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The Best Solar Spotlights for Garden, Landscape & More

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

If you’re looking to accentuate or highlight an outdoor space, you might want to get one of the best solar spotlights. They’re effective and efficient innovations that you’ll appreciate. These lights are energy saving and not add to your electric bill.

You can use these spotlights for illuminating or brightening your lawn, deck, yard, patio or any outdoor space. They are made of waterproof materials, so they can also last long even if exposed to the harsh outdoor conditions.

best solar spot lights

However, there are many kinds of these lights on the market, so they can be hard to compare if you don’t know what to look for.

To help you, we did a research on the top picks along with info on what make them special. In today’s guide, you will also learn about the things to look for in comparing your options.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview InnoGear SL404

URPOWER ‎Solar Spot Lights


LEREKAM Solar Spot Lights

No. of Light Sources 4 2 40
Working Time 6 – 12 Hrs 6 – 10 Hrs 8 – 25 Hrs
Waterproof IP65 IP64 IP65
Voltage ‎5.5 V ‎3.7 V ‎4.2 V
Wattage 1.5 W 0.49 W
Details Details Details

Best Outdoor Solar Spotlight Reviews

1. InnoGear Solar Spotlight

  • Energy-saving
  • Eco-friendly
  • Adjustable light and solar panel
  • 2 lighting modes
  • 2-in-1 tool free easy installation
  • Charging efficiency is dependent on the weather condition

Are you looking for solar spotlights to illuminate your lawn, sidewalk, pathway or driveway? Whichever part of your outdoors is it that you wanted to light up, the InnoGear Solar Spotlight is the perfect light for the job.

Help the environment by switching to solar-powered lights. The InnoGear solar spotlight is solar-powered and not need another power source other than the sunlight. These lights are convenient in cases of emergencies and power outage.

The InnoGear solar spotlight is perfect for installation on any outdoor areas. These solar spotlights are made of durable ABS material. They are also IP65 waterproof and are made to withstand harsh outside conditions. You can be confident that these lights will last you for a long time without needing frequent replacement.

I also like how these lights are easily installed by either mounting on the wall or sticking them on the ground so you can easily install them in any areas around your house. The 2-in-1 tool-free installation without any wiring required is very convenient for users. In just a few simple steps under 5 minutes, you can already have yourself beautiful illumination.

Adding to the user’s convenience is its automatic on/off feature. The InnoGear solar spotlights charge automatically under the sunlight during daytime and auto power on at dusk and turn off at dawn. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to charge them nor turning them off.

I also like the adjustable light and solar panel of the InnoGear solar spotlights. The solar is adjustable for 180⁰ to make it face directly to sunlight for effective charging. The 2200 mAh rechargeable battery allows for conversions efficiency of up to 17% for longer lasting lights at night. The light head, on the other hand, is adjustable at 90⁰ that allow you to choose your preferred angle of lighting.

Another thing that I like about this solar spotlight is its two lighting modes – the high light mode and the low light mode. You can easily adjust the brightness of the light according to your preference and save energy.

However, as to the negative aspect of these lights, the weather condition affects the charging efficiency of the InnoGear solar spotlight. It is important to place these lights in a sunny area. Less sunlight also means less working time and dimmer lights.

Despite that, I still recommend that you try out the InnoGear solar spotlight. This solar spotlight is energy-saving, eco-friendly and affordable. The modern design and bright lights also beautify your outdoor areas. This product is worth the money you spend.

2. URPOWER Solar Spot Lights

  • 2 lighting modes
  • Color variants
  • Adjustable lights and solar panel
  • Practical and versatile
  • Easy installation
  • Dim during cloudy days/winter

The URPOWER are some of the brightest solar spot lights. They are made out of high-quality plastic that allows it to withstand adverse weather conditions. With an IP64-rating, URPOWER ensured that these lights would last you all year long. Aside from that, these lights are also resistant to rust and dust.

Moreover, the URPOWER solar lights come with a wide solar panel that enables it to catch more sunlight. Personally, I prefer wide solar panels since it means more photovoltaic cells that can result in a faster charge.

It’s also combined with a 2200 MAH rechargeable battery, giving a decent charge and using time. Charging this device usually takes 4-5 hours, depending on the weather. If fully charged, the URPOWER solar lights work for about 6-9 hours.

The URPOWER solar lights house four LED bulbs, giving off a total brightness output of 200 lumens. It has three color variants in regards to the light. You can choose between cold white, warm white and multicolored.

Another thing I like about these lights is that it has two lighting modes: high and low. However, different modes will result in a different working time.

The URPOWER solar lights are also equipped with a light sensing system. Just make sure that you turned it on and the system will do the rest. The lights automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn.

Aside from this, the URPOWER solar lights are also versatile and practical. For one, the lights can be adjusted up to 90 degrees while the solar panel can be adjusted up to 180 degrees. This versatility can also be seen in the installation.

These lights can be installed two ways. You can either directly stick it onto the ground or you can mount it onto the wall. The URPOWER solar lights come with two spikes, six screw sets and two user manuals.

The practicality can also be seen in the design. It’s simple and straightforward to use and install. Its black color also allows you to blend it into your surroundings easily.

What I don’t like about the light is that they’re a bit dim, especially during cloudy days and winter. Some users commented that in these weather conditions, they are barely lasting 2-3 hours.

Nevertheless, despite that, the URPOWER solar lights still hold up to the end of its bargain. During sunny days, they really emit a bright light and they are indeed, durable. Moreover, users also liked its practicality and versatility. They also liked how easy it is to use and to install. If you are looking for practical and versatile light, the URPOWER solar lights are a product worth considering.

3. LEREKAM Solar Spot Lights

  • High-intensity 1000-lumen output
  • Three luminous intensity settings to accommodate different needs
  • Last 8 – 25 hours, depending on the modes
  • Dual charging capabilities (USB charging port) in case of overcast days
  • IP65 waterproof and robust design
  • No motion sensor feature

LEREKAM offers an impressive pair of solar spotlights to showcase one’s garden, landscape, and other residential features at night. These fixtures wow users with their high luminous intensity, versatile installation, and charging efficiency.

I prefer these products over other solar-powered spotlights because I could either drive them through the ground with ease or mount them on our wall. These dependable wall mounted solar spot lights outdoor units are perfect for house and landscape elements, such as trellises, entrance ways, etc.

The 1,000-lumen output is also commendable, although the Claoner offers 200 more lumens per fixture. Illuminating trees, second floor windows, and other home features should be a cinch.

I have two favorites about these solar spotlights: the additional USB charging system and light output settings. Most products only rely on sunlight to recharge the integrated batteries. Good thing these products have a USB charging port to allow the fixtures to work, even on cloudy days.

With a press of a button, I can toggle between three light modes with corresponding illumination runtimes. For example, I can enjoy high-intensity lighting for 8 hours whereas a medium-intensity setting can last for 15 hours. To conserve energy even further, I sometimes select the lowest illumination setting, which stays on for 25 hours.

Although I would have liked an IP68-rated solar lighting fixture better, IP65 is not that bad. Moreover, these solar spotlights have excellent heat and frost resistance, making them suitable for any home.

I cannot fault these solar powered outdoor spotlight units unless homeowners want a lighting fixture with an integrated motion detection sensor. Such technology should improve the spotlight’s runtimes but is not a deal-breaker for most people.

Still, these solar spotlights are perfect for any homeowner who wants to draw attention to their landscape at night. Their dual charging capabilities and versatile installation complement the product’s three-level brightness settings.

4. Nektek Solar Spot Lights

  • 2 installation methods
  • Adjustable solar panel and LED
  • Simple
  • Long working time
  • Color options
  • Quality control issues

If you’re reading a solar spot lights review, you might have bumped into Nektek lights. These solar lights are made out of high-quality materials that allow it to withstand adverse weather conditions. With an IP64-rating, it is completely water and heatproof. These lights are also resistant to dust and rust.

Moreover, the Nektek solar lights come with a wide solar panel that boasts a 20% faster conversion rate. I really like wide solar panels since it means it carries more photovoltaic cells that can absorb more sunlight.

The solar panel is combined with a high-capacity 18500 rechargeable battery that boasts a faster charging rate and longer working time. If fully charged, it can last up to 6-10 hours. However, this may change depending on the weather.

The Nektek solar lights house four LED bulbs that give off a bright white light. These lights give off a total brightness output of 200 lumens. Aside from that, these lights have two lighting modes: high and low. Different settings result in a different working time.

The Nektek solar lights are also equipped with a light-sensing system. As long as you turn it on, the lights will automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Once it turns off, it then proceeds to charge itself.

Nektek’s solar lights are also a product that boasts practicality and versatility. In regards to its LED bulbs, it can be adjusted up to 180 degrees for optimum light coverage and illumination. Its solar panel can also be adjusted 90 degrees that allows you to move its angle for optimum sun exposure.

This practicality is also translated in its installation methods. The Nektek solar lights come with two spikes and six screw sets, giving you the option of either mounting it or sticking it into the ground. It also comes with a user manual to guide you, in case you get confused.

In terms of its design, the Nektek solar light is simple and features a spike-type look. Its black color allows you to blend it into your surroundings and walls easily.

Aside from that, this product has three-color variants: warm white, white and multicolored. There are also options that allow you to purchase these lights in two or four packs or in one.

What I don’t like about these lights is that they have some quality control issues. Some users reported receiving defective lights, or that the other side of the light was not working, and other similar complaints.

Nonetheless, many users were satisfied with their purchase. Many liked the flexibility and versatility these lights offer. They also like the different lighting modes and the easy installation method.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, simple and flexible light, then the Nektek solar lights is a product worth considering.

5. Claoner Solar Spot Lights

  • Produces up to 1200 lumens
  • Three lighting modes to extend illumination time
  • Lasts 6 – 24 hours on different settings
  • Dual installation design for customization
  • Heatproof, frost-resistant, and weatherproof construction
  • IP65-rating for protection against water
  • Adjustable solar panel for maximum energy conversion efficiency
  • No USB charging port for overcast days

Homeowners who need a solar-powered spotlight with a higher luminous intensity than the LEREKAM should consider this offering from Claoner. It has nearly identical features as the other product, but aces in some aspects.

Most high lumen solar spot lights max at 1,000 lumens. This solar spotlight features extra 200 lumens to shine brighter over greater distances than other solar-powered products.

Like the LEREKAM, this solar spotlight also gives three lighting options. Families can extend the illumination time to 24 hours by setting these fixtures to produce low-intensity light. In other words, if one uses it for only eight hours, this product will last three straight nights before requiring a recharge.

Setting these spotlights at full brightness should illuminate the garden or landscape for 6 hours, while a medium-intensity light output will last 12 hours. Although the LEREKAM has slightly longer runtimes, this solar spotlight’s ability to give homeowners a choice is worthy of consideration.

This solar-powered spotlight also has dual mounting options. People can install the fixture on their walls or drive it into the ground like stakes. Its setup is similar to the LEREKAM, providing homeowners with the versatility to highlight specific landscape elements and features.

My favorite thing about this solar spotlight is its adjustable design. I can tilt the solar panel to improve the system’s solar energy gathering and conversion efficiency up to 20%. The lighting fixture’s angle is also variable, allowing homeowners to direct the light beam on specific areas.

Like other IP65-rated solar products, this solar spotlight can withstand occasional downpours. Its heat- and frost-resistance are spot-on, giving homeowners peace of mind.

My only lament about this solar spotlight is it does not have a USB charging capability like the LEREKAM. It limits the product’s use in prolonged rainy and cloudy weather.

This solar-powered spotlight wins many homeowners’ hearts because of its high-lumen rating, adjustable solar system components, and variable light output.

6. DBF Solar Spotlight

  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • 2 brightness working mode
  • Adjustable light and solar panel
  • 2-in-1 tool-free installation
  • Weather and location affects charging efficiency

If you are looking for lights to illuminate your outdoors, I recommend that you avail yourself and experience the newest technological breakthrough in solar lighting that is the DBF Solar Spotlight. This upgraded version of the DBF solar spotlight has 18 pieces super bright SMD LED clips that vouch for brighter light output as compared to the other solar spotlights out in the market.

One of the reasons why I am recommending the DBF solar spotlight is it is energy saving and sustainable. The only power source that this light need is the sunlight. You just leave this light in an area with direct sunlight to charge and you’ll have yourself bright lights at night.

Even better is that you don’t have to hassle yourself with the manual operation of the DBF solar spotlight and its charging. The light has a built-in light sensor, which automatically turns the lights on at night, and off at daytime and charges itself.

To save its users from hassle, the DBF solar spotlight is easily installed in two ways. Included in the package are the materials you need in the installation. There are no special tools required or any messy wiring and connections needed. You can choose to stick the light on the ground or to mount them on the wall.

One of my favorite things about the DBF solar spotlight is its two brightness-working modes. You can choose to set the light on high light or low light mode. The low light mode saves energy. You can easily switch from either mode according to your preferred brightness.

In addition to its tow modes of brightness, I also like the adjustable light and solar panel of the DBF solar spotlight. You can adjust the light to 120⁰ and the solar panel to 360⁰. This feature is convenient for you to adjust the light to any direction you prefer the light to shine on and the solar panel to any direction where it can receive maximum sunlight for more efficient charging.

The durability of the DBF solar powered led spotlights are also guaranteed with its high-impact ABS material. It is also ip65 waterproof. This solar spotlight can withstand extreme weather conditions for the light to last for a long time.

However, as to the drawback of this light, the weather and location affect the charging efficiency of the light. During the rainy season, charging may be a little difficult which may result in dimmer lights. But overall, I highly suggest that you try the DBF solar spotlight. This solar spotlight is the perfect lighting for your yard, walkway and driveway for convenient movement at night and additional security.

7. DrawGreen Solar Spotlight

  • 3-year battery life
  • Two-mode motion sensor lights
  • Quality aluminum alloy for more safety and durability
  • 160-week replacement guarantee
  • Ideal for the garden, patio, yard and other outdoor spaces
  • A bit dim

Another product to check when comparing your options for a motion sensor light is the DrawGreen solar light. This lighting is ideal for different spots outdoors, including the path, garden, lawn, deck and driveway. It is an excellent option for those who want an efficient solar lighting source and on any weather.

It can work efficiently and requires shorter charging time than others do. You can charge the motion sensor light for five to six hours to charge fully. However, take note that it might emit low lighting and work for only three days on rainy days. Plus, you can rely on the advanced solar panel, which works efficiently for collecting solar energy.

I would also like to note that the lamp holder is adjustable to 360 degrees, allowing you to use it with convenience. It is one of the most superior products on the market in its class that can also provide you with a wide range of outdoor security lighting solution.

This outdoor lighting is with 1400 lumens, which are bright enough for illuminating spots. The Aluminum Solar Lights can offer you continuous illumination at night, so there is no more darkness.

I would also like to note that it could offer you with a 160-week replacement guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind of getting the help you need.

In addition, the solar lights are not dependent on fossil fuel for its electric source but on solar power, which is clean and free. Using the spotlight, you can also do your share for the environment because it will not cause air pollution.

It will not also add to your monthly spending because it is solar powered. You just need to pay for the items once, and then take advantage of the free energy from the sun to power the solar lights.

It is also notable for its two-mode motion sensor light and 40-55 feet illumination range once the motion is detected, and then turns to dim light at 330 lumens or with an auto-off mode.

On the cons, the item is a bit dim, but still, it is one of the best picks for its solid features and versatility. It can be used for the outdoor like the yard, patio, garden and other outdoor spaces.

8. Solar Light Twin Solar Spotlight

  • Super bright 60 to 100 lumen
  • With two-way installation option
  • With three level brightness setting
  • Cast aluminum made solar spotlights
  • With photovoltaic solar panel
  • Recharging of the solar spotlights depend on the place it is installed and on the weather condition.

The Twin Solar Spotlight of Solar Light Mart is one of the best budding lighting equipment in town to date. Here is to discover the strong selling features of the product as well as its weakness.

I’m sure that being solar powered is the greatest asset of the Solar Light Mart Twin Spotlight. Like most smart shoppers, I’ll definitely select an item that is more practical to use than the one that will consume electricity and needs messy wiring.

Now, there are many competitive lights in various stores but I think what makes Solar Light Mart Twin Spotlight special is it has an advance built-in photovoltaic solar panel. It can be adjusted to dimmer setting and can be easily connected to string of two.

Usually, other average solar lights can perform up to 10 hours only. But according to the specs of this Solar Light Mart Twin Spotlight says that it can generously work from seven to 12 hours as long as its Lithium Battery is richly charged.

I’d rather go for a lighting product that can function for a longer time. It will serve as an efficient lighting for security at residential or public spaces like on pathways, driveways, gardens, poolside, gates, fence, patios, decks, bridges and roads.

Each of the twin lighting pieces displays superb Cree LED lights with 60 and 100 lumens. For me, this Mini 50x Solar Spotlights outshine other lighting equipment because it has more LUX than the other regular lamps.

It’s not all, but I’m even more impressed about the incorporated magnifier lens of this solar spotlight. What it does is it allow a wider coverage of lighting for an angle of 45-degree. Depend on the mood; you can even adjust the lighting setting of the spotlights into three levels.

I also go for items that will not consume too much time and effort in installation. This twin Mini 50x Solar Spotlights unanimously win my choice when it comes to convenience in mounting. You can simply stake it to the soil or hang it on the wall. Plus a large remote helps you to maneuver the solar panel and battery from afar.

Don’t forget to check also the durability of this product. Ever since, cast aluminum made solar lights is great as outdoor device. Said tough materials protect the spotlights from the unfavorable weather conditions and other pressure impacts.

The only imperfections that I can see about this twin Mini 50x Solar Spotlights are its operating hours depends on the location where it is placed as well as on the weather condition.

But in overall, the best solar landscape spotlights outshine the other brand competition. Among its mentioned advantages are its very bright and high lumen per light fixture, long lasting performance, good construction materials and rechargeable by sunlight.

DINGLILIGHTING LED Landscape Solar Spot Lights (Outdated)

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Flexible
  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • Adjustable brackets
  • The light is not so bright

Just like solar spotlight for flag, spotlights, which are solar-powered, are also popular. One of the trusted brands is DingLiLighting. It is a company that focuses on producing the best solar spotlights with the best value of the customers. They listen to feedback, and they strive to improve their products continuously. They have a sound experience through constantly pursuing endless and high-quality innovation.

Their mission is to brighten your life, both outdoor and indoor, by their services and their products. Their solar-powered path lights have an automatic on and off feature.

The lights automatically turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise until the batteries are discharged. Their lights are 100% energy saving with high power COB led chips; they are waterproof with a rating of IP65.

DingLiLighting’s Solar Light has its own solar panel, just make sure that the solar panel is exposed directly to the sun so that it could get enough solar energy to keep it fully powered and also to protect the two lights, avoid purposely splashing it with water to prolong its life span.

Even though it is waterproof, it can only withstand rain and snowstorm, but it can’t be dipped into the water.

The lights are energy saving and are durable. They are well-built because they are made from aluminum instead of plastic, and it is efficient because of the dissipation of aluminum material.

It has a rechargeable battery with a usability span of 5000 hours — heatproof and waterproof features that make sure that it can withstand all types of weather.

You can save energy and cut down the cost of your electricity bill because these lights are powered by solar energy.

These solar lights are also flexible, as it has a 180 degree and 130-degree vertical rotation with a 45-degree beam angle.

It can illuminate a wide area and it can cover a long exposure distance for lighting. A solar panel is included in the package although separate allows for overall flexibility and avoid two lights to overexposure to the rays of the sun.

The two lights have adjustable heads that can be adjusted to at least 90 degrees so you can highlight your home.

They are easy to install, and they can be installed in multiple ways. The lights come with two stakes that can help place the solar lights into the ground.

You can also mount them with ease to the wall by using the adjustable bracket. The package includes two solar lights with stake, one solar panel with stake, four screws and a user manual.

If you have any issues with the product or if you have any questions, you can contact their customer service department, and they will get to you as soon as possible.

On the cons, the lights may not be as bright as desired, but they do have a long lifespan. The brightness of the solar lights also depends on the weather condition, the location, the temperature, and the season.

LITOM Solar Spotlights (Outdated)

  • Easy installation
  • 2 lighting modes
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable solar panel and LED
  • Simple
  • Might not be the brightest

The LITOM solar lights are made out of high-quality ABS plastic material that allows it to withstand various weather conditions. These solar lights are also IP67-rated, meaning they’re water and heatproof. It’s also resistant to dust and rust.

Moreover, the LITOM solar lights come with a wide solar panel, housing more photovoltaic cells for a faster conversion and absorption rate. It is combined with a high-capacity 18650 rechargeable battery that results into a faster charge.

I really like this combination since it ensures a long working time and short charging time. Charging usually takes 4-5 hours. During overcast days or winter, the lights may need 6-8 hours to charge. If fully charged, the LITOM solar lights can work for about 6-12 hours.

The LITOM solar lights house 12 LED bulbs that give off a bright white light. These lights can also be adjusted up to 120 degrees to illuminate the desired area. Since its LED, you are assured that these lights are more durable than your standard bulbs.

The LITOM solar lights are also equipped with a light-sensing system. If you turned the product on, then the lights will automatically activate at dusk and turn off at dawn and starts charging.

LITOM’s solar lights also come with two lighting modes: high and low. In high mode, the lights will only work up to 6 hours while the low mode works up to 12 hours. You can alter these modes by pressing the power button once (low) or twice (high).

Another thing I like about this light is that it’s very practical and versatile. Aside from the LED lights, the solar panel can be adjusted up to 90 degrees. This is handy since you can move it to an angle that can absorb the most light.

This practicality is also translated in its installation. It comes with two stakes, six screw sets, six wall plugs and an instruction manual to guide you. With this, you have the option of either sticking these lights to the ground or mounting them on your walls or any other flat surface.

The LITOM solar lights also come with a 45-days full refund, 24-month warranty. In case of defects, you can always contact their customer support that is online 24/7.

What I don’t like about these lights is that they’re a bit dim, unlike its claims. Some users commented that you couldn’t really see anything beyond 5 feet away. Nevertheless, many users liked the product and were satisfied with their purchase. They liked how easy it was to install as well as the adjustable solar panel and LED lights.

The LITOM solar lights are perfect for those looking for a simple, easy-to-use and versatile solar light.

LEKNES Solar Spotlight (Outdated)

  • 2 working modes
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Eco-friendly
  • Adjustable installation
  • Automatic on/off
  • Weather affects charging

If you’re reading reviews for Gardenline solar spot lights and other brands, you might also want to check out the LEKNES solar spotlight. This upgraded 19 LED adjustable solar spotlight is certain to provide your outdoors with brighter, flawless lighting for convenience at night and additional security.

I prefer the LEKNES solar spotlight because it is energy saving. While your normal lights are powered by the electric grid, the LEKNES solar spotlights are powered by solar energy harnessed by its solar panels so you don’t have to worry about messy wiring and connections o additional electric bills.

I also like how convenient its automatic on/off feature is for its users. The solar spotlight has built-in sensors, which enable the light fixture to turn on when night, come and turn off at dawn and charges itself during the day. You don’t have to do anything and just leave the lights outside to work on its own.

One of my favorite things about these solar spotlights is that it has two working modes. You can set the solar spotlight to either the dim light mode or the high light mode. In the highlight mode, the solar spotlight can last up to 6 hours at night. Meanwhile, in low light mode, the light can last up to 12 hours. You can easily switch from one mode to another using the switch.

I also like the durability of the LEKNES solar spotlights. These lights are made of high-quality, fireproof ABS material. These lights are also IPX4 waterproof. These lights are durable for outdoor use. It is designed to withstand harsh weather. You can count on these lights to give your home illumination for a long time.

Another great thing about the LEKNES solar spotlights is it is easily installed and can be installed in two ways. You can choose to either mount these solar spotlights to your wall or use the spike to stick the lights into the ground. These lights are wireless so you can easily do the installation yourself without much hassle.

What is even better about these lights is its adjustable light and solar panel. You can adjust the lights to face whichever angle you prefer. The solar panels are adjustable at 180⁰ which allows you to adjust it whichever direction it can receive maximum sunlight exposure for efficient charging.

However, the downside of this light is that charging is dependent on weather condition. Gloomy or rainy weather makes charging difficult which affects the run time and brightness of the lights. But overall, the LEKNES solar spotlights are the perfect lights for your driveway, sidewalk and yard. They are reliable and sustainable lights to satisfy your lighting needs.

UNIFUN 30 LED Waterproof Solar Lights (Outdated)

  • Affordable and quality
  • Motion sensor detector
  • 14 LED lights (both sides), 16 LED lights (middle)
  • Durable with heavy-duty components
  • Highly efficient solar panel
  • Not so bright

UNIFUN 30 LED Waterproof solar lights should not be forgotten when you’re shopping around for solar lights. The solar-powered lamps are with the solid features and functions that you will love and are ideal for the patio, garden, yard and posts, among other places.

The UNIFUN wall lights are with dual head spotlights that also make it ideal for illuminating and decorating a space. They are super bright and are 360-degree rotatable, making them more flexible.

I would also like to note that the lights are with a unique angle design, offering your outdoor space a larger coverage in terms of luminosity.

I would like to mention that these lights are also with 16 led lights in the middle and 14 led lights in both sides. I also noticed that these lights can be flexibly rotated independently, allowing you to adjust it at any angle want.

In addition, the motion lights for the outdoor are with great sensors, which can detect people for up to 26 feet within 120 degrees angle. It works with a 2000 MAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery and in a dim light and sensor mode. It can turn on for 30 seconds after motion is detected before dimming the light.

This item is also heatproof and waterproof at IP65, making it suitable for outdoor uses. You can install them in eth lawn, porch, garden or wall. Or you may also choose to set them up in the gutter or pathway. Nevertheless, you can expect that they can work no matter the conditions.

I would also like to recommend the lighting for those who are looking for products installed with highly efficient solar panel. It can absorb sunrays and then generate power for the light that ensures for a longer lasting standby time.

It is also an energy-saving light that turns off at daytime and on at nighttime. The UNIFUN Solar Motion Sensor lights are also with a 12-month warranty and 30-day full refund. So if you have any questions and problems, you can contact the manufacturer.

On the cons, the light is not for those looking for a much brighter option. But overall, the solar spotlights are not to be missed when shopping for a decent lighting option. It is efficient, reliable and heavy-duty as well as affordable for your different needs.

Magictec Solar Spotlights (Outdated)

  • Adjustable
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • The lights are warm yellow, not white

There are many outdoor lights on the market today, which vary in features, quality, and price. One of the best solar spotlights that you can purchase is Magictec Solar Lights.

True to the brand’s name, these solar lights can magically keep your home exterior illuminated whole night long, no matter what the weather condition may be.

It is made with heatproof and waterproof ABS materials that can give it the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions including rain, storm, sunlight, and snow.

The LED light incorporates high-quality compound semiconductor materials. It has four bright LED bulbs of 50 lumens each, 200 lumens in total with a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

With this number of LED bulbs, the coverage guaranteed and it allows you to cover multiple areas.

The solar lights are also easy to install and to maintain; the method of installation for this solar light is straightforward as it requires no wiring system or tools for installation.

These solar lights can be installed in two ways; you can either stake it into the ground or mount it up to your wall; all of the installation tools that you need are included.

Magictec’s LED light has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery capacity that powers the light for 6 to 9 hours after it is fully charged.

You can also adjust the lighting direction up and down for 90 degrees, and you can also rotate the solar panel for up to 180 degrees for a great lighting experience.

The solar light unit turns on at dusk and automatically turns off at dawn, this operation is controlled by a sensor that puts on the light at sunset and switches it off automatically at sunrise.

There are two kinds of mode included with this solar light, high and low, so the length of time that is given on a full charge will depend on the mode.

Since the lights are solar-powered, these solar lights need sun exposure, and the light head can be adjusted up to 180 degrees, this allows you to optimize the sun exposure.

The lights are weatherproof and durable, and these solar-powered lights are versatile so it can illuminate your driveway, porch, pathways, decks, and lawns no matter what the weather is, come snow, wind, rain, hail, and sleet.

Magictec’s LED solar light offers high-quality service for your money. If you get a product deficient in quality, they have a customer service department that you can reach out to, and they will be happier to work things out with you, either refund your payment or send you a replacement.

On the cons, the lights are not white; they are warm yellow, which some customers do not like. But the lights are durable, long lasting and they can illuminate the areas of your home.

Flowmist Solar Landscape Spotlight (Outdated)

  • Adjustable
  • Bright lights
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Only good for small areas

Flowmist LED solar light is what you need to illuminate your balcony, porch, yard, walkway, or pool. Even though it is not great for small areas, it still receives many positive reviews for its features.

These lights are made from high-quality materials with stainless steel screws and waterproof spotlight with IP65 waterproof rating. This means that the lights can withstand any weather condition.

The lights also feature a built-in and rotatable panel that has 11 pieces of LED light bulbs that emit white light with 200-lumen output.

A fully charged light will give you up to 14 hours of lighting time, while the PC lamp that is first-class will make the light effects more textured, especially at night because of its high conversion rate.

The solar lights do not need electricity at all; this means that it will not increase your electric bill.

All you need to do is to stick it into the ground with stakes, or you can mount them on the wall with the screws that are included in the package.

Flowmist lights have light sensors that can detect changes in the brightness of the environment, so when you set the solar panel under a sunny area, turn on the switch, and it will charge automatically with sunlight as its source of energy.

In the daytime, the lights will turn off automatically, and at night, it turns off.

The lights have two modes, the low light mode that can last for 9 hours and the high light mode that can last for 6 hours. You do not need any wire to install these solar lights.

These lights can be installed within two minutes, turn on the light switch and insert them directly into the soil to complete the installation.

The solar lights are with built-in external waterproof switch, instead of the traditional pinhole switch. The advanced lighting override material along with stainless steel screws is strong enough to withstand any weather condition.

The high-quality PC shade of the lights has a high transmission rate; this means that the light effects are more textured. With IP65 rating, the waterproof design of the lights is something about which you do not need to be worried.

Flowmist solar lights are used for outdoor such as the deck, garden, roadway, entrance, swimming pool, sidewalk, and campsite.

You can return the item even after 3 months if they are defective and it has a one-year warranty. They have a reliable customer service department that is open for 24 hours.

On the cons, the Flowmist solar lights are only suitable for small areas, but they do have bright lights that can cover every part of the area that you want to be covered.

Roshwey Outdoor Solar Spotlights (Outdated)

  • Compose of bright 18 LED beads
  • With two way installation process
  • Can be set in low and high light modes
  • Weatherproof
  • Larger size of solar panel
  • First time use requires 5 hours of direct exposure to sunlight which may be tedious for those who need it immediately

Competition among solar powered spotlights is getting tight because each brand has something special to display. But take a look first of the Roshwey Outdoor Solar Spotlights. Its oozing good features are simply captivating.

The Roshwey Outdoor solar powered spotlights outdoor has the solid features we’re looking for. A complete set is composed of four united solar spotlights. Each piece promotes gorgeous aesthetics, practical cost and long lasting service.

I think a row of these Roshwey Outdoor Solar Spotlights will make any private or public place look livelier. Just check on the specs of these items and you will be as impressed as me to know that it has ultra-bright 18 LED beads.

The 18 LED beads are crazy for solar spotlights because a premium brand competition doesn’t have the same level of brightness. So these floodlight items can clearly make any stairways or pathways illuminated and make them safer to step in.

According to its enlisted features, its solar energy conversion rate is a whopping 18% which can produce a more stable and efficient lighting. Not all are fans of high intensity lights. So I like it that these set has an option for low or high lighting modes.

Another fantastic characteristic of the Roshwey Outdoor Solar Spotlights is its flexibility. I seldom find lighting items that can be adjusted in as wide as 360 degrees. But this spotlight set can do it. For me, being flexible for adjustment is a good quality of a spotlight because it allows movements towards a position that favors the device to abundant sunlight.

What I also find as a big advantage about the Roshwey Outdoor Solar Spotlights is it composed of a larger size of solar panel. That means a more efficient device for absorbing sunlight to generate it into power. It also has a 2200mAh rechargeable cell that can function for up to 10 hours if fully charge.

Waterproof and ABS materials goes really good for device that are meant to be used outside of any establishment. It serves as a protection for spotlights against the rain, ice, snow and wind.

Roshwey also considered the installation process of these Outdoor Solar Spotlights. Users can easily install it at the ground or mount it on the wall.

However, said solar spotlights requires a 5 hours of pure exposure under sunlight for first time use. It can be a long wait for those who needs it for rush situation. Nevertheless, Roshwey Outdoor Solar Spotlights is a best choice if you are looking for a four lighting pieces in a set that has super bright LED, iconic design and power saving capability.

CLY Upgrade LED Solar Spotlights (Outdated)

  • Light sensor
  • Can be installed conveniently on the ground or wall
  • Durable metal solar panel
  • Versatile for use in the patio, porch, garden and other outdoor spaces
  • IP66 waterproof rating
  • Not the brightest motion sensor lights

The solar spotlights for yard can be yours if you’re looking to get total value for your money. It is a three-in-one model that is solid with performance features you need in improving lighting and security for your home.

The 3 in 1 Solar Spot Lights are versatile and can be used in the patio, garden, walkway, yard and other outdoor spaces. You can use it to improve the aesthetics of the place, and use these lights to decorate your outdoors.

What is also good is that they don’t require additional electricity spending, as they’re solar powered. You don’t need to worry about paying more on your monthly utility bills. Just one-time spending and installation is all you need to take advantage of free energy forever.

CLY is also a trusted brand for solar spotlights. Just like their other offerings, the 3-in-1 item is a top-rated on the market. This spotlight is also super bright because it is with a 150 lumens, making it one of the most valuable among homeowners that want to make use of a really bright light to illuminate a spot.

I’d also like to mention that the item is with 270-degree vertical rotation, giving you options on how you want to angle the light, as you need it. This item is more versatile than other light fixtures on the market are because it can cover a wider area for its output angle of 45 degrees.

When it comes to durability, you will also be glad choosing this CLT solar light. It is with a metal solar panel. It can run longer than others can. This solar panel is made of glass and metal, also giving the light a more elegant look.

I also recommend this item for its li-ion rechargeable and replaceable battery. It an offer up to 12 hours of lighting provided you would charge it enough. This light also consumes less energy at 3 watts and 6 volts.

In addition, this model is waterproof at IP66 rating, higher than others are. With such feature, you can be certain that it will last long. This feature also enhances the stability of the outdoor lighting for exposure to the elements like rain and snow.

In terms of installation, you have the choice of setting this light up in the way you like it. You can choose to stick it to the ground using a spike and improve the look of your landscape.

On the other hand, you can also select to mount the spotlight on the wall using the screws, and make it a security light. It is easy and hassle-free because this light already includes screws and a spike.

The garden light can also work automatically to turn on in darkness, and then turn off to charge at daytime. It is also with die cast aluminum for pressure resistance and heat dissipation.

On the negative side, this item is not the brightest among motion sensor spotlights. But still, it is a top-rated and reliable item that can last long and offer a heavy-duty performance. Check it out yourself.

Why You Should Trust Us


Choosing among different solar lights including a high output solar spot light can be confusing and challenging. You might have to spend much effort and time figuring out what product to buy without a clear idea on what factors and features to check.

As there are so many of them available on the market, you might not be able to pick the right one without awareness of the things to look for like waterproof ability, durability and quality.

Oppositely, you can increase your chances of picking the right one if you know what to look for so it always pays off to get guidance. It is one of the reasons to trust

Our team is made of passionate individuals that want to share what we know about solar and wind products. We believe that we need these solutions to reduce pollution and save the environment.

These clean energy products will also help us create a healthier world to live for our loved ones. They also do not emit harmful gases in the air or burn fuel as they depend on the sun for power. Once installed, their use is free forever, meaning they don’t require spending on additional electric bill, too.

Trust if you want to take full advantage of these clean energy solutions that offer efficiency and better use.

We implement a systematic process in conducting the reviews to help you make a better decision later. Our team first considers the factors to check, and then research for the products that match those criteria. In the process, we’re able to look up for the most reliable products in the category.   

What Is A Solar Spot Light And Who This Is For


A solar spotlight is basically like a traditional spotlight only it’s sun-powered. In this case, it works using the energy from the sun that it also converts to electrical energy in order to run at night. It does not require an electrical power source, so it is very economical and cost-effective.

Choosing these lights, you can decorate or accentuate an outdoor space but without having to add to your monthly budget.

These lights obviously are for those who want to spruce up their garden, porch, patio, yard or walkway or any other outdoor space.

As they are also lightweight and wireless, they can be installed pretty much anywhere when needed. You can use them in other places other than the outdoors provided you make sure that the system is charged.

These lights are also powered by the sun, so they don’t depend on fossil fuel to operate. It just means that they do not also harm the environment or cause pollution. That said, it just means that they are dependable as not only a lighting source but also an environment saver. If you were too, you might also want to consider buying one or two of these solar lights for your garden.

How Does It Work

A solar spotlight is just like the typical spotlight that works mainly to illuminate a spot, like a stage spot. Commonly, spotlights are used in the opera house, theater, ballet and concert halls, but solar lights are much more versatile. They do not require an electrical outlet because they only need solar power.

This spotlight illuminates a garden or yard spot or a single object outdoors. It has a solar panel that collects sun energy and then the system converts it to electrical energy, which is stored in the battery.

At daytime, the system charges itself, and then turns on at night, working automatically and conveniently to offer you lighting. The amount of light it can supply varies from the lumen ratings of the item you bought. In this case, you might want to choose a brighter light if you need more illumination, and vice versa.

Nevertheless, there is no complicated process involved on how a spotlight works. It is a part of a system along with a solar panel and battery. It is without wiring, so it can be installed anywhere. You might want to check out one of the products that we’ve reviewed above to help in picking the right spotlight for you.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Spot Lights


Led solar spot lights work pretty much using the same process. It is a system with a LED light, a solar panel and a battery. They work together in order to supply spotlighting to a part of your garden, patio or yard. You can use just one to highlight a signage or a couple of them to provide lighting for the walkway to increase security and prevent accidents like slip and fall or tripping.

Regarding the types of solar spotlights that are strong light sources and have an adjustment for the beam, there are not many of them. The only difference is the manufacturer, model and design. But most of the time, they pretty much are the same, as they work using the same process.

The main noticeable difference of these lights is their designs. You can choose from a wide range of design that also helps you determine the type of installation one might need. However, the right solar spotlights usually give installation options, on the ground or on the wall.

So again, the difference or types of these lights depend mainly on their designs, as they work pretty much in the same manner and with the same system. Also, it can be with the batteries, like lithium ion.

Nevertheless, consider the features you want your lights to have including design and battery type. Let us help you by comparing the different brands and models of solar spotlight that we’ve reviewed earlier.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Spot Lights

You might be asking what makes these spotlights special. There is no doubt that these products are some of the most popular because of their innovation and quality.

They are solar-powered and made of long-lasting components. As they’re designed and built for the outdoors, they are durable to withstand weather elements. Let us talk more about these benefits in the following.

Waterproof and weatherproof

These lights are made of waterproof components, making them long lasting and heavy-duty. They can deal with the snow, rain and ice and are suitable for outdoor installation. You can have peace of mind that these lights are going to last long and not to be affected by the weather changes and harsh outdoor elements.

Lovely design

You can choose from a wide range of designs based on your theme and decoration. There are also colors available, so you pretty much have the choice on what solar lighting design you want. These lighting solutions are with great aesthetics that make them a great addition to your outdoor space.


These lights are also affordable, as they don’t require you to spend more on your monthly bills. The energy is free forever, so it will not be a worry at all. If you want to accentuate an outdoor space with a spotlight but without adding to your budget, choose a solar-powered one.

There you have some of the things that make it advantageous to install these solar lights for shaded areas in your landscape. Regarding the cons, some of them can be –

  • Lack of durability – it is why you need to compare brands and models before picking one.
  • Battery replacement – it is quite common for all solar products, so it is not really a major issue.
  • Charging affected by the weather – it is also normal for solar products that are sun-powered and weather-dependent.

How We Picked And Tested


Solar garden spot lights are popular in all modern residential homes, business establishments and public places like on parks and streets. Its market blooms extensively but the challenge to shoppers is to find the best among the rest.

There are many solar LED lights so the users should be certain first of the type of lighting that best fit their purpose and landscapes. Solar spotlights are particularly most appropriate if the landscape owners need a piece to highlight home structures.

Usually, Solar Spotlights produce cove of lights, hence, it intently use to draw attention or emphasize a certain spot. But just like the other solar LED lights, spotlights are also beneficial due to the following advantages.

  • Safety and Security – Solar spotlights are very good source of illumination. It guides people to watch theirs steps on pathways and staircases. Intruders to private properties are also discouraged with spotlights installed around an area.
  • Emergency Lights – Since solar spotlights don’t need electricity to operate, it can be a reliable source of light in times of power interruption or inclement weather condition.
  • Additional Home Decor – It’s becoming a trend now that solar spotlights are getting in demand not just for lighting purposes but enhance the existing beauty of landscapes. Spotlights uplift any place into a more vibrant ambiance.

If you or a companion is now decided to purchase Solar Spotlights, take time and scrutinize all the options to reap the best pieces. Selection is highly based on individual preference but here are some factors to consider when looking for solar spotlights.

Quality of lights

Spotlights are being sold and patronized because of their lighting purposes in the first place. That is why the top factors that a shopper must strictly observe when buying spotlights is the quality of lights.

The quality of lights can be determined based on the level of brightness, lighting mode settings and the range of lights that the spotlights can reach.

In terms of brightness, try to inquire the number of lumens incorporated in the spotlights. Those light pieces with higher number of LUX can produce supreme glow.

Spotlights also have lighting mode settings. You may pick the one that can be adjusted whether to a high or low light mode setting. Shades may also vary from warm or soft lights.

It is highly recommended also to choose spotlights with built-in magnifier lens. This is more appropriate if you intent to have lighting that can reach a wider coverage.

Commonly, a spotlight with a premium magnifier lens can illuminate a 45-degree angle. But if you prefer a timid glow and something that you can hide behind the bushes, you may choose a miniature spotlights.

Other spotlights are now made flexible also as its LED lights as well as the solar panel can be turned into a certain degree limit. That is an advantage when you want your spotlights to change its lighting focus or to adjust its solar panel where it can freely absorb more sunlight.

Installation Prescription

All solar spotlights require installation but it is better to select pieces that don’t consume excessive time and effort to mount.

Go for spotlights that have easy two way mounting process. It means you have two options to assemble them. You can either stake it to the ground or mount it on the wall.

If the solar spotlights can be set up in two ways, it will not be a problem for the users where to position it. In case that they change their minds, they can take it hassle-free to the lawn today and relocate it to the wall the next day.

Some competitive stores also offer free mounting kit. It is better to grab such opportunity to save you some cost and make the installation easier.

To intensify the convenience, you may also pick solar spotlights with inclusive remote control so you can easily operate the light setting, solar panel and batteries.

Just remember to place the solar spotlights in a place where they can receive rich sunlight for best performance.

Resilience of the Spotlights

The resilience of the Spotlights can be determined by the materials used to construct it based on the product description.

Make sure that the spotlights can withstand the harshest weather pressure outdoors such as rain, sleet, ice and snow. It is also important that it is not fragile to survive unfavorable impacts especially during windy season.

Don’t be shy to ask the seller about the details of materials used in making the lamps, bulbs and housing of the solar spotlights as well as its solar panels and batteries.

The stainless steel, cast aluminum and ABS plastics are one of the most popular materials incorporated to solar lights. These tough elements are really good as protection for devices that are to be used outdoors.

Recharging and storage capacity of solar panel and batteries

Solar Spotlights produce illumination without using electricity but solely renewable solar energy. Thanks to advance technology that created the solar panel and cells.

To check the quality of solar panel and batteries of the spotlights, be keen on its size and storing capacity.

Spotlights with larger size and more number of photo-voltaic solar panel tend to be faster in recharging and more efficient in harvesting sunlight. Solar Spotlights with solar panels that display advanced industrial grade quality are the most popular pick.

On the other hand, the operating hours of solar spotlights depends on the storage capacity of a battery. A 2200mAh cell will already go a long way for the spotlights that can function for up to 10 hours if fully charge. Among other battery options are nickel-cadmium batteries, lead-acid batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries.

Other factors may also impact your preference when it comes in purchasing Solar Spotlights such as the price and other special features offered by the sellers. But that will just follow if you already figure-out first the above top considerations on choosing the best solar spotlights.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many lumens is best for solar spotlight?

Residential spotlights range in luminous intensity from 120 lumens to 600 lumens. However, commercial and industrial establishments might need the most powerful solar spotlight to illuminate greater distances and highlight landscape features. As a result, these fixtures can have at least 1,000 lumens.

Most homeowners pick a solar-powered spotlight with the highest lumen rating to improve property security by focusing intense light on possible break-in points. In contrast, most people do not need a high-lumen spotlight for showcasing property features and landscape elements, such as trees, statues, and fountains.

Are 10 lumens bright enough?

No, ten lumens is not bright enough for trees, fountains, statues, and other landscape elements you want to highlight at night. It is only equivalent to the luminosity of ten candles, making such a lighting fixture inappropriate as a spotlight.

However, 10 lumens would be sufficient for waymarking purposes, such as walkways, driveways, pathways, stairs, and porches. Its low-intensity luminosity offers enough guidance for users as they move along these property features.

A spotlight for garden applications and other landscape accentuation should have a minimum lumen rating of 120.

How far will 400 lumens shine?

Everything depends on the reflective material integrated with the solar lighting fixture. For example, a 400-lumen flashlight can cast an intense light beam up to 328 feet or 100 meters. On the other hand, some torches for hiking and caving can produce a beam reaching 656 feet or 200 meters.

You can expect the light beam of 400-lumen outdoor solar spotlights to be shorter without highly reflective material.

How long will a solar spot light last?

Long lasting solar spot lights can continue showcasing property and landscape elements for at least 25 years. This figure is only for the integrated solar panel. Meanwhile, the LED fixture can last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours runtime.

Batteries have a shorter lifespan than LEDs and solar panels. For example, NiMH batteries can reach 1,000 recharge cycles before failing, while lithium-ion power cells can survive at least 300 recharge cycles.

What are the most trusted solar spot light brands?         

Many brands are available for a solar spotlight but not all of them can be trusted. For this reason, it will pay off that you compare your options and weigh them well based on what brands are reliable. Some of these we have found in our research and reviews include the LEKNES, InnoGear, DBF and Solar Light Mart. Refer to the above reviews for the rest of them.

Are solar spot lights waterproof?             

There might not be a one-size fits all answer here. Being waterproof may differ from one brand to another. But for the most part, the best ones of them are weatherproof, designed and constructed to deal with the rough and changing weather like snow and rain.

How long do solar spot lights last?          

There is no specific answer to this question. It varies from one brand to another. Some of them might last for years, too, but nevertheless, you can compare your options on the reviews as well as what customers are saying regarding the durability of the lights.

Which light color should I buy?

It is a subjective decision. You can choose the light color that suits your preferences and that matches your decoration and theme.

What is the warranty?

Just like other factors to check on, you should also look into the warranty. It will give you peace of mind that you can get help when you need it. Many of them are with a one-year warranty while others may have a longer one. Nevertheless, see the spec sheet of the item you’re eyeing on for guidance.

What are the best places to buy?             

You can buy these items in home improvement and supplies stores as well as hardware stores. But if you would like to ensure of buying from genuine sellers, you might want to use Amazon. It is a large marketplace that offers a wide selection to choose from and buy.

How to install and use?

You can install the bright solar spot lights outdoor based on the installation of the item you bought. There are those giving you options like using the stake included for ground installation or using screws for wall mounting.

How to care & maintain?

If you want to care and maintain for your solar lights, you can refer to the instruction manual that comes with the item bought. But basically, you can just wipe off clean the light and solar panel from time to time.


Using a solar spotlight is with plenty of benefits, including efficiency and affordability. With only a one-time spending, you’ll be able to set it up and take advantage of free energy forever. It can offer convenience and reliability that you’re looking for, too, because it can work automatically.

Hope you would be able to choose the best solar spotlights based on the reviews we’ve made above, and each product’s pros and cons. You can also refer to our buying guide with the main considerations to check when comparing your options and trying to decide on what product is for you. Buy solar spotlights today!

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