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The Best Solar Flashlights for 2023

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

The best solar flashlight is reliable, handy and convenient to use. It is one of the survival tools that you should not miss in your kit. This product is also energy-efficient because you don’t need to spend extra on utility bills because it uses solar energy.

However, a market saturated with choices does not make it easy to choose the right flashlight for your needs. Different flashlights can also have different features that can be challenging to decide on.

best solar flashlight

For a guide, we’ve written a thorough guide of the top selection on the market along with the factors to consider when buying this item. Check them out in the following.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview JMADENQ-001


ThorFire Solar Flashlight

Weight 1.41 Pounds 0.68 Pounds 0.39 Pounds
Lumens 20 – 60 200 100
Voltage 3.7 – 4.2 V 120 V 3.5 V
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes
Details Details Details


List of Top-Rated Solar Flashlight Reviews

1. JMADENQ 2-in-1 Solar Camping Lantern and Flashlight

  • 60-lumen lantern and 20-lumen flashlight
  • Two-in-one function for versatility
  • Classic vintage lantern design
  • USB charging capability for convenience
  • Five- to six-hour runtime
  • A bit bulky for pockets
  • No hand crank

The JMADENQ is an impressive hybrid solar flashlight that doubles as a tent illumination device. Although its light output is not as bright as traditional torches, its luminance is enough to offer campers, backpackers, and emergency responders peace of mind.

I like the soft glow of this solar-powered camping lantern. At 60 lumens, it is bright enough to illuminate my immediate surroundings. Campers will never grope in the dark, allowing them to concoct a midnight snack inside their tents. The torch function’s 20-lumen output might be slightly low, but its reflective surface is sufficient to amplify its luminance.

I love the classic lantern design, offering nostalgia as one communes with nature. Although its frame is ABS plastic, its form factor is enough to please the eyes.

I adore this solar camping lantern and flashlight’s dual charging options. With USB port forming the secondary power link, users will never run out of options to keep the lantern and flashlight lit.

People can plug the USB cable into their power banks for three hours to recharge this flashlight’s batteries. It should be enough to illuminate the camp for five to six hours.

Campers and emergency responders can also use the USB cable to power smartphones, tablets, GPS units, and more. I am glad this solar gadget can deliver 3.7 to 4.2 volts to my mobile devices.

Unfortunately, slipping this gadget’s 9.8 by 3.1 by 3.1-inch form into any pocket is next to impossible. I wish it had the Swiss Safe’s pocket-sized dimensions. Adding the Swiss Safe’s hand crank mechanism can make this solar flashlight more versatile and appealing.

Regardless, I would not hesitate to recommend this solar flashlight to anyone who appreciates old-fashioned styles fused with 21st-century technology. It is the perfect marriage of form and dependable functionality.

2. NPET T09 Solar Flashlight

  • Has different modes to save energy
  • Solar power bank feature
  • Safety car tools
  • Compass
  • Water-resistant
  • Heavy and bulky

The top-rated solar powered flashlight is more than an ordinary flashlight; the NPET Solar Flashlight utilizes numerous light modes and positions to make a simple flashlight transform to a different level.

The flashlight can expand the different situations in which it can be useful. The flashlight also comes with numerous safety tools that can make it an important part of your kit.

Another feature that customers love about this product is that once it has enough charge, you can use it as a power bank to connect and charge your devices, making it multi-operational. The light is also very bright; it has around 265 lumens in its highest mode.

One concern is that it is heavy due it is because it has so many features in such a little body that the product is bulky and it weighs around a pound. This light is not the best for anyone who is looking for a light to bring with them everywhere.

Many users of this product appreciated the fact that it is very versatile; the sidelights can be used as a solar lantern and as emergency lights. Thanks to the magnet in the product that you can mount it easily. The power of the headlights also makes it effective.

The users also loved the fact that the light can change modes so you can save power when needed.

They noted that whenever they need the light for long hours, they could put the light in a dim mode as it helps extend its life. They can also use it to charge their devices through the connection to the light’s power bank.

The NPET Solar light has many functions that can go beyond the usual on and off function. The light can be a part of your car safety kit. The tools include a safety hammer, cutter for your seat belt and other items that you can use in an emergency. It also has a compass on the bottom.

A solar panel kit can be located on the side of the flashlight. It takes up the necessary space to be able to use the panel’s effectiveness and use it fully. It also has lights that line the panel; they can be used as red or white lights that can be flashed during an emergency.

Despite all of the new features of this solar flashlight, it has its flaws. The flashlight is large and heavy, so you can’t bring it around with you. It is water-resistant so that it can withstand heavy rain and splashes of water, but it is not waterproof.

The multiple lights, brightness, and different light modes are what make this product amazing. The great extra features like the power bank, car safety kit, and compass are just extras to make the solar flashlight as the must-have in any emergency scenario.

Despite the cons, the features of this flashlight justify the weight and bulkiness. It is perfect for those who love to go on road trips and camping.

3. Thorfire Solar Flashlight Hand Crank Rechargeable Flashlight

  • Sleek yet classy design and portable, not too big nor too small
  • Hand cranked which means it doesn’t need to be recharged
  • Solar powered
  • Water-proof
  • Bright light
  • Bluish light, not white light
  • An issue of durability after being used for a year or so

Are you looking for an efficient and environment-friendly flashlight? For one, you can use indoors for emergencies and for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities? Thorfire has got you covered. They released a product that would impress even the toughest skeptics around.

Thorfire Solar Flashlights are a delight to the eyes. With a sleek yet classy design, it fits in with anyone. This design makes the product also stand out from others in the market as it looks cool and it is the right size, not too big or too small to be used in case of emergencies.

It has a dynamic scheme wherein a hand crank is used to power the flashlight. So instead of charging and recharging the product, you just have to crank it up for the flashlight to work. This is especially effective for when there’s a sudden power outage or when you’re tend to forget things like charging your flashlight.

Whether you’re looking for a solar power flashlight with USB or another type, you should take a look at this item with plenty of features like energy efficiency. Just leave it by the sun to charge and you’re good to go.

The product is also waterproof which means that it can be submerged in water and still work. Again, it makes it a great emergency flashlight as it can be used both indoors and outdoors, when it’s dark and even when it’s raining.

With high quality LED lights, you can expect this product to have a bright and illuminating light. Unfortunately, this bright light isn’t white light. It’s more bluish in color, so this takes away from the brightness of the light from the product.

Another downside that I found is someone questioned the durability of the product. From the review, I found they believe that the product wasn’t durable enough as they only used it for a year

Overall, I can fairly say that the Thorfire Solar Flashlight Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight is a good product. I still think that the Thorfire Solar Flashlight Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight is a worthwhile product to buy.

I personally haven’t experienced the issue on durability so I can’t really comment on it. As for the light not being white light, I can say that being bluish does not detract from it doing its job, which is effectively illuminating the surroundings when it’s dark, and even when it’s rainy.

4. Swiss Safe Solar Rechargeable Flashlight

  • 100,000-lifespan LEDs for longevity
  • Passive and active charging options with hand crank
  • Pocket-sized dimensions for optimum portability
  • Built-in carabiner-style clip for convenient and secure carry
  • Glow-in-the-dark design
  • No USB technology
  • Two-hour runtime

A portable sun flashlight should be hassle-free to carry and use. One can slip it into a pocket or clip it onto a belt and never worry about losing the torch. The Swiss Safe offers these benefits, making it one of the top-tier solar-powered flashlights for campers, emergency responders, anglers, and other outdoor lovers.

I love this solar flashlight’s pocket-sized dimensions, measuring only 1.65 inches wide, 2.91 inches deep, and 5.51 inches long. Slipping this torch into any pocket or tossing it into a bag is a cinch. Users can also clip it into a belt loop, a bag strap, or a heavy-duty camping ring because it has a carabiner design. People will never worry about losing this device.

Differentiating it from the JMADENQ is a hand crank integrated into the flashlight’s side. The mechanism offers a reassuring click with each movement, delivering eight minutes of illumination after only a minute of turning the lever.

Of course, I can always lay the flashlight out under the sun to recharge, and it should keep illuminating for two hours. People can cook their camping meals, go for a swim in the river, or do other activities while waiting for this torch to recharge itself.

I am also impressed with this solar torch’s LED lifespan. Most LEDs only last 50,000 hours, but this product has an astonishing 100,000-hour longevity. Its glow-in-the-dark design also improves searchability in low-light situations.

Although I appreciate the hand crank mechanism of this tactical solar flashlight, I miss JMADENQ’s USB technology. Some folks might also find this product’s two-hour runtime after a full charge inadequate. I must emphasize it is a flashlight and not a permanent lighting fixture.

This pocket-sized solar flashlight’s most significant selling points are the built-in hand crank mechanism and long-lasting LEDs. Although small, it does not renege on its promise of lighting one’s way.

5. Simpeak Solar Flashlight

  • Rechargeable through solar power, battery and hand crank
  • Handles are constructed for convenient grip
  • With built-in carabiner to clip it tight in the backpack
  • Portable size
  • Two-year warranty
  • Unstable light emission

If you are looking for a simple yet heavy-duty flashlight, the search is over because Simpeak Flashlight is here. It is highly functional whether for military activities, emergency needs or simply on daily routines. You can have more from paying less with this impressive item.

The Simpeak Flashlight is a total lighting source 24/7, as it never runs out of energy. How can that be possible? It is rechargeable in any of the three options whichever applies in the situation. Like the other energy-efficient device, this flashlight can be solar powered. Just by exposing the flashlight under the sun, it can already store energy for longtime use.

Another way to charge the Simpeak Flashlight is through its Hand Crank. It works by cranking the device for one minute and expect eight minutes more lighting. It also has prepared rechargeable battery in case none of the two ways fit the condition.

When the package arrives, you will be amazed at first glance of the solar rechargeable flashlight. The Simpeak Flashlight is composed of two identical solar powered flashlights.

The moss green shade of the items is suitable for combat field that needs camouflage. If you look closer on the design, the flashlights are made ergonomic. The handles are constructed for convenient grip during fast-paced actions. These can easily be hooked on the backpack as well.

Its LED light bulbs can also produce bright lights at night or in any place with poor illumination. Thus, it can perform well on sports combat field with low light and on shady forest or caves.

The outer beauty of the Simpeak Flashlight is supported with durable materials so it can withstand shock and other climate conditions. It is also purposely made light-weighted with the size of 124x45x32mm/86g, hence, it is portable so you can still freely walk, run or climb with it in your backpack. Further, it has a built-in carabiner to be securely hooked on your bag.

In case you are not satisfied for any reasons regarding the items, the Simpeak is offering a two-year warranty for valued clients. You can also get 24 hours assistance for your concerns regarding the flashlight.

However, the Simpeak Flashlight has some issues of unstable light emission especially at long dark times.

Nevertheless, the Simpeak Flashlight is a top pick among the other similar items. For an affordable price, the package comes in two pack, which is an ideal gift for a friend, or loved ones. The quality of its light, structure and power saving mode are few of the reasons that made it a good investment for survival kit.

6. PrimalCamp Solar Powered LED Flashlight

  • Self- powered flashlight
  • LED bulb
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Eco-friendly flashlight
  • Comes with a full refund
  • Light may be a bit dim
  • No extra features

The PrimalCamp LED flashlight is small and lightweight, making it a convenient partner for camping, hiking and other similar activities. Moreover, the solar panel flashlight comes with a carabineer that allows you to hook the flashlight to your key chains, belt loops or backpacks. With this, you can take your flashlight with you anywhere.

Moreover, the PrimalCamp LED flashlight is equipped with an LED bulb that is bright enough to illuminate your camping area or search for something in your backpack.

The PrimalCamp LED flashlight is survival at its finest as this flashlight can be self-powered. Just 1 minute of cranking yields a working time of 8 minutes or cranking the flashlight for 7 minutes results 1 hour of light. This nifty little feature is exceptionally handy whenever you’re in the woods or during power outages.

Also, PrimalCamp’s LED flashlight can also be charged via solar power as it also comes with heavy-duty and high-capacity rechargeable batteries and a solar panel. A sunlight exposure for 10 hours would give about an hour of light.

Nevertheless, the dual charging method is very convenient for travelers and backpackers.

The PrimalCamp LED flashlight comes in yellow and is made of durable and sturdy materials. The yellow coloring allows you to locate your flashlight especially during power outages or you’re in a dim area.

The heavy-duty construction allows you to use the flashlight without worry since you’re sure it can still work despite enduring damages.

The PrimalCamp LED flashlight comes fully charged in an individually packaged box. This makes it perfect for gift-giving and the like. Moreover, the LED flashlight also comes with an instruction manual so you can learn more about your new flashlight.

Aside from that, the PrimalCamp LED flashlight offers a full return or refund in case you find yourself unsatisfied with the product.

Like all other hand crank flashlights, the PrimalCamp flashlight may not produce the brightest light when compared to battery-powered torches.

The PrimalCamp LED flashlight is a perfect choice for campers, hikers, backpackers, travelers and the like. It is very convenient and easy to use that you can just hang it or clip onto your backpacks, key chains, belt loops using its carabineer. The product can also be charged two ways: via solar power or via hand cranking.

However, this light is enough to suit their needs and work just fine, as they were made with survival in mind. Also, this flashlight doesn’t offer extra features unlike other brands.

Nevertheless, many users were satisfied with their purchase. A lot were impressed with the product’s cranking option and LED bulb. Many users were also liked that the product is easy to use and very convenient.

7. MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Hand-cranking capability
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for anyone, even children
  • The light is not that bright

MECO solar-powered mini solar flashlight is highly recommended to all hikers and campers; it is a great backup when you go on an adventure. It is also not expensive, and it is light, the product weighs less than .2 pounds so you can carry it around with you as an emergency light source for any outdoor trip.

MECO flashlight has a cranking system; it takes around six minutes of cranking to give you an hour of light. It collects solar energy efficiently; the light can store it for hours so you can have more extended lighting capability.

An amazing thing about this product is if you run out of energy at night, you can use the crank to release the kinetic energy to produce the light that you need.

Since the price is affordable, you do not need to worry if it is damaged as you can always have it replaced. The size is also small enough to be able to carry it around with you.

It is a perfect emergency flashlight with all the features that you need. The light has a built-in rechargeable battery that can store energy so you can use it for hours.

You do not need to purchase external batteries to make it work. The conversion efficiency of the product is high, so it is perfect as a part of your hiking gear.

The light has a classic design, it is durable, and you can choose between dim gray or army green, both of which gives you a military feel. This flashlight is the top-tier gift that you can give someone fond of outdoor activities.

It has a carabiner clip that you can clip on your backpack so you can use the light for climbing, hiking, and camping. They have a 40-day money-back guarantee policy, and you get a hassle-free warranty that is good for 18 months.

The Meco Solar Flashlight is versatile, it perfect for your car because you do not have to worry about having a power source or having spare batteries. It is perfect for camping because it can serve as a backup light and you can clip it to your belt or bag, and it is perfect and safe for children.

Although the flashlight has many amazing features, there are some downsides of using it. It has three LED beads that do not illuminate bright lights because the energy is saved for hours of use. The flashlight is practical and convenient but not suitable to be used for hours.

Using photovoltaic cells, the solar panels absorb sunlight and use them as lights. Just place the flashlight in direct sunlight for hours to store energy. And since it can be cranked, you do not need any battery to run it.

If the battery drains, you can crank the flashlight so you can use its stored kinetic energy, you will never run out of light. This light is a great survival tool, especially during power outages and other situations where light is needed for hours.

On the cons, even though the light is not as bright as the other flashlights in the market, it can guarantee you that you will never run out of light because of the numerous ways that it can get its energy sources.

8. XREXS Solar Powered LED Car Flashlight

  • Compact and solid design; very easy to carry
  • Comes with a lot of survival items
  • Weather proof
  • Can be charged two ways: USB charger or solar power
  • Can charge like a power bank
  • Incomprehensible English instructions
  • Weak magnet

Are you wondering what military solar flashlight or car Flashlight would be great for you? XREXS offers a solar powered LED car flashlight that’s multi-functional. It has a USB charger and solar charger; it’s also portable.

The XREXS Car Flashlight is great for both indoor and outdoor activities. With a compact and solid design, it’s great for hiking, camping and traveling. It’s easy on the eyes and very easy to carry as well.

It’s great for emergencies, not just power outage but all kinds of emergencies. With a seatbelt cutter, hammer, compass, flashlight and other useful items, you can use it in case of untoward incidents, for self-defense and a lot of other instances. I can say that this product is a necessary survival tool especially when you travel in your car.

Are you thinking of using this product not only for emergencies but also for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities? It is weather proof, it can be used during clear sky nights and rainy days. It does not matter if it gets wet which further proves that it can be a great travel companion.

It has a USB charger and it is solar powered which gives you two ways of charging the product making it a very efficient tool for survival. This is great as it shows how versatile the product is. You can charge it via USB whenever it is dark out but you can also use solar power to charge it whenever you travel around.

Need to charge your or someone else’s phone? With XREXS Solar Powered LED Car Flashlight you don’t need a power bank with you as it can also be used to charge your phone like a power bank.

On a more negative note, the instructions that come with it could be incomprehensible as it is translated from Chinese to English.

Unfortunately, it has a magnet that does not work. It’s supposed to have a powerful magnet that could be attached to cars but that the magnet is too weak to do so.

As much as I have reservations on the XREXS Solar Powered LED Car Flashlight Multi-Function Solar Escape Rescue Flashlight, I can say that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. It’s such a great product for survival that I think many people should buy it.

9. Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight

  • Flashlight, lantern and recharger all in one piece
  • Bright total lumen capacity of 250
  • With Flood light and red emergency light
  • Adjustable to bright or half-bright modes
  • Rechargeable through a solar panel, USB and hand crank
  • Rubber and plastic parts gets sticky in time

Gone are the days when flashlights are just literally use for lighting only. Nowadays, tons of flashlights have evolved into something more useful. Introducing one of its kind is the Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight. This device is a practical choice for smart shoppers because of its multi-function features.

Every part of the Goal Zero Torch 250 solar flash light is highly functional. This light-weighted single piece item showcase a compact flashlight, lantern and recharger altogether. It means good health for the budget since you don’t have to purchase separate items for you can already have them all in just one compact item.

In times of emergency when power source is down especially during typhoons and other disasters, Zero Torch Flashlight is something dependable for light and power. It has a very bright total lumen capacity of 250. Depend on your lighting need; you can switch its mode to other two options such as flood light and red emergency light.

Flood light is suitable when you are in a wide space area where you want abundant illumination such in caves or big domes. On the other hand, red emergency light is an advantage to call the attention of the intended recipients in times of darkness. The lights can even be adjusted to bright or half-bright modes to save power supply.

The Zero Torch Flashlight is supported by an upgraded lithium 4400mAh battery; hence, it can perform well from 7 to 48 hours. No worries even on situation that there is lack of electricity supply or the sun is timid because there are three ways to replenish its energy storage.

First, it has a solar panel at the back case so it can absorb energy and convert it to power once expose under the sunshine. Another is it has a USB plug-in that can be easily charged from a power bank. And lastly, it is rechargeable through a hand crank. For every 1 minute of charging from a hand crank is equivalent to 2 minutes of light.

It can really get frustrating when you need to communicate and yet you run-out of battery charge for your mobile phones. Good thing is that the Zero Torch Flashlight has a USB port where you can charge you gadgets such as phone and tablets anytime.

However, its parts made of rubber and plastics may get sticky after a long time. Overall, if you are looking for a flashlight that is perfect for emergency kit, The Goal Zero Torch Flashlight, Lantern and USB Recharger with Integrated Solar Panel is a most suitable choice.

10. SOS Solarlight Solar Flashlight

  • Solar flashlight hence energy-efficient and environment-friendly
  • With dual battery backup system
  • Made of LED lights
  • It has a built-in compass
  • Shockproof
  • Slow charging during rainy days

Be prepared for sudden power interruptions and other emergency situation that needs lighting. Equip yourself with a handy flashlight that you can keep at home or in your backpack like the SOSSolarlight Flashlight. It is not just an ordinary flashlight but also a device that has more value because of its special features and great design.

The SOSSolarlight Flashlight is a compact lighting instrument that is very useful in times of disasters where power source is unstable, on travels and camping on far-flung areas and even on regular activities at night like walking the dogs on parks. Security personnel may also have this kind of flashlights for ease in monitoring and safe roaming around the area of their duty.

Just like what it is called, this type of flashlight is powered by the solar energy. It means that it is energy-efficient and environment-friendly. Just leave it outdoor to let the sunlight penetrate its panel and be able to store enough power for long-lasting use. If fully charge, the flashlight can work well up to eight hours.

In times when there is no sunlight, don’t worry because the SOSSolarlight Flashlight is designed to be ever ready with dual battery backup system. Said two 2032 lithium batteries can supply you long hours of power to bring you stable lighting in times and places you need it the most.    

The bulbs of SOSSolarlight Flashlight are made of LED light. It produces clear illumination, which looks like a center-focused beam. It can widely spread light in the surrounding for about 40 plus foot radius.

What is more impressive with this flashlight is that it has a built-in compass to help you certain with the directions wherever you are. That is also one reason why it is perfect for camping especially on thick forest.

Another top concern is looking for a quality solar led flashlight is its durability. The SOSSolarlight Flashlight is designed for harshest conditions. It is made of strong materials such as hardened plastic so you can be sure that it is shockproof.

The flashlight can also be exposed outdoor on rainy season because it is certified waterproof and can still give maximum lighting.

On the downside, it may take longer times to charge the flashlight during inclement weather since there is no sunlight available.

To sum it all, if you are looking for a best value flashlight that can provide bright illumination, long-lasting performance and added features such as compass and two battery back-ups, then must-try the SOSSolarlight Solar Flashlight. It will not disappoint you a bit.

11. BGLOROSS Solar Powered Flashlight

  • Provides 80 lumens of brightness up to 200 meters
  • Can charge via USB cable or solar power
  • 7 lighting modes
  • Has a ton of features
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Constant recharging

The BGLOROSS small solar flashlight is equipped with a high-capacity 2000 MAH battery, which entails faster charging time and longer use. This flashlight can be charged in two ways: via USB cable or solar power.

Charging the flashlight via USB cable takes about 4-5 hours. Aside from charging your flashlight, the USB output also acts as a power bank that can be used to charge your phones and other devices. To charge via solar power, the flashlight also has a monocrystalline silicon solar panel.

BGLOROSS’ solar flashlight features 3W LED lights that gives a total brightness of 80 lumens. This light is bright enough that you can use in most situations. Also, this solar flashlight can clear up your dim pathways for about 200 meters.

Moreover, the BGLOROSS solar flashlight offers seven lighting modes. These are: 1) front low light, high light, strobe, white side lights, white low light, red side lights and a slow red flash.

The various lighting modes are super helpful especially when you’re into camping and similar activities. It can easily adapt and adjust to the circumstances in which you are.

However, the different lighting modes also entail different working times. Depending on the lighting mode and the brightness settings used, you can use the flashlight for about 2-7 hours.

The BGLOROSS solar flashlight is also equipped with several special features that make it handy during camping and other similar activities. It features a hammer that can easily shatter window glass as well as a cutting knife.

This solar flashlight also has a built-in compass and light flasher that is useful for hiking, camping and other similar activities. It is also useful in emergencies. The BGLOROSS solar flashlight also has a powerful magnet on its side that enables you to attach the light on any metallic surface.

Aside from that, the BGLOROSS solar flashlight is made out of durable aluminum alloy that allows it to withstand and face any situation. It comes in a sleek, black color and has a non-slip design that allows for better grip. Moreover, this solar flashlight comes with a lanyard and USB cable.

The only downside to this product is that you constantly need to recharge it, especially when you use the lighting mode extensively in full brightness.

However, despite that, many users were satisfied with their purchase. They were impressed with the features that the BGLOROSS solar flashlight offered. Some liked its durability and the seven lighting modes.

With all its features, the BGLOROSS solar flashlight ensures that you are equipped to handle any situation. If you are looking for an eco-friendly and reliable partner for your camp-out trips, then this may be the one for you.

12. HybridLight Journey 160 Flashlight

  • Provides 160 lumens of brightness
  • Reserve battery feature
  • Dual lighting mode
  • Long working time
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Lacks other features

The HybridLight Journey 160 flashlight is a small and lightweight device, weighing 4.5 ounces, and measuring 6 inches in length and 1.75 inches wide.

It comes in a durable polycarbonate body that features 3 colors: Black, Hi Vis Yellow and Realtree Camo. This is perfect for those who are looking for a lot of options.

Providing 160 lumens of brightness, the HybridLight Journey 160 flashlight has 2,400 MAH rechargeable battery which can be charged via two methods: via solar panel or via USB port. The battery’s condition is indicated by a red or green light that is near the power switch.

The USB port charging is provided for rapid charging and thus, would only take 1-2 hours to reach a full battery.

On the other hand, charging via solar panel would take up to 13-16 hours of charging. During cloudy and overcast days, it might take longer.

Aside from that, the HybridLight Journey 160 Flashlight doubles as a power bank as it allows you to charge your phones and other electronic devices during power outages and if you’re on the go. It provides up to at least 75% of power on your gadgets.

HybridLight’s Journey 160 flashlight features a dual lighting mode. Using it on high beam, the flashlight can provide a brightness of 160 lumens for 7-8 hours. Meanwhile, it can last up to 25 hours when using the low brightness setting.

Also, the HybridLight Journey 160 flashlight can hold a charge for years that you can still retain 90% of its power despite not being exposed to the sun. This is due to the 2,400 MAH-battery that provides a 20% reserve feature that leaves 2.5 of light after using it as a charger. This allows it to continue its lighting function with enough juice to spare.

This feature comes in quite handy during emergencies and power outages as well as for those who enjoy camping and other similar activities.

The HyrbidLight Journey 160 flashlight features a polymer casing ad is 100% waterproof. The company ensured that the O-rings were sealed tightly to prevent water and moisture from getting in.

Moreover, the Journey 160 flashlight can float on bodies of water. With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything when using the Journey 160 flashlight.

The only downside to this product is that it doesn’t come with a lanyard and other features. Other flashlights feature knives, hammers and the like which fully enhances the product. However, despite that, a majority of users were satisfied with their purchase.

If you want a reliable, bright and versatile flashlight, then the HybridLight Journey 160 flashlight may be worth considering.

13. Operkey Outdoor Flashlight

  • 2-in-1 function
  • Small and portable
  • Emits a white, soft light
  • 2 charging methods
  • Has a detachable holder
  • Can only charge android mobile phones

The Operkey Outdoor Flashlight is a 2-in-1 camp lantern that doubles an emergency flashlight. This makes it ideal to use during camping, outdoor adventures, hiking, hunting, campfires, backpacking, and other similar activities.

Moreover, this outdoor flashlight is super lightweight and portable, despite its double function. It’s also collapsible and foldable, which only takes up a small space in your backpacks and bags. Definitely, it is one of the top-rated choices whether or not you’re looking for hybrid solar flashlights.

When fully extended, the Operkey outdoor flashlight can extend 8.1 inches to 9.8 inches. Meanwhile, it can collapse to a height of 5.9 inches. This collapsible feature is incredibly nifty, especially when you’re constantly travelling.

The Operkey outdoor flashlight is equipped with a high-capacity 1800 MAH battery that can charge fast and last you a long time. Like other solar flashlights, the Operkey version can be charged in two ways: via solar power or via USB cable. The battery’s condition is indicated by green or red indicator lights that are located near the charging port.

Charging via USB cable would only take a few hours to get a full charge. On the other hand, charging via solar panel would take a lot longer. The flashlight’s solar panel is located at the top, which is ideal to get sunlight.

Aside from that, the Operkey outdoor flashlight can also work as a power bank. Its USB port can also charge your phones and other mobile devices when you’re camping or when you’re away. The charging area is located at the bottom near the ON/OFF switch.

The Operkey outdoor flashlight has a total brightness of 150 lumens due to the 12 COB LED bulbs. Meanwhile, the emergency light function has a 1W LED and works for about 10 hours.

It casts a white light that is bright enough to illuminate dim pathways and camping grounds, but not too bright that you get blinded whenever you use. With its brightness and long working time, you wouldn’t need to worry about the dark.

Operkey’s outdoor flashlight also comes with a USB charging cable and a detachable hanger holder. With the holder, you can bring the light with you anywhere. This is also useful whenever you’re camping since you can just hang it in a tree.

The only downside to this product is that its charging jack can only charge android phones and gadgets that use a type-c charger.

Nevertheless, many users were impressed and pleased with this product. They liked its versatility and its collapsible feature. They also appreciated the brightness of the light and the solar charging feature.

The Operskey outdoor flashlight is a perfect choice for all nature-lovers out there. It’s dual function and collapsible feature enables you to take your light anywhere without being extra weight on your back.

14. igadgitz Xtra LED flashlight

  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Two charging methods
  • Three different lighting modes
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Lacks extra features

The igadgitz Xtra LED flashlight is small and lightweight, weighing only 6.4 ounces. It comes in a durable orange/black design that is suited to withstand various weather conditions.

Moreover, this LED flashlight has a waterproof rating of IPX6 that allows it to resist up to 16 feet of water. With this, you can use your flashlight anytime, anywhere without any worries.

Moreover, the igadgitz Xtra LED flashlight is equipped with 3 LED bulbs that can provide up to 8 lumens of brightness. The flashlight emits a light that is bright enough to perform common and daily tasks while not being too harsh that it blinds you when using it.

The igadgitz Xtra LED flashlight has an 80 MAH rechargeable battery. It can be charged in two ways – solar power or hand crank.

This model also has two lighting modes, high and low. In high mode, one minute of cranking can provide up to 60-110 minutes of light. In the same manner, an hour of direct sunlight exposure can give up to 90 to 140 minutes run time.

You can also always use the low brightness for longer use. Using this can provide you an additional 4 hours of working time. But, the working time can also be extended if you continuously crank it.

Aside from the high and low modes, the igadgitz Xtra LED flashlight also features an emergency setting for the flashing mode. This is useful especially during a crisis where you need to draw attention to yourself and those around you.

The igadgitz Xtra LED flashlight also comes with a 5-year warranty. Moreover, the product is also backed with excellent customer service. In case of defects and other deficiencies, you can always talk to customer support and they will respond immediately.

With this, the igadgitz Xtra LED flashlight is especially useful for those who are into camping, hiking, travelling, and other outdoor activities. Its features also makes it perfect to use during a crisis since you can just manually charge it in case of power outages and it also has an emergency signal.

The only downside to this product is that it lacks extra features that are usually offered by other brands. However, the igadgitz Xtra LED flashlight is more than enough equipped for survival and camping needs.

Nevertheless, many users were satisfied with the product. They liked its construction since the item was lightweight while also being durable. The light was also enough to suit their needs. Others also liked its different lighting modes and that you can manually charge it.

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What Is A Solar Flashlight And Who Is This For


Flashlights are very useful devices especially during a power outage or even on ordinary nights where you just need some light to lead you around in the dark.

Flashlights conventionally work using standard batteries that need constant replacing after exhausting its battery life. With the advancement in technology, however, we can now afford to have flashlights that are solar-powered or those that run using just the energy from the sun. These solar flashlights still have batteries but generally last longer than normal flashlights do.

The solar flashlights are perfect for your emergency kits. It is ideal for those who are living in areas where the grid is unreliable. You will only need the sun to have a reliable flashlight during the dark.

Generally, solar flashlights emit bright lights that can help you see things 50 meters away. Moreover, the lights are visible even in longer distances.

Aside from its lights, most solar flashlights models are multi-functional that comes with different accessories. Some solar flashlights can act as solar power bank and some have tools included like a cutting knife or a compass. This product is perfect for those who are looking for reliable lights with lots of other uses.

How Do Solar-Powered Flashlights Work

Solar-powered flashlights harness energy from the sun to work. These flashlights have the capacity to generate its own power because of its photovoltaic or solar cells or panels found on the outside of the flashlight. The solar cells convert sunlight into electricity and store it into its batteries.

Most solar flashlights use LED lights rather than incandescent light bulbs because LED lights require less electrical power to run and generally last longer. LED lights can work up to 100,000 hours as compared to an incandescent light bulb, which can only last up to an average of 1000 hours.

Solar-powered flashlights have rechargeable batteries that last longer than normal batteries in ordinary flashlights. Usually, these batteries will only need replacement after two years of usage. There is no need to worry about often purchasing and changing batteries in solar-powered flashlights.

For efficient charging and optimal performance of the solar-powered flashlight, ideally leave the flashlight in a place where it can have access to sunlight.

Flashlights are usually kept indoors so better leave it on an indoor area directly exposed to sunlight like on the windowsill. The more sunlight it receives that brighter the flashlight is and lasts for long hours.

There you have what you need to know about how these products work. By now, you have a better idea on their operation so that you’d know what to expect and how to choose one.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Flashlights


Solar flashlights are generally a good option for flashlight. In choosing a reliable source of light during the dark, you might want to try solar-powered flashlights, an innovative invention of the human mind.

Before going through the different available solar flashlights in the market, it is important to know the different types of solar flashlights to guide you with your choice.

Generally, we classify the solar flashlight according to its charging method. With this classification, we have the photovoltaic, USB charging, crank-powered, and hybrid solar flashlights.

Photovoltaic solar flashlights can charge using the energy from the sun. As what was mentioned before, solar flashlights have embedded photovoltaic or solar cells or panels on its handle, which enables it to generate its own power.

For the flashlight’s power, these photovoltaic cells are the one responsible for converting the energy from the sun into electricity. Simply leave the flashlight in an area exposed to sunlight and it will charge itself.

The other type of solar flashlight is the USB charging type. This type of solar flashlight is ideal for those who want a quick and easy method of charging. Most solar flashlights have a USB charging option to fully charge up the flashlight in just a few hours.

This is convenient especially during the rainy season or on areas where they don’t have much sun throughout the year. As long as you have a reliable grid and you have access to an outlet you can easily charge your solar flashlight.

The next type of solar flashlight is the crank-powered solar flashlight. This type of solar flashlight is rechargeable using a hand crank system, a completely grid-free and stand-alone method that does not need any electricity. There is no need for any other power source. You just have to work the hand crank and it generates its own electricity that powers up the flashlight.

Lastly, we have the hybrid solar flashlight. A hybrid solar flashlight uses a battery backup on top of its solar panel. To truly qualify as a hybrid, the solar flashlight has a backup battery that is not just rechargeable like the normal ones but those that is replaceable.

Because it the batteries are replaceable, the hybrid solar flashlights last and provide you with reliable light for a longer period of time. It makes your solar flashlight more reliable, long lasting, and consistent compared to the other types of solar flashlights.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar-Powered Flashlights

Flashlights are usually useful during emergencies or a power outage. Flashlights are very handy devices. You can bring it anywhere with you and you can use it anytime you need to, in your outdoor adventures or when you are looking for something in the dark.

One advantage of solar-powered flashlights is that it uses a renewable energy source that is the solar energy from the sun. The flashlight runs providing you with your much-needed lighting in the dark, all without producing adverse effects on the environment.

Aside from the fact that it is environment-friendly, the real advantage is that you can charge it even without electricity.

Solar-powered devices are convenient and a great help to those who are living in remote areas where there is no available electrical lines or those places where the grid usually fails and is unreliable. Solar-powered flashlights provide you with a stable light even without stable electricity.

Solar-powered flashlights, as compared to conventional flashlights do not need manual charging on power outlets. Just charge the solar-powered flashlights under direct sunlight, leave it in a place where it is directly exposed to like in windowsills, and you can have yourself a reliable source of light in the dark.

Solar-powered flashlights require minimal maintenance. There is no need to replace the batteries of solar-powered regularly.

The batteries of solar-powered flashlights last longer than the batteries of normal flashlights. While batteries of conventional flashlights need frequent replacing, the batteries of solar-powered flashlights can last up to 2 years before it requires a replacement.

In addition to the longer shelf life of solar-powered flashlights, these flashlights also use LED bulbs that lasts longer than the usual incandescent bulbs found in normal flashlights. Incandescent bulbs can last up to an estimated average of 1000 hours while LED lights can go up to 100 000 hours.

Most solar-powered flashlights usually have some included accessories or tools with them.

They are usually multi-functional devices. Some flashlights serve as a power bank, some have a cutting knife with it, and others have AM/FM radios. These features make solar-powered flashlights more useful and convenient.

However, similar to all the products out in the market, solar-powered flashlights also have its disadvantages.

One of the disadvantages of solar-powered flashlights is that, although its batteries and LEDs last longer than those of normal flashlights, solar-powered flashlights are not that bright as compared to flashlights charged on wall outlets.

Another disadvantage of the solar-powered flashlights is that because it is solar-powered, its run time depends on the amount of solar energy the flashlight harnesses.

Charging of solar-powered flashlights is more difficult in areas with frequent rains or gloomy weather. The amount of energy that it absorbs affects the amount of light emitted by the flashlight and its run time.

Nevertheless, solar-powered flashlights are necessary devices for your emergency kits and are a very important survival tool especially in the outdoors. Solar-powered flashlights provide you with reliable lights anytime you need it.

How We Picked And Tested


With the wide range of solar flashlights models that are in the market today – online or in stores – there are some factors that you need to consider first before choosing and buying yourself a solar flashlight.

This section can help you with making your choice for a solar flashlight that will surely suit you and satisfy your needs.

Run Time

The run time is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a solar flashlight.

The run time of a flashlight or its battery life is the number of hours that a flashlight can last when you use it.

It varies according to the energy absorbed by the flashlight and its brightness. Most solar flashlights have an average run time of 15 hours.

To get the most out of your money, look for a solar flashlight that can provide you with light for a long period of time.

Recharge Time

The recharge time basically is the time required to charge the solar flashlight. Usually, solar flashlights need an average of 6 hours direct exposure to sunlight to recharge. You want to look for a solar flashlight that takes less time for recharge but still has a good run time.

Although, you can still go for a solar flashlight that requires longer recharge time and gives you long run time as well. It is important to note never to sacrifice good run time for recharge time.

Brightness or Light Output

Some solar flashlights can compare to the brightness of normal flashlights and some are dimmer.

Lumens determine how much light you can get from that flashlight. For solar flashlights, their LEDs usually have an average of 60 to 300 lumens. The more lumens a flashlight have the brighter are its lights.

Look for a solar flashlight with more lumens, not necessarily more LED bulbs. Check for those that can provide you with the right amount of light that you need.

Beam Type and Distance

To satisfy your needs, you also need to know about the beam type and distance of a solar flashlight.

For the beam type, there are different types. The standard ones have focused, flood, and strobe beam type. Focused beam casts a more narrow light that can light longer distances.

Flood beams cover the wide surrounding area. While the strobe beam produces short flashes of lights useful for self-defense or as distress signals.

You also have to consider that you need a flashlight that can light even those object on further distances. Measure in meters, you have to know how far the lights can shine before the brightness diminishes making it the same as the light from a full moon.

Impact Resistance

In choosing a solar flashlight, you want one that you know can withstand pressures and impacts. Look for a solar flashlight made of durable and tough materials that are proven and tested to make sure it will continue working after accidentally dropping or stepping on it.

Water Resistance

Water resistance rating uses the IPX system. You want to have solar flashlight that will still be functional after exposing it to water and you can confidently use especially outdoors where it may rain.

Tools and Add-ons

Most solar flashlights are not simply just flashlights; they usually come together with different add-ons or tools that you can use for other things. Among the usual tools included in solar flashlights are cutting knives, a seat belt cutter, a compass, an AM/FM radio, or an emergency hammer to break a car’s window in case of emergencies.

These additional features of solar flashlights are nice additions to your emergency kits. Choose a solar flashlight with a tool that you know you can use or is the most convenient for you.

Size and Weight

Flashlights are handy tools that you can conveniently bring with you anywhere. Sizes and weights of flashlights vary. Accordingly, those with extra tools and features are heavier and more bulky although it does not necessarily mean that these are brighter. Smaller and lighter ones are more practical to bring anywhere.

Choose a solar flashlight that suits where you will be putting or taking the flashlight to use.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much do the top-tier solar flashlights cost?

The best solar flashlights are affordable, typically ranging from $10 to $35. The price for a rechargeable solar flashlight depends on the construction, integrated features, battery runtimes, ease of operation, and light output.

Do solar flashlights work in all weather conditions?

Yes, a torch solar-powered flashlight will work in all weather conditions, provided it has a high enough IP rating.

An IP68-rated waterproof solar flashlight is the most weatherproof because it is impervious to dust and other solids, which might enter the device during sandstorms and similar weather phenomena. It can also withstand at least 3.2-foot water submersions for periods longer than half an hour.

How long does a solar flashlight last?

A flashlight with solar panel built-in can stay lit for five to seven hours after a full charge, depending on the brightness setting.

The flashlight’s longevity depends on the lifespans of its components. For instance, the light bulb of a solar LED flashlight might only last 50,000 hours of continuous operation. Meanwhile, the NiMH batteries might have a shorter lifespan of fewer than five years.

Solar panels, on the other hand, can reach the 25th year of operation and still function.

What are the most trusted solar flashlight brands?

There are many solar flashlight brands on the market, but not all of them are reliable when it comes to the features that users are looking for, including those coming with a phone charger and USB. A few of the top-tier brands to rely on are NPET, MECO, Thorfire, XREXS and Goal Zero.

Are solar flashlights waterproof/ weatherproof?

When shopping around for a hybrid solar powered flashlight or any other type, you might also want to pick one that is waterproof. Good ones may have a rating of IPX6, meaning resistance up to 16 feet of submersion. That said it also means it’s waterproof and weatherproof.

How long does a solar flashlight last after it is fully charged?

A solar charged flashlight can work up to eight hours if fully charged. However, it may also depend on the model and make you ended up buying. In this case, you must compare your options and weigh them well to choose the right one.

Is solar flashlight’s battery replaceable?

Yes, it is replaceable, but still, it might not apply to all models available on the market. If you’re looking for this feature, you might want to check on it when buying a solar flashlight.   

What is the warranty?

There is no specific answer to this question. It varies from one manufacturer to another. A few of them can come with a five-year warranty while others can be shorter or longer. Nevertheless, you must compare your options and weigh them well to pick the right flashlight for your needs.

What are the most trusted places to buy?  

This is another common question when buying a solar powered flashlight with phone charger. You can find these flashlights in online stores and large marketplaces like Amazon. I recommend Amazon for reasons like,

  • Affordable prices
  • Genuine products
  • Huge selection
  • Good customer support from most sellers
  • Best deals

How to charge and use?

You can charge the solar flashlight following the user manual that comes with it. For the most part, it is not hard to charge at all just like the solar flashlight USB charger.

How to care & maintain?

The specific care and maintenance instructions depend on the manufacturer and model of the flashlight that you end up buying. Just follow it closely and you will be able to charge your flashlight without any hassles.


Hoping you’ll find the best solar flashlight that will match your needs and requirements using this buying guide.

Again, consider certain features, including beam type and distance, water resistance and impact resistance, to name some.

For more help to pick a solar flashlight, you can also refer to the answers to the most common questions above to understand how it works, what to expect and how to care and maintain it.

Using the solar flashlight, you’ll have a handy tool that is easy to charge, care for and maintain. It is useful for providing illumination and brightness in an dark area where it is needed. Buy a solar flashlight today!

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