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The Best Solar Powered Pool Lights of 2023

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

What are the best solar powered pool lights? Solar powered pool lights are a few of the coolest innovations. They let us decorate our space – indoor or outdoor – without spending additional on power consumption.

These lighting solutions are not just for in ground or aboveground pools but also for lawns, patios, decks and gardens. They are also heavy-duty, as they’re weather- and waterproof.

best solar powered pool lights

So using them, you can have peace of mind that you’re decorating your outdoor space without spending additional on energy consumption.

But if you would like to shop around for heavy-duty and durable lighting solutions, you should compare and study your options. To get started, you might want to check out our buying guide with the top 12 picks and ways to choose the right solar lights for pools.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview Esuper CT-800

GAME 3547-BB

BeTIM Solar Pool Lights

Quantity 2 1 1
Size 14 inch 5.5″ dia 4.33″
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes
Working Time 6-8 hrs 6 hrs 12 hrs
Details Details Details


Top-Rated Solar Powered Pool Light Reviews

1. Esuper Floating Pool Lights Inflatable

  • Energy-efficient
  • Durable and heavy-duty
  • Waterproof materials
  • Colorful and decorativef
  • Can also be used for lawns and pathways
  • Limited design
  • Color change can be a bit slower

The emergence of technology also paves the way for new products. They’re not just cool and simple to use but also high quality, energy efficient and decorative. One of those I liked in terms of decoration and creativity is solar pool lights for inground pools.

I’ve always been fascinated by those colorful pool lights, and ever since, I have been a fan of these solar products. Combining both features, I liked that the trendy pool lights are solar-powered. It just means we can decorate our pools with these accents but without adding to the energy bill that we need to pay monthly.

I would also like to note that the items are easy to blow up. These solar balls are convenient to set up, so they’re fun to use. You don’t also have to buy any batteries separately, and that’s a plus for me, too.

I also noticed that the Esuper Floating Pool Lights are made of heavy-duty materials. The LED balls are not just reliable but also made of heavy-duty and quality components that make them good for outdoor use.

And based on reviews, durability is indeed one of the things that make thousands of users like these items. They are sturdy and durable for outdoors like lawns, patios, decks and gardens. In fact, guests can also toss them around, and they won’t be damaged.

The solar lights are also floatable and inflatable, so they are not just functional but also easy to install. The two-pack CT800 lights are also fun to see. They can float on the water creating those light show even kids would like to watch.

For the CT800, there are four colors- green, blue, red and white. The colors are changing automatically, so they add to more fun to using the lights. Even children would love the pool lights on the water during parties and live events.

The waterproof IP68 solar lights are also durable even when exposed to the harsh weather conditions. You can set them up in the lawn, garden, pool or backyard.

These solar lighting solutions can make your outdoors more beautiful, as they can change automatically. I also liked that they can enhance the mood in the surroundings.

So if you’re looking for party lamps and nightlights, you can rely on the solar lights that can improve the look of the surroundings and make them more aesthetically pleasing. These lights also offer plenty of uses like in the pool, trees, yards, garden and virtually all spaces.

On the cons, the lights have a limited design and its color change is a bit fast. But overall, I think they’re unbeatable in terms of the aesthetics they can provide an outdoor place and event. They are also waterproof, energy-efficient and can be used in virtually all outdoor spaces.

2. GAME Underwater Show Pool Lights

  • Seven lighting modes
  • Can turn on and off automatically
  • Affordable and durable underwater light
  • Extended range up to 15ft
  • Limited edition design
  • Shorter lighting for six hours

Another interesting addition to our list is the show pool lights that are packed with the solid features and performance that many of us are looking for.

When you choose the solar light, you will be able to maximize its use for varying applications. They are suitable for long-term and heavy-duty performance for outdoor spaces like decks and patios.

You will also have peace of mind that the lights are good for use in the lawn and garden, especially if you would have an event in these spaces. By selecting the solar lights, you will also be able to depend on it for lighting up to six hours depending on the charging it receives in the day.

Another thing I would like to note about the lighting solution is that it can be used underwater, making it a long-lasting device. In addition, the product is perfect for underwater use, making it versatile for a wide range of purposes.

More so, I liked that the limited edition GAME solar lights could add and deliver fun in an in ground or aboveground swimming pool. In addition, the lighting can offer a better decoration for its seven changing lighting modes, which can change or shuffle while in operation.

Also, the lights can offer you with a very convenient and automatic on and off that give you a better experience. They are also solar-powered, so they don’t need additional spending on your energy bills. With that said, you’d be glad to know that you could add an accent and decoration in your garden or lawn without worrying about a single centavo.

I’d like to mention that you could rely on the long lifespan of the item that is also ideal for light shows but without spending much. You can also have peace of mind that the lights can operate for up to six hours on a full charge depending on the weather.

Also, the lights are good for the extended range that they can offer. You can have them for up to 15 feet, although may vary according color, depth and size. The solar power pool lights are also affordable and high quality, giving you long-lasting service.

On the downside, the lights can operate at a shorter time for only six hours than other models do. But still, they are one of the top-tier choices for those who want to ensure of a long-lasting solar light for their outdoor spaces.

3. BeTIM Solar Floating Pool Lights

  • Color changing automatically
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Energy saving solar powered lights
  • Auto on and off
  • Various purposes
  • Color changing could have been slower

When shopping around for the best solar powered pool lights, you shouldn’t miss the BeTIM Solar Floating Pool Lights, which are upgraded with modern features. I would like to note that the upgraded solar lighting solutions are with the heavy-duty and performance features that will give you more out of your spending.

The BeTIM solar pool light is perfect for multiple applications, including indoors and outdoors. You can install and use them for reservoirs, hanging on trees, used around lakes or pools, lawns, gardens and parks. They are just suitable for almost all outdoor places.

You can also decorate your garden or lawn with them with or without an occasion. Choosing the BeTIM Solar Floating Pool Lights, you will be able to improve the appearance of your outdoor area like a patio in addition to a pool.

I would also like to note that the solar lights are ideal for a series connection because there is a hole on their top. They are also perfect for floating on the water.

Speaking of floating on the water or hanging on the trees, the solar lighting is also ideal for waterproof applications. They are ideal for use outdoors because they can keep up with the different conditions. You will also not have to worry about any damage due to water.

The design is with bottom waterproofing in the battery box allowing it to rotate effortlessly. There is also no risk for leaks, so peace of mind is also yours when you pick the solar lights that also emit low heat, so no need to worry about overheating.

I’d like to recommend the solar lights because they can also change color automatically making them fun to watch especially for kids. It can offer flash transformation, including colors like white, blue, green, red, yellow, purple and orange.

With them, you can make a very different lighting experience for anyone. It is like having a light show in your garden or pool.

In addition, you’ll appreciate that this item features an automatic switching on and off, giving you a hassle-free experience all the time. The solar lights collect sun energy in the day and convert it to power in order to run the lights at night.

At nighttime, the light is turning on automatically, and then off at daytime. However, I just want to tell that the switch must be turned on before setting them up. The decorative lighting solution is also for you if you would like long working hours for optimal lighting. This item can work for up to 12 hours if you charge them adequately for eight hours and if there is enough sunlight.

The item is also environment-friendly and energy saving, giving you enough lighting solution without spending additional on energy bill. In addition, I’d like to mention that the item is ideal for lakes and ponds as well. The swimming pool lights for outdoor use are with seven colors for optimal lighting.

On the downside, the flash color transformation could have been made slower. But overall, the lighting is a great pick for its durability and efficiency. Check it out for yourself.

4. Blibly Swimming Pool Lights

  • Practical and useful for outside or around the pool
  • Stunning effects for lovely design and color
  • Can be used for aquariums and ponds
  • Can work for up to eight hours when fully charged
  • Four modes and 16 RGB colors
  • Charging may vary from weather conditions

Checking out different underwater solar pool lights, you may be feeling a bit confused. I don’t doubt why. There are so many of these garden or outdoor solar lights on the market now. In fact, I found tons of them as soon as I conducted a research on these solar lights.

The Blibly outdoor garden lights are versatile. They are useful for the patio, lawn, garden and virtually all outdoor spaces that you can think of, so there are no doubt these lights are some of the most chosen. In fact, I found out that they’re one of the top for search “solar pool lights floating.”

The Blibly Swimming Pool Lights can be used for parties and any occasions. If you would like to spruce up the appearance or decoration of a space for the holidays or an upcoming event, say a wedding, you might want to make use of these lights.

They are outstanding for outdoor uses, including for holidays, fountains, parties, weddings and landscaping. The solar lights from the brand are also a favorite among landscape designers because they’re also perfect for the ponds and use for holiday decorations.

I would also like to note the lights offer 4 modes and 16 RGB colors. That said you could have peace of mind that they can offer you with different illumination modes and be able to choose and change from 16 colors.

In addition, they can offer convenience and environmental protection. The solar-powered lights do not require electricity to operate. They’re also easy to charge, running for about eight hours.

The battery is integrated into the item, so all you have to do is to charge them at day, which they do automatically. I would like to note that the lights are also more energy saving and efficient than LED flood lighting is.

More so, the swimming pool lights are waterproof and weatherproof. It only means that the lights are applicable for use outdoors because they can deal with just about any weather conditions.

It is also notable that the Blibly Swimming Pool Lights can charge automatically at day, and so that the lights are running at night. The IP68 Waterproof floating lights are also perfect for indoor use and for kids when they’re bathing.

The LED lighting is also useful if you want to create a stunning effect because of the colors that make them looking more gorgeous. The wide range of colors can also match our style. In fact, we can select from the different options using the remote control, too.

On the cons, the charging may vary from one weather condition to another. Nevertheless, it is acceptable as like with other solar lights that basically depends on the weather condition. Overall, I liked that they’re easy to install and can work instantly once charged.

5. GAME 3546 Solar Lights

  • Durable construction
  • Bright light
  • Color options
  • Modern design
  • Easy to use
  • Not the most heavy-duty performance

The SOLMORE solar lights are made out of high-quality alloy material that has a rating of IP68 that allows it to withstand various weather conditions. Moreover, these lights are completely sealed and waterproof, eliminating your worries for rust, dust and other elements that may damage your lights.

Moreover, the SOLMORE solar lights can endure up to a weight of 9 tons. This makes the lights more versatile since you can install it on your roads, without fearing for its damage and destruction. I really like how the manufacturer put a lot of thought in the construction of the product and placed a premium on its durability and lifetime.

The SOLMORE solar lights has a 0.3W polycrystalline solar panel located at the top and is paired with an 800 MAH lithium battery. While not necessarily the fastest, this is still a good combination since it gives a decent working and charging time.

During the first time, it is recommended to charge it for a full 12 hours to ensure that it’s working properly. However, regularly, it charges for about 6 to 8 hours. If fully charged, it can give up to 10 to 12 hours of light.

The SOLMORE solar lights come in a pack of four lights and house six bright LED lights. What I really like about these lights is that they have five color options: yellow, white, and red, blue, green. Nonetheless, all of the lights have a frequency of 60-70 Hz. Aside from its brightness; these LED lights are durable and long lasting, having a lifespan of 10,000 hours.

The SOLMORE solar lights are equipped with a light-sensing system, which automatically turns the lights on at dusk, and off at dawn.

In terms of style, the SOLMORE solar lights boast a cool and modern design. Its silver-gray body makes it easy to blend and match to your style. However, I really like the different color options of the LED bulbs since you can definitely show your own style and personality through this.

I also like how the product was designed since for me, it perfectly balances style and durability. The manufacturer really made this product with longevity and practicality in mind. Aside from that, the SOLMORE solar lights are also easy to install and maintain.

What I don’t like about this light is its lack of durability. Many users commented that the lights have stopped working after using them for a couple of months. Nevertheless, many were still satisfied with their purchase. Many users liked its brightness and design since it perfectly matched their needs.

The SOLMORE solar lights are perfect for those looking for a bright and durable light to use in their patios, driveways, gardens and the like.

6. Pearlstar Solar Pond Lights

  • Elegant and unique lotus design with accent lights
  • Suitable for special occasions and events
  • Charges even during overcast skies
  • Automatic color-changing for various ambiences
  • Easy to use with a switch
  • Tends to sink in rough wate

Drawing inspiration from an Oriental Zen garden pond, the Pearlstar Solar LED Pool Lights have an incredibly unique design to produce a landscape worth remembering. Even better, these fixtures can dazzle ponds and swimming pools alike.

Featuring transparent plastic, these solar pool lights’ lotus design is so mesmerizing that it’s hard to take my eyes off them. As a result, they can also become accent lights for special occasions, such as garden weddings, backyard celebrations, and other events where the swimming pool should be the focal point of the gathering.

Furthermore, these floating solar pool lights will continue to charge even in overcast skies, albeit at a reduced rate and capacity. I also appreciate the company for saying the solar pool light might not charge on snowy and rainy days.

My favorite thing about these solar pool lights is their automatic color-changing feature. I can have different bright hues on my pool without pressing a button. These floating lights are also a breeze to set up. All I need is a flick of the switch before placing the solar light on the water’s surface to float.

However, these solar lights for pool area are not 100% “unsinkable,” making them more suitable for ponds and other still-water features. People can float these fixtures on swimming pools when no one is in the water. Otherwise, these solar lights might sink.

Still, I would not mind getting these solar lights for my swimming pool, especially with a big event coming up. Guests will love the floating décor as we sip cocktails by the pool, exchanging laughter and memories.

7. Linkax Floating Pool Lights

  • Transparent soccer ball-type unique design
  • Cycles through seven colors automatically
  • Waterproof and does not sink
  • Versatile top hole for hanging as decoration
  • Versatile design for multipurpose use
  • Good value for money with a pack of 2 or 4
  • A little smaller than expected
  • A bit inconsistent runtimes

I understand that lotus designs might not appeal to everybody. For such homeowners, I recommend the Linkax solar pool lights floating orbs. They are similar to other ball-like solar pool lights with a “cool” twist. These floating lights draw inspiration from the soccer ball, perfect for fans of this sport.

Rest assured, even non-soccer fans will love these solar light orbs. Like the Pearlstar, these lights cycle through seven soft colors automatically. Homeowners will never fret about flipping a switch whenever they want to change the color of the solar light. It is like having miniature dancing lights in the swimming pool.

Children will love tossing these orbs as they enjoy night swimming with friends. Although these solar lights are waterproof and don’t sink easily like the Pearlstar, I would still caution people against handling them roughly. Water could enter the device and ruin a perfectly good swimming pool light.

I love the hole on the product’s top section. Homeowners could insert a thread through the holes and hang these lights like Christmas tree decors. By doing so, one can dangle them on tree branches, thick shrubs, patios, and other landscape features. This versatility allows me to be more creative in decorating my yard.

Unlike Pearlstar, which homeowners can only buy per piece, these solar pool lights come in packs of two or four. And if you compare the price of these two products, you’ll find that the Linkas is actually the cheaper one.

I am a bit lost as to these solar pool lights’ runtimes. Some say they only last three hours, while my personal experience shows that these waterproof solar lights for pool can stay lit for at least eight hours. In addition, some people might also be disappointed with these solar pool lights’ tennis ball size.

Regardless, these solar lights not only look impressive in swimming pools but also in any landscape.

8. Esuper Floating Ball Pool Light

  • Can be used for any outdoor space, including pond and backyard
  • Solar charging LED ball pool light
  • Floatable and inflatable
  • IP68 waterproof ability
  • 12-month warranty
  • Charging is dependent on the solar lighting

The Solar Powered Rechargeable lights are another choice if you’re looking for affordable and high-quality solar lighting. The Esuper is one of the top sellers in the category that I found, and one of the reasons is that more people also trust it for the optimal lighting it can provide.

The LED ball pool light is also 100% on the sun for energy. Using it, you will be able to save power while also being able to decorate any outdoor space, including the patio, garden, deck, walkway and other spots.

The lights can also work for up to eight hours, but you need to know that the charging depends on the sun. In this case, the working time can be shorter than the claimed number of hours.

I’d also like to mention the flexibility of the lighting solution, which can create that soft and warm illumination for your garden or deck. In addition, the soft light will not also irritate your eyes while also being able to change for every 15 seconds. So if you’re also looking for a light show, you might want to take a look at the solar lights.

In terms of a good guarantee, the LED pool lights are also promising that they can offer you with a one-year warranty. So if you’ll ever encounter a problem with the lights you bought, you don’t have to fret because you can ask for help. The company backs this product up with a free replacement for a quality issue.

The floating lights are also floatable, offering you with a better light show. They have an inflatable material, which allows them to float on water. These lights are also easy and simple to inflate, so you won’t have to worry about anything at all.

In addition to a great decoration that the items can offer your pool, they can also create a stunning effect for lakes and ponds. The solar lights are also great choices for their durability to withstand any exposure to the outdoor elements.

They are with an IP68 rating, meaning they have waterproof ability. The items can be used to float on the water like on a bathtub for kids’ fun while bathing.

The lights are also durable for tossing around and can be used for bathing time. They also have weather resistance, so they can deal with conditions, including sleet, snow and wind.

The IP68 Waterproof lights are also practical and useful. They can float on the water for a stunning visual effect. The pool lights can offer you the perfect surroundings for gatherings and parties and are suitable for festival decorations like Christmas, parties and weddings.

On the downside, the charging of the lights is based on the weather condition. Still, they’re some of the top-tier in the category for their good warranty and waterproof ability. They’re also floatable and inflatable as well as have versatility for working outdoors like in the backyard and pool.

9. POP 4PK Solar Lights

  • Vibrant color modes with 4 solid colors
  • Multiple placement options
  • Easy to install and store
  • Decorative lights
  • 1-year warranty
  • Not very durable construction

If you are looking for decorative lighting to set up the mood for your parties or gatherings or even for a simple night hang-out with your family, I recommend the POP 4PK Solar Lights. These multicolored lights are perfect as pathway lights, mood lights and as floating pool lights. You can easily impress your visitors with these stylish vibrant lights.

One of my favorite things about POP solar lights is its four-color modes. Its glowing orbs have four solid colors of blue, green, red and white. These solar lights also have two lighting modes. You can choose between the continuous solid color and the transition mode where the color changes every 15 seconds. You can easily switch from different modes by simply pushing the button on the LED globe.

These stylish lights are even better as it provides you with beautiful and convenient lighting without harming the environment. It charges itself with just the energy from the sun. There is no need for additional power source and messy wiring or extensions.

Just make sure to place the lights under direct sunlight for efficient charging. It charges and lights up automatically on its own so you don’t have to hassle yourself about anything. Surprise your visitors or loved ones with beautiful, glowing LED balls at night.

Another thing that I love about POP solar lights is that it gives you multiple placement options. The lights are flexible and you can use it in any way. They float on pools well and have an added weighted bottom so they don’t easily roll or blown away by the wind. The lights also have a hang tab on top which you can easily hang anywhere you like.

For its construction, the POP solar lights are made from very resistant vinyl and are waterproof. Its construction is perfect for outdoor use especially on the pool. These lights are also inflatable for easy and simple storage.

I am confident with these lights because n top of those wonderful features, the POP glowing LED balls have a 1-year warranty and with great customer service you can contact if there are any issues.

However, as to the negative aspect of the POP solar lights, these may not be the most durable solar lights out there. But still, these lights are sure to provide you with beautiful lighting for your parties, mood lights for a cozy ambiance for your outdoors and even as decorations during Christmas. It is a beautiful, eco-friendly and affordable decorative light perfect for any of your outdoor spaces.

SOLMORE Solar Lights (Outdated)

  • Versatile design
  • Multi-colored
  • 10 LED lights
  • Lighting modes
  • Easy to use
  • Not bright enough

The GAME solar light is made out of high-quality ABS plastic material that can withstand weather conditions. This light is also heatproof, rustproof and dust resistant due to its seal-tight construction. This product is very versatile as you can also put the GAME solar light in a pool for a fun, colorful and brilliant display of light.

If you don’t want to place it on your pools, the GAME solar light comes with an integrated hanger. Thus, this light can also be hanged from your patios, trees, ceilings and the like to create that fun, disco vibe.

The solar panel is attached at the top that is the perfect spot for the lights to get enough sunshine. It is paired with heavy-duty a battery that yields a high conversion rate. With this, you can actually charge and use this battery faster and longer.

If fully charged, the GAME solar light has a working time of about 6-8 hours. This light also comes with 10 LED bulbs, each giving a different color. In fact, it can even illuminate up to 10 feet on most pools. Aside from that, these LED lights are also durable and have a lifespan of 10,000 hours.

The GAME solar light can be operated through a single button. Once you press it on, you activate its automatic light sensing system. With this, the light automatically turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn. It also comes with various lighting modes, but the disco light option has always been my favorite.

The GAME solar light is also very easy to install. Since it’s solar-powered, it doesn’t need any wires and the like. You can literally just put it anywhere and leave it. It’s also very compact and lightweight, as it only weighs 1.4 pounds.

In terms of design, the GAME solar light comes in a white and blue pattern that gives it a clean and neat look. The white color makes it easier to see how it works and the like while the blue makes it pop and gives a very nice accent. Moreover, I like that it is white since you can just easily blend it anywhere.

What I don’t like about this light is that it’s not very bright. However, considering that it’s more geared towards a more decorative purpose, it’s understandable. If you really want to light up your pool, other users suggested that you purchase more than one.

Nevertheless, many users were satisfied with the solar light. They liked the fun color patterns, its ease of installation and its durable design. The GAME solar light is a great option for those looking to add flair and create the perfect ambience in their homes.

ionlyou Smart Outdoor Solar Lights (Outdated)

  • 18 heavy-duty and durable LED lights
  • Can be used in the lawn, patio, garden, walkway and deck
  • Includes a sensor for automatic operation
  • Smart colorful and floatable
  • Long working time solar lighting
  • Lower IP67 waterproof rating
  • Lower number of RGB lights

If you’re shopping around for reliable outdoor lighting, you can find the floatable pool lights useful and practical. They’re perfect for most uses even indoors.

The ionlyou Smart Solar Lights are some of the most dependable around because they’re multifunctional. These lights can be used around the pool and in other outdoor spaces like pathway, garden, lawn and backyard.

The pathway lights are versatile. I liked that they are useful for the swimming pool, pathway, lawn, garden or backyard. The lights are for outdoor and indoor uses, so you can make use of them based on how you want.

The solar pool lights are also multicolored that they are fun to see and watch. I would also like to note that they could float on the water that adds to the fun factor. It is also worth noting that the colors can change automatically for every 15 seconds. In this case, it will feel like we’re watching a light show with these lights.

Another thing that makes the lights stand out is that they are with 18 pieces of LED lights, 6 RGB lights and 12 warm whites. The number of options makes them suitable for different decoration, environments and four seasons. I would also like to note that the LED lights could offer 180 LM of brightness that you will need for enough illumination.

The lights are also with a waterproof design, making them ideal for outdoor conditions. They are also with an external and waterproof switch not just a pinhole switch.

These upgraded lights are also with override material that includes a stainless steel lampshell, working for all outdoor conditions.

They can also deal with different weather conditions, including frost, snow, sleet or rain. I would also like to mention that the lights are durable enough to deal with any outdoor elements, making them durable.

The upgraded lights can also offer us with a long working time. We just have to charge them for up to eight hours, and then they can work up to 12 hours. The solar lights are also automatically turning on at nighttime and off at daytime, making them very convenient to use as well.

However, do note that the charging of the lights is dependent on the weather. I also recommend that you wipe the lights using a damp cloth on a regular basis, or their charging might be affected.

There are also no wires needed. They only need 20 seconds to assemble in your desired outdoor location, such as landscape, driveway, garden, lawn or patio.

On the cons, the lights have a lower IP rating and number of RGB lights. But still, I would like to note that the lights are still one of the top choices in the category for their durability, long working time and can be used in the patio, lawn or walkway.

ESEYE Solar Lights (Outdated)

  • Eco-friendly
  • Decorative lights with 2 lighting modes
  • Durable Construction
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Weather affects lighting duration

Are you looking for decorative lights to beautify your outdoors? If you are, then I suggest that you avail yourself of the ESEYE Solar Lights. These multicolored solar lights are the perfect stylish, affordable and self-sufficient lighting for your home.

One of the main reasons why I’m recommending the ESEYE solar lights to you is because it is budget-friendly and self-sufficient. These lights generate their own energy. Rather than electricity, solar lights utilize the energy coming directly from the sun. These are the cheaper alternatives for your normal lights and it shines more as compared to other traditional disk lights.

As a consumer myself, I like a product that I can use for many years without a problem. The durable ESEYE solar lights deliver just that. These solar lights are made out of high-quality engineering PC material and ABS base which provides incredibly sturdy lights. Adding to its durability, these solar lights are also IP67 Waterproof making these lights perfect for outdoor usage.

With its durable construction, you can confidently install these lights in any outdoor area you want without worries of it being easily damaged. These lights can withstand extreme rains, heats and impact to provide your home with flawless lighting for a long time.

Another thing that I like about the ESEYE solar lights is how these lights are very simple and easy to install. Included in the package are 4 RGB solar lights, 16 small feet and 1 manual.

You just have to attach the small feet to the solar lights then you simply stake them on the ground. Or you can choose to just do away with the small feel and put the solar light on any flat surface or even on your pool.

Aside from those wonderful features, probably my most favorite thing about the ESEYE solar lights is its two lighting modes — the warm white light mode and seven colors changeable mode.

Any movement within 15cm above these lights will automatically switch the light from warm white to the seven colors mode. This is perfect for decorating your pathway and yard with beautiful and reliable illumination.

However, the drawback of the ESEYE solar lights is its charging and run time depends on the amount of sunlight the panels receive.

Different weather conditions or seasons affect their lighting duration. When sunlight is scarce charging is also difficult which results in less run time of the lights. But overall, these solar lights are still a smart purchase. It is the perfect stylish, durable and eco-friendly lights for your pathway, yard, decks or gardens.

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We’re your one-stop source of solar lighting guides so that you can study and weigh your options well. With a guide, you will learn about the things to look for or the factors to check so that you can make a wise decision. Using reviews, you’ll also be able to compare the features of each product. is here to be your ally in finding the top-rated clean energy products, including solar lighting, which can help decorate your outdoor space and offer you with heavy-duty performance.

While they can offer us with the benefits we’re looking for, they also help in saving nature because they’re not fossil fuel dependent. They are also decorative and good for landscaping especially the solar powered floating pool lights that we’ve featured in this buying guide.

If you’re ready to look for the right solar pool lights, you can get started using our reviews below and later decide on what pool lights to choose.

What Is A Solar Powered Pool Light And Who This Is For


A solar powered pool light is an energy-efficient and innovative solar product. Just like solar gutter lights and hanging lights, these lights are decorative. They can improve the appearance of a garden, lawn or patio decoration.

Solar pool lights can also be used indoors, such as in bathtubs and indoor pools. You can use them to spruce up the appearance of an in ground or aboveground pool.

These lights, however, are not for use to provide a high level of brightness. They are providing warmth and coziness to a space. For solar pool lights, they also do offer a fun sight to watch because they are colorful. The lights can offer a light show that you and your kids will love to watch.

The solar pool lights are also energy saving and efficient. They also work automatically for their sensors. The lights turn on at nighttime and off at daytime. You can rely on them for convenience of use and no-hassle operation.

Overall, the lights are for people who want to improve the appearance of their outdoor space as well as enhance their landscape.

The pool lights are also decorative that they can also decorate a space for parties, weddings and birthdays.

The lights are also for those who would love to impress their guests. Some of these lights are also made of materials that they can toss and are floatable.

So if you want to shop around for a good solar lighting for your indoor or outdoor pool, you might want to check out our buying guide and reviews for a reference.

How Does It Work

Solar swimming pool lights work in a straightforward manner and not require wiring or hard installation. All you have to do is to position them in the place where you want to decorate or accentuate such as an indoor or outdoor pool.

But before charging, make sure that you turn the switch on so that they can charge and work. When done, the pool lights are going to charge at daytime and then turn on at nighttime. Without even saying, the lights can work automatically, giving you an ease of operation.

Basically, they turn on at night and provide at least six hours of light. However, the work time depends on the charged status, brand and model.

There are some lights that can work at least eight hours. But in the winter, the lights can work for a shorter time and longer in the summer.

That said you could rest assured that the lights will work longer when charged better, even if it also depends on the brand and model.

As they also require no wiring, they can be installed anywhere, anytime. The solar lights can also give you the flexibility to use them for any occasion. They can also be used in children’s tub for fun lights to see, but it may depend from one model to another.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Pool Lights


There are not many types of solar pool lights in terms of how they work. Solar pool lighting works via solar energy. It has a solar panel that works to capture energy, and then store the energy in a battery. Basically, it collects sunlight energy in the day, and then turns on at night.

Most of them work automatically so without you having to control it yourself. To light up the pool, the solar lights will turn on at night to provide the illumination you need.

As they work through solar power, they don’t need any electricity to run. The lights operate for free, and that’s forever. These lights are also offering you without any electrical hazards.

The floating pool lights can also brighten a pool around 15 and 20 square meters, making them ideal for saltwater and chlorinated water. However, the area of illumination can also vary from one manufacturer to another.

So in terms of types, you may just have to look at the differences in designs, number of light colors, color transformation and other features that can make each one different from each other.

For this reason, it will pay off to compare your options like on the number of solar lights in a pack, price, color-changing feature, weatherproof ability, automatic operation, number of light colors and operation basics. Get started finding the perfect one using our guide.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Powered Pool Lights

Solar lighting for pools offer plenty of advantages and disadvantages that you may want to know if you’re interested to install the solar lighting in your pool, garden lake, patio, lawn, deck and other outdoor spaces.

There are many options available of these solar powered floating lights on the market. To help, what are their benefits and downsides?

No-hassle installation

Solar pool lights can be installed in seconds. You don’t also have to hire someone to do it for you! It only means that you don’t also need to spend additional apart from the purchase of the lighting.

Choosing the pool lights, you can also determine where you want to install them without worries about wirings. With this feature, you will have more options where you want to use them as a decoration, not only in swimming pools.


Speaking of decorating any outdoor space, the lighting solutions are also perfect for installing in the garden, as some models also allow for hanging in the tree.

Some of them are also durable and made of tough materials with a ball design. Such can be used for floating on the pool, giving your guests a fun sight to watch during occasions like parties, weddings, anniversaries and other important family gatherings. The solar lights can also be used in boats, yachts and marine as well as in bathtubs.

Nevertheless, the lights have versatile applications that make them more functional and practical to have.

Different colors

These solar lights are fun to watch. So if you have guests, you will be able to fascinate and impress them further with the lights that have lovely colors. They can add beauty to your landscape or garden without trying too hard.

Fun light show

The solar lights can offer a fun light show to your kids and guests. You only have to spend once on the colorful lights and the sun with do the rest. It will recharge them in the morning so that they can turn on and provide lighting in the evening. If you want more fun, you can choose a variant with more color options available.

Ideal for all outdoor spaces

You can install them in outdoor spaces, such as patios, gardens, lawns, decks, walkways and other spots. Some of them can be hang on the tree or allow floating on the pool.

Nevertheless, the top-tier ones are versatile enough in offering you with more versatility on where you want to set them up because they also don’t have wiring in the first place.

No additional electricity required

These lights are not only fun to watch but also energy saving. They can offer additional decoration without you having to spend more on your electric bills. It only means more beautification without any additional in your monthly energy consumption.


Regarding the cons, some lights may not last longer than the others can. For this reason, it will pay off to compare options to offer heavy-duty performance. You must find those that can deal with any kind of weather, so you might as well find those with waterproof and weatherproof ability.

But nevertheless, there are not many disadvantages of these solar lights. Overall, any potential downsides are outweighed by the benefits of these solar lighting solutions.

How We Picked And Tested


As there are many floating solar pool lights on the market, you must compare the different products available so that you can make a better decision. In the following, let’s talk about the different features and factors to check when studying your options.

Waterproof and weatherproof

When choosing solar powered lights, you must be looking into their ability to deal with and adapt to the changing weather conditions and outdoor elements. In this case, you can have peace of mind that they can last for a longer time without damage to the lights.


Another thing to look into when shopping around for a good solar light is its price.

If you would like to find the right lighting, you should be able to compare different products available by first determining how much you can spend on your lighting.

By narrowing your options based on the price, you don’t need to waste your effort and time. With this process, you only get to browse on the solar lights that fit your budget.

However, you should not base your decision on the price alone but also on the quality. Does it matter to get an item at a lower price if it won’t last? For this reason, you must also consider the quality.

Strike the balance between it and the price. Check on the important features you need and find it in a reasonably priced product that you can afford.

Color options

Solar lights are available in different colors. What colors are available in the lights on which you are eyeing? Check on it to ensure that you can find that product with the color combination you want.


When shopping around for the right solar lights, you should look into its durability, too. Look for heavy-duty components. Some of these are meant for floating on the pool, so they need to be tough to deal with the condition.

The lights must also be able to keep up with the changing weather conditions, including frost, snow, sleet and rain. They are also suitable for outdoor conditions.


In addition to the affordability, you must also look into the quality of the product that you’re buying is of excellent quality. You might want to check for reviews from other users and find out what they’re saying about a product.

In this case, you will be able to find out if they’re satisfied or not with the product. It will also give you an idea on whether the product is with good quality and heavy-duty.

Easy installation

When shopping around for a solar lighting, you must also look for those that can offer ease of installation. In the process, you will be able to find a solar lighting that you can set up in seconds.


Another thing to check when comparing your options is the versatility of the product. Finding them, you can be sure that you can use them for a wide range of applications including floating on the pool or hanging on the trees.

Consider these things when finding the right solar lights for your pool, in ground or aboveground as well as other outdoor spaces, including patios, decks, gardens and walkways.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does a solar-powered pool light require external solar panels for charging?

No, swimming pool solar lights do not require external solar panels for charging because the photovoltaic cells are already built-in.

For example, the Pearlstar Lotus has a solar panel directly underneath the lotus flower ornament, protected by a transparent plastic material. Meanwhile, the Linkax balls have a photovoltaic board near the sphere’s top for maximum sunlight absorption.

However, some solar lights around pool (the types not directly placed into the pool) might require external solar panels for charging.

For example, floodlights demand a higher wattage (about 15 to 400 watts) than traditional solar landscape accent lights (4 to 15 watts). Hence, these lighting fixtures might need more power from an external solar panel.

How do you change the color of your solar-powered pool lights?

Changing the color of solar powered underwater pool lights depends on the fixture’s design. Some brands require manual switching to cycle through the solar light’s various colors. Sadly, turning the solar pool light on and off to change the color can be tedious.

On the other hand, some products change color automatically, often after every few seconds. Examples of these products include Linkax and Pearlstar.

Some solar pool lights have remote controllers, enabling users to change the hue from afar. For instance, the PoCare Solar Floating Pool Light features an RGB remote controller to vary the fixture’s color, duration, and effects.

How many watts should my pool light be?

Experts say LED solar pool lights underwater fixtures must produce at least eight lumens per square foot of pool surface area. Depending on the LED technology manufacturer, light-emitting diodes can generate 75 to 110 lumens per watt. We can use this information to calculate how many watts you need for your swimming pool lights.

Suppose you have a 10’×20’ swimming pool, giving you a 200-square-foot surface area. In that case, you need about 1,600 lumens (200 square feet x 8 lumens per square foot = 1,600 lumens).

Let us assume the solar LED light has a luminous output of 100 lumens per watt. Dividing 1,600 lumens by 100 lumens will give us 16 watts.

The rules differ for non-LED swimming pool lights, such as incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs. These lighting fixtures must have 0.5 to 1.0 watts per square foot of water surface area. Given the example above (200 square feet), you will need 100 to 200 watts for the pool.

What are the most trusted solar powered pool light brands?

On the market, you can find different options on the brands, and a few of them include Esuper, Blibly, ionlyou and BeTIM. For the other top brands, you may want to refer to our reviews above and make a comparison.

How to store solar pool lights for the winter? 

For the winter, you can just store the lights in their original packaging. Before doing so, you should wipe them clean with dry cloth. Basically, there is no difficult storage instruction that you need to think about in regards to solar lights.

What is the warranty?

There is no similar warranty across all products, so you must check individual products to find out how many months or years is the solar light covered by a warranty.

What are the most trusted places to buy?

You can find these solar lights in places like home improvement stores and clean energy product stores. But for better deals, you might want to consider Amazon, the largest online marketplace to find different models and brands of these solar lights.

How to install and use?

You don’t need to follow any special instructions for the most of them. You just need to set them up anywhere you want them to be. At first set up, don’t forget to turn the switch on so that they can be charged and turn on at night.          

How to care & maintain?

From time to time, you just need to wipe them off with clean and dry cloth so that they can charge efficiently. Overall, there are no special maintenance instructions once installed.


There you have some of the things you need to know about the best solar powered pool lights, which are energy-efficient and practical additions to our landscape. Having them around, we can improve the appearance of our garden, lawn or patio in addition to our swimming pool.

They beautify our spaces effortlessly without us spending on additional in our electricity bill. These lights also help in saving the environment because they use sun energy to operate.

Nevertheless, these lights are some of the best innovations that you should have in your outdoor space. To get started, refer to our reviews and buying guide and later make a better decision. Buy your solar pool lights today!

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