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The Best Solar Water Pumps for Standing Out Your Garden

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

Beautifying your garden is a great hobby. And water features bring out tranquility and peace in your backyard. Water pumps bring beauty to fountains and improve the drainage system of ponds. But with daily use, electrical bills can shoot up as these water pumps frequently demand electrical power. The good thing is that you can cut costs with the right investment.

best solar water pump

The best solar water pump can help ease your financial worries and still have your ponds and fountains work excellently. Having one is a cost-efficient and eco-friendly alternative to fuel-driven ones. It is simple and easy to use, perfect for beginners who are new in these water features.

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Preview Solatec Solar Fountain

Sunlitec Solar Fountain

AISITIN Solar Fountain

Nozzle Heads 4 4 6
Dimensions 6.3 x 6.3 x 1.6 in 7.52 x 5.12 x 1.89 in 7.8 x 7.8 x 2 in
Weight 0.5 pounds 0.6 pounds 0.75 pounds
Water Height 11.8 – 19.7 in 27.6 in 35.43 in
Power 1.4W 1.8W 3.5W
Details Details Details


Top 10 Solar Water Pump Reviews

1. Solatec Solar Fountain

  • Eco-friendly as it entirely relies on the sun to operate
  • Can be used in fish tanks, small ponds, birdbaths, fountains, and pools
  • Comes with four different kinds of spray heads
  • Effortless to set up and maintain
  • Weather-resistant water pump and durable polycrystalline silicon solar panel
  • The solar panel is sensitive to shadows and other sunlight interruptions.

The compact and sleek look of the Solatec Solar Fountain will be a great addition to your lawn. If you plan to add some water work to attract guests and neighbors, this can be an excellent step to take. This solar fountain pump kit has a multitude of applications. It can also be used for birdbaths, small ponds, fish tanks, and even in pools.

It is undeniable that one of the most beneficial aspects of having a solar fountain is how it can save you money in the long run. And this particular model keeps your savings up because of how efficient it is as a fountain. It entirely relies on the sun, without the need for electrical attachments and batteries. It is also eco-friendly and will not add a burden to the environment.

Are you bored with the single water pattern in typical solar powered fountains sold commercially? This kit comes with four different spray patterns through nozzles that can be attached to the pump. You can enjoy the variation in your fountain without having to spend for another spray head.

If you are new in setting up your fountain, that won’t be a problem with the Solatec Solar Fountain. This is very easy to set up as it just floats on water. It is very light because it is made of high-quality, weather-resistant plastic. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

You’ll be getting your money’s worth with the quality of the solar panel in this kit. It is made of polycrystalline silicon, one of the most efficient and reliable materials used in solar panels.

This affordable water pump does not fully operate without maximal sunlight exposure. With that, a minor shadow or other sunlight interruptions will make the water pump work slowly. That can easily be managed by placing the solar panel at an optimal position for sunlight absorption.

Overall, this product from Solatec is still among the best value for money solar pumps for fountains available in the market today.

2. Sunlitec Solar Fountain

  • No electrical hazards and is safe for bird bath use.
  • Can also be used on ponds, fish tanks, and others
  • Efficient mechanism with its brushless motor
  • Complete kit with all the fittings and four kinds of spray heads
  • Easy to use and install
  • The solar panel does not have a protective housing.

If you are caught in a perpetual search for the right birdbath, consider having the Sunlitec Solar Fountain for your feathered friends. These are completely safe for the birds in your garden. Electrical hazards like outlets and or external batteries are not in the kit, giving you peace of mind for their safety.

Because this is meant for the birds to use freely, they can safely take a dip in your birdbath anytime, without the electrical dangers. It also keeps them hydrated throughout the day. If you are apprehensive because you don’t intend this for birdbath use, this can also work as garden decoration and your pond’s water circulation. This product from Sunlitec can also be used for fish tanks.

Efficiency is never a question in this solar water pump kit. It is equipped with a brushless motor that effectively lowers energy consumption. It also makes the device last a long time. With an approximate lifespan of 20,000 hours of use, you can hardly go wrong with this excellent water pump.

The kit is already complete with all the fitting accessories and the spray heads. It comes with four different spray heads for a unique water display every time it works. The maximum water height that it can show is up to about 70 cm, making it one of your garden’s most attractive designs.

What I like about this simple solar-powered water pump is that it is straightforward to use. Once the panel hits some sunlight, it works in no less than 3 seconds. I also like how you can station the solar panel in your home’s most suitable area because it comes with a 9.5 ft cord.

The only thing that might bother you is how the solar panel does not come with a housing material. You need to take extra care of these panels as they are the ones that source out the pump’s electrical consumption. Putting that aside, this will be an excellent pump for your birdbath or other home and garden features that will need an efficient water pump.

3. AISITIN Solar Fountain Pump

  • Built-in battery that doesn’t need an extra installation process
  • Has a wide array of uses
  • Comes with six different nozzles for a variety of water height and styles
  • The pump automatically turns off after being taken off the water.
  • Quick and stress-free installation process
  • No on and off switch.

The hard times of finding the right solar water pump with battery backup might be over with the Aisitin 3.5W Solar Fountain Pump. This will be the perfect water pump if your location doesn’t get much sunlight. I understand that solar panels can stop working immediately, so having this battery backup will keep your fountains, ponds, and other water features in top shape, even with low to no sunlight.

Batteries can be tricky, but they are already built-in with the water pump. You won’t have a hard time assembling the entire set up. It then automatically stores unused energy and will act as a backup, just when you need it the most. No matter the weather, your water features will indeed work just as fine.

You’ll get the real value of your money when selecting this solar pond pump. Your ponds will stay clean with well-aerated water, as it provides you with efficient water pumping abilities. Aside from that, this can also be used on fish tanks, pools, birdbaths, and garden fountains.

Neighbours and guests will indeed talk about the elegance of the water styles produced with this water pump. Like a fountain, the dancing waters will make you feel calm and relaxed. It comes with six different nozzles, so your mini water show won’t be the same throughout the year.

I like this water pump because it automatically turns off after being taken outside the water. That saves energy expenditure and also increases the overall efficiency of the water pump.

The installation process is also unchallenging for beginners in the field of fountain and pond work. The kit comes with all the necessities that you need and will then get your pump ready in no time.

An on and off switch would have appreciated, especially that this kit comes with a battery backup. Although it automatically uses the stored energy, it could be improved significantly in case users want to save that energy for another time. Other than that, this is among the wisest purchases that you can make.

4. ECO-WORTHY Solar Water Pump

  • Solar panel has a durable aluminum frame
  • High water height of 170 cm
  • 5m long cord included in the kit
  • Comes with the submersible feature
  • Easy to install and maintain, stress-free disassembly
  • Sensitive solar panel

Are you contemplating adding a fountain in your garden? This might ease you a bit because the Eco-worth solar powered water fountain kit will get you started in beautifying your lawn.

Getting your money’s worth is kind of hard. But you will never miss that opportunity because the kit has quality components for your fountain. The 12V solar panel has a durable aluminum frame that can withstand a lot of weather conditions. It even has four protection angles to keep the panel safe while getting most of the sunlight during the day.

You’ll know that you made the right decision in choosing this water pump for a fountain because it has a maximum water height of 170 cm. That almost doubles the typical water pumps in the market. It also has a long lifespan of 20,000 hours.

To ensure that the panel can get the most sunlight in your area, the cord included is long enough to be placed on roofs or other unshaded spots. It comes with a 5m cable that will take your panel to the optimal position.

One of the unique features of this water pump is that it is submersible. So you won’t worry about short circuits if you will use it on ponds.

External water pumps for ponds will need additional garden decorations to be hidden. This pump will let you skip that hassle with its submersible feature. It won’t be an eyesore in your garden as this solar powered submersible water pump won’t steal your haven’s spotlight.

It is also easy to assemble. Setting it up at home won’t take too much of your time as the installation is a breeze. Cleaning is not much of a hassle, either. You will not need additional tools to maintain this water pump, and disassembly is also stress-free.

A downside that needs mentioning is how the solar panel is sensitive to shadows. It may stop working when the panel is fully shaded. But that can easily be remedied by placing it where the sun hits the most. Beyond that, this water pump will work fine in ponds or as a fountain.

5. AISITIN Solar Water Pump

  • Includes a 1500 mAh battery
  • Comes with six different nozzles wherein you can control your water height
  • Can be used for a variety of water work applications
  • Automatic power-off protection feature
  • Installation and maintenance is hassle-free
  • The cord that comes with the package is not too long.

Energy saving is more efficient if you have a solar fountain pump with battery backup. Consider the Aisitin 6.5W solar water pump if you want you to have an efficient energy use throughout the day.

This high-standard floating fountain has a built-in battery at 1500 mAh. Storing energy is more efficient because it remains on standby until it can be used again. This product from Aisitin is perfect when sunlight isn’t that bright in your area and during nighttime.

What makes this water pump unique is that it comes with six different nozzles. You can control the jet height and regulate the amount of water that will spurt through so there will be no spillage on your bowls or basins. With that, this will be the perfect solar water pump for fountains and birdbaths.

But the usage of this water pump is not limited to fountain and birdbath use. This solar birdbath fountain pump has a wide array of applications. It is usable in small ponds for oxygen circulation, fish tanks, pools, and other garden water work features.

Another favourite feature that I highly recommend to pond and fountain enthusiasts is the automatic power-off protection. Upon leaving the water surface, this just stops working. It increases the lifespan of the device.

Installation is not a problem with this kit. This Aisitin’s product is easy to set up like a fountain, a birdbath, or whatever you intend it to be. Maintenance also does not require professional skills. Cleaning regularly is highly encouraged, and this does not need additional tools either.

You should note that the cord that comes with the package is not that long. Positioning it deliberately will maximize the use of the solar panels and provide your water pumps more energy. That minor issue won’t affect the performance of the water pump. And besides, the accompanying battery can fully operate the system for approximately 2 hours. That makes this purchase an excellent investment for your garden.

6. OKMEE Solar Fountain

  • Equipped with a water shortage protection system
  • Comes with a filtration box to keep debris away
  • PET laminated solar panel that endures unforgiving environments
  • Has a unique 4 in 1 nozzle that can give you different water styles
  • Easy installation for a multitude of applications
  • The water pump can be a bit powerful for small birdbaths.

The jam-packed features of the Okmee Solar Fountain will make you renovate your garden and finally add a water work that will stun your neighbours and your guests. Having the solar fountain of your dreams will add a calm and peaceful vibe to your garden, making you forget the worries and anxieties that loom anywhere else.

Okmee solar fountain is equipped with a water shortage protection system. The filtration box is also a feature that makes it stand out from the rest. It mainly blocks leaves, dust, and other debris from getting in the water pump itself.

You will also get a high-standard solar panel if you choose this model from Okmee. It comes with a PET laminated panel that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Your solar panel will surely last your water pumps for a long time.

The spray is also more stable because the solar panel can give off 2.2 watts of energy. That keeps the water spray up and functioning for a long time in a more consistent manner.

If you are interested in getting the most trusted solar water fountain that the market offers, this will be on your list. It takes pride in having a unique 4 in 1 nozzle that lets you control the water styles without the hassle of changing spray heads. That brings so much convenience and style in a single nozzle.

Quick installation is also among its strongest suits. In 3 seconds, you can get a functioning water pump. Suppose the solar panel hits enough sunlight needed for the water pump. In that case, it can immediately get the water going and give you a peaceful feast in the eyes.

If you are not into fountains, this product is also usable for ponds, fish tanks, birdbaths, and other garden decorations. It can get a tad bit too powerful for birdbaths but will work just as uniquely as other garden or lawn water work.

7. Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit

  • Pumps a large capacity of water
  • Great for irrigation, hydroponics, aquaculture, ponds, fountains, and other water features
  • Submersible brushless pump with extended service life
  • The solar panel is protected with an aluminum frame for durability.
  • Comes with a removable pre-filter
  • May need regular cleaning because of the pre-filter

Skip plugging on the grid and the enormous electricity bill from the constant work of water pumps with this kit from Solariver. It boasts about the large water capacity that it can provide for large fountains, waterfalls, natural pools, rainfall collection, and other water features.

This product has got to be on your list if you are searching for a top-quality solar powered fountain pump. It has various applications like hydroponics, aquaculture, ponds, greenhouses, and others.

A simple plug-and-play mechanism makes this unit super-friendly for beginners who are just setting up their water feature at home. It enables homeowners to have a water pump in seconds instantly. Installation doesn’t require stressful wiring and other hassle assembly processes. It even has an adjustable flow control that’s very easy to operate.

This water pump is submersible, so you don’t have to worry about short circuit issues. It also has an internal brushless magnetic pump that intelligently extends the unit’s lifespan to more than 20,000 hours.

An aluminum frame shelters the solar panel for extra protection. It also comes with a stake so you can conveniently place it in a spot where the sun hits the most. It can even be placed 16 ft away from the pump.

One of the essential features of this specific model is the removable pre-filter. It blocks out unwanted debris in your pond or fountain and is even safe for fish and other aquatic animals. It also has a built-in dry-run protection system.

Since it comes with a pre-filter, the water pump needs to be cleaned now and then. The frequency of cleaning may be viewed negatively, but I believe that this protects the unit in the long run. It also keeps the filter free from any clogged fragments that may unknowingly cause the unit to stop working.

This remains to be one of my favorites when we’re dealing with the best solar water pump for larger areas and medium-sized ponds.

8. Ankway Solar Water Pump

  • Versatile FCC certified solar panels
  • The solar panels are framed with a glass stretching technology
  • Has five different nozzle designs for a variety of water styles
  • Energy-saving and won’t hurt your electrical bills.
  • Quick installation and hassle-free maintenance
  • The solar panels can stop working in overcast conditions.

Versatile solar panels will make your lawns or gardens be fully equipped with solar panels without the hassle of huge and eye-catching panels. This unit from Ankway gives you a well-design solar panel that just blends so easily with the other garden decorations.

Don’t get apprehended with the solar panels’ size because these are FCC certified to give you the most reliable energy for your pumps. These are waterproof and even come with a protective frame so it can survive different weather conditions. It has a glass stretching technology and can last up to 30,000 hours.

The fact that this water pump is solar bionic makes it animal and pet friendly. You won’t be bothered with your koi being disturbed in your pond or your birds being electrocuted. This product is entirely safe around living animals.

Because this completely relies on solar power, you won’t be worried about the pump’s continuous use. This kit won’t charge your bill, unlike the fossil-fueled water pumps. Your savings will be left undisturbed with this investment.

Nozzles also come in 5 different designs for your water style of choice. Fountains will never be boring, and birds will enjoy sipping water in your birdbaths.

Another thing that makes this kit very convenient for home use is how it can be readily installed in a matter of seconds. The warmth of the sun hitting the solar panels will immediately make the water pump work.

Maintenance is no-sweat at all. Cleaning it regularly won’t take too much of your time, and dismantling the entire setup does not require specialized skills. You just need to note that since the pump exclusively relies on solar panels, these panels will need to be exposed to the sun in the most suitable way possible.

Shadows and other weather disturbances will disrupt and sometimes halt the water pump activity. But the right tactics in solar panel placement will get your pumps in action right away. With all the features stuffed in a powerful solar panel and water pump, there is no doubt that this is an excellent buy for your garden.

9. Lewisia Solar Fountain Pump

  • A large solar panel for greater power and water circulation capabilities
  • Framed solar panel that can be set up in 2 different ways
  • Comes with five unique nozzles for varying water styles
  • The kit provides a long cord for the solar panel to access direct sunlight.
  • Washable and detachable water pump
  • Needs regular cleaning and maintenance

The large solar panel will give you the security to give your water pumps more power and lesser water disruptions throughout the day. That’s just what the Lewisia 5W solar fountain pump is all about. It takes pride in having a larger panel that absorbs more excellent sunlight than other pump kits in the market.

What makes their solar panel stand out is the metal bracket that frames it. It adds durability and protection against harsh environments. Aside from that, it can also be set up in 2 ways. It could be left on the ground or mounted on the wall for more security. It is all up to you and your sunlight conditions for optimal solar power production.

The polycrystalline silicon used in the solar panels is also worth mentioning as this has a reliable sunlight-absorbing capacity. Efficiency in having readily used energy will not be a bother with this kit.

I also like how the kit comes with a long cord. This cord enables users to station their solar panels at the top-tier spots in their homes. The 3m cable gives the panels great chances of absorbing direct sunlight.

Fountains and birdbaths will have five different spray designs as the kit comes with five unique nozzles. These nozzles are easy to detach and will quickly give a water design that fits your mood.

Water pumps easily break if you don’t have a regular cleaning sessions. The detachable and washable water pumps make them very easy to maintain and rinse. It also includes a filter bag to get rid of unwanted remains. Debris won’t stick for a long time if these cleaning sessions are sustained.

The regular maintenance of the water pump is sometimes viewed as bad, but this will take care of the unit and make it last a long time. It can keep the pump working in great shape after working continuously on fountains and ponds. The unit’s overall water-pumping performance and solar power production are worth its price (and even more), making it a highly valuable asset in your garden.

10. ECO-WORTHY Submersible Pump

  • High-standard irrigation properties
  • Can be used for other water features that would need a water pump
  • Is designed with a low-noise motor
  • Comes with an LCD controller for real-time update
  • Easy to install and use
  • Does not come with a battery

Easily save up money with this high-performance water pump that relies solely on solar power. The right solar powered water pump for irrigation is genuinely within reach with the Eco-worthy 120W Well Submersible Pump Kit.

This product takes pride in having a water flow rate of 6 LPM that significantly increases the pump’s irrigation capabilities. It also has a maximum lift of 70m and can be fully submerged in 30m. That will surely solve all your woes on weak water pumps.

The usability of this water pump is endless. Aside from irrigation, this can be used for deep wells, breeding, ponds, farms, and other outdoor water pump applications.

What makes a great water pump is the reliability of the materials used in constructing it. The good thing about the Eco-worthy pump kit is that it is primarily made of stainless steel. It also has a full copper motor that will serve you a long time.

The solar panel is also framed with heavy-duty aluminum for protection. The solar panel also utilizes the monocrystalline type for maximum solar power production.

Don’t be intimidated by all the high-end features of this water pump. It is straightforward to use. The pump can be connected directly to the solar panel and let it work wonders right away. There is no need to connect it to the charge controller for it to function well.

Aren’t short wires one of the common problems of commercially sold water pumps? You don’t have to worry about that because the kit has a 3m wire that lets you set up long-distance water demand.

It also boasts about having a low-noise motor. So no matter how close you are to the water pump, you won’t even know it’s working at its most suitable, and you’ll be left undisturbed.

An LCD controller is also included so that you will be updated in real-time. It has most of the controllers for your water pump and gives you valuable information on its battery voltage and charging state.

With the power and the features of this water pump, I believe it would work top-rated if the battery already comes with the package. It would be a hassle to buy it separately. Nonetheless, the setup works well and is excellent for a wide variety of water work usage.

COSSCCI Solar Water Pump (Outdated)

  • Stand out as a cost-efficient and environment-friendly product
  • Solid unit that comes with four different nozzles
  • The water height can maximally reach 70 cm
  • Easy to install for your desired application
  • Has a brushless motor for a longer unit lifespan
  • The solar panel does not come with a stand nor a mount.

Isn’t having an independent water pump an excellent idea for your fountain? If you are considering having a fountain that just automatically turns on and off, that doesn’t further add to your current electrical demands. The Cosscci solar water fountain pump will be an excellent investment for your needs.

I like how this does not consume electrical power, which is already a burden in your bill. This pump relies on the bright light from the sun that comes in daily. Utilizing it effectively would cut unnecessary costs for your garden. You don’t contribute to global pollution, either!

This solid water pump isn’t an eyesore at all. The design can easily be concealed, and the device itself will not attract guests. But it will turn their eyes on the dancing water show that adds serenity and peace in your garden. It even comes with four different nozzles so those water dances won’t be uninteresting in the long run.

As this completely depends on the sun, the water’s height that it can produce relies on how much solar power is produced on the device. It can give you an appealing mini water show of up to 70 cm if its panel directly receives sunlight. That will be the perfect height for your lawn fountains or your bird baths at home.

Newbies in water fountains or ponds won’t need extra professional training just to set this unit up. This is among the most straightforward solar power water fountain pumps to install at home. Assembly won’t take long, and in as little as 3 seconds, your water pump will be working right away. Just an exposure of the solar panels with adequate light, and you are good to go.

The integrated brushless motor also keeps the water pump in shape for a long time. This quickly becomes a wise investment, and it also keeps energy consumption at bay.

One of the things that might upset you upon purchase is how the solar panel does not have a mount or stand. It would have been useful for better sunlight exposure and easier solar panel installation. But the actual water pump performance isn’t affected by such an issue. The solar panels can still be placed in the top-rated position you prefer it to, and the water pump works excellently.

COSSCCI Solar Water Pump (Outdated)

  • It is an environment-friendly product
  • Compact design with four different kinds of spray heads
  • Maximum water height of 70 cm if the panels are exposed greatly
  • Long cord of up to 9.5 ft
  • Brushless motor for a longer lifespan and lesser energy consumption
  • Too powerful for small birdbaths

Wouldn’t it be great to have a water pump that runs automatically with no extra power needed? The Cosscci 1.8 W Solar Fountain Water Pump will be perfect for your birdbath, fountain, small pond, fish tank, or personal home garden.

In my view, these are environment friendly because they rely entirely on the sun for power. Exposing the panels directly on the sun gives your pump enough energy to run through the day. You get to see your pond working well without leaving much carbon footprint.

This water pump is compact and will not catch your guests’ eyes, but it will instead entice them with the beauty of the water that it pumps through. It has four different spray heads so that you won’t have a boring fountain at home.

As this entirely depends on the sun, the water’s height coming out would depend on how much solar power is made on the device. It can give you an appealing mini water show of up to 70 cm if its panel receives direct sunlight.

Another thing you will love about this solar water pump is how the cord is maximally built for your convenience. The cord length included in the kit is about 9.5 ft giving you the liberty to place the panel in an area with where the sun hits the most. Gone are the days you’d have to modify the setup or buy another extension wire.

Beginners won’t fret on how to use this solar-powered water pump. It is effortless to use that in as little as 3 seconds. It can function immediately. Once the panels are exposed to adequate sunlight, it works in an instant.

Savings is among the top-tier things about this water pump. The brushless motor integrated into the water pump provides customers with less energy consumption. That motor also has a longer service lifespan of the device. The solar fountain for the bird bath itself has an approximate lifespan of 20,000 hours.

The solar fountain pump may be too powerful for a typical birdbath, but you can always have a larger bowl or basin for your birds. Nonetheless, this water pump is excellent for its wide array of applications. This product can be used on ponds, patios, small pools, fountains, and others.

What Is A Solar Water Pump And Who Is This For


A solar water pump is a system that pumps out water, sourcing out energy from solar panels. These solar panels are typically powered by sunlight to produce power. They have photovoltaic cells (PV cells) that absorb sunlight and then convert the solar energy produced to a type that can be directly used by water pumps. The converted energy is usually in the form of direct current. It is further altered into an alternating current, and that is typically used by the water pumps to circulate water.

These water pumps have a variety of applications. Those who love modifying their lawns and gardens can make use of the efficiency of these pumps. They bring out a natural feel and vibe to your homes through various water features installed. For home use, these can be placed in:

  • Ponds
  • Garden fountains
  • Birdbaths
  • Fish tanks
  • Pools
  • Other garden water features

Other solar-powered water pumps can provide a broader scope of water circulation. Anything that needs water movement can make use of this cost-efficient tool. They can be used in:

  • Agriculture
  • Hydroponics
  • Rainwater collection
  • Breeding
  • Streams
  • Waterfalls

How Does It Work

The system works harmoniously by having the solar panel placed strategically and the water pump placed on your desired location. With the efficiency of these two in action, ponds, fountains, and birdbaths, among others, can continuously function.

The solar panels absorb sunlight and do the necessary conversion so that the water pump will have the adequate energy that can be used to propel water. The panels absorb light through the photovoltaic cells and then pass it onto the electric motor.

The electric motor will then convert the solar energy to direct current, or further into an alternating one. Each electric motor will vary, but either way, the final output will then be delivered for the water pump for use.

Water pumps are, in a way, connected to the solar panel. The energy it receives is the one that it uses for the water pumping activity. It then works by pumping out water from where it is located. It usually draws water from fish tanks, pools, ponds, and fountains, among others. These water features need water circulation at all times. The water pumps will efficiently provide them with the necessary oxygenation and water movement that it needs.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Water Pumps


Solar water pumps are easy to use. With that, there have been quite a few different types of water pumps that come with a set of solar panels for convenience and cost-cutting. Each type will have its advantages and disadvantages, and it depends on how the water pump will be used. There are two general classifications as to their types.

The location of the pump can be the first classification. There are two types under this classification: surface water pumps and submersible water pumps.

  • Surface Water Pumps

This kind of water pump remains externally, out in the open, and can be readily seen. They are suitable where the depth is approximately 10m. Most birdbaths, fountains, and shallow waterworks use these surface water pumps.

These are easy to install since you need not enter the waters. Maintenance and cleaning are also hassle-free as these water pumps are easy to take away.

These, however, are not suitable for deep water features. They cannot circulate water powerfully and hence will not circulate water efficiently.

  • Submersible Water Pumps

Another type of solar-powered water pump under this classification is the submersible one. As the name implies, these water pumps work top-rated down the water source like ponds, pools, rainwater collection systems, etc.

Most pond owners prefer this kind because they stay hidden and cause an eyesore to their visitors. There is also no need to have other garden modifications to conceal the water pump.

These submersible ones also have the downside of not being able to be installed instantaneously. You need to wade underwater to place it properly. Maintenance also entails users taking them out of the water again.

The type of electricity that the pump uses is also another classification of these solar water pumps.

  • DC Water Pumps

Direct Current water pumps are standard as they do not need any battery or inverter. Solar panels produce solar energy. Most electric motors work with them to convert them into a direct current one for the water pump to use.

  • AC Water Pumps

Alternating Current water pumps need an inverter as some electric motors don’t convert the direct current electricity into an alternating one. There is a loss of power when you convert DC into AC from generation to usage. Some of these AC water pumps also come with a battery backup in the package.

The type of solar powered water pump will mainly depend on what kind of water work it will be used on. Fountains, ponds, fish tanks, and other standard home garden water features generally work with any of the mentioned types.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Solar Water Pumps

Solar-powered water pumps have increasingly gained popularity. They have been popularly used in homes, remote areas, agriculture, and other water features that require a water pumping activity.

As these have become widely widespread in homes, these advantages mainly focus on how these water pumps benefit homeowners.

  • Easy to install

The commercially sold solar water pumps usually come in kits. These kits are easy to install as the components that are needed are complete. They also come with instructions on how to set up. These are very friendly for those who just started in having ponds and fountains in their homes.

Maintenance and cleaning is also not an issue in these pumps. They can be taken quickly, and most of the pumps are detachable and washable. It won’t bother homeowners on the daily as most require maintenance every two weeks or so.

  • Eco-friendly

Since these are powered with solar energy, these do not contribute to the current environmental pollution. You leave a lesser carbon footprint and don’t consume fossil fuels like the traditional water pumps.

The solar panel takes energy from the sun, which shines every day. You get free energy that renews quickly and won’t even emit harmful gases and chemicals while providing quality energy on the water pumps.

  • Cuts costs in the long run

This investment will cut your costs in the long run. These water pumps do not require electrical connections. It won’t consume electricity from your home and will not waste additional electrical consumption on your bills.

  • Long operating life

Solar panels last long, and most have operating hours of about 20,000 or more. With everyday use, a homeowner could still have beautiful waterworks in their garden for months or years.

  • Multiple applications

These water pumps have multiple usages. They don’t only work on birdbaths, ponds, fountains, and fish tanks. They also work well with hydroponics, agriculture, land irrigation, and many others.

The disadvantages of these solar-powered water pumps can also get the most suitable of you. Most of these setbacks are:

  • They don’t work without the sun

Since the sole source of energy in these water pumps are the sun, any disruption in sunlight absorption will weaken the water pumping activity. Some of the solar panels are even so sensitive that clouds, human shadows, and other things that block the sun generally stop the water pumps. This is the principal disadvantage of having to rely on the availability of the sun.

  • Limited energy source

Weather conditions that disrupt solar power generation will impede the water pumps. If there is no battery backup, there is no way of making these pumps work again. This can be a minor setback if the solar water pumps come with batteries, so unused solar energy can be used in cloudy days, in bad weather conditions, or at nighttime.

How We Picked And Tested


Due to its popularity, many companies have produced their solar water pumps. And although they are new, some are reliable as they were tested and used. The internet can be a source of various solar powered fountain pump reviews that can help or distort your image of a particular solar water pump.

These items were chosen with their manufacturer’s reputable name. The users’ experiences based on reviews were also taken into consideration, as of this writing. Some of the notable water pumps’ unique features were included to give readers a variety, and a more comprehensive selection of water pumps to suit their every need.

Type of Solar Panel

The reviews have provided different solar panels to suit your location and on what you will use it for. Some manufacturers have mentioned if they have used a monocrystalline or a polycrystalline one.

Monocrystalline solar panels are known to be efficient, compact, and more stylish. The polycrystalline ones are more affordable than the previously mentioned ones.

Some of them are also framed for added protection against harsh weather conditions. Aside from that, the reviewed solar panels can also be placed against the wall, mounted on roofs, or just nearby the water pump in the garden.

Nozzles or Spray Heads

Spray heads are the ones that spurt out the water and give the water feature a unique water style when the water pumps. Most of the reviewed solar panels come in interchangeable nozzles. This will cater to customers who prefer a change in water styles, usually for birdbaths and garden fountains. The solar water pumps have 4, 5, and sometimes six nozzles that come with the unit. Unique ones even have a single nozzle, but can be changed instantly with a few turns on the pump itself.

This unique feature will attract more customers, primarily if the solar water pump is used for decorative gardens. The water style brings a cozy and tranquil ambiance where the fountain of the water feature is.


The commonly reviewed solar water pumps don’t have batteries included in the package. However, they work instantaneously, as long as the panel gets sufficient sunlight.

Most homeowners are concerned with the limited energy capacity of the commercially available water pumps. Some of the products that were tested have batteries for backup. These batteries often operate for about 2 hours, but it depends on the battery’s capacity itself.


Investing in a solar-powered device can be costly. If you have a large pond or intend to use the water pump to a larger area, you may need a pump that may cater to a larger water volume. This can be priced differently with the usual smaller ones.

Other factors that bring the price range to another level is the number and quality of the solar panel present. The more solar panel that kit has, it usually will cost more because it naturally provides more power to your water pumps. Rest assured that all the reviewed products are great investments. They don’t cost as much as the traditionally powered ones and will save you bucks with continual use.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long do solar water pumps last?

Solar water pumps for home applications can last at least two decades.

However, it is worth noting that the longevity of the solar well pump depends on the operational lifespan of its components.

Solar water pumps have three or four principal parts, which might change depending on whether the water pump runs on DC or AC electricity. Even a small solar water pump needs a solar panel and a controller. These components have varying lifespans.

Solar panels can last 25 to 40 years, depending on whether they are monocrystalline or polycrystalline units. Generally, the latter are more likely to survive at most 35 years.

Water pumps have an average lifespan of eight to fifteen years. However, they can last two to three decades with proper care. Meanwhile, controllers might only last ten years.

You also need an inverter for a solar battery water pump if the latter runs on AC electricity. Inverters are necessary for converting DC power to AC power and can last 10 to 15 years.

And if you include a battery as a backup, you should consider its lifespan as well. Sealed lead-acid batteries can deliver a charge for three to twelve years, while lithium-iron-phosphate units can last a decade.

Can we use a solar power pump at night?

Yes, a solar pump for fountain applications can work at night, provided it has a backup battery system.

The pump for ponds will have solar panels for collecting sunlight during the day. It converts the energy into DC electricity and stores it in batteries. At night, the water pump for garden applications draws its power from these units.

How much do solar pumps cost?

A solar pump for deep well structures (between 300 and 1100 feet deep) can cost $3,500 to $10,500, including labor. Shallower wells not exceeding 300 feet are more affordable, only costing homeowners $1,600 to $3,000.

You might want to check the solar water pump price list on Amazon and other leading e-commerce platforms. Some products do not cost more than $100. The Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, might even offer more affordable options.

 How can I recycle my solar-powered pump?

A solar-powered water pump has some components you can recycle or repurpose.

You can use the DC or AC motor of a small solar fountain pump for DIY projects. For example, you can create a mini pump for a fish tank or use it in your garden for irrigation. Some folks have also experimented with wind-powered water pumps using an old DC motor.

As for the old solar panels, you could upcycle them. You can turn solar panels into portable units for camping adventures, install them on a vehicle, or build fences with them. Some homeowners repurpose old solar panels into a chicken coop or greenhouse warmers, furniture designs, and wall insulation.

Some homeowners prefer selling used solar-powered pumps on Craigslist, eBay, and other e-commerce platforms.

On the whole, seasoned DIYers will always find something to do with these second-hand objects. Donating these products to other people is always a good idea. Otherwise, you can ask a local solar system recycler to accommodate your used solar water pump.

What are the most trusted solar water pump brands?

Since many companies have joined the solar panel craze in most of their products, there are a lot of brands that will offer you a wide selection of their solar water pumps. They even come in different names, such as solar fountain pumps or solar pond pumps, but both can be used for many purposes. Some also offer a solar fountain pump with battery storage. This is mostly dedicated to consumers with minimal sunlight in their area. The reputable brands that can be trusted in the name of solar-powered water pumps are:

  • Cosscci
  • Sunlitec
  • Eco-worthy
  • Solatec
  • Aisitin
  • Okmee
  • Solariver
  • Ankway
  • Lewisia

What is the most efficient solar water pump?

The efficiency of a solar water pump will greatly bank on how efficient the individual components are. Once they harmoniously work together, you get a very efficient water pump ready for a pond, birdbath, or fountain.

  • The Solar Panel

Since the energy of the water pump is taken from the energy made by the solar panels, efficiency will depend on the panels to absorb and efficiently provide the water pump with direct current. The more solar panels you have, the more power it can provide. But that also does not equate to efficiency.

Each solar panel can be maximally efficient with a monocrystalline silicon material. The solar panel location hits the sun maximally. The amount of sunlight is the primary way to provide energy, so it will be the most likely factor to bring out the most efficient power to your water pump.

Wiring can also be a factor that can lead to an increase in decreased efficiency. As some brands promote the solar panels to be more exposed to sunlight, units with longer cords provide consumers with better sunlight absorption and more excellent solar power production.

  • The water pump motor

The motor is the actual engine of the water pump. The less energy it requires to circulate the water, the more efficient the outcome will be. “Positive displacement” water pumps are known to be notoriously efficient. They produce a fixed amount of water as it pumps in every single rotation.

  • A backup battery

The availability of the sun is limited by the day, especially during cloudy days. If you want the water feature to work at night, it may not pump at all since the energy source is not there. Battery packs are an efficient way of storing energy reserved for night time and emergency use. They are also efficient in providing power, especially for those solar panels sensitive to shadow casts.

How to use & install?

Either solar powered fountain pumps or solar pond pumps are easy to use. Connections don’t need highly-trained skills and will get your ponds or fountains ready in no time. Modern solar panels and water pumps work together for an easy installation process. And most of the kits available come with manuals and instructions on how to install them. It is better to follow their instructions and be specific with their steps on how to install these water pumps correctly. These will just act as a guide on operating your water pumps right away with ease:

  • Prepare the area for which the solar panel and the water pump will be placed. Ensure that the area is big enough for the unit to be unboxed. All the components and materials can readily be seen.
  • Prepare the other things that you need for the installation. It is better to have your pond ready, your bird-baths cleaned, and your fountains all set awaiting the solar water pump installation.
  • Prepare the place for which the solar panel will be placed. Ensure that this will provide maximal sunlight and heat to produce solar power throughout the day. Consider the shadows that may pass through like the neighbour’s roof or the trees, and make sure that won’t get in the way of your solar panel. In short, place the solar panel in the place that receives the most direct sunlight.
  • Make the necessary connections between the water pump and the solar panel. Most of them work instantaneously as long as the panels are exposed to sufficient sunlight.
  • Enjoy the wonders of solar water pumps in your own home. Most of them automatically stop when taken out of the water, and just turn on when placed or submerged underwater. It is that simple!

How to care & clean?

These efficient water pumps are not challenging to maintain. But they usually need checkups now and then to ensure that they are still working very fine.

  • Check on the solar panel. With a clean cloth, wipe the panels and ensure no dust accumulates and overshadows its photovoltaic cells. Do not use harsh liquids or products that may damage the solar panel. Secure the panel and if it has a housing or frame, clean it as well. Place the solar panel back in its position when you’re done cleaning it.
  • Wash the water pump and check out the debris that may gather in tiny spaces inside. Dust and dirt are also common causes of malfunction so make sure that the pump can work efficiently without these. Acids are not recommended for cleaning these water pumps.
  • If not in use, disassemble the unit properly. Store it in a clean and dry place, and avoid getting the solar panels dropped.
  • Clean regularly. Most kits state how often these water pumps should be cleaned. But if not stated, it is most suitable to check them once in 2 weeks or weekly if the usage is more frequent. Clean your garden as well. Ensure that there are no dry leaves or dead insects around your ponds or fountains, as they can be circulated with the water pump.

Where to buy?

There are already a lot of manufacturers and companies that offer different kinds of solar water pumps. These are not hard to find anymore and be locally sourced from your nearby Lowe’s or Home Depot. If the desired solar water pump cannot be found in these shopping centers, Amazon has many options that can cater to your needs. Most brands showcase their solar water pumps there for easier access and buying.


The relaxation and peace that water fountains, ponds, and birdbaths bring are exceptional. The background noise of the water passing through gives you a sense of calmness that cannot be matched with any other garden feature.

Having the best solar water pump can bring out the top-tier in these fountains or ponds. They are environmentally friendly and will not hurt your pockets. The ease of use and installation makes them popular. You can enjoy having a feast in the eyes with each dancing water, and as they are solar-powered, you can enjoy them daily. Getting one is undoubtedly an investment worth taking for your water feature at home.

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