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The Best Solar Water Fountains for 2023

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

Adding the best solar water fountain in your garden can increase the aesthetics of your property. People will admire your lawn as if a professional landscape artist dutifully manages it.

best solar water fountain

Unfortunately, installing a conventional water fountain can translate to increased power consumption. The most suitable way to address this is to use a water fountain that runs on solar energy. It is safer for the environment and is more economical, too. The problem now is which of the water fountains on the market to buy. Keep reading the following solar fountains reviews.

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Preview Solatec Solar Fountain

Mademax Solar Fountain

AISITIN Solar Fountain


Size 6.3 x 6.3 x 1.6 inches ‎1.9 x 5.9 x 5.8 inches 7.8 x 7.8 x 2 inches
Material Plastic Plastic Plastic
Solar Panel Power 1.4W 7V/ 1.4W 5V/ 3.5W
No. of Nozzles 4 4 6
Delayed Start ≤3s ≤3s
Details Details Details


List of Top-Rated Solar Water Fountain Reviews

1. Solatec Solar Fountain

  • An eco-friendly solution to improving landscape aesthetics
  • Can promote creativity through its versatile design
  • Unitary design can make it easier to set up and maintain
  • Features 4 different styles of water nozzles
  • Costs a lot less than similar products
  • Not solar efficient compared to other brands
  • There are some issues about product durability

If we base our evaluation on the sheer number of positive solar fountain reviews alone, the Solatec Solar Fountain will come out as the clear winner. This product offers the right combination of affordability, versatility, and robust design. It is perfect for homes that want to have a device with many uses other than as a fountain in the garden.

The versatility of this item is commendable. Families can turn it into a bubble device on their backyard playground. Children will love playing with the jets of water that shoot upward. Of course, you will need several of these fountains to create that magical experience for your kids. If you’re worrying about them costing you a fortune, don’t. Three to four of these things are already equivalent to a big-name solar fountain.

This device can also be an excellent addition to your fish tank or even a small pond. And if you are a fan of birds, you can create a bath for your feathered friends. The uses of this device are endless. You only need to tap into your creativity to come up with a unique design.

Speaking of design, this fountain already has an integrated pump. The only thing you must think about is the correct placement of the contraption. This is crucial. While the Solatec device has an ingenious solar power system, it is not that efficient compared to conventional photovoltaic arrays. An overcast sky will greatly undermine the operation of this product.

We also learned that some users have been complaining about the durability of the Solatec. Some say it doesn’t last a year. Others have experienced a shorter lifespan. It is what most people would expect for its low price.

The good news is that more people say very positive things about Solatec. And if you are a firm believer in the power of consumer reviews, then this is one product that is worth having in your home. It is affordable and can provide you with different applications.

2. Mademax Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

  • Efficient 1.4-watt, 6.3-inch-diameter solar panel
  • Effortless to install, operate, and maintain
  • Four water nozzles for diverse water spray patterns
  • Compact size for versatility
  • One-year warranty
  • No battery backup

The Mademax wows homeowners looking for efficient solar bird bath fountains. This solar fountain pump’s compact size belies its hands-free operation and dependable performance.

Some think this solar pump’s 6.3-inch-diameter photovoltaic panel is insufficient to gather enough photons for powering the pump underneath the casing. However, this 1.4-watt pump can create a 19.6 to 27.5-inch water column. In a mere hour, this solar unit can spew up to 42 gallons.

Watching the fountain shoot some two feet of water into the air is incredibly relaxing. In addition, the pump comes with a set of four adjustable nozzles, allowing homeowners to pick the spray patterns that best complements their natural landscape.

My favorite about this pump is its ease of installation, operation, and maintenance. As everything was already pre-assembled, I could have everything ready within minutes of unboxing. The only thing I needed to do was to pick a good place in the fountain to place the pump.

People will never fret about operating the fountain because it automatically shoots water within three seconds of direct sun exposure. Maintenance is also convenient because of its thoughtful design. For instance, I find it easy to remove the fountainhead for cleaning, which ensures my solar pump is always in good shape.

I appreciate the company for offering a one-year warranty for this solar fountain. Peace of mind should come to homeowners who use this sun-powered fountain.

I only wish this bird bath solar fountain pump had a backup battery like the AISITIN to keep it running in an overcast sky. While the product still works on cloudy days, the water jets are quite short and might not be able to reach a mere 8 inches.

It is far from perfect, but this solar fountain performs exceptionally well when the sun is out.

3. AISITIN 3.5W Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

  • 8-inch-diameter solar fountain for versatility
  • More efficient solar power generation at 3.5 watts
  • Comes with battery backup
  • Six water spray patterns and adjustable heights
  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • May get clogged easily

Homeowners looking for a solar powered fountain pump for bird bath that can work in various weathers should consider the AISITIN. Unlike the battery-less Mademax ASB10B, this product has a removable battery that can be charged indoor to keep it running, even without direct sunlight.

This unit’s solar disc is 1.5-inch broader than the ASB10B, allowing it to generate more energy for the integrated water pump. The system produces a maximum of 3.5 watts, meaning that more energy is being generated to ensure the fountain operates longer.

In addition, I love how this pump offers more spray patterns than the AS10B. With up to 6 nozzles, homeowners can have more options for spectacular water sprays. As the stream’s height varies depending on the nozzle, I can feel free to place the pump in my small fountain or fishpond without worrying about water splashing out.

I am impressed with this solar pump’s auto-shutoff feature that activates whenever someone takes the device off the water. This feature is convenient because I do not need to fumble with a physical switch every time I take this pump out for periodic cleaning and maintenance.

My only gripe about this product is the tiny inlets, which get clogged quite easily. As a result, I need to clean the pump quite often; otherwise it’ll fail to work. Busy homeowners, however, may not have the time for frequent maintenance that the pump obviously requires.

It is still better than not having a backup power supply on cloudy days, making this solar fountain a better choice.

4. Qualife Solar Water Fountain

  • The versatile design fosters creativity and imagination
  • Allows for four different shapes of fountains
  • Fully integrated, high-efficiency solar panels in the base
  • Sturdy, reliable, durable, and very lightweight construction
  • System is easy to clean and maintain
  • The fountain can be tricky to stabilize
  • Requires a bit of imagination to set up

The main issue with conventional water fountains is that they have minimal use. These pieces of outdoor fixtures are great for beautifying almost any landscape. Unfortunately, the only other practical application for them is as a birdbath. If you’re looking for a fountain that can also be more than just a solar birdbath fountain, then you’ve got to check Qualife Fountain.

The Qualife is a one-piece contraption that already integrates everything you need to create a fantastic water feature in your landscape. Its design allows homeowners to decide how best to use this product. You can use it as a floating fountain right in your swimming pool. Children will love this additional feature in their kiddie pool.

Another use of this device is as an aerator or a water feature in your fish tank. The bubbles that it creates should provide your fish with safe water to swim in. On that note, the Qualife can also be an excellent addition to your Koi small pond. The fact that the system already comes with four different nozzles makes it more worthwhile. You get 4 other fountain streams to make your garden look more awesome.

The flower-like design of the 7.3-inch complete water fountain integrates eight highly-efficient solar panels. Other brands will often have their solar panels separate and far away from the water fountain. The powerful pump is also built into the super-tough ABS housing. Cleaning and maintaining the system is never a concern.

Because the Qualife has an open design, you will have to be very creative in using it. This can be challenging for some people. DIYers will love the opportunity, nevertheless. Also, the ABS construction of the device gives it a lightweight characteristic. You will have to think about some ingenious ways to secure it in its place.

Qualife is the perfect option for those who prefer versatility over convenience. This product has a fair price and a reliable solar generating system for more significant cost-savings. It also has an open-ended design that is important in unleashing one’s creativity.

5. OKMEE Solar Fountain

  • Comes with an integrated solar panel
  • Great for improving the aesthetics of the garden
  • Versatile design allows for different applications
  • Features different water fountain nozzles for varying fountain display
  • Requires some form of stabilization during setup
  • Solar power system not as efficient as other brands

The OKMEE Solar Fountain is an excellent alternative to conventional water fountains. It comes with a straightforward design that belies its versatile nature. This is one piece of technology that can help you unleash your creativity while also giving you the chance to improve your property’s overall aesthetics.

This water fountain has a solid design that integrates 14 solar panels in a radial arrangement. Underneath the solar panels are an advanced technology that allows the system to produce electricity from the sun’s energy. This translates to better savings in terms of energy consumption.

At the center of the disc-shaped fountain is a nozzle that features four different water stream shapes. You can easily toggle between these fountains with a simple twist of a knob. Enjoying your fountain is now made a lot easier with this unique feature of the OKMEE.

The design of this fountain allows for a multitude of applications. You can put it in your swimming pool so that your children will have more fun during the summer. It is also possible to convert it into a garden sprinkler and watch your kids frolic in the shower.

Fish tanks and ponds will also benefit from the unique design of this fountain. And if you place the contraption in a shallow and wide dish, you can give your avian friends a nice pool to dip in.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect about the OKMEE. Its solar generation capacity is not as efficient as other products. That is why you must be careful in its placement, ensuring that the solar panel surface gets direct sunlight. Its installation is easy if you find a way to weigh it down. Its lightweight design can be very tricky to work with.

Overall, the OKMEE Solar Fountain is a beautiful choice for those who want a more versatile product in their homes. The simple design of this product should also make it easy to blend with your existing landscape elements. Its versatility can open different options for you.

6. Smart Solar 23941R01 Solar Fountain

  • Comes with an elegant design
  • Can be plugged into an electrical outlet with an optional adapter
  • Provides efficient water circulation across the tiers
  • Requires very minimal cleaning and maintenance
  • Not safe for winter use because it is easy to freeze
  • The frame can be tricky to set up

The Smart Solar 23941R01 is the perfect choice for looking for the top-tier solar fountain to put in a lawn or garden. This product comes with a lovely tiered design that freely allows water to cascade towards the bottom’s largest water dish.

The sound that the flowing water creates is enough to soothe the soul. It offers you a more relaxing way to enjoy your quiet afternoons while enjoying the view of the foliage and the blooms in your garden.

It also comes with an advanced solar panel that allows the system to gather as much energy from the sun. This requires the correct placement of the unit to ensure adequate solar energy collection and generate the power necessary to run its low-voltage motor.

One good thing about this solar fountain is that it has an optional AC adapter. This is perfect for those days when the sun is not shining brightly in the sky. You’ll still be able to enjoy the cascading water and sound effects of the fountain.

Setting up the fountain is a breeze. You can start admiring your work to assemble the framework that will support the three ceramic water bowls and the ceramic water jug at the top tier. There is no complicated maintenance required, except for the occasional cleaning of the water bowls.

It is essential to take note that the product’s supporting structure has a very odd shape. Some have even complained that it looks flimsy. Installing it can be tricky, and placing the individual bowls can be quite a handful.

While Smart Solar designed the 23941R01 for the outdoors, one should never leave it outside the house when winter sets in. Water can freeze and undermine the overall integrity of the system.

The Smart Solar 23941R01 is a nice-looking solar-powered fountain for the modern home. It is efficient in harnessing the power of the sun. The system provides you with a landscape element that can improve your home’s overall aesthetics without increasing your dependence on electricity.

7. Sunnydaze Solar Water Fountain

  • Very efficient solar energy generating system
  • Comes with a vintage and rustic design
  • Provides a very lovely, soothing, and relaxing sound
  • Serves as an excellent attraction for birds
  • Offers excellent value for your money
  • The solar power system is not weatherproof
  • Requires correct positioning because the fountain can be unsteady

It is good to have a more contemporary water fountain to give your garden a futuristic and edgy look. However, most homes still prefer the classic design of an outdoor water fountain. If you are like these people, then Sunnydaze’s 2-Tier Solar Powered Outdoor Water Fountain is for you.

You’ll love the vintage design of this water fountain. The brand drew inspiration from the famous tiered fountains of the Mediterranean, especially Italy and Spain. The elaborate design is breathtaking. The choice of material also gives the water fountain its rustic look. It seems as if this water feature is made of antique materials that have been fully restored.

Circulating the water through the two levels of water vessels is an advanced solar powered fountain pump. The system’s solar generation capacity is more efficient than other systems that we have tried. The pump doesn’t stop working even though there is a bit of a cloud in the sky.

Other brands shut off with very minimal cloud cover. The pump is also more powerful than other pumps seen in this water fountain. Not only will you be enjoying the view. You’ll also appreciate the soothing and relaxing sound of water dripping from the upper basin.

The lower vessel is also large enough to provide wild birds with a pool for them to drink from or even take a dip. While this water fountain has an exceptional solar-powered motor, we did find some issues about its weatherproofing. One must protect the solar power system from the rain as water can damage the sensitive circuitry.

This product is also straightforward to set up. Unfortunately, you will have to secure the base as it is not wide enough to support the structure’s rest. Placing large rocks around the base typically solves this issue. Beautifying your property should be easy if you add this Sunnydaze fountain in your garden. It is a vintage and elegant water feature that can give your property a Renaissance feel, while also saving you money in the long run.

8. Smart Solar 22300R01 Water Feature

  • Improves the aesthetics of your porch or deck
  • Provides both visual and auditory stimulation
  • Very easy to install and operate
  • Reasonable price for an elegant outdoor fountain
  • The solar panel is not as efficient as other systems
  • Pump filter requires more frequent maintenance

Smart Solar fountains are known for their exceptional design. The fountains of this brand are worthy of being the centerpiece in a modern landscape. Whether it is in your garden or your porch, these solar fountains are sure to elevate the place’s aesthetics.

This ceramic water fountain has a unique frog design. It mimics the typical small pond scene where a frog is sitting by the pond’s edge, waiting for the next bug to snag. However, there aren’t any bugs that this frog will snatch. The frog’s mouth serves as the spout for the water to cascade down the wide and shallow water basin.

There is only one minor issue with this solar water fountain. The solar panel requires direct sunlight for it to generate the needed energy to run the pump. Unfortunately, one cannot expect the sun to shine brightly every minute of the day. There will be moments when clouds block the sun’s rays. It is in these moments that the Smart Solar fails in its job as a water fountain.

Nevertheless, this contraption is still an excellent choice if all you want is to beautify your porch or even your deck. It should work fine if you position the solar panel to get as much sunlight as possible throughout the day. There should be no foliage that can cast a shadow over it.

Installing and operating the Frog Water Feature is more like a plug-and-play device. You can forget about it as soon as you have it all set up. This is perfect for people who don’t like tinkering with stuff. You can enjoy the pleasant sound of water dripping from the frog’s mouth in a matter of minutes.

While the product is easy to install, the pump filter does require more frequent maintenance. What is trickier is the cleaning of the filter assembly. If you’re not careful, you might end up disassembling the whole system. Overall, the Smart Solar 22300R01 is the right choice for people who want to improve their garden aesthetics without spending a fortune.

9. VIVOHOME Garden Bird Bath

  • Beautiful décor and birdbath for your gardens
  • Made of premium quality PP material coated with resin
  • Comes with simple components that are easy to build and install
  • Multi-purpose as it can serve as décor, a birdbath, and as a little reflecting pool
  • Hassle-free and easy maintenance and cleaning process
  • Ground stakes should be designed longer

A lovely addition to your yard is this antique outdoor garden birdbath from VivoHome. This company is California-based and focuses on providing high-quality home fixtures without putting a significant dent on the budget. This double birdbath is no exception to their purpose.

You can pair this with a bird feeder to further entice the birds and make them a consistent addition to your outdoors. Setting this is up is easy, too, since it comes in a four-piece set so you can build it, add the water, and your birdbath is set. There is no complicated process to set it up. Your challenge would most likely be in deciding where to place it in your garden.

You can quickly move it around as well should you find a better spot because its solid base is designed with stakes to fasten it to the ground. This will also allow you to put it into storage when the temperature drops quickly. You have the option to put sand to put in a little weight and add to its sturdiness.

With its vintage look, you will always have a piece of European art in your home. It is not just the outside that looks picturesque because it is constructed with superb polyresin in a faded copper finish. This copper color will turn green as the years go by like the Statue of Liberty.

You are also not limited and forced into using it as a birdbath. It is entirely up to you how you want to use it. It can double as a garden ornament or even as a small reflecting pool. Whatever purpose you intend for it, this garden birdbath will surely be up for it.

Maintenance is also hassle-free because the bowl can be removed for cleaning. You don’t need to dismantle it to keep it clean and sanitary. Additionally, you can add a solar splasher and take out the solar pump connection for a complete DIY solar water fountain system. As mentioned, stakes are included in this package, but a recommendation would be to lengthen it a bit more to be more solid to the earth.

10. Smart Solar 34222RM1 Fountain

  • Classic and timeless design and architecture
  • Provides that natural and soothing sound of water
  • Made of high-quality glass fiber strengthened with concrete
  • Integrated with solar-on-demand technology
  • Simple installation sans the need for any complicated wiring
  • Minimal but regular maintenance is necessary

You’ll never go wrong with the Smart Solar 34222RM1 2-Tier solar fountain. It comes with a solar on-demand technology that puts you in control of when you want your pretty fountain to work and wow your family and friends.

This technology will allow you to run the fountain using the sun’s power solely and, at the same time, lets you use your fountain even when it is cloudy or when the nights call for some extra wow factor. You can charge the battery when the sun is at its strongest and then let this stored energy power up your fountain.

With a 100% battery charge, you have 6 hours of operational time, which is more than enough for entertainment or personal use. It is also worth mentioning that it uses an original underwater pump system and solar panel.

The fountain’s design is a timeless beauty and would always be an appropriate choice for a garden. To ensure good weight and optimum strength, it is made with glass fiber with reinforced concrete. It is finished with sophisticated, weathered stone, making it a perfect fixture in your garden and outdoor space for that classic look.

This fountain is a well-detailed piece of art with two fountain heads that adds in a touch of beauty to your greeneries. Setting it up the first time is also simple and easy, as there are no wirings that need to be fitted. What’s best is it has zero operating costs since it uses solar-powered water fountain pumps.

Adding into the solar bird bath fountains’ aesthetics is the charming birdbath with two removable turtles on edge. Smart Solar is on-point when it comes to design because the birdbath feature provides a soft and all-natural sound of water, which boosts the relaxation level to maximum. It gives that serene atmosphere that you need after a stressful and busy day.

Although minimal, you’d badly need to do regular maintenance to prevent scaling. It would help if you also put in additional reinforcement to address potential peeling by applying a clear coat to the exterior. This pretty garden staple can be enjoyed not just by the birds bought by you and your loved ones. The solar-powered fountains are highly efficient and pleasant to look at.

11. Viajero Solar Fountain Pump

  • Designed to spray water non-stop even if some panels are covered
  • Made of premium quality PET laminated sun-powered panels
  • Remarkable 2.5W solar panel and 800mAh battery
  • Automatically shuts down if the water level is low
  • Necessary troubleshooting steps are simple to do
  • Performance at night is not on par to the daytime output

One of the finest solar water fountain pumps that you can get your hands on is the solar fountain pump from Viajero. The design is not just modern looking, but it also packs an impressive 2.5W solar panel and a reliable battery that carries 800mAh.

With the powerful duo of a solar panel and a backup battery, you get the power that can pump your fountain non-stop throughout the day and night. When the backup battery is fully charged, it can provide you with an additional 1 to 2 hours of service.

This upgraded Viajero is one of the solar pumps for fountains getting famous because you are not limited to a single nozzle for the fountain. You get multiple nozzles so you can customize your water fountain experience.

It is like having a mini-fountain show right in your garden whenever you want to, and besides, you are provided with many uses, too. You use it in your fountain, but you can also use it in your birdbath and make your swimming lots of fun.

Don’t worry about the risks of moving it because it doesn’t have any. You can quickly move it around wherever and whenever you want to use it somewhere else without damaging it. It is made of high-quality PET laminated sun-powered panels, so it is not prone to breakage or deformation.

The best solar water fountain pump is also designed to deliver you superb performance because, unlike the typical solar fountain pumps, this is programmed to spay water continuously at a constant flow even if some of the solar panels are covered by debris. It will also automatically turn off if it detects that there is zero water or some blockage. This will ensure that the pump will not be forced and cause damage.

Maintenance and basic troubleshooting are also simple. In instances where this solar fountain suddenly stopped working, you can do a quick restart and check some basic things in the process. Make sure that you have enough water to your pool and clean it to remove any debris.

The slight drawback of this pump though is its performance has a bit of variance during the night and is not the same as during the day. This is a great fountain pump that you will enjoy, and with the little white noise? that it generates, you would like the tranquil feeling it provides.

12. Sunlitec Solar Fountain

  • Comes with four different nozzles to give you various height and flow
  • Significant 1.8W solar panel for 20,000 hours of use
  • Eco-friendly and 100% powered by the sun
  • Creates a haven for birds because there is no electricity or wires
  • No battery backup method when there is no sun

The Sunlitec solar fountain with a panel water pump lets you enjoy the beauty and serenity of water fountains without the need for electricity. With its 1.8W solar panel, you can have over 20,000 hours of tranquil fun with your water pump.

With the power all coming from the sun, you are also free from financial worries. It comes with a brushless motor belt and allows you to have lower power consumption, so its power will last longer than those other solar fountain birdbaths. Since it doesn’t have any wires or electricity connected to it, it also provides a safe environment for your bird visitors.

You would appreciate how this Sunlitec solar fountain pump can provide you with the freedom of movement since you can transport it anywhere you want. This fountain pump’s beauty is it will automatically start functioning in 3 seconds once it is exposed to the sun.

Should clouds pass by or the day turns gloomy, the panels will stop working but will kick back again once it is in full exposure. You don’t need to check on it to ensure that it is working.

Additionally, you’d feel like you have four different water flows with a single pump because it comes with four sprinkler heads. You can have unique water flow and water height today and enjoy a new one tomorrow. You won’t get bored with this water art.

You can use it in your garden and birdbaths. This can be considered as a large solar fountain pump perfect for some fun in your pool too. Ensure that you use the nozzle for some height as you will only get a trickle without it.

This fun solar fountain water pump is also easy to set up as you don’t need special equipment and tools to make it work. There are no wirings and complicated installation process that you need to follow.

It will be an excellent recommendation if this water fountain pump from Sunlitec comes with a battery backup method so you can still use it when the sun is not at its strongest or when you want some water art during the night. Without the sun, there’s no water pumping happening.

13. ASC Smart Solar Water Fountain

  • Attractive 4-tiered ceramic fountain in blue
  • Creates a haven for kids and birds because there are no wires involved
  • Three operation modes depending on your goal and preference
  • Comes with a 1.6W solar panel for maximum solar absorption
  • Ease of use when it comes to installation and operation
  • There is no on and off switch on the pump

The ASC smart solar ceramic water fountain is the perfect size for your garden or lawn. This ceramic four-level fountain is solely driven by the energy of the sun. This is an ideal and highly recommended garden fixture if you are the type of person that doesn’t want to be restricted with just a single option and purpose.

This Terracotta solar fountain comes with three operation modes: operate continuously, on 4-hours duration, and daily set 4-hours’ time. You need to identify what you want to achieve so you can pre-configure it and enjoy the experience.

Additionally, you can incorporate this ceramic beauty to your current décor. You can set it up on top of a table for some additional height or put it amongst shrubs and bushes. The possibilities are endless if its solar panel gets the power of the sun.

ASC’s product also boasts a 1.6W solar water pump that doesn’t require any electricity to function. Since there is no electricity, there are also no wirings involved to make it run. It is overall safe for your kids and even the animals that may go near the water.

You get the complete package of a solar panel with a battery that also works as a timer, the actual 4-tiered fountain, the pump, tubes, straps, LED ring light, jug, bowls, metal frames, holders, and your instruction manual.

Aside from 4 AA batteries, you don’t need to purchase additional accessories because everything you need comes out of the package. The batteries make it work since they can store power that it can use to continue operating even when it’s time for the moon and the stars to take the spotlight. Set up and installation is also relatively easy, and the whole system simple to operate.

One minor setback is this pump from ASC doesn’t have an on and off switch conveniently for most users. To turn it off, you need to unplug your power cord from your pump, which is found at the back of the photocell.

14. Sunnydaze Outdoor Water Fountain

  • Attractive and modern water fountain design
  • Made from lightweight but solid resin and fiberglass
  • Comes with a battery pack for cloudy days and night time use
  • Dry run pump technology
  • It doesn’t produce that calming sound of flowing water

The Sunnydaze black ball solar water fountain is a sure attention grabber and a classy centerpiece to your outdoors. Serenity Health & Home Décor has its cards on this twisted column with a big black ball that is surprisingly, a solar fountain.

This artistic and eco-friendly solar fountain pump uses the power of the sun to run, and it will keep this solar-powered with its unique battery backup feature so you can still use the fountain during the cloudy days and evenings or those special occasions where a spray is needed. When it is in its solar-powered mode, this fountain will directly run from the sun’s energy.

Understand that this mode is limited because it will only work when the sun is out, and the skies are clear. This is where the battery mode comes into action and is as simple as pressing the On and Off switch so the battery can take responsibility in powering the fountain’s pump.

A fully charged battery pack can give you 4 hours of fountain experience. It works very well during the daytime, and it can provide you with the same performance during the night.

What makes this a great decoration is its central black ball. Its unique design gives the image of movement even if it is not running. It is made from low-maintenance and lightweight resin and fiberglass but provides reliable durability.

Another reason why this fountain is a great choice is its incorporated technology called a dry run pump. The typical pumps are designed to continue pumping even though the fountain’s water is running low. This is a frequent reason why pumps get burned out and eventually need replacing.

With the dry run pump technology, once it detects that the water is running low, the pump will stop pushing and instead will shut off, improving your pump’s longevity.

One missing element of this fountain is the actual water sound. The only sound that would be audible would be the faint hum of the pump and nothing else. So, if you are looking for that soothing water acoustics, this is not for you. This black ball is what’s missing from your garden, patio, and yard. Its style and functionality are both very charming and useful.

What Is A Solar Water Fountain And Who Is This For


Solar water fountains are a great piece to add to one’s yard. Many users highly recommend them for those who want to enhance the look of their yard or garden. For one, solar water fountains quickly brighten up and improve the aesthetic of the place.

There is no denying that fountains look good, especially when placed in a big yard or garden. One can even bring out their creative side as these fountains come in different types, sizes, and shapes.

Solar water fountains are also recommended for those who want to save as these models are eco-friendly and cost-efficient. Traditional water pumps and fixtures need to run around-the-clock; hence, expenses can steadily creep up over time. However, this is not a problem with a water fountain.

As it relies on a renewable and constant energy resource, solar water fountains help decrease electricity expenses. It also does not harm the environment as these fountains do not produce any waste. Moreover, solar fountains also come with their battery banks for backups. With this, the bank can still run at nighttime and in other less-than-ideal situations.

Solar water fountains are also relatively easy to install. Most types come in solar fountain kits, which already contains all the hardware for installation. One needs to read the instructions to set it up. They are also durable with a lifespan of 5 to 10 years, especially when properly cared for and maintained. One needs to regularly clean and check on the parts to ensure that they are working well.

How Does It Work

At its very core, fountains distribute water in a basin or bowl. However, there are numerous systems available. One of these is the solar water fountain that comes with additional parts compared with the traditional model. To enumerate, they have a solar panel, an inverter, a water pump, and sometimes a battery bank backup.

Solar panels collect light photons from the sun and convert it into solar energy. When these photons react with the panel’s elements, the electrons inside will be dislodged from their orbits. This reaction generates electricity or direct current.

Most appliances run on alternating current; hence, the direct current needs to be converted first through an inverter. Afterward, the electricity travels and reaches to the water pump to aerate the water. The more energy the fountain has, the more consistent the performance it gives.

Most solar water fountains rely entirely upon the sun for power. However, this can be a problem if one desires to run the device all night long. As such, some solar powered water fountain pumps also come with a battery bank for backup. It works by storing the excess energy generated by the solar panels into a reserve place. With this, the fountain can work even at night and other less-than-ideal situations.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Water Fountains


There is an influx of solar water fountains in the market due to their popularity and practicality. One of the ways solar water fountains differ is in terms of the material they use. The type of material correlates with the fountain’s durability.

Ceramic Fountains

Ceramic solar water fountains are made of high-quality clay that is glazed into a smooth surface. These types are usually handcrafted; hence, no piece is quite like the other. Not to mention, its creation process makes them even more unique as slight changes will also result in subtle differences in the color and pattern. However, ceramic pieces require maintenance and care as they tend to shatter when they drop or fall over.

Terracotta Fountains

Terracotta fountains are like ceramic fountains since they are also used in pottery. However, they lack the smooth glazed surface seen in ceramic fountains. Terracotta is characterized by its brown-orange color and its porous surface. Hence, it might not be easy to clean this fountain, primarily if it’s not maintained correctly. These types also require extra care since they are quite brittle.

Polystone Fountains

Polystone is a dense material created out from a mixture of resin and sand. This material makes for a durable and massive solar fountain. These fountains are beautiful and can vary in colors and textures, depending on the resin and sand ratios used. Some manufacturers paint the fountains to enhance its details and design.

Fiberglass Resin Fountains

These fountain types are made of resin and fiberglass properties, resulting in a malleable but durable solar fountain. With this, these fountains are easy to mold and shape into any design. Most manufacturers also tend to paint these fountains.

Solar Fountain Styles

Solar fountains can also differ in terms of style. Standard designs include contemporary, column, statuary, modern, tiered, wall-hanging, cascading, and birdbath.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Solar Water Fountain

A beautiful, lively water fountain can quickly improve the overall landscape of your home. Solar water fountains are getting more popular among homeowners than electric-powered ones because of the excellent benefits they offer.

Eco-friendly water fountains

One of the apparent reasons why many people now prefer solar water fountains is that they are environment-friendly. You can enjoy everything that an electric water fountain offers but without damaging the environment. With today’s threat of nature’s degradation, switching to solar-powered equipment is a simple way to help the environment.

Reduce electrical costs

Solar water fountains work using only solar energy and entirely operate off-the-grid. Not only are you helping the environment, but you are also reducing your electrical expenses. Switching to a solar water fountain is a wise investment saving both energy and your money.

User-friendly and safe

Another wonderful thing about solar water fountains is that they are easy to use. They work all by themselves if there is sunlight. There is no need to run electric wires all over your garden, which is both a hassle and a risk at the same time. It is entirely safe without the risk of tripping over cables or any other electrical mishaps.

Low maintenance water fountain

Solar water fountains are usually maintenance-free. Once you decide to buy one, you can install it without any hassle and leave it to work independently. Solar water fountains are quick to install without the need for any complicated wirings.

What you need to do is to clean it routinely to maintain the beautiful and bubbly appearance of your water fountain. However, although solar water fountains sound like perfect equipment overall, there are also some disadvantages you must take into consideration.

Pumping is affected by sunlight

One of the apparent disadvantages of solar-powered equipment is that their efficiency is affected by the amount of the sun. Solar water fountains are ideal for sunny areas. They cannot work during the night. They also do not work well in shady places.

The solar panels need access to direct sunlight for the solar fountain pump to work effectively. If you live in areas with scarce sunlight, a solar water fountain may not be ideal for you. Cloudy days also affect your water feature as it cannot charge well. That is why it is essential to place the solar panels in places that are hit directly by the sun.

Despite its disadvantages, solar water fountains are still easily a wise investment with many incredible benefits. They are easy to use, safe, budget-friendly, and good for the environment. Using them is a simple way to enhance the scenery of your home. A solar fountain looks good and works just as well as an electric-powered one.

How We Picked And Tested


As solar water fountains become more popular, you can also expect the influx of different brands coming out with their models. You will find yourself surrounded by beautiful and durable designs in the market.

Now, before picking your water fountain, there are some crucial points you must consider first. If you want to get only the most trusted quality solar water fountain that is the top-tier value for your money, you will have to note the following.

Size and Appearance

This first point mainly depends on your preference. The top-tier solar birdbath fountain comes in a variety of sizes and designs. Before deciding which water feature to choose, you must think of which one will best complement and fit with both the scenery and your garden’s space.


The capacity of a water fountain’s pump is a very crucial point to consider. It differs from one water fountain to another. Some can spout larger volumes of water compared to others. For a smaller water feature for your garden, a 45 to 60 GPH capacity is adequate. If you are looking for one with a bigger capacity for more visual effects, a pump with a 120 to 250 rating is your convenient choice.

Solar Panel Placement

Where do you want to place your solar panels? Do you want it to be hidden or displayed in plain sight? If you’re going to hide the panels, you should choose a model with more extended wiring so you can place the solar panels away from the fountain itself and hidden from plain view.

On the other hand, if you are okay with displaying the solar panel next to your fountain in plain sight, you can opt for a model with an integrated solar panel. There is no problem wherever you place them if there is sunlight.

Run Time

Some solar water fountains work 24 hours on the clock while others stay on only during daytime when there is sunlight. But if you want a solar water fountain that works even during the night, you can choose a model with rechargeable solar batteries. However, these units are naturally more expensive and require higher maintenance.


One of the trusted models in terms of durability is the Cocofit solar powered fountain pump. To get the top-rated quality, you should carefully choose a water fountain with a robust construction made from top-tier materials such as durable resin, ceramics, or fiberglass. Durable construction ensures a long-lasting water feature that is ideal for the outdoors.


Other solar water fountains come with different convenient accessories. You can find a solar water fountain with led lights. Other units come with a rechargeable battery pack or a submersible water pump.


Comparing prices can help you decide which one is most suitable for your budget. Look for the one that most suitable fits your preference without spending way over your allocated budget.

With the various brands you can find in the market, choosing only one might be challenging. But if you try and keep these points in mind, you will find yourself a high-quality and affordable solar water fountain in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions


How are solar fountains better than simple fountains?

A solar pool fountain is better than traditional fountains because they are more convenient and straightforward to set up. These are standalone units that require no electricity to operate the pump. Hence, you will never worry about laying out electrical cables from the fountain to an electrical outlet.

Like all solar devices, outdoor solar fountains rely on sunlight to operate the pump that pushes the water in spectacular fashion. Some products also have backup battery systems, allowing them to run continuously, even in bad weather or cloudy days.

Is there any possibility of changing the location of your solar fountains once after a setup?

Yes, you can change a solar fountain’s location after setup. However, everything depends on the product’s bulk and heft. For example, it will be more convenient to relocate a small solar water fountain than a large solar water fountain.

How to assemble the solar fountain?

Assembling solar powered garden water features is not as complicated as some folks believe. After all, ease of setup is one of the most significant advantages of such products over traditional fountains.

However, assembly varies depending on whether you have a floating solar fountain or a standing type. Floating fountains are more straightforward to build, requiring only a nozzle attachment to the solar fountain.

On the other hand, assembling a standing solar fountain requires connecting tubing to the pump and the solar panel, such as follows.

  1. Assemble the fountain’s body according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Connect the clear water tubing to the pump’s port (0:33).
  3. Insert and secure the water tubing’s other end to the solar fountain’s central canal on its underside.
  4. Grab the water pump’s power cord and plug it into the water fountain’s built-in receptacle.
  5. Attach the nozzle to the solar panel. Then, place the pump into the center of the fountain.
  6. Ensure sufficient solar outdoor fountains clearance to avoid splattering water onto the floor or ground.

How long do solar fountains last?

Overall, you can expect most solar fountains to last around 2-4 years with regular maintenance. If you can splurge a bit and opt for more expensive models, your water feature may last up to 5-10 years.

That said, individual components on the solar fountains may have varied lifespan. For instance, the LED on a solar fountain with lights can remain in good condition for 13-27 years, whereas the lithium-ion recharge solar battery may die out after 5 years. In this case, simply changing the battery may get the LED light and fountain pump to work again.

What are the most trusted solar water fountain brands?

The following are the most popular among solar fountain brands that you can rely on.

  • Smart Solar
  • Sunnydaze
  • Qualife
  • Solatec
  • Viajero
  • Sunlitec
  • ASC Smart Solar

How to install & use?

Solar fountains are relatively straightforward to install. One doesn’t even need to contact a professional to do so. If one reads the instructions and has the necessary DIY skills, installing the fountain will be a piece of cake. Not to mention, most types tend to come in fountain kits, which contain all the materials and components you’ll need for installing.

First, one needs to ensure that the solar fountain will be installed at a level and stable surface. If not, uneven surfaces will result in variable water flow. If the spray is large enough, there is also a possibility that it might sink to the ground.

Many users recommend creating a concrete base for the fountain to stabilize it. The next thing to remember is the solar panel’s location. Make sure you pick a spot that gets a lot of sunlight. Once the setup is complete, one needs to turn on the solar panel and wait to collect enough solar energy to start running.

How to care & clean?

Solar fountains come with a set of instructions on their preferred care and maintenance. For starters, solar fountains require regular cleaning. Many users do this every month or so.

To clean the fountain, one will need to drain it. Afterward, one should clean the water pump of any debris. Many users also recommend using water treatment to prevent algae and scale build-up in the fountain’s basin.

One also needs to perform routine check-ups to monitor the fountain’s system. With this, one can immediately spot and fix any damages.

It is a must for the user to maintain the fountain’s water levels. Otherwise, it will damage the fountain’s pump and other parts. In cold locations, before winter sets in, one must drain the fountain of all its water, lest it damages the fountain. Next, one needs to remove the pump and cover it with a fountain cover.

Where to buy?

Solar fountains can be pretty much bought anywhere since they are accessible. One can usually purchase them at local hardware stores, gardening supply stores, landscape stores, and other similar specialty shops.

They are also available on online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, and other places, including Lowes and home depot. But if you are eyeing a specific brand, you can also check out its website to select your solar fountain.


It is easy to pick the best solar water fountain. First, it should be easy to install, operate, and maintain. It also makes sense that the fountain can add beauty to your garden. The pump should be powerful enough to create that fantastic fountain effect.

Cleaning and maintaining it should also be easy. More importantly, its solar power system should work in a very efficient manner. It should be able to run your water fountain when you need it to. Refer to our buying guide for help in choosing your solar fountain.

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