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The Best Solar Heat Lamps for Goats, Chickens And More

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

best solar heat lamps

Raising chickens, pigs, reptiles, goats, and other livestock is a cinch if one has the best solar heat lamps to ensure a warm environment for optimal growth. These lighting fixtures are not only excellent for heating living spaces. They can also promote optimum plant development and save you money.

Picking the correct heat light is a straightforward process, as long as one knows what to look for. In this review and buying guide, we focused more on three crucial parameters.

  • Ability to Generate Heat: A light bulb’s heat-generating capabilities depend on its power. The higher the wattage rating, the greater its heat production. For example, a 60-watt incandescent bulb will always produce more heat than a 30-watt fixture.
  • Battery Capacity: Solar lights do not draw power from photovoltaic cells. Instead, they get it from rechargeable batteries. The larger the dry cell capacity (expressed in mAh), the longer the light bulb operates. This can also translate to more heat generation. For instance, a 2200mAh battery will run the lighting fixture longer than a 1200mAh dry cell.
  • Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline photovoltaic cells are the gold standard of solar panels, ensuring a higher conversion rate with each sun exposure. Polycrystalline panels, which are durable and efficient options, come next. Thin-film solar panels are excellent for their flexibility. Unfortunately, they are the least efficient among the three solar panel types.

Other factors can play a role in one’s buying decision. One can check other parameters to look for in our comprehensive product reviews and consumer guide.

Top 1 Top 2 Top 3
Preview KK.BOL ‎S-1200

Bemexred Solar Light

Afoskce ‎AFO-0004

Material ABS ABS, Glass, Stainless Steel Plastic
Brightness 130 LM 500 LM 130 LM
Color Temp 6000-6500K 6000K 5500-6500K
Runtime 5 hours up to 18 hours 2-3 hours
Waterproof No IP65 No
Details Details Details


Top 11 Solar Heat Lamp Reviews

1. KK.BOL S-1200 Portable Solar LED Light Bulb

  • Portable design for optimum versatility
  • Warm and bright LED fixture for multiple uses
  • Powerful solar panel for efficient charging & excellent savings
  • USB port for maximum charging convenience
  • Can charge using power banks & computers
  • Short runtime (up to 5 hours)
  • Short cable (11.5 ft)

Most solar heat lamps take time to remove. The KK.BOL S-1200 changes that with its ultra-portable design. This heat light is perfect for the home, greenhouse, campsite, barn, farm, and other places one wants to illuminate and heat.

It’s one of the LED lights that come with a hanging hook for poles, tree branches, lines, and other similar structures. One can hang the metal hook inside a tent, ensuring a warmer and cozier sleep when camping.

The fixture produces 130 lumens, and its luminance is equivalent to a 15-watt incandescent bulb. It radiates enough heat to keep a small space warm for maximum comfort. One can also place this in a poultry farm, making it a cost-effective solar heat lamp for chicken coop. It works with piggeries and reptile farms, too.

What blew me away is its dual charging capability. It does not rely solely on solar power. The fixture comes with a USB port to charge its 800mAh lithium-ion battery. One can charge it using a power bank, a 5-8 volt USB cable charger, or a computer.

The 5-volt solar panels are also efficient in converting solar energy, ensuring one can use the heat lamp almost instantly. It also translates to lower power consumption and electricity bills.

Unfortunately, I find the battery’s 800mAh capacity mediocre, lasting only four to five hours of continuous operation. I also consider the 11.5-foot cable too short if one needs to install this heat lamp permanently.

Nevertheless, its dual charging capability still makes this heat light an excellent buy.

2. Bemexred Solar Lights

  • Bright & energy-efficient, perfect for many settings
  • Higher conversion rate than other products
  • Exceptional weatherproofing for outdoor use
  • Comes with a wireless controller for brightness adjustment and a timer
  • Powerful, high-capacity battery for extended runtime
  • Replacement & refund available
  • Confusing remote control usage instructions

The Bemexred is a modern heat light perfect for any home, farm, barn, or greenhouse. It offers an energy-efficient solar panel and a bright LED lighting fixture to warm a small space. It makes for a terrific shed light.

I admire its high-capacity 4400mAh lithium-ion battery, running at 3.7 volts. What amazed me the most is that the battery compartment has two dry cells, each with 2200 mAh. One can run this heat lamp nonstop for 18 hours, making it an excellent choice for people who need reliable solar heating for chicken coop and other applications.

The battery capacity and the light’s runtime reflect the solar panels’ conversion efficiency. About eight hours are all it takes to recharge the system, and one can already operate the heat lamp for three-quarters of the day.

I also appreciate its IP65 rating, giving me peace of mind when I install it outdoors. Controlling the light’s brightness and runtime is also convenient with the accompanying remote controller.

Bemexred also offers consumers a replacement or refund for defective products. Users can take advantage of this policy up to 12 months from purchase.

I would have given this five stars if not for the confusing instructions in its remote controller manual. It is what one can expect from a Chinese brand. Once one gets through the initial stages of use, operating the device should be a cinch.

If one can forgive the unclear instructions, Bemexred solar lamps are worth the money.

3. Afoskce Solar Light Bulb

  • Efficient solar panel for faster charging
  • Portable design for improved versatility
  • High lux rating & warm color temperature for better illumination and heating
  • Dual charging capability for convenience
  • Excellent value (2 bulbs for the price of one)
  • Short runtime (three hours)
  • Only the solar panel is waterproof

People looking for an easy-to-install solar powered chicken coop heat lamp will want to consider the Afoskce Solar Light Bulb. It has a lux rating equivalent to a 15-watt incandescent bulb and a warm 5500K to 6500K color temperature.

For people who do not have chickens or any other farm animals, this product is a nice choice, too. One can use it on camping trips, fishing expeditions, backpacking, and other outdoor adventures. The photovoltaic panel is lightweight and efficient in gathering sunlight to charge its 850mAh lithium-ion battery.

There is also no need to fret if the weather does not cooperate. The lighting fixture has a built-in USB port for AC charging. Users can plug it into a 5-volt power bank.

The best part about this solar heat lamp is that buyers get two fixtures for the price of one. It is an exceptional value for a product that can have many applications.

However, I would like to caution potential buyers against placing the lighting fixture unprotected outdoors. Only the PV panel is waterproof, not the light bulbs. Additionally, I find the three-hour battery runtime mediocre. It is great the company decided to include a USB port for recharging the unit.

Despite these drawbacks, this solar heat lamp remains an excellent choice for budget-conscious people. It works as designed, and can have many uses other than a straightforward home lighting fixture.

4. JACKYLED Solar Shed Light

  • More powerful and efficient PV panel for faster charging
  • Higher lux rating than other brands
  • Large-capacity rechargeable battery for extended use
  • IP65 rating for excellent weather protection
  • Versatile for different applications
  • Short cable (9.8 ft)
  • A bit expensive

Most solar systems for heat lamps provide between 0.8 to 1.5 watts. If one wants a more powerful solar panel capable of producing 3.5 watts, the JACKYLED is the one to get. Not only does this product have one of the most efficient polycrystalline panels on the market, it also has one of the highest lux ratings.

Truth be told, I adore this product’s double-lamp arrangement. Where most heat lamps provide 130 lumens (equivalent to a 15-watt incandescent bulb), this heat lamp has double the light intensity at 260 lumens. Since there are two bulbs, one can get 520 lumens, which is equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent light.

This product’s lux rating and solar efficiency complement its 5500mAh battery, which is more than twice the charge of other batteries. It makes this product an excellent choice for a solar powered heat lamp for chicken coop, hatchery, vivarium, or greenhouse. It is portable enough for different outdoor uses.

People do not have to worry about dust or moisture wreaking havoc in the solar system’s sensitive circuitry. It has an IP65 rating, which is better than not having any. One can hang it on the balcony, porch, or carport. Horticulturists, hog raisers, poultry farmers, and herpetologists can use it, too.

Sadly, its cable is merely 9.8 feet long. I also find its price a bit prohibitive.

However, I still recommend this solar lamp because of its reliability, versatility, weather resistance, and powerful space heating and illumination.

5. MLambert YL008-1A Outdoor Solar Lights

  • Waterproof solar heat lamp for better protection against the elements
  • High-capacity rechargeable battery for extended use
  • High lux rating for improved illumination and space heating
  • With timer and brightness adjustment for better control; remote control possible
  • Detachable connector for easy setup
  • Won’t light up around another source of illumination

Herpetologists and reptile enthusiasts will love the MLambert YL008-1A. This pendant solar powered heat lamp for reptiles, young mammals, birds, and plants provides enough warmth to promote growth without incurring extra electrical costs.

I like this solar light’s pair of 2200mAh lithium-ion batteries, allowing the light to operate for as long as 16 hours. It has a lux rating of 300 lumens, equivalent to a 35-watt incandescent bulb. It gives off sufficient warmth to promote optimum reptilian growth and development. One can also use it in chicken coops, hatcheries, greenhouses, and vivariums.

Controlling its brightness is also pain-free because it already includes a remote controller. The interface also has a two and six-hour timer, empowering users to maximize the energy stored in the built-in batteries.

I also appreciate the detachable connector that comes with the product. Mounting this solar lamp indoors and the solar panel outdoors should be effortless.

It is also IP65-rated, giving users the confidence they need about the product’s weatherproofing and durability. One can install this in the outdoor garden, the barn, or the livestock farm, and it will operate without a hitch.

Unfortunately, the light only shines when there’s no other source of illumination. Buyers who want to use this in the daytime should look elsewhere.

Regardless, I still think this solar heat lamp is worth the money. Its weatherproofing and space heating capabilities are sufficient to make up for its flaw.

6. LISOPO LED0023 Solar Chandelier

  • Photovoltaic panel for energy conversion efficiency
  • Dual power source for versatility
  • Remote controller & adjustable brightness levels for convenience
  • Bright & warm light with portable design for different uses
  • Affordable & cost-efficient light bulb for greater savings
  • No timer function
  • Cable’s a little short

Families living in cloudy regions or areas where the sun seldom shines brightly can buy the LISOPO LED0023 Solar Chandelier. Not only is this an appealing lighting fixture, but one can also plug it into an electrical outlet for uninterrupted use.

The best solar heat lamps come with rechargeable batteries, while others offer a USB charging port. This product can connect directly to an AC outlet to ensure uninterrupted illumination and space heating. It makes the perfect solar powered heat lamp for greenhouse applications, barn, poultry farm, vivarium, and many others.

I like its photovoltaic panel, ensuring efficient solar energy conversion into DC electricity. Adjusting the brightness levels is also a cinch with its remote controller, although it does not have a timer function. It would have been nicer if it had.

It is portable enough for different applications, including camping, boating, fishing, and any other outdoor activities. Farmers and horticulturists will also love its brightness and warmth, allowing them to ensure optimum growth of their respective products.

While it can run on electricity, its maintenance-free lead-acid battery can help curb electrical costs, saving the family hundreds of dollars every year.

My only lament is that the cable isn’t longer than ten feet.

Overall, this solar heat light is an excellent choice for those who want a solar system’s cost-efficiency and electric power’s uninterrupted runtimes. It is also more affordable and lovelier than other products I know.

7. FEIFEIER ZSJH0355 Solar Light Bulbs

  • Extended runtime for prolonged space heating
  • Bright and warm light bulbs for enhanced space heating
  • Robust photovoltaic panel for improved energy conversion
  • High-capacity battery for extended use
  • Adjustable light intensity for different applications
  • Remote controller not available
  • Cable should be longer

The FEIFEIER ZSJH0355 is a reliable solar powered heat lamp for goats, pigs, chickens, reptiles, plants, eggs, and other life forms requiring a warm environment to thrive. It makes this product an excellent choice for livestock farmers, indoor growers, reptile hobbyists, and anyone who wants cost-effective space heating.

I love this solar heat lamp’s exceptional battery life that runs for a full 30 hours on the dimmest light setting. Most solar heat lamps merely last 15 to 16 hours, while others are mediocre at four to five hours of runtime. Thanks to its 3600mAh battery, one will never complain about not keeping the space warm enough for pets, domesticated animals, and others.

The LEDs also generate 450 lumens, equivalent to a 50-watt incandescent bulb. It is sufficient to warm any chicken coop, brooding station, hatchery, or nursery. There is also no worrying about electric bills because its solar cells can charge the battery in less than seven hours in direct sunlight.

One can also adjust the lamp’s brightness levels and, hence, its heating capabilities. This attribute is perfect for people who want optimal control of their solar heat light usage and customization of their plants and livestock’s heating requirements.

Unfortunately, I still find its cable too short for comfort. I also wish the company provided a remote controller for adjusting the light intensity.

Nevertheless, this solar heat lamp’s unparalleled runtime and exceptional space heating capabilities make it worth one’s consideration.

8. LOZAYI YL008-1 Pendant Solar Lights

  • IP65-rated for protection against the elements
  • Bright and warm lighting with 2700K color temperature for different applications
  • Efficient solar panels for quick charging
  • Three brightness levels
  • Wireless controller for optimum convenience
  • High-capacity battery for extended runtimes
  • Included cable too short

The LOZAYI YL008-1 is the top-rated solar heat lamp for horticulturists, poultry owners, hog raisers, and ordinary folks who want a warmer living space. It has an attractive design that concentrates its warming capabilities for everyone’s comfort.

I love this pendant solar light’s 2700K color temperature, making it an excellent solar powered chicken coop light with timer. Its remote system not only guarantees three brightness levels, but it also makes turning off the light hassle-free. One can press a button to automatically turn off the two-core Edison-type bulb after two or six hours of heating.

I also appreciate its 640mAh, 5.5-volt highly efficient solar panel. It can recharge the built-in 4400mAh, 3.7-volt lithium-ion battery in seven hours in direct sunlight. The battery can keep the LED lit for up to 16 hours in half brightness or six hours for the entire night. These figures underscore the solar system’s conversion efficiency, allowing users to optimize their space heating.

Lastly, I like its IP65 rating, making me feel more confident about its use outdoors. Snow, rain, wind, dust, and other elements will never bother the system’s sensitive electronics. One can use it for hatching eggs, brooding chicks, raising reptiles, or promoting optimal plant growth.

My only concern is the 16.4-foot cable if one decides to install the solar lamp indoors. It’s a little short for me.

Nevertheless, this is one heat light worth installing in the home, barn, greenhouse, or any other space that requires heating. It can make for a pleasant mood light, too.

9. AIYEGO AYG-311SL Portable Solar Lights

  • Scratch-resistant photovoltaic panel for efficiency
  • High-luminance bulb for better space heating and illumination
  • Dual charging design for convenience
  • IP55 rating for moisture and dust protection
  • Portable design for multiple applications
  • Multiple brightness levels
  • Shorter runtime than other products
  • No remote controller

The AIYEGO AYG-311SL is a portable solar lighting fixture that generates enough heat to warm a small space. It is suitable for warming chicken coops, vivariums, and an indoor grower. Some people also use this product as a solar heat lamp for dog house.

I like this lamp’s scratch-resistant solar panel, ensuring its operational efficiency for many years. I also love its IP55 rating, which is almost similar to an IP65-rated device’s protection. While it has a lower particulate ingress rating, it is still a weatherproof space heating lamp.

I also appreciate its light bulb, producing 165 lumens (equivalent to a 3-watt incandescent bulb). It gives off sufficient heat to keep dogs warm and cozy in their crates or dog houses.

This product is also portable, allowing anyone to use it in different applications. One can illuminate and warm the barn, chicken coop, bedroom, and tent. It does not require electricity, so anyone can bring this anywhere.

While its solar panel is efficient, I also like the USB port. It makes it easier to keep the lamp running despite cloudy or rainy weather.

I would appreciate this product more if it came with a remote controller for its brightness settings. Furthermore, its seven-hour or twelve-hour runtime does not measure up to the 30-hour runtime of other brands.

Overall, this solar heat lamp is not the best one can get on the market. However, it offers enough convenience to make it worth the money.

10. AMORNO L01 Solar Pendant Lights

  • Rotatable solar panel for better efficiency
  • Heat, dust, and frost-resistant design for durability
  • Five brightness levels and three timer settings for optimal control
  • User-friendly remote controller for convenience
  • High-capacity battery for longer runtimes
  • Budget-friendly choice
  • Short cord
  • Not as warm as other heat lamps

Indoor growers will appreciate the warmth coming from AMORNO’s solar heat lamps for plants. This model is not too hot, and one can adjust the light intensity up to five different levels. It is perfect for optimizing the growth potential of non-native plant species.

People can effortlessly benefit from this solar pendant light. The solar panel is easy to install and rotatable up to 270 degrees. This feature allows anyone to position the panel for maximum sunlight absorption.

There is no worrying about its weather resistance, either. Like many products in this list, it has an IP65 rating, which gives users peace of mind in installing the solar heat lamp outdoors. Dust, snow, and dust will never hamper this device’s optimum operation.

I appreciate the user-friendly remote controller, particularly its three timer settings and five light intensity levels. Most products come with only two timers (three and six hours), while this lamp has three, five, and eight hours for better control of space heating.

The 2200mAh battery can run up to 16 hours after seven hours of solar charging. It speaks of the solar panel’s efficiency in converting sunlight into usable electricity.

Like other products, its cable is short. The heat coming from the light is also not as high as other products.

Still, this solar heat lamp is an excellent choice for budget-conscious families. Its multiple settings are enough reason to get this unit.

11. UPONUN SPL Solar Lights

  • Powerful solar panel for more efficient power generation
  • Two lamps for heating and lighting large areas
  • IP65 rating for enhanced weather protection
  • Adjustable color temperature, timer, and brightness settings for better control
  • Remote controller for optimum convenience
  • Has an aluminum casing
  • Pricier than other brands with similar specs

The UPONUN SPL is a pair of solar heat lamps powered by a single solar panel, highlighting the system’s energy conversion efficiency. It is one of the top-rated products one can buy if one does not mind its slightly higher price tag.

This product’s dual lighting fixture design makes it ideal for warming and illuminating a larger area. For example, it can be an excellent solar powered heat lamp for pigs, calves, goats, and other livestock. Never again will farmers and livestock owners worry about leaving their animals in the cold at night.

I love this lamp’s thoughtful programming. People can choose between cool and warm white light and two different brightness settings. There are two, four, six, and eight-hour timers, too. Users can mix and match different modes, allowing them to fine-tune their space heating requirements.

The ingenuity does not stop with its smart remote controller. It also features premium polycrystalline photovoltaic cells with an aluminum casing, delivering six watts to the lighting fixtures. It has an IP65 rating, too. I will sleep better with this warming my hogs.

I have seen products with similar designs and specifications. That is why I cannot understand why this product has a slightly higher price than other solar heat lamps.

Regardless, I am confident households will love having this solar heat lamp to warm their small living spaces.

What Is A Solar Heat Lamp/ Who This Is For


Solar powered heat lamps are lighting fixtures used primarily for increasing ambient temperature. While people can use these lamps for illumination, most utilize these lamps for room heating.

Heat lamps are useful for different people. For example, poultry farmers can use them as heating lamps for chicken coops. Owners of hatcheries and vivariums can also benefit from these devices.

The same is true for herpetologists who need a solar power heat lamp for reptiles. These animals are always on the move, requiring heat for optimum muscle development.

People in the food catering business can also need heat lamps to keep their dishes warm. Horticulturists, indoor gardeners, and greenhouse operators can also benefit from the warmth and cost-efficiency of solar heat lamps.

Families who want to eliminate mold and mildew in their bathrooms can also use solar heat lamps. These products are also excellent for preventing condensation on walls, mirrors, and other surfaces.

Households that require a modest increase in their indoor ambient temperature can also use a solar heat lamp. It can complement other space heating methods without increasing electric consumption.

How Does It Work

A solar heat light works like any other solar-powered device. It consists of photovoltaic cells that capture sunlight, which the system converts into electrical energy for storage in a deep cycle battery. A solar bulb draws power from the battery to operate.

Unlike conventional lighting fixtures, solar lights work to increase the room temperature. It does this through the bulb’s inherent design or other lamp elements.

For example, LEDs do not produce as much heat as incandescent bulbs do. That is why many manufacturers increase the LED bulb’s wattage and lux ratings to provide enough heat to any space. Moreover, additional lamp features can concentrate the heat downward for optimum heating.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Heat Lamps


Solar heat lights come in three types, depending on their infrared wavelengths.

  • Shortwave Lamps – These are the most trusted solar powered heat lights because they are the brightest and hottest fixtures one can use to warm a large room. They are ideal for heating outdoor patios, barns, and other spaces requiring sufficient heating. The top-tier carbon infrared lighting also has a bright light.
  • Mediumwave Lights – These products produce 60% heat, while 40% warms the immediate surroundings. They are suitable for room heating, but not for outdoor uses. An excellent example of a medium wave lamp is halogen bulbs.
  • Longwave Fixtures – These fixtures give off 40% heat and dissipates the remainder in the environment. Longwave lamps can heat and light indoor spaces gradually.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Heat Lamps

The principal advantage of solar bulbs is cost-efficiency. Families will never worry about their power consumption because the fixture draws its power from sun energy-fed replaceable batteries. As long as the sun shines, the battery will store energy to power the solar lights.

Aside from a solar system’s energy saving capabilities, it is also eco-friendly. A solar powered heater does not rely on electricity, contributing to reduced dependence on fossil fuels.

The disadvantage is that solar powered lights depend on sunlight to recharge. If it is cloudy or raining, the solar panel strip may not gather sufficient power to run the lights. Operating shed lights, outdoor lights, and other fixtures may not last long or produce insufficient heat.

How We Picked And Tested

Choosing heat lamps for chicken coops, hatcheries, vivariums, greenhouses, barns, animal enclosures, and other spaces can be a tedious process. Many factors can play into one’s decision. In this article, we adhered to the following parameters to make a shortlist of products worthy of one’s consideration.

  • Ability to Generate Heat

A solar powered shed light must not only illuminate the storage shed with clear light. It should also act as an external heat source. How much heat a bulb produces is an indirect function of its lux rating. A dim light will give off less heat than a bright light, while a double head lamp will generate more heat than a single light fixture.

That is why we included products with a lux rating of 130 lumens, equivalent to a 15-watt incandescent bulb.

  • Battery Capacity

An outdoor camping light and other solar lights draw power from rechargeable and replaceable batteries. That is why it is essential to pick dry cells with a minimum capacity of 800mAh. In general, the higher the battery capacity, the better the fixture’s space heating and illuminating capabilities. A battery backup is also nice to have.

  • Solar Panel Type

As much as we would like to include monocrystalline panels, these products are expensive. On the other hand, thin-film panels are inefficient. That is why we mainly chose heat lights with polycrystalline photovoltaic cells.

  • Weatherproofing

Most solar heat lights have an ingress protection rating of IP65, safeguarding their sensitive electronics against dust, rain, snow, and other particles. We also picked solar panel heat lamp products with waterproof connectors.

  • Cable Length

Solar heating lights require a cable to connect the lamp to the solar array. One can have a long strip lamp to warm and illuminate a large space. However, one cannot optimize this lighting fixture if the cable between the bulb and the panel is too short. That is why we included products with wires at least three feet long.

  • Other Features

We also evaluated the unique features of each product, including remote controls, lighting modes, and portability. While some people may like motion detected heat lamps, a motion sensor can increase the product’s price. It would be like buying a solar heat lamp Bunnings offers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are solar-powered heat lamps expensive?

No, solar heat lights are not much more expensive compared to ordinary ones. Whereas solar-powered products cost $15 to $50, conventional solar chicken coop heat lights can also set you back around $14-$48. That’s not even the end of the story – solar lamps will help you save a lot on electricity bills in the long run as well.

Most heat lamps for chicken coops have 0.25 kW. Keeping this bulb lit for 24 hours will lead to 6 kW of electric consumption (24 × 0.25 = 6 kW). Multiplying six kilowatts by 30 days will give us 180 kilowatts. Suppose the electricity in your area costs 0.15$ per kWh. In that case, a single 250-watt heat lamp will cost you $27 monthly.

It should be easy to imagine how much you can save using a chicken coop heater solar unit instead of more conventional systems. One month of solar heater lamp use is enough to offset the initial expense.

How long do solar-powered heat lamps last on a full charge?

The runtime of a solar heat lamp for chickens after a full charge varies across brands, solar panel efficiency, battery capacity, peak sun hours, and LED wattage. Some units might only last six hours, while others can extend their heating capabilities to twelve hours.

A monocrystalline-paneled solar heater lamp for tortoise species and other animals lasts longer than polycrystalline units due to its higher conversion efficiency. Whereas the former can convert up to 23% of light absorbed, the latter cannot surpass the 20% mark.

Batteries can also impact how long solar-powered heat lamps will last after a full charge. As a rule, the higher the battery’s capacity, the more electricity it can hold. Hence, the longer it should last. For example, a solar heat lamp powered by a 2,000mAh battery should outlast a 1,000mAh unit.

However, a high LED wattage rating can drain even a high-capacity battery more quickly than a low-watt solar heat lamp. For instance, a 100-watt LED will consume a battery’s stored energy faster than a 50-watt unit.

How long do solar heat lamps last?

A solar heat lamp outdoor unit is not different from other solar-powered fixtures. It has a photovoltaic panel for collecting sunlight and generating DC electricity. Batteries are also essential for storing solar-derived electrical energy. These components have varying longevity, impacting how long the solar heat lamp will last.

Batteries are the shortest-lived among a solar light’s components, lasting 2-3 years (for lithium units) or up to 5 years (for nickel-metal-hydride). Meanwhile, most LED bulbs have a 50,000-hour lifespan, although it is not uncommon to see a 100,000-hour unit. Hence, you can expect to buy batteries for solar heat lamps more frequently than LED bulbs.

Solar heat lamps with monocrystalline panels have a 25- to 40-year lifespan, while polycrystalline units might last 5-10 years less.

Do solar lights give off heat?

Solar heat lights can give off heat, depending on the light fixture used in the design. In general, incandescent light bulbs produce more heat than compact fluorescent light and LEDs.

A 15-watt incandescent bulb can heat up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. One will need a 60-watt CFL to produce the same amount of heat.

On the other hand, LED lamps have a heat sink that prevents heat dissipation through the bulb. They can still produce heat, except not as much as incandescent solar lamps.

How can I keep my pigs warm without electricity?

One of the most practical ways to keep pigs warm without consuming electricity is to keep their straw or hay bedding dry.

Covering the pig pen’s entrance at night can also prevent cold drafts from entering, keeping the pigs warm and cozy.

Hog raisers can also install solar lighting in their pig pens. These fixtures can provide enough warmth for the pigs at night or when it is raining or snowing outside.

How many solar panels do I need for a heat lamp?

The number of photovoltaic panels one needs to power a heat lamp depends on several factors, including the solar panel’s power rating and the heat lamp’s power requirements.

For example, suppose one has two 200-watt heat lamps. In that case, it would be advisable to get a solar panel with the same wattage rating.

However, one must understand that PV panels do not work 100% efficiently every time. That is why it would be best to account for inefficiencies by multiplying the solar panel’s power rating by 85%. Hence, if one has a 200-watt solar panel, it may only produce 170 watts.

In the example, the heat lamps require 400 watts. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to get five 100-watt PV panels to produce a total of 425 watts (100 watts x 0.85 = 85 watts; 400 watts ÷ 85 watts is 4.7 or 5).


The best solar heat lamps do more than illuminate a living space. These fixtures can also increase the ambient temperature for healthier growth and development of animals while promoting comfort. Choosing the right product entails understanding various factors, including heating abilities, battery capacity, and weatherproofing.

To save the hassle of searching, one can always check the products we reviewed in this article.

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