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The Best Solar Lights for Shades of 2023

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

More homeowners are opting for solar lighting solutions as alternative for traditional lights that rely on electricity. These lights run through solar power. They are ideal solutions if you’re looking to contribute to less pollution, less energy consumption and cleaner air. So, what are the best solar lights for shade?

If you’re looking for solar lights that can work even under a shady tree, for instance, you should keep reading. In the following, we’re featuring the top solar patio lights that can be used in any outdoor space. They are easy and simple to install and use as well as affordable to buy.

best solar lights for shade

Also, we’re writing the things to look for when shopping around for this kind of product. What are the factors to consider? Let’s find out.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview BEAU JARDIN GL002-1

Maggift ‎EC23291-2

TONULAX ‎43338-7533

Quantity 8 8 2
Material Stainless Steel, Glass Plastic ABS
Brightness 10 lumens 3 lumens
Runtime 12 hours 8-10 hours 18 hours
Waterproof IP65 IP44 IP65
Details Details Details


Top 10 Solar Lights For Shade Reviews

1. BEAU JARDIN Solar Lights

  • Easy to set up, no wiring or tools needed
  • Ideal for outdoor spaces like garden, pathway or driveway
  • Sun-powered energy saving
  • Made for outdoor conditions
  • Eco-friendly
  • A bit pricier

Another top recommendation for solar lights is the BEAU JARDIN lighting solution. Online and in other marketplaces, they’re bestsellers for their reliability and performance. This product can also offer us with installation convenience. In fact, you can select to install them in-ground.

The item is one of the top-sellers in the category because of its heavy-duty performance. You can rely on it for long-term use without having to worry about frequent replacement. The outdoor solar lighting is also with eight pieces of solar lights per pack.

It only means we can decorate a larger space with it. So if you want to illuminate your outdoor space, you might want to check out the solar lighting that already comes with eight pieces of LED lights.

The garden lights are also made of heavy-duty materials that make them rustproof to last longer. I would also like to note that the pathway lights are with an automatic sensor that makes it smart and innovative.

The wireless lights are also made of stainless steel with lightshade that is watertight diamond glass. So with that, you could have peace of mind that the lights are perfect for outdoor use.

In addition, these solar-powered lights are ideal for all outdoor spaces you can think of for their durability. They work and last longer than those made of plastic materials do. More so, I would like to note that the lighting solution is easy to assemble and use. Out of the box, you can easily set them up without any additional tools needed.

You don’t have to worry about setting them up because they require no tools. This item also has no wiring needed, so you can install them anytime anywhere.

I would like to mention that you could also quickly install the lights on the ground if you want to. All you have to do is to install them by pushing them into the ground.

The lights are also recommended because they are with a full refund. So if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return them within one month. I would also like to note that the lighting is with an automatic on and off function.

At daytime, they absorb sunlight to through the solar panel, and then convert them into electricity in order to recharge the Ni-MH battery. The lights can turn on at night to provide the illumination that you need.

The white decoration solar lighting is also nature-friendly because it relies on the sun for power. It does not need electricity from fossil fuel to run, making it an eco-friendly alternative to lights plugged into an outlet to operate.

The decorative lights with diamond shape are running through the solar panel. They can give off light for up to 12 hours, staying lit all night. With them, we can enjoy free lighting that beautifies the lawn and garden but without us spending more on electricity.

On the downside, the product is a bit pricier than other solar lighting available on the market is. But overall, it is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to fossil-fuel dependent lighting solutions. It is also easy to install and use and has top of the line feature like durability and solid performance.

2. Maggift Solar Garden Lights

  • Waterproof and weatherproof materials
  • With an integrated NI-MH battery
  • Eight pieces LED lights
  • Eight to 10 hours of operation
  • No wirings needed
  • Plastics might be flimsy

Do you want to beautify your garden? Improve the way it looks by choosing the Maggift Solar Garden Lights! It is another recommendation I would like to include on this list because it is versatile and functional while not being expensive.

These lights can provide romantic and warm lighting to your patio, garden or walkway and other outdoor spaces.

The solar garden lights are easy to install and use. You just have to take the light cover away to start the charging process once already set up. To ensure that they work properly, you must charge them for full eight hours for long hours of work at night.

For this reason, I recommend that you place the lights in spots where they could collect sunlight at daytime. Also, you should not put the lights in hard ground to prevent them from breaking.

One of the things I would like to note about the solar lights is that they are made of waterproof and weatherproof materials. It only means our peace of mind that the items will not be damaged even when exposed to the outdoor elements and weather.

In addition, the solar lighting solution is with a warm white color that is pleasant for the eyes and romantic for the senses. That is why the lights are also ideal for installation in the patio, garden or any other outdoor space.

There are also already eight pieces of LED lights in this pack. It only means that we can decorate a larger space if we need to than other lights for sale in two or four pieces per pack.

In this case, we can also be certain that we can make our outdoor space more inviting and pleasant especially if we want to decorate it for a special occasion.

I would also like to note that we would only spend up to eight hours of charging time to the solar panels if they’re getting enough sunlight. When fully charged, they can work between 8 and 10 hours.

As the Maggift Solar Garden Lights are solar-powered, you don’t need any electricity or pay for additional electricity. Plus, this model is with long-lasting operations for its heavy-duty solar panel. It works automatically, turning on at night and turning off at dawn.

On the cons, the plastics might be flimsy, but then, the lights are still a top choice for its performance and reliability.

3. TONULAX Solar Lights Outdoor

  • One of the top-quality in designs
  • Adjustable leaves and stems
  • Maintenance-free
  • Can be sent as a gift
  • Can deal with the bad weather
  • More color options can make them more appealing

This product is another we recommend in the category especially among garden solar lights outdoor and waterproof. It is loaded with the features that we should be shopping around for when comparing

One of the features I appreciate about it is its color of red and purple. They are gorgeous and lovely and with a feminine touch. It is as if they’re adding flowers to our gardens.

You might want to check them out if you are looking to improve the appeal and appearance of your garden. They’re cost-effective in enhancing the overall landscape appearance of your lawn, patio or outdoor space.

The Butterfly yard and patio decoration is the perfect choice for those who want not just accent lighting but also additional decoration for their garden, driveway or walkway. This item is also remarkable for having a wider solar panel, which aids in the charging of the flower lighting.

The Butterfly solar powered lighting with a larger lily design is an upgraded version with the appearance and quality of a real flower. This model is also with an upgraded solar panel that can convert sunlight into solar power even in a cloudy weather.

I would also like to note that the lighting is easy to install and maintain. When it comes to the installation, the item is a breeze to set up. You don’t need any special tools or have to use any wires for the job.

Regarding maintenance, the item requires little to no maintenance. Once installed, you don’t need to worry about anything at all in terms of illuminating your walkway, pathway or backyard.

Another benefit of choosing the path lights is its suitability for use in many places that also include flowerbeds, trees, walkways and other outdoor spaces. So regarding versatility, there is no doubt that the item is a class of its own.

In addition, this model is with waterproof glass, which is rated at IP65, is dependable for any types of weather. With it, you can be sure that the light can deal with the rain and snow as well as other weather elements.

I would like to note that the product is also designed with adjustable stems and leaves. With such feature, you can be certain that you can adjust them based on your preferred position.

It is possible because the leaves and stems are propped up by an iron wire, giving durability and flexibility to the solar lighting. Bending the leaves and stems is easy to come up with the style and angle you want. What’s good is that the flower lights do not lose shape even with thousand times of bending.

On the cons, more color options can make the solar lighting more appealing, though. The manufacturer might want to consider that to give their consumers a better option. Overall, the lighting is a great choice for its convenience and ease of installation and energy-efficiency.

4. Sunlitec Solar Lights

  • Decorative, elegant flame design
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Weather resistant
  • Comes with an automatic on and off switch
  • Can be used in the deck, driveway, patio or garden
  • Longevity issues for some

Another recommendation for solar lights for decorating or accenting landscape decoration is the Sunlitec lighting solution. I liked that it is with the features that we need and looking for when it comes to finding a good solar light that will last to serve us longer.

One of the things I liked about the solar decorative lights is its flame design, which I find unique and pleasing. The flame design is not very common for products like it. I bet you will also find it a cool choice for a design.

The flame design is not only unique but also a safe alternative to real flames, which can be hazardous. These lights are not carrying real fire, so you don’t need to worry about starting a fire.

The lights have LEDs, which are able to cast a pleasant and soft fire-like glow. I can say that they are a delight to the eyes and can enhance one’s mood. I recommend putting these in the garden or patio or any outdoor space where you relax or read a book while sipping tea or coffee.

However, take note that they are accent lights, so they’re not as bright as other solar lights. Generally, these lights are used for decorative purposes, providing bright enough lights for a pleasant environment. I would like to note that the lights are with an optical controlled technology that makes them more attractive and pleasant for the eyes.

In addition, I’d like to note that the best solar lights for shaded areas are eco-friendly. They don’t need rechargeable batteries to run or operate. They can operate using solar energy in charging themselves.

It works simply by charging all day, collecting the sun’s energy. At dusk or in the dark, they turn on automatically to provide soft lights in the peace of the evening.

However, do note that these lights need about eight hours of charging. There is no hassle though because they do it in the day. This pack comes with a lithium ion battery that can power the solar lights for up to 10 hours in the summer when sunlight is abundant. But in the winter, the lights can run only up to five hours once charged at 100%.

Another thing I would like to note about the solar lights is its easy installation, and in fact, they’re flexible. You can set them up anywhere and anytime. They can be used anywhere you need decorative lights. For instance, you might want to install them in the garden when you would hold a special event like a wedding or a birthday celebration.

The romantic and warm torchlights are easier to install because it comes with stakes. If you would set them in the ground, you need to push them down, or hang them if installing on the walls.

More so, the solar lights are weather resistant, so you don’t need to worry about them being damaged by the harsh weather. The all-season lights will not be affected by any harsh outdoor conditions including rain, heat or winter. The lights are proven to survive these conditions because they’re designed and constructed to survive the outdoors.

In addition, they’re waterproof, so they can deal even with a heavy downpour or any unexpected outbursts of water. They’re also sturdy and durable to last longer with an IP65 rating.

I would like to note that the lights are also cost-effective. The torches are affordable while also being flexible.

They are great choices for those who want efficient and functional solar lighting but do not want to spend much on it. By choosing the Sunlitec lighting, you can be certain of quality solar lights with an elegant design and solid construction.

On the cons, there were some longevity concerns for other users, though. Still, the lighting solution is one of the top-rated choices for homeowners and property owners that want accent lighting at an affordable price.

5. W-LITE LED Landscape Solar Spot lights

  • Energy saving and efficient
  • Adjustable and flexible for more practical uses
  • Ideal for the driveway and backyard
  • Weatherproof to keep up with harsh elements and outdoor conditions
  • Usability span up to 5000 hours
  • Not as bright as other lighting solutions available
  • Not motion sensor

The solar lights that can be used for shaded areas must be bright enough to provide the illumination you want for an outdoor space.

The cool white solar lights for outdoor landscapes are one of the top-tier choices around for its solid features and heavy-duty performance. For one, it can offer an automatic switch on and off to count on, making it one of the most efficient products in the category.

With the automatic switch on and off, you don’t need to attend to it. It works by automatically turning on at night and off at daytime. The solar lights will be off and be recharged again so that they’ll be ready when the dark comes.

I would also like to note that the product is durable because it is IP65 rated. It only means that it can withstand weather conditions, including rain, snow and ice. You can look forward to long-term use of this product for this feature.

In addition, I’d like to mention that the W-LITE LED landscape lighting is adjustable and flexible. This item is designed with a separate solar panel, allowing for total flexibility. With such design, the product can also avoid two lights from being overexposed to the rays of the sun.

Speaking of being adjustable, the two lights come with an adjustable head that can be modified up to 90 degrees. It is useful to highlight spaces in your garden that you want to decorate. With such modification, you can adjust the head to the direction or angle that will also put the spotlight in places where you need it.

The accent lighting also offers you with plenty of advantages, and that of course includes its ability to offer our garden with a better landscape design. This product comes with two pieces of stakes to hold it in place, and keep it there.

On the other hand, you can also easily mount the item to the wall using the included bracket.

I would like to note that this product also offers a longer lifespan versus other products on the market can. For one, I noticed that it is designed with aluminum not plastic. This material makes the item more durable than other options made of plastic are.

I would like to note that it is also with an integrated 2200mAh battery charged by the sun at daytime. It can offer up to 5000 hours of usability span. This product also has heatproof and waterproof features to ensure that it can deal with all weathers.

However, you should take note that its working time depends on the weather condition, location, season and temperature. You must also remember that low temperature can lead to an insufficient charge.

On the cons, it has no motion sensor and not as bright as other solutions on the market. But overall, the item is a great pick among homeowners that want convenient and efficient accent lighting for walkways, garden paths and other outdoor spaces.

6. AMIR Upgraded 2 in 1 Solar Lights

  • Quality and durable
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Adjustable to find desired lighting angle
  • Automatic switching on and off
  • Long-lasting and upgraded battery
  • Quite dim lights

Another recommendation when looking for solar lights for decorative purpose is the AMIR solar lights. It is loaded with cool and innovative features that make it a top choice among property owners and homeowners that want accent lighting for their garden, patio or any other outdoor space.

The lights with an adjustable angle up to 180° are a favorite in the solar lighting category for decorative purposes because it can beautify the garden and other outdoor space.

The AMIR lighting is also reliable for any outdoor spaces because it is weather- and waterproof. When it comes to durability, this item should not be missed.

You can rely on it for all-season use because it can be exposed to the harsh weather like rain or snow. There is no need to worry about it being damaged when it becomes wet.

The adjustable spotlight also has an elegant design, one of the things I liked about it. This model has the separation that creates flexibility. Its panel and light are separated so that you can make a better choice.

Another thing I would like to mention is that the lights also have 200 lumens of output, just enough to provide illumination to the driveway, garden, flag, stairs, porch or path. This item is with brightness that you need for its price.

In addition, the AMIR Upgraded solar lights are with an upgraded battery as well as a larger size solar panel. Its integrated battery is a rechargeable 18650-lithium battery, which can offer a longer operation time.

More so, the lights are made more durable with an IP65 rating for waterproof ability. By choosing the lights, you can have peace of mind that they will last long. I also noticed that the lights are good outdoor spotlights that can accentuate a garden decoration, too.

Also, there are two installation options to choose from and use. You can mount the lights on the wall or stick them into the ground. You don’t also need tools to set them up, so you don’t need to worry about any hassle.

I would also like to note its good brim for the light head design, preventing the sun from directly shining on the LED lamps. This item is also with all needed accessories for installation, including three pieces screws, each with expansion pillar-hinge, an English manual and one piece of solar spotlight.

On the cons, the solar lights are quite dimmer than other models are, though. But overall, the lighting solution is perfect for outdoor use. It also requires no wires in installation and offers versatile adjustments for more convenient use.

7. LowVoltz Solar 6 Pack Path Lights

  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Has a modern design
  • Can be assembled in five minutes or less
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Lovely and elegant design
  • Some customer support issues

These solar path lights are some of the most reliable options among homeowners looking to beautify their gardens and outdoor spaces. The lights are made of topnotch and durable materials that make it a top seller in the solar lighting category. If you’re looking for heavy-duty and long-lasting lights, you might want to check out the 6-pack path lights.

One of the things I liked about the outdoor solar lights is that it comes in a pack of six lights, allowing us to improve our outdoor space, such as the walkways or pathways. It is also for adding lights in the gardens and other outdoor areas.

In addition, I liked just the right amount of lighting that these lights can give. I believe that they could enhance the look and appeal of an outdoor space effectively. The warm light is just right for that cozy and romantic feeling that you’d like from time to time. But take note, the brightness is not too bright, as they’re meant for accent lighting only.

In addition, I find these lights a valuable choice because they’re designed and made of strong and rigid plastic that can deal with the outdoor elements. So regardless of the weather condition in your place, you can rest assured that you’d get excellent lighting by choosing the LowVoltz Solar 6 Pack Path Lights.

One of the latest in innovations that the manufacturer has applied is that the plastics are applied with a UV protected coating. It only means to say that they could last for a longer time even when exposed to the harsh outdoor conditions.

Another good thing about the solar lights is that they can be positioned in a semi-shaded place like roof overhang or under a tree without sacrificing lighting time operation. In that case, you can rest assured that the lighting will work even if you are living in a not so sunny area.

I am also thrilled to know that that the item is a breeze to install. We don’t need to use any special tools to set them up. In fact, you can install it in a breeze, on the average like within five minutes. That said you don’t really have to hire someone to do it for you. It is one of the benefits of using these solar lights.

The lights are going to turn on automatically at night and off at daytime. I also liked that the solar-powered lights also make it convenient for users. At day, it will automatically recharge so that they can turn on at night when fully charged.

When it comes to the design, I would like to commend the manufacturer for designing the lights with a sophisticated look and modern design. They can match and complement any decoration and theme.

I also liked that the lights are with a sleek and modern design that matches our home’s exterior. With that said, we could have peace of mind that we can always have a contemporary flavor into our homes.

Finally, I liked that the solar-powered lights are with a good guarantee. The low voltage lights are with quality that you can count on, but if you find any problem on them, you can just contact the support.

On the cons, there were some customer support issues, though. Overall, the LowVoltz solar lighting is one of the most suitable choices around for its durability and reliability as well as solid performance that you can count on.

8. Magictec Solar Spotlights

  • Weatherproof materials
  • Easy to install with screws included
  • Ground or wall installing is suitable
  • Durable and heavy-duty performance
  • Lovely accent lights for the walkway or patio
  • Some longevity issues

Magictec is another reliable brand that can offer us with only reliable and quality spotlights. One of their offerings is the solar spotlights perfect for gardens and landscapes. I would like to note that this is another recommendation on solar lighting that you should not miss if you’re looking for solar uplights that can work efficiently.

The 2-in-1 Warm Light is a valuable addition to your landscape because it has a great design. It will suit no matter the decoration in your space. The two-pack model is also with an on and off sensor that makes it convenient to use. It is one of the things we must be shopping around when finding this kind of product on the market.

In addition, I would like to commend the solar lights for its durability. As you already know, we need to install it outdoors. For this reason, we should see to it that we’re choosing one that is weatherproof and waterproof. With these features, we can be certain that they can perform for a longer time and for many years.

By choosing this item, you can have peace of mind that you’re going to get the most out of your spending. Durability is one of the features that you should be looking for when shopping around for accent lighting. And definitely, you will not miss on that when you choose the Magictec solar lights.

This item is an all-weather model, meaning you can use it even in snow, ice or rain. As the solar lighting is always exposed to the harsh weather elements, we must look for one that can last for a long time even with outdoor elements exposure.

I would also like to mention that another top feature it has it is its heatproof feature. With it, you can have peace of mind that it can handle sun exposure. In addition, I liked that it’s versatile for wall mounting or ground installing.

By saying that, it also means that you can choose the manner of installation that you deem appropriate or better for your situation.

All the screws are included. You don’t also need any wiring before using the accent lights. The screws needed for the installation are already with the item, too, so you don’t need to find compatible ones.

Before I forgot, this product also features adjustment of up to 180 degrees. For this feature, you can be certain that you can use it in the place where you need it. For example, you can adjust it at a good angle in order to catch the sunlight.

However, isolated longevity issues were reported, though. But still, this item is remarkable when it comes to the versatility and design it has. You can install it in wall or ground whichever you prefer. You can also have peace of mind that it is made of quality materials and has a solid design.

9. NAIYO Solar Ground Lights

  • Easy to install and set up
  • Energy efficient
  • All-season lighting
  • Quality materials
  • Reliable brand
  • Plastics might not be durable

Another recommendation to consider when finding solar-powered lighting solutions is the NAIYO ground lights, which are bright enough in providing us with the solar lighting we need for our patio or lawn. I also noticed that the ground lights are also good for use as floodlights.

The NAIYO solar lighting is also affordable, making it a cost-effective choice among homeowners looking for beautiful lights without spending too much.

The solar lights for the outdoors are also a great choice among those who are looking for a compact design for their solar-powered ground lights. They have a small and compact footprint that makes them space saving, too.

In addition, the solar lights are with wide solar panel and designed with eight pieces of LED lights. Also, the LED lighting is with an integrated 600Mah battery. With just 8 to 10 hours or charging, it can provide us with up to 12 hours of illumination just make sure that you charge them fully at daytime.

More so, I recommend the solar lighting because it has the strength that we’re looking for an outdoor light. The materials are ABS plastic, making them fit for outdoor use. It also has the ability of isolating the mist and the water. The lights can work no matter the weather. However, the lighting times may be reduced during the winter due the weak sun power supply.

There is also no need to worry about keeping it working or switching it on or off. The unit can work automatically. It can turn on at night without you having to switch it on, and off at daytime when it needs to recharge. But during first time use, make sure to turn the switch on.

When buying this kind of product, you also have to make it certain that it’s easy to set up so that you can use it easily. You will be glad to know that you can install these lights in two or three minutes. Plus, what’s good about it is that you don’t need any wiring to set it up. You don’t also have to use any adapters to use this product.

The lighting solution is also easy to install and flush into the ground, so it is not also distracting for the view. Once installed, you can also let the sun do the rest of the job. It will start working at night once charged, and off at daytime when it has to charge. Regarding the maintenance, you can just wipe with damp cloth from time to time if needed.

On the downside, the plastics might not be as durable. The TECH solar disk light, overall, is a great lighting solution for those who want a solar alternative to provide illumination in their garden or patio.

10. SURSUN Outdoor Patio Light

  • Weather resistant materials
  • Long running time when fully charged
  • 1 year replacement and refund warranty
  • Can be used in any outdoor spot like lawn, driveway or garden
  • No wiring needed
  • Can be on the dimmer side for some users

SURSUN is another emerging brand in terms of solar-powered patio lights. It’s committed in offering quality and reliable solar products to its customers looking for clean energy solutions like outdoor lighting. This item is one of their top-rated offers so far and also a favorite among consumers.

One of the things that make it a standout is that it already comes with 16 pieces of landscape lights. These lights allow us to decorate a larger garden or patio space. We can arrange them in the way we want in order to highlight the beauty of the spot.

However, remember that their lights are quite dim because they’re meant for accentuating a spot not for brightening it much more like decorative lights. The lights for the driveway, walkway, yard, patio, lawn and other outdoor spaces are also made of weatherproof materials, ensuring they can last long even with exposure to harsh weather.

The SURSUN Outdoor Patio Light is a topseller in the category, and there is no doubt why. One of the things that make it a chosen light is its affordable price. However, it is not without the features that I liked.

For example, the patio lights are of stainless steel, meaning being rust-resistant to last longer. The material is resistant to corrosion and rusting, and for that, you can be certain that it won’t have to suffer from rust.

With that said, you can be certain that the outdoor lights can deal with the rain or snow. It also goes to show that the item can continue working no matter the season.

Another thing I would like to mention is that the solar lights can also help us save energy. It is a great alternative to our conventional lights. Using them, we can be certain that we don’t need to spend more on our electricity bills.

As the lights are collecting energy from the sun, they don’t also increase our energy consumption. And as they’re solar, they also do not cause pollution to the environment. So if you’re into clean energy appliances, devices and systems, you should not miss these outdoor patio lights.

They are also bright enough to improve the appearance of a space in addition to requiring no additional electricity spending on your part. For the charging, the lamp needs between six and eight hours of charging. And with that, these lights can already run from eight to ten hours.

I would also like to note the modern simplicity and vintage outlook of the lamp, matching any decoration or theme of a space.

Lastly, the manufacturer has included a one-year replacement and refund warranty on this product. It only means peace of mind to users, knowing they can get help whenever something goes wrong with their purchase.

On the negative side, the lighting is quite dimmer for some users, though. But overall, the SURSUN Outdoor Patio Light is a decent choice for patio or lawn lights for its reliability and heavy-duty performance. It’s reliable to work under any types of weather and without any wiring needed.

Why You Should Trust Us

Trust us when shopping around for a solar light for shaded areas! We don’t just create reviews and post them on this site, but we carefully select the products to review.

Before choosing the patio lights to include in this review, we’ve carefully thought of the things to look for when comparing these lights.

Thinking about and carefully considering our options, we can make a better decision. Once done determining the things to look for when shopping around, we have researched on the top picks in the category that will match our criteria.

From there, we created and reviewed each product and listed their pros and cons. These benefits and drawbacks will help you figure out the one to give you the advantages you’re looking for when finding this product.

In each review, we’ve also highlighted the features you could expect from using such products.

Nevertheless, our team is committed to writing fair and objective reviews that will help you select the right product for your needs.

We’re your clean energy team that is here to be your source of useful information when shopping for solar products, including lighting solutions. Our people are passionate about making the world cleaner using non-polluting products like solar powered patio lights.

We believe that energy-saving products like these outdoor lights are innovative and valuable for today’s earth condition.

Using these products, we can make a difference and make the earth a less polluted place. And by not relying on fossil fuel for energy, we can help conserve the earth. We also can save money because solar power is free forever.

Using solar lights, we can save on electricity bills because we don’t need to spend electricity to run the lights that rely on solar power.

Hoping you can find the right solar lighting for your patio, garden or walkway after reading this review.

What Is A Solar Light For Shade And Who This Is For


A solar light for shade is an innovative, energy-saving solution for homeowners and property owners looking to install clean energy products for outdoor spaces like the lawn, garden, patio, walkway or driveway.

The versatile lawn lights are affordable lighting solutions that you can count on all the time. They don’t require electricity or wires to run because they get their power from the sun.

The products do not also have wires, so you can install them anywhere, anytime. You can use them in decorating a space without any hassles even if you don’t have an experience in electrical or wiring installations.

Who should buy these lights? Property owners looking to enhance the beauty of their outdoor spaces should buy these lights. They can install these lights anywhere, anytime, so they are versatile enough for all outdoor spaces.

If you’re looking for alternatives to traditional lighting requiring electricity and wiring, you must also buy these solar lights. They don’t add to energy consumption but only to the beauty of your place.

Overall, the solar lighting solutions for the outdoors are for people that love clean energy products, that don’t want to spend additional on electricity use, and that want to help in conserving the environment.

How Does It Work

Do solar lights work in the shade? Yes, they do. However, for optimal performance, the lights should be placed in a spot where the solar panel could gather as much sunlight as possible. More on how they work in the following …

The solar lights work in a straightforward manner. They have a solar panel and a rechargeable battery built into their system. At daytime, the solar panels collect sunlight, and then the solar energy is converted to power.

The batteries installed are what store the power, which is used in operating the lights at nighttime. It is how easy the process of these solar lights, so they are pretty much easy to operate without needed maintenance or supervision at all.

Once they’re installed, they will work automatically. They will turn on at night and then off in the morning.

So when it comes to operating these lights, you don’t have to worry about anything. They are easy to use. Just think about where you plan to install them, but you’re advised to install them in places where they can receive enough sunlight.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Lights For Shaded Areas


The next thing you might want to know is the types of solar lights for shaded areas. Generally, there are not many types of solar lights because they work pretty much in the same manner. If you’d think of it, all of them are with a solar panel and an integrated battery, either Lithium-ion or Ni-MH for the most part.

So when it comes to types, you don’t really have to stress yourself. They are pretty much the same. The only difference is perhaps on the type of battery installed on them.

But regarding the operation, it is pretty much the same. Still, when trying to compare your options, you should look into the factors to consider so that you can make a better decision.

Those are what we’re going to discuss in the next sections, so keep reading to know what factors to look into when shopping around and comparing your choices.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Lights For Shade

What are the pros and cons of installing solar lights for shade? This question is one of those that many who are unaware of the benefits of solar lighting ask. So before buying, you might have also been thinking what really can be the upsides and downsides of solar lights. To help you realize these, check out the following.


Easy installation and use

The lights are easy to install and use. They can be installed in ground or on the walls, depending on the model you ended up buying.

But in general, the solar lighting options, especially those featured above, are quick and easy to set up. And once installed, you can worry no more about maintenance and use.

The lights work automatically at night to provide illumination to the spot where you install them. At daytime, they turn off so that they can recharge usually for up to eight hours.

Overall, the solar-powered lights are easy to set up and use. They can be installed in five minutes or less. They also require no wirings and electricity to work. So if you’re looking to receive these benefits, you might want to consider installing these solar lighting for your outdoor space.


These lights are also affordable. For a one-time spending, you can have peace of mind that you will have reliable lights but without spending much on them. The solar lights are cost-effective because they also do not add up to the electrical consumption that you have to shoulder monthly.

Clean energy

Solar energy is clean power because they do not add pollution. They do not emit gases and pollutants in the air.

When you install solar lighting for your walkway or driveway, you can rest assured that you will not add or contribute to the pollution in the environment.

Using the solar lights, you can have reliable lighting for your outdoor space but without polluting the environment. You can get started finding your ideal solar lights using our reviews earlier.

Electricity savings

Choosing solar lights, you don’t need to worry about additional energy consumption and bills because solar energy is free. Once installed, power is free forever. You can rely on such products if you want a cost-effective alternative to traditional lights that add to energy consumption.

Safe alternative

These lights will not also cause fire because they’re safe to use. Many of them are certified by the authorities for quality and safety.


The lawn or patio lights are decorative and can beautify the garden, lawn, walkway or driveway. They can beautify the landscape or lawn without any difficulty. As many are also designed with stakes, the lights can be easily pushed into the soil or hanged in the wall.

Waterproof and weatherproof

The lights are made of waterproof and weatherproof materials, so they can withstand the harsh weather like rain or snow. They are specifically made for outdoor use, so their materials are durable and resistant against outdoor elements.


But then, there are also downsides to the lights. For this reason, it pays off that you compare your options well before adding a product to the cart.

For example, some lights are on the dimmer side. That is why you need to check the brightness or lumens of the item you’re buying to avoid disappointment in the end.

In addition, other lights are not very durable. For this reason, you might want to compare your options well based on the materials used. For one, stainless steel can be more durable than plastic is. But then, it may also be more expensive.

Nevertheless, you can study your options and also consider durability instead of the price alone for long-term use.

How We Picked And Tested


Our team has picked and tested from the different solar lights on the market by first determining the things to look into when comparing our choices. In the following are some of them that you can also consider to make a better decision later.


One of the factors to check when comparing your options for solar lights is its affordability. However, it is not only the price that you should look into but also the quality. Nevertheless, you must strike a balance between quality and affordability to ensure that you can use the lighting for long-term.


Read our reviews to find quality patio lights that you can rely on for their heavy-duty performance and efficiency. You can also check on the overall design and operation of the outdoor lights before buying one for better guidance on the quality.

Materials and weatherproof

The materials have to do with the durability and long-lasting performance of the product. That is why you need to compare your options well while also checking on the materials of which the product is made. Some of them include ABS plastic or stainless steel.

There you have some of the things to look for when finding solar lights for shaded areas. Nevertheless, some of the factors to look into include ease of installation, materials, weatherproof ability, quality and affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will solar lights charge in partial shade?

Yes, solar lights charge in the shade. Similar to solar panels that work in winter, systems that produce electricity in the partial shade can display varying electricity conversion efficiencies. Everything depends on how much of the sun is blocked from the solar lights for shady areas.

For example, solar lights might produce more electricity if trees, rather than solid walls, shade them from the sun. The foliage has leaves, twigs, and branches that leave spaces for sunlight to pass through and hit the solar lights for under trees. Meanwhile, a tall solid structure will cast a shadow on the low sunlight solar lights.

Interestingly, three shade categories exist, differentiated only by ambient light intensity. For example, a Category 1 Shade is ideal for solar path lights for shade because they don’t need direct sunlight to charge. On the other hand, a Category 3 Shade might make it difficult for solar lights that work in shade to produce electricity as efficiently as designed.

As a rule, the dimmer the ambient light, the more challenging it is for the solar panel to work in the shade. So it is not surprising if solar lighting fixtures that stay on all night under normal circumstances quickly run out of electricity after an overcast day.

Is the partial sun the same as partial shade?

When it comes to outdoor solar lights, there is not much distinction between “partial sun” and “partial shade” devices. In either case, you’re referring to solar systems that don’t need direct sunlight to produce DC electricity. These units tend to feature bypass diodes, half-cut solar cells, or amorphous panels.

Unlike conventional systems, shade-tolerant solar panels don’t suffer drastic efficiency reduction when not exposed to full sunlight. That said, it goes without saying that these partial shade solar panels’ performance is the most optimal with unobstructed sun exposure.

How long does a solar light for shade last?

Solar light for dark areas has identical components as other solar-powered lighting fixtures. The operating lifespan of solar panels, batteries, LEDs, and circuits defines the longevity of a solar system lampshade device.

Most low-light solar lighting fixtures have LEDs because they are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Moreover, these light bulbs can run for 50,000 to 100,000 hours without fail. You could enjoy the illumination LEDs provide for at least 13 years before replacing them.

Meanwhile, solar panels have an average lifespan of 20 to 40 years. Most units for low-light conditions feature monocrystalline or amorphous silicon photovoltaic technology, allowing users to enjoy 25 to 40 years of continuous clean energy production and solar light operation.

Batteries cannot match a solar panel or LED’s longevity. Nickel-metal-hydride batteries offer a five-year lifespan, while lithium units can only last three years.

How much less efficient are north-facing solar panels?

As a rule of thumb, solar panels should be facing the south for maximum power generation. In contrast, positioning the panels toward the north will reduce energy conversion efficiency by 4% to 29%, depending on the tilt of the roof. This is because, in the Northern Hemisphere, north-facing areas are more shaded than in other directions.

Therefore, finding solar lights for north-facing wall and roofs can be quite challenging. Other than going for shade-tolerant products with the highest efficiency rate to offset the loss, consider purchasing units with remote controls, which allow you to adjust the panels’ angle throughout the day for maximum sunlight exposure.

What are the most trusted solar light for shade brands?     

While you can find many solar light shades on the market, not all of them are reliable enough to last long and perform as expected. For this reason, you should find reputable and quality committed brands. Some of them are W-LITE, Magictec, Sunlitec, Maggift and AMIR. For the rest, you can refer to our buying guide section.

What is the warranty?

The warranty is not the same across all brands. Some of them include a one-year warranty for their solar lights, and others longer. Nevertheless, you should check on it when trying to compare your options for added peace of mind that you can get help when something goes wrong with your purchase.

What are the most trusted places to buy?

There are many good places, including clean energy supplies stores, to buy solar lights. But if you’re looking for top-tier deals, you might want to go to Amazon. There, you can find the most suitable deals and buy from the manufacturers themselves.

How to install and use?

Solar lights are easy to install and use; in fact, they don’t require wiring or electricity. Out of the box, you can just install them where you need them to work. Switch on and charge before use. Once charged, they’ll light at night and off at day.

How to care & maintain?

You can care for and maintain the solar lights in a breeze. You can just wipe them with a damp cloth from time to time when needed. But nevertheless, the lights are low maintenance.


The right solar lights will provide enough illumination to a spot, including a patio, lawn and garden. They are energy-saving, efficient and clean energy products that work precisely but without harming nature or adding to your energy bills and consumption.

These solar lights are also easy to install and use. Once set up, you don’t need to do anything else because they’re low maintenance, too. The solar lighting solutions are also without wiring, so they’re versatile enough for installation anytime, anywhere.

Hoping you find the best solar lights for shade by using this buying guide with the top picks and factors to consider when buying the solar lighting. Buy solar lights now!

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