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The Best Solar Flagpole Lights to Turn Your Areas Stand Out

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

The best solar flagpole light is a great alternative to flagpole lights that rely on traditional energy sources to run. It can work efficiently offering lifting solution to flagpoles of different heights.

Some of them can also deliver the most flag coverage and longest lasting use. They are versatile and functional that they can be used in yards and lighting up signage.

best solar flagpole light

But then, looking for a suitable one that works for you can be hard if you don’t know what to consider when comparing your options. It can also be confusing without knowing about the top brands on the market.

If you’re looking to find the right flagpole lights, you might want to refer to our reviews and buying guide in the following sections.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview Sunnytech Flag Pole Light

Deluxe Flag Pole Light

Vont Flag Pole Light

No. of LEDs 20 26 26
Compatibility 15-25 ft poles 20-25 ft poles 15-25 ft poles
Material ABS ABS ABS
Working Time 18 hours 18 hours 10+ hours
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes
Brightness 1300 LM 200 LM
Warranty 1 year 1 year Lifetime
Details Details Details


Top 10 Solar Flagpole Light Reviews

1. Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flag Pole

  • Easy to install
  • 5x brighter than most solar flagpoles
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • One-year warranty
  • Durable
  • Flagpole ornament shaft is too short

You may have placed a flag outside of your property to show your love for your country and commemorate its heritage and history. However, flags are only visible during the day, making it difficult to take the flag down at nighttime.

The U.S. Flag Code states that the flag should have lights around it at night if you are going to keep it. As a solution to this issue, the top-rated solar powered flagpole light is made so you can light your flag with glory.

The Sunnytech Flagpole is one of the top-tier solar flagpoles on the market, as they developed an upgraded electric circuit, making the lights brighter and longer lasting. The Sunnytech Solar Flagpole is designed, made, and packaged in the U.S.A.

This solar flagpole has a state-of-the-art design. It is self-charging, and its sensor is equipped to detect the perfect time to turn on when it gets dark.

The flagpole is also very easy to use and install; you do not need any tools. Rechargeable batteries are also installed, and its L.E.D. lights are five times brighter than others are.

This flagpole has 20% more flag coverage than most of the solar flagpoles in the market because of its wider circumference of L.E.D. lights. It can be paired with 15 to 25 feet flagpoles.

The Sunnytech Solar Flagpole can last up to 18 hours of power, but the duration depends on the amount of sunlight absorbed. The duration may be less than 18 hours during winter, rainy, and cloudy days.

Remember to turn the flagpole on before installing it, so that it could start absorbing solar energy and it can be used at night.

It is also important to remember that the package does not include ornaments, accessories, or flag. Also, make sure that the light can fit your flagpole by checking the specs.

Another incredible thing about Sunnytech Solar Flagpole is that it has partnered with an Official Sponsor of Disabled American Veterans Fund since 2012. Choosing their flagpole light, you will not only be patriotic, but you can be charitable too.

Sunnytech Solar Flagpole offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. They also have a customer service department that is open 24 hours to answer your questions and concerns.

On the cons, a few customers had reported that their flagpole ornament shaft is too short to pass the light hole. It is best to ensure that your flagpole size suit with the light before purchasing the product.

Sunnytech is willing to teach their customers how to make adaptors to make this amazing light work with their flagpole. You can contact them so you can get the picture instruction. The brand has sold thousands of solar flag lights, and 99% of their customers are very satisfied with their purchase so that you can buy the product with confidence.

2. Deneve Deluxe Solar Flag Pole Light

  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Rechargeable
  • Replaceable batteries
  • The lights are not too bright

Like every successful company, Deneve began in a small garage in California. A family-owned company, Deneve promises only to make and sell products that consumers will be happy and proud to use in their homes and their yards.

Deneve seeks to do well, to do right, and to do well in support of consumers, planet, and profit. This means that they are striving to have a role in the communities in which they operate.

Because Deneve believes in being an outstanding steward of the nation and the planet, their US-based operations follow the 100% zero-landfill policy. All the leftover materials are recycled, including electronics.

The Deneve Flagpole Light allows you to have the show of pride, respect, and patriotism as a citizen of your country as they are following the US Flag Code that is stated in the US Federal Law.

It is stated that it is a custom worldwide to display the flag from dusk until dawn, but if you want to keep the flag up for 24 hours, it should be properly illuminated.

The Deneve Flagpole Light covers 20% more than the flagpole lights that are in the market. The product’s LED lights are rechargeable and rely on solar power, so they have a very long lifespan.

Unlike the other flagpole lights, the Deneve Flagpole Light batteries are replaceable, so you do not have to buy a new one every time your battery runs out.

If the battery of your flagpole light reached the end of its life, you can unscrew the light’s battery panel cover and replace them; this can help save time and money.

Before installing the flagpole light, make sure that you’ve pressed the button to ensure that the light turns on at night.

The flagpole light is easy to install; you need to lower the pole, spin the ball shaft, and nut it off the pole. You can then center the hole of the light over the hole of the pole.

You then need to re-insert the ball shaft, and then nut it into the holes, turn the ball shaft finger tight and adjust the ball shaft nut if needed. You can then raise the pole and display your flag 24/7.

It is important to note that the light may not fit on all kinds of poles. Before buying the product, make sure that the light can fit the pole by checking out the specs.

Also, do not stare at the lights for a long period of time as it may cause eye damage. The package includes the solar flag light only. The bolt, ball, ornament, flag, and flagpole are not included.

On the cons, the light may not be as bright, but it is long lasting and waterproof. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and do not need frequent battery replacements.

3. Vont Solar Flag Pole Light

  • Includes rugged and heavy-duty batteries
  • Displays your flag with proper illumination for its bright light
  • Automatic daylight sensor, no switches needed
  • No wiring or installation tools required
  • Can fit flagpoles with a diameter ranging from 15 to 25 feet
  • Lifetime quality guarantee
  • Does not include a flagpole ball

Check out the VONT solar flagpole light when looking for a heavy-duty light that can last up to two times longer than the competition.   It comes with efficient and long-lasting batteries and 26 powerful LEDs. Its batteries have extended battery capacity, remaining charged even on cloudy days and ensuring your flag stays illuminated.

This VONT solar downlight is with a completely automatic daylight sensor, too. Choosing it will give you peace of mind because it has no switches!  It turns on automatically when sensing darkness, and off when sunrise comes.

You can install it in less than a minute. It requires no electrical connections or wires thanks to its built-in solar charging system.  And even without electrical knowledge, you can set it up with ease because it requires no tools.  

It also includes six solar panels that work powerfully to recharge the batteries in the daytime.  These solar panels make the charging more efficient even on dark days.

However, this model doesn’t include a flagpole ball. But then, if you would consider its features and benefits, you can realize that it is one of the most suitable choices around for its versatility and durability. 

This light comes with highly-efficient batteries that keep it appropriately illuminated. It also fits different flagpole sizes from 15 to 25 feet, making it suitable for a broader range of flagpoles. Overall, it’s a topnotch downlight that delivers its promises, so users choose it over others in the same category.

4. Deneve Solar Flag Pole Light

  • Durable construction
  • Easy to install and use
  • Stylish
  • Replaceable batteries
  • LED bulbs
  • A bit dim

The Deneve solar flagpole light is made out of high-quality plastic material that allows it to withstand adverse weather conditions. With its chrome-coated plastic base, you wouldn’t have to worry about using this outside. It’s fully water, rust and dust resistant, assuring you that it will last a long time.

Moreover, this product comes with a polycrystalline solar panel and rechargeable AA batteries. It also has more photovoltaic cells, the ones inside your solar panel, resulting into a faster charge and storing more electricity.

What I like about this product is that the batteries can be replaced, unlike in other models where the batteries are wired shut. In case the free batteries ever run out of life, you can just unscrew the panel and replace them. This way, you can save some money since you don’t have to buy an entirely new product.

The Deneve solar flagpole light has 26 LED bulbs that boast 20% more coverage compared to other units. Since it is LED, the solar flagpole light is more energy-efficient while giving a brighter light. LED bulbs are also more durable and long lasting, having a lifespan of 10,000 hours.

Another thing I like about the Deneve solar flagpole light is that it’s equipped with the latest technology. It has a sensitive light-sensing system that can accurately detect when the lights will activate. With this, the lights automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

But to take advantage of such benefits of the solar powered flagpole lighting, make sure you have pressed the ON button before mounting on top of your flagpole. Otherwise, the lights would not automatically turn on.

I also like how the product this product is super-duper easy to install. Moreover, if you’re having a time, it also comes with a set of instructions to guide you.

But take note, before you do install the Deneve solar flagpole light, you have to ensure that it is compatible with your flagpole. The shaft should be at most 0.5 inches in diameter and it should be at least 1.5 inches long to enjoy this product.

I also like the design of the Deneve flagpole light. The gold and white finish gives it a stylish and modern look.

What I don’t like about this product is that it’s a bit dim, contrary to its claims. Some users claim that the light doesn’t illuminate the whole flag pole- only the top portion. Nevertheless, many users were still satisfied with their purchase, stating that the light did what it had to do, without any hiccups.

If you are looking to spice up your Fourth of July celebration, then the Deneve solar flag pole light will surely get the job done.

5. APONUO Solar Flagpole Light

  • 7 LED light bulbs with 300 to 500-lumen light intensity
  • 16% solar efficiency with a 12-hour maximum runtime
  • Offers 20% better coverage
  • Easy installation on 1.4- to 3-inch diameter flagpoles
  • Mountable on the wall or the ground
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Only two brightness levels

The APONUO flagpole solar light impresses homeowners and establishments with its versatile design and dependable illumination. This product is a solar-powered system that showcases the Stars and Stripes even in the dark.

Equipped with 7 LED light bulbs, the device produces an output of 300-500 lumens onto the nation flag fluttering above it. This solar light might not cover the whole flag, but it offers 20% better coverage than most other products.

The 16% conversion efficiency rating might seem mediocre to some, but this solar flagpole light can last a dozen hours showcasing the national flag. Of course, setting it on a high beam would reduce its illumination runtime in half. Still, it would be enough to shine the flag when everyone is asleep.

I love this solar flagpole light’s versatile installation. Homeowners can mount the bracket on 1.4- to 3-inch diameter circular and rectangular flagpoles. Securing it on a mast is straightforward, and I will not be surprised if users get this system up and running within minutes.

Families can also mount the system on a wall and direct the light toward the flag. Alternatively, they could stake it into the ground and cast a light beam upwards into the national flag. It’s also possible to fix the product to columns. With many choices available, choosing a mounting post with maximum sun exposure is a breeze.

There is no worry about dust and moisture damaging the system’s sensitive electronics because it is IP65-rated. Only the ZIOTI is better, with an IP67 rating.

It is difficult to fault this solar light for house mounted flagpole systems. The only hiccup I see is the two-level brightness settings – High and Low, which sometimes don’t meet my needs.

This solar flagpole light might not be perfect, but it shines a light on the national flag amidst the darkness.

6. ZIOTI Solar Flag Pole Light

  • 176 LEDs with a combined 880-lumen output
  • 360-degree flag illumination with 50% better coverage
  • Integrated 6800mAh ensures 10- to 12-hour runtime
  • IP67 waterproofing, withstanding dust and heavy rain
  • Mountable on the flagpole or clip the carabiner attachment horizontally
  • Non-removable batteries

Most solar flagpole lights only illuminate one side of the mast, depending on the fixture’s location and the light beam’s direction. Homeowners who want to brighten a residential flagpole with solar light should consider this product from ZIOTI.

This solar flagpole light sits on top of the ornament spindle, like a UFO that casts its bright light onto anything below it, including the fluttering national flag. The fixture’s position creates a 360-degree illumination, increasing its flag coverage by 30-50% better than APONUO.

I am surprised to learn this solar flagpole light houses 176 re-engineered LEDs. It is no wonder that this solar lighting system also produces up to 580 more lumens than APONUO. To put things into perspective, the 880 lumens is equivalent to an 80W LED bulb.

The integrated 6800mAh battery pack guarantees a longer runtime than most of its competitors. Homeowners can illuminate their national flags for 10-12 hours non stop. Like many solar lights, these beams turn on automatically when the sky turns dark, provided that users do not forget to flip the switch to the “on” position.

Although this solar light mounts on top of the flagpole, homeowners can clip the carabiner attachment on a horizontal structure and convert this solar flagpole light into a droplight.

Another ZIOTI advantage over the APONUO is its IP67 waterproofing. In other words, this solar flagpole light can withstand dust and heavy rain with ease. In fact, even if the unit drops into 1 meter of water, it can remain fully functional.

My only lament about this solar light for top of flag pole is its non-removable 6800mAh battery pack. There is no way to replace the batteries once they reach their lifespan.

Still, this solar flagpole light remains a commendable product to showcase the national flag at night.

7. Solar Light Mart Flag Pole Light

  • Durable
  • Bright LED light
  • 3 lighting modes
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Flimsy U-bracket

The Solar Light Mart flagpole is made out of high-quality materials that assure you of its durable and long life. Its body is made out of a combination of iron and aluminum and its solar panel is protected with tempered glass. The usage of these materials prevents the unit from overheating.

It also comes with a thick low-voltage cable and waterproof connector and the whole unit has an IP65-rating. This solar flagpole light is also resistant to rust and dust.

Moreover, this flagpole light also comes with an industrial-grade solar panel and high-capacity lithium batteries. This results into a faster charge and high conversion rate. If fully charged, the Solar Light Mart flag pole light last for about 6-12 hours.

The Solar Light Mart flag pole light has 35 LED bulbs that give off a bright, white light. I like how the manufacturers put a lot of thought in these lights, making it very versatile and practical. The solar lights give off a brightness of up to 230 lumens that can rotate up to 60 degrees that can fully illuminate any area.

I also like how this flagpole light has different lighting modes, unlike other products. You can choose from high, normal and low. Take note, the different settings result in different brightness and different using time.

Because of its versatile light, some users even use this top-tier solar spotlight for flag in yards, driveways, paths as well as for lighting up their signs and the like.

Aside from that, the Solar Light Mart flag pole light is also equipped with the latest light-sensing technology. With this, the device automatically turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn.

Another thing I like about this product is its design. For me, it gives off a techy and modern vibe and the white finish makes it neat to look at.

The Solar Light Mart flag pole light is also easy to install as it comes with steel bolts and nuts as well as an adjustable U-bracket. With this, you can easily mount your light into any pole. The cable also makes it easy to mount vertically.

What I don’t like about these lights is that the U-bracket is a bit flimsy and it can only accommodate rectangular poles. Some users attested that the flagpole light is difficult to mount on their round poles. Other users resorted into using additional hardware and tools to equip this light onto their flagpoles.

Notwithstanding, many users were satisfied with their purchase. Many liked how bright the light and durable it was.

If you are looking for a durable and bright flag pole light with a solid performance, then the Solar Light Mart flagpole might be the one for you.

8. Sunnytech Solar Flag Pole Light

  • Durable
  • 1300 lumens
  • Elegant design
  • Works up to 18 hours
  • Easy installation
  • Sensitive solar panels

The Sunnytech solar flagpole light is made out of high-quality ABS plastic material. This makes the product durable and long lasting. It’s also water, dust, rust resistant, assuring you a reliable performance and long life.

Moreover, this product comes with 6 solar panels and 4500 MAH rechargeable batteries, resulting in a faster charge and longer use. I like how the manufacturer also upgraded its electric circuits and wires, ensuring a longer life. Depending on the charge, the Sunnytech solar flag pole light works up to 18 hours.

The Sunnytech solar flag pole lighthouses 20 LED lights and gives off a total brightness of 1300 lumens. These lights boast 20% more coverage compared to other products due to the wide circumference of its LEDs. With the wide saucer shape, you can also illuminate more areas. Aside from the brightness, LED lights are more durable, having a lifespan of 10,000 hours.

One thing I like about these lights is that it’s also a smart device. It is equipped with the latest light-sensing system and self-charging function. With this, the lights can automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. It also automatically charges itself when turned off.

Another thing I like about this product is its unique UFO design. The Sunnytech solar flagpole light gives off a modern and elegant look due to its black and gold color combination. Aside from the brightness, the lights will look completely stylish in your flagpole.

The light is also easy to install. If you’re having a hard time, the product also comes with a set of instructions to guide you.

However, before purchasing and installing, please bear in mind that the Sunnytech solar light only caters to specific flagpoles. Make sure that your flagpole is at least 0.5 inches wide and 1.75 inches high. Otherwise, you’ll have difficulties in installation.

Aside from this, the Sunnytech flag pole light also offers excellent customer service. In case of defects and damages, you can just send the lights back to them. They’ll even give you refunds and/or exchange your damaged item into a new one.

What I don’t like about this product is that the solar panels are a bit sensitive. However, users commented that sealing them to give them an extra layer of protection.

Nevertheless, many users were quite happy with their purchase. Many praised the lights for their brightness and durability. Others also liked its stylish look and design. The Sunnytech solar flagpole lights are a great way to add style and flair to your boring flagpoles. What is a better way to celebrate your patriotism than with style?

9. Solar Light Mart Solar Powered Flag Pole Light

  • With magnifier lens so it can cover a wider 45-degree angle
  • Made of touch materials such as cast aluminum and stainless steel
  • Includes remote control for the easy management of the light, solar panel and battery
  • 3 Level brightness setting for adjustments
  • Solar powered
  • Charging speed is slower during bad weather conditions

Raise your own Flag and display its beauty day and night through a dependable lighting. Solar Light Mart is known for their Solar Powered Flag Pole Light with outstanding features. Enlisted below are its pros and cons.

Solar Light Mart Flag Pole Light is designed for modern residential homes and business establishments. It is standout when it comes to the bright illumination that it can provide in a wider range.

A piece of Solar Light Mart Flag Pole Light can give a warm white LED light with 160-240 lumen. What is delightful is that the said light has magnifier lens so it can cover a 45-degree angle. That larger than the capacity of an average lighting.

I further recommend it because it is good for the budget and also environment-friendly. Based on its specs, electricity is not needed at all in using this Solar Flag Pole Light. It generously receives power from the sunbeam and converts it to energy. Its solar panel is made of advance industrial grade.

Meanwhile, its lithium battery is the one responsible in keeping the solar power for the light consumption. A fully charged solar flagpole lights can perform well between 5 to 15 hours.

If I’m going to buy for a flagpole lights, one of my top concern is the ease of installing it since it will be hang up in the air. I’m happy to know that the Solar Light Mart Flag Pole Light is designed for outdoor and convenient installation.

It can be assemble in a pole with a minimum diameter of 3 inch and maximum of 5.5 inch. The package includes a solar panel, solar light fixture and two metal straps for mounting.

But I think what makes it very convenient to use is due its large remote for controlling the 3Wp solar panel and battery. It is a very easy way to maneuver the device once it is hanged at the pole so no need for climbing your way up for adjustments.

What impress me more is that the Solar Light Mart Flag Pole Light is adjustable in three level brightness setting. This is to ensure sustainable lights for any kind of season.

You may check also the construction of this flagpole light. Its three major parts are made of tough materials to make it sturdy and long lasting.

Its entire spotlight and solar panel are made of cast aluminum with black finish and impact resistant lens. Meanwhile, its metal strap is crafted with stainless steel to ensure its durability.

On the weak point, Solar Light Mart Flag Pole Light harvest power from the sunlight. Hence, you may expect fluctuation of charging speed during bad weather conditions. But overall, Solar Light Mart Flag Pole Light is one of a kind. Among of its remarkable features are its super bright 3000K Led lights, wider lighting range, 3 level brightness setting, an incorporated remote control, durability and solar powered.

10. SOLVAO Solar Flagpole Light

  • 2 modes of lighting
  • Weather resistant
  • Extra-large and 180⁰ adjustable solar panel
  • Eco-friendly
  • Auto on/off
  • Less run time at night

Are you looking for outdoor lights for additional security or to some beautiful lighting to add a more cozy touch to your home? If you are then I suggest that you try the SOLVAO Solar Flagpole Light. This spotlight is perfect for your flagpoles, pathway, deck, pool, garden and yard.

The flagpole lights are energy-efficient, affordable and eco-friendly. They are solar-powered and efficiently harness energy from the sun so you won’t be need any other energy source or incur additional expenses on your electricity bills.

One of the things I like about these lights is its extra-large 180⁰ adjustable solar panel. You can easily adjust the solar panel to face any direction where it can absorb more sunlight.

It is also protected with a frosted coating to keep dirt and dust from gathering and blocking the sunlight. This type of solar panel catches maximum sunrays for more efficient charging of the solar lights to make them last up to 10 hours.

I prefer these flexible lights because they are easily mounted anywhere and you can choose to simply stake them on the ground. These flexible lights give you the choice to use them anywhere you want. There is no messy and complicated wiring needed so you can do the installation yourself without professional help.

To bring more convenience to its user, the SOLVAO brightest flagpole light automatically works on its own. These lights have an auto on/off sensor that enables the light fixture to automatically power up at night and turn off at dawn and charges during daytime, completely hassle-free.

I also like the durability of the SOLVAO lights. These lights are IP65 waterproof and all-weather resistant. They are convenient for outdoor usage and you don’t have to worry about it being easily damaged. They are guaranteed to provide your home with illumination for a long period without needing frequent replacement.

But certainly, my favorite thing about these lights is its two modes of lighting — high light mode and dim light mode. You can easily switch between these two modes to your preferred brightness and save energy.

However, these lights may not be as bright as other lights and may last only for a few hours at night if not efficiently charged.

But overall, the SOLVAO solar flagpole lights are the perfect alternative to your conventional lights. They are affordable, flexible, energy-efficient and reliable. The sleek black design of the lights also makes them perfect for decorative lighting to beautify your outdoor spaces. These solar flagpole lights are definitely a smart purchase.

Solar Light Mart Mini 120X Flag Pole Light (Outdated)

  • Built-in darkness sensor for automatic switching on and off
  • Impact resistance lens for added durability
  • Three brightness settings for more options
  • Stainless-steel adjustable metal strap to fit different pole diameters
  • Weather-resistant with an IP65 rating
  • Runs up to 15 hours on a full charge
  • Quality control issues

Are you considering a solar flagpole light? If so, you might want to include this Solar Light Mart light, a top-rated product in the category for its ease of installation and operation. It does not require any wiring or electrical knowledge. You take it out of the box and position it in the flagpole, and you’re done!

Another thing, the solar-powered flagpole light is designed with a darkness sensor.  With this element in the design, it is easy to operate. The light turns on automatically at night and off at day. You don’t even have to think about this anymore.  It just works automatically for ease of operation and convenience.

The Mini 120X Solar Powered Flag Pole Light also comes with a unique magnifier lens that makes it more efficient in performance. Plus, you can adjust its output angle up to 45 degrees to cover a wider-angle area, allowing it to work much better than an ordinary light fixture.

You can also count on it in durability because it has a cast-aluminum finish fixture built with an impact-resistant lens.  This light can also fit different pole diameters, thanks to its stainless-steel adjustable metal strap. 

Besides, I liked that it offers three brightness levels, allowing quick adjustments and consistent lighting even in the winter months. This model also runs up to 15 hours on a full charge, a longer running time than those that can run only up to 10 hours.

This model is with a large remote 3W solar panel that charges the lithium battery fast to make it more efficient.  It is also weather-resistant with an IP65 rating, giving you peace of mind that it won’t be damaged due to temperature and weather changes.

However, quality control issues were reported like missing parts upon delivery, but they were isolated cases.  

The flagpole light is one of the most durable and efficient around.  It also doesn’t require any electrical knowledge and wiring.   Nevertheless, the flagpole light is one of the top choices for people looking for a long-lasting solar light that can serve them for years.

Hallomall Solar Flag Pole Light (Outdated)

  • 3 lighting modes
  • Long working time
  • 11 solar panels
  • 48 LED bulbs
  • Versatile
  • Quality control issues

The Hallomall top-quality flagpole light is made out of high-quality plastic material that allows it to withstand various weather conditions. With an IP65 rating, Hallomall made sure it’s durable and versatile, eliminating your worry on using it outdoors. This product is also resistant to rust and dust.

Moreover, the flagpole light comes with 11 solar panels that can capture more sunlight. I like how the solar panels are wide, since it means it has more photovoltaic cells that can result in a faster charge.

It’s also combined with a 2200 MAH rechargeable battery, assuring you of longer use. Charging usually takes 6-8 hours, depending on the weather condition. If fully charged, this solar flagpole light will give work for about 8-10 hours.

The Hallomall solar flag pole lighthouses 48 LED lights and gives off a total brightness output of 800 lumens. Since it is LED, this product is more energy-efficient and also more durable compared to regular lights.

Another thing I like about the Hallomall solar flagpole light is that it has three different lighting modes: high, medium and low. Compared to other products, this solar flagpole light allows you to adjust your light depending on your use. However, different modes will result in a different using time.

The Hallomall solar flagpole light is also equipped with a light-sensing system. You just need to turn it ON and then the light will automatically activate at dusk and turn off at dawn.

The flagpole light also boasts an elegant design, while still being practical. The wide diameter looks great while also giving more light coverage. I also like the gold topper since it makes it look really stylish.

I also liked how versatile and practical this light is. The flagpole light can be installed in two ways. You can mount it or you can hang it with the free carabineer. While it’s primarily a flagpole light, you can also use it for other purposes such as camping, lighting up your yards, pathways, driveways and the like.

What I don’t like about this light is that it has some quality control issues. Some users commented that they received defective lights or that one side was not working, etc.

However, despite the outliers, many users were satisfied with their purchase. They liked how the light was bright enough for their needs and they also like how easy it was to install the product.

If you are looking for a stylish, bright and versatile solar light for your flagpole, then the Hallomall solar flagpole light may be the one for you.

AMIR Solar Spotlights (Outdated)

  • Adjustable solar panel and lights
  • 200 lumens
  • 2 lighting modes
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile
  • Limited flexibility

If you’re reading solar flag pole light reviews, you might have bumped into the AMIR solar spotlights. They are made out of high-quality materials that allow it to withstand adverse weather conditions. It has an IP65 rating, meaning that it’s waterproof and safe for outdoor use. It’s also rust and dust-resistant.

Moreover, the AMIR solar spotlights come with a wide solar panel and high-capacity rechargeable batteries. I really love the solar panel since it can be adjusted up to 180 degrees. With this, you can adjust your solar panels to expose it to sunlight.

It also has 1850 MAH batteries, giving you a faster charging time and longer use. Depending on the weather, charging time usually takes about 8 hours. If fully charged, it can work about 8-10 hours. Not only that, but the batteries are also durable since it can last up to 3 years.

The AMIR solar spotlights also boast four LED bulbs, giving off a bright, white light. It gives off a total brightness output of 200 lumens. Like the solar panel, these lights can also be adjusted up to 180 degrees. With this, you can adjust it to the perfect angle for optimum illumination.

I also like how the AMIR solar spotlights have two lighting modes: high and low brightness. However, different settings will result in different working times.

The AMIR solar spotlights are also equipped with a light-sensing system. Once you turn this on, these lights will automatically activate at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Another thing I like about these lights is that they are very versatile and practical. The AMIR solar spotlights can be installed in two ways. You can either stick it on the ground or mount it using the free screw sets. With this, you can use it in your gardens, yards, driveways, walls, pathways and the like.

In terms of design, the AMIR solar spotlights are simple and neat. The black finish makes it easy to blend into the background. This product has three versions, differing on the color of their light: bright white, green and blue.

I really have no qualms about this product. However, I just wished that the manufacturer used rotating joints for more flexibility in both the lights and solar panel. As it is, you need to point both of them in the same direction that may not usually be the top-rated.

Nonetheless, the AMIR solar spotlights are a great choice. Many users liked its versatility and practicality due to the adjustable angles. Others also liked the different lighting modes and its durability. Some users also liked the faster charging time and long working hours.

If you are looking for a versatile, practical and high-quality product, then the AMIR solar spotlights might be the one you’re looking for.

TOTOBAY Solar Flagpole Lights (Outdated)

  • Eco-friendly
  • Weatherproof
  • Bigger solar panels
  • Brighter lights
  • Auto on/off feature
  • Weather affects charging efficiency

If you are looking for an elevated light source to install on your flagpole, I recommend that you try the TOTOBAY Lights. This upgraded version of their solar flagpole lights will certainly give your home its much-needed efficient and flawless illumination.

I prefer the flagpole lights because they are energy-saving. Solar lights are a great alternative to your normal lights. You won’t need other energy sources because solar lights power themselves using just the energy from the sun. You can have yourself some reliable lights, even during events of a power outage.

Because these lights are solar-powered, they are easier to install because you won’t need any wiring or any connections. Either you can mount these lights on flagpoles or you can choose to hang them anywhere you want with the hook.

Another thing I like about the TOTOBAY commercial solar flagpole light is how efficient their solar panels are in generating energy. This upgraded version of their flagpole lights has bigger solar panels to harness more solar energy during daytime.

In addition to its bigger solar panels, these lights also have a longer battery life. These lights have a built-in 2200 mAh battery which, if fully charge during the day, will provide your home with up to 10 hours of illumination at night. It is then very important that you place these lights in areas with enough sunlight exposure to charge its batteries for their optimal performance.

These solar flagpole lights also have brighter LEDs. They have 30 super-bright LEDs that are the perfect source of bright light at night. Avoid any unwanted accidents at night and make your outdoors more accessible at night using these bright lights.

Making it more convenient, these lights have an auto on/off feature. After installing them, you don’t have to operate them manually. It charges itself during daytime and automatically turns on itself at night.

I also like that the TOTOBAY lights are waterproof. These lights are for outdoor usage and can withstand any outside conditions. You can use them anywhere – on your flagpole, your patio or even on camping.

However, the drawback of these flagpole lights is that its charging efficiency is dependent on the weather. If it’s a gloomy day outside, charging is a little difficult as compared to when it is sunny. This affects the light’s brightness and run time.

But overall, I recommend that you buy the TOTOBAY flagpole lights because they are eco-friendly, reliable and efficient. Any issues with the lights and their great customer service have you covered.

L Bell Solar Flag Pole Light (Outdated)

  • Bright 30 LED
  • Upgraded 11 large solar panels
  • With powerful 2200mAh batteries
  • Automatic turn on and off at day and night
  • Made of ABS and plastic for durability
  • Limited shade of light

If you or someone you know needs an excellent lighting for a flag pole, try to look on the L Bell Solar Flag Pole Light. Cited here are the useful features of the said item.

For establishments that raise their flags, L Bell Solar Flag Pole Light is something that can help them display the beauty of their flags even on night time.

I think its 300W 30 LED lights will really provide a super bright illumination for the flag. It has to be mentioned also that its luminous flux is 400 lm. Surely, compliments will come from people who will see the flags highlighted by a stunning downlight flag pole light.

What I find more impressive about the L Bell Solar Flag Pole Light is its capability to function without the help of electricity. Solar powered device never fails when it comes to saving energy and being Eco-friendly at the same time.

Its secret is no a secret. It has an advanced 11 solar panels that gathers solar energy from the sun and converts it to produce electricity.

The harvested power is being stored in upgraded 2200mAh batteries to supply the device with sufficient energy at dark times. Said the L Bell Solar Flag Pole Light can perform well for up to 10 hours as long as it absorbs enough sunlight.

L Bell designed this item for the convenience of the users so it is easy to install. Usually, it can be set-up in 15 to 25 feet flagpoles. A half-thick rod is also incorporated in the package to make the installation easier.

Before mounting the said flag pole lights, just make sure that it is turn on to make it automatically gain sunlight at day time and illuminate the area in the evening.

I like it also that L Bell studied how to make the solar led flagpole light tough and weatherproof. Based on its features, the item is made of tough materials such as ABS and plastic. Hence, it is long lasting and can save you some cost and time for frequent replacement.

However, the L Bell Solar Flag Pole Light has only limited shade of light that is white. If you are looking for something that produces colorful hues, this item might not be suitable for you.

But in general, the L Bell Solar Flag Pole Light is quite a good choice if you want dependable lighting pieces for poles in museums, municipal hall, schools and other establishments. It has superb illumination capability, durable and most importantly solar powered.

LBell Solar Flagpole Light (Outdated)

  • 3 modes of lighting – high, medium and low
  • Versatile flagpole light
  • 11 pieces bigger solar panels
  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Light output is dependent on weather

The LBell Solar Flagpole Light is here to satisfy your outdoor lighting needs. If you are looking for lights to illuminate your outdoors and improve its landscape, these solar flagpole lights are the most suitable for you.

I like these lights because they are affordable and energy-saving. It can generate its power without harming the environment. It powers up with just the energy from the sun. These lights are highly convenient in events of emergencies and power outage.

These flagpole lights are also easily installed. They can fit flagpoles with 0.55 in. hole. And because these flagpole lights are solar-powered, there is no need to hassle yourself with wires and no special tools are required in installing them. Do the installation yourself in just a few simple steps.

The automatic on/off sensor adds more to the convenience of these solar flagpole lights. With these photocell sensors, the lights automatically power up when it gets dark outside, turn off at dawn, and charge during the day.

The 48 LEDs of the upgraded flagpole light also makes these lights brighter to cater to your lighting needs. But my most favorite thing about the LBell solar flagpole lights e is its three modes of lighting. You can adjust the light from low to middle, to high brightness mode. It is more energy saving and is convenient for your preferred brightness of the light.

Another thing that I like about these flagpole lights is its 11 pcs big solar panels. These panels harness more solar energy and provide great energy for the lights fixture. With its built-in 2200 mAh rechargeable battery, maximum exposure to sunlight can give you up to 10 hours of bright illumination at night.

If you want durable lights that can last you for a long time, the lights are exactly what you are looking for. These lights are made of high-quality ABS and plastic material. The durable construction of these lights guarantees long-lasting outdoor lights for your home.

However, the downside of these flagpole lights is that it may not be the brightest light out there. Its brightness is also dependent on the weather condition. Less sunlight means dimmer lights and less run time at night. It is then crucial to place these lights in an area with maximum sunlight exposure for more efficient charging.

But nevertheless, I suggest that you try flagpole lights. This multifunctional solar flagpole night light is suitable for camping activities, lighting your courtyard or your decks. Definitely, these lights are worth the money you spend to satisfy your lighting needs.

Why You Should Trust Us

We’re your one-stop team for solid advice and guidance on great solar lights that can be used to light up flagpoles of different heights. Our team has made a thorough research on the things to look for when comparing your options so that you can choose the right one for you later.

From those factors, we’ve made a list of and reviewed the top-rated flagpole lights on the market. In the process, we’re able to review and highlight the products’ pros and cons as well as the benefits of choosing these lights. We do hope you can find useful information so that you can make a better decision later.

What Is A Solar Flagpole Light And Who Is This For


A solar flagpole light, as its name implies, is used to light up flagpoles. If you have flags set up outside and you want to highlight them for people to see even at night, then a solar flagpole light is the one fit for the job. There are solar flagpole lights that are mounted on the flagpole itself and others you can choose to mount on the ground.

A solar flagpole light is energy-saving and cost-efficient. They are the perfect choice if you want lights to provide you with flawless illumination without denting your savings. There are many choices for cheaper prices. They are also generally easier to install than our conventional lights and more convenient with its automatic operation.

New technologies coupled with our concern for the environment have given way for solar lights to gain popularity in the market. If you want lights for your flag to shine at night, it is a wise choice to go for a green and sustainable alternative. They are also durable and can last for a long time. The sleek designs together with the flawless lights can certainly improve your home’s landscape.

How Does It Work

The flagpole light is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to your normal grid-powered lights. A solar flagpole light gets its energy for power directly from the sun. They work by harnessing solar energy at daytime and converting it to electricity for the lights to power up at nighttime. How exactly does a solar flagpole light do this?

Every solar flagpole light has solar panels. These solar panels with photovoltaic cells are the ones responsible for harnessing energy directly from the sun all throughout the day. The solar panels convert solar energy into electrical power and store them into the battery of the light. Bigger solar panels can convert energy more efficiently than smaller ones.

Solar flagpole lights have rechargeable batteries to which the converted power is stored for later use. When the night comes, the light’s mechanism powers up the light fixture and use the earlier stored energy in the battery.

With that being said, it is crucial that the light is placed in an area with maximum sunlight exposure. The amount of sunlight received by the solar panels will affect the run time and the brightness of the light at night. Less sunlight means less run time and dimmer lights.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Flagpole Lights


Solar flagpole lights differ from each other from their design and features to their prices. Knowing the different types of solar flagpole lights will help you in choosing which light is best fit to cater to your lighting needs.

Solar flagpole lights can vary from the way they are mounted and installed.

Mounted on Flagpoles

Some solar flagpole lights are directly mounted on flagpoles. In this type of flagpole light, you have to make sure that the light can fit on the size of the hole of on your pole.

Staked on the Ground

Other solar flagpole lights include stakes that you can directly push onto the ground. They light up your flag from below. You can also use these lights in other areas you needed illumination such as your garden, yard, walkway or driveway.

Hanging Flagpole Lights

Some other flagpole lights have hooks on them for you to hang the lights anywhere. You can use them for your patios and decks or bring them as a light on camping trips

Solar flagpole lights can also vary whether they are automatic or not.

Not all solar flagpole lights are automatic. Automatic flagpole lights work on its own without you doing anything. Its photocell sensors detect light so that when it gets dark the light powers up. At dawn, the light will turn off and automatically charges itself for the day.

Solar flagpole lights also vary in brightness.

Low wattage flagpole lights offer low, dimmer lights. Standard light gives off a medium, comfortable brightness. While the high-powered lights have the brightest light output.

In looking for a sola flagpole light, think about where and how you want to use it and how bright you want your lights to be. With all the choices available, choose the one that best fits your need.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Powered Flagpole Lights

Aside from doing its job of highlighting your flag during the night, choosing to install solar-powered flagpole light offers other advantages. Solar-powered lights are gaining popularity these days because of their affordability, reliability and the convenience they give to their users. Here are some of the advantages of solar-powered flagpole lights.

Renewable energy source

An obvious advantage of a solar flagpole light is that it is solar-powered and produces no harm to the environment. Switching to solar lights enables you to help the environment in your little way.

In addition, a solar flagpole light is also convenient for areas that often experience a power outage. This light is useful in case of emergencies and grid failure. And because a solar flagpole light relies on sunlight, you won’t incur additional expenses in electricity.

Easy to Install

Because they are solar-powered, a flagpole light is easier to install. Usually, the materials needed and an instruction manual is included in the package. You don’t have to hassle yourself with complicated wiring and connection. There is no need for special tools; you can do the installation yourself without having to pay for a professional to do it for you.

Automatic Operation

What makes a solar flagpole light convenient aside from its easy installation is also its automatic on/off operation. Most solar flagpole lights automatically power up at night and turn off at dawn and charges automatically. After installing the lights, you just leave the light to work automatically on its own freeing yourself from the hassle of manual operation.

Durable Lights

Most solar flagpole lights are designed with high-quality metal and plastic material and are also waterproof. Even with exposure to different outside conditions, these lights are sure to last you for a long time so you won’t need frequent replacements.

Flexible and Stylish Lighting

Solar-powered flagpole lights can be used to light any parts of your outdoors. Solar flagpole lights are generally used to light up your flag but they can also be used to light up your pathway, yard and patio. Other flagpole lights can be stake on the ground to light up your pathways. Some solar flagpole lights even have hooks so you can hang them anywhere you want.

These lights are also good for decorating your outdoors. Most flagpole lights have a stylish and classic design and the light they emit adds a cozier ambiance to your home.

However, solar-powered flagpole lights also have a disadvantage.

Weather Affects Light Output

Because they are solar-powered, their charging efficiency is affected by the weather. When sunlight is scarce during a cloudy or a rainy day, charging the light is difficult. This will ultimately affect the light’s run time and brightness. It is then very important that you place the lights in an area with enough sunlight exposure to charge them.

Overall, choosing to install a solar-powered flagpole light is indeed a wise choice. They help you save up on energy and money. They are the reliable, efficient and sustainable lighting guaranteed to satisfy your lighting needs.

How We Picked And Testedbest-solar-powered-flagpole-light

Nowadays, varieties of solar flagpole lights are now available in various stores. The demand for these items started due to the unwavering desire of many buyers to display their symbolic flags whatever the time or season is.

One way to express the respect and patriotism of the people to their country is through flag raising ceremony or by simply raising their National Flags in government offices, residential areas and even on commercial establishments.

Solar flagpole lights are significant for three primary reasons –

First, it became the solution for those who wish their flags to be lit even at night when the light is poor. It serves as a support illumination so the beauty of the flags can still be displayed and noticed by many.

Being eco-friendly and power-saving capability is another benefit of solar flagpole lights. That means it directly gets energy from the sun and can save an establishment some cost for electricity bill. The solar energy that it generates is renewable, so it is safe for the environment.

It is also being applied to flagpoles for the purpose of aesthetics. Flags bloom and become attractive even more because it is highlighted by bright glow. It makes the patriotic people more proud of their country.

If you or someone you know is also planning to set up the solar flagpole lights and want to achieve stunning effect for your flags, there are some pointers to consider in your shopping spree. Here are the important factors to consider on how to choose solar flagpole lights.

Quality of the Lights

At the top of main concerns in selecting the best solar flagpole lights is the brightness and overall look of the lights. It is because the main purpose of this device is to produce illumination for the flags.

In terms of lighting, the choices varies on what type of lights do you need. You may start in figuring out what size and style of solar lights do you need. There are smaller one for small lighting range and bigger lamps for wider spaces.

Other choices may come from the texture of light that you want whether in softer or warmer illumination. If you prefer a more elegant ambiance for the flag, you may choose a piece that produces deemed lights.

There are also Solar flagpoles lights that are compose of fewer LED lights while some have more than 30 LED lights for super bright glow.

Buyers may also cast their preference according to the fixture that supplies lights whether in uplight or downlight manner. The first one hit light up in the sky while the latter spread light at the ground.


Best quality of solar flagpole lights can be determined by the materials that it is made-of. As the solar lights are intended to stay outdoors, they should be designed with special features to withstand different climate pressures.

Check the specs of the solar flagpole lights if it is weatherproof to be sure that it can survive heavy rains, snow, and sleet. Its three main parts must also be crafted with strong elements to make it them sturdy.

Usually, its solar panels, mounting strap and lights are protected by special materials to make them impact-resistant. Better look for those solar lights made-of stainless steel, metal, cast aluminum and ABS plastic.

Capacity of the solar panel and batteries

What made solar flagpole lights really one of a kind is because of their ability to harvest solar energy from the sun and generate it to useful power. That is why it is not dependent to electricity. And the solar panel and batteries are responsible in making that possible for the solar lights. Hence, it is indeed necessary to check on the quality of built-in solar panel and batteries.

Solar panels and batteries differ on their size, storing capacity and number of solar panels incorporated in the flagpole lights.

Upon looking for the specs of the item, it is usually top-tier to pick solar panels with advanced industrial grade quality. A solar flagpole light with more solar panels that are built-in may also be absorbent of sunlight.

Meanwhile, in terms of the cells, the ideal size is an upgraded 2200mAh. Lithium batteries are also top choice because these have larger capacity of power storage for long-lasting use. A good quality of solar panel and cells charge fast and if expose to direct sunshine, it can help the solar lights perform for 8 to 10 hours.

Convenience in Mounting Procedure and Control

Some factors affect the installation process of a solar flagpole lights such as the location and size of the pole, flag size, and its mounting kit.

Make sure that your flagpole is located in a sunny area as the life of the solar flagpole lights depend on how much sunlight it absorbs. Keep in mind too that a taller pole and bigger flag may require a higher LED capacity to attain a brighter illumination.

Most of the solar flagpole lights are designed for convenience of users as long as it is compatible with the pole size. Pick a piece that is easy to mount and take down as well in case the lights encountered unfavorable problem.

You may also look on solar flagpole lights with free mounting kit. There are available pieces, which have package inclusion of metal rod to make the installation easier.

Most of solar lights are have an automatic turn on and off during daytime and night time.

But now there are other options with advanced technology.

You may consider scouting for solar flagpole lights that has remote control for times that you need to adjust the light texture as well as the operation of the solar panel and cells.

In overall, there are many important factors to consider when choosing the best-fit solar flagpole lights for residential or public places.

Other considerations may affect the preference of buyers but the most significant factors to look-up includes the quality of the bulb or lamps, its durability, the charging and storage capacity of the solar panel and batteries and the ease of installing the solar flagpole lights.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many bulbs should be included in a solar flagpole light?

A solar powered flag pole light typically has 48 to 50 light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Everything depends on how bright the LEDs are and how well they illuminate the flag.

As the US Flag Code requires proper illumination for nighttime display, you need to ensure the solar light for American flag is bright enough. In other words, what you should pay attention to is the lumen rating.

For LED bulbs, at least 300 lumens is required. So the APONUO flagpole light, despite having only 7 bulbs, is still sufficient with its maximum 500-lumen output. Taller flagpoles will need a higher rating, with a 25-foot pole requiring up to 10,800 lumens.

Are solar panel flagpoles automatic?

Yes, most solar panel flagpoles (even an uncommon solar flagpole light) are automatic. You just need to flick their physical switch to activate their automatic lighting feature. When it starts to get dark, the fixtures will turn on by themselves.

However, not every solar panel flagpole is implemented with this automatic feature. Therefore, it is always wise to check the manufacturer’s product description to learn if the units can automatically turn on as dusk sets.

Does a solar light charge in the wind?

Yes, a LED solar flagpole light will continue to charge even on windy days. In fact, wind’s cooling effect on solar panels can slightly boost conversion efficiency and electricity produced.

Why do winds have such a positive impact on solar charging? It’s because excessive surface temperatures can reduce solar panel conversion efficiency. On the other hand, reducing the panel surface temperature by 1℃ (33.8℉) can improve the conversion rate by 0.05%. While it does not seem much, every gain you get is welcome.

How do I tell if solar flagpole lights will fit my pole?

Always check the manufacturer’s flagpole specifications for its solar flag spotlight products and compare this with your flagpole’s dimensions.

You must measure the flagpole ornament spindle’s diameter and length when installing the solar flagpole light at the top, directing the beam downwards to the flag. If you want to mount the solar light on the flag mast itself, measure the pole’s diameter to determine if the mounting bracket fits.

What are the most trusted solar powered flagpole light brands?

You can find many solar powered flagpole lights on the market. Some of them include the Sunnytech, AMIR, Deneve and Hallomall. For the rest of the brands, you can refer to our reviews earlier.

Are solar flagpole lights weatherproof?

Yes, solar flagpole lights made in USA or in another country are waterproof and weatherproof. They are made of durable and heavy-duty materials that can deal with the rain, wind, snow and frost.

Do these flagpole lights work on rainy days?

Yes, these lights can work on rainy days; however, it may not be that long. Just like in the winter, their charging may be affected. But provided they’re charged well, they will turn on and light up at night.

How long do the batteries of flagpole lights last?              

There is no specific answer to this question. It varies from one manufacturer to another. But in most cases, you will just need to replace the batteries when they are worn out or if they’re not charging.

What is the warranty?

Warranties are not the same for all items. Some of them can be longer than the others are. You can check out and compare your options on the warranty of the item that you are buying to find out. Some can offer one year of warranty while others can have longer or shorter.

What are the most trusted places to buy?             

You can buy the brightest solar flagpole light in many places like clean energy stores and home improvement stores. But if you want to buy only genuine products at affordable prices, you might want to check out Amazon, the largest online marketplace that offers a wide range of solar lights from different brands.

How to install and use?

The installation process is the same as installing a traditional flagpole light. You can set the solar light for flagpole in the same manner if you’re just replacing one that makes use of traditional energy sources.

How to care & maintain?             

There are no specific care and maintenance instructions in using the solar light for the flagpole. You can just set it up and watch it light up at night provided it’s charged. From time to time, you might just have to replace the battery.


The best solar flagpole lights is what you need for a more convenient and energy-saving flagpole lighting solution. It is innovative and efficient in offering the lighting you need without adding to energy bills or harming the environment.

If you want to pick up the right one, you can refer to our buying guide highlighting the top picks and things to look for when comparing different solar lights.

Using the right one, you can look forward to long-term use and benefits that clean energy products like it can offer. So get started and find the right one. Use our reviews above and find your flagpole light today!

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