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The Best Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repellers for 2022

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

What’s the best solar ultrasonic pest repeller? If you’re living in a location where deer, skunk, raccoon and boar are a common garden or lawn intruder, it might be your same question.

The same goes if you’re in a place with other animal pests that you’d like to chase away out your property without hurting or killing them.

best-solar ultrasonic pest repeller

This product is a humane way of deterring animals that also include birds, and pests like mice out your garden, fruit-bearing trees and farms. It does its job perfectly well without you having to clean the mess of a dead animal later, too.

The repeller also functions without any toxic or harmful chemicals to deal with or pose danger to pets and humans.

If you’re shopping around for a good pest deterrent that has the efficiency and reliability, check out our reviews in the following. Also, refer to our buying guide the things to look for when comparing your options.

Best Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Reviews

1. Humutan Ultrasonic Dog Repellent

  • Can also repel cats, skunks and birds
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Waterproof and can deal with outdoor conditions
  • Versatile and effective to work automatically
  • Can cover a large area
  • Sun dependent charging

If shopping around for the best ultrasonic animal repeller, you might have bumped into the Humutan dog repellent. It is an efficient and reliable pest repellent that works as it promises.

One of the things I appreciate about the Humutan is its versatility. Did you know that we could use it not only for dogs but also for birds, skunks and cats, among other pests in our garden?

It is a sure value for our money, as it can deter not only dogs but also other pests that might be ruining your sanity.

The product is also waterproof, which makes it adaptable for outdoor use. Choosing it, you can look forward to a long-term use because it is durable for the harsh weather and outdoor elements. With its ability to withstand the changing conditions outside, you can have peace of mind that it won’t be damaged easily.

The Humutan ultrasonic pest deterrent is effective in terms of emitting an intense signal to scare pests and animals away from your lovely garden and yard. Now, you can also sleep well enough not to worry about mouse and wild boars, too, depending on the kind of animals in your area.

The high intensity ultrasonic device can scare away these animals and keep them out of your landscaping, flowerbeds and garden. Another thing I liked about the animal repellent is that it is human-friendly; now, I can finally deter these annoying animals out of my garden and yard without using any chemicals and toxic method.

So now, we can worry not about the invasion and damage that these animals can cause without using any harmful chemicals. And with the pest deterrent, we can keep the animals away without hurting them.

I would also like to note that the item is with a reliable motion sensor. The PIR sensor can detect and check movement, and that is up to a distance of 26 feet and 110-degrees arc.

By saying that, you probably know by now that it can cover a large area in your garden. But if you have a larger garden, you can use at least one and position them strategically in your yard.

In any case, the ultrasonic device is reliable and works efficiently. It can be activated automatically at this distance and up to 23,000Hz for 5 seconds.

In addition to these features, let me just say that the item is easy to use and portable. You can simply mount it in the ground using the spike provided. On the other hand, you can choose to hang it on the wall through its slot at the back.

On the cons, the duration of operation depends on charging that is affected by sunlight. Thus, I’d like to remind to expose the solar panel under direct sunlight. Overall, it is the perfect choice for those who want a reliable and efficient solar pest repeller for garden and yard.

2. PREDATORGUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent

  • Durable industrial components
  • Versatile to repel most types of nocturnal pests and animals
  • Easy to setup
  • Not harmful for humans
  • Large coverage area
  • A bit expensive

If you’re reading ultrasonic animal repeller reviews, you might also have bumped into the PREDATORGUARD pest deterrent especially if living in a location where there are plenty of nocturnal animals that hide and hibernate in the day and attack at nighttime.

For those who want to scare animals that include raccoon, deer, coyote and other pest animals out the garden, landscaping, yard and other outdoor spaces, they choose the PREDATORGUARD. I also want to note that the item is perfect for a coop accessory.

This item is one of the world’s best-selling deterrent light that is now available in online marketplaces. I recommend this item because it is made with industrial components, ensuring of durability. With this feature, you don’t need to worry about it giving up with the weather changes or harsh outdoor conditions.

The predator guard also makes sure that you can finally say goodbye to nocturnal animals like skunk, raccoon and coyote. It can also protect your garden against deer and bear in a humane way.

I am also impressed that it does not require any maintenance at all. All you need is to set the guard up and leave it as it is. But then, I would like to suggest cleaning from time to time with a clean damp cloth and mild soap. Do not abrasive and harsh chemicals to prevent its damage.

The item is also waterproof and durable that it can deal with the harsh and outdoor elements and weather. With it, you can look forward for long-term use and best value for your money.

On the cons, the product is a bit expensive, but nonetheless, you will appreciate its performance and features, including intense light that chases and scares nocturnal animals out of your property.

Another thing I liked about the light deterrent is its ease of operation. I would like to mention that it can turn on a night and then off at day. It is ready to use once you are done setting it up. You can also notice that it works in a straightforward manner without any hassles. It has an alternating flashing pattern, which can ensure that no animals will be used to the lights.

There is also no doubt that the manufacturer can offer us better satisfaction. This item comes with a risk-free purchase for 30 days, and if you’re not delighted, they can refund your money 100 percent, no questions asked.

On the cons, the item is a bit expensive. But nevertheless, it is a sought after product in the category for its superb features and functions. It is durable with industrial components and can cover a large area. Check it out yourself.

3. Hoont Motion Activated Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

  • No messy chemicals and toxic products
  • Humane way of deterring pests and animals
  • Easy to install
  • Water resistant and weatherproof
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Might not be effective for all animal intruders

Are you looking for a reliable solar-powered pest deterrent that works but without harming animals? You might have found what you’re looking for with the Hoont Motion Activated pest repellent. This item is another top rated product in the category that you should not miss when comparing your options.

For one, I would like to note that this item could work to deter different animals like skunk and coyote. It can also function against deer and mice. Using it, you can get rid of animal intruders especially in your yard, lawn, flowerbeds and vegetable garden.

It works effectively for its flashing LED strobes and ultrasonic sounds, which are intense enough to scare away those animals in your garden and yard. The aggressive ultrasonic sound is what you need for repelling animals. You can also choose from the three different settings with an on and off flashing light as an optional setting.

You can rely on this ultrasonic device for scaring away a wide range of animals and pests. As it is also solar-powered, you don’t need to worry about additional spending on electricity. You can check it out if you want an anti-pest solution that does not require additional energy consumption.

This product is also easy to install. Just set it up with the included stake in a place where it can receive enough sunlight during the day. This device has batteries that will be charged by the sun. Also, you have the option of charging it via USB. It has a charging cable included.

This product is indeed one of the most reliable around because it is not just solar-powered but also clean and efficient. It does not add pollution to the environment at all. With it, you can contribute to the environment and reduce pollution.

Choosing the solar powered pest control, you can look forward to an efficient but non-polluting solution to deter pests away from your yard, garden or landscape.

If you also hate the thought of traps, pesticides, chemicals and toxins, you can choose this item for a humane method of eliminating your pest problem. It can work to repel most types of pests, making them leave the area through its ultrasonic sounds and flashing light.

The solar powered ultrasonic animal deterrent can frighten those animals naturally without you having to cleaning up your property for dead animals.

I would also like to note that the product is water-resistant and weatherproof, allowing us to eliminate our pest problems while also looking forward for long-term use.

In addition, I’d like to note that the pest deterrent could deal with the harsh outdoor elements. With it, you can get more value for your spending. Plus, this product can work for all seasons and weather including ice, snow, rain and wind.

It is also versatile to work for garages, patios, porches, farms, boats and farms. More so, I recommend the ultrasonic device for its PIR motion sensor that can detect motion up to 30 feet.

On the cons, it might not be effective for all animal intruders like deer. But still, it is a decent choice for its versatility to work for gardens, patios, porches, boats and farms.

4. GARDEN SECRETS Animal Repellent

  • 3 deterrent modes
  • Easy installation
  • Humane and human-friendly
  • Charging options
  • Effective
  • Loud sound

The GARDEN SECRETS animal repellent is made out of high-quality and durable materials. Its IP44-rating allows it to withstand light to moderate rains. However, during bad weathers, you must secure and put this back inside.

What I like about the GARDEN SECRETS animal repellent is that it’s a very practical and versatile device.

For one, you can charge it in two ways. This animal repellent comes with a solar panel and high-capacity batteries. However, make sure this device gets plenty of sunlight.

In case of gloomy days, you don’t need to worry as you can charge the GARDEN SECRETS animal repellent via electricity.

Another thing I like about the GARDEN SECRETS animal repellent is that it’s an effective animal control. Unlike other devices, the GARDEN SECRETS animal repellent offers three modes to ward off wild animals from your property.

This animal repellent is equipped with an ultrasonic speaker, an LED light and an IR sensor, giving you ultrasonic, LED and an alarm mode. You can choose any mode you wish by pressing the button in the device.

The ultrasonic mode offers two modes give off a frequency of 19.5 to 45.5 kHz and the low frequency mode produces a slight sound that can be heard by humans. On the other hand, the high frequency mode produces a sound that is completely undetectable to humans. With this, you can use the solar light at night, without disturbing any of your neighbors and family.

The IR sensor is essential in both the alarm and LED modes and has a detection range of 110 degrees. As such, when an animal steps on its range, it automatically turns on either the LED light or the alarm.

With this, you can save time and money, as you don’t need to use hazardous chemicals, pesticides and/or hire pest control to get rid of the animals. Aside from that, this device is not only safe around children and your pets, but it also offers a humane way of expelling wild animals from your garden.

The GARDEN SECRETS solar powered animal repellers like this one is also easy to install as it comes with two mounting options. You can choose to either stick it onto the ground or mount it in any flat surface.

What I don’t like about this animal repellent is that the low frequency mode is a bit loud, as stated by some users. They complained that the sound is a bit irritating and hurtful to their ears.

Nonetheless, many were satisfied with their purchase. Most definitely saw an improvement in their yard after 2-4 weeks.

If you are looking for an effective but humane solution to keep wild animals at bay, then the GARDEN SECRETS animal repellent is a must-try!

5. Hoont Animal and Pest Repeller

  • 3 frequency modes
  • IR motion sensor
  • 2 charging modes
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • IR motion sensor can only detect in one direction

You might have bumped into this product if you’ve read a solar animal repeller review. The Hoont animal repeller is made out of high-quality plastic material that allows it to withstand various weather conditions. It’s also resistant to heat, dust, rust and other adverse elements.

What I like about the Hoont animal and pest repeller is that it is very versatile and practical.

In fact, this animal and pest repeller offers two charging modes. It comes with a solar panel and three AA rechargeable batteries. With this, you can definitely save up on your electricity bills, especially if you live in sunny places.

In case of gloomy or overcast days, you can still use the Hoont animal repeller. It also comes with a USB cable, allowing you to charge it via an electrical power source.

Another thing I like about the Hoont animal repeller is that it offers an effective solution of keeping wild animals and other pests at bay. This animal repeller is equipped with an IR sensor, ultrasonic system and an LED light.

Hoont animal repeller’s IR motion sensor has a detection range of 30 feet. Once an animal steps within its range, the IR motion sensor then activates the ultrasonic and LED system.

The Hoont animal repeller’s ultrasonic system comes in three frequency setting and seven sensitivity settings. You can change these settings via the button integrated in the light. These ranges, undetectable to the human ear, can effectively scare away wild animals.

There is also an optional on/off flashing LED light that flashes strobe light to further scare away the animals.

With this, you don’t need to employ pest control or use toxic materials to keep these animals at bay. This system is a safe and humane way to compel them to leave the area. You also don’t have to worry about using this device around your children and pets.

The Hoont animal and pest repeller is also very easy to install. The device comes with a free metal stake, allowing you to stick this device to the ground directly.

What I don’t like about this light is that the IR motion sensor can only detect in one direction. It cannot be easily adjusted as pointed out by some users. With this, it doesn’t effectively cover the whole yard.

Nevertheless, a majority of users were satisfied with their purchase. With the device, many of them were successful in warding off stray and wild animals off their property. They also like the different modes and the ease in installation.

The Hoont animal and pest repeller is a great and effective way to ward off wild animals off your property. With three frequency settings, it offers a safe and humane way of keeping them at bay.

6. 7ok Animal Repeller

  • Easy installation
  • Small and compact
  • LED and ultrasonic system
  • Safe
  • Solar-powered
  • Doesn’t charge via USB
  • Motion sensor is not really sensitive

The 70k animal repeller is made out of high-quality materials that allow it to withstand various weather conditions. It also boasts a solid and waterproof construction that makes it perfect for outdoor use. It’s also resistant to rust, dust, heat and other adverse elements.

Moreover, the 70k animal repeller comes with a solar panel and two high-capacity alkaline batteries. With this, the device allows you to save up on your electricity bills and is eco-friendly to boot. This is perfect, especially when you live in sunny areas.

What I like about the 70k animal repeller is that it’s practical. This product is equipped with a motion sensor and LED lights that create the “animal-repelling system”.

The motion sensor has a range of 26 feet, which covers a decent area. Installing three or four of these units will effectively cover a large backyard.

Once an animal enters that range, the 70k animal repeller automatically activates the flashing strobe LED lights as well as emits ultrasonic waves to ward off stray animals. It features different modes that you can change via the button integrated in the device.

With this, you have a safe and humane way of warding off animals since you don’t need to use toxic chemicals and pesticides. You can also save your time, money since the device does it for you, and you don’t need to hire pest control.

The 70k animal repeller is also easy to install. In fact, this animal repeller has a hang hole at its back, allowing you to easily hang and mount the device into any flat surface. You also have the option of directly staking the device into the ground.

The 70k animal repeller is also very small and compact. In fact, it only measures 4.33 inches wide and 3.94 inches long. It can easily blend in your gardens and you can easily hide it as well.

What I don’t like about this repeller is that unlike other units, it doesn’t charge via USB. Since it mainly relies on the sun for power, then it might not work as well during gloomy or overcast days. Some users also complained that the motion sensor is not sensitive enough to detect larger animals.

Nonetheless, despite that, many users were satisfied with their purchase. Many liked the look and durability of the 70k animal repeller. Many users also liked how easy it was to use and install as well as its warding system.

The 70k animal repeller is perfect for those looking for an effective, safe and cheaper way of warding off stray animals and pests off your yard.

7. DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

  • Eco-friendly
  • Stronger flash LED
  • Waterproof
  • 5 different settings
  • Easy to use
  • Might not have the most durable design and construction

If you have any pests or animal problems at home, the DURANOM solar powered animal repeller is a reliable solution to your problem. With its motion-sensing feature, flashing strobe light and alarm sounds, this product can frighten any animals that come near your yard, lawn, garden or farm.

One of the reasons why I recommend the DURANOM ultrasonic animal repellent is because it is solar-powered. It is generally safe and eco-friendly. You just leave the product under direct exposure to sunlight during the daytime for 8 hours so that it can work when you need it. You can solve your animal or pests problems in a safer and chemical-free way using this ultrasonic animal repellent.

But you can also charge this animal repellent using a USB cable. This is another option for a more efficient charging especially during gloomy weather or the rainy season.

Another thing that I like about this product is its PIR motion sensor. This animal repellent can detect movement in a maximum distance of 26.4 feet at a 110-degree angle reach a wide range total of 230 square feet.

Once the product detects movement within its perimeter, the animal repellent will flash strong LED lights, ultrasonic waves and alarm sound to frighten the animals. What I like about the DURANOM ultrasonic animal repellent is that it has different dial settings suitable to frighten different kinds of animals. You can easily adjust from one setting to another using the frequency control button.

Setting 1 is to repel animals such as mice, rats, dogs and foxes. Setting 2 is to repel cats, raccoons, badger and skunks. Setting 3 is to repel rodents, birds and bats. Setting four is ideal to scare wild animals with alarm and strong flashing LED lights. Setting 5 is all functions working from setting one to setting 3 together with strong flashing lights.

The DURANOM ultrasonic animal repellent is suitable for outdoor use with its IP44 waterproof design. It can work under light rain but be careful not to place it near sprinklers or submerge them in water.

The installation of the DURANOM ultrasonic animal repellent is also very easy. You just simply push them on the ground in any area you want. There’s no need for cords or wires or any special tools necessary. It is a convenient and user-friendly product.

However, the downside of this product is that it might not have the most durable construction. It is recommended to cover the unit with a clear plastic bag before heavy rains. But overall, I recommend that you try out the DURANOM ultrasonic animal repellent. It is guaranteed to help you with your animal problem completely risk-free. Its hunters orange design ensures an ambush effect on the animals.

8. Aspectek Predator Eye Solar Powered Animal Repeller

  • Comes in two-piece value pack
  • Mimic a real surveillance system to deter trespassers
  • Covers wide angle for up to 500 yards or 457 meters
  • Waterproof
  • Automatic turn on and off
  • Cost-efficient and Eco-friendly
  • Needs much sunlight for charging efficiency

Don’t wait until uninvited hungry night pests invade your livestock or even your small flourishing plant beds. Setting-up some good quality Predator Eye just like one from Aspectek can give any property owner a hundredfold relief. Find-out more here.

One of the most inexpensive and less effort ways to protect any properties like a farm is to install some wonderful Predator Eye. Nocturnal pests really hate this. Aspectek is known to be a creator of one of the finest Predator Eye in the animal repeller industry.

I highly recommend Aspectek Predator Eye especially for landowners who already experienced their crops or garden attacked by any unwanted animals. Here is a wise solution to save all the percentage of your fruit of labor.

Let me tell you why this item is an ally for many crops enthusiasts. This gadget from Aspectek simply outsmarts various kinds of night scavengers from the family of wild cats, rats, foxes, coyotes, raccoons, cougars – name it.

It is an effective way to scare him or her away as the blinking red light coming from the Predator Eye makes him or her think that they are being watched by another stronger animals or human.

Once these pests detect threat, they suddenly find the livestock unworthy to invade anymore so they just back-off.

Moreover, based on the product description, Aspectek Predator Eye looks like a real surveillance system. That means it can also be a trick to discourage human trespassers.

What I like is all of these amazing advantages come without spending huge amount. Compare to other animal repeller, the product itself is cheaper and yet it is competitive when it comes to quality.

It is crazy in a good way that Aspectek Predator Eye comes in two-piece value pack. And each one can cover an area of as wide as 500 yards or 457 meters. I bet you are already impressed now how it can save you some cost.

But not just that, another cost-saving attribute of this Predator Eye is its ability to gain power from the sunlight. Through a power smart technology, it knows when to turn off to recharge and turn on to work automatically.

I must mention also that Aspectek Predator Eye is born ready to defend your side outdoors. The rain may soak it wet but it will stand still because it is made waterproof and tough.

One weakness only about this product is that it should be placed in a sunny and unobstructed area for maximum charging and performance. To top it all, some of the remarkable features of two-piece value pack Aspectek Predator Eye is being cost-efficient, wide coverage angle, waterproof and efficient pest repeller.

9. Muhoop Mole Repellent

  • Simple and safe to use
  • Release sonic waves for every 30 seconds to frightened pests
  • Covers wide angle of 650 square meters
  • Solar powered hence, it is economical to use
  • Waterproof and Made of Aluminum
  • Requires to be placed in open spaces so it will charge properly

There is no need to force your cats and dogs to patrol all day and night at your lawn just to get rid of the annoying rats and other unwanted scavengers. Give your pets and yourself a day-off by grabbing this Muhoop Mole Repellent.

I’m quite impressed on how Muhoop Mole Repellent does the trick. Its product description clearly stated that it is safe to use as no human or animals can be badly hurt by it. That’s really cool because we don’t want dangerous wiring for ourselves and poisonous traps for our own domestic pets.

Also, if somehow you are one person who loves to preserve the biodiversity, the Muhoop Mole Repellent is perfect for you. It does not kill any animal even if the ones that are treated as pests. Plus no hazardous chemical is released by it so you can count that it is Eco-friendly.

What Muhoop Mole Repellent does is it stimulates sonic waves religiously for every 30 seconds time interval. Such waves are believed to be effective technique to drive away any uninvited nocturnal animals in yards like rats, moles and snakes.

I think that the twin pack of the Muhoop Mole Repellent is made intently with green shades so it naturally mimics the color of the nature such as of plants and grass. In that sense, pests will less likely to notice them scattered at the area until sonic waves hit them. The effective range of this item can reach up to 650 square meters.

Drop down all those expensive pest control chemicals plus professional fee. This Muhoop Mole Repellent is an economical and long lasting alternative. Since, it solely gets energy from the sun, it won’t add to your electricity bill.

It can save you money also as this item needs no frequent replacement. Muhoop have made their Mole Repellent sturdy. It has high quality solar panels plus aluminum cannulation.

Aluminum adds to the durability of the item, makes it’s easier to penetrate under the ground and serves as a good conductor of repelling vibrations from the Mole Repellent. There are also no worries about the sudden rain because it is crafted as waterproof.

However, the Muhoop Mole Repellent must be kept in locations with enough exposure under the sun so it can charge solar energy abundantly.

In general, the Muhoop Mole Repellent is a best value items that can give security for your home and family. It deter pests in a safe manner with its advanced sonic waves and vibrations. It won’t disappoint when it comes to efficiency, durability and thrift quality.

10. FRYZOO Ultrasonic Animal Expeller

  • Easy to use and install
  • Environment-friendly and sustainable
  • Different frequency mode
  • Waterproof design
  • PIR Motion sensor
  • No warranty stated (contact manufacturer for info or visit site)

The FRYZOO Ultrasonic Animal Expeller is the perfect product to repel pests and other animals from your home or your garden, according to different ultrasonic solar animal repeller reviews. This product is affordable, reliable and highly efficient.

One of the reasons why I prefer the FRYZOO ultrasonic animal expeller is because it is solar-powered. It can charge itself with solar energy and is therefore environment-friendly and sustainable. Moreover, it scares away animals without needing any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

But I also like that the FRYZOO ultrasonic animal expeller gives you another option in charging aside from the sunlight. You can charge this animal expeller with a USB cable for a more efficient and faster charging in cases of cloudy or rainy days where sunlight is scarce.

I like that the FRYZOO ultrasonic animal expeller has a PIR motion sensor that can detect movement within a 110-degree arc and 8 to 9 meters of distance. Once it detects movement, it will frighten animals with its ultrasonic sound, flashing LED lights with alarm sounds. You can also easily adjust the sensitivity of the pest expeller to increase the range of protection.

Another feature that I like about the FRYZOO ultrasonic animal expeller is its ultrasonic frequency setting which you can adjust to repel different kinds of animals. This is the perfect product to solve your pests or animal problems.

Mode 1 repels animals such as mice, dog or foxes. Mode 2 repels cat, raccoon, badger or skunk. Mode 3 repels bat, bird or mice. Mode 4 is with strong flashing LED light that repels boar or marten. Mode 5 then is all function working simultaneously and rotationally with strong flashing light.

The FRYZOO ultrasonic animal expeller also has a waterproof design that I like. This expeller can work under any outside weather conditions. This is perfect for installing on your garden, farm, yard and lawn to protect it from being damaged by animals.

The installation of the FRYZOO ultrasonic animal expeller is also very easy and the product is easy to use. You can just stake the animal expeller on the ground on any area you want. You can also easily adjust the sensitivity and frequency of this product with the sensitivity and frequency knob.

However, the downside of the FRYZOO ultrasonic animal expeller is that it does not state any warranty that some customers might not prefer or feel hesitant about buying. But aside from that, overall, the FRYZOO ultrasonic animal expeller is a good product. It is guaranteed to help you repel pests or animals from your lawn in the most eco-friendly and affordable way.

11. Clever Sprouts Dog Cat Repellent

  • Safe and Eco-Friendly
  • Energy-Saving
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Tone emitted may irritate a human if not stationed strategically

The solar rodent repeller is an eco-friendly repellent, which does not contain any chemical component that is harmful to human’s health. The 110-degree Passive Infrared sensor (PIR) and intense ultrasonic signal chase dogs and other animals away to protect your plants in the garden, crops in the yards and the likes.

How is that possible so? Once its sensor detects a motion for as far as 8 to 9 meters, it will be triggered and a tone will be emitted by the ultrasonic speaker. The tone that is inaudible to human will scare common outdoor pests thereby protecting your area. The bigger the animal is, the faster it could detect and to be triggered to transmit tone.

This product is cost-efficient because you just have to station it to direct contact with sunlight and it will work. It is also a waterproof device; hence, you need not to worry placing it in the roof or any space that has no shield from rain.

Being high efficient is also an advantage of this repellent aside from its low power consumption capacity. It is cordless and works in any weather condition so it can be installed anywhere in your courtyard or garden.

You have the option to hang it anywhere or mount in the ground. However, it is not advisable to place the device within reach of children.

This item works perfectly even in rainy season. It is equipped with a 200mA adapter to recharge a 9-volt or three AA batteries. Its PIR will be deactivated once the adapter is plugged-in though the item still works. Therefore, you should always keep the batteries charged, especially before the rainy season.

For perfect performance, avoid covering the PIR sensor and maintain the cleanliness of the product. Do not use solvents that may damage the item or result to poor quality of performance.

Cleaning agents, especially with chemical substance, may cause damage to the item. I suggest using only damp cloth in cleaning instead of harsh chemicals. You may also dilute mild soap for easier removal of unwanted elements form the product.

With this item working 24 hours a day in any weather condition, you can be assured that your garden or courtyard is safe from pests while you are sleeping and whenever you are away from home.

Although the tone emitted by this device is inaudible, there is a small possibility that a person can hear than tone. That is why it should be stationed away from reach of children and from the area where usual business occurs.

12. Lycoming Predator Solar Repellent

  • Power-saver
  • Automatically turns on and off
  • Maintenance Free
  • Weather proof
  • Covers an area of more than a half mile and as much as 850 feet wide
  • Sun affected charging

Lycoming Solar outdoor animal repeller chases nocturnal animals such as deer, coyote and raccoons, among others by imitating fire or other larger predator’s eyes. Nocturnal animals feel unsafe whenever they detect fire or something. As such, they flee away.

This nocturnal wild animal repellent has bright led strobe light that is constant red in color. This light imitates fire or an eye. With this technology, your garden will be protected from the attack of nocturnal animals. It can also be placed in your area to protect your poultry and livestock.

Unlike other animal repellent, it does not require buying batteries from time to time. Although it is also powered by a solar energy, this device is weatherproof. Meaning, it works even in the seasons of extreme heat or at temperatures below zero and will not require maintenance.

It is also a unique characteristic of this device to automatically turn-on and turn-off at dusk and dawn, respectively. Therefore, it can preserve its supply during daytime. It is advisable to place the unit under direct exposure to sunlight for faster charging.

It is important to have an animal repellent at night because it is believed that predators are searching for foods at night. Animals such as fox and rabbits hunt for foods at night because they rest at daytime. The darkness is also useful to them because they can use their special senses in finding something to eat, some animals that are usually smaller than they are.

If you have an area wider than 850 feet, it is wiser to install multiple devices. As this device covers only 60 degrees with an area of less than a 100 meters or 0.6 miles, you could maximize the protection of your courtyard by installing not only one animal repellent.

These devices should be facing the directions where wild animals usually are coming from. It is also important to note the eye level of your target predators so they could see the red light immediately and chased away as soon as possible.

Aside from your poultry, livestock, vineyards and ponds, this deterrent device may also protect your infrastructure from the attacks of nocturnal animals. Your family may also be saved from possible unwanted visitors or criminals because they might be deceived that the red light is emitted from a closed-circuit television or a surveillance camera, preventing them to trespass.

On the cons, its charging is affected by the sun just like other solar products. But overall, it is a decent choice if you’re looking for an effective product to work against animals trespassing in your yard.

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What Is A Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller And Who This Is For


What’s an outdoor pest repeller? Such devices emit ultrasonic noise. This high-level of frequency helps in elimination of wild animals and domestic pests or animals that are usually found at home such as mice. One also flashes red lights that imitates fire or an eye which droves away pests thinking that they are not safe in the area because there is a predator hunting for them.

This device is weather and waterproof that makes it durable and cost-efficient. It works perfectly in any weather condition. It is also made from high-quality materials. Therefore, all types of pests and wild animals will be chased away from your yards and gardens all year-round once you installed pest repellers.

Aside from protecting your crops, poultry and livestock in your courtyard and garden, you can also install such device inside your home to protect your property from being rotten by insects and other pests. Usually, pests attacks under or sinks and they roam around our home. Once they hear the noise, they will be chased away and you will no longer need to buy other products for trapping such home-based pests.

It is an eco-friendly device because it only scares away the pests, but it will not harm them. Instead of risking your life from the attack of bugs, mosquitoes and other insects, have a device like this at your home and yard.

Solar ultrasonic pest repellers can also be charged using its cable so you need not to worry that your device might not work in rainy seasons or during winter. It needs only a damp cloth to cleaning and you should avoid using any solvent with chemicals as it may damage the device.

I could recommend you this self-powered product since it lasts long and works efficiently without hurting its targets.

How Does It Work

It is easy to install, usually by mounting in grounds using its spikes or by hanging in posts or by the walls. As it is a weatherproof material, installing it anywhere will do except from the reach of children. It is best stationed in direct contact with sunlight for faster charging.

Though it is solar-powered equipment, it may be charge using its supplied USB chord thereby making this product functional even in rainy seasons. More so, it has the ability to turn-on and off automatically which saves its power supply.

However, you should consider the eye-level of your target invaders so you could chase them as soon as possible. They will leave immediately with fear that their predators will hunt them once they see the flashing bright red light. You do not need to worry for the health of your loved ones because light emitted from this product is harmless to human.

I suggest you to take note of the measurements of your area in consideration of the range of this product. If you think your area is greater than the reach of this unit, then better install multiple repellers to maximize the protection of your courtyard or garden.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repellers


There are several types of ultrasonic pest repellers. One is producing noise with high-level of frequency inaudible but is not harmful to humans. This device will be triggered to emit noise the moment its Passive Infrared sensor detects any movement within its range, usually 8 to 9 meters. Meaning, your target animal can see the red light as far as 9 meters.

However, the range of a solar powered animal deterrent differs depending on the size of the object. The larger the animal, the greater the range is. It will simply imply that smaller pests can draw closer to your devices than animals with bigger body built.

There are also animals that could be chased away by fire and an eye of their predators. These are wild animals like deer and raccoons. These animals, which may cause greater damage to your property, can be scared away by ultrasonic pest repellers with bright red light.

This device automatically turns on before nighttime as its target are nocturnal animals. It usually covers 850 meters wide and an area of 0.6 miles.

Unlike the other type, this requires you to know the eye-level of your target animal for earlier contact with their eyes. It is then ideal to place it facing the facing where wild animals usually are coming from.

These products are both economical because it does not require maintenance and are long lasting. Its batteries can be charged under the sun or with its USB cable. These also withstand different weather conditions the reason why it is durable and long lasting.

On a final note, I highly recommend you to measure your area before purchasing this product, as you might need to buy not only one unit. If you want a more secured surrounding, then better to install multiple devices and position this equipment strategically.

By having told ideas about these types of product, it is important to know that all these types protect your area without harming any individual, either a human or the pest you are targeting.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Ultrasonic pest repellers are in-demand and becoming one of the options among homeowners that want to deter and chase pests away from their property, garden, boat, farm, yard and other outdoor spaces especially among those living in an area where there are invader animals like skunks, raccoons, boars and deer, to name some.

This product is valuable in keeping those animals and more away but without killing them. So if you don’t want to clean up the mess but just to chase away these animals out your property, you can use a solar ultrasonic pest repeller.

The pest deterrent is not also harmful to humans and pets as well as to the environment because it is solar-powered and not pollution causing. It is also durable that it can last long for its waterproof materials.

On the downside, you should choose a type that works specifically to your target pests and animals. Also, you might also need more than one of these if you have a larger area.

Nevertheless, the pros outweigh the cons, and still, using pest repeller like it is valuable. Check out one by comparing your options today!    

How We Picked And Tested


The Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is a man’s best friend while a regal enemy to unwanted scavengers. Let all that has breath live but when pests started to cause nuisance in your wealth and health, that is when you should start taking friendly yet effective preventive action.

A vast number of lawns, crops and livestock owners are now shifting from massive use of pesticides to Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. We cannot blame them, as chemicals and exterminators fee are quite expensive and hazardous to environment.

The Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is quite new in the pest control industry. Although, several expert labs and even the U.S Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is yet to delve more on its efficacy, its market is now booming to success.

Perhaps, it is because many manufacturers and users who have already tried the Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller claims the effectiveness of this gadget.

Research shows that in ancient era, the Chinese were the first ones to use sensory repellent devices such as of the ultrasonic waives to mitigate rodent away from agricultural lands.

Some reasons why people prefer using Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller are that these are non-chemical, safe for human, domestic pets and nature, cheaper alternatives and effective.

So if you want to get rid these pests to be safe from serious illness like leptospirosis and wake-up in the morning with no trace of destroyed seedlings or messy gnawed food supplies on the ground – then, be educated in choosing the best quality Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. Here are some factors to consider.


The frequency of Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller refers to the intensity of the sounds and wavelengths that it emits. Frankly, frequency is what people buy for in a Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.

It produces audio genic seizure response among rats and snakes. The noise being release by the device annoys pests, drive them away the area and there are times that cause them to convulse and perish due to cerebral hemorrhaging.

Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller varies in levels of waves frequencies depend on your preference. Though, using one doesn’t affect human and pets because it create sounds which are inaudible to them, you have to select carefully how high or low the wave frequency to buy.

The usual volume of Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is working up to 100db while frequencies range from 32 to 62 kHz. The ideal wavelength is 60Hz that is safer yet effective for pest control.

Coverage Range

In buying a Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, you have to estimate first the affected areas where you want the rodents to evacuate.

Why it is important is because it will help you to determine the capacity of your device, how many pieces of repellers do you need to install and how far you will safely keep your house pets like hamster as they can also be affected by the unit.

Usually, the range of area that a Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller can reach is determined by square feet. You can instantly read the range of a unit through its product description or you may also directly ask the sellers to be sure.

Some popular units that you can choose from can cover spaces from 500 square meters, 1200 square meters and 2000 square meters.


Another determinant of a good quality of Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is its durability. It is better to choose a piece that can be use indoor and outdoor.

It is not always appropriate that the cost of the pest repeller reflects its quality. Many high reputed manufacturers are now able to display decent units in a more reasonable cost.

Always check the label if how tough the Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is constructed. It is important to know that it is weatherproof so it can withstand changing climates outside the roof.

You may also want to consider Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with high quality solar panels, and high storage batteries. Other units are also made of aluminum cannulation or stainless steel.

Aluminum based repellers are sturdy and easy to stake at the ground and a good conductor of repelling vibrations. On the other hand, stainless steel materials are known to make any device tough and rustproof.

Picking the items with high quality prescription can most likely save you some cost in maintenance and frequent replacement.


As mentioned earlier, price tag shouldn’t be your sole basis in picking the most excellent nor the poorest Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.

You can now buy cheaper unit and yet are equally competitive in quality. However, you might want to doubt first in grabbing items that are not on sale but the price is low while promising the moon and the stars.

The ideal solar ultrasonic pest repeller comes at a reasonable cost and decent quality. You can observe that the rate of its price varies based on the frequency range, coverage size and at times name of the manufacturers.

Installation Prescription

There are varieties of Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller as well as their installation process. You have the options among the units that you can simply lay and leave on the ground, stake under the ground, hang and plug in.

Whichever suits you best, always remember to consider a unit that doesn’t requires excessive time and effort to assemble.

You may also select a pest repellent that has an automatic on and off. The device starts to perform and recharge solar energy independently so it will save you some time and chores.

As you have browsed throughout this write-up, you may have determined now that there are wide options of Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller and some factors to consider in choosing the best quality. Hence, choose wisely by weighing your options well.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted solar pest repeller brands?  

When shopping around for solar pest repeller, we must also know the top brands in the category. They’re on top because they’re trustworthy and committed to offer good quality pest repellers. Some of them include the Humutan, PREDATORGUARD, Hoont, GARDEN SECRETS and 7ок. For the rest, you can refer to our guide earlier.

Are solar ultrasonic animal repellers weatherproof?      

Yes, most of them, if not all, are weatherproof. The reason is that they’re meant for outdoor use, so they have water-resistant component. It only means that they can withstand weather changes and conditions like snow, rain and ice.

Do ultrasonic pest repellers really work?            

Yes, they do. For this reason, these products are some of the most in-demand for many property and homeowners looking to deter and repel animal and pests intruders away from their garden, farms and yards.

What is the warranty?  

Yes, they do have a warranty, but it varies from one manufacturer to another. It can be one year for others or even none for others. That is why it is important to check it out when shopping around for one.

What are the best places to buy?             

A few best places to buy include home improvement stores and hardware. But if you want to choose from a wider selection of choices, you might want to go to, the largest online marketplace for virtually all brands and models of solar pest repellers.

How to install and use?

It is not hard to install and use. Just follow the steps in the instruction manual based on the item you ended up buying. In general, you can install it using the included stake for ground installation or slot at the back for wall hanging.

How to care & maintain?             

Just as what you can read in a solar pest repeller review, you can maintain it easily by using mild detergent and damp cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals on it to avoid damage.


Finding the best solar ultrasonic pest repeller can be easy if you know your options on the top picks and their features. It will also help with clear ideas on what qualities make the perfect choice.

That is why it is essential to read reviews, which will help you get insights about what’s unique about each top pick. With reviews, you will also learn the pros and cons of a specific solar ultrasonic device.

Without even saying, solar powered pest repeller reviews help us decide on the best pest deterrents out there. So if you want to get started finding the right product for you, refer to our reviews earlier and be able to choose what’s best for you later. Buy a solar pest deterrent today!

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