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How to Make Replacement Stakes for Solar Lights in Only Five Steps?

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

how to make replacement stakes for solar lights

Are you worried your solar lights stakes can no longer hold your lighting fixture that they already require replacing? Reinforcing or giving your solar garden lights a more stable platform to stand on is easy if you know how to make replacement stakes for solar lights.

Making stakes for your solar lights is a task even a Boy Scout can perform splendidly. All you need are the correct tools and a basic understanding of solar light mounts, and you can have your solar garden lights standing for life.


Things You Will Need For This Tutorial


There are a few things you need to have to follow this tutorial. Let us go through each one.

Understanding of the Role of Solar Mounts

Solar garden lights come in different designs. These fixtures are perfect for the steps, landscape, paths, ponds, pools, hardscape, and other outdoor parts of a home.

Some solar lights have a wide base secured to the ground or concrete, while others mount to a tall steel pole. Still, there are solar landscape lights that look like torches sticking out from the ground.

Whatever the design, the solar lighting fixture requires a mount for stability, protection, and security.

Solar lights stakes elevate the lighting fixture above ground, protecting it against moisture and dirt. Raising the solar light also allows it to illuminate more of your garden or lawn. It should be a breathtaking sight, not to mention safe for anyone who walks in the area.

The structure also gives the solar light a framework for adding aesthetics to the landscape. For example, different stakes lengths provide various solar light heights. You can create a more fabulous garden by raising the solar lights near the bushes and keeping them low on the grass.

Unfortunately, most of the stakes we have on our solar lights are cheap plastic. While it should be durable, some plastics tend to crack because of constant exposure to sunlight.

We also have accidents putting a dent in the stakes. Metal stakes pose no concern because they have a more robust construction than plastics. Sadly, if not powder coated, there is a chance of rusting.

Knowledge of Solar Lights Stakes Types

Unless you have access to a plastic mold injection machine, the only stakes you can make to replace your worn or broken solar lights stakes are wood or metal.

Wooden ones are easy to work with, requiring fewer tools to make a replacement than metal solar lights stakes. You might have pieces of wood in your backyard, garage, or workshop you can repurpose into stakes.

Unfortunately, wood does not do well with the elements. Exposure to the sun and moisture can cause wood to lose its integrity.

Metal is a more durable solar light stakes material. You can purchase rebars from a hardware store and have them cut the bars for you if you want tall solar light stakes. They might also taper one end of the bar for you.

If not, working with metal materials can be challenging without the correct tools. So, ensure you have the hardware ready if you want to make metal or steel solar light stakes replacement.

Solar light stakes typically come as a cylinder or a circular stand. However, some folks prefer square replacement stakes for solar lights because the solar lighting fixture’s base slot is also square.

Hand Tools

Wooden solar light stakes require only a handsaw to cut the dowels to your preferred length. You might also need a large jungle knife to taper one end of the wooden stake. A hammer will come in handy during the staking process.

Making metal solar light stakes requires a different set of tools. You will need an angle grinder with a metal-cutting disc to cut the steel to the desired length. A cheaper alternative is a hacksaw.

You might also need a drill and a metal drill bit for creating a hole in the stake for the solar light wires to pass through.

Steps on How to Make Replacement Stakes for Solar Lights


Step 1. Make a suitable replacement.

You have many options for replacing the stakes for your solar lights. If you want something that lasts many decades, I suggest making metal stakes for solar lights. These products should last you a lifetime, especially if you can apply powder coating.

If you want to go economical, you can always make DIY landscape light stakes. Start with 5/8-inch diameter wooden dowels, about nine to ten inches long.

You might want to shave one end of the dowels to facilitate easier insertion into the ground.

Jimbo’s Garage offers an educational video about how you can turn an ordinary steel pipe into a durable replacement stake for your solar landscape light.

Pro Tip: If you need a more permanent solution, I strongly recommend steel or metal stakes.

Step 2. Choose the right location.

Before you start replacing your broken solar lights stakes, it would be advisable to consider relocating your solar garden lights.

While doing so can disrupt your landscape’s design, think of it as maximizing your solar light’s potential. You will want these lighting fixtures in the correct place to ensure maximum sunlight absorption.

It is also essential to consider which part of your property you want to illuminate. If it is your driveway, having the outdoor solar lights positioned closer together can ensure a more dramatic entryway for your vehicle.

You can disregard this step if your solar light’s position is already optimal.

Step 3. Prepare the soil.

Always prepare the soil before you start pushing solar light replacement stakes through the ground to avoid damaging your solar lights.

Water the soil to soften it. Get your hand shovel or garden fork to break up compacted soil and hasten the process. You can also drench the soil before agitating it further with your hand tools.

Step 4. Drive the replacement stake into the ground.

Position the pointed end of the wooden dowel on the ground where you want to place it. Use a hammer to drive the stake about halfway through the soil.

If you do not have a hammer, a large piece of a wooden block will do. You can also try to hit the dowel’s head with a large rock or stone. Driving the stake to the ground should never be difficult if you prepared the soil beforehand.

Ensure the stake is perpendicular to the ground surface, forming a right angle on all sides. You will not want your solar garden light tilting or slanting to one side.

Step 5. Relocate the solar lighting fixture and remove the old stake.

Carefully pull out the old stake, including the solar garden light fixture. Remove the solar light assembly and insert the improvised stake’s top through the fixture’s hole.

You can discard the broken or old solar lights stakes in the garbage bin.

Pro Tip: Try making solar lights stakes with different lengths to make for a fascinating design on your lawn or garden.


Repairing your broken solar light stand is easy if you know how to make replacement stakes for solar lights. While wooden dowels are excellent options, a more durable choice is metal. You can purchase these stakes from your favorite online shop or make some yourself.

Do you think your friends and acquaintances will also find this tutorial invaluable? You might want to share this article with them if you believe they have the same problem as your solar light. I will also appreciate any comments, feedback, or questions you may have.

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