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The Best Solar Path Lights for Outdoor Garden Landscape

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

Solar-powered home devices have taken the global market by storm, such that choosing the best solar path lights can be challenging. These compact and efficient lights have a wide range of uses. They are gaining popularity in residential areas and commercial businesses for a lot of reasons.

best solar path lights

They are primarily cost-effective and are surprisingly brighter than the standard path lights. Walkways that are dimly lit can benefit from having solar path lights. They can also be placed cleverly along sidewalks, driveways, and even on gardens to bring life to your haven at night time.

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Preview GIGALUMI 6810


Solpex ‎8348-X

Material Stainless Steel, Plastic Stainless Steel, Glass ABS
Voltage 1.2 V 2 V 2 V
No. of Items 12 8 8
Battery 1 AAA Battery 8 AA Battery 1 AA Battery
Battery Capacity 150 mAh 900 mAh
Working Time 8 hrs 8 – 12 hrs 8 – 12 hrs
Waterproof IP44 IP65 IP44
Details Details Details


List of Top 15 Solar Path Light Reviews

1. GIGALUMI Solar Lights

  • Compact design and looks fabulous even during the daytime
  • Quick and easy assembly of each light
  • Charges reliably during the day and functions great by night
  • Withstands different weather conditions
  • The body is made of hard-wearing stainless steel
  • Each light is not as bright as its competitors

The hunt for a compact set of path lights is over. The Gigalumi lights will provide you a decent amount of light without additional electrical output nor extra expenses from your home.

Even without the skill of a professional electrical engineer, or a seasoned home improvement mechanic, you can easily install these lights in your garden. Upon purchase, it comes with a manual that teaches you the basics of its set up. The manual also has illustrations to ingrain further how it should be placed in your garden.

You don’t need to worry about additional expenses or buy extra wires to set up a lighting system outdoors. These lights are powered by the sun. By day, they charge themselves and automatically turn on at night for their working mode.

All year-round, these lights can withstand the drastic weather changes in your location. They can tolerate sunny days and even the rainy season. Beyond that, they can also endure some snow.

I like these path lights because even in the daytime, they are great decorative pieces in the walkways. They make your home garden standout with their sleek and modern look by the day and a very classy lighted vibe at night.

You will get your money’s worth as a set will give you 12 pieces of path lights. Each light can be stationed through your path, so you will ultimately feel safer as you go home. The body is made of durable stainless steel that won’t overheat. It is also explosion-proof.

You need to note that it may not be as bright as its competitors if you single each light out. But when they are arranged neatly in rows, they can light up the entire place and bring you a better environment at night. Overall, its performance lasts for a long time. And for its price, your guests will appreciate the lighted path, and your family will feel safer as they come home with these lights.

2. BEAU JARDIN Solar Lights

  • Made of diamond glass that makes a beautiful pattern of lights
  • The body is made of durable stainless steel
  • Easy to install in gardens or lawns
  • Has an energy-saving mode that automatically turns on and off to save energy
  • Weatherproof grade of IP65 to resist snow, rain, and frost
  • The stake at the tip is not so durable

Putting up lights on your walkway does not have to be boring and bland. The Beau Jardin Lights elegantly light up your path with its unique glass design.

If you are hunting for the top-rated solar pathway lights, you should consider these stunning lights from Beau Jardin. Each unit is made of substantial glass with a stainless steel body. You will feel secured with its durability and sophistication in one. The textured touch of metal and glass gives you a classier vibe for your garden, not to mention its body’s rustproof features.

The diamond-shaped LED bulbs make a wonderful glow during the night. They shine bright for up to 8-12 hours. No extra electricity is needed to keep it on throughout the night. Charge it for 6-8 hours, and your garden is lit throughout the night. Its efficiency makes it a top-standard set of path lights you can invest in.

Upon purchase of these lights, you can immediately set them up in no time. There are no additional tools required to install these lights on your garden. This wireless setup lets you skip the hassle of making sure each solar light is adequately connected. With enough push to the ground, you can then enjoy having a well-lit garden at night.

The energy-saving mode of these lights is probably among its most robust features. By day, it stores the energy through its solar panel then to its Ni-MH battery. By night time, it automatically turns on. It also routinely turns off at dawn to save you energy for future use.

You need not worry about snow, some rain, sleet, or frost. These lights can resist all types of weather with its IP65 waterproof grade.

The stakes included in each light may not be as durable as its body. You might need to think of their long term placement, especially because they can be hard to pull out once staked on the ground. Nonetheless, their brightness and efficiency in providing light through the night are enough reasons for you to buy them out in a set or 2 for your garden.

3. Solpex Solar Pathway Lights


  • It shows a beautiful snowflake light pattern
  • It fully illuminates up to 8 hours if fully charged
  • Polysilicon solar panels are used to give off clear illumination
  • Weatherproof grade of IP44 on these lights
  • Easy to install in various areas
  • They are primarily made of plastic

Walking through your walkways does not have to be boring. The Solpex 8-pack Solar Pathway Lights bring safety and elegance to your home. These lights light up shaded walkways and show a cute snowflake pattern as you walk through at night.

The snowflake pattern of lights is one of its unique features. The double rings of the light’s outer cover create a striking design. And this pattern gives off a beautiful lighting piece when put together with the other lights.

Solar-powered devices can have the downside of lighting up for a few times. But you won’t be having that dilemma with the Solpex because it can fully illuminate walkways for up to 8 hours.

Aside from that, it shows clear illumination throughout its usage. This clarity is because of the polysilicon solar panels. Together with its rechargeable batteries and durable plastic material, these panels make this set among the top-rated pathway lights to spend your money on.

Because these lights are lightweight, they can be kept easily at home. Redesigning your light patterns is not much of a fuss anymore. They are also easy to install in lawns, gardens, walkways, and others.

The solar panels are cleverly placed at the top, and 100% powers the entire system. It has a switch that then takes away the burden of constantly checking if your lights are on. Once the switch is turned on, it automatically charges during the day. It turns on when it starts to dim in your area. The cycle goes on.

A highlight feature that this set of lights can make you invest in more is these lights’ weatherproof ability. They are waterproof IP44-grade, making them withstand rain and some light snow.

The material used in this set of path lights is plastic, and homeowners can sometimes be hesitant on this type of material as it is prone to breakage. But Solpex used corrosion-resistant plastic, made of ABS. Although it’s not metal, this can still keep still on the ground and does an excellent job creating a well-lit atmosphere in your walkway.

4. Maggift Solar Pathway Lights

  • 12 pieces of compact lights
  • Exudes soft white lights that won’t glare
  • It has an IP44 weatherproof grade
  • Completely solar-powered with no additional wiring needed
  • Easy to install and use around the garden
  • The housing can be delicate around too much traffic

Subtly add a decoration that doubles as lights in your backyard. These efficient LED solar pathway lights are cleverly designed to provide adequate lighting without taking too much space in your garden or lawn.

Avoid tripping in your walkway by adding these lights. A set has 12 pieces of solar-powered lights that you can place along your pathway. Each light shines soft lighting that won’t glare along the way. They provide sufficient light, enough that it will guide you every step until you reach your door.

Are you worried that these won’t be of fair use when the weather changes in your area? These lights are graded IP44 for weatherproofing. These lights can withstand mild snow and rain. It continues to shine through as long as the panel is exposed to the sun.

Because these lights are solar-powered, you don’t have to be burdened with additional financial troubles. Wiring it around the house won’t be a problem. It takes energy from the sun, so other electrical skills aren’t necessary to set these lights up.

With 8 hours of fully being on, you can invest in these lights for a reasonable amount of lighting time. It has an energy-saving mode that keeps itself on and then automatically shuts off when recharging its batteries in the daytime.

A quick removal of the tab at the light top quickly puts together the setup. If you are worried that you don’t have a professional background in installing solar-powered devices, you can rest easily when it comes to installing these lights. They are easy to assemble and set up in gardens. Rearrangements on these lights can also be quick.

If you are particular with solar-powered lights’ housing, you might not be a major fan of these lights’ plastic material. It can be a little bit delicate, especially where foot traffic can be heavy. It is better to strategically place these lights so that it can light up your pathway without being exposed to too much pet or foot traffic. These soft lights are ample to keep you safe without being too harsh on the eyes when you go home late at night.

5. Aityvert Solar Lights

  • Realistic flickering flame effect for decorative purposes
  • 20% efficient solar panel
  • 2200mAh rechargeable battery with charge protection
  • IP65 dustproof and waterproof design
  • Extra-long runtimes in the summer
  • Effortless installation
  • Slightly more expensive

Homeowners who want to give their pathways a tropical paradise vibe should consider the Aityvert. With their realistic flickering flame effects, these outdoor walkway lights solar fixtures look like traditional torches in tropical beach resorts. Therefore, hosting a tropical island paradise-themed party with these lights at my disposal.

Regardless of where I install these solar-powered lights, they can create a magical atmosphere. Some might think these fixtures are not bright enough, but I find their 800 lux ratings enough to guide me between points.

These lights feature a solar panel with 2% higher energy conversion efficiency than the JSOT STD. The photovoltaic cells require at least six hours of direct sunlight to power the 2200mAh rechargeable battery, which has protection against overcharging and excessive discharging.

Given the battery’s impressive capacity, it comes as no surprise to me that this solar path light can stay lit for up to 12 hours. Although this figure is only in the summer and will decrease to 5 hours in the winter, it is still commendable because my existing garden lighting fixtures only last eight hours on summer nights.

I do not doubt this solar path light’s IP65 ratings because I can tell that its ABS construction is truly durable. Thus, I’m certain that it can give other homeowners peace of mind when setting these fixtures on their gardens and pathways.

Setting these lights along a pathway is as straightforward as picking the right height and driving the stake to the ground. The process is so simple that I could install these fixtures without any help.

However, this product is about 40% pricier than the JSOT STD. The high cost did somewhat put me off at first, but I am glad that I decided to purchase it.

Overall, this solar path light remains an excellent option for homeowners who want to give their properties a tropical island nighttime vibe while guaranteeing safer passage to the house.

6. JSOT STD Bright Solar Outdoor Lights

  • 150-lumen light intensity
  • 18% efficient monocrystalline panels
  • Only require four to six-hour solar charging
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Versatile dual color modes
  • Adjustable height for easy customization
  • Short warranty period

The JSOT STD is a reliable and efficient solar-powered lighting fixture perfect for illuminating and beautifying gardens, walkways, yards, and driveways. These solar landscape path lights emit stunning beams that can transform any property into a dazzling masterpiece at night.

Although this solar path light only produces 150 lumens, it is more than sufficient to illuminate a walkway. My family and I will feel safer and more confident walking from the curb to the front door with these fixtures guiding every step we take.

I also appreciate its two color modes, one in cool 6500K white and another in warm 3500K resembling an incandescent bulb. I could select the suitable color temperature to create the right landscape vibe. For example, 3500K should be perfect for a tropical atmosphere, mimicking the yellowish light of traditional gas torches.

This solar path light’s 18% monocrystalline power generation efficiency is also incredibly impressive. To be specific, this product only needs roughly 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight to stay lit from dusk to dawn.

The product’s weatherproofing is also commendable. Its IP65 rating is only part of this product’s story. I also love this solar path light’s polycarbonate and ABS construction, making it as robust and weather-resistant as possible.

I am glad the company offered two height options for these solar lights, allowing me to easily set it higher or lower off the ground.

My only complaint about these solar powered pathway lights is their short 180-day warranty. If they had a 12-month warranty like the Aityvert, I would not hesitate to praise that these pathway lights are perfect.

With this product’s excellent quality in mind, it comes as no surprise to me that this solar pathway light has rave customer reviews. It shines bright and has excellent energy efficiency for optimum operation.

7. GIGALUMI Solar Path Lights

  • It has durable and easy-to-attach stakes for the ground
  • Durable stainless steel body with a plastic cover protection
  • Weatherproof path light that withstands weather changes
  • Produces 8-10 hours of light with 6 hours of charging time
  • Easy installation with automatic on and off features
  • The whole unit can be a little bit fragile along pathways

Adding lights to your garden has never been as easy as having the Gigalumi 16 pack solar path lights. This compactly designed set should be on your list of top-rated solar path lights to give your garden some illumination for the night.

You can walk confidently on your walkways now because it has 16 pieces of easy-to-install lights. They can be quickly placed in your lawn as they come with very durable stakes. These stakes keep still on the ground for a long time and stabilize the lights all day long.

When I say that each path light is compact, its features are carefully to give you high-quality solar path lights for its price. The solar panel placement and its batteries are well-designed to provide you with a versatile set of lights. They are compact in a single unit, but illumination is as bright as the regular fuel-powered ones.

The body of each path light is made of stainless steel. It also has a plastic cover that adds protection to the unit. Finally, the tip has a sturdy stake for steadiness upon installation.

One of the top-tier features of this set of path lights is how these are weatherproof. Under the heat or in cold temperatures, this can withstand all weather changes.

Choosing solar devices has its perks. This type does not have the complicated wiring system of the traditional one. The switch also makes it easier to use. Beyond that, it can provide light for 8-10 hours of maximal lighting. Charging can also be as little as 6 hours under the sun.

Installment isn’t a hassle at all. Even if you have no professional background on light installation, steps to place it on lawns and walkways are easy to grasp. Upon switching on the lights, it automatically turns on at night and shuts off at dawn.

These lights can be a bit fragile. You have to place them in areas with less traffic, or strategically place them where people can’t run over them haphazardly. For their price, the performance of these lights can exceed your expectations. They bring beauty and light automatically to your home.

8. URPOWER Solar Lights

  • It has a bigger solar panel that can provide light for a more extended period
  • Exudes a unique snowflake pattern with a warm undertone
  • The housing is made of high-standard ABS plastic
  • Withstands snow, rain, and frost, among other weather changes
  • Can be directly placed on the ground without hassle
  • The light that is radiated is not that bright

If you want to light up your path without being too flashy around your neighborhood, these lights are perfect for you. These are elusive in providing you sufficient light but are also classy under the sun.

There are countless path lights in the market today, but the upgraded solar panels of this model from Urpower will make you purchase more than one set. These panels are more significant than the standard ones from their competitors. Naturally, they can provide light for a more extended period. The height of these path lights is also a bit more elevated than the others.

Light designs can be boring with the typical path lights. The unique snowflake-like and vintage pattern from this set makes your garden stand out from the rest. Nighttime parties are more intimate and creative with the light pattern that it shines through.

These lights provide clear illumination that can last up to 8 hours at night time. They also do not strain the eyes. Other path lights can provide glaring white light, but the warm undertone of these lights calms at night.

You might underestimate the housing of these lights, but it is built from high-standard ABS plastic. This kind of material resists corrosion and will surely last you for years.

Are you unsure of investing in solar path lights because of the weather changes in your area? These are IP65 graded to ensure it can withstand snow, rain, and frost, among the other weather conditions you can have.

The brightest solar landscape lights from Urpower won’t stress you out in the installation process. These can be directly placed on the ground with its durable ground spike.

Although the panels used are more prominent, they don’t seem to exude a bright light. But when placed close to each other, the lights can be sufficient to let you see what you are walking through. This set of path lights is among the most uniquely designed path lights you can invest in for your garden.

9. GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights

  • It emits warm white light that is not harsh on the eyes
  • It has a cute window pattern when turned on at night
  • Sufficiently provides 8 hours of light with just 4 hours of charging
  • Stress-free installation process
  • The unit itself is waterproof
  • A smaller set of path lights compared to others

Do you want to set up lights on your pathway without having additional costs on your electrical bill? It’s time to shift on using solar power for your home. These solar pathway lights from Gigalumi will brighten up your pathway at night, without reaching down your pockets.

Warm white lights are softer to the eyes. These do not cause glaring, especially during night times. These lights radiate with bright light, enough to guide you through. And it also won’t hurt your eyes with its beam.

I also love the Gigalumi lights because it has a window pattern on its housing. This pattern creates squares when it lights up at night, adding creativity as you walk through. It serves as an added natural ornament and still serves its purpose of keeping you from tripping over at night.

With just a minimum of 4 hours under the sun, it can sufficiently provide you with 8 hours of lighting at night. A quick switch, and it then automatically charges itself while being exposed to the sunlight. It then turns on routinely when the sun slowly goes down.

Handling path lights can be tedious if the installation process requires a lot of things to assemble. The good thing is that these Gigalumi lights can be set up in no time.

Rainy days can get in the way of having solar energy stored in the light’s batteries. The good thing about this set is that these are waterproof. So no matter how much rain it goes through, it can still provide you with adequate lighting at night.

Versatility is not skimped when it comes to its design. These lights can easily be installed in driveways, patios, gardens, and balconies. You don’t have to limit yourself to placing these lights on your pathway if it’s unnecessary for your home setup.

These lights are cute for gardens, but they seem to be slightly small compared to other path lights models. But despite their size, the bright warm white light is adequate to keep you safe while walking at night.

10. OSORD Outdoor Solar Pathway Lights

  • It emits a bright light that is perfect for driveways, sidewalks, and other pathways
  • Operates in 2 modes of white light: the cool and the warm modes
  • Detects dusk and dawn to turn on and off automatically
  • Graded as IP65 waterproof; also resists heat and frost
  • Easy to install, can be set up on the wall or the ground
  • Only comes in 4 units

Aren’t you tired of using your phone’s light or any other flashlight just to guide yourself on your way home? These lights are the perfect company as you go home at night. These lights will be one of the top-rated purchases you can make for your home for its price.

If you are searching for high-performance solar lights for walkway use, this lighting solar will be the perfect one that you need. It emits a bright light that is perfect for driveways, sidewalks, and other paths that would seem unsafe in the dark.

What you will love more about these set of lights is how it has two modes for operation. You can have warm white or cool white options when you install them wherever you want. It allows you to blend it in with the surroundings or decoration pre-installed in your home or according to personal preference.

Light sensors can be a bit weak in some models. The built-in light detectors in this unit can detect dusk and dawn to save you energy. It then automatically turns off when it sees the sun rising. It also habitually glows up at night.

Are you worried about unavoidable rain showers in your area? These solar pathway lights are graded IP65 waterproof. They are also resistant to heat and frost. Drastic weather changes won’t affect the quality of light they will give you.

Easy installation among solar path lights is typical. But the most trusted thing about a solar outdoor light, aside from the hassle-free installation, is having two different options on how to install them. These lights can be on a wall or on the ground—that’s versatility beyond its price.

The lights and its features are already great for its price. But you need to note that unlike other solar path sets that come in 8 pieces or more, this only has four units of solar pathway lights. The capacity of these four lights can provide you a long time of changeable bright white light. For me, I like how these can be excellent not just for the ground, but also on discrete walls at home.

11. GIGALUMI Solar Powered Path Lights

  • It has a unique house design with its panels ingeniously placed around its ‘roof.’
  • Exudes warm light for a more cozy vibe
  • Hassle-free installation of the lights
  • Saves you energy with its high-capacity batteries
  • Easy access to the on and off switch
  • Plastic housing can be flimsy

Add a decorative piece in your garden that works wonders at night. The Gigalumi solar-powered path lights have a cute house design that brings a cozy ambiance by day and a warm vibe at night.

The lampshade is powder-coated and has a window design for its solar panels. The ingenious way of incorporating solar panels makes it one of the unique outdoor solar path lights. The design is made of high-quality material that does not break easily.

These lights can be placed in lawns, porches, gardens, and yards because of their unique design. Aside from being a decorative piece, they automatically brighten these areas at night. They exude warm light, giving you a peaceful night that isn’t dark at all. Unlike the bright white light in lawns, this won’t be that much of a glare in the eyes. They gently provide sufficient light for safety, without the harshness of bright white lights.

Installation won’t be a hassle as this does not cause any wiring changes at home. A quick push on the ground, and you can already have it save energy for the day.

These lights save you so much energy without adding additional electrical bills at home. They are entirely solar-powered, not to mention their high-capacity batteries that can work up to an astounding 8 hours with a full charge. Apart from the fact that their batteries are of high quality, they can also be replaced easily when malfunctions.

Turning on the switch is easy. You don’t have to completely take the unit out of the ground as it can be accessed through the ‘roof’ of the house.

The plastic housing of the light can be a bit flimsy. Especially when there is traffic in that area, it should be placed carefully and correctly to prevent the light from tumbling down quickly. Nonetheless, its performance and unique design will ensure that these are among the top-tier lights you can place in your garden. It warms up your night and lightens up pathways without too much glare.

12. Otdair Solar Lights Outdoor

  • Unique design that can be placed on gardens for decorative purposes or on walkways as a guide
  • Durable ABS plastic that lets light permeate
  • It has a dependable light sensor for automatic on and off
  • IP44 protection class for weatherproofing
  • It can give you undisturbed light for 8 hours when fully charged
  • The solar panel is not directly exposed to the sun

Attract the neighbors around you with these eye-catching orbs of light. These serve as a decorative piece and lighting that will guide your every step at night.

The 10-cm ball of solar light is made of plastic. Each ball is easy to carry around and is hassle-free to install in most walkways. They would also be the perfect lighting for gardens where you can have your outdoor dinners. This charming light can also be placed in your porch or lawn and other home areas that will look so much better with unique lighting.

You may think that since this solar light is made of plastic, it can be easily damaged. The ABS plastic is durable and is permeable to light during the day. These round balls of plastic won’t easily be swayed by the wind nor any other weather changes.

Solar energy is one of the top-rated alternatives that you can use to cut costs and leave a lesser carbon footprint. These solely rely on the sun and will not need further wiring connections to function. Each orb light is equipped with a solar panel that absorbs the sun. It also has a light sensor that detects the sun’s presence for an automatic on and off mechanism.

Under the sun, it can be fully charged in 8 hours. And at night, it can also give you an undisturbed lighting system that lasts up to 8 hours.

The IP44 protection class of this light will give you peace of mind that it can withstand different weather conditions. It is protected from severe winds and rains that are unavoidable all year round.

Unlike other solar path lights, the panel of each solar light is located inside the orb light. Although each orb is permeable to light, direct sunlight is still top-tier for solar power. In that case, it is most suitable to place these path lights where maximal sunlight can be absorbed directly on the ball. The cute décor will draw the attention of your guests. And for pathway purposes, I love how these are sufficient to guide each step going home.

13. Twinkle Star Solar Path Lights

  • Elegant matte black finish that is perfect for gardens and walkways
  • It offers two kinds of installation for solid ground and grass walkways
  • Each unit is built for outdoor use as it can withstand different weather conditions
  • Works for 8-10 hours straight on a full charge
  • Shines 42x brighter and beam height can reach up to 16 feet
  • It only contains four pieces of lights in a set

Path lights brighten up your regular route going home. But having a classy and sophisticated one makes the ambiance more elegant and warmer to come home to.

These 50 lumen solar path lights will be the addition that you are looking for. The design isn’t like everyone else’s in your area, and will even shine 42x brighter than the regular ones. The beam can also reach up to an astounding 16 feet if the lights are 100% charged.

Warm white light, when installed on pathways, is not harsh on the eyes. Walking at night is a whole lot safer with these lights, without the glare.

The elegant matte back finish of the body adds elegance to the whole look. The solar light body is stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about tarnishing it over challenging weather changes.

As elegant as they look, they are built for outdoor use. These lights can tolerate snowing, raining, and even sleeting. The body is durable for all weather conditions, and the solar panel can still perform well despite the temperature differences.

People may be hesitant to buy path lights just for the looks. But beyond the elegance, these work on for about 8-10 hours at night, with a charging time of about 6-8 hours.

Most path lights are easy to install because they usually offer one way of installing them. What I like about these lights is that they can also be screwed on to the solid ground. They also come with durable stakes that can be pushed easily to the ground.

These lights are already an excellent investment, especially when you plan to place them where the light source is difficult and scarce. These only come in 4 units, compared to other sets that have 6-8 units of path lights. But the brightness and the beam of each unit exceeds other low-class path lights. That makes this a wise buy compared to its competitors.

14. Azirier Solar Lights

  • It can keep your area well-lit for 8-10 hours by night with a charging time of 6 hours by the day
  • It emits a flower-like pattern because of its housing
  • It can resist snow, rain, and the sunny weather all year long
  • They are great decorative pieces in your garden by the day
  • This pack contains 12 pieces of decorative lights for walkways
  • The housing is made of plastic

You don’t necessarily have to feel guilty about having a set of path lights in your home. Most lights may seem excessive, but these generally provide you with adequate support at every step. Not to mention, the lights from Azirier are also great ornaments by the day.

Getting 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted lighting is easy with these solar path lights. They only need to be recharged for 6 hours to provide you with a safer and more secure path at home by night.

You will love the light pattern that it emits at night. It has a plastic housing that gives off a flower-like design at night. This light pattern will look great on garden dinners and other intimate parties. This effortless lighting system will make guests feel more cozy than usual.

The most suitable thing about these lights is that they can be installed directly without various engineering tools. They can be assembled manually, and you’ll finish setting all of them in no time. The manual also has an illustrated tutorial that makes sure you connect the right pieces correctly.

Most homeowners are hesitant or maybe discouraged regarding having solar lights because of the weather changes in their area. An excellent feature of these lights is that they can sustain snow, rain, and extreme heat all year long.

You’ll feel easy knowing you have invested in the right set. This set has 12 pieces of light in the pack. Together, they emit a radiant glow that turns on automatically.

The housing material can be improved, as many other lights are made of stainless steel. But on the other hand, these lights are lighter and are easier to maintain because of their plastic material. Aside from that, if you are looking for essential lights that can keep your area brighter through the night, these will be a suitable set that will last you a long time.

15. Solar Bollard Lights Outdoor

  • Has a mist surface that keeps the glare out
  • Each LED light has an output of 6 lumens
  • Modern and sleek design for residential and commercial use
  • Stainless steel finish for all types of weather
  • The lights can also withstand snow, frost, and rain
  • Does not emit extra bright light when not fully charged

Homeowners usually have the dilemma of having path lights because they can sometimes be too glaring when all of them are turned on at the same time. But without these lights, the pathway can feel unsafe, and it can also potentially attract robbers in your home.

Having perfectly balanced lights might be the solution that you need. The Solar Bollard Outdoor Lights have the right illumination to guide your steps along the way, without the glare.

What makes these lights unique is how they underwent a mist surface treatment. This treatment keeps the glare out of the way to give you clarity without the eye strain. The warm white light also supports the peaceful ambiance that is steady and calm.

One warm LED light has an output of 6 lumens, and if fully charged, it can provide you adequate lighting for up to 8 hours. By the day, it recharges itself through its environment-friendly batteries.

The modern and sleek design of these lights make them very compatible for residential and commercial use. It will add beauty to your lawn, garage, walkway, and other areas that can be treacherous at night. This just makes them among the best solar path lights you can place your money on.

Are you worried about snow, frosting, or rain in your location? These lights are weatherproof and will still emit light under these weather conditions. The stainless steel body can also endure these extreme temperature changes.

Most solar landscape lights have a thin pole and a stake, but this doesn’t skimp you on durability. The reliable stainless steel body has a direct attachment to the stake that can easily be planted on the ground. That kind of installation won’t take you an hour to set up. It also does not have confusing instructions on which side of the pole should be connected to which.

Its mist finish cannot fully shine bright, especially when it is only charged for a few hours. But under normal circumstances, these are great accent lights that can guide your path. It also looks chic, even in the daytime. The switch is convenient. And when turned on, it transforms your walkway into a safe and well-lit environment.

 Solar Ground Lights Outdoor (Outdated)

  • Versatile device for lawns, gardens, courtyards, stairways, and others.
  • Includes eight ground lights with 8 LED bulbs each
  • Compact design that does not need extra wiring for setup
  • Installation is very hassle-free
  • The unit is dustproof and waterproof
  • The beam is relatively short on these lights

Light up your walkway without the eyesore of the typical lights. This model has the brightest solar path lights that blend seamlessly with your plants and your grass, with less hassle than the familiar setup. Aside from that, versatility is among the most trusted things it can offer you. These ground lights can be placed in courtyards, sidewalks, lawns, gardens, and anywhere that needs adequate lighting.

This set includes eight ground lights, each with 8 LEDs. This number of LEDs provides better lighting and shines even brighter than its competitors that usually provide 6 LEDs per unit. It also shines white light, so it can ultimately leave less dark areas in these shaded areas. This unit’s energy conversion rate is up to 14%, so you can rest easy at night, knowing that there are no dark areas unlit.

Compact ground lights will leave you with fewer worries when it comes to wiring and setup. This set is entirely solar-powered, with built-in rechargeable batteries for energy storage. No other power consumption is required to brighten up your area.

Worried about setting up a solar-powered device? This set only takes a few minutes of your time to install. Maintenance is also easy as you don’t need to change batteries for the device to recharge frequently.

Turn on the switch, and for the day, it will absorb sunlight. When the sun sets, it then automatically turns on. This intelligent light control feature should be enough reason for you to invest in these solar ground lights.

The weather can be the concern of most homeowners as they cannot switch entirely to having solar-powered devices. The good thing about this model is it has a waterproof level of IP65. It is also dustproof. The lamp itself also resists oxidation.

The beam could be short on these lights as they are directly staked on the ground. But the good thing is that its brightness compensates for its beam. It exceeds most customers’ expectations because aside from shining bright, it also lasts an entire night of lighting.

LITOM Solar Landscape Spotlights (Outdated)

  • It has a 120° lighting angle for each light, and the solar panels can be adjust to 90°
  • It has a low and a high light mode
  • IP67 Waterproof, and also resists frost and heat
  • It can be installed on the ground or be mounted on the wall
  • Reliable energy saving and working modes
  • The body is made of plastic that might easily be damaged if not secured properly
  • It lacks the motion-sensing feature of the other path lights

If you need a path light to reach a broader scope on unsafe areas at night, check out the Litom Landscape Spotlights. These lights are the perfect addition to lawns, garages, walkways, and other places far from the light source.

Each light’s 120° lighting angle makes it the top-rated choice for those that need a broader lighting system at night. The solar panels are also adjustable up to 90° for better sunlight exposure. Each spotlight has 12 LEDs, making its performance better than your regular path lights in the market.

What makes these lights unique is the lighting mode that it can offer to its users. It has a low light mode that can provide you sufficient lighting for up to 12 hours. Another way is the high light one, wherein it shines bright in your area for up to 6 hours.

Weatherproofing is among the essential features that you may check on solar light, and this one is graded with IP67 on waterproofing. Each spotlight works well under rain showers and is also resistant to heat and frost.

The energy-saving feature functions well during the day as it stores solar energy. At night, it is on a full working model to give homeowners automatic lighting.

You won’t be limited when it comes to the installation process of these lights. Each set has stakes for easy installation on the ground. Aside from that, it also includes screws and plugs when you want to mount them on the wall.

The application of these lights is endless. They could be placed on porches, on driveways, and even on balconies. Versatility also continues for camping and fishing purposes.

You need to note that the body is mostly made of plastic. Securing the device in its location properly would help it tolerate weather changes, strong winds, and other unforeseeable events. It also lacks motion sensing.

However, it detects the brightness of its surroundings. You do get what you pay for, as its features will exceed your expectations for its price. This purchase is an excellent investment for commercial and residential use.

What Is A Solar Path Light And Who Is This For


Solar path light is an outdoor lighting system that mainly draws its power from solar energy. These solar lights have a small solar panel. These panels are usually placed on top to get direct sunlight throughout the day. It then stores its energy in the battery inside the housing of each light. These lights are usually arranged along the path or walkway to keep it well-lit during the night.

These solar lights have a variety of purposes. These are usually for both public and private use. Commercially, they can be seen in:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Parking lots
  • Bike lanes
  • Other commercial landscapes

Homeowners are also among the most significant users of these solar lights. Since they don’t need additional electrical output, they can be conveniently placed around the house to keep it light at night. The common areas where they can be placed are:

  • Gardens
  • Patios
  • Lawns
  • Balconies
  • Porches
  • Driveways
  • Walkways

Because they also come in various designs, these lights can also be placed as decorative pieces in your garden. They are positioned to get direct sunlight. These places are usually where the light source can be far or minimal.

How Does It Work

A typical solar path light usually has three major components: the solar panel, the battery, and the LED light. The solar panel absorbs light from the sun during the day. Inside each solar panel is a set of photovoltaic cells that convert the solar energy to a kind that can be used by each LED light.

Each solar path light has a preinstalled battery to work more efficiently and smartly. As the panels absorb sunlight, they store the battery’s energy for future use, like night time. Most solar path lights detect the brightness around the area, and then automatically turn on the LED when the place seems dark, like at dusk. When it sees the sun slowly rising, like at dawn, it usually goes back to its energy-saving mode. This mechanism is to store energy again from the sun.

You need to position the solar path light to receive most of the direct sunlight in your home, and these are usually outdoors. They work effectively since most of the places outside the house have limited electrical connections. These path lights take advantage of the sun’s light and use it for an eco-friendly energy source.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Path Lights


There are two different types of lights designed explicitly for pathways and walkways. They mostly differ in their position, but they have the same goal. And that goal is to provide a well-lit path for walkers, bikers, and travelers. They also work on the same principle of using the sun’s light every day as an alternative energy source.

Overhead Path Lights

These path lights, as the name implies, are usually stationed overhead. They are placed on top to keep walkers safer at night. These lights are the top-tier for long pathways as each overhead light can cover a greater area.

A single short area can also make use of these overhead path lights. These lights are usually placed on poles to keep itself overhead. But sometimes, the typical path lights can be mounted on walls and will then serve as overhead path lights. These are used for solar path lights for shade filled areas.

Low-Level Path Lights

These are the more common ones for homeowners. These path lights are usually below the knee level and are placed to guide each step inside your home. They are casually placed in garden paths, or even on staircases. These usually prevent a fall because you are guided with each step you take.

Other kinds of path lights according to their style or manner of placement are:

Garden lights – they are usually topped with a canopy and stand about 18-24 inches tall; they are typically placed next to paths and their garden bed

Downlights – they are generally fixed on a tree or a wall to provide sufficient pathway lighting; poles are sometimes used to keep them in place

Bollard lights – these usually are tubes of light that can give a 360° lighting around the area; these usually illuminate both the garden bed and the walkway efficiently

Flush lights – they are uniquely integrated into the path; they are generally soft lights but still come out practical as they are least likely to be affected with foot traffic

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Solar Path Light

Path lights are great to have for personal use. They have a lot of benefits, especially when you usually go home alone and at night. Although its benefits are overwhelmingly numerous, they can also have a few disadvantages and drawbacks. Overall, these benefits outweigh the minor issues that can come along with a solar path light.


  • They come in sets

These path lights usually come in sets of 4, 6, 8, and sometimes 12. Most manufacturers consider the fact that the paths of customers can differ worldwide. Some can be long, while some may be used for other purposes. You can then arrange these lights according to your style.

  • Energy-saving

The top-rated thing about having solar powered path lights is that most are already equipped with an energy-saving mode. Upon turning on the switch, these lights start working, as they absorb the sun’s light and store it in batteries. By night time, they automatically turn on and usually last until dawn. This great energy-saving mode is among features that homeowners love.

  • Cost-effective

Solar energy is free. You don’t need to continually spend on the lights that shine through your path by that virtue alone. This investment of solar-powered devices makes you cut costs in the long run. Besides that, you don’t have additional electrical demand, so your bill won’t increase as you use them at night. They are also low-maintenance home devices that keep up with homeowners for a good time.

  • Provides security

Dark pathways can make you feel unsafe. People can walk safely with these path lights. Installing them will also discourage criminals, as their identities can be exposed. Aside from that, you can confidently walk through a well-lit environment as you know where you are going.

  • Marks boundaries on paths

As its name implies, your steps can be clearer because these path lights are meant to keep you safer at night. They light up pathways so you’d trip and stumble less than when it was still shady or dim.

  • Protects your plants

Path lights can also protect plants. The safer you walk, the more you know that you have not stepped on delicate plants and flowers in your home.

  • An additional decorative piece in your garden

You can’t deny that having path lights will make your garden stand out. Patios and balconies also look so great by having a pair of lights that can make your home unique. By daytime, these can also be cute and classy ornaments.


  • Some lights won’t work together

Some lights won’t work together because some might not be as exposed as the others. Trees can also shade other lights off, and this will give you unequal lighting by night.

  • Lighting may not be consistent.

Since the path lights solely rely on the sun, lighting may not be as consistent as those powered by carbon fuel.

How We Picked And Tested


The market can provide you with a ton of lights that are powered by solar energy. Indeed, the solar power industry has earned its popularity by being among the most cost and energy-efficient energy sources.

The little energy that the path lights need allows manufacturers to build these path lights quickly. The construction of most path lights are the same, and some vary by design and a few features that can be unique to that brand or model.

We understand that many solar path lights reviews can mold your perspective on these lights. Rest in the fact that we have only included brands that have been reliably providing customers with durable path lights over the years. Each concern in the reviews was considered. The longevity of the path lights was studied to provide you with a comprehensive and coherent guide.

  • Light

The lights used are usually white. But most of the products mentioned differ in the shade of white. Some have a warmer white light, while some have the cooler shade. A few of the products discussed also have both for you to choose one. There are a variety of lumens in each of the products. High lumen solar path lights are also included so you can have broader options.

  • Installation

The installation process of the featured solar path lights in this review is mostly straightforward. These don’t need special equipment to be assembled, and most don’t require a professional level of skills. These kits mostly come with manuals that will guide you step by step.

The usual installation method is by having a spike or a stake at the end of each path light. It can then be placed on grass areas or nearby garden beds. Another method included is mounting these solar path lights on the wall for broader coverage.

  • Solar Panel Placement

Most of the solar panels are placed conveniently at the top of each solar path light. Some even have an adjustable angle that can cater to your sunlight needs, depending on your location.

  • Housing Material Used

The housing materials used are commonly durable, and most have not reported easy damage over the years. The common materials mentioned are the plastic ones. These are light to carry and move around the garden. Most of these plastics are also resistant to corrosion and weather changes. The stainless steel body of some solar path lights is also used. These are more durable but can come at a price.

  • Battery

The battery is usually placed inside, and these don’t have many issues in general. You need to note that some products don’t have replaceable batteries, so you might need to change the entire unit. Some may have batteries that can be easily bought in other stores.

  • Price

The price range usually depends on the number of path lights included in the set. The number of path lights does not correlate with how pricey it can get. Some sets usually have four pieces of light but can come out more expensive than those with six pieces. Features that make each path light unique also push the product on the more expensive range.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many lumens should solar lights produce?

Solar lights produce varying lumens across brands, underscoring the lighting fixture’s design and illumination technology. For example, solar streetlights should have a luminous rating of 2,400 to 18,000. On the other hand, solar garden path lights can make do with 50 to 300 lumens.

However, those who install solar lights for security purposes should choose products with a lumen rating between 600 and 1,800.

Therefore, Consumer Reports recommends that you should determine the solar lights’ lumen ratings based on your needs and personal preferences.

Will solar path lights provide enough illumination to light my walkway?

Yes, solar path lights will provide enough illumination to light your walkway. Garden path lights only require about 50 to 300 lumens, which is sufficient to guide people to move on the pathway and not on the grass or bushes. That said, those who want their walkways to be extra-bright can go for solar lights with a 500 lumen rating or higher.

How long do solar path lights last?

Modern solar path lights have a few components with varying lifespans affecting their longevity. For example, solar batteries might last three to four years, depending on the type and quality. Lithium-ion power cells last longer (at least five years) than nickel-metal hydride units (about two to five years).

Meanwhile, the solar path light’s photovoltaic cell panel might last at least 25 years, regardless of whether it is polycrystalline or monocrystalline.

On the other hand, LED bulbs have a different operating lifespan, with brands rating their products in hours. For example, the average LED lighting fixture can last 50,000 hours, although it is not unusual to have LEDs with 100,000-hour runtimes.

What are the most trusted solar path light brands?

You can’t deny that a lot of companies can easily make their solar path lights. These are easy to construct and can also be reproduced at a fast rate. At this point, you need to know what brands to trust so your money won’t go to waste, and so that you can adequately invest them on reliable appliances. Some brands have been in the industry for quite some time and have established a good reputation. These brands are:

  • Gigalumi
  • Solpex
  • Beau Jardin
  • Dekugga
  • Maggift
  • Urpower
  • Osord
  • Sunwind
  • Otdair
  • Twinkle Star
  • Litom
  • Azirier

What are the brightest solar pathway lights?

The number of LEDs in a single pathway light will influence how brightly it can shine on a specific area. The housing of the LED light cover will also count as this will reflect the light. Some brands have a misted appearance to make the glare lesser than the ones with clear glass. This ultimately affects the brightness of the path light. The Litom Solar Landscape Spotlight has 12 LEDs in each unit. This is among the brightest solar pathway lights you can check out on the market today.

What are the brightest lumens for solar lights?

The lumen is the unit of measurement for visible light. When you choose your path light, the higher the lumen, the brighter it can be. The less expensive ones can come with 6 lumens in each path light. A standard set of 100 lumen solar path lights is enough to brighten up a regular walkway going home.

That is already a bright light for something that is solar-powered. Sheds can benefit from having 200 lumen solar path lights. This can be too bright if you use it in small pathways, so it works best as an overhead light on bigger areas.

How to install and use?

Each solar path light has a unique installation process. Many factors can affect its assembly, but overall, solar path lights are easy to install and use. Upon purchase, these lights usually come with a manual on how they can be set up.

There are illustrations on its parts and what to attach. These comprehensive steps will only guide you on how these lights can be installed. It is still top-tier to follow the steps that are included in the manual of the item.

  • Locate where you will place the solar path lights

Assemble the solar path lights close to or in your chosen location. Ensure that this location can have sufficient lighting for your battery to fully recharge.

  • Make sure all the pieces are complete

Check and make sure you have a full set of stakes, housings, poles, or any other part necessary for installing these lights.

  • Connect the essential parts

Depending on the brand or model, some ends should be connected before being connected to the other parts. Take note of the parts you are connecting and make sure you are on the right track to avoid faulty connections.

  • Turn on the device

This step is usually done before placing the solar path lights on the ground. However, some products have switches at the sides. You can quickly turn them on even when they are already staked down.

  • Place it down the ground

If your solar path lights come with stakes, gently push down and make sure they are stable. Some units require you to dig a few inches off ground to accommodate the stake and some parts of the body. It is most trusted to follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

  • Enjoy your path lights

By the day, these lights absorb and conserve the energy that it gets from the sun. By night, they automatically turn on and provide you with adequate lighting.

How to care & clean?

Solar path lights are usually low maintenance. However, you need to check on them occasionally to make sure that there are no loose connections. Dirt and grime can also accumulate on the corners, or worst, on top of the solar panels. You may wonder why your lights aren’t working when they are exposed maximally under the sun. Here’s a quick guide on how you can clean and care for your solar path lights:

  • Remove the top surface and clean it with soap and water. Do not use harsh chemicals on cleaning them as they usually have the solar panel inside.
  • Do not wash the LED light and the batteries. They are usually located inside the housing of the solar path light. It is most suitable to keep them dry, but you can wipe them off with a clean cloth.
  • Wash the housing with soap and water. Dust can accumulate around the housing, so that you can keep these off by gentle washing.
  • Follow the care instructions of your solar path lights. The manufacturers know how to keep the functionality of each path light at its best.

Where to buy?

Solar-powered home devices are standard around home improvement centers. Because of their convenience, most home stores already carry many brands that you can choose from.

Lowe’s Home Improvement Center and Home Depot have good solar path lights choices that might catch your attention. If you are having a hard time getting the solar path light that you want, Amazon carries a lot of models and brands you can choose from. Aside from that, the official website of the brands that you are eyeing can offer you their line of solar path lights.


The best solar path lights can be of great help to you and your family. These lights are nifty and versatile as they provide adequate lighting at night. Technology has come far as these mostly have built-in sensors for various settings.

Having a light on your pathway can make you feel more secure and protected as you go home at night. Aside from that, it won’t be an additional financial liability on your part. These lights will be a significant security blanket near your home. And the classy designs will beautify your garden, patio, or balcony even more.

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