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How Much Power Does a 5kW Solar System Produce? (Peak & Overall Daily Output)

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

how much power does a 5kw solar system-produce

Everyone wants to be eco-friendly. One of the ways we can do this is by using alternative energy like solar power.

But we need to do proper research first to know what we are getting. Most people use a 5kW solar system to run their house, but not everyone has the same house. So, how much power does a 5kW solar system produce? Well, that depends on whether you are asking for its peak output or its daily output.

In general, a 5kW solar system will produce around 10kwh to 30kwh per day. For more specific information, continue reading.


5kw Solar System Really Produce: Peak Output & Overall Daily Output?

When people try to install a solar system for their home, one of the biggest mistakes they make is that they think it can produce its intended power throughout the day.

But unfortunately, it will not be able to reach that here in the real world. Even if you have a 5000 watt solar panel, that power was only achievable in a lab setting where the perfect condition was simulated.

There can be a lot of factors that can affect the peak output of your systems, like cloudy days, shade, dirty solar panels, the time of the day (sunlight is weak in the early morning and late afternoon), seasons (the sun can be at different angles in different seasons), and even temperature (heat can reduce a solar panel’s efficiency).

Another factor you have to take into consideration is your inverter. There will always be efficiency loss when you convert the DC power from your solar system into AC. However, some inverters can have an efficiency rating of 97%, so if you use a 5kW solar system and have the perfect condition, you can produce up to 4.85 kWh.

Now you might be thinking, “Is it even worth it to get a solar system for my home if there are a lot of factors that will affect its energy production?” Lucky for you, solar power peak output is not necessarily that important. Instead, its key function is to tell you the potential of your solar system.

What we want to know is how much can a 5kw solar system produce per day. So, on an average day, a 5kWh solar system would be able to produce at least 20kWh per day. However, if it is in the summer, it may reach 30 kWh per day, and in the winter, at least 10 kWh per day.

Another way of knowing is searching for the average solar radiation of the place you are living. So, for example, if you live in a place with an average solar radiation of 5.84 kWh, you can multiply it to your solar systems overall solar production, which in our case is 5kwH, and you will get 29.2 kWh power per day (assuming, of course, that it is a perfectly sunny day).

Since we can’t avoid varying conditions every day, we suggest getting a solar power system that has a greater size than what you initially planned. So if we want to have 5kwH energy production for the most part of an entire day, install a 6kWh solar system instead.

Another benefit of having an oversize system is that we can store the excess power to a battery generator to have backup energy if there is low sunlight or power cut during the night.

Will A 5000 Watt Solar System Be Enough For Your House?


Well, that will definitely depend on how much energy you consume during a typical day. To do that, you must calculate how many watts your electrical appliances are and multiply it by the hours of use.

If you think the solar system cannot supply power for all of your appliances, you can still choose what appliances you want to be solar-powered by connecting your system to the circuit of choice in your panel board.

Here are some devices you can power with a 5kW solar system kit:

Should Your Solar System Be Grid-Connected Or Off-Grid?


It will all have to depend on how you want to use your solar system. For example, if you want to lessen your energy consumption, a grid-connected system would be perfect for you. These types of systems are what is very popular for most people.

We will use your solar system to supply power during the day, and at night, you will go back to your grid (assuming that you do not have any battery generators with you).

If you want your electricity to be completely solar-powered, then you should opt for an off-grid system. This will require a battery generator so you can store energy for when it’s nighttime or on days that are low sunlight. It is also best to pair the solar device with a wind turbine system so you have another energy source.

Also, read this article to know how many solar panels you need to run a house off-grid.


If you want to join the eco-friendly trend, installing a solar-powered system for your home would be a great decision. You are not only helping mother earth but are also saving money from your electrical bill.

But you need to do some research first. For this article, we wanted to tell you how much power does a 5kw solar system produce since it is what most people have. Regardless, the things you have read today can guide you when you install a solar system for your home, so be sure to remember them.

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