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The Best Solar Generators for CPAP for 2023

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

CPAP machines are essential, especially when traveling and camping with people who have sleep apnea and other sleeping problems. However, like all devices, this machine requires a stable and constant source of electricity to run, which is not always available when camping. Hence, having a portable power supply like the best solar generator for CPAP may be a suitable option. Due to its popularity, there are numerous types and designs you can choose from.

best solar generators for cpap

This guide will help you sort that out as it provides you with all the necessary information about a CPAP generator. Aside from the standard information, it also includes a FAQs section to answer common questions about the device.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview Jackery ‎Explorer 500


BALDR Baldr330

Outputs 7 7 9
Weight 13.3 lbs 5.5 lbs 9 lbs
Capacity 518Wh 166Wh 288Wh
Voltage 110V 110V 120V
Wattage 500W 200W 330W
Details Details Details


Top 10 Solar Generator for CPAP Reviews

1. Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Convenient
  • Digital LED display
  • Charging time for the generator can be better
  • Only has one AC output.

The Jackery Explorer 500 portable generator is built with the customer’s convenience and satisfaction in mind. Jackery is among the more known brands that provide consumers with affordable and green power supplies.

If you are looking for a portable generator for your CPAP machine with a larger capacity, this is the one. This generator has a higher wattage output of 500. It has a good run time and lasts for long hours.

This portable generator is versatile and can charge several devices simultaneously. It conveniently has 3 USB ports, 3 DC outputs, and an AC outlet. With this, your generator can charge a wide range of devices. You can use this to charge your smartphone, tablet, and camera. You can even use it to power small appliances.

You do not have to worry about damaging your devices or appliances. This portable generator’s battery managing system is designed with voltage, temperature and current control to make sure that everything is safe and protected during usage. The digital display also makes it easier to monitor the state of the generator.

This power station is a must-have during extended road trips or for your camping trips. Fortunately, it is compact and designed with a handle so you can easily bring it along on your outdoor adventures. Even without outdoor trips, this generator is convenient to have in case of a power outage.

Recharging the generator is also very easy. You can either use a solar panel, a wall outlet, or a carport. The solar panel is sold separately. But aside from that, everything you need is already included in the package – an AC adapter, car charger cable, and a user’s guide.

However, this power station only has one AC output which might not be preferable for others. Another thing that you can take into consideration is the charging time of the generator. It does take a while to recharge.

Overall, this power station is worth it. It is a well-made and reliable CPAP battery pack that can also charge other electronic devices simultaneously. It is easy to carry around and perfect for outdoor trips. A product worth its price.

2. FlashFish EA150

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Wide application
  • Easy to use
  • Two quick-charge USB ports
  • Complete with safety operations
  • Solar panel for recharging the generator is not included in the package
  • The generator cannot be used while recharging

If you are on the hunt for the top-rated portable power station for CPAP on the market, one of the most reliable products that can give you the backup power you need is the FlashFish EA150. This portable generator for CPAP has a compact and lightweight design. It only weighs 4.5 lbs, making it convenient to bring along on your camping or outdoor trips.

This power source can do more than charge your CPAP. It features two 110V AC outlets, three USB ports and two DC ports. With this generator, you can charge your laptops, camera, smartphones, and other electronic devices. You never have to worry about running out of battery while camping out.

FlashFish also prioritizes safety so you can use this generator with confidence and ease. We like how it is designed with safety operations such as temperature control, short circuit protection, and voltage control to protect your machine and devices.

There are three ways you can recharge the generator. You can choose to recharge it using the traditional wall outlet, 12V car socket, or even a solar panel (not included in the package). But the other accessories that you need, such as a power adapter, cigarette lighter adapter and car charger, are already included in the package.

You do not have to worry about any complicated wirings, too. This generator is straightforward and easy to use. Just turn it on using the power button, and you are good to go.

However, this product also has its downsides. One of them, as mentioned earlier, is that it does not come with the solar panel. It must be bought separately and is quite inconvenient. Another disadvantage is that you cannot use the generator while recharging. But other than that, this portable generator for CPAP is reliable and worth your money.

Overall, this portable power source is of excellent quality and is suitable for emergencies and outdoor trips. It has functional power capacity and runs time. You can count on it to charge your devices fast. It is safe and easy to operate. And you can quickly bring it anywhere you go.

3. Bladr330 Portable Power Station

  • Equipped with an LED flashlight
  • Improved battery utilization
  • Has wide application
  • Friendly and responsive customer service
  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • A bit bulky compared to others
  • Takes up to 8 hours to fully charge

Another excellent off-the-grid power supply solution is the Bladr30 portable power station. You can never go wrong with the multiple ports and the larger power capacity of this portable generator. You can easily carry it anywhere you go as it is conveniently designed with a foldable handle.

Providing 297wh power capacity, you can efficiently charge many electronic devices with this power station. It has an AC port, 2 DC ports with a vehicle port and 2 USB ports with one Type-C port. It is a useful tool with many applications. It can charge mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and other smaller appliances if it does not go over 330W.

We highly recommend this portable power station because it is safe and reliable. It has improved battery utilization and extended battery service life. It is also complete with carious safety operations such as overheat protection, overcharge protection and short circuit protection. It offers safe and efficient charging of your devices.

Another convenient feature that we like about this power state is the LED flashlight. It can be used as a light source during night or in case of emergencies with its SOS mode. It is a unique model as it offers innovative wireless charging for your greater convenience.

Without breaking the bank or harming the environment, you have backup power when you are outdoors or during a blackout. This model is affordable and does not use any gasoline for completely safe operation. It also operates without producing much noise.

Their friendly and reliable customer support is also a plus. If you have any questions or problems with your product, you can contact their customer service. They will assist you with your queries so you can be more confident with your purchase.

However, this product also has some downsides. It takes up to 8 hours to fully recharge. Another thing is that it is bulky and a bit heavy compared to the other models. Despite that, this product is still one of the most reliable and high-quality portable power stations for CPAP. It has a tremendous power capacity and can charge various electronic devices. It is compact and sturdy and is sure to last for many charges.

4. Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Power Station

  • Compatible to most devices and appliances
  • Utilizes MPPT technology
  • Lightweight and transportable
  • Reliable power supply for CPAP machines when camping
  • Excellent safety features
  • Does not support pass-through charging

As stated in the slogan of Rockpals “Empower Your Passion,” there is no need to make compromises and sacrifices with the brand’s 250-Watt portable power station.

With an impressive battery capacity of 648,000mAh, this equipment is your ideal portable generator and emergency power supply for your electronic gadgets, TVs, and even your CPAP machines while camping or enjoying an outdoor adventure.

Compared to other battery-powered generators on the market today, this model has its AC output upgraded to 250W constant dual AC outputs. It also comes with built-in 2.1A USB ports and 4 DC 12V outlets, ensuring that all your devices have a place to connect.

For such a robust and reliable power supply composed of 240WH lithium polymer batteries, it only weighs an impressive 5.5 pounds, making it convenient to carry around.

It is also equipped with the Maximum Power Point Tracker or MPPT technology, which allows you to make the most of your power. You can charge up to 40% faster from your solar panels compared to those without MPPT.

Suppose you are currently utilizing the power of the sun. You can directly connect this RP250W generator to your panels sans any adapters, and you can enjoy a gas-free and noiseless solar generator kit.

Rockpals have everything covered for you, including the safety features. This is attributed to its pure sine wave technology, known as an electricity form that is stable and clean.

It also comes fitted out with temperature control, surge protection, short circuit protection, and overcharge protection, so you know that you and your devices are secured.

A slight drawback of this otherwise reliable product is that it does not support pass-through charging. Overall, this is a safe power station that you can trust.

5. NEXPOW Portable Power Station

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Sturdy
  • Has a USB-C port
  • High-quality and safe
  • Well-made
  • The fan produces a humming sound that can be a bit loud
  • Does not include solar panel

If you are looking for the best solar generator for CPAP with top-tier value for your money, we highly recommend that you consider the NEXPOW portable power station. With its amazing features and beautiful design, we can say that you will not regret choosing this product.

One of the reasons why we strongly suggest this power generator is because it has a larger capacity and better run time. With its 48000mAh power, it has improved run time and can charge many devices simultaneously.

This portable generator has 2 DC outputs, an AC output, and USB ports. But not only does it have USB ports, but this power station also has a USB-C port, which makes it unique. Unlike other models, you won’t need an adapter. You can use this to charge your smartphone, tablets, cameras, drones and others. It also supports small home appliances.

The compact design of the CPAP portable power supply makes it easy to transport or store. It does not take up too much space. It is also light and is complete with a handle making it easy to carry around. Without much hassle, you can bring this to your outdoor adventures.

This product is also CE and ROHS-certified. It has passed strict quality and safety standards. Its management system is complete with temperature control, voltage and current control, and other advanced safety operations to ensure that your devices will not be damaged and avoid unwanted accidents.

Recharging the generator is also very easy. You can do it using a solar panel, a car or a wall socket. It usually takes 4 to 5 hours to recharge.

Everything you need is already included in the package except for the solar panel. A separate solar panel can be costly. Another downside of this power station is that its fan produces a humming sound that can be distracting.

Still, this portable power station is among the most suitable. It is well-made with improved power capacity, which can power up several devices simultaneously without a problem. It looks good and is sturdy. It has a quality that is sure to last for many uses.

6. SereneLife Portable Generator

  • Lightweight construction
  • Compact design
  • Good power capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Single AC output
  • Solar panel not included.

For those who are looking for a high-quality and reliable portable generator for their CPAP machine, another brand that we can recommend, and you can undoubtedly trust, is the SereneLife.

One of the top-tier things about this portable power generator is that aside from your CPAP machine, it can also charge other devices simultaneously. This generator has three types of outputs, including an AC output, three USB ports and three DC outputs. It is compatible with most electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. It is even compatible with small home appliances.

You can power up your devices even while you are out on a road or camping trip with this portable generator. It is compact and is built with a handle making it easy to carry around or transport. With this generator and its 42000mAh capacity, you are always on the go, even during a power outage or while you are away from home.

Another thing that is convenient about this generator is that it is designed with an LED flashlight. It is a useful feature to have for nights outdoors or when the power is out. Its simple operation is also a plus. It is even equipped with LED indicators to help you monitor the power level of the generator.

Recharging the generator is also easy. You can charge it using a wall outlet. You can also try plugging it into your car’s 12V socket. Even better, you can charge it using a solar panel. You do not have to worry because, except for the solar panel, all the other accessories such as the power adapter and the car charger, is already included in the package.

This product is also safe for use. With its advanced safety operations, you can confidently use it without having to worry about damaging your devices, overheating, or short circuits.

However, it also has a couple of downsides. First, the generator only has one AC output which other customers might not prefer. Another disadvantage is that although it is compatible with solar charging, no solar panel is included in the package. Buying a compatible solar panel can be quite troublesome. Still, this is one of the portable generators that works as it states. It is reliable, easy to use, and convenient.

7. Jackery Explorer 160 Portable Power Station

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Charges multiple devices simultaneously
  • Equipped with a built-in LED flashlight
  • LED screen
  • Friendly customer support
  • Does not support devices of more than 100w
  • Slightly loud fan

Here we have another high-quality product from the reliable brand Jackery. Jackery is known for its well-made products that can perform. The Explorer 160 portable power station is the perfect back power supply for when you go camping or during a power outage.

One of the reasons this power station is among the most suitable is its lightweight and compact design. It is one of the smallest units on the market and weighs only 3.8 lbs. It can easily be carried around with its handle. Although, it could have been better if it had a foldable handle for a more convenient design.

Another thing that we like about this product is its multiple ports capable of charging devices at the same time. It is complete with an AC port, DC port, a USB-C port, and USB-A ports. With its variety of ports, you can charge your phones, tablets, speakers, and other smaller electronics without fail. You can always have your devices on the go, even when you are on an outdoor adventure.

We also like this power station because of its bright built-in LED flashlight. It is bright and even has an SOS mode in case of emergencies. The LED screen is also convenient for monitoring the battery level of your power station.

We also find multiple recharging options convenient. Although this does not come with a solar panel, most of the things you need are already in the package, along with a user’s guide for more information about your power station. And if you have any issues with your product, you do not have to worry because Jackery has reliable and friendly customer support you can always count on.

However, one of its disadvantages is that it does not support a device of more than 100w. It is designed for smaller electronics. Another problem is its slightly loud fan that can be disruptive during quiet nights.

Overall, this is an outstanding product considering its size and price. Although it may be small, it can power up your devices just as well as bigger units. It is safe and eco-friendly. With its multiple ports, a built-in flashlight and good power capacity, this product is a bang for your buck.

8. PRYMAX Portable Power Station

  • Can charge different devices simultaneously
  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • Complete with advanced safety operations
  • Compact and easy-to-carry design
  • Powerful LED light
  • Takes a while to recharge
  • Low 150-watt limit

The PRYMAX portable power station is another excellent source of portable power for CPAP machines. You can recharge this power station in three easy ways – using a solar panel, AC wall socket, or a car charger. When fully charged, this can run your CPAP machine overnight without a hitch.

Aside from running your CPAP machine, we also recommend this portable generator to charge your other devices. With its 178wh large power capacity, this generator can effectively run mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and small fans and support smaller appliances.

You can efficiently charge your devices simultaneously with this generator’s multiple ports. We like that this generator has an AC output port, 3 DC ports, and USB ports with a type-c output port. This equipment is designed to meet your charging needs without damaging your devices. It is complete with a battery management system that prevents any problems such as overcharging or overheating.

This power station is also conveniently portable and lightweight (only 3.9 lbs), so you can bring it to your camping or road trips. With a small size, it can fit in a backpack and does not add much weight to your travel. It also has an easy-carry handle for your convenience.

You will also love the powerful LED built-in light that this generator has. It can illuminate your home during a power outage or lights up your tent when you go camping. It provides the perfect emergency light.

If you want a safe and green power source, this product is what you are looking for. It does not use any gas or toxic fumes, so it is entirely safe to use.

However, the 150-watt limit of this generator can be a downside. It is a bit low, and once you exceed the mark, the power station will automatically shut off. Another is that it takes a while to recharge the generator, even when using a wall socket.

Overall, this product is perfect for those who are looking for a portable power source that does its job. It is well-made, sturdy, and looks great. Its power capacity does not lag and can meet your charging needs while on the road.

9. Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station

  • Useful flashlight with two modes
  • Excellent safety features
  • Supports pass-through charging
  • High capacity backup battery
  • Can be charged in three ways
  • Does not support devices that rate beyond than 300W

True to its word, this 300W portable power station from Rockpals is your perfect power supply for outdoors. This model is equipped with protection features to provide you with the confidence to use it.

It will automatically turn off in 10 hours when it is being drawn below 1W if using an AC port, under 1.68Ww in a DC port, and when connected via USB, it will shut down if under 0.25w.

You have several powering options for the 300W Rockpals power supply. You can use a 110V AC port, the 12V cigarette lighter of your car, which comes in very handy if you connect a CPAP machine, and via a 5V USB port.

What’s more, it has a built-in flashlight that adds practicality and convenience when out camping or outdoors. Its LED light has two modes and can be activated quickly. Pressing the button once will activate the immobile white light, and pressing it twice will trigger the SOS mode. This comes in very handy during emergencies.

It is a trusted battery backup for CPAP machines as well. It can support various CPAP names, and it can work between 1 to 3 nights based on the pressure required.

Since it has a higher capacity, it serves as an excellent home backup battery. It is also highly advisable for RV and campervan owners to have one handy to have power when and wherever they need it. This version supports pass-through charging.

One thing you need to be aware of is this 300W Rockpals power station cannot support devices that require more than 300W. With its robust performance and quality built, you are guaranteed a portable power station that can satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.

10. OKPRO Portable Power Station

  • 540Wh power capacity
  • Built-in powerful LED flashlight
  • Improved battery utilization and extended battery service life
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Sturdy and beautiful construction
  • Takes a while to recharge
  • The fan can be a bit loud

Naturally included on this list is the OKPRO portable power station. OKPRO provides its customers with safe and reliable products that can last for a long time with efficient service. This power station is an excellent choice if you are looking for a generator to run your CPAP machine.

If you want a green and eco-friendly power supply, this product is perfect for you. Aside from charging it using a carport or a wall socket, you can also use a compatible solar panel. This CPAP solar charger can run your CPAP machine with power that is entirely off-grid and safe.

This power station is going to give you more power than other units. It has a 540Wh power capacity that is sure to meet your charging needs and not just for your CPAP machine. Its pure sine wave output operates a wide range of electronics, from mobile phones to laptops to small blenders.

Its battery management system is also a plus that improves battery utilization and extends battery service life. It drains slower and lasts for a longer time. It protects the battery from overcharging, overheating, and overvoltage so you can use this product with ease and confidence. Also, you cannot go wrong with a portable generator that has a powerful emergency light.

We also like how easy to carry this portable generator is. It is compact and will not take too much space in your car or a backpack. And with its lightweight rectangular construction, it does not add any extra weight. The foldable handle is also sturdy and convenient. The overall appearance of this power generator is top-rated.

However, the battery in this unit might be slow to recharge and may take a while. Another downside is that the fan, although it rarely needs to run, is a bit loud and can be disruptive for those who are sensitive to sounds.

Overall, this power station is well-made with great functionality. Not only does it look great, but it also actually delivers more substantial power to meet charging needs. With its amazing features and sturdy build, this handy product deserves to be on the list of the top-tier portable generators, worth its price.

What Is A Solar Generator For CPAP And Who Is This For


CPAP machines are commonly used by people that have sleeping issues such as sleep apnea and the like. As sleep apnea restricts the user’s airflow, the CPAP machine prevents this from happening by supplying a steady supply of pressurized oxygen.

Setting up the CPAP machine is no problem if you have a stable source of power. However, this is not always the case when it comes to camping. Some resources, electricity, especially, can become quite scarce depending on the camping location.

While some campsites may offer electricity hook-ups, these tend to be costly. Plus, there is no assurance that there wouldn’t be any power surges or failures. One could connect the machine to the car battery; however, there is a danger of overusing it. As such, the only remedy is using a portable power supply for CPAP machines.

Also known as solar generators, these portable power supplies are power banks you can use to charge up your CPAP machine. Most versions have solar panels, while some also come with a wall outlet to power up multiple devices.

Remember to match the generator with the machine’s specifications. Most CPAP devices require about 30-60 watts of power and at least a 175-watt inverter. However, it’s highly recommended that you check your CPAP unit before purchasing a generator.

How Does It Work

CPAP portable power supplies are a type of solar technology as that relies on it to generate electricity. They come with foldable solar panels containing photovoltaic cells that are responsible for collecting and converting sunlight into electric currents.

These cells are wired into circuits and series to form a module. The specifications for each module differ in terms of the voltage and wattage they produce, but all of them produce DC electricity.

Like most devices, the CPAP machine also cannot use DC power directly. Hence, the generator also comes with an inverter to convert DC electricity into AC electricity.

Once it’s converted, the AC power then supplies electricity to ger your device running. The excess electricity is then stored in a battery for later and emergency use.

The top-tier time to charge the generator is during sunny days. You can still charge it during cloudy or overcast days, but it would take a longer time.

Most CPAP machines typically consume about 40-150 watts per hour or more, depending on the device’s features and specifications. Of course, the more hours you use the machine, the larger amount of electricity it is going to consume. Make sure to choose a solar generator that can match and keep up with your CPAP machine’s needs.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Generators For CPAP


Solar generators come in numerous types and models that vary in specific characteristics. This section will list all of those accordingly.

Battery Type

One way to distinguish solar generators is by their battery type. While these generators run on different batteries, the two most common ones are the lead-acid and lithium-ion variants.

  • Lead-acid batteries

These types are commonly seen in vehicles and are the cheapest out of all the alternatives. Lead-acid batteries provide enough power to meet most needs; however, they are quite bulky and large and have short lifespans.

  • Lithium-ion batteries

Compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion types are more efficient in terms of performance and lifespan. They are also lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry. However, they can get quite pricey.


Another way to differentiate solar generators is by their sizes. Knowing this is important as the size pertains to the generator’s capacity.

  • Small Solar Generators

Their small size means that they only have a capacity of 10-250 watts of power, depending on the manufacturer. This is enough to power up small devices like phones, tablets, fans, lights, and other similar machines.

  • Medium Solar Generators

Medium generators typically provide 250-1,000 watts of power. With this, they can easily power up small devices as well as provide enough power to bigger machines and appliances.

  • Large Solar Generators

These solar generators have capacities ranging from 1,000- 10,000 watts of power. With this, it can act as a continuous source of power for large appliances and machines and be used in numerous applications.

Solar Panel Type

Solar generators also differ in the type of solar panel they have. The material used dictates the panel’s efficiency in collecting and converting solar energy into electricity.

  • Crystalline Panels

Many users recommend this type since it’s more efficient in collecting and converting electricity. They are further classified into monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar variants, but they perform the same. Nevertheless, they are quite expensive.

  • Amorphous Panels

They are cheaper compared to the first type but not as efficient. For example, they take more time to produce the same power output.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Solar Generator For CPAP

Knowing the pros and cons a product provides is essential knowledge for any buyer. With this, you can evaluate if the device can satisfy your needs, and you’ll also know what to expect.

Like all devices, a portable power unit for CPAP machines also has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. This section will list all of them for your perusal.


  • Convenient Energy Source

Solar generators for CPAP machines serve as a handy power bank during camping trips. With them, you’ll be free from the hassle and the cost of finding and using electricity hook-ups in camping sites and your own vehicle’s battery.

Having a solar generator is also convenient, especially during emergencies. Power surges and failures are inevitable when there’s bad weather. However, with a solar generator, you can still use your CPAP machine in these situations.

  • Portable

A portable power supply for the CPAP machine often has compact and lightweight designs. For one, they’re quite small, and their solar panels can be folded such that you can comfortably pack them in your travel bags.

Moreover, with solar panels, you can even charge the generator while hiking or exploring the site.

They also have a simple design and interface, making them easy to use. Unlike electricity hook-ups or vehicle batteries, these generators do not require an extension cord. You can just directly connect them to your CPAP machine.

  • Eco-friendly

Relying on solar energy, these CPAP solar generators don’t require fuel to operate. You can just prop them up outside or carry them around with you, and they’ll start charging. Depending on the battery they come with, generators can take 6-12 hours to charge fully. Likewise, these generators also do not produce any harmful waste to the environment. This makes them an effective and sustainable solution.

  • Energy-efficient

CPAP solar generators can even help reduce electricity costs since it just relies on the sun for energy. This inexhaustible energy source also enables the generator to work for long periods without worrying about increasing costs.


  • Delayed Charging Time

Solar generators are convenient since you can just quickly charge them anytime. However, sunny days aren’t constant. While these generators can still charge in overcast and cloudy days, charging time becomes slower. Some generators can even take several days to charge fully. Thus, you might have to wait for a few more hours before using your CPAP machine.

  • Place Restrictions

Some CPAP solar generators may produce noises when operating. Hence, some camping sites regulate generator use to certain hours, and there are even some places where these generators are entirely forbidden. In these situations, you might have a hard time using and recharging your CPAP machine.

How We Picked And Tested


CPAP machines are essential items for those suffering from sleep apnea and other sleeping troubles. Using one of these can be quite tricky during camping trips.

While camping may be easier now than before, it still doesn’t erase the fact that electricity can be scarce and sometimes unavailable in specific locations and situations. Hence, many users purchase solar generators.

Solar generators provide a convenient and portable way for you to use your CPAP machine. Due to their popularity, there are numerous models and types of solar generators in the market. This endless array of choices can make it difficult to choose, especially for beginners.

However, you don’t have to worry. This section will list down all the factors you need to consider when you are out shopping.

  • Battery Capacity

The battery capacity points to the amount of energy the solar generator can store for later use. As such, the bigger the size, the longer you can use the generator.

CPAP machines have a relatively low power consumption compared to other devices. It only needs about 40-150 watts of power, depending on the device’s features.

You must know your CPAP machine’s specifications before you go and buy a solar generator. Many users find it ideal to invest in a model that can provide that wattage or even more for comfortable use.

  • Solar Panel

Solar generators have solar panels which are responsible for collecting and converting solar energy into electricity. They differ in the material they use and their efficiency.

Crystalline solar panels are recommended since they are the most efficient. They are further classified into monocrystalline and polycrystalline variants. The former model is practical due to its silicone-wafer construction; however, they are also the most expensive.

On the other hand, some amorphous models are said to be light and flexible. Out of the types, they are also the cheapest. However, they are not as efficient as the crystalline variants and, thus, take longer to generate the same amount of power.

  • Weight

Weight is also another factor you need to consider. The larger the capacity, the bigger and heavier the solar generator will be. Since you are camping, a portable model might be ideal.

A solar generator that weighs 10-20 pounds is easy to carry around and provides sufficient power to charge your CPAP machine. If you want to further cut back on the weight, find a model that comes in a simple design and foldable solar panels.

  • Extra Features

It’s also not bad to look for a model that comes with extra features. One of these you need to look out for is the number of plugs the solar generator might have. With this, you can connect and charge other devices aside from your CPAP machine.

Another useful feature would be different charging methods. There are times where charging via solar panels might not be ideal. Hence, it’s most useful if the solar generator also provides other charging methods such as AC charging and the like.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long can a solar generator power a CPAP machine?

How long you can run a CPAP machine on a generator depends on the generator’s electrical output and the CPAP’s energy demand. A rough formula for operation time is the generator’s Wh x 0.85 /CPAP’s wattage.

As a rule, the generator’s power output must be sufficient to supply the CPAP’s electrical requirements.

For example, a solar powered CPAP machine for infants must deliver positive air pressure for 12 to 16 hours nonstop. On the other hand, toddlers might only require 11 to 14 hours, while adults need at least seven hours.

The good news is that many solar-powered CPAP generators have extended runtimes. For instance, the 1100Wh Inergy Apex can run a 30-watt CPAP machine for at least 36 hours, while the 1300Wh EcoFlow Delta 1300 will operate the same medical equipment for more than 43 hours.

How many watts does a CPAP machine use?

A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine operating on AC electricity can run on as little as 80 watts or as much as 120 watts. The demand is slightly lower for DC devices, at 60 to 100 watts.

It is crucial to recognize that many pieces of modern equipment have nominal and peak power requirements. Nominal power refers to the machine’s normal-load electrical consumption, while peak power reflects its electrical requirements during heavy load or extended operation.

Hence, a CPAP might have an 80-watt nominal rating but can jump to 135 watts at certain times.

As a rule, the CPAP solar generator should accommodate the machine’s peak power requirement (i.e., 135 watts).

What size generator do I need to run a CPAP machine?

A portable generator for the CPAP machine should deliver sufficient electricity to run the medical equipment.

Determine how long you’ll need to run the CPAP, then calculate its power consumption by multiplying its wattage and run time.

The result will be the minimum size of the solar generator kit for camping, though I recommend upsizing it, especially if you also use the generator for other appliances.

What is the most trusted solar generator for CPAP brands?

There are different versions and variants of solar generators you can choose from in the market. While variety is welcomed, having this amount of choices can also make it challenging to select a model that works for you.

Regardless, doing your research is essential. You can do this by reading product reviews online or going to your local store and checking the product out for yourself. Many users also tend to look at brands and manufacturers. Recommended manufacturers include:

  • FF Flashfish Store
  • SereneLife Store
  • Jackery Store
  • ROCKPALS Store
  • BALDR Store

These companies are known to provide high-quality and efficient solar generators for just a fraction of a price.

How to use?

A solar generator collects and converts solar energy into electricity that can be used to operate your CPAP machine. To do this, it typically has the following features: solar panel, battery pack, inverter, and charge controller.

Using your solar generator is easy since it only has minimal parts and doesn’t require the user to operate it. You just need to set the solar panels up in a sunny area and connect it to the battery pack.

When this happens, the solar panel’s cells collect solar energy and convert it into DC energy. A good portion of this energy is stored in the battery pack for later use.

The other half, however, travels to the solar generator’s inverter, where they will be converted into AC energy. This is because most appliances cannot run on DC energy.

Once converted, AC energy then flows into the generator’s charge controller. This controller controls the current flow leaving the generator.


Having your solar generator is a great and useful investment, especially when you tend to travel and camp out a lot. With this, you have the convenience of having a constant and stable power source to charge and recharge your CPAP machine. As such, you can have a comfortable night of sleep, even when engaging in different outdoor activities.

Due to their popularity, there are different solar generators you can choose from. Even so, selecting the best one for your CPAP machine can be challenging. Hopefully, this buying guide on the best solar generator for CPAP has provided you with enough information and data to help you make your choice. Safe travels!

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