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The Best Solar Gate Openers for 2023

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

If you’re looking for the best solar gate opener, you are in luck! In this buying guide, you’ll find the top 14 picks, featuring great products on the market.

To help you pick the right one, we’ve also listed the pros and cons of each as well as their special qualities.

best solar gate openers

Also, we’re writing the things to look for, highlighting the considerations when shopping around and comparing your choices.

Referring to this buying guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision that will give you more satisfaction in your purchase. So if you’re ready, let’s start with the following reviews.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview Ghost Controls TSS1XP

TOPENS A3S Gate Opener

DC HOUSE Solar Gate Opener

Weight Capacity 900 lbs 300 lbs 850 lbs
Remote Distance 1,000 ft 65 ft 164 ft
Wattage 10W 20W 20W
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes
Details Details Details


Top 6 Solar Gate Opener Reviews

1. Ghost Controls TSS1XP Gate Opener Kit

  • Heavy-duty performance and long-term use
  • Can swing a gate for up to 20 feet
  • Lifetime warranty of the gear assembly and motor
  • Fits as replacement for several brand models
  • UL325 7th Edition Standard certified and ETL Listed for quality
  • Remote’s range is limited
  • Not for solid panel gates

When finding a gate opener, you must be looking for one that can perform for a long time and does not need a replacement often. You can check it out if you’re looking for a full featured opener kit.

It is one of the best among solar powered gate openers because of its great features. You can mount it fast and quietly by yourself. There is no need to hire a professional to help you do it. With that said, you could rest assured of saving more money by choosing the gate opener.

I would like to note that kit could fit a single vehicular swing gate. In addition, it is worth noting that this item includes an efficient solar panel.

More so, you will appreciate that it has a limited warranty on its gear and motor assembly. For the remaining parts, the manufacturer offers an 18-month warranty, while 24 months if you had registered online.

It is also designed and made for tube gates and is ideal for a swing gate for up to 20 feet. It is also good for use in chain link and plantation gates, to name some.

This item is also suitable for replacement for a Mighty Mule, GTO and Linear Pro Access FM700, to name some. It is also worth noting that this product can offer us an easy installation. There is no need to buy fasteners and hardware because they’re included.

You don’t also have to think about any high voltage electrical connections or welding.

On the cons, this item’s remote range has a limited capability, though. It can be better if it could have a further range. But still, it can offer us a heavy-duty performance and long-term use. It is also ETL listed and made from premium materials.

2. TOPENS Automatic Gate Opener

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a remote controller
  • DIY kit
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • Remote does not come with instructions

For those who do not have the massive gate that needs moving half a ton of weight, the TOPENS solar gate opener is the most trusted option for you. This automatic gate opener is perfect for gates that are no longer than 16 feet and those that have a combined weight of 550-pounds.

The automatic solar gate features a 24V DC motor with low power consumption. This automatic gate opener is made for light-duty single type swing gate that is up to a maximum of 12 feet long or maximum weight of 300 pounds.

The durable and extendable aluminum swing arm brings superior performance for a lightweight gate. The system of TOPENS provides a long life that has require minimum maintenance.

The package includes two remote controls. two opener actuators, a control box, a transformer, two emergency release keys, four warning signs, a solar charger controller, two solar panels, a full set installation hardware, two extra brackets, and an instruction manual.

TOPENS comes with a complete system because it has an advanced microchip rolling code with a four button remote transmitter that can help ensure the security of your property.

It stops your gate from moving to avoid any safety problems, and it is perfect for different gates including wooden, steel, tubular, solid panel and vinyl.

The automatic gate opener system needs an automotive battery or a marine battery, which are not included, as they will hold the power for hours.

You can set up the system with an automatic close with anywhere from zero to 100 seconds, which makes it very convenient and it works with gates that swing in or out.

TOPENS control box prevents the gate opener from going against forces that it can’t handle, and it does it for safety, with an MRT or maximum motor rate of 40 seconds.

The gate opener also has a soft start and a stop function for the safety and protection of your car and gate, along with an emergency release key just in case there is no power or in case of malfunction.

The kit has everything that you need except for the battery, so once you get the kit, you are ready to install it.

The TOPENS automatic gate opener is very easy to use and install as it comes with a Do-It-Yourself kit that anybody can use. If you are having any difficulties in getting it started, you can contact their customer support representative anytime, as they are available 24/7. They can assist you with any questions that you may have.

On the cons, there is no manual for the remote. You can contact their customer support representative if you have any questions on how to operate it.

3. DC HOUSE Heavy Duty Automatic Gate Opener Kit

  • Dual power capabilities to connect with an electric power grid
  • Can hold up to 850 pounds
  • Various security features: custom rolling code, emergency release key, etc
  • Complete kit for easy set-up: remote controllers, electronic keypads, etc
  • IP55 rating with wide operating temperature
  • Control board might not be durable

The DC HOUSE Heavy-Duty Solar Gate Opener is a complete kit for people who want to safeguard their properties in areas with no electric power. However, the company is thoughtful enough to equip this device with a transformer to work with traditional power grids.

I like this solar gate opener’s dual power capabilities. Homeowners can use the 20-watt solar panel to charge its 7Ah batteries for operation. It’s also possible to connect the gate opener to an electric power grid on overcast and rainy days when solar energy might be out of the question.

Although it looks like the Fister dual solar gate opener, this product’s max holding capacity is 850 pounds, compared to The Fishers’ 880-pound capability. However, it should still be acceptable to most homeowners because steel main gates typically weigh 25 pounds/foot, while aluminum versions weigh 8.3 pounds/foot.

I am impressed with this solar gate opener’s security features, including a custom rolling code, auto-stop and return, limit switch, and an emergency release key. These technologies offer homeowners peace of mind in operating and maintaining the device. I know I will sleep sounder with these protective mechanisms in place.

The solar gate opener’s completeness is also worth appreciation. Thanks to this, installation is a breeze. It features everything required to set up, from remote controllers to electronic keypads and solar panels.

The IP55 rating against dust and rain also ensures smooth operation in harsh weather. Moreover, the gate opener can withstand a temperature range of -13℉ to 122℉, ensuring peak performance in all seasons.

I am only concerned about some complaints regarding the control board’s durability, which might burn out after a year. Personally, I have yet to encounter this issue, so I’d say this product remains an excellent choice for people to secure their property entrances.

4. TOPENS DK1000S Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

  • Efficient and powerful output
  • Smart design
  • Up to 1600 pounds
  • Safe to use
  • Versatile applications
  • Complaints of a flimsy motor

If you’re searching for a manual or solar powered automatic gate opener, you should not miss including the TOPENS DK1000S on your list. It is a decent choice that many clean energy enthusiasts choose for a gate opener.

If you’re looking for a powerful output in your gate opener, you must include this item on your list. The sliding gate opener is a reliable item in the category for its solid features.

This model offers an efficient performance while also consuming low power. It is also a heavy-duty gate opener that can work for up to a maximum 1600 pounds in weight or 40 inches in length.

It is also with a reliable motor that offers solid performance while also ensuring a quiet system, which is one of the things that make it a good choice. It also does not require high maintenance while also ensuring a long operation.

This product is also one of the top-tier around for being compatible for all sliding gate types. I would also like to recommend the TOPENS opener for its versatility for a wide range of gate types that include vinyl, wood and steel.

You can also use it for farm, courtyard farm, and ranch, residential and commercial applications.

It can also offer you an easy installation, which does not require the services of a professional installer. You can save money in the process for not having to use the services of another person to set it up for you.

This product is also with easy to follow installation guide along with all the needed hardware. You will also need to take a few hours to complete the setup.

On the downside, some customers reported of a flimsy motor, but it does not comprise the majority of feedbacks that this item receives. Overall, it is a reliable product that is safe to use and can offer a wide range of applications.

5. Fister Automatic Solar Gate Openers

  • 880-pound capacity
  • Compatible with 16.4-foot swing gates
  • Dependable controller with a range of 164 foot
  • Weather resistant design with an IP55 rating to withstand -13℉ – 122℉
  • Security features include auto-stop, limit switch, and an emergency release key
  • AC/DC capability in case of overcast days
  • Some kits might be incomplete

Families looking for reliable and sturdy farm gate openers solar systems should consider the Fister Automatic Solar gate Opener. This device might look like the DC HOUSE, but it has a few aces under its belt.

Like the DC HOUSE, this solar gate opener has a dual power option. It works wonders in rural and off-grid areas as it does in the city and suburban sections. Such versatility is commendable, considering that I can still operate my gate in stormy and snowy weather.

This solar gate opener is perfect for 16.4-foot swing gates. Surprisingly, it has a 30-pound higher maximum weight capacity than the DC HOUSE, suggesting the robustness of this product’s construction.

Although it only has an IP55 rating, I trust this solar gate opener’s weather resistance. It can withstand a high heat of 122℉ and sub-freezing conditions of -13℉. Rain, gale, snow, ice, and sandstorm are no match for this solar gate opener’s toughness.

I appreciate the remote controller better than the DC HOUSE. With its 164′ maximum wireless range, I can easily open the gates without leaving my vehicle. This will save me from the scorching sun, falling rain, and ice-cold snow.

This solar gate opener’s protective features are also noteworthy. For example, its auto-stop and retract mechanism safeguards people and vehicles if something obstructs the gate’s movements. It also has a limit switch and an emergency release key, perfect for manipulating the gate during power outages.

This dual swing gate opener promises to be a complete kit. Sadly, some buyers received incomplete items. Interestingly, this product only has a 12-month warranty, while the DC HOUSE has 24.

Regardless, this solar gate opener remains a smart buy for homeowners with heftier gates.

6. TOPENS AD5S Automatic Gate Opener Kit

  • 2 options gate opening, inwardly and outwardly
  • DIY installation
  • Low power consumption with two 24V DC motors
  • Most suited for all types of dual swing gates
  • 12-month TOPENS warranty
  • Reportedly stops when overloaded
  • Some installation parts are not included in the package

Getting tired of leaving your car just to open and close your gate every single time? Are you thinking of making your life easier by purchasing an automatic gate opener to save yourself morning inconvenience and time-consuming manual gates? You may consider TOPENS AD5S Automatic Gate Opener Kit for your needs.

This automatic gate opener by TOPENS is made for medium duty solar dual swing gates 16 feet long or weighted 550lb maximum. It is affordable and in fact, one of the cheapest there is in the market. It is also designed for all types of dual swing gates made from vinyl, tube, steel, wood, panel shape and chain-link and best suited for residences.

You are no longer required to leave your car to manually open and close your gate because with this automatic gate opener includes a remote-control device that is very handy, a wireless keypad, and an electric gate lock that enhances your security. It also has two options opening options, inwardly or outwardly, and has auto-close functions, which can be adjusted between one to 100 seconds.

The solar powered gate opener kit comes with two 24V DC motors and a solar power system that guarantees less power consumption. The system only requires minimal maintenance compared to other high-end products, and it can be used in the long-term. It means that this solar-powered gate opener is not only nature-friendly but also great for saving money.

Furthermore, the manual for the installation guide is very detailed and easy to understand. If you are used to DIY, you can install it by yourself. In that way, the money you will supposedly pay for the installation if you hire a professional will be saved.

However, since it is one of the cheapest gate openers available in the market, the downside of it is that the quality of the product is top-rtaed for its price. Some customers complain about it being hard to install and having glitch in power supply that makes their gates hang while opening.

Others claimed to have separately purchased additional tools that are needed to install the product. But once the product is installed accurately, the solar-powered gate opener is very effective, easy to operate, and works just fine.

On the plus side, consumers seem to be very satisfied with the help and assistance provided by TOPENS customer service to help their clients run the product properly.

Mighty Mule EZGO-Solar Automatic Gate Operator (Outdated)

  • DIY installation
  • Complete kit for installation
  • Ideal for all gate types
  • 12-month warranty
  • Can be operated by AC or solar power
  • Needs a battery

When reading a solar gate opener review, you might have bumped into the Mighty Mule EZGO gate operator. It is a complete kit that has all you need for installation and use immediately. Check out the following for what to know about the gate opener and why you might want to buy it for yourself.

One of the things that make this an ideal choice is that it is complete. It is a complete package that has two remotes along with a solar panel. The EZ gate kit is ideal as a single gate opener, which is designed and made for gates up to 16 feet long (550 pounds).

The mighty Mule single gate opener is ideal for all types of gates that include a chain link, ornamental, panel, tube, wood and vinyl. Versatility is one of the things to shop around for when looking for a gate opener. With it, you can be sure that you will be able to use this item for a wide range of applications.

This item requires a12 – volt automotive or marine battery, though. But then, it is not hard to find it on the market.

When it comes to ease of installation, you can also have peace of mind that you won’t have a hard time to do so because it is a DIY kit that has all the things you need to set it up. And for assistance, this item also comes with DVD for your guidance.

I would like to recommend the gate opener because it also doesn’t require any electrician to install. You don’t also need a welding machine because it doesn’t need to be welded, too. It is also flexible that it can be used for solar or AC power source.

In addition, this model can offer you with peace of mind that you can take advantage of up to 30 percent energy efficiency for your property. You can use the credit on the installation and operator system.

I would also like to note that it has a larger battery design for good power research. This design can offer up to 10 times more in reserve capacity and power.

More so, I would like to recommend this item because it is backed by a 12-month warranty. It is another thing to look for when shopping around for a solar gate opener. This product is also with a technical support included.

On the downside, it might not be the most powerful openers on the market. Overall, this product is easy to set up because it is designed and constructed for a DIY installation. It is also convenient to use and efficient in performance. The Mighty Mule EZGO-SOLAR system is also one of the top-quality in class because it already has a 5-watt solar panel.

Ghost Controls Automatic Gate Opener (Outdated)

  • Automatic gate opener
  • Complete kit
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used for gates up to 900 pounds
  • Decorative and suitable for any theme
  • Less capacity than other openers
  • Expensive

You might have bumped into this Ghost Controls item when reading solar powered gate opener reviews. It is no wonder because it is reliable and durable to last longer for many years of service.

When looking for a good gate opener, you must be able to choose one that has a nice warranty that this item can offer. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the gear assembly and the motor.

In terms of quality, it also passes standards including an ETL Listing and UL325 7th Edition Standard system certification. Choosing it, you will have peace of mind that you’re making a good decision for buying a high quality product.

This item is also a complete kit that includes all you need for installation, and these include the control box plus the system controller and other mounting hardware.

I also liked its good appearance that matches any design and decoration of your gate. It will not ruin your current decoration, so you don’t need to worry that it might look off to your gate.

This Ghost Controls Automatic Gate Opener is made for decorative gates. It is also good for virtually all types of swing type gates with up to 20 inches in length. A few examples of its suitability include on plantation style gates and chain link gates.

As it is also automatic, it is easier to use, too, so it might be something to consider if you are looking for such feature. The Ghost Controls gate opener is also

On the downside, this item has a lower weight capacity than others in the same category do. It is also expensive, which might deter some people from buying it.

Mighty Mule MM560 (Outdated)

  • Solar-powered heavy-duty single gate opener
  • Dual sense technology for additional protection and safety
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use and install
  • 18-month warranty
  • Charging is difficult on gloomy or rainy days

The MM560 by Solar Made is a well-made product perfectly designed for your convenience allowing you to easily open and close your gates using a remote control. Its dual sense technology meets the UL325’s sixth edition standards for additional protection & safety perfect for providing additional security for your home.

I prefer the gate opener because it is solar-powered. It is different from your traditional gate openers as it uses the energy from the sun to charge its batteries to operate. Not only is it ecologically helpful, but you are also reducing your electricity costs by switching to a solar-powered gate opener.

The Mighty Mule MM560 is for a swing gate with up to 18 feet long or 850 pounds weight. But whatever types of gate you have – ornamental, wood, chain, vinyl, link or tube – the Mighty Mule MM560 is sure to work for you and provide you with additional security.

The durability of the Mighty Mule MM560 is also guaranteed. This product is made of durable ABS housing and cast aluminum mounting brackets to give you a long-lasting service. Because it is durable, you can utilize it whichever purpose you want including residential, agricultural or farm.

I also like the best solar gate opener because it is easy to install. Everything that you need in the installation is included in the package, no special tools required. You can easily do the installation yourself using the detailed manual or DVD included guiding you. And in case you have any difficulties, you can seek help from their 24-hour technical support.

To satisfy their users, the Mighty Mule MM560 gate opener is backed by an 18-month warranty and technical support. If you have any problems or issues with your product, their good customer service is there to assist and help you.

However, the drawback of the Mighty Mule MM560 gate opener is that charging using the solar panel can be difficult during a gloomy or rainy day that will ultimately affect the operation of the gate opener. However, the battery can also be charged using an AC transformer.

Overall, I liked the Mighty Mule MM560 gate opener and I recommend that you try it out. This product is ideal to provide your home with additional security and safety. By using this product, you can also help the environment and save money from operation costs. It is well made, durable and designed for the user’s convenience.

ECO-WORTHY Gate Opener (Outdated)

  • Good 50 meters range
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable and high quality
  • Comes with a battery
  • Nice construction
  • Might not be one that offers the most powerful range on the market

This product is a gate opener remote control that you might want to check out if you are looking for a remote replacement. You should check it out to find a superb remote control that can offer heavy-duty performance.

One of the things that make it a good choice is its good range of 50 meters. It is just an enough distance for many. It allows them to open their gate even at this distance. With it, they do not have to go out of their car to open the garage’s gate.

It is also easy to use out of the box. This model comes with a battery, so you don’t need to buy it separately. This product is also with a one key close and open function.

This product is also one of the most sought after remote controllers on the market because it is made from high quality materials that make it durable and heavy-duty.

This item is also offered at an affordable price while not compromising the quality. When shopping around for a remote controller, affordability and quality are two of the things that make the remote controller a decent choice.

This product is also easy to use, offering not just a solid performance that you can rely on but also convenience for users. With it, you don’t need to worry about anything else when you selected the remote controller for a gate opener.

On the cons, it might not have the most powerful around when it comes to distance range. Overall, it offers users long lasting use and heavy-duty performance that you must be looking for when finding a similar product in the category.

ECO LLC Single Swing Gate Opener (Outdated)

  • Solar-powered and eco-friendly
  • 300 kg opening capacity
  • Large opening angle
  • Adjustable function
  • Easy to install
  • Charging using the solar panel can be difficult when sunlight is scarce

The solar-powered, heavy-duty gate single swing gate opener by ECO LLC is a product designed to provide your home with additional protection and security while also giving you a more convenient way of automatically opening your gates.

One of the reasons why I like and recommend this single swing gate opener is because it is solar-powered. It operates using the energy generated by the sun. This product is not harmful to the environment and in a way helps you reduce your electricity bills.

But I also like that you can charge the batteries of this gate opener using the adapter provided for a more efficient charging especially in times or areas without much sunlight.

I prefer this solar-powered gate opener because it is heavy-duty with each of its motor having a 300kg opening capacity. This is perfect for gates up to a maximum of 550 pounds in weight and a maximum of 16 ft. long. Not only that, but also this gate opener also has a large opening angle.

With its advanced technology, this single swing gate opener can be easily adjusted for the user’s convenience. You can adjust the force settings, set it to low power mode or automatic closing.

Another thing that I like about this wonderful product is its manual operation. To continue using it in events of a power outage, you can conveniently and easily convert to the manual operation or switch to standby power.

I also like and trust the durability of this solar-powered heavy-duty gate opener. The housing is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy. The solar panel is also made of heavy-duty aluminum. Its durable construction is sure to give you a product you can use for a long time.

This solar-powered gate opener by ECO-LLC is also easy to install. No special tools are necessary. You can do the installation yourself without hiring a professional.

I also like their good customer service and support. If you have any problems with the product, you can ask them for assistance. They also have a 1-year warranty on their products for greater customer satisfaction.

However, the downside of this single swing gate opener is that because it is solar-powered, charging can be difficult in areas without much sunlight or during the rainy season. Make sure to consider your area before switching to a solar-powered gate opener.

But overall, I highly recommend that you try out this single swing, solar-powered gate opener. It is well made and durable. It is reliable, eco-friendly and convenient. This product is definitely worth the money you spend with its good quality and service.

Fas Solar Gate Opener (Outdated)

  • Waterproof
  • Contains a Bi-Part Delay to guide the proper closing of the gate
  • With LED Diagnostic Display for easy installation and troubleshooting
  • Automate gates through free solar energy
  • With synchronized and quick close capability
  • Requires a professional help and fee to install this item

Operating the gateway of either a residential or a commercial property can sometimes add to house chores. As a solution to the hassle of opening and closing the gate, Fas created a very helpful Solar Gate Opener. Its advantage and disadvantages are identified as follows.

Fas Solar Gate Opener is an answered prayer for those homeowners who ever dream of maneuvering the entrance gates of their houses automatically.

Based on the product description, Fas Solar Gate Opener is a good swing gate operator among the vast options in different stores. I think what makes it standout is its ability to make life easier in a very cheap expense.

I can imagine installing it in any garage or main gates. There is no need to step down from your car to open or close the passage because a device like Fas Liftmaster will serve you like a royalty.

A full package of this Solar Gate Opener includes a primary arm, secondary arm, control box, 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit, a monitored retro reflective photo eye and a Liftmaster myQ Gateway 828LM.

The most impressive for me about this item is how useful it is in providing daily convenience and safety for the owners while using free solar power. You property becomes upgraded and a more valued asset due to its advance technology while costing you nothing in the long run.

Fas Solar Gate Opener carries a built-in solar-optimized ultra-reliable system. Said solar panel absorbs sunlight and convert it to solar energy. Not just this saves you money for electricity bills but it also gives you opportunity to take care of the environment.

Another feature of this solar gate opener that I find amazing is its Bi-Part Delay. It is important because it ensures that the gate leaves open carefully and close at the right places. Such kind of technology can prolong the life span of the gate itself.

To provide maximum safety and security, the Fas Solar Gate Opener has “close” options. It has synchronized close and quick close. The difference is that the first one allows simultaneous close of gates while the other closes the gate quickly just as after a car signaled through the interrupt loop.

Meanwhile, I also loved that it is easy to set-up this item as well as the troubleshooting if malfunction happens through a LED diagnostic display. This one is also waterproof so it is ready to stay outside the house.

However, a professional help and fee is needed to install this item. In general, the Fas Solar Gate Opener will be an asset to any residential and business properties due to some of its remarkable features. Among its top qualities is its solar powered technology, opens, closes the gate immediately, durable, and have LED Diagnostic Display and Bi-Part Delay.

UsAutomatic Sentry 300 Gate Opener (Outdated)

  • Comes in different sized that fit various types of gates
  • With two charging options (AC transformer or through solar panel kit)
  • Sentry Plug-N-Go which makes its installation process easy
  • Includes universal mounting brackets that enable the gate to push to open or pull to open options.
  • Guaranteed 3 years warranty
  • Poor charging on bad weather

When reading solar power gate opener reviews, you might have read about the US Automatic gate opener featured here. It is a top of the line and innovative gate opener that has the solid functions that you’re looking for.

If you are looking for a technology that can automate the function of your gates in your properties, one smart move is to open your eyes for UsAutomatic Sentry 300 Gate Opener.

The outstanding selling point of this solar gate opener is the way it automate the entire operation of gates. It helps family members or house cleaners to save time in manually opening and closing the gates as the gate openers work on their own.

I think houseguests will find the automatic opening of gates really cool so be ready to accept many compliments.

UsAutomatic Sentry 300 Gate Opener is appropriate for various types of gates and has an accurate measurement for each. For example, it fit on a farm gate that has a height of 20 feet, on ornamental iron gates with 12 feet in length and 14 feet for chain link gates.

What impress me more about this gate opener is that it won’t add to your burden of bills payment. It captures and generates its own energy from the sun so no fee for electricity is needed. Plus it doesn’t release hazardous pollution to the nature as well.

A fully charged Sentry 300 can give a maximum performance for a single week even if the sun is out.

Based on the product specification, UsAutomatic Sentry 300 Gate Opener has two charging options unlike the other competitors. In any case convenient to the users, said item can be charged via AC transformer or through solar panel kit.

I liked also that the installation process for this product is just simple which may only take an hour as no complicated wiring is needed because of its Sentry Plug-N-Go.

As a special feature, I’ve read further that Sentry 300 contains universal mounting brackets. This is an advantage as it provides option on how to either open the gate, through push to open or pull to open options. Once installed, it can operate the gate in as fast as 16 seconds can.

When shopping, it is also important to consider the warranty period for back up. The UsAutomatic Sentry 300 Gate Opener offers a three year limited warranty for repairs of malfunctioning items.

Like other solar devices, I think the weakness of this item is poor charging when the weather is bad, which may affect its performance.

But in overall, UsAutomatic Sentry 300 Gate Opener remains one of the top-tier pick among others because of its high quality features.

Mighty Mule MM360 (Outdated)

  • Solar capable
  • Easy to install and use
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Step-by-step DVD
  • Works with numerous gate ornaments
  • Might not be as responsive; works slowly according to some users

Aside from a Liftmaster solar gate opener, a Mighty Mule also appears in Google searches for quality gate openers. It is an automatic type that adds to ease of use of these products.

Automatic gate openers are the solution for those who want to keep their home and property safe and secure while not going through the process of opening and closing the gate manually.

The automatic gate opener is made for medium-duty swing gates and those around 16 feet in length.

The automatic gate opener is easy to use and install because it comes with an instruction DVD guide and user manual that will help you through each step.

The Mighty Mule MM360 is the perfect choice for heavy gates as it can open and close massive gates to and from your home or property.

The gate opener can handle gates that are massive and it can handle gates that measure up to 550 pounds. This is the top-rated choice for gates that needs a great quality opener with amazing performance and numerous features.

The MM360 model comes with a larger battery and reserve power that promises long-lasting and effective performance.

The large battery provides 10x more reserve capacity and power, making the Mighty Mule MM360 gate opener the latest product in heavy-duty gate openers.

The MM360 features exclusive Dual Sense Technology that meets the sixth Edition Standards of UL325 for additional safety and protection.

It is made for medium duty single swing gates up to 16 feet long and 550 pounds. This gate opener is perfect for do-it-yourself projects, with this gate opener comes detailed instructions, unlimited access to technical support that is available 24/7 and installation DVD.

The MM360 is perfect for all single gate types such as tube, chain link, ornamental, panel, vinyl, and wood. It also comes with an AC transformer, a single-button remote, a control box and all required hardware and a detailed installation manual with a DVD.

The Mighty Mule needs a 12-volt automotive or a marine type battery that produces a minimum of 250 CCA or cold cranking amps.

With an additional Mighty Mule 5-watt Solar Panel or a 10-watt solar panel, it can work through solar energy.

The installation is so easy that you can use it immediately. If you have issues with the product, you can contact their technical support representative or you can go through their systematic DVD tutorial.

A fully charged marine or automotive battery of the MM360 has up to 1500 cycles that can serve as a backup during low solar charging conditions or during a power outage.

The Mighty Mule MM360 can work on solar energy when the 5-watt Mighty Mule is added, as it is sold separately.

On the cons, the product does not work fast but it can still provide you the features of having an automatic gate opener as it can keep your home or property safe and secure.

What Is A Solar Gate Opener And Who This Is For


A solar gate opener, such as a solar powered gate opener with keypad, can open and close your gate via a remote, a sensor or a keypad installed, depending on your model. Unlike the electrical versions, these types run on solar energy.

However, there are also units that offer two power sources. Aside from being solar, you can also charge them via electricity. This is great, especially during winter or overcast days.

Solar gate openers are best to use on swing gates or sliding gates. Depending on the weight of the gate and the capacity of the gate opener, some units can open and close heavy wrought-iron gates and sometimes, tubular gates.

Since a solar gate opener is fully automatic, it eliminates the need to manually open and close your gates. With this, you will experience less of a hassle when you are planning to have guests over.

Moreover, because it is automatic, it is great for people who frequently have joint pains and those who have trouble walking and standing. Old people, especially, love these solar gate openers as they can just open their gates with ease.

A solar gate opener is also useful for security purposes. Some models provide manual configurations wherein you can program the solar gate opener to open or close in a specified time or under certain conditions.

As such, it is an ideal and great investment for homeowners as you have the control on who gets to enter and go out of your property. With this, your home and your things will remain safe from intruders and robbers.

How Does It Work

A solar gate opener automatically opens and closes any type of gate. They are frequently used for sliding and swinging gates. As in their name, they run and operate on solar power.

The solar gate opener has four essential components.

First is the control box that can be described as the brain of the entire system. This part is installed on the gate and is made out of durable hard plastic.

The control box contains the power pack, battery, receiver and motherboard. It is responsible for receiving the signals sent by the remote control, the sensor device or the keypad. It then sends those signals to the appropriate devices within the system and controls them.

Next is the actuator ram that is used to secure the gate in place, whether the same is open or closed. The ram is made out of durable stainless steel and is designed to be water, grit and corrosion resistant. It also sometimes has a rubber seal coupled with a powder-coated metal component.

Third is the solar panels, which is responsible for collecting and converting solar energy into electricity. This is due to the photovoltaic cells integrated into the system.

The solar panels are then connected to the control box through the wire in order to power up the entire system.

Last is the solar battery where excess electricity is stored. Solar gate openers usually use a standard DC battery that can hold 12 volts. With the battery, the solar gate opener can work during the evenings, on cloudy days or wintertime.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Gate Openers


Solar gate openers work like the typical, electrical gate openers. As such, they automatically open and close the gate via the arms. However, the only difference is that solar gate openers rely and run on solar power.

There are three different types of solar gates currently in the market. However, they typically work in more or less the same manner. The only difference lies in their power and capacity.

First, we have the sliding kit gate openers. These types are usually installed on the gate’s wall or hinge and slides in and out in unison with the same.

What is commendable about the solar sliding kit gate openers is that they require only a limited amount of space. However, they are quite powerful. On average, these kits have 120 v motors and can open gates weighing up to 1,400 pounds

Solar sliding kit gate openers are also safe to use as they have a start and stop function. Moreover, they typically stop when they sense an object or obstruction on their way. Aside from that, they also are consistent in operating and are continuous.

Next is the swing gate kits that are great for single swing gates. They tend to open towards the street instead of opening inside.

Swing gate units typically have an underground sensor installed that is responsible for the opening and closing motion. Upon sensing a car, the gate automatically opens. Once the vehicle is outside the motion range, the door automatically closes.

Some swing gate kits come with a master unit and a lever arm. With this, you can control the gate using a remote control or keypad.

Some models also come with the needed installation kit such as the bracket, cable and batteries.

Depending on the battery it has, it can open gates weighing from 300 pounds to 900 pounds and boasting a length of up to 20 feet.

Last is the dual swing gate kit. This is suitable for gates that have two entryways.

The dual swing gate kit also come with an underground sensor. As soon as the vehicle is near, the gate automatically opens and closes once the vehicle is out of the detector’s range.

The dual swing gate kit also offers a dual running mode and allows you to change and modify the opening and closing times of the gate. The dual swing gate kit also has an emergency release kit to enable you to open the gate in case of power failure.

Learn more about choosing the top-tier solar powered security camera. Moreover, check our reviews about top-tier solar powered bug zapper if you need.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Solar Gate Opener

Knowing the advantages and the disadvantages of a product is essential knowledge for a buyer. This is because this knowledge can help the buyer determine on whether or not the product can truly satisfy and meet most of their needs. Because of this, the buyer will know for sure, if they will purchase the said product.

Like all products, the solar gate opener also has its share of pros and cons.


  • Eco-friendly

Regular electronic gate openers run on electricity, which is generated, from burning fossil fuels. This can generate quite a negative impact on the environment.

However, solar gate openers run on solar energy. As we all know, solar power is a clean and renewable energy source. As such, using it has a positive and helpful effect on the environment.

Using solar power can also help reduce your ecological footprint in the world.

  • Economical

Solar gate openers are cheaper compared to electrical gate openers. Since solar gate openers run on solar power, you do not need to rely on electricity. As such, you get to save up on electrical bills and operational costs. You even get to save in the end.

Moreover, since it is solar, these gate openers provide you the freedom of going off the grid.

  • Convenient

Solar gate openers are great for times when you feel lazy or just tried to open the gate. They are also great for people who have joint problems and also for the elderly.

  • Security purposes

Some solar gate openers come with many security features, which can enhance the overall security and protection of your house.

  • Safe to use

Since it runs on solar power, you would not have to worry about the electrical hazards that comes with electric gate openers.

As such, solar gate openers are great to use if you have pets and children.

  • Great for big and remote properties

Solar gate openers are great for those who have big properties, long driveways or those who live in remote places.

Solar gate openers rely and operate using the sun. As such, you eliminate the hassle of installing additional power lines or new wires just so the gate opener can operate.

Moreover, since it is solar-powered, you would not have to worry when there’s a power outage or blackout. The gate opener will still work.


  • Reliant on the sun

Solar gate openers rely heavily on the sun’s energy and presence. As such, it may not perform as well or as long during cloudy days or during the winter season. Hence, it is not recommended for those who live in colder climates.

  • Limited use

How many times the gate will open depends on the amount of energy the solar gate opener is charged with. As such, cloudy days may hamper this and result in limited opening and closing cycles.

How We Picked And Tested


Solar gate openers offer a great and economical alternative to electrical gate openers. Since they run on solar power, they are also quite helpful to the environment.

Aside from that, solar gate openers offer numerous advantages. As such, they have become quite popular among homeowners and among the elderly. This is because they eliminate the hassle of manually opening up and closing the gates.

Because of this, there are a lot of types and models in the market that makes purchasing one a daunting task. It requires a significant amount of planning as it is a big investment for the home.

The perfect solar gate opener is one that provides more advantages than the disadvantages. It is one that can satisfy and meet all your needs.

To get that, here are a few essential factors that can help you make the right choice.

Gate Type

Before you purchase a solar gate opener, you must take into consideration the type and the weight of the gate you have. Solar gate openers have many types that cater to different types and weights of gates.

Aside from that, you also need to consider the length of the gate whether it has any added ornaments and whether it can open easily.

Power Sources

Solar gate openers are powered by solar energy. However, it is best to look for a model that has different power sources.

With this, you can still use your solar gate opener during wintertime, cloudy or rainy days, and during the evenings.

Some models can be powered via electricity and some come with battery back-ups.

Quality Controller

A high-quality controller board is necessary if you want your solar gate opener to work efficiently and effectively. With this, you can optimize easily the output coming from the solar panel.

Moreover, a good controller board will also affect the performance of the keypads and other components in your solar gate opener.


This factor depends on the number of times you use the gate. If your gate is opened frequently, then you need a big battery that can give out more juice to your unit. Moreover, it should also have a long lifespan that can withstand constant use.

Make sure your solar gate opener comes with lithium batteries. These types of batteries are preferred since they have a longer lifespan and are more durable compared to AGM batteries. RV and Marine batteries are also great options to use.

Safety Features

Solar gate openers should also come with the necessary features for security and safety purposes.

For one, it should have the auto close feature. This feature is essential especially during times when you forget to close the gate. With this, the gates will automatically close after a period of time.

Another thing to remember is to purchase a unit with loop detectors. Basically, these are metal detectors placed underground and sense any metals, such as cars. They then send signals to the operating board and let it know on whether it should open or close the gate.

There are different loop detectors available; however, the most important ones are the exit and safety loops.

Exit loops detect any vehicle leaving the property while safety loops sense any object obstructing their way. With this, you are more protected and secure inside your home.

Extra Parts

Choose a solar gate opener that comes with the necessary installation tools. Some models come with the mounting bracket and cables. With this, you can install the product easily.

Some models even come with free batteries. However, make sure that the batteries have a large capacity and are durable.


Solar gate openers are a great investment. As such, you would want it to last a long time like all product consumers. However, however durable a product may be, there is no guaranty that it will not break down and have issues.

Warranties are a great option to consider since it can let you replace product parts and components.

Product Reviews

Of course, it also does not hurt to read reviews and research about the product online. Customer reviews are helpful since it gives an honest review about the product that will affect your decision.

It also does not hurt to go to your local store and check the product out for yourself. that way, you get the feel on how the product works and know if it will be a good fit for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a solar gate opener last?

Branded solar automatic gate openers can last a decade. Observing proper care and maintenance can add a few months, if not years, to the device’s operating lifespan. It is not uncommon to see solar-powered mechanisms for driveways lasting at least a dozen years.

What is the size of the solar panel I have to use for the gate openers?

A five or 10 watt solar panel is sufficient to open a single solar-powered swing gate. On the other hand, a two-panel or dual swing gate will require more than 10W. This is why most of the products featured on this list have 20W.

It is worth noting that the gate’s gross weight can impact the solar gate opener’s power requirements and, in turn, solar panel size. For example, an 850-pound gate might require a 20-watt solar panel to activate the gate opening mechanisms, while a 500-pound gate can open the gate with a lower wattage.

Should we use solar panels to operate non-solar gate openers?

Yes, you can use solar panels to operate non-solar or electric gate openers. After all, the only difference is the power source. One requires electricity, while the other runs on battery-stored solar energy.

However, you’ll need to install extra devices to use solar panels for non-solar gate openers, such as inverters to turn the AC gate opener into a DC system. It also requires an expert installation to avoid any problems.

Does a solar gate opener work in winter?

Yes, solar gate opener kits work in the winter. For example, the DC House and Fister solar gate openers have a minimum operating temperature of minus 25 degrees Celsius or minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit. To put this into perspective, the average winter temperature in the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) is 33.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Perhaps one concern is sunlight because all solar-powered technologies require “photons” to convert and store into batteries. Sunlight hours are usually shorter in the winter, reducing solar panel sunlight exposure. For example, Tucson, Arizona, enjoys 11.9 hours of sunshine in the summer but only 8.5 hours in winter.

However, if the solar gate opener can connect to the main power grid, it can work even without sufficient sunlight.

Is a sliding gate better than a swing option?

Choosing between a sliding gate and a swing opening depends on available space, location, maintenance requirement threshold, and budget.

A swing gate is ideal for spacious driveways to facilitate the gate’s unobstructed fan-like opening and closing. It is also suitable for busy individuals because these gates do not have maintenance-intensive chain link units and tracks. It’s also more affordable, making a solar swing gate opener an excellent choice for budget-conscious families.

A sliding gate is perfect if you live on a slope, in windy places, or an area with limited space because the gate movement is side-to-side, not fan-like. This type of gate is also more secure than swing gates because of steel beams and concrete reinforcement. Solar sliding gate openers are perfect for these gates.

What are the most trusted solar gate opener brands?

The most trusted solar gate opener brands include the Mighty Mule, Ghost Controls, TOPENS, and ECO-WORTHY. Along with the others, they are some of the most reputable brands on the market. Check them out to compare and find the right one for you.

What is the warranty?

They are not the same across all brands. Some of them may offer longer than other brands do. For this reason, you need to weigh your options well and figure out which one the most suitable for you is. Warranty is a factor to check to ensure that you’ll get peace of mind and that you’ll be more satisfied with your purchase.

How to install and use?

It is easy to install the gate opener. You just need to follow the instruction manual as stated by the manufacturer of the product you ended up buying.

In terms of use, it is not hard, too, because most of these have remote controls that allow you to take full charge on how you want to use the gate opener.

How to care & clean?

There are no complicated caring and cleaning instructions on these products. You might just have to wipe off the solar panel from time to time to ensure of charging efficiency.

Where to buy?

You can buy these products in different places like clean energy stores, online shops and gate supplies stores. It is not hard to find these openers on the market because of the rising demand for solar energy products.

But for the best deals, you might want to check out, the largest marketplace where to buy affordably priced products from the most trusted brands.


Choosing among a list of the best solar gate opener will be easier if you have the idea on what to buy.

That is why figuring out the factors to consider is important before making the final decision.

With these considerations, you will be able to think closely about what makes a product special and why buy it.

It will also help to have an idea of the top picks on the market because you’ll be able to know each product’s pros, cons and special qualities.

Spending some effort and time in finding the right product helps you make an informed choice. Get started by referring to our top reviews and buying guide today!

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