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The Best Solar Rope Lights of 2023

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

If you’d like to decorate an indoor or outdoor space, use the best solar rope lights! These lovely and cozy lights are bright enough to accent your decoration or light the way in the garden, patio or deck. They’re also perfect for Christmas trees and other holiday decorations.

The solar lights are also energy efficient because they don’t need electricity to operate but solar power. They can help you save energy and not add any centavo to your electricity bills.

best solar rope lights

And we want to help you find the perfect set you need! Here, we’ve looked up for the top 10 solar rope lights as well as a buying guide to give you insights on what to check when researching and weighing your options. Check them out.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview LiyuanQ ‎FS-DT040

Oak 101111

IMAGE Solar Rope Lights

Length 33 ft 41 ft 78.7 ft
Bulbs 2 x 100 LED 100 LED 200 LED
Lighting Modes 8 2 8
Waterproof IP65 IP65 (lights)/ IP44 (solar panel) IP65
Runtime 12 hours 17 hours 10 hours
Details Details Details


Top 10 Solar Rope Light Reviews

1. LiyuanQ100 LED Solar String Lights

  • PVC tube makes it durable and long-lasting
  • Can last up to 12 hours
  • High energy conversion rate of 19%
  • 8 color lighting modes
  • Copper wire makes it easy to bend and shape
  • Not bright enough

The LiyuanQ solar string lights are encased in a clear PVC tube that makes the product durable and long lasting. Its case is also IP65-rated which means that the solar lights can withstand rain, snow and other weather conditions. Thus, you can use these lights in just about any occasion, as it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Moreover, LiyuanQ’s solar string lights have low-heat emissions since it is LED. This makes it both energy-efficient and environment-friendly. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about the lights overheating, making it safe around kids, pets and your plants.

LiyuanQ’s solar string lights come with a solar panel and a battery. The panel absorbs the light whereas the battery stores this electrical energy. This system has a 19% conversion rate, which is higher compared to other brands. Charging the product takes about 6-8 hours while it works for about 8-12 hours. However, you need to make sure that the solar panel is turned on for the product to charge.

The solar string lights automatically turn on, come dusk. It will last until morning or so, depending on the charge it has gotten.

The LiyuanQ solar string lights come in 3 different colors and have 8 lighting modes. The pretty colors and flashing combinations add just the right amount of festivity to your home. Moreover, the clear PVC tube gives it a cleaner look and allows the lights to shine brighter and shinier.

LiyuanQ’s solar string lights come in two packs of 33 feet copper wire, giving you more lights for you to decorate your home. The copper wire is flexible enough that you can easily bend and shape the lights in any way you want. Plus, the lights’ wiring is so thin that it will not affect the brightness of the lights.

If you don’t know how to use the product, you don’t need to worry since it comes with a user manual. Information about the lights as well as ways to use it is printed there.

Aside from that, the LiyuanQ solar string lights come with a 1-year free money back guarantee for their product. Hence, if you receive effective items, the company can replace them with a new one.

The only downside to this product is that according to some users, the lights aren’t bright enough. However, it all depends on the amount of sunlight they absorbed during the day.

Nevertheless, many users were pleased and satisfied with their purchase. The LiyuanQ solar string lights are perfect for those looking for smart, energy-efficient, durable and color lights to brighten up their home.

2. Oak Leaf Outdoor Solar Rope Lights

  • 41 feet long
  • Weather-resistant and malleable
  • 100 LED lights
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • With waterproof copper wire
  • Some longevity concerns
  • Cannot be cut or prolonged

Shopping around for solar powered rope lights can be a challenge if you’re clueless of the top picks on the market. Check it out if you’re searching for solar string lights that can provide you and your loved ones with a convenient and money saving way of using lighting ropes for any season.

The string lights can offer two lighting modes that you can choose from based on what you need for the situation. The string light is also with a button that you can access easily using a button. Two lighting modes are steady-on light and flashlight. Choose from one of the modes so that you can make the ideal atmosphere you need.

I would like to note that it also requires no outlet because it is solar-powered. You can rely on its efficiency and ease of use for its rechargeable battery and smart light sensor. This item also boasts its automatic turning on at night once it’s charged in the morning.

As it is a solar light, it does not require electricity, saving you money in the end. Also, it won’t give you any hassle in finding outdoor outlets.

In addition, the Oak Leaf Rope Lights are also with 100 LED lights included. In this case, you can expect for more brightness in the patio, garden or any place where you’ve installed it.

The LED lights are also in a long 41 feet long string, which is ideal for decorating larger spaces like walkways, trees, outdoor objects, windows and swimming pool. So if you’re trying to decorate a larger area, you might want to take a look at the Oak Leaf outdoor string lights for convenience and ease of installation.

This product is also with a malleable PVC tube cover, which makes it ideal for shaping LED lights based on your preferences. You can use your creativity in using the LED lights as decoration for your garden.

The solar panel lighting is also perfect for all weather use, and it is water resistant. Both the solar panel and the lights are wrapped well in plastic for their waterproof ability of IP44 and IP65. So with them, you can have peace of mind of installing them even in the rainy season without any hassles.

On the downside, the solar string lights have some reported longevity concerns. The rope is not also ideal for cutting or extending. It is fixed. But then, it is unbeatable in terms being waterproof and ideal for all weather use. It is also 41 feet long for lighting the way even of large areas.

3. IMAGE 8 Modes Solar Rope Lights

  • Up to 20 meters waterproof
  • Safety voltage operation
  • Detachable design
  • Ideal for all outdoor spaces
  • Eight flashing modes
  • Might not be for those looking for only shorter 100 LED lights
  • Solar panel might not be longer lasting

IMAGE is a known brand for outdoor string lights. It is committed to offering top quality LED lighting to their customers who demand for longer lasting use and more value for their money.

The Outdoor String Lights is with a 2400mAh Battery, which just means lasting much longer and light brighter. The more powerful battery also translates to better use of the rope lights. You can rely on its longevity to serve you for years.

The lights can also work uninterruptedly for over 10 hours for more lighting fun! I’d also like to mention this product has a removable design. What does that mean? It just means we can take the solar panel outdoor for charging while just letting the string lights where they are.

With such feature, you can also have peace of mind that you can experience more convenience using the rope lights. More so, I would like to emphasis that you could save energy effectively choosing the LED lights. You don’t need to worry about added electricity cost because they’re solar powered.

Now, you can add accent and cozy lighting to outdoor spaces like patios, decks and gardens but without spending huge on energy bills.

Also, I’d like to mention that this product is with eight flashing modes that you can change its mode freely based on what you want for the atmosphere or your mood. Find the switch mode buttons behind the item’s solar panel.

This model is also with waterproof design and offers a safety voltage operation. You can run it outdoors without worrying about short-circuiting when exposed to rain and other weather elements.

In addition, the solar panel that comes with this item is of higher density and is larger. Its battery can be filled easily even in the cloudy weather. This item is also long at 78.7 feet, so it can light up a larger space, such as walkways and gardens.

I’d also like to mention that you can shape the lights as you want them It is about the time to discover and unleash your creativity. Check out how you can turn an ordinary looking outdoor space using the rope lights that also allow accenting your decorations.

This item is also with micro LEDs, which are highly efficient to ensure low heat emission. You might want to check them out if you’re looking for this feature.

Overall, the outdoor solar rope lights are perfect for decorating spaces because they’re energy-efficient and allow shaping for whatever design you want.

On the cons, the IMAGE 8 Modes Solar Rope Lights might not be for those looking for shorter rope lights. Also, there were a few isolated reports of the solar panel breaking. However, such issue might also be prevented with proper use of the product.

Generally, the product is a great choice for rope lights for all occasions. It is waterproof and heavy-duty and comes with eight lighting modes.

4. Aluvee Solar Rope String Light

  • With 100 LED lights and 33 feet length
  • Solar panel charged with built-in battery
  • Flexible and moldable to various shapes
  • Can perform well under water
  • After sale warranty
  • Need to be charged under the sun for 2 to 3 days before use for the first time

Who says you can only put more sparkling lights on Christmas season? If you are one of too many people enjoying the class and childlike experience of colorful lighting, you may have them in any season that you want. Gaze the magical lighting effects of the Aluvee Solar Rope String Light.

The Aluvee Solar Rope String Light is an attractive LED lights that can be installed in many applications for either indoors and outdoors spaces and activities.

It is composed of 100 led lights with nine colors to choose from and use. The LEDs are linked together and safely housed in a transparent PVC tube so they look like hanging in chain. This will make a good décor for stage backgrounds for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.

With the length of the Aluvee Lighting of 10 meters or equivalent to 33 feet long, it can brightly surround and enliven any establishment such as your Christmas centerpiece, patio, windows and doors and pathways. Good news, too, if night swimming is your favorite relaxation, it can be your source of light under water because it is 100% waterproof.

What is also cool about this Rope String Light is it is as flexible as rubber. That is an advantage if you want to install some twinkling highlights to some decorations. You can fold the string light and trace various shapes such as your furniture, staircase, balconies and others.

No worries, too, about the electricity bills hike because Aluvee Solar Rope String Light is constructed with power saving mode. Its source of energy comes from the solar panel and saves to a built-in NI-MH battery.

It only takes six to eight hours to charge the battery and it will work well for up to eight to ten hours. The said item also has an automatic light on and off switch button as it identifies night and day based on light source.

In the event that you find the item unsatisfactory, you may immediately reach the lines of the Aluvee as they pledge a warranty after paying for the product. They promise to either return or replace damaged purchase.

However, it is only a little hassle that the item’s specs suggested to put the Led lights under the sun and wait for at least two to three days to be fully charged and be ready for use for the first time.

But in general, the Aluvee Solar Rope String Light will be an attraction to either your home or other furniture. It is one of the top-rated lighting LED string for its affordable price, energy-efficient technology and flexible quality.

5. SOCO Copper Wire Outdoor Fairy String Light

  • Durable construction
  • A variety of colors and lighting modes
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Long working hour
  • Lighting sensor technology
  • Coating is not really durable

For Christmas lights, solar LED Christmas lights are a good option. Like solar panels, they need to gather and store to generate light. Because of this, they are eco-friendly and energy efficient. One of such lights is SOCO’s Outdoor Fairy String Lights.

SOCO’s solar rope light comes with 100 LED lights bound in durable copper wire. They are IP65 rated which means that they can withstand rain, and other weather conditions such as sleet and snow. With this, these solar lights can be used all year round, whether indoors or outdoors.

Moreover, SOCO’s solar rope lights are of low-voltage, making it safe around children and pets. This also lessens the chances of incidents from happening.

The SOCO solar rope light comes with a solar panel, which absorbs sunlight. With this, the lights are eco-friendly and energy-efficient since it doesn’t require batteries. They present a sustainable option. Moreover, charging usually takes 6-8 hours while the lights can last up to 8-10 hours.

In the case of cloudy or rainy days, SOCO’s solar rope lights are prepared. The solar panel is designed to absorb the sunlight even on cloudy, rainy and other sun-less days.

The SOCO solar rope light is also equipped with lighting sensor technology that can detect the time. This enables the string lights to automatically activate during the dusk and automatically de-activate at dawn.

SOCO’s solar rope light comes in 6 colors, two lengths and number of bulbs. Regardless, each string light set has 8 different active modes that features blinks, flashes and flickers. This variety is perfect for those who want to have many options.

The SOCO solar rope light is also easy to install since it has neither battery nor wiring. Moreover, it is lightweight since it only weighs 9 ounces. You can literally put these lights in just about any area in your home without hassle.

SOCO’s solar rope lights also oozes with style and beauty, whether turned on or not. The designs are perfect to spice up the ambience in your home. The bright lights are perfect to make you feel the Christmas spirit, no matter the season.

The only downside to this product is that the coating is not so durable, according to some users. However, their concerns were addressed since the manufacturer was quick to reach out to them. Users praise the company for their excellent customer service as they gave them refunds or replaced their lights. Nevertheless, many users were still pleased with the product.

SOCO’s solar rope light is an excellent choice for those who want energy-efficient, eco-friendly and stylish lights. Christmas or not, you would surely feel the Christmas spirit.

SEMILITS Solar Outdoor String Lights (Outdated)

  • Encased in a PVC tube
  • Flexible and bendable
  • Cute and quirky design
  • Has 8 lighting modes to choose from
  • Comes with a rechargeable solar-powered battery
  • Not bright enough

SEMILITS is a brand that has made it their oath to produce only high quality, innovative and sustainable items. They found that solar string lights are a good alternative to electricity-powered fairy lights. Since 2012, the company has manufactured and sold millions of solar LED lights to encourage others to lessen their energy use. One of their products is their solar outdoor string lights.

Encased in a clear tube, SEMILITS solar string lights are durable and long lasting. The PVC tube is IP65-rated, which ensures that the lights can withstand rain, snow and other extreme weather conditions. As such, these solar lights can be used all-year long and is perfect for any occasion.

One of the greatest benefits of using solar string lights is that it helps lessen energy consumption in your household. The SEMILITS solar string lights come with a built-in rechargeable battery that absorbs sunlight. With these lights, not only do you save on electricity, but you also get to help save the earth.

Moreover, SEMILITS’ solar string lights have a low-voltage, which lessens the chances of accidents happening. Along with the rubber tubing, this makes it safe to use around children and pets.

The SEMILITS solar string lights come in two colors: white and multi-color. Moreover, it has eight active modes that include – in wave, slo go, combination, sequential, chasing, twinkle, slow fade, and steady on. The vibrant colors and the different blinking combinations will surely create the ambience you are looking for.

Unlike other string lights, SEMILITS’ solar string lights were enclosed in a PVC tube, which only added to its attractiveness and design. For one, it looked cleaner and tidier as it was easier to pack. Despite the tube, however, the solar lights only weigh 6.4 ounces, making it easier to move around. Its weight and the tube’s flexibility make it easier to install and hang the lights in just about any location.

Aside from that, the PVC tubing also made the lights look brighter and more beautiful. The tube added shape to the lights and made look sleek and modern. In fact, the tube, in a way, gave the lights a personality. This is perfect for those who are into quirky and innovative designs.

The SEMILITS solar string lights also come with a 1 year-warranty.

The only downside to this product is that some users commented that the lights weren’t bright enough for their taste. However, it’s only a matter of preference, as many users liked the product’s design, durability and energy-efficiency.

Overall, the SEMILITS solar string is a great choice for those looking for solar lights with quirky designs. Regardless of the occasion, these lights are a great way to bedazzle your house.

MEIKEE Dimmable Solar Rope Lights (Outdated)

  • Can work up to 17-34 hours
  • The brightness level can be adjusted
  • Equipped with light sensors
  • Flexible and durable
  • Provides a 2-year warranty and 90-day full refund
  • The length is a bit short

MEIKEE is a company that is committed on providing the top-tier lighting experience to their customers. With this in mind, the company has manufactured and sold millions of green and eco-friendly products worldwide. Among their popular products are their solar rope lights.

The MEIKEE solar rope lights are encased in a clear tube, making it durable and long lasting. It is also IP65-rated, meaning that it is resistant to water, spills and other weather conditions. Because of this, the MEIKEE solar rope lights can be used all-year long and can be hung indoors or outdoors.

MEIKEE’s solar rope lights come with a solar panel and a rechargeable battery. While the solar panel absorbs the light, the energy is stored in the battery to use later. This system has a conversion rate of 17% and charging usually takes 6-8 hours. It also has a low voltage, lessening the chances of accidents and making it safe to use around pets and kids.

Aside from this, the MEIKEE solar rope lights are equipped with light sensors. With this, the lights automatically turn on at dusk and turn off during the day.

The MEIKEE solar rope lights come in 4 different colors and 8 different lighting modes. These modes can be changed by pressing the remote. Moreover, the product’s clear tube gives it a cleaner look and allows the lights to shine brighter.

When used in steady mode, the MIKEE solar rope lights can last up to 17 hours while the flash lighting mode makes it work for 34 hours. Moreover, unlike other products, MIKEE’s solar rope lights can be dimmed.

MIKEE solar rope lights are made of copper wire, which makes it easy to move around and bend into any shape. You wouldn’t have a problem hanging it in your furniture pieces, fences and the like.

Unlike other products, MIKEE provides a 2-year warranty and a 90-day full refund guarantee on their solar rope lights. Moreover, customers can contact their 24/7 online customer service should they have any problems or concerns. This excellent customer service is a plus as it assures the product’s high quality and the company’s support for their customers.

The only downside to this product is that some users find its length a bit short, especially for those who want to hang in large areas and surfaces. Nonetheless, many users were satisfied with their purchase, commenting that the lights were beautiful and elegant.

Overall, MIKEE’s solar rope lights are a solid choice for those looking for a high quality, flexible and beautiful set of lights to brighten up their home.

LTE Solar Rope Lights LED String Lights (Outdated)

  • Eight lighting modes
  • Energy Efficient
  • With smart sensor capability
  • Waterproof
  • One year warranty
  • Can be fragile when forced installed on a hard surface

Application of LTE lighting is becoming a trend in both private properties and public places because it is beneficial for illumination and decoration as well. If you want to put some dazzling glow in your own space, you might want to grab some LTE Solar Rope Lights.

The LTE lighting is a 100 set of LED lights that are thread in a string to form a constellation of luster. This model has a length of 33 feet long so it can freely crawl and fill the corners of the garden, pool, pathway, patios, roof, party place etc. with bubbly lights.

It can serve as a guiding light for walkways and also as a decorative vine on various occasions like on Christmas, Weddings, Thanksgiving and Anniversaries.

Watchers won’t be bored looking on the blue LTE lighting. It has eight lighting modes to choose from and it can be easily adjusted by the switch button. Lights can be steady or can also dance in different ways such as combination, in weave, sequential, Sloglo, chasing or flashing, slow fade, on and off and twinkle.

This LED String Lights can be assembled whether on indoor or outdoor stations. It can even be used as source of brightness on the edges of the swimming pool as the LED lights are certified IP55 water resistant. That is also an advantage if you want to apply the LED lights in open space such as in your roof, windows, or lawn because it can withstand sudden rainfalls.

What is truly amazing with the LTE lighting is its energy efficient technology and smart sensor. The entire LED String Lights is powered by a solar panel that gets charge from the sunlight. It can save you some electricity cost while making the ambience at home beautiful. Once the battery is recharged, the lighting can function for 12 hours in steady lighting mode and six to eight hours for other modes.

Meanwhile, the smart sensor of this lighting is also quite impressive in the sense that the LED lighting automatically turns on and off depend on the lighting condition. Said item is also easy to install with the support of some free inclusion such as one solar panel, one 6.5 wall mounting bracket connector, 12cm two-in-one spike and one instruction manual.

In case you find any unusual defects on the item, you may consult immediately the LTE since they are offering a one-year warranty for valued customers.

Just a precaution, careless installation of the LED lights on hard ground surface may cause damage. Overall, the LTE Solar Rope LED String Lights are trendsetter as it adds accent to your indoor or outdoor space and only consume minimal electricity cost because it is solar powered and contains light sensor.

Asmader Solar String Lights (Outdated)

  • Powered by battery and solar
  • 200 LEDs included
  • Waterproof IP67 rating
  • Eight different modes
  • Perfect for outdoors and occasion decorations
  • Not as bright as other solar rope lights

The Asmader Solar String Lights should not be forgotten when trying to compare your options. They’re heavy-duty and easy to install and with eight modes. It is loaded with cool and outstanding features to light the way or accent an existing decoration.

You might want to check it out if you’re looking for a longer rope light. This item is 66 feet in length, allowing for decorating a larger space. So if you have a larger walkway, you might want to take a second look at the Asmader Solar String Lights.

Plus, the solar rope lights for pool are not only longer but also offer eight different lighting modes, allowing you to choose and select the mood particular for the occasion or gathering. The newest solar rope lights this year offers – steady on, flash/twinkle, chasing/flash and slow glow, to name some. That said, you could simply set the mood for the environment and achieve desired effects.

In addition, this product is with a wireless RF remote, adding to convenience of use. Also, the rope lights can offer a waterproof operation to its consumers.

You can look forward to longer-term use when you choose it. And as it is waterproof, you can also rest assured they won’t be damaged when exposed to the rain.

This item with IP67 rating is for you if you want an all-season use string lights. Speaking of being waterproof, the rope lights and the solar panel are both ideal for use even in the rainy days.

This model is also with a charging indicator that turns on when it is charging and then off when the lights are working. Such function adds to the smart workings of the rope lights model that you might be interested into if you want a less hassle operation for your solar lights.

Overall, the Asmader 66 FT 200 LEDs Solar Rope Lights model is one of the top-tier choices for users who want to use a convenient and energy-efficient rope light for their patios, decks, gardens and walkways, among other places.

On the not so good side, the lights are not as bright as that of other models due to a lower powered battery. But nevertheless, the string lights are sleek, durable and energy-efficient. Just charging between six and eight hours can make sure working time up to 11 hours.

BINZET LED Solar String Rope Lights (Outdated)

  • Waterproof clear tubes
  • 100 LED solar fairy lights
  • Ideal for virtually all outdoor spaces
  • Affordable
  • 12 months warranty
  • Shorter than other models in the same product category

Would you like to decorate your backyard, garden or deck? Would you want to spruce up the appearance of your patio or pergola? If so, you might want to check out the BINZET LED Solar String Lights, a warm white pack of two rope lights.

The 33 feet waterproof and clear tubes are suitable for outdoor use. Now, you don’t need to wait until the holidays before you decorate the deck, patio or pergola because you can install solar fairy lights.

The lights are perfect for accenting outdoor spaces, and they’re not attractive for bugs and other insects. You can also set these string lights up in backyards and pergolas.

The warm white lights are also cozy to make a deck or a garden more appealing. But in addition to their aesthetic appeal, the BINZET string lights are LED lights, which are energy-efficient. The lights that can make every night looking like a starry one can save you money because they don’t need electricity to run.

You can also use the rope lights to decorate indoor spaces like bedrooms and living rooms. It is up to you. Plus, you can decorate a space for occasions and gatherings like holiday parties, weddings and festivities.

The tube rope lights are with Waterproof IP 65, so they can work underwater except the solar panel. This feature adds to the durability of the string lights. It only means that you can look forward for long lasting use.

This item is also with double switch buttons for on and off switches. It will turn on automatically at dusk and off by daytime when the button is switched on. However, I would like to note to switch it on when charging or it won’t work.

You can also select among the eight lighting modes, including steady on, flash/twinkle or chasing flash, to name some, and achieve your desired effects.

The solar LED rope lights also come with a 12-month warranty, ensuring your peace of mind if something happens, and you want to make a request. A warranty on their product just proves that the manufacturer trusts the ability of their string lights. So if you want to achieve more satisfaction, check out the Binzet solar rope lights.

On the downside, the string lights are shorter than in other models in the same product category are. But nevertheless, the string lights are on waterproof and clear tubes and are ideal for all outdoor spaces. It is also backed by one-warranty. So if you think these features are essential, you might to check out the BINZET LED Solar String Lights.

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Trust our team if you’re finding the best solar rope lights. We’re composed of solar power enthusiasts, consumers and electronics people that created this website to help you pick the right solar solutions.

Our team believes in the power of solar to change the world. It is environment-friendly, cost-efficient and moneysaving. For these reasons, we believe that solar can make the big difference in the world! It can help reduce pollution and use of fossil fuel.

Solar is also not harmful for the health and is free forever. So with just a one-time investment on a solar product, accessory, gear, panel or equipment, you can get all these benefits plus durability given you’d select a high-quality product. It is why is here.

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With a thorough analysis and testing, we’re able to create insightful reviews to help fellow consumers pick the right solar products for their homes, offices and other spaces.

What Is A Solar Rope Light And Who This Is For

The solar rope lights for garden are not our typical garden or deck lights. They may not be also as bright as other types of outdoor lights because they’re meant for accenting decoration, lighting paths and not attracting bugs and insects. These lights are powered by battery and solar energy. They’re built with a battery, which is charged between six and eight hours at the very least, varying from one manufacturer to another.

They come with a solar panel that must be exposed to the sunlight in the daytime to ensure that the battery is charging for turning on the lights at nighttime.

Who is it for? Solar lighting solutions for the pergola, patio, deck or garden are for homeowners who love beautiful stuff! They’re for creative people who love decorating their outdoor spaces not just on Christmas but on any season and occasion.

The rope lights are for those who want to accentuate any current decoration and make it more alive.

Plus, these lights are also for people that want to make their bedroom or living appear cozier for a romantic date indoors.

Overall, the indoor/outdoor solar-powered LED lights are for people that want to decorate their spaces and make them more pleasing to the eyes. They’re also for those who want to light up the way in the garden or patio, etc.

How Do Solar Rope Lights Work

The solar rope light is a type of photovoltaic module that works by collecting energy from the sun, and then stores such energy in the batteries.

Summing up, the solar lighting collects just enough energy at daytime so that it can work efficiently at nighttime. They’re LED bulbs, which are strung along a rope, and making use of solar power to light up. The lights are basically for decorative not for lighting purposes.

No matter you’re choosing the colored or plain white solar rope lights, you must know that these lights work like the typical Christmas or holiday lights we know but with better features.

For one, they work without the need for electricity. They operate or run through solar power. The solar panel charges the battery integrated into the model you ended up buying.

Commonly, these lights also have smart features like turning on automatically at nighttime and continuously provided it be charged. In the morning, the solar lights will turn off, and again the unit’s solar panel will be charged by the sunlight.

These lights work for all seasons because they are waterproof. They are specially wrapped in PVC tube cover. In this case, you don’t have to worry about exposing them in the rain.

The solar rope lights are also for all occasions. They work well in decorating wedding venues, Christmas trees and other places and things. Having them around, you can be certain that you will have a reliable rope lighting that you can install anywhere when needed.

However, you must choose one that can last, and one way to determine that is through buying quality string lights. You can get started with the selection process using our guide above.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Rope Lights


When trying to compare your options, you might also want to consider the types of solar powered led rope lights before buying one so that you will have the chance to compare and weigh your options based on those. But at the very least, there are not many solar LED light types because they’re basically the same thing.

The differences could perhaps lie on the brand and model and the number of LED lights included. For instance, there are models coming only with 100 light bulbs and others 200. So the choice is yours when it comes to how many light bulbs you’d actually want to or need for your garden, patio, walkway, garage, deck, recreational vehicle and home, among others.

On the market, you can find a wide range of options giving you the chance to choose the number of LED light bulbs in the rope lighting.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Rope Lights 

Before adding a product to cart, you should also figure out the pros and cons of installing this product into your indoor or outdoor space. Check out the following for an idea.



No matter you want to decorate a wedding venue or for a house party, you can rely on the solar lights to work for you. They can make the place even more decorative without so much effort at all. But if you want to show your creative side, you can also shape the lights. Most of them, if not all, allow bending and turning into the shape that you want.

Does not attract bugs and insects

The lights are just bright enough, but not too much. They will not attract insects in the garden. You can decorate the space without worrying about these little creatures.


These solar lights can add aesthetic appeal to any place and are equally cozy to make the ambience warmer for a romantic date or a wedding proposal. These lights are also designed with different modes so that you can set your chosen mood or atmosphere for the specific moment or event.


These solar lights for the patio or garden are not expensive. Many of them are affordable yet are quality.

Available in 100s, 200s or more

You can also choose the length you want for the rope light. The more lights also mean the longer the rope. The number of LED lights will depend on how many of them you prefer.


Might not last long

The problem is that there are so many of them available on the market now. And with that can also mean that some of them might not be high quality especially if you won’t be able to buy from the most trusted brands.

Not all lengths fit your needs

These solar string lights are available in different lengths expressed in feet. You can choose from the different sizing available, and determine which one will suit your needs.

Some can be pricey

While the best of them are affordable and high quality, some can also be expensive. You should then consider certain things like the brand and model of the rope lights, among other things. At the very least, you might want to stick with those that have basic functions and features but are affordable and proven for high quality.

How We Picked And Tested


There are so many rope lights available on the market now. With just one search online, you’d be bombarded with so many choices when you do a research.

For this reason, you might want to check out the following buying guide for the things to consider when comparing your options. By finding the right one, you will be able to decorate your indoor or outdoor space.

At the very least, these lighting solutions are perfect for the pergola, patio, deck, garden or walkway, among other places. They can make these places looking more festive and livelier. It is also for the same reason that these rope lights are used for decorating venues for a wedding, concert, birthday and other gatherings.

These solar lights are also energy-saving, working by illuminating the way like to the door or along the walkway without adding electricity cost because they’re solar, not electric-powered.

To get started, check out the following considerations when choosing solar string lights for your outdoor or indoor space.


What is your purpose or plan of installing or using solar power rope lights? It is one of the most important considerations when deciding to buy these lights.

Would you want to decorate an entire area? Or would you like to install actual lighting? If your plan is to decorate or beautify the space, you might want to consider one of the solar lighting options we have reviewed. But then, if you want brighter lights, you should look for another type of solar lighting.

Again, determine your purpose of using rope lights to avoid any disappointment in the end. You can get started with the options we have featured earlier so that you can find the right fit for you.


Rope lights are also available at different lengths. It might help you pick one based on how large the space you plan to install the rope lights is. Above, we have featured different items at varying lengths, usually measured in foot. Choose among them based on how large the place you plan to install the string lighting solution.

Outdoor/indoor use

Would you like to use the lights in your living room or bedroom or any other indoor spaces? Or would you use it outdoors? If you’re planning to use them in the garden or walkway or any other outdoor space, you must consider one that is made of waterproof materials.

You should also check that the materials are resistant and can handle different weather conditions like heat, snow and rain.

So generally, you should find one that can deal with the existing weather conditions or climate in your area.

Speaking of the weather, you might want to buy rope lights that come with a charger if the sunshine in your area is not enough to recharge the batteries of the solar lights.


Another consideration when looking for a solar lighting solution is the price of the product you’re buying. It is one of the most important factors to think about when comparing your options to avoid buying a set that is too expensive for your budget.

You don’t have to worry though. We have found the top picks in the category, and they’re available in different price ranges to ensure you can select one that fits your budget.

One thing that affects the price is the number of LED lights included in the string or rope. The higher the number can also mean a higher priced item.

Another thing that affects the price is the quality of the materials used. Some products are offered at lower prices because their materials are not that durable or long lasting.

A way to find out if what you’re buying is worth your money is reading reviews to find out what users are saying.

We have also compared the different products at varying price ranges to help you pick based on how much you can spend on the rope lights.

There you have some of the things to think about when weighing your options for a solar string lighting solution.

Again, you might want to look into the length, price, indoor or outdoor use as well as purpose in using these lights. Nevertheless, they’re great additions to any space because they can make it cozier and more aesthetically pleasing than without them.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do LED solar rope lights generate any heat?

Yes, solar power LED rope lights generate heat like any other lighting fixture. This is because when solar rope lights outdoor use electricity, only parts of the energy are transformed into light, whereas the rest turns into heat.

Although LEDs are much more efficient than many other light sources, at least 20% of the energy is lost to heat. That said, the heat is usually not too high – you can hold even the brightest solar rope lights with your bare hands.

Should I turn on the solar rope lights immediately after opening the box?

No, it would be best not to start the solar powered rope lights outdoor units immediately after opening the box.

Although solar rope lights have built-in rechargeable batteries, they require cycling to optimize battery capacity. A cycle involves daytime solar charging and nighttime discharging. You will need five to ten cycles to prepare the solar battery for optimum operation.

Manufacturers of solar rope garden lights have specific instructions on charging the solar rope light before initial use. You might want to check and observe the recommendations to optimize the solar light batteries.

Do the LEDs counts really matter?

No, the LED count doesn’t matter that much. What is more important is the solar rope light’s lumen rating because it reflects the diode’s light production. Even if you have 5-lumen 200-LED solar strip lights (total of 1,000 lumens), they cannot match the light output of a 25-lumen 100-LED solar rope light (total of 2,500 lumens).

However, if you have solar string lights for camping with identical lumen ratings, the number of light-emitting diodes becomes relevant. For example, adding 50 5-lumen LEDs to 200 5-lumen LEDs would increase the brightness intensity by 250 lumens.

Are solar rope lights waterproof?

Not all solar rope lights are waterproof, including the ones labeled “water-resistant.” This is because “waterproof” and “water-resistant” are two different things.

To elaborate, solar powered rope lights waterproof units are impermeable to water. Even if you immerse them in a bucket of water or dunk them in a pool for several days, water will never seep inside the lighting fixture.

Meanwhile, water-resistant solar rope lights for deck applications can resist water or moisture ingress. Most solar rope lights are water-resistant, as defined by their ingress protection (IP) ratings. For example, an IPX5-rated solar rope light can stay protected against water jets at 12.5 liters per minute.

Therefore, you might want to check your solar rope light’s IP rating to determine its water resistance level. In most cases, solar rope lights can resist water, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Can I change the solar rope lights’ color?

Yes, you can change the color if you have color changing solar rope lights. Many products have a remote controller for programming the LED’s lighting modes, actions, and colors.

However, it is worth noting that some solar rope lights only have one color. So, if you bought blue solar rope lights, for example, you cannot expect to change them to red, yellow, green, or other colors.

What are the most trusted solar rope light brands?  

There are many brands of solar rope lights on the market. The best of them include Oak Leaf, BINZET, IMAGE and Asmader, among other brands we have featured earlier. To get started choosing the right lighting brand for you, refer to our reviews section earlier.

What are solar rope lights made of?      

Solar rope lights are made of LED light bulbs. They are energy-efficient and long lasting. However, you must find one that is high quality and by a reputable brand. Start selecting the right lights using the earlier section reviews.

Are solar rope lights waterproof?          

Yes, they are. These solar lights are waterproof rated at IP67 and at certain depth or meters in submersion to water. However, you should check based on the item you end up buying, and find out if it is waterproof or not.

Can solar rope lights be cut?       

Not all solar rope lights can be cut. Some of them are fixed, so they should not be cut. Nevertheless, you should check the user manual to ensure that the rope lights can be cut or not and avoid any damage if it’s not.

If the rope lights can be cut, check the manual to read for any manufacturer instructions on how to do it.

Do the lights come with clips to attach?

There is no specific answer to this one. For this reason, you must check based on what you’re buying to see if they come with clips to attach or not. If they don’t, there are available clips to find and buy for your rope lights.

How long will it take to charge? How long will the lights last?        

Some of them take between six and eight hours to charge; others can be longer. It will depend on the specific manufacturer instruction, so you should check them to find out.

When it comes to longevity, there is also no specific answer to how long they will last. It can depend on the level of usage and quality of the materials used.

Are the solar batteries replaceable?     

Yes, they can be replaced. But then, you must find the right replacement battery to ensure proper operation. To replace the old battery, you just need to locate the old battery and take it out. Then, replace it with the new one.

What is the warranty?      

Most of the time, the warranty can be up to one year. Some can also offer longer, and others none. Thus, you should check and compare your options well to find one is backed by a longer warranty.

What are the most trusted places to buy?

Great places to buy are Walmart and other home supplies store. But for the top-tier deals, you might want to buy on Amazon, where there is a wide display of these products offered at affordable prices.

How to install and use?    

You can install them as you would with typical electric-powered lights or Christmas lights. Just hang or shape them to whatever design you want, and you’re done. However, make sure you expose the solar panel to sunlight, so don’t place it under a tree, for instance.

How to care & maintain?  

There is no specific care and maintenance needed for these rope lights. Just check its user manual, and follow the instructions included. Nevertheless, the instructions can also vary from one manufacturer to another.


Referring to this buying guide, we do hope you can select solar-powered rope lights that can offer a beautiful lighting solution. They’re perfect for your decorating needs because of benefits, such as allowing the shaping of these lights and choosing your preferred lighting mode like steady on or flashing, to name some.

So again, when finding the best solar rope lights, you should do your homework and find the right one that will suit your indoor/outdoor lighting decoration needs.

If you do, you’ll be able to decorate your patio, garden or deck, to name some, all year and make it a better-looking space. Buy your solar rope lighting today!

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