly-rated by consumers for their excellent features and performance. Compare their pros and cons to get to know them better. Later decide based on the features that you want your car battery trickle charger to have. Refer to the considerations to think about so that you will have a better idea of what you’re buying. Buy the right solar car battery today!

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