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Who Makes Solar Brand Tires? The Answer You’re Looking for

Written by Eddie B. Robinson / Checked by Justin Tucker

who makes solar brand tires

Have you ever heard about solar tires? Maybe a neighbor, a friend, or a mechanic advised you to replace your automotive tires with this brand. If this is your first time hearing it, it makes you question, who makes Solar brand tires?

No, solar tires do not require solar energy to perform their function. Solar is a brand of automotive tire people love for its all-season performance, unparalleled quality, and exceptional longevity.

Did I get your attention? In that case, join me in learning more about this Solar tire brand, including who makes it.


Who Manufactures Solar Tires?


This automotive tire brand is one of the most ingenious creations of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd (SRI), a subsidiary of the Sumitomo Group.

The parent company has been around since 1615 and is one of the world’s finest manufacturers in a diverse field. Sumitomo Group has a market share in almost every industry, from automotive and machinery to chemicals, finance, electronics, information technology, and weaponry.

For its part, SRI specializes in rubber products, such as automotive tires, tennis balls, golf balls, and other items with rubber materials.

Although Sumitomo was a household name since the 17th-century, it was only in 1909 when it started producing rubber products as a Dunlop Japan partner. By 1963, Sumitomo Group established the Sumitomo Rubber Industries by acquiring Dunlop Japan.

Sumitomo also acquired Dunlop Tire Corporation in 1986 and ventured jointly with Goodyear in 1997. Unfortunately, the partnership ended in 2014 with Goodyear controlling the Dunlop brand in North America and most of Europe.

Nevertheless, the Solar tires manufacturer continues to produce Falken, Ohtsu, Dunlop, and Apollo tires through its acquisitions.

You already know what to tell someone asking you, who makes Solar 4XS tires? The answer is Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd., the world’s sixth-largest tire manufacturer.

Where Do They Make Solar Tires?

Now you know who manufactures Solar brand tires. The next question you might want to ask is where are Solar tires made?

It would be safe to assume that Sumitomo makes its Solar tires in its Kobe, Japan headquarters. However, it also has a US division based in Tonawanda, New York.

The company also has a manufacturing facility in Ladysmith, South Africa, supplying Dunlop and Apollo tires in the continent.

What Are the Principal Features of Solar Tires?


According to the Solar Tires website, its automotive rubbers have superior design, value, and quality. The brand enjoys a general average of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars in Solar tires review and consumer sentiment indices.

Moreover, 97% of Solar tire owners recommend the brand to a friend or an acquaintance. Hence, it is not unusual to have your mechanic or neighbor urging you to try this all-season, high-performance automotive tire brand.

So, what makes Solar tires so special?

Superior All-season Performance

Sumitomo designed the Solar 4XS for maximum traction on any road surface and condition. Its deep and angled grooves will make you feel more secure and confident driving on wet pavement. If you are anxious about hydroplaning, don’t. Hydroplaning is never an issue with these tires.

The compound’s deep and wide treads also act like grapples, ensuring your car does not slide on icy roads during the winter.

The Solar 4XS has a Uniform Tire Quality Grading Traction (UTQGT) rating of 440 AA, making it 400 percent better than other brands.


Despite the Solar tire’s superior performance, Sumitomo never penalizes its customers with a prohibitive price tag. Solar tires price is lower than other tire brands.

Unmatched Warranty

Not only are Solar tires more affordable than their counterparts. These rubber compounds also come with a 45,000-mile treadwear warranty. It underscores the tire’s durability, which can only come from excellent engineering and manufacturing.

Positive Customer Experiences

The Sumitomo Solar 4XS scores an admirable 9.0 out of perfect 10.0 in treadwear lifespan, braking efficiency, and handling. These values reflect the tire manufacturer’s commitment to providing customers with the best possible driving experience.

These Solar tires also scored a perfect 10 in fuel efficiency, allowing car owners better mileage for their vehicles. It also improves the tire’s overall cost-effectiveness.

While comfort only managed to snag 8 out of 10 points, it is still commendable. Many tire brands have a comfort level rating of less than 8.0.

Do Solar Tires Have Limitations?

While Solar tires are reliable and durable, they only come in two sizes: 205/55 and 185/65 for 15 and 16-inch wheels. You cannot use a Solar tire if your car has a rim bigger than 16 inches or prefer a different tire width and aspect ratio.


Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd., is the answer to the question, who makes Solar brand tires? It is a Japanese brand known for its all-season performance, durability, and exceptional quality. Solar tires are also more affordable than other brands, making them excellent for modern car owners.

Hopefully, our article satisfies your curiosity. So, feel free to leave us a comment or share the article.

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