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The Best Solar Christmas Lights for Adorning Your Spaces

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

What are the best solar Christmas lights? If you’re in the middle of research and trying to compare holiday lights, you might be one of those challenged and confused to pick the right solar lights.

As there are many of them, you might have to spend much effort and time figuring out what’s most useful for your needs and preferences.

best solar christmas lights

Worry not now, as we’re here to help! Our team shares the following Christmas lights reviews along with their features, pros and cons, and then a buying guide later.

Today, we’re also answering certain questions surrounding the installation, use, care, and maintenance of these products. If you’re ready, let’s get started in the following sections.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview JMEXSUSS Solar Lights

Brightown JS-TLEDX

Joomer Solar Lights

Bulbs 100 LED 100 LED 200 LED
Length 33 ft 33 ft 72 ft
Color Multicolor Warm White Multicolor
Working Modes 8 8 8
Waterproof IP44 IP65 IP65
Runtime 8 hrs 8-10 hrs 8+ hrs
Details Details Details


Top 12 Solar Christmas Light Reviews

1. JMEXSUSS Solar Lights

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Wire is thin

Solar Christmas lights outdoor are very popular during the holiday season as millions of people decorate their homes. These lights can add life to every celebration.

Since there are numerous different kinds of lights that you can choose from, it can be difficult to go through the ones that are considered the most suitable of the best.

Each product has a unique feature, so it is top-rated to get the one that will suit your needs and even your wants.

There are products that flick and flash; there are those that are multi-colored and others have additional features. You need to see which ones you would like to add as decor in your home.

JMEXSUSS Solar Lights have 100 LED lights with 49.2 feet of string. These solar rope lights for Christmas are efficient and affordable; they are great for indoor use.

The solar lights give off a warm, white glow that creates the perfect atmosphere during parties or get-togethers.

The JMEXSUSS lights have eight adjustable modes, with a button on the plug that is easy to control. You can change the mode of the lights from steady to shining, fast wave, wave, slow fade, twinkle, glow, slow fade, twinkle, and chasing flash.

The lights are also 43 feet long and with safety features. These are also certified by UL for safety and have low energy consumption, and they won’t overheat even after long hours of use.

The lights are also eco-friendly, waterproof, and convenient to move around. The running time for this light is 8 to 12 hours if they are fully charged. It also automatically turns on at night and off in the morning.

You also won’t feel any heat coming off the lights because the insulated copper wire keeps them at a low temperature, so you can safely touch them even after hours of use. The lights do not emit radiation, so they are safe to use around children.

The bulbs and the copper wires are fully sealed, and since the copper wires are flexible, you can mold them into any shape.

JMEXSUSS offers a 12-month warranty from the date of your purchase. This product has mostly positive reviews, and it is because it is durable and affordable, and it gives exactly what is promised.

On the cons, the wire is thin and might be easy to break, but overall, the solar lights are some of the most promising around. You might want to check them out if you want easy-to-use and durable solar lights for any occasion.

2. Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights

  • High-quality monocrystalline panel with 19% solar conversion efficiency
  • Eight lighting modes to set up various atmosphere
  • Adjustable solar panel angle for better sun exposure
  • Equipped with a user-friendly ON/OFF switch
  • IP65 waterproofing
  • The wires are a little delicate

Homeowners who want to spice up their landscape economically during the Holiday season can get the Christmas lights solar powered units. Ideal even for everyday use, this product looks elegant and bright enough to be an excellent addition to outdoor activities, such as weddings and other get-togethers.

I like these solar string lights better than Dazzle Bright because I feel more confident about their 19% solar conversion efficiency. Although many monocrystalline solar panels can have an efficiency rating of up to 20%, I still consider 19% reasonably better than a 15%-efficient solar light.

Like Dazzle Bright, these solar Xmas lights outdoor units offer eight lighting modes, including “waves,” slow glow, slow fade, “chasing flash,” “twinkle flash,” sequential, steady-on, and combination. These lights should evoke a fun and festive atmosphere – perfect for gift-giving and other Xmas-related activities.

I love its IP65 waterproofing, which is slightly better than Dazzle Bright’s IP44. I could spray my Christmas tree with water to keep it fresh and never worry about moisture damaging the lights.

Operating these solar Christmas lights is also a breeze. Families only need to adjust the solar panel head’s angle to face the sun and turn the control unit to the “on” position. The string lights will automatically illuminate as day turns to night.

Although I appreciate this string light’s eight lighting modes and automatic-on feature, I wish the wires were a little stronger. As the wires are a little delicate, I have to handle these Christmas lights with care to avoid damaging them.

They might not be the embodiment of perfection, but these solar lights can guarantee a merrier and more festive Christmas atmosphere for families and their loved ones. Moreover, they are versatile enough to spice up the nighttime landscape.

3. Joomer Solar Christmas Lights

  • Eco-friendly
  • 2 switches and 8 different modes
  • Waterproof
  • Memory function
  • Auto on/off
  • Might not run for long hours

The Joomer Solar Christmas Lights are your ideal lights for decoration. This beautiful and colorful, widely applicable solar outdoor Christmas lighting is perfect for setting the mood for any occasion such as Christmas, weddings, and parties. You can use them to light up your garden, yard, fence, deck, and tree.

I prefer the Joomer solar string light for the obvious reason that it is solar-powered. I like that it provides my home with convenient, beautiful lights all without harming the environment. Not only that, but solar-powered lights help cut some costs on electric bills. This light is sustainable and budget-friendly.

An important thing to take note of in solar lights is their charging efficiency. The Joomer solar string light provides just that with its upgraded solar panel. Its solar panel has a high conversion rate that transforms more solar power into electric power to charge the battery of the lights effectively.

I also like that the solar panels have an angle adjustable design. You must place the solar panel where it can harness more sunlight. The angle-adjustable design of its panels adds more to its charging efficiency because you can easily adjust the panel to an angle where there is maximum sunlight exposure.

Another thing that I like about the Joomer solar string light is its eight different modes and memory function. You can easily switch to any mode that you prefer to satisfy your different lighting needs. The light also has a built-in memory chip that saves you the last mode setting so that when the lights work again you won’t have reset it.

What is even more convenient about the Joomer solar string light is it has an automatic on/off operation. You don’t have to hassle yourself by turning the lights on and off every day. Its built-in sensor enables it to light up automatically at night and automatically turn off at dawn. It also charges on its own during the daytime.

The Joomer solar string light is also completely hassle-free with its easy installation process. You don’t need special tools. Just hang the lights anywhere and stake the panel where it will get lots of sunlight. The lights are IP65 waterproof so it’s perfect for outdoor use. You can install them anywhere you want. It can withstand heavy rains, extreme heat, and snow.

The drawback of this solar string light is that it might not run for long hours that some customers may feel hesitant to purchase it. But overall, I recommend the Joomer solar string light because it is reliable and sustainable. It is beautiful decorative lighting that can certainly satisfy your diverse lighting needs.

4. Lalapao Outdoor Solar Lights

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Energy-saving
  • Some lights do not last long

The holiday season is probably everyone’s favorite, the cold weather, exchanging gifts, and amazing, beautiful lights.

Imagine sitting inside your home with a warm mug of chocolate drink in your hand while looking out the window and admiring the solar Christmas lights that are illuminating your yard.

If you are in search of warm white solar lights to add color to your home during the holidays, Lalapao Solar Christmas Lights will fit your every need.

The product has over 800 amazing reviews, a reasonable price, and amazing colors; these solar lights are great for your yard, porch, and even trees.

The package includes two strings that measure up to 72 feet each, with 200 LED lights that are spaced 4 inches apart, with 6.5 feet between the solar panel and the first bulb.

Lalapao is a two-pack, which means you are getting 400 LED lights and 144 feet of lighting. Lalapao states that the lights are warm white, not bluish-white, or plain white like some LED solar string lights in the market.

The Lalapao Solar Christmas Light comes with eight working modes, a mix of fades, blinks, and flashings and they automatically turn on in the evenings and turn off in the mornings.

The lights are waterproof with a grade of IP65, which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions, so you can leave the lights outside all year round without having to worry about it getting wet.

The solar panel includes a ground stake that you can use for easy installation. It is most suitable to add water to the ground to soften it up before using the stake.

Lalapao Solar Christmas Lights are high-efficiency, solar-powered lights that can work up to 10 hours or more if they are fully charged.

The customers who bought the Lalapao Solar Lights report great experiences with the solar Christmas lights; it can provide soft lights to your garden or yard at night.

If you want to remove the lights after the holidays, you can do so. The lights are lightweight so they are easy to wrap and box up until you use it again.

These eco-friendly lights are solar-powered, so they are energy-saving and good for the environment. They are safe to use and durable.

On the cons, customers who bought Lalapao were happy with the lights, but some have reported that their lights only worked for a few weeks or months, and then they stopped working. This is not a good sign, which is why Lalapao offers a fast warranty replacement for damaged lights. All you need to do is to contact their customer service department, and they will be more than happy to assist you in getting a replacement.

5. VMANOO Solar Fairy String Lights

  • 8 lighting modes
  • Easy to use
  • Warranty
  • Long working time
  • Color options
  • Bit dim

When reading a solar Christmas lights review, you might have bumped into the solar fairy string lights. The VMANOO solar fairy string lights are made out of high-quality plastic material and enclosed in durable copper wire. The string lights are also waterproof and heatproof, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Moreover, the VMANOO solar fairy string lights come with high-efficiency solar panels. It has a power of 2 volts and comes with a cable with a length of 22 meters. The solar panel is also adjustable up to 90 degrees, allowing you to obtain the maximum amount of solar power.

This is combined with an 1800 mAH NiMH rechargeable battery. With this, you get a decent charging and using time of your string lights. Charging usually takes about 6-8 hours. Depending on the charge it got, the VMANOO solar string fairy lights work for about 8-12 hours.

The VMANOO solar fairy string lights come in one or two packs, housing about 200 LED bulbs. These fair string lights also come in different colors: blue, green, purple, red, warm white, white, and multicolored. I really like this feature, as it gives the user options on how they want to use the lights.

The VAMANOO solar fairy string lights have eight different lighting modes. The lights have waves, combination, in sequential, chasing/flash, slow fade, steady on, slo-glo, twinkle/flash, and combinations.

You can access and change these modes using the switch attached to the solar fairy string lights.

Aside from changing the lighting mode, the switch in your VMANOO solar fairy string lights also activates the light sensing system. If you turn the power switch on, the lights will automatically charge during the day. When dusk comes, the VMANOO solar fairy string lights will automatically turn on and turn on at dawn.

What I really like about these lights is that it gives you many options in terms of design and lighting modes. With these, the VMANOO solar fairy string lights can be used on numerous occasions. You can use them at parties, weddings, Christmas time, and other celebrations. You can also just use them for decorating your home, hotels, yards, gardens, patios, buildings, and the like.

With the VMANOO solar fairy string lights, you can definitely lighten up the mood and improve the ambiance in any place!

The VMANOO string lights also come with a warranty. In case of defects, just contact the seller and they’ll be happy to replace the item.

What I don’t like about these lights is that they’re a bit dim according to some users. Nevertheless, many still liked these lights and were satisfied with their purchase. If you are looking for a way to improve the ambiance in any place aesthetically, then you might want to take a look at the VMANOO solar fairy string lights.

6. Dazzle Bright Solar String Lights Outdoor

  • 120 bright and colorful (red, green, yellow, blue, white) LED lights
  • 10- to 14-hour illumination runtime
  • Eight light modes for a festive atmosphere
  • Can be bent into certain shapes thanks to copper wiring
  • Powered by an 800mAh NiMH battery
  • Does not have a permanent mode

Dazzle Bright’s solar Christmas tree lights outdoor units are one of the most colorful and vibrant products I’ve seen. With red, green, yellow, and blue accompanying the bright white light, this string will ensure homeowners can have a festive Holiday season.

Surprisingly, these solar string lights are 6.4 feet longer than the Brightown model, allowing them to accommodate up to 120 LEDs per string. This design makes this solar Christmas light brighter than the JS-TLEDX.

I’m glad these solar LED lights can stay on for 10 to 14 hours, depending on how well families charge the 800mAh NiMH battery. That is perfect since the nights during the Christmas season are usually longer than in summer. I can confidently say that these solar lights can highlight my Christmas tree from dusk until dawn without fail.

These solar Christmas lights offer 8 lighting modes. Kids will love dancing to the twinkling and chasing flashes, while couples will find the “slow fade” and “slogs” perfect for setting a romantic evening. Backyard party goers will appreciate the in-waves, sequential, and combination modes, while ordinary homeowners will want the steady-on feature.

Setting this solar Christmas light does not require breaking a sweat. Families can get the job done within minutes. Plus, the copper wiring means it’s possible to tweak and shape the string lights according to my preferences. The IP44 protection also puts me at ease, knowing a light rain will not harm the product.

However, I’m not a big fan of how I can’t set one permanent lighting mode. As a result, I’ll have to manually change the setting every few hours. Other than that, everything about these lights is perfect.

Overall, the Dazzle Bright lights are ideal for decorating taller trees. Their more colorful features will also ensure a festive Holiday.

7. SEMILITS Solar String Lights

  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Decorative and easy to install
  • Look like real honeybees
  • Made of durable materials
  • Ideal for outdoors, including in garden and landscape
  • Not as bright as other solar lights

The solar string lights are another consideration not to miss when checking your options. The SEMILITS solar lights are top performance and features that make them stand out.

The 20LED Outdoor lights have a great design. They are with honeybees shapes and designs, simulating the look of real bees in your garden. These lights are decorative and fun to look at without a doubt.

Plus, the solar lights are waterproof materials, allowing them to deal with any outdoor conditions and to be used for all seasons. With these products, you can be sure that you can keep your outdoor space beautiful while not also having to worry about the lights not lasting for a long time.

The LED lights are also solar-powered, so they don’t need additional spending on your monthly electric bills. Using these lights, you can be certain of keeping the lovely decoration in your garden or patio but without spending more on electricity.

In addition, the lights are ideal for decorating any outdoor space because they’re made with waterproof materials. They can be used and last for all seasons. Plus, the item is not easy to break because they are durable components.

Nevertheless, the warm white LED lights can make a cozy and modern-looking atmosphere. You can rely on them for a lovely outdoor space on any given day or occasion. They are versatile enough for birthdays, weddings, and other special events. Check them out now.

On the negative side, the lights are not as bright as the others in the category are. But overall, these solar lights for the holidays and any occasion are a top choice for their lovely design, durable construction, and multiple functions.

8. Ehome Starry Fairy String Light

  • USB powered hence, it consumes low voltage
  • No overheating and Waterproof
  • The copper wire which is flexible
  • 100 LEDs lights that look like diamonds
  • Two-year warranty
  • Might not the most durable around

Another brand of string lights is gaining good reviews and compliments among shoppers and users. It is called Ehome Starry Fairy String Lights, which have the features and functions you will appreciate about these lights.

Christmas Season is a time when everybody seems to be generous but it doesn’t mean you also have to be generous with your electricity bill. If all you want is thrift fun and feel more of the spirit of the season through the additional glow in the surroundings, then take a chance to Ehome.

I’ll tell you why it is cost-saving. For an affordable price, shoppers may enjoy the attractive features and lighting service of the ECOME String Lights.

Aside from that, the said lights have interesting purposes like as shop decorations at home or in business establishments or additional events designs. Plus users can fill their places with these lights with only minimal use of power consumption.

The Ehome Starry Fairy String Light is USB powered instead of batteries; hence, it only consumes low voltage. It does not overheat also despite long hours of performance. That is good for safety against electric malfunction.

What really impressed me about this item is its cheaper price and yet it bears a jaw-dropping beauty than the other lighting brands in the market.

The cute 100 LEDs lights look like expensive diamonds that can create a more stunning ambiance. Surely, kids will enjoy its numerous glitters effect while adults will surely appreciate them as awesome backgrounds for Instagram photos.

I know that the installation process is also a top concern when choosing quality lights. The good about Ehome Starry Fairy String Light is it’s made of copper wire, so it is flexible enough so the users can mold them into any shape or design they want.

Furthermore, its 33 feet length is longer than the other ordinary lights and enough to decorate gardens, Christmas trees, walls, patios, decks, and stairs. Plus you don’t have to worry that the rainfall may ruin your decors because it is certified waterproof.

In case, the customers want to return the items or simply need assistance from ECOME, they offer a two-year warranty.

However, this type might not be the most durable around. Though it has minimal voltage consumption, it may still cost you a little with the electricity fee than with other brands that only get energy from the sun. Nevertheless, through an affordable price, you can already enjoy elegant illumination with a very little lower consumption of the Ehome Starry Fairy String Light.

9. Windpnn Solar Star Lights

  • Eco-friendly
  • 2 working modes
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Automatic on/off feature
  • Easy to install
  • Charging is dependent on weather conditions

If you are looking for beautiful lights to improve your festivities and decorate your home with, you might want to check out the Windpnn Solar Star String Lights. They are the perfect lights for the job and are beautiful solar string lights with its stars design that are perfect for any occasion such as Christmas holidays, birthday parties, weddings, and small family gatherings. Its warm lights perfectly set the festive and cozy ambiance.

I recommend the Windpnn solar star string lights because they are solar-powered and energy-saving. The lights charges themselves using just the energy from the sun. It is economical and eco-friendly. It is important then to set the solar panel where it can receive maximum sunlight exposure for the effective charging of the lights.

The solar panels of the Windpnn solar string lights are highly efficient and convert more energy from the sun. Exposure to sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours can give you 10 hours of beautiful lighting.

I like that the Windpnn solar string lights have an automatic on/off operation. You don’t have to hassle yourself with turning the lights on and off every day or worry that you forgot to charge them. With its built-in light sensor, the Windpnn solar string lights automatically light up at night, turn off at dawn, and charge themselves during the daytime.

These solar string lights are also easy to install. You can easily hang them anywhere and stake the panel on the ground in an area with sunlight. Installation is completely hassle-free.

Another thing that I like about the Windpnn solar string lights is its two working modes that are perfect for decorative lighting. You can choose between the steady mode and the flashing mode.

I also like the high and durable quality of the Windpnn solar string lights. These string lights are made of high-quality plastic material and are IP65 waterproof. It is designed to withstand any outside weather conditions to which it will be exposed. These solar string lights are perfect for decorating your outdoors.

However, the downside of the Windpnn solar string lights is that its charging is dependent on the weather. On a rainy or gloomy day, charging may be a little difficult which will affect light output and run time. Solar outdoor Christmas lights also do not have a warranty, which some customers may not prefer.

But overall, I like the Windpnn solar Christmas lights and I recommend that you try them out. They are eco-friendly, efficient, and affordable. You can use them on any occasion and party. You can use them to decorate your decks, trees, lawn, fences, and stairs. They are perfect for any decorative uses.

10. Soco Solar Globe String Lights

  • Warm White 30 LED solar string lights
  • Long décor with a length of 19.8 feet
  • With eight lighting modes
  • Made of hard plastics hence, waterproof and durable
  • Less charging time and long working time
  • Thin wiring that has to be gently used to avoid breakage

It’s the time of the year when sweet Christmas Songs start to play as background melody and many splendid lights are seen as background at homes or at central parks. If you want to start early your decorations, come to see the SOCO Solar Globe String Lights.

I think the SOC Solar Globe String Lights is a fantastic 30 LED ball of lights that will complete your Christmas tree accessories or simply hang them in your garden, lawn, patios, and front yard.

SOCO offers nine colors to choose from but if you want that dreamland ambiance, then get the two-pack warm white Solar Globe String Lights. You’ll be happy to know further that it has eight light modes and a length of 19.8 feet, which is long enough to cover your area of decorations.

There is also no problem if you ever use them for other events like parties, weddings, birthdays, festivals, business openings, or anniversaries, and even if you’re just one who is fond of beautiful light decors.

You’ll appreciate it the way I do that SOCO Solar Globe String Lights will allow you to get an attractive set of lights without being broken. These globe string lights are quite affordable than the other brands and look just as fabulous as the other high-priced items.

Aside from that, these pieces from SOCO will save you some costs for your household or business expenditures. Imagine how it can make any place lively without charging your electricity bill. Indeed, it’s already a good Christmas treat!

That is made possible by a built-in solar panel that charges its cells with solar energy during the daytime. Now when the evening comes, all these SOCO solar string lights turn on automatically.

I’m simply delighted as the product description stated that users only have to recharge its 1.2V 600mAh batteries for 6 to 8 hours and then it will illuminate for 8 to 10 hours. It has a total working time of more than 50,000 hours which is longer than the other premium competitions.

SOCO treatment doesn’t stop there. These solar Christmas lights are made of tough materials to ensure durability. Hence, here are items that are cost-saving, environment-friendly, and reusable.

Hard plastics help solar lights to be waterproof and impact resistant. It can save you some money from replacing and buying new home decor each time. After using them, just slid them in a safe storage box and you can assemble them again the next season.

However, the wiring included in the package is thin and long, so it should be used gently to make sure it won’t be destroyed. But overall, the SOCO Solar Globe String Lights is a top pick when it comes to beauty, durability, cost-saving features, and eight lighting modes.

11. Ingree Solar Christmas Lights

  • 8 lighting modes
  • 2 installation modes
  • Warranty
  • Snow-flake shaped
  • Versatile
  • Short working time

The Ingree solar Christmas lights are made out of high-quality materials, making it durable and long-lasting. With an IP65 rating, these string lights are water and heatproof. With this, these lights can definitely last a long time.

Moreover, the Ingree solar string lights come with an improved solar panel that is highly efficient. It has a power of 2 volts and 300 mA, resulting in a fast conversion rate.

This is combined with an 1800 mAH NiMH rechargeable battery. As such, the Ingree solar string lights have a charging time of 8-12 hours. Depending on the charge it got, these lights work for about 8-12 hours.

What I like about these lights is that they give you many options. For one, the Ingree solar string lights come in three different colors: white, warm white, and multicolored. All of these versions feature 30 LED lamps.

The Ingree solar Christmas lights also come with eight different lighting modes that you can adjust and alter via the switch integrated in the device. You can choose from these combinations: flashing, chasing, twinkle, sequential, waves, slow fade, slow-glow, and steady on.

When you turn the switch on, the lights automatically charge during the day and automatically turn itself on at dusk.

Moreover, the Ingree solar string lights are aesthetically pleasing- both in performance and shape. They come in a snowflake form, giving it an extra edge and style.

Unlike other lights, the Ingree solar lights are also easy to install. Aside from the usual hanging them around, you also have the option of staking them to the ground. It comes with a stake, and a user manual to help you.

With this, you can actually use the lights in a number of occasions. From birthdays to weddings, to Christmas to mere decoration and aesthetic purposes, these lights got you covered.

The Ingree solar lights also come with a warranty. In case of defects, feel free to contact their 24/7 online customer support. They’ll be happy to assist and help you. As long as you contact and report it to the seller, they will replace and/or send you a new item for free.

What I don’t like about these lights is that they have a short working time, as alleged by some users. However, this problem can easily be remedied.

Nevertheless, a majority of users were pleased with the lights. Many liked how aesthetic it looked and how it greatly improved the ambiance and look of their home. Others liked the different lighting modes.

If you are looking for a fun way for your party to stand out, then you might want to try the Ingree solar string lights.

12. VMANOO Solar Outdoor Lights

  • Tear-drop shaped
  • Lighting modes
  • 288 LED bulbs
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Short working time

The VMANOO solar outdoor lights are made out of high-quality plastic, giving it a solid frame. The lights are enclosed in a transparent casing made out of PC material. With an IP65 rating, these lights are water and heatproof and are resistant to rust, dust, corrosion, aging, frost, and other adverse elements.

Moreover, the VMANOO solar outdoor lights come with high-efficiency solar panels, giving it a high conversion rate. Not only that, these solar outdoor lights can be adjusted up to 90 degrees, allowing you to get the optimum solar light coverage.

This is paired with a high-capacity NiMH rechargeable battery. The solar panel and the battery are connected to each other via a cable. Charging time usually takes about 6-8 hours. Depending on the amount of sunlight it got, these outdoor lights will work for about 8-12 hours.

One thing I like about the VMANOO solar outdoor lights is that they’re so aesthetically pleasing and attractive to the eye. These lights come in four different colors: white, warm white, blue, and multicolored. Regardless, each version has eight tubes that house 36 LED bulbs. This gives you 288 LED bulbs in each unit.

They are also teardrop-shaped and come with different lighting modes. They look so beautiful when turned on since they mimic shooting stars.

With this, you can definitely use these lights for your party and celebration needs. People and especially kids will surely love the effect these lights give.

You can adjust and alter the lighting modes via the power switch that comes with the lights. Aside from that, the power switch also activates the integrated lighting system of the VMANOO solar outdoor lights. With this, the lights automatically turn on at dusk, turn off at dawn, and begin charging.

The VMANOO solar outdoor lights also come with a warranty. In case of defects, you can always contact the seller and they’ll be happy to replace your damaged item for free.

What I don’t like about these lights is that they might work for a short time than expected. According to some users, these lights won’t even last them the whole night. This duration is shorter in winter, too.

Nevertheless, many liked and were satisfied with their purchase. They mainly liked how the light is extremely beautiful in both design and the effects it produces.

Because of that, many users used them for a number of occasions and were satisfied with the reactions they got from their guests. If you are looking for a new way to impress your guests, then the VMANOO solar outdoor lights is a definite must-try.

Creative Design Solar Lights (Outdated)

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Can be staked on the ground or mounted on the wall
  • Two types of mode
  • Charging might fail over time

Gone are the days when you had to fit the outdoor lights which had to stay on for the whole night, these lights were on even when they are needed. This adds more to your electric bill every month because of their high-energy consumption.

These days, you can enjoy better lighting, even better than the traditional ones, with the convenience of solar motion lights.

In order to cope with the increasing demands, many manufacturers have created different product types. One of the top-quality solar lights in the market right now is Creative Design Solar Lights.

This outdoor light has 46 bright LED lights, where six are located on each side. These lights give it the ability to create up to 500 lumens of light.

This is a guarantee that you are going to light up a large area for security, like your entire garage or yard.

This outdoor solar light is easy to install and to mount, as it comes with everything that you need. It has a rechargeable battery that charges automatically once the sun comes up.

The lights are heatproof and waterproof, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. The lights are also great for indoor use; just make sure that the solar panel is placed outside where it can get access to direct sunlight.

This solar panel light offers you top-tier illumination for your safety and security. The next thing that you will definitely like about this product is how easy it is to install and carry anywhere.

The solar lights produce 200 lumens in total, and it has a grade of IP65, which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The lights also have a high and low mode, and the spotlight is multi-colored, but you can’t set it on one color.

With the stake and the mount added in the package, you can use the stake to install the lights on the ground, or you can mount the lights on the wall with the screws that are included in the package. These solar lights can be your wall light.

The lights have an adjustable angle, about 90 degrees, to light up the spot that you want, and a solar panel that is adjustable for up to 180 degrees, to get the solar energy that the light needs.

The lights can work for up to 8 hours when fully charged and when it is in a high mode, and it can work for 14 hours when fully charged and is in a low mode.

On the cons, customers have stated that it does not show if the lights are charging or not, and there are instances the lights will only work for a couple of minutes before the battery runs out. In short, the charging might fail over time.

Although it can happen, Creative Design Solar Lights can still work as stated; just make sure that the solar panel is getting enough solar energy. Also, take note that the run time of the lights will also depend on the weather.

Binval Solar Christmas Lights (Outdated)

  • Eco-friendly
  • Waterproof
  • 8 different modes
  • Beautiful lights
  • 1-year warranty
  • Charging is dependent on the weather

The Binval Solar Christmas Lights will certainly bring out the holiday spirit and highlight the festivities with its beautiful lighting. If you are looking for Christmas lights for the holidays or any other occasion, the Binval solar Christmas lights are the ones you are looking for.

I like the Binval solar Christmas lights because they are energy-saving and safe to use. These lights do not need any other power source but just the energy from the sun. There’s no complicated wiring or connections needed so it’s generally safer. Not to mention, these solar lights are environment-friendly.

Its solar panels generate energy efficiently for long-lasting lights at night. At least 6 to 8 hours of exposure to direct sunlight can give you 8 to 12 hours of working time. It is crucial however that you place the panels in an area with direct sunlight exposure for more effective charging.

The Binval solar Christmas lights are made of high-quality material. Its durable construction coupled with its IP65 waterproof rating and heat-resistant makes these lights suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. They are designed to withstand any outside weather conditions.

Another thing that I like about Binval solar power Christmas lights is its wide application. Because they are durable and waterproof, you can place them anywhere you like. You can put them around trees, bushes, fences, and your decks. You can also use them for any occasion to set the atmosphere such as weddings, holidays, and birthdays. The beautiful warm white lights add to the festive atmosphere.

The Binval solar Christmas lights are also guaranteed to satisfy your different lighting needs with eight different modes from which you can choose.

The lights are also easy to use and install. You don’t have to hassle yourself too much. All that you need is included in the package. Just put them anywhere you want and set the panel where there is sunlight. After installation, you can leave the lights to work automatically. Its built-in sensor automatically turns on and off the light.

Aside from the wonderful features of the Binval solar Christmas lights, these lights are also covered with a 1-year warranty, so you can be more confident with your purchase. If you encounter any problems or issues with your lights you can also easily get in contact with their good customer service department.

However, the downside of the Binval solar Christmas lights is that the weather may affect the charging of the lights which will ultimately affect its output. Less sunlight during a gloomy or rainy day also means less working time for the lights. But overall, I like the Binval solar Christmas lights because they are sustainable, affordable, and beautiful lights perfect for any occasion.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you pick the right solar products that include solar holiday lights. We have followed a systematic process in conducting our reviews, which you might want to refer to when choosing your solar lights.

At first, we have come up with things to check when comparing different lights. These include price, warranty and durability that you might want to consider so that you can make a better decision later.

With us, you’ll be able to know the top picks on the market and learn about their pros and cons. Finally, you can pick your Christmas lights, which are solar-powered, using our reviews earlier.

What Is A Solar Christmas Light And Who This Is For


A solar Christmas light is just as our conventional and decorative holiday lighting solutions, except that they’re solar powered. It only means that they derive their energy from the sun, not depending on fossil fuel to run.

With Christmas lights, we don’t need to spend additional on electricity to keep them going. Only setting them up once and they’re good to go! As they are off-grid, they can work independently and not rely on on-grid solutions. You can save money with only a one-time spending on these products.

It is also for people that want to start using clean energy products that do not harm the environment. Solar lights are energy-efficient and independent of fossil fuel while also contributing to the health of the environment.

So if you’re looking to contribute and preserve the environment, you might want to go for these Christmas lights. They are low in energy consumption and off the grid, not relying on fossil fuel that harms the environment.

The best solar Christmas lights are also yours for easy installation. They’re like our traditional lights that do not require any difficult setup. All you have to do is to decide on the spot where you want to install these lights. However, you must also be certain that you’re installing the solar panel where it can be exposed to direct sunlight for long hours.

Solar lights are also cost-effective that they are functional and useful for all occasions, too. You can use them even it is not the holidays.

In fact, you can use these lights to decorate your space for a special occasion like a wedding and party. In addition, you should take a look at these lights even on an ordinary day in order to make an ambience look cozy and romantic just like for a romantic date.

The lights are yours if you want low to no-maintenance solar lighting solutions. Once installed, you don’t have to do anything more except the occasional wiping off the solar panel for optimal charging.

The same goes for the lights. You might just have to wipe them off from time to time to maintain their consistent brightness.

Nevertheless, solar lights are for people that want to take advantage of the free energy from the sun and make use of durable and heavy-duty lights that can last a long time. Those who want an efficient and clean energy product might also want to consider it for an off-the-grid holiday light for their patio or garden.

How Does It Work

Solar holiday lighting lets go of the extension cord to run! They don’t need home electricity to operate because they rely on solar energy.

Using these lights, you don’t have to worry about any difficult installation.

All you have to do is to pick the spot where to place the spotlight, tube lights or string lights for the holidays.

Then, find a place where to install the solar panel, which is what’s going to collect the sun energy that will then become electrical energy that will be stored in the integrated battery.

The battery will be storing the energy to operate the Christmas lights. This system works automatically, too. The sun’s energy will charge the battery during the day. At night, the light sensor will turn the solar lights on with the rechargeable battery.

Instead of traditional incandescent bulbs, solar lighting solutions are using LEDs. Even if these lights can be less bright than incandescent bulbs are, they tend to last longer and are energy-efficient, too.

LED lights can also run longer even with a few hours of stored energy. In most cases, the solar panel is attached to a stake.

This solar panel is what you place under direct sunlight in your garden and yard so that the light can stay powered on at night and off at daytime.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Christmas Lights


Solar Christmas lights come in many designs, including honeybees, tubes, fairy string lights and multi-colored spotlights. These are only some of the designs of these holiday lights that we can place outside and decorate our space. You can find so many more designs, which are on our list earlier.

So regarding the types, there are not many of them because they work pretty much in the same manner. The only major difference is that they are in different designs which can also affect the manner as to how you can install them. For example, there are solar outside Christmas lights that are in the form of string lights.

They can be set up in the shape that you want. On the other hand, there are lights that are tube styles. They cannot be shaped but can be positioned to accentuate a spot in the patio, yard, or garden.

Now if you want to compare your options well and find the right one for your preference, you might want to get started using our reviews earlier. They feature different solar lights for the holidays that you can choose from and use for decorating your outdoors, including the garden, patio or yard.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar-Powered Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas decorations offer plenty of advantages that we can rely on all the time. They are with the benefits that we’re going to discuss later; however, they are not perfect, too, for some disadvantages that they do have. Let us get started in the following.


If you’re interested using these solar lights for the holidays, you might be into knowing the things that you can benefit from by choosing these lights.


Cost-effectiveness is one of the main advantages of these solar lights. They do not require monthly bills or buy accessories for installation.

These lights also need just one-time spending for the holiday lights. After, you can take advantage of the lights as a cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting except that you don’t have to add a budget to your monthly bill.


The holiday lights are also functional. They are not just for Christmas decorations but also for any occasion.

You can use them to make a space cozy and romantic, too, especially if you have a dinner date. In addition, they can be used for parties, weddings, and anniversaries.

These lights are also amazing sights to see on any given day, especially in terms of sprucing up a space and making it look more alive.

Aesthetically pleasing

The lights are also with a great design. You can find them in tubes, string lights and spotlights, to name some. These solar lighting solutions are in solid and beautiful designs that you can choose from and use for your garden, patio, porch, yard and landscape.

These lights are also attractive to improve the decoration of your outdoor space. They are modern yet timeless to up the aesthetic of your place.

Off the grid

These solar lights are also off-the-grid solutions. They are independent of fossil fuel and conventional energy sources.

Such lights are perfect in improving the aesthetics of your place without adding pollution to the environment, too. As they’re solar-powered, they are forever free.

Easy to install

Such lighting solutions are also easy to set up. You don’t need to hire a professional to install them where you want to decorate or spruce up, as you can do it yourself. These lights are easy to install, not requiring any difficult steps to follow.

Durable and lasting for all seasons

The holiday lights are also for all seasons and durable because they’re with waterproof components. They are made with heavy-duty materials, allowing them to deal with weather changes and harsh outdoor elements.

If you’re looking to take advantage of this benefit that adds to the durability of the item that you’re buying, you might want to check out one of our featured products earlier.


But solar panel Christmas lights are not all benefits because they also have some disadvantages. For one, some might not be as bright as you can expect, so you must be able to compare your options if you want a brighter light.

Also, some of them may be costlier than others in the category. However, it is not the price alone on which you have to base your decision but also on the heavy-duty performance of the product.

Thus, price is not the sole factor alone in choosing solar lights but also quality. Check on it to avoid disappointment in the end. Some solar lights might not be too expensive as others but can be as durable.

There you have some of the things to know regarding the pros and cons of choosing solar lights for Christmas and holidays.

How We Picked And Tested


What are the things that we have considered in picking and testing the solar lights? As consumers like you, we, too, are skeptical and careful in choosing the holiday lights to buy. For this reason, we have considered certain things before reviewing the featured products earlier. A few of the things to look into when buying this product are the following –


One of the main considerations in buying solar lights is its price, which can save you effort and time in browsing choices. By determining the price from the start, you can avoid wasting time on those that do not match your price criterion.

But with an idea on how to compare these lights based on their prices, you can better choose and save time, too. So before trying to research on the product to choose from and buy, you might want to narrow down your choices based on the prices of the items that fit your needs.

There are costlier and more affordable options. You can decide by setting a price range to help you pick your solar lights while avoiding spending time on those that are beyond or not belonging to the parameter that you have set.


The warranty is another important factor to check when choosing among the solar lights available on the market. It adds not only satisfaction but also peace of mind.

One of the reasons is that it gives you the assurance that you can get help if you received a defective product. It also makes sure that you can ask for a replacement or even a refund. However, it varies from one product to another, so you should check it when comparing your options.

Weatherproof ability

Another thing to look into when finding a solar light is its ability to deal with different weather conditions and harsh outdoor elements. With this feature, you can make sure that your solar lights are going to last long.

Easy installation

When shopping around for Christmas solar lights, you should also look into installation instructions. The product that you’re buying must not give you a headache in setting it up. So when comparing your choices, you must look into this factor, too.

Quality and performance

In addition to the easy installation, you must check for the quality and performance of the lights. They must be low in consumption and can offer efficiency that can last long. It is why you might also want to consider the top-tier brands when comparing your choices.

There you have some of the things to look into when comparing your options. Be sure to take a look into them if you want to find your ideal solar lighting solution.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the brightest solar Christmas lights?

Commercial grade solar Christmas lights are the brightest because each LED bulb features five light-emitting diodes. On the other hand, residential-type Christmas lights only have a single diode for each LED. Hence, if you have a 100-bulb string light, you can only expect 100 light-emitting diodes. If that were commercial-grade, you would get 500.

It also helps to check if the solar Christmas string lights have lumen ratings. For instance, the Creative Design Solar Lights we reviewed above can produce 500 lumens, equivalent to 5,380-foot candles (10.76 lumens make up one-foot candle).

What will happen if my solar Christmas lights don’t charge fully?

Your solar LED Christmas lights outdoor units will not stay illuminated as long as their rated runtime if they are not fully charged during the day. For instance, an insufficiently charged solar light may not reach its expected 12-hour runtime and instead only stay on for 8-10 hours, even with battery backup.

Solar-powered lights, including Christmas lights, need four to ten hours of charging in direct sunlight. Sadly, we can never predict the weather or when clouds start shrouding the sun. Although solar systems can still produce electricity in overcast skies, their output is lower than usual, resulting in a shorter runtime.

Are solar Christmas lights waterproof?

Christmas solar lights outdoor units are waterproof, while indoor versions are not. However, we recommend checking the manufacturer’s solar light specifications, particularly its ingress protection (IP) rating. As a rule, the higher the second number in the IP rating, the greater its waterproofing capabilities.

For example, the Brightown JS-TLEDX is IP65-rated, while the Dazzle Bright only has an IP44 rating. We know that the second digit reflects a device’s moisture or liquid ingress protection, with “4” protecting the gadget against water splashes. On the other hand, the second value of “5” shows that the solar lights can withstand low-pressure water jets.

What are the most trusted solar Christmas light brands?             

When shopping around for Christmas light brands, you should also consider the brands, which are reliable and trusted in the category, to ensure that you’re on the right track and picking among committed brands. Some of them include VMANOO, SEMILITS and CREATIVE DESIGN. For the rest of them, you can refer to our reviews earlier.

How do solar Christmas lights withstand winter weather?

Solar Xmas lights can deal with the winter weather because they’re made with waterproof and weatherproof components. They are designed and constructed for the harsh weather conditions, including rain and snow, as well as to deal with outdoor elements.

Can I keep solar Christmas lights on all night?   

Just like what you’re reading in solar-powered Christmas lights reviews, Christmas lights can be kept turned on all night provided they’re charged enough to last the entire evening.

But then, it can also be based on the brand that you’ve chosen and the features that the item you bought has. Some of them require fewer hours of charging while running long at night.

Do the lights have on/off switch?

Yes, they do have an on-and-off switch to use in controlling your solar-powered lights. In addition, they do have a button for choosing a specific mode that you prefer.

How to charge solar Christmas lights without the sun?         

Some of them can charge even if there is low lighting condition, but you have to check on it in the specification as stated in the label or user manual.

How long do solar Christmas lights last?

There is no specific answer to this question on how long the solar Christmas tree lights can last. It depends on the heavy-duty performance, waterproof components, and other things that add to the durability of the product that you’re buying.

What is the warranty?  

The solar lights warranty is one year or longer. It varies from one manufacturer to another. And just as said, you should also look into this factor when comparing your options.

What are the most trusted places to buy?             

Some of the most trusted places to buy them include Lowe’s and Home Depot as well as Amazon. But for the most suitable results, you might want to get yours at, which offers the top-tier deals and affordable prices.

How to install and use?

It is not hard to install and use these solar lights. You just have to pick a spot where to install and then position the solar panel in a place where it can receive much sunlight for efficient charging of the built-in battery.

How to care & maintain?

To care and maintain the holiday lights, you only have to wipe off the solar panel and lights for their optimal function. For the rest, you should also check the user manual for maintenance tips.


Choose the best solar Christmas lights by comparing your options well. Look into their features including heavy-duty components, excellent build, affordable price, and a good warranty, to name some.

To help you do it, get back to our earlier buying guide and check on those features when buying solar lights. When done, you can get started choosing among those that we’ve featured in our reviews section.

They are from brands, which are committed to supplying their consumers with quality and durable Christmas lights. They are also well-reviewed by consumers that are able to take advantage of the products’ good and long-lasting performance.

Buy your holiday lights today!

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